Cultivation realms of mga and wga

Can anyone plz tell me the cultivation realms of this both novels. 


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    For MGA:

    Martial Artist
    Martial Master
    Martial Ancestor
    Martial Sovereign 
    Martial God

    Not sure about the rest but I got this from baike baidu

    Regular: Warrior, martial arts, Wu Zong, Wu Zun, Valkyrie, war king, war emperor, war emperor, war, war gods.

    Shura: Shura Warrior, Shura Warrior, Shura Wushen, Shura Wushen, Shura war spirit, Shura war soul, Shura war will, Shura war king, Shura war emperor, Shura war emperor , Shura war St., Shura God of War [1]  .
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    WGA has 
    Martial artist , martial master , mastial ancestor, martial sovereign , martial god, war king , war sovereign , war emperor , war saint , war god 
    then there is asura path which was stated above by Suran better translation would be 
    Asura martial artist , asura martial ancestor asura martial sovereign, asura martial god, asura war spirit, asura war sould , asura war lord, asura war king, asura war sovereign, asura war emperor, asura war saint, asura war god
    only cultivators in at least martial god can manipulate space 
    the story took place in asura spirit world ancient era 
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    I see thanks 
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