Basically the novel is about a dude playing inFAMOUS second son for a week which resulted in the device suddenly exploding on his face but weirdly the explosion took his life , even more weird is that instead of dark his view became green, yet none of that matters, "why the heck am i a little baby?".


  • Prologue # 0
    In a dark room was a handsome blonde youth. His blue eyes bloodshot with dark circles around them indicating his lack of sleep. 
    yep that was me.

    "Come on!, Come ooon!! " 
    I shouted almost hysterically at the micro phone. I was playing the lastest game of the series of infamous: second son. 
    "Die you red haired hag" my voice was fully hysterical this time.
    I had watched numerous demos and walkthroughs of the game but was stumped by how difficult it is to fight Augustine in the expert evil difficulty.
    " This is fucking ridiculous, goddamit this game is too hard" i shrieked while reloading the save data intent on beating the game on hard difficulty in one sitting but i failed to notice that my gaming system was radiating foggy green lights from the week long constant playing. 
    "Come on! Yes i will beat her this time " I was very excited to notice it seems. Ironically the moment I beat her and relaxed my mind a sudden green light fill my vision. 'What the? Who turned the lights on ?' Was my last thought as I fell unconscious.

  • Chapter 1 – I am a baby???!!!

    ”Congratulations it’s a boy,” Said the young man to his wife on the bed, she looked exhausted but had a smile of satisfaction on her face, “give him to me I want to hold him, wahh he’s so cute”.
    She looked really happy with a sweet smile on her face.
    “WAAAAAHHHHH!”” Ha Ha, so much crying he is going to be so healthy and lively in the future ” ………….
    “ Whew damn I thought I was going to die there, dammit which bastard put me in such a sturdy bag I couldn’t breathe, woah I still can’t breathe holy crap, oh what’s that sensation on my back …..Oh, I can breathe now ….. Eh! ”
    I suddenly widened my small eyes. “What is that! A giant ahhh… no, they are not giants I am just tiny…. wait ……………. AM I A BABY!!!?????”
    “It seems that he is hungry honey, I will go get you some food while you feed him” “okay, come here for some milk baby” “WAAAAHHH!”
    “NO WAY, she’s not going to do that right? I am 17 years old dammit lady stop noooooo”
    After getting tortured( fed) I felt pretty sleepy so I got my nap when I woke up I started analyzing what happened.

    “The last thing I remember was beating Augustine then everything around me turned green …….shouldn’t it have turned black if I was losing my consciousness though? Well anyway, the green light quickly filled my vision but I remember that it originated from the front …………. Was it the PS? Well I guess playing for a week was too much after all”

    “Hmm, the most important thing though is … am I still on earth? Or is it another fantasy medieval world full of monsters and heroes? *sigh* I guess I will figure it out later then and that giant… wait no I am the baby that normal sized couple should be my parents …… damn why does my stomach feel so uncomfortable I want to throw up, someone help me WAAAAHHHH ”

    “Oh you want to eat again Kessler come here.” “DO YOU THINK THAT RAISING A CHILD MEANS ONLY FEEDING IT?? I AM NOT A FISH GODAMMIT!! No wait, more importantly, my name is Kessler now?”
    After another round of torture (I am not enjoying it at all, okay?)

    “Okay then let’s assume that this is earth, why is my name like that of the last boss in infamous 1 ……….. It can’t be, right? Am I in infamous right now? ” that thought got him as excited as the first time he watched x rated videos.” 
    “wait no it's too early to assume that.”

    ” But if it is so then there is another issue ……. Which year is it? How far am I from the explosion of the ray sphere? Did it already happen? Or do I have time to stop it? should I even do that?”
    I started getting very confused by the random thoughts in my head “stop, I shouldn’t think of that, for now, my main objective is to grow and only then i will be able to investigate my situation………  speaking of which if i did transimgrate into this world do I have a power? Man I really want to pee right now I guess I can only cry and hope they notice me WAAAAHHH!!” “you want to eat more? , oh my this child is quite gluttonous, come here ” “ GODDAMMIT WOMAN !!”.

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    Chapter 2 – Growing up (1)

    “Kessler where are youuuu?” 
    ‘like I would tell you!’ 
    I am now hiding from that milk crazy woman i call mother, it's been 6 months now and she has been ‘feeding' me everyday, so many times I stopped counting ,while blaming me for being gluttonous .
    The person who usually took care of my various needs was my father but when he's at the clinic working, this woman tortures me while complaining about how I drink too much milk. 
    I swear she's crazy!!

    “hah I hope she doesn't find me this time”, I  already can walk for a bit but I still can't move very well and not for long but for now it's better than helplessly waiting for a certain someone to pick me up and play around with my body (why does that sound so dirty....).

    “I'm home!” finally my savior!!
    I ran to my father at the door and jumped into his arms happily.
    “ha ha, are you still bullying him honey?”
    “why does he hate me so much I just want him to be well fed” she pouted. 
    To this even my gentleman dad had black lines on his forehead ,
    “ you call 5 times a day well fed? Even a body builder wouldn't eat so much also... where do you get so much milk in the first place?”.
    “humph even you are bullying me you father and son combo are really horrible”, me and my dad were speechless. 
    I forget to introduce them this crazy woman is my mother Nicole medlar and she is 24 years old this year and the gentleman is my father Terrance medlar who is also 24 years old . He comes from a hidden family of doctors and each descendant is expected to walk the same path and that of course includes me. 

    I learned later that the medicine ways my family practice are 180 degrees away from the conventional medicine practiced everywhere but my father still learned the normal ways and only used his ‘special' skills when the normal ones failed him.

    To be honest I was pretty excited when I found out that I could learn medicine as it was my dream in my previous life. I even sent an application and had a very high chance of getting accepted to Harvard but due to several unfortunate events and opinions from my family I focused on gaming and getting money from it to support the family.
    Anyway as I had thought this place is empire city from the game infamous and I am currently about 10 years away from the game's events.
    As for why my name was Kessler; it is definitely not a coincidence that my name and the last boss's name is a match. But what confused me the most was that my body was growing way too fast compared to the average human , heck i learned from my parents later that I stayed in my mom's womb for only 5 months.
    All of that only served to confuse me more, “ Hah , thinking about it will only hurt my head maybe its related to my power” I shook my head . “But what kind of power would hasten my growth like that?” 
    “Speaking of powers I still don't know if I even have a power but my growth speed is definitely unusual.”

    And with that 2 and a half years passed and I can now talk normally , run and do all sorts of things that three year old shouldn't be able to, my parents were horrified at my growth so much that my father ran straight to his family mountain( turns out that my family is filthy rich) to check it out with my great grandpa , who is the best medicine practitioner in the family. 

    He's your typical old guy who acts strong but is really cute when in front of a child. He was very tall almost 2 meters ( i hope i inherit that) and had a fierce face with a white trimmed beard and a very well built body, one that is not suited for a doctor who saves lives.
    I think it's safe to assume that he is not only a doctor.
    “when did you adopt a child terry?”
     “this your great grandson Kessler.” “WHAT!!! Why is he so big? He looks like a 6 year old wasn’t terry born 3 years ago?”
    “this is why we are here, we want to make sure that he is fine.” “oh Nicky is here as well? i haven't seen her in such a long time i remember the days when you were tiny children and were always playing with my bear..”
    “ Focus old man!”
     This was the first time i saw my dad this irritated, but i was beginning to understand why my father never visited here.
    “Oh sorry i really talk too much” then winked at me,” so this is my cute great grandson huh show me your wrist Kessy” 
     The moment he held my wrist the old ba.... my grandpa’s eyes were full of seriousness. 
    ‘ at least he knows when to be serious, he's not the best in the family for nothing'.

    “...T..THIS IS!!!” suddenly his eye contracted, then he said some thing that almost made me faint from anger “his hands are so tiny and cute !!” 
    In the end he couldn't find anything that might tell us why i am growing so fast.
     “sigh, i might have to go the ancestral library to look for some answers”
    “ when i do i will send for you but you must stay here for a month or so as it will take some time” he said with a solemn and serious face.
     “ just be honest i know you want to play with Kessler” then the old bastard reverted to his silly face,
     “ hehe,  it seems i can't hide anything from you terry” damn what a shameless old fogy 
     Its been two weeks here and i got pretty familiar with the people of my family and every time i told them i was Terrance’s son their faces turned pale and they quickly avoided me, when i asked mom later she told me about dad's dark history.

    From young, dad was probably the most mischievous child to exist, he didn't leave anything bad not done. Peep on the ladies? That was a daily routine, bully the other kids? He became the local gang chief, name one bad thing in your mind and he definitely did it.
    My first reaction to that was total disbelief, how can the extremely gentleman i know be such a trouble maker . 
    “ He met me” mom said “ an even more trouble maker than him and i tamed him , tee hee .”
     I was still filled with disbelief but when i remembered the people's reactions i was half convinced. 
    Of course i asked dad later, but i very much regretted asking, maybe if i didn't ask then i would have still held my father's gentle man view but when i asked him he answered with a embarrassed face.
     “ yeah i was a bit wild when i was young but your mom set me straight” sigh this family of mine is really abnormal *face palm*
  • Chapter 3 – Growing up (2)
    It's been two weeks since i came to the family mountain and the people began to understand that i am not the trouble maker my dad was.

    “Kessler pass it here!!”
     “okay”, i am currently playing with the younger generation who are my age of the medlar family, they include my cousins the bodyguard trainees the servants' children, etc.
    I was relieved when i found out that my family doesn't discriminate in social statuses and that there none of the expected jealous , arrogant cousins, the cold uncles and all that cliché stuff.
    As it turns out, it is the normal for the family members to be loving to their family , who would have thought!! 
    But i guess it can linked to the shameless old man's foul proof raising of his children and their children, why?
    Because according to his reasoning he was the only one allowed to spoil them and he did it so much that even their mothers thought they ought to be disciplined more strictly.
    And so this generation was raised into such upright and capable human beings.
    “young master Kessler the grand patriarch is asking for you” “ I'm coming”
    If you're wondering about the young master part then yes since i am from the main lineage then i am one of the candidates to the patriarch and truthfully if i do get the position i will give a shit about the responsibilities that comes with it and just enjoy the power that comes with it and leave everything else to the people i trust. 
    Unfortunately, yet fortunately, the next patriarch is supposed to be the most skilled, medical practitioner among this generation.
    I went to meet the old man , and i am still shocked by the size of his ‘room'..... how the heck is that a room? That's a friggin soccer field, does a room even need to be that big?

    Okay  might be exaggerating a little but his room was not really a room at all, but more like a hall.
    the walls where made of a green transparent material.
    If i didn't know any better i might have thought it was jade.
    Later i learnt that it was really jade but the reason for the hall being made solely of jade and the place where the old man slept wasn’t just a show of noveu riche.
    As i entered the hall i saw a solemn looking old man wearing an old  bronze armour over his chest ‘huh, isn't that the old man?’.
    “WHO ARE YOU!!!” suddenly his loud voice resounded in my ear made my head spin so hard i felt like dying and then everything turned black ‘ so it is supposed to turn black when you faint' was my last thought as i fell on the ground.
    “EH!!! It isn't supposed to be like this umm kessy, wake up boy”
    the old man's solemn face suddenly became filled with panic and concern.
    “what do i do? Terry will be mad at me “ 
    Thankfully i was knocked out then or as the chinese would say i would have spit a mouthful of blood and died from anger.
    I came to 5 hours later ~~
    As my vision slowly retuned to normal and escaped the dazed condition i was in i became more aware of my surroundings.

    I was still in that great hall just on the bed, that looked extra green than the walls, which  the old bastard was usually using.
    Sitting on the side of the bed the old bastard who attacked his own great grandson ( yes l am still salty about that sneak attack.....) was looking extremely concerned while he was holding my wrist. 
    I may have not been here for long but i have been long enough to know how amazing he is.

    Don't be deceived by his usual shameless act as only my family of three and the toddlers of the family can see such a side from him, the others can only see an awe inspiring stone cold ruthless clan head.

    I was told multiple stories but the one which surprised me the most was when the clan was at war with another clan ( yes its clear my family isn't only a clan of hidden doctors) 

    The other clan used treacherous methods and invited three other clans of the same power and managed to ambush the clan head at the time , my grand father, and kill him. My great grandpa was enraged after he came out of seclusion and went on a killing spree to massacre the four clans and their respective heads.
    ‘he came back with his whole body drenched in blood’ i was told, some was his but most was his enemies.
    After that he went on another killing spree, this time though, he massacred the traitors who gave the enemy my grandpa's location.
    He purged more than 60% of the clan elders who were involved in the inner conflict of the clan and the remaining ones where punished and demoted for being neutral and not helping unite the clan and suppressing the conflict when he was gone 
    When i had heard all of that i thought that the medlar clan also had its internal issue.....

    Everyone thought the clan would decline rapidly after that, but were very quickly proved wrong as grandpa chose new fit elders and changed the clan rules and put new rules as well, including how a child was to be raised and spoiling would beget harsh punishment but children were children after all and needed to be spoiled as children.
    And that role actually fell to grandpa, i think he was using that to quell his grief.
    Even though he treated that generation of children very well, the way he treated my father was pretty extreme.
    Whatever dad did no matter how bad it is he would forgive. 
    He must've felt guilty towards my father for not being there when his son needed him.
    “kessy, you're awake!” no matter how salty i was i was pretending to be a good boy in front of my parents and so had to keep the old man deceived.
     “ugh, grandpa what happened just now” i said with  the most honest and naive face i could make.
     And it really worked , the last bit of the suspicion he had in his eyes were totally gone instead replaced by a look of awkwardness he had 'so the old man had moments like this too' i thought.
    “err you're probably really confused about what happened” “ the reason i just attacked you with my spirit was to see if you would have been able to take it.” 
    “was it something you found in the library grandpa?” 
    “ yes and i will tell you but first i need to explain to you something about our family......our species to be exact”

    When i heard 
    So basically from what i understood from grandpa there are some people in this world who have an extra gene.....the conduit gene.
    Many organizations know that but not many know the origin of that gene.
    It is said in the story passed down in the main lineage that our first ancestor is actually not from earth.
    He and a group of others crashed here on earth millions of years ago when they were traveling across the milky way.
    This group of aliens were actually just human, but as a result of evolution their bodies changed fundamentally.
    They became much stronger and gained an extra organ called  ‘Elemental root’, which was said that be situated in the pubic region of the human body.
    This group spread across the different cultures of the world and decided to settle down on earth since it was impossible to go back to their home with earth’s technology at the time.
    They started communities and made use of their abilities to explore the planet.
    They were astonished at the natural resources this planet had and thought to build their own eternal empire.
    Of course that was only a thought which was quickly purged as each one had their own selfish desires of sole power belonging to them.

    They first put down their advanced instant shelters which had actually become invulnerable to the attacks of the various species at the time.

    The group intended to not interfere but quickly changed their minds as they were enraged at how arrogant and domineering the dinosaurs acted and used their powers to easily annihilate them.
    Actually only one of the group made a move ,he controlled the earth's atmosphere to a degree and caused a natural disaster to spring up and annihilate the dinosaurs.
    And that was only ONE of them, the weakest one in fact.

    The group of seven then separated into various places on the planet and started their own cultures while carefully introducing the different technologies they had to humanity.

    They also wanted families and so but humanity at the time was too primitive and ugly (yes i know it's not nice but it's the truth) and so they decided to speed up their evolution.

    It seems that the civilization they came from was THAT advanced!

    After that they began to make their offsprings at and the very first generation was the best of both worlds.
    They had both elemental roots & invincible bodies, and the strong evolutionary abilities of humanity at the time.

    But as the generations increased the elemental root alone became scarce and eventually degraded to become only a recessive gene hidden deep in the human genotype.

    When i digested what he told me i was stunned for quite a bit.
    Unfortunately he didn't give me time to gather my focus before telling me some thing that made me almost crumble inside.

    “you must be wondering why i am telling you this”
    “when i was in the ancestral library i found two reasons that might be the cause of your growth rate” at this point his face was extremely solemn with a hint of grief in his eyes.
    “ I tried to confirm if it was the first one just now but unfortunately that wasn't the case....”
    “kessler what i am about to tell you might be very shocking to you but you must get a hold of yourself”
     I was pretty numb at this point and felt that nothing was going to be so surprising any more but boy was i wrong.

    “Kessler............your mother is dying!”

  • Chapter # 4 _ growing up (3)

     “your mother is dying” 
    His faint words were spoken normally but sounded like lightning in my ears .
    “err . Grandpa what exactly do you mean?”
    Thankfully I was able to force a calm front in front of the old man.
    “It is as I told you kessy your mother's life force is very quickly diminishing and she appears to be slowly dying....... ugh why am I even telling you thi..” “ PLEASE TELL ME” I shouted but quickly realized my mistake and apologized for shouting .
    “I am sorry grandpa but this issue is very important to me so please tell me.” I said firmly.
     Grandpa's gaze became a bit weird “young fellow are you really a 3 year old? ..... sigh never mind whether you'll understand me or not but I will just tell you the bare minimum information”
    “thank you very much grandpa” I hurriedly bowed my head.
    “sigh no need it's my fault for starting the topic in the first place, .... actually you have the right to know this as well.” 
    My eyes became focused as I s listened to grandpa's words and my face became ashen as he spoke.
    “ This issue looks to have appeared a little over 3 year ago... yes when your mother first carried you.”
    “You should know that your mother , like your father belongs to a special family whose ancestors where of the seven entities who crashed onto earth and due to her special bloodline, although faint, should have been able to live up to 200 years but she barley has 10 now”
    *bang*  even though i already guessed it but hearing am exact amount really shocked me to the point of leaving control of my poker face for the second time since i have come to this world, with the first time being 3 minutes before.
    “listen to me kessy ten years is the maximum amount possible it is very possible she might only achieve half of it only.
    Each word he said entered my heart like a knife and made me clench my fist so hard it turned white.
    “ young fellow maybe we should stop after all” “ Please continue!!” I replied with a pleading expression. He gave a long stare before slowly opening his mouth again.
    “originally her life force was enough for her to easily live to over 100 especially since she practiced her family arts.” 
     “but unfortunately her body started to leak life-force about 3 and a half years ago.......yes when she first became pregnant of you.”
     I couldn't believe what i was hearing.... my mother was dying because of me!?!?..... 
    “from what I have read from the ancestral library such a situation has 3 possibilities.....the first is that she has some sort of disease which is causing the issue however I ‘scanned’ her body very thoroughly and she is perfectly normal with no abnormalities except for very life force which is comparable to a normal person at 70 years old.”
    “ and so i moved onto the second possibility which is that there a parasite forcefully sucking her life-force” he looked apologetically at me while saying that.
    “ that is why I gave you a tiny harmless soul attack awhile ago” my heart turned a bit  cold as I never thought the old man was actually that ruthless but I quickly controlled my emotions and put a poker face on.
    “but it seems that was wrong so it only seems like it is the third one which is that her body is subconsciously leaking off her life-force in some form.”
    “is there no solution?” I asked while trying to sound as calm as possible.
    “that is for me to worry about boy but it seems like the solution for that is impossible on this mortal planet.”
    “NO WAY” I couldn't keep my grieve filled voice in at all.
    “my advice to you is that you should appreciate the five years you have left with your mother”
    “ Wasn't it ten years??”
    “ it’s ten years in theory comparable to how it is Theoretically possible for a normal human to live past 100 but they usually die at 60 to 70. Well, it is possible if we put her in a drug induced coma but I don't think your mother would even think about it”
     kuk he's right there's no way she would agree 
    “Are there no solutions at all?”
    “no , as far as I know there's nothing on this planet that can save her”.
    I slept on my bed with lifeless eyes as I recalled the words the old bastard said to me.
    Is there really no other way? Do I have to be orphaned in two lifetimes?? NO!! I refuse! 
    “there has to be something I can do to save her. Think Kessler think .......wait that old man said that mom is lacking life-force right? That means I just need to get her some thing that increase life force......”
    I went blank at that moment  
    How could I be this retarded ?? The ray sphere literally takes the life force of ten thousands of people to give to a specific someone!!.
    But wasn't my original plan to stop the damn thing from exploding? Urgh what should I do?

    “ NO! I don't care anymore I won't ever lose another parent even if I have to get the blood of thousands on my hands” I grit my teeth as my eyes held a hint of a mad and bloody resolution.
    In a dark space
    Karma system host suitable for activation.
    Need more energy.

    “that old bastard actually dares to take my son without my permission for so long. It seems he forgot just what sort of chaos I can cause when I am mad!” 
    I stood on front of the giant hall doors as a hint of fear flashed through my eyes when I remembered what the old man was capable of but I quickly pushed down that fear and smashed the doors resolutely. 
    “old man you better have an explanation for kidnapping my son like that!!”
    “ calm down boy there is something i need you to watch first ”

    “what do you mean calm down you old b....”
     I almost bit my tongue halfway as I froze at what I saw in the eyes of the old man. It was something that I haven't seen for a while, Seriousness and solemnity. 
    He took out a large transparent orb out of nowhere and began to show me the scene on it.
    “ watch this and tell me what you think” I quickly focused on what he wanted to show me but I almost lost myself in rage again.
    “hehehe isn't lil' kessy's distressed face so cute!! So Moe hehehehe.”
    “ FOCUS YOU OLD [email protected](#!!”
    “cough cough okay please watch Kessler’s face and tell me what you think of how his complextion changes in way unsuitable for a young boy his age.”

    “If he was a normal 3 years old he wouldn't have even understood a word of what I have said.”
    “SO WHAT!!?”
    “what I mean is he definitely has a connection with Nicky’s problem.”
    “ Are you suspecting my son? Hahahahahaha I knew coming here would have been utterly useless, you even suspect your own great grandson you really haven't changed throughout the years you old fart.”
    “I am done here, and you can forget about me coming here again you bastard!”
    I quickly turned my head around and ran out of the hall so I didn't see how pale the old man's face became with a blood line escaping the corners of his mouth.
    “ sigh do you really think I would suspect my own grandson like that......I really hope you can understand my actions that year Terrance as I had no other choice sniff”
    If I was still in the hall I would have really been shocked beyond compare since the old man was actually crying.
    I pray that you understand before it's too late for regrets terry
    Outside the hall was a shadow
    “wow this is some juicy stuff, i wonder how much the young master will be pleases when he hears about this.”
    The shadow unaware of the cold gleaming eyes that was looking at him from somewhere and continued, “ but I never thought things would be this complicated hehe my fisherman young master will reap so much benefit  from this” his cold laughter drifted away with the wind.
    2 years passed like that and I now have a body of a ten year old but my parents still enrolled me in school despite my shocking growth rate since they could just pass it of as puberty.

    “kessy your school bus is here” “coming”
    Mom still doesn't look any different from 2 years ago except that half her hair has turned white, every time i look at her my eyes become teary and I feel deep grief since I know how precious a woman's hair is to her.
    But I have been trying to look for traces of the  first sons to no avail in fact I just kept running around circles and became more confused. According to the web first sons have been found and eliminated almost 50 years ago and no traces of them have ever been found and so I quickly  hit a dead end.
    I had another clue and that is my great grandpa but for some reason my dad stubbornly refused to go a visit again last year but i also stubbornly begged until my mom's heart softened and she agreed to secretly visit in the weekend.

    “good bye mom” 
    “come home safely kessy,”
    My mom released me from her hug and I ran to the bus.
    “hoho your mother is as fine as always lil' brat”
    “keep your dog eyes to yourself old brat “

    “Kuk your mouth’s as sharp as ever Kessler.”

    “ its your heart that is as horny as hell mister”
    “alright I'll just shut it “ 
    ” thanks”
    I found myself a seat at the back and wanted to rest a bit more since I had time but a certain annoying voice kept me from rest.

    “hohoho you still dare to come to school after I warned you little brat”
     In front of me a short snotty nosed kid ‘sinisterly’  looked at me.
    “sigh dogs are barking so early in the morning huh”
     normally if would ignore such basic taunting but this one is stubborn on me and honestly it is annoying.
    Imagine a dog that barks nonstop at you whenever it sees you but you can't kick it since it's afraid to act so it just barks.

    “What!! Y..you dare call me a dog ?”
    “I just said a dog is barking and never mentioned any one but I guess you know yourself better than I do huh”
    Realising he's been had the little kid's face became as red as a tomato from anger and embarrassment. So she pointed her finger at my nose and said.
    “ Y....You just better remember what you said cause I Abigail will make you eat your words in the future.” 
    “yeah yeah whatever come and sit besides me girl” 
    “humph at least you know better than to treat me poorly.”
     Ahh this girl is as amusing as she is annoying
    “s..so what will you do this weekend brat..”
    I faintly glanced at her and lightly said 
    “ even though its non of your business i will tell since we're friends, I am going to visit my dad's family”
    She looked a bit disappointed but quickly made a ‘strong’ comeback 
    “heh you wish w..who’s friends with who you little snort nosed brat.”

    I replied annoyingly “look who's talking, wasn't it a CERTAIN someone who BEGGED me to be her friend.” 
    “ I...I..I didn't beg you!!!!” 
    No you literally did 
    ......... “well I might be free next week end so let's hangout”
    She sweetly smiled and said “REALLY!!? ..err I mean who wants to hang with you snotty nosed brat”

    I swear this girl is nuts.......but she kinda looks cute when she's smiling so I'll let it go.

  • Chapter # 5 confession 
    After school mom picked me up and we flew directly to my family mountain and damn it's still huge.

    “listen here kessy we will only be here for a couple of days so do whatever you want while you have the chance.
    No time to waste I have to meet the old man quickly.

    “mistress Nicole , young master Kessler it is truly a good surprise you have giv...” 
    I directly cut off the housekeeper since it seemed like he would take forever at this rate
     “we don't have time to waste i want to meet the ol......err grandpa quickly” 
     His mouth twitching the old housekeeper replied politely “of course please follow me youngest master and mistress can just consider herself at home.”
    In front of the great hall 
    “please don’t get too surprised at how the old master looks it’s been rough on him the last couple of years”
    He said and opened the door to a shocking sight of an old man with a weird sly smile playing around with a  bunch of 4 and 5 year old children.
    “oh Jasy get down from there , Lety are you okay? Don't fight with each other kids and get along , ow stop pulling on my beard.” 
    It was a truly chaotic yet warm sight

    “who is it hmmm isn't this my cute great grandson kessy come over and give grandpa a hug” I will pass on that thanks 
    “grandpa I have an issue I would like to talk to you about.”
    “Is that so? but as you can see I am quite busy at the mo..” “it's about mom”

    “I see.....” his attitude changed 180 degrees 
    “okay kids go and play with the uncle  over there as grandpa's kinda busy”
    It took a while but the room eventually got quite with only the sound of grandpa’s and my breath.

    He spoke in a slight cold tone “so are you finally ready to confess?”
    I blanked a bit and thought he was joking but I couldn't see any humour on his face.
    I took a deep breath and began to speak
    “hey grandpa I missed you, I wanted to talk to you about the issue of mom” 
    “ I thought I told you that there's no solution to her on this planet”
    “ yes, that's what I came to talk to you about.I think I found a solution”

    He looked a bit stunned by what I said but his face became a but grim so I hurriedly continued.
    “does grandpa know anything about an organisation called the first sons?”
    His tone became increasingly cold as he asked
    “ how do you know that name and who exactly are you?”
    I was secretly speechless damn the old man's got a sharp mouth.

    “I am your great grandson Kessler but I guess you won't believe that so First I will explain to you why I am so much more mature compared to my others my age.”
     Good his face became a bit less grim so that means there's a chance to trick him
    “when I was born I was like any other kid my age...well, minus the hyper growth but when I was 2 years old i started having weird dreams........dreams of another life , the dream came randomly and had no common point between them but for some reason I understood and remembered them each one.”
    “sometimes I dreamt of meeting people.....people whose faces I have never saw before, other times I dreamt of playing with other kids , growing up and learning.”
    “ I gradually became aware that these dreams were very abnormal but I had no one to share this with and became very distressed”
    At this point I put on the most distressed face I can fake and continued to bullshit.

    “eventually I stopped having these dreams but in my last one I was 17 years old and was playing a game when everything suddenly became dark and then I woke up.” 
    hehe it actually became green but won't tell him heheheh i am so smart.

    His stoney face slowly became gentler and he started to talk 
    “ I can tell that you're not telling the full truth but I will believe you since you’re my great grandson”  d...damn did he figure that I lied at the last part? The old man scary sharp.
     “I won't ask anymore how you know the name of that organisation since it seems like you're avoiding the topic.....so.....what kind of solution are you talking about and how is it related to the first sons?”
    I sighed in relief since I actually didn't prepare an answer for how I knew the first sons.
    “do you know of the project they are recently developing?”

    “hooo you even know that? It seems like your parents really spoil you too much to even tell you about this”
     that's rich coming from you.....wait my parents know? Damn things just keep getting more and more complicated.
    “does grandpa know any details about what they developing?” 

    “how can I not? I am one of their most generous backer and has been financing them for decades”
     His words were seriously too shocking to hear. so the kind grandpa is the one of the people responsible for the tragedy of empire city?

    “does...grandpa really know what they're researching?” “isn't it a way to awaken the conduit gene that is dormant in humans?”
     grit  “so grandpa also knows the monstrosity involved in the procedure?”
    “ehh doesn't it just take a huge amount of nuclear energy?”
    I let out the deep breath I WAS holding  sigh thankfully grandpa wasn't totally involved with the tragedy

    “actually it uses a huge amount of life energy which is taken from tens of thousands of human beings”
     “WHAT!!!” my heart nearly stopped at grandpa's sudden roar.
    “grandpa didn't know?”
    “ kessy are sure of this?”
    “yes but the reason I came to talk to grandpa is because of this device......i think this may be the thing to save mom..”
    “YOUUU!! are you actually willing to take so many lives to save your mother? Do you think she would accept such a thing?”
    “no she wouldn't........which is why i won't take any HUMAN lives.”
    “what do you mea...” “I want to activate the device in the amazon forest.”

    “kessy......you would go so far to save her?”
    “yes, even if I have to become the biggest sinner in history!!!”
    “haah  alright I understood your resolution boy but you definitely wont have to take another life.”
    “what do you mean??”

    “when did i say that you have to take life force from humans or animals? All you need is right underneath your foot” what? 
    It was as if a fog in my head was cleared and my thoughts gathered together into a terrifying idea......  beneath my feet? The earth? Boom  
    I .....don't need to kill anyone??? The weight I felt on my heart felt very non-existent right now. 

    “ thank you grand father “ those words were truly from my heart.
    “don't get too excited yet we still have no idea about how extract the life force from the earth.” “that's true” my eyebrows gathered together into a frown. 
    “well, don't let that get to you we still have 3 years left, we can use that time to figure it out.”
    His eyes became cold all of a sudden “Those bastards at first sons though ......will need to pay every single coin they took from me”
    I suddenly felt that the first sons were really pitiful.
    “did you enjoy your talk with grandpa kessy?”

    “yes mom grandfather was really cool”

    “hehe, great, grandpa has been very lonely ever since my father in law....” at that point her voice became meaningless murmurs but I had already understood what she meant.
    “don't worry mom I will cheer grandfather up!”  she smiled gently at my words and ruffled my hair while saying “ thank you kessy ,thank you”. 
    We came back the next day and every weekend after that ,except the next one ,I went to visit Abigail at her house and played with her.
    When I met her family , especially her brother, I had a very serious suspicion but I quickly pushed it down as it was too ridiculous.
    And from then on my relation ship with grandpa became great.
    Grandpa even started teaching me the medicine ways of our clan and from what I read from our ancestral library the origin of the medicine profession is three other professions fused together.
    Alchemy the art of converting seemingly useless things into the most useful of pellets which can be used for almost everything, whether it is building ,healing or even killing.

    Biologia total understanding of living beings whether they are humans, animals , or even aliens.

    Elementalistia the very basic path of all elemental warriors , it is divided into many parts, classes and ranks which are known only to grandpa and a minority of people on the planet. 
    It is said that the advanced path of medicine requires the perfect fusion of all of these respected professions and that all medicine masters are practically worshiped everywhere they go. 

    However in my family only the master of the clan who is my great grandpa has the qualifications to learn this great profession since it requires a certain cultivation rank in elementalism.
    Thankfully though the basic parts of the medicine path only needs the biologia profession and that is the specialty of our family.
    I learned that all paths are separated into 3 stages as a basic rank when one reaches the 3rd stage one can officially advance to the advanced rank and then the master rank, masters of any profession are true treasures that one can't become without the accumulation of many lucky occurrences and they are always treated with utmost respect wherever they go.
    Grandpa, however only reached the 3rd rank  and to advance to the 4th he needs to reach the 3rd rank in the two other professions.

    even I after spending a year of continuous study I haven’t even reached the first rank as a biologus.
    And finally grandpa told me that what I learned is enough and its seems I don't have enough talent for the family's medicine ways.
    Sigh so even this time I can't huh
    Even so that didn't stop me from racking my brain to find a solution to mom's problem.

    If the ray sphere sucked people's life energy from them why can't it do the same for the earth? It can it just needs a much bigger explosion radius and needs to be blown up underground quite deeply.
    Also it needs to be very far away from civilization.
     And I found the perfect place for that .
    On grandpa's advice I took a break and started focusing on school and making friends.
    So when I came back the first thing i did was to try to meet up with little abi and try to catch up, but I was shocked to hear that she moved to another city with her parents.
    Its seemed like I wouldn't be able to make any friends from school so I just went their to sleep and stayed at home to study.
    And so I continued planning to save my mother and stop the tragedy from reoccurring. 
    Until something horrible came up.
    When I came back from school i found mom collapsed.
    My first reaction was total panic.
    I called dad , ambulance , 911 and the army........okay the last one was a joke.
    When we got to the hospital the doctor congratulated my dad and told him that mom was pregnant. 
    I lost my self to rage when I heard that and accused dad of killing mom but i was stumped felt my eyes grow misty when I heard his answer.
    “your mom insisted......she said that she didn't want you to be lonely in the future.” 
    I heard my heart break into pieces from that.
    And I found myself unable to hold back the tears.
    That woman....no my mother Nicole i can't let her die.
    My already resolute heart slowly hardened and I wiped the last bit hesitation in my heart.
    I can't hesitate any longer we need to start the plan to take the ray sphere and its developer the original Kessler from the first sons.

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