Praying for a Translator into VRMMO novels to pick up VW:UUTS

The title says it all.  It is a 17k novel by the same author as Zhan Long.  Shiroyukineko has translated it inconsistently for years.  Their last translation was in May, that following intermittent 1 month - 7 month breaks.  Thus, it would be wrong to call it an "active translation".  It's not a hugely popular novel, and so maybe people won't want to translate it.  Speaking just for myself, I love the novel, and hope to see more of it.  ALTERNATIVELY: I would love to see ANY VRMMORPG novel picked up by Wuxiaworld.  Emperor of Solo Play is good, but short.  It will be fully translated in no time.  Thus, praying that a new one gets added!  


  • edited September 2017
    To be clear, I also know Rebirth of the Thief is being translated, and I enjoy the novel, but I don't like the character progression very much.  Reincarnation stories always lead to heightened and more obvious plot armor, and that has lasted all the way until the most current chapter with that novel.  Still enjoy it, but it's not as good as Emperor of Solo Play (where the MC's main advantage is skill rather than knowledge) or novels in which the MC does not have pre-existing knowledge of the game.  Just my opinion.  
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