Antagonists with plot armor

Often times when the MC of some novel survives after offending some powerful clan or another the term 'plot armor' is often mentioned.  After reading War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens recently it got me thinking that antagonists and their families must have their own plot armor too.  The MC even mentions to some elder that tries to get revenge on him for crippling his son that it was that son's fault in the first place because of how that son acts.  

Often times the MC of some novel will arrive at a city and almost immediately offend someone simply for existing.  How do these clans last for so long when they have  members that act like trash young masters all of the time in a world that there is always someone stronger, you would think that once in awhile a clan young master would offend someone that was some hidden expert or related to some super powerful family for outside the country and have their family exterminated.


  • tbh, i have no bloody clue how they mange to survive either, as in most trash xianxia novels these shitty clans are said to have existed for at least 100 years so you would expect them to know how hard it was for them to rise up and act with some morality otherwise someone would wipe them out, i mean news of such events in these trash novels always travels all over and the mc becomes super famous, so you would expect after a single example, followed by 2nd and 3rd, people would realise that they need a leash on their trashes (young geniuses) as no matter how talented, they are still mortals although their life spans are longer they dont have immortality where any kind of wound no matter how life threatening could heal instantly (please lets ignore Desolate Era) ... but these trash clans are also a way for Authors to make a quick buck of making repetitive plots to increase the words count so that their novels are longer and they get paid more... 

    especially in your example that war sovereign its over 2.5k chapters long and is still ongoing, and just from the title i already know what type of novel it is, it starts quite decently (probably) or gets better over hundreds of chapters than the repetitiveness kicks in for 1000s of chapters some plot, followed by more filler. if the chinese web novel industry wasnt based on pay by word, 99% of the novels would end around c500 if not sooner with the speed of cultivation and plot armours these protagonists have... 

    tl'dr: for a cn to be decent it has to be short like with the Japanese Light novel industry most lns are between 1-5 novels with the few rare ones and popular ones being in the ranges of 20s but even they are taking it a bit too far with their volume numbers... however for the cn scene to change from quantity (words) to quality it will require to long of a time, and by then most of us that started earlier or are joining will be long since gone from these shitty novels...'

    ps: sorry for making it slightly over the top... my first and last rant about shitty xianxia novels as i all that are popular and the unpopular ones... and read only quality stuff that mostly everyone ignores...
  • I remember reading a novel in which the MC reincarnated into a cultivation world in which the body the MC possessed was a genius and every other clan genius were nice guys instead of trash.
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