Divine Conqueror (Reborn)

‘Where others may fall, I will stand.’

‘Where others can not see the light, I will be the torch that leads them on.’

‘If the Gods and Devils wish to make me bow, if they wish to consume me, they will find no mercy at my blade.’

‘I am the Divine Conqueror, and be it heaven or hell, it will all be mine.’

Found in a bandit camp on the Western Plateau, Huang Tianlong was raised by “sword-saint” Ju, a prodigy and genius of the cultivation world, standing at the peak of power. With her, Huang Tianlong grew up safe and strong, but with a constant desire to explore the world to find out about his past, about his family and bloodline. The journey Huang Tianlong embarks on will take him to the far reaches of creation. Through hell and heaven, he will travel on his quest, unlocking a destiny of an era long since gone.


This is my "remastered" series, Divine Conqueror. As I am still uncertain as to how I will proceed in the future, as well as my mental health issues, the uploads will be irregular.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any criticism (constructive criticism, as I can't really improve if you just say its bad but not pointing out what particular bit that is bad) that would be very much appreciated. Oh! I'm also not a native English speaker, so do keep that in mind when you're reading!


  • Book 1 - The Western Plateau
    Chapter 0 - Of Cold Birth

    Like crystals, the snow lightly fell from the clear night sky, slowly but surely covering the blood-stained ground beneath. In a glade laid a monument of carnage. Broken tents laid strewn across the ground, with countless bodies soaking the fabric red with blood.

    The sea of corpses seemed almost unending, with men, women and children laying still in large pools of drying blood. Their bodies were surprisingly intact, in contrast to the surrounding carnage, with merley two stabwounds on their bodies, on through the chest and the other through the throat.

    No one was an exception. The only living thing was one figure, standing tall in the middle of the sea of corpses, her lithe figure still and unmoving. The only clue to that she was alive was her chest slowly rising and sinking with every breath she took. Surprisingly, although the temperatures were ice-cold, there wasn’t a single puff of white that escaped her lips. It almost seemed like she wasn’t breathing at all.

    With her black hair tied up in a simple knot, the woman turned around and opened her eyes. Two silver irises surveyed the surrounding area with a sharp look that could cut through metal, scrutinizing everything from the bodies on the ground to the simplest of broken sticks and utensils.

    After looking around for a few breaths of time, Ju decided to leave, having seen nothing out of expectation. Heading for the surrounding forest, Ju was about to leap up in the air when she suddenly stopped. Her hair whipped in the air as her head turned around at break-neck speed, her silver eyes continually surveying the carnage behind her.

    “Was that… a child’s cry?”

    As she thought about her forgetting a target, Ju’s eyes became icy-cold as she became filled with anger. The anger was not directed at the child however, but at herself for not doing a clean sweep from the start.

    “How could I miss one? I’ve never missed a single target in the last dozen or so centuries!”

    With her anger at herself becoming greater and greater, Ju quickened her pace as she walked towards the wailing voice, belonging to the greatest source of annoyance Ju had felt in years.

    With a brisk pace Ju came up to the source of the wailing, a slumped over tent at the north-eastern side of the camp. With eyes that could freeze blood and time itself, Ju pulled away the tent with one large swing. As she laid eyes on the contents beneath, her eyes widened into large saucers, her pupils constricting in surprise.

    Beneath the tent, wrapped in silk cloth, was a little child. No more than one or two years old, the boy had short white hair that glistened like it was made of gems in the moonlight. Sensing that what was covering it had been removed, the child opened his eyes, looking up at Ju with luminescent purple-red eyes. It almost looked like rubies and amethysts had molded together in his irises, giving the child an otherworldly look.

    “W- who is this child!? There can’t possibly be a bandit tribe housing this kind of child!”

    With confusion, surprise and suspicion in her eyes, Ju looked around, trying to gather some hint as to why this child was here. But no matter where or how she searched with her senses, she didn’t pick up on a single clue as to whom had put the child here.

    In Ju’s eyes, all bandits looked pretty much the same. Unwashed, inbred barbarians with peas for brains and lust for what isn’t theirs. Yet when she looked at the child, Ju couldn’t sense a thing that tied him to the bandits. He looked clean, with traits that would fit an ethereal immortal, his aura brimming with power and potential. There was also a certain intelligence to his eyes, something Ju couldn’t put a finger on.

    The child had stopped wailing at this point, his eyes merely staring at Ju with a curious light. With her own curiosity stoaked, Ju lifted the child up, holding the little boy in the air. As she did, a jade plate fell down from the cloth that the child was wrapped in.

    Supporting the child in one hand, and holding the jade plate in the other, Ju inspected the plate thoroughly. Seeing that it wasn’t trapped or filled with malicious spirit power, Ju sent her senses into the plate. As she did, her mind filled with a montage of memories that rapidly flew by, showing a large battle, larger than anything Ju had ever seen in her life.

    Before her eyes were millions of combatants flying through the sky as explosions filled the air, staining the heavens red and raining down blood on those beneath. Then suddenly came dragons, roaring as they flew down and viscously attacked their enemies. The memories flicked by, and she was standing in front of giant automatons that stretched up into the heavens, their might blocking the sun and cracking the earth.

    Suddenly the memories changed again, and now she was in a library that was being bombarded, the explosions shaking the entire building. On a podium in the library laid a rectangle, no larger than a small child. It was pitch-black in colour and almost looked like an error in space and time, like the void was encroaching into reality. In the rectangle laid a child wrapped in white silk cloth, a small barrier protecting him from the noises of the outside. As she was looking at the child, Ju suddenly heard a man's voice.

    “I do not know who you are, nor do I know on which plane you are, you who have laid hands on the last descendant of the Huang clan. And that is for the better.

    Our clan, that has stood for countless eons, has on this day met its match. But not its demise. For there still is one of our blood that lives on. The child we have left in your hands is named Tianlong, Huang Tianlong, the last of our clan but not its end. My son and hope.

    Although I have no concrete proof of your character, I believe in the Void Reacher’s decisions, and I have no doubts that you are capable of keeping this child safe and strong. That you will help him on his way to glory. For he is the inheritor of the Divine Conquerors legacy, and shall one day stand as supreme in heaven.”

    As the memories slowly faded from her mind, Ju stood still as ice. Yet she could not hide the excitement that burned in her eyes.

    “D- divine Conqueror! THE Divine Conqueror!? The one that stood above all gods and devils, who made even the heavens bow before him as he passed!? This child is his inheritor?”

    With disbelief written in her eyes, Ju sent her spirit sense into Huang Tianlong’s body, sending it to his dantian.


    With a serious expression, Ju quickly backed up from Tianlong as a golden surge of energy exploded out from the boy. Although Ju backed up several hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye, the blast still hit her, sending her flying like a kite with its strings cut out in the forest.

    Flying through several trees, cracking them all, Ju finally stopped roughly 800 meters away. Standing back up, Ju quickly flew back to the camp, her excitement thoroughly visible on her entire body. Coming back to the area, Ju was greeted with a large area completely scorched black. The bodies and nearby tents were barely even ash, as a golden shimmer slowly died down around Tianlong’s body.

    “So he had a protective spell set around his dantian incase someone had ill intentions. Well, at least it was a one use charm, I hope…”

    Carefully descending to the ground, Ju picked up Tianlong and held him in her arms. Like she thought, the protective spell was a one use thing, but with her curiosity having died down, and most of her suspicions confirmed by the level of power of that spell, Ju didn’t bother invading his body again.

    As she looked at the sleeping Tianlong in her arms, Ju couldn’t help but smile. She felt happy, genuinely happy.

    “‘Take care of my son’, huh… does that mean I’m technically a mother?”

    Having never had any interest in the opposite gender, Ju had spent most of her life practicing with her blade and techniques. She had never deigned the thought of motherhood. But now, with this child in her arms, Ju felt warm inside, like her heart was melting. She had an almost instinctual sense of wanting to protect him, to keep him safe and protected.

    Putting her hand down on Tianlongs chest, Ju felt a steady heartbeat that was surprisingly strong. As she was lifting her hand away, Tianlong suddenly grasped her hand, putting a finger in his mouth. Ju’s heart skipped a beat, her chest feeling warmer than before. Before she knew it, Ju had formed a bright smile that could melt glaciers as she looked at Tianlong.

    "I guess we're similar, you and I."

    Lightly humming, Ju slowly floated upwards and gradually flew of into the distance.

    In the place where she had stood, suddenly a blurry image appeared. It was that of a man, his eyes purple like amethysts and with black hair that reached his waist. Although he looked strong and imposing, he was severely disheveled, his hair in disarray and clothes torn and covered in blood. With blood slowly pouring from his eyes and mouth, the man looked towards Ju, straight at Tianlong.

    With a weak and cracking voice, the man spoke with warmth

    “Tian’er, be strong! Become one under heaven and re-establish our clan to former glory! Slaughter the impudents that dared attack us, and make all who oppose you bow before your feet!”

    Almost like he could hear the man, Tianlong suddenly opened his eyes and looked back at the camp, at the blurry image of a man. Tianlong then nodded before going back to sleep.

    Seeing this, the man smiled. As the image started becoming ever more blurry, and Ju’s back becoming more distant, them man couldn’t help but shed tears. With his eyes filled with blood filled tears, he looked at Tianlong with regret. Even though he didn’t want to part from his son, even though he didn’t want to miss his son growing up before him, the man knew he didn’t have any time left.

    With a last glance at Tianlong, the man slowly disappeared. All that was left was a broken camp with corpses littered everywhere, slowly being covered in snow that glittered like crystals in the moonlight.

  • Chapter 1 - Huang Tianlong, Number One Threat

    In the myriad of summits of the Western Plateaus endless mountain ranges, there exists one special peak. It was in fact three mountains that had crashed and melded together after millenia of time. The three peaks had thus formed a basin roughly 5 miles in diameter, containing its own ecosystem of forests and lakes, with streams slithering hither and thither. The three mountain summits looked like the claws of a massive beast, enclosing and protecting the basin, its snow-capped peaks glistening like gems under the dawning sun.

    In the middle of the the forest, next to a large lake, stood a little wooden house. It was a small house with two floors, made out of a dark wood. On its eastern side was a large garden filled with exotic plants. Every plant seemed extraordinary, alive even, as they filled the basin with fragrant scents. Scents that made one's mind go blank, making ones cultivation unstable and paralyzing one's nerves.

    There were many animals that were lured in by one scent sent out by a large lily. As the animals got closer, the scent would change, causing every nerve and muscle to shut down. As the animals toppled over, the lily’s roots shot out of the ground, snared the animal up, and dragged it down underground.

    Such scenes weren’t uncommon on this patch of ground, but the rate and amount of Qi being used by the plants was unprecedented. They were like children that had had someone watch over them constantly, when suddenly the overseer disappeared. As such, these little botanical children had gone haywire, doing what they pleased.

    Although they were wild and unreasonable in their actions, there still seemed to be a hierarchy going on, as several plants would stop their actions when certain other plants would eye their prey. Two trees looked to be the bosses of them all, as no plant would dare to give of any energy at all when these trees sent out their Qi in the other plants vicinity.

    Currently those two trees were, in a spiritual sense, looking at each other, bloodlust building in the air. There seemed to be a conflict between them, a conflict of whom was the bigger boss.

    As the other plants in the area made every effort to make themselves as small and unnoticeable as possible, the other two trees started to fight. One was an oak like tree, and had three different colours, its leaves being a mix of azure, gold and vermillion. It then suddenly shot out three tendrils of smoke that barreled down on the other tree, each tendril ripping the air apart and causing the space around them to tremble. The pressure of the attack caused all wildlife in the area to flee in a panic, and caused the other plants to shrink back even further.

    The other tree, a nine coloured willow tree, saw the attack coming. With rustling leaves, the willow shot out hundreds of millions of lights. The lights quickly formed into all kinds of beasts that all roared as they charged into the three tendrils. The beasts looked life-like, and their roars echoed out through the entire basin, shaking up loose dirt and sending the smaller animals flying in the air.

    With the horde of animals quickly breaking the tendrils apart and heading for it, the large oak suddenly started to tremble. It immediately stopped its attack and stood still as a statue. Thinking it had scared the other to surrender, the willow felt gleeful and was just about to rip the oak to shreds, when a cold snort echoed out over the mountain.

    A simple sound. Yet, when it was let out, every single thing in the world seemed to become as still as statues. Not a single thing moved, not even daring to tremble out of fright. Slowly descending from the air, Ju looked unto her garden with annoyance and contempt. As her eyes scanned every plant her aura became colder and colder. All plants that had her eyes go over them, shuddered, and shrank back quickly, not wanting to draw any noteworthy attention whatsoever.

    As her eyes surveyed the land, the icy-cold silver irises stopped, her pupils locking unto two of the biggest trees in the area. As they felt her eyes on them, both the oak and willow felt their roots freezing over, their leaves drying up and their bark cracking. Of course this was merely mind tricks played on them originating from the pressure, as Ju valued all of her plants and didn’t want to destroy any of them. That of course didn’t mean she wouldn’t torment them from time to time for disobedience.

    “I’m gone for barley a week, and when I return what do I see? Plants that got their ego blown up and thinking that they are bosses of this place. Did you think I perished? Did you really think you would ever be free from me?!”

    As Ju’s ice-cold voice sounded out, she slowly descended from the skies, landing safely in between the two trees. Holding up Tianlong, Ju’s face became joyfull, with a smile that could bring summer in the dead of winter. Seeing her smile, the plants of her garden started to shiver and tremble uncontrollably, their minds reeling. This is bad! This is so bad!

    With a smile still on her face, Ju held Tianlong up for all the plants to see. With a booming voice, Ju said:

    “From today onwards this boy, Huang Tianlong, is my son. He shall be trained by me in all arts, including the Heavenly Body of Ascendance… “

    As her words trailed of, the plants stood still, as lightning bolts crashed in their minds.

    “T- t- t- the Heavenly Body of Ascendance!? That is- that is something that requires… “

    The plants didn’t dare think about it any further. A gloomy atmosphere suddenly appeared in the garden, as every plant felt their roots dry up. Feeling the aura in her surroundings, Ju smiled ever more brilliantly and with a cheerful voice she headed into the house.

    “I’ll be counting on you~”

    As she closed the door to the house, every plant seemed to grow older and more desolate. They knew that what the future had in store for them was torment beyond any torment they’d ever received before. This was going to be an age of pure hell for them.

    As Ju had never really been away for more than a couple of days on her missions, the plants thought that she was dead and had thus felt joy in their hearts. At first they hadn’t believed it, and had waited for another four days. When she hadn’t come back even then, the plants had gone crazy. It was the freedom they had always wanted but never received!

    But now. Now she had returned, and with her parting words still echoing in their minds, the plants felt aggrieved and dejected. Whose brilliant idea was it to start acting wildly!?

    As their thought traveled there, all plants started to look at the previous two bosses, the oak and the willow. Before, the plants had looked on them with respect and fear, but now there was only hate. In their minds, it was these two trees that was the root of the problem. They had rustled Ju’s leaves, and now all plants had to pay for it.

    Although the oak and willow felt wronged being accused by all their brethren, they had no chance of denying it. Violence and threats certainly didn’t work now that that jinx had returned. All they could do was to accept it.

    Whilst they were the center of every other plants anger, they all made a mental note of Ju’s words. In their minds, that little boy Huang Tianlong had become their number one threat. They all knew they had to be extra careful around him, as one wrong move and they would be erased from existence. Jus’ attitude around him was clear enough for the plants to realize his importance in her heart.

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