Guesses on the battle between Nie Li and the Sage Emperor

So base on rereading the chapters from the beginning, I believe that when Nie Li in this current life battles the Sage Emperor, he would lose. Therefore the demon spirit from the egg that he found in the City Lord's treasury would bring Nie Li back in time to emperor Hong's time period or somewhere older than that in which he will meet the patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family from that time period and impart the page from the temporal demon spirit book to the patriarch. Another of my guesses is that the Nie Li that reincarnated was from a different timeline therefore Nie Li steals the Temporal Demon Spirit book and goes back into his timeline to fight the sage emperor. Finally Nie Li will probably meet emperor Kong Ming who then fixes the timeline split and the story ends with a happy ending. Notice: these are all speculations based on some evidence but a lot of imagination
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