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Hello, I recently started working on my own novel. Currently I don't have anyone that can help me edit, and give me feedback regularly, so I'm looking for someone who is working on their own original novel or a translation for an editor exchange. I will read over and make suggestions for your chapter and you do the same for mine. I'm looking for someone who's going to be writing a lot and trying to do this seriously. I'm going to be writing every day so I'll have a lot that needs to be looked over, so it would be best if you're writing a lot as well. Send me a message with your email if you're up for it. Leave a comment if you have any questions, thanks!


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    Hi! I myself am currently in a much similar predicament. I started writing a couple months back and what i found out was that my english as a whole (vocabulary in genral) was quite below the professional standards. I was having problems in the writing and setting of dialogues, the setting of the environment and the story building. I had the whole plot with every single minor detail well thought in my mind but was having difficulty in writing them down. When i look back to the experimental work that i have uploaded i honestly cringe. 
    So to improve my self i started learning vocabulary. I began reading high-end classics with difficult wordings and professional plotting. But still the amount i have learned in the past one and a half month is not much but i feel myself improving.
    Right now i want to once again re edit my previous chapters (which i have already begun) and start posting them once more.
    But in the midst of my writing i thought of doing my work with a fellow writer who shares the same opinion as me and collaborate.
    If u are up for it . I think we should discuss it in length on facebook or some other platform. As it is important for us to talk about our novels in detail and see whats best for us

    My fb is ...... Facebook.com/djhack3
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