Can someone help me with a great novel flow for my book?

Hello :) o:)
Can someone be kind enough to help me build a foundation for my novel? ;)

The entry is like this...

In the vast horizon, where only the boundless darkness and the profound stars stretch far and wide stand a middle age man at the zenith of the mountain peak inside his cumbersome little hut where only deathly stillness. But although the man looked quite normal, however his eyes were filled with the immeasurable years of time and his limitless power, and the dao of the king in his aura can tell you that He is not from some common origin...For He is no normal being but the one above all and the one who stands supreme at the zenith of all creatures and we call Him 'Supreme Father'.


It's more like a story about a normal high school kid with average looks but is actually a not-so-average kid because he hides a deep and covert secret that is only known by the top influences of the universe and the secret is...

That he is actually the creator of the universe who has come down in human flesh to live as a mortal and traverse the mortal world into the great battlefield in his vision 'Ragnarok' ; the festival of death and chaos.

For He was bored of the endless flow He had made so He will destroy it and as a last hurrah, He will live as a mortal and to see fit if there are those worthy of being stewards for the new era from the destruction of another.

...Pls tell me on what best ways for this to be a great novel TYVM :) :#


  • make things less complicated and more simple. Simple plot= great story. Also ur talking about a normal high school kid who's not so normal.  Therefore make the mc more relatable instead of being shrouded in mystery. Also ur too focused on the mystery part, try to expand more. 
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