Don't know what to read.

I have gotten into a habit of binge reading lately (8-12 hours a day type of addiction), I have read Chaotic Sword God (martial arts/ adventure) (800 chapters read so far) , Blue Phoenix (martial arts/ adventure, 630 chapters read) , King's avatar (gaming, 500 chapters read). I am not sure if I'm allowed to say this, but I read them on Gravity Tales and so far more need to be translated so I need something to fill my time. 

I am looking for anything that has a lot of chapters, 700+ and is very enjoyable to read. There is just so much to read on this website that I am almost drooling from excitement but I am not sure where to begin. Though I have read novels about martial arts and adventure mainly so far I am open to anything (even if it's not 700+ chapters. I just don't like it when a good series ends and then I need to find another).

Please leave a comment saying what you would suggest for me to read. Thank you! 


  • First of all are you okay with reading on WW?

    Martial World over 1000 chapters 

    Emperors Domination has 800+ it has a super arrogant mc and people love it...

    Renegade Immortal is slightly darker at the beginning but overall it is pretty awesome with 550+ chapters available

    Undefeated god of war (translationnation - type it in google or use really good as well with 500+ chapters 

    world of cultivation nearly 700 chapters of awesomeness!! Still ongoing but the first 100 will make you get used to the translation and it's after c100 it starts getting awesome not WW or GT use novelupdates to find its translation site

    Ancient Strengthening Technique nearly 1k chapters, not a fan personally but you might like it...
  • I'm actually in the same boat. Just finished Blue Pheonix and trying to decide on what I want to read.

    First of all, I would recommend any of the following if you haven't read them

    Warlock Of the Magus World- Close to a 1,000 chappies so far
    Desolate Era - up to book 31, so maybe 1,000+ chappies already translated(TL'd) (?).
    Everyone Else Is A Returnee - 378 chappies but near completion
    Renegade Immortal - 580ish chappies(?) if memory serves correct
    Spirit Realm- 480ish chappies so far TL'd
    Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society - 138ish Chappies TL'd so far (maybe wait another 200ish chappies but it's good so keep it in your tracker)
    Praise The Orcs - 140ish chappies as well, keep it in your radar it's good.
    Invincible- 250ish chappies so far
    Against The Gods - 1,000ish chappies so far
  • rendegade immortal
    library of heaven path
    godly model creator
    world of cultivation
    a will eternal ( for me is the most funny novel so far)
    i shal seal the heavens
    desolate era
    immortal mortal
    emperor of the cosmos
    star rank hunter
    everyone else is a returnee
    warlock of the magus world
    qidian international, wuxiaworld, geavity tales, volarenovels, mistycloud translatios, moonbunny cafe, novelonlinefree, novel updates, all of these are godd sites with a lot oa novels!!!
    good reading time :) :) :)!!!...
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