Name translations?

This is more of a question towards those who've read the RAW and/or have worked with the translation.

Are the names written phonetically in the source text, and translitterated  into English?
E.g. Robin Hood - is his name in the original text given as sounds similar to Robin Hood, or is his name in the RAW that of a famous robber whose fame is similar to Robin Hood's? Or, is the English name something chosen by the translator?

I know many names in the last arc are straight from Forgotten Realms, especially the gods (Ilmater, Cyric, etc).

I feel like some of the names don't quite fit in, or in their context:
e.g. Hera (named after a Greek goddess -  in a world of gods with no Greek gods?)and her sister Yalani (???) . They're nobles in a country with nobles who have names like Louis, William, Tom, etc.

Marquis Tom Gold Thornblossom is a mouthful, and not exactly a regal name.

King Arthur the... mage-king of an underground kingdom. Merlin, a "wise mentor" of Aaron, in an underground kingdom. Where other people have names like Baelin, Jenny, Vinas, Celine, Anya, Alice.

An orc named Saladin.

It's a bit weird at times. Not too distracting once I got used to it, but weird, so I thought I'd ask.

This is one part where an editor could add a lot of consistency, by choosing names in a specific area so they fit together & support the right idea. It feels like something that'd be relatively simple to do after the translation is finished. It might also be necessary to change the names of the Forgotten Realms stuff (I'm pretty sure that'd cause copyright problems) before an eBook release, in there's ever to be one.

I mean...
Louis, William and Tom Gold Thornblossom... Meh. Could just as well be something like Edward, William and Richard, with a passably noble title / family name like Thornblossom or Yellowthorne or whatever. 
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