Text-Notify: Would You Pay For It?

Hey :D! First time on this forum, long time lurker of Wuxia novels! 

There are great, regularly updated novels like Martial World and others that are sporadical.

That was my issue! Especially when I was waiting to find out what the heck happens after a cliff-hanger!!!!!!  :s Emails weren't convenient. 

 I already made a small web app that texts me whenever a new chapter of a novel I  <3, (Martial World) pops up. I'm continuing to do that for others and planning to stick to Wuxiaworld since I only read novels on this site. 

I want to share it with the light/translated novel community but texting cost money.

Would you pay for a service like this? 

It would either be monthly, 3$~5$ to start for 10 novels and .25 for an added novel to track. Higher tiers would offer a link to the chapter in the text, how soon do you want to be notified, etc.

Or pay-as-you-go, let's say it took .5 cents to send a message. You know the novel you love doesn't update that often, maybe two or three times a month. You insert only 2 or 3 dollars into the web app, you only refill it when enough updates come through. Perks? Track unlimited novels. No pay tiers. No fees for added novels. 

Tell me what you think <span>:smile:</span> and if you want it for other novels you read on other sites, post the link  :)

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