Book 1 Book 2 and possible Book 3 summary

I've read renegade immortal or Xia Ni back then before WW, it was stopped and to be honest, i'm hesitating whether to just read it all from scratch or not.

I just want a summary or book 1, book 2 and maybe book 3. 

All i remember from last time was they entered ancient something where there were 3 demon lords or something, one was a toad poison and they got separated.


  • considering how long ago u seemed to have stopped i'd suggest restarting cause we all know how Er Gen likes to bring in vague things from the early chapters later on 
  • Too much effort to write summaries for both books, suggest just rereading from the beginning as it will not hurt you to know all the specifics as the comment above stated ergen likes to bring back stuff from the early chapters, and knowing them personally will make you enjoy the story more.
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