Legend of Fu Yao (扶摇皇后) (Empress Fu Yao) by 天下归元 (Tian Xia Gui Yuan)



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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 17 - Plotting to Destroy Profound Origin



    A woman's piercing scream broke through the stillness of the dark night. The scream was filled with madness and misery, cutting the somber sky apart into fragments like a bloodstained knife.

    With a loud banging and clattering sound, inside a heavily curtained, incense-scented chamber full of splendor, an exquisite mirror carved with eight lotus flowers was heavily thrown onto the floor, the surface splitting into several cracks.

    On the fragmented mirror surface was reflected a crescent-browed, straight-nosed countenance of attractive fairness; unfortunately, it had two bone-deep wounds in it, savagely intersecting and carved into her glossy skin.

    The beauty of her face and the hideousness of her injuries shockingly clashed, causing one to sigh at the imperfect nature of the world.

    A crowd of respectfully waiting maids surged up like the tide. Under the ferociously vicious gaze of the person in the mirror, they were forced to bow even lower, and then retreated again like the tide.

    Pei Yuan swayed like she was about to fall. Supporting herself in front of the dressing table, her one hand shook while braced on the table surface. Even after desperately biting her lips, she still could not repress the shivering throughout her whole body.

    Over ... it was all over ...

    The appearance she was so proud of, the extreme beauty she used to distinguish herself in the Tai Yuan royal family, was completely destroyed by a random blade light in one night.

    From now on, she would descend to become Tai Yuan royal family's laughingstock. From now on, all those imperial sisters whose appearances were unable to be compared to hers and were held in disdain by her, would use the most pitying looks and the warmest phrases to unceasingly comfort her.

    Just thinking of those seemingly warm, but in reality bitter and cold commiserations, she would feel like she was falling into an ice pit, and want to go insane!

    "Get out! All of you scram!"

    The chamber was quickly cleared of people. The curtains lifted by the flow of exiting people, lightly floated back down.

    Glimmering light passed through the green jade lamps, shone on the drapes, and illuminated the sobbing, face-hiding figure that had bonelessly collapsed onto the ground near the dressing table.

    The figure's thin shoulders unceasingly shook. Faint whimpers came and went, the miserable crying like a never-awakening nightmare.

    The half-open window blew in midnight's chilling breeze, which leisurely swirled inside the chamber. Inside the wind's sounds, there faintly traveled an extremely low whispering.

    Quiet, yet sharp, like the grinding of steel wool, or like icicles on the summits of thousand-year-old glaciers, the whispers held icy harshness as well as never-ending killing intent and hatred.

    "If I ever find out who you are ... need to kill ... will not rest until you die ..." ---------------


     That sharp scream pierced through the quiet of the Profound Origin sect village like a drill. Everyone heard it, and everyone had different reactions to it.

    Qi Xunyi's eyes were deep and mysterious. He turned his plans and calculations over and over again, all kinds of conjectures running through his mind. The only thing missing, was any sort of pity towards his cousin's tragic situation.

    Zong Yue clasped his hands while standing in front of the window, facing the boundless darkness. The eyes he used to stare into the void were not empty, but instead seemed rooted in reality. It was as if he could see beyond the murky fog of midnight, and see some kind of bone-chilling destiny of human life.

    After hearing that piercing scream, he slowly raised his hand, then made a fog sweeping gesture.

    Strangely, in his eyes, there also was no pity to be found.

    Far away, on a remote mountain peak, a wide sleeve robed man leisurely leaned against a boulder. Playing with a mysterious and eccentric mirror, he overlooked the Profound Origin sect underneath.

    On his knee crouched Master Yuanbao, whose white fur gently swayed in the wind while it also looked in the same direction as his master, into the darkness in front.

    Its gaze was heavy, and its mood was very solemn. It had already accompanied its master in staring for almost an hour.

    But it actually couldn't see much of anything.

    Yuan Zhaoxu tilted his head and looked with annoyance at his pet who liked to pretend. Suddenly, he stood up.

    Master Yuanbao immediately tumbled down onto the ground, with its four limbs and pink stomach facing the sky.

    Its master slightly chuckled. "How foolish."

    Master Yuanbao used its two claws to grasp the earth, ready to cry.

    Unexpectedly, his master lightly said, "I was talking about Qi Xunyi."

    Master Yuanbao's shattered glass heart instantly repaired itself.

    From behind came the sound of fast footsteps, sweeping over like a gust of wind. Amidst the rustling of leaves, a girl's crisp voice was heard.

    "Aha, that piercing noise just now was at a high decibel level, very suitable for soprano singing."

    A dai colored shadow flashed. Meng Fuyao climbed up and pushed aside Yuan Zhaoxu, sitting down with a plop. Grimacing while rubbing her knee, she resentfully said, "That guy was pretty strong, I had to use my best efforts to only barely manage to escape. When my leg hit the tree I didn't even feel anything, yi ya, only now when I'm resting do I feel the pain."

    After a pause she then said, "This person's origins, and Pei family's status, seem to be pretty powerful huh."

    Yuan Zhaoxu leaned on the boulder while feeding Yuanbao some fruits. Yuanbao had already forgotten the bitterness of being bullied a while ago, and opened its mouth contentedly to receive the incoming food. Hearing Meng Fuyao's question, Yuan Zhaoxu smiled and replied with another question. "You've been complaining for half a day, is it because you want me to personally massage your knees?" While replying, the hand that was lowering the food slowed. Yuanbao immediately glared at Meng Fuyao.

    Fuyao stared back with disdain, then glanced at Yuan Zhaoxu with a mocking laugh. "How about you go massage that little guy's belly, looks like it can't digest all of the food. It would be unfortunate if it died of overeating."

    Yuanbao immediately bared its teeth at Fuyao. This time Meng Fuyao didn't even bother with it. Yuan Zhaoxu smiled, then while taking out a piece of cloth to wipe his hands he said, "Royalty."

    Fuyao's eyes focused, and her tone became more serious. "Royalty?"

    Lights swirled brilliantly in Yuan Zhaoxu's eyes. Laughingly he replied, "Regretful?"

    Meng Fuyao's long eyebrows jumped up, and the side of her mouth slightly rose. "The only thing I regret is not piercing straight through her that day."

    Yuan Zhaoxu looked at the Fuyao who was in high spirits. His eyes flashed, and after a time he chuckled. "Do you know who it is you just tried to assassinate?"


    "Tai Yuan's Third Prince, Qi Xunyi," Zhaoxu's smile became even more mysterious, "also known as one of the Five Region Continent's 'Seven Princes', Prince Yi."

    "Prince Yi? 'An apricot flower askew slick with misty rain, three thousand scarlet colors dancing in starry twilight', the one known as the number one in literary talent, number one in noble aura, number one in absurd ridiculousness under the heavens - Prince Yi?"

    Meng Fuyao was stunned, recalling that ambush that was like a venomous snake, and that sword light that was like a storm cyclone.

    Yuan Zhaoxu glanced at her. "Looks like it was fortunate that I didn't reveal his true status to you before, otherwise I'm afraid you would have been unable to run when you were at the Wind Listening Small Pavilion."

    "Nonsense." Fuyao gave him an angry look. "Am I the type of person to get weak in the legs when seeing attractiveness?"

    Yuan Zhaoxu pretended to be earnest, leaning over and patting Yuanbao on his head. "Master Yuanbao, what do you say?"

    "Zhi zhi!"

    Yuanbao's tone sounded like complete agreement.

    Meng Fuyao was infuriated, and hatefully said, "If I really was a loose woman, I'd throw myself on you first..." After getting halfway through she realized her slip of the tongue, and with an "uh" sound she hurriedly shut her mouth.

    Unfortunately, the sensitive eared Yuan Zhaoxu had already heard. With a lift of his eyebrows, he chuckled while looking over. "En?"

    Fuyao sprang up in a flash, loudly yelling, "I'm leaving!"

    With a couple leaps she had sprinted down the boulder, just like a fleeing rabbit. Faintly she could hear the man behind her softly laugh, the sound close to the side of her ear.

    "This was my original hope, I just didn't dare ask."  [1] ------------------


    Keeping in line with Yuan Zhaoxu and Meng Fuyao's expectations, the situation changed the next day.

    Normally, with Qi Xunyi being targeted by an assassination attempt at the Profound Origin sect, he should have immediately alerted Lin Xuanyuan and work with him to come up with countermeasures. However, Qi Xunyi did not do this, but instead was silent for the whole day. During the day he ordered many people to investigate affairs, interrogating several disciples of the sect. Once evening arrived, he went to visit Lin Xuanyuan.

    What the two discussed, no one knew. Only a faint sound of sect master Lin erupting in anger was heard, while Qi Xunyi only chuckled and sent out a command: The sect master of the Profound Origin sect is suspected of collusion with the Yun family, and seriously wounding Princess Pei Yuan. He will be brought back to Yanjing for interrogation, while Profound Origin sword sect will be completely guarded by heavy troops. Without clearing of all suspicion, none of the disciples would be allowed to exit even one step.

    The Profound Origin sword sect was a high ranking martial sect in the Tai Yuan Empire, and many of its disciples were from wealthy and powerful clans. According to typical procedure, without going through an investigation and permission by the local authorities, Qi Xunyi completely detaining a whole sect by himself was a little too reckless. Unfortunately, this prince has always done things this way - everyone knew that he was uninhibited by rules, the number one under the heavens in being exaggeratedly ungovernable. It would only be strange if he didn't do things outrageously.

    Qi Xunyi locked down and secured the Profound Origin sect, then went to visit the Infinite Empire's Grand Tutor who was currently a guest at the sect. Representing the Tai Yuan Imperial Court, he delivered some apologetic niceties, then ordered that the Grand Tutor be immediately released and allowed to go on his way.

    Today, Meng Fuyao leisurely followed among the Grand Tutor's contingent, walking out of the grounds of the Profound Origin sword sect.

    "I've always thought it strange." Fuyao had thoughtfully pondered for a long time, before finally whispering beside Yuan Zhaoxu's ear. "Even though I wanted to create a frame-up, I only expected to muddle to waters of the case, and use the subsequent opportunity to escape. Because, Qi Xunyi should have realized that this situation has something odd about it, and wouldn't be so easily tricked. Yet from what I see now, he seems to be determined to act against Lin Xuanyuan. Also, please don't tell me that this is because of his famous willfulness. That night when I exchanged blows with him, I could tell that his supposed absurdity is most likely a ruse."

    "Woman shouldn't be too dumb, but being too smart is also not good." Yuan Zhaoxu smiled as he looked at her. "Isn't it fine that you've escaped, why care so much about it?"

    "Just tell me!" Meng Fuyao, anxious to know, grabbed the reins he was holding and made a movement as if she was going to release the horse.

    "Every states' martial powers will participate in political struggles, this you know. Profound Origin sword sect was always neutral in the past, but recently it had shown signs of moving closer to Tai Yuan's Crown Prince. While Qi Xunyi, the Third Prince, has always been in disagreement both publically and privately with the Crown Prince." With a pull of his fingers, Yuan Zhaoxu snatched back control over the horse reins.

    Meng Fuyao was enlightened all of a sudden. "So it's like that. Qi Xunyi only needs an excuse, even if the excuse is riddled with holes, he can still borrow it to take action. No wonder you advised me when I was going to attack him, to be sure to only use Profound Origin sect's martial techniques. And when Lin Xuanyuan was facing Qi Xunyi's interrogation, even if he suspected the assassin to be me, he would still have no way of expressing the whereabouts of this "already dead disciple", let alone explaining how I died. Naturally, he would be unable to dispute anything."

    The corner of her eyes drifted sideways, her vision falling on the hand Yuan Zhaoxu had used to take back the reins of the horse. There, in the center of his palm, a lotus blossom was pale white in color and extremely life-like. She couldn't refrain from raising her eyebrows and smilingly ask, "What is that in your palm? A birthmark?"

    Yuan Zhaoxu's fingers paused. With a shake, the robe sleeves fell down once more, covering his palm. Faintly laughing he said, "Something like that."

    His expression was normal, but Fuyao thought that he seemed a little low-spirited. Knowing that she probably touched some taboo of his, she chuckled, then didn't say anymore.

    Master Yuanbao stuck its head out from Zhaoxu's chest, greedily peeking at that lotus blossom. It nibbled its teeth, most likely wanting to want bite off that mark.

    At this time, the procession had arrived at a stream flowing at the base of the Profound Origin mountains, and the group stopped to rest and quench their thirst. Qi Xunyi's escorting troop was behind them by a step, and not long after they also catched up. Qi Xunyi's carriage was glamorous and brightly decorated, while a colorful trail of maids and servants followed. At the four corners of the carriage golden bells sounded with "ding ling" noises; the carriage's scattered fragrance could be smelled from far away along the road.

    From the horse carriage traveled low, calm music, beautiful and serene, intermixed with a woman's delicate laughs. The tune seemed a bit familiar. Meng Fuyao was bitterly racking her brains, when she saw a couple of the Grand Tutor's subordinates look at each other, their expressions abnormal and awkward.

    Only after thinking for a while did she finally recall, that tune seemed to be one of the ten most common red-light songs, "Playing with Purple Bamboo". Furthermore, only the cheapest courtesans among lowly prostitutes would sing it to entertain their ignoble guests; any brothel girl who had some amount of business would disdain to sing it.

    From the royal horse carriage, that typically should have dignified, magnificent imperial music playing, instead came a type of decadent song most people would be ashamed of listening to in public. It truly made for an incompatible pairing.

    The subordinates of the Grand Tutor all showed "such absurdity" expressions, while Meng Fuyao coldly looked on from the side. Recalling the panther-like alertness and dragon-like sword arts of that malevolent man last night, an iciness flashed through her eyes.

    It would be best to avoid people like Qi Xunyi. Fuyao escaped far away, going upstream to find a place to find water. Just when she was about to drink, unexpectedly a person marched over from behind, piercingly shouting, "Make way make way!"

    Meng Fuyao turned back only to see several servants, each carrying jade basins, wash towels, scented soap, and on a golden tray one of them was holding, was even a shiny piece of aluminite stone. It looked like they were preparing to procure water for Qi Xunyi to wash his face. [2]

    Those subordinates of the Grand Tutor all revealed expressions of "such extravagance" again.

    Meng Fuyao glanced over at the transparent and clean spring water. This world was still the unpolluted era of ancient history, and spring water could be directly used from the source. This Qi Xunyi, he needed to use alum precipitate even when washing his face, isn't he going a little too overboard?

    Seeing her just stand there unmoving, in between the servant's brows passed a flicker of anger, and he stretched his hand to push Meng Fuyao. "What are you doing stupidly standing there? You're going to pollute the upstream water! Run downstream to drink!"

    Fuyao was engrossed in deep thought until, with that unexpected push, the slick moss on the rocks underneath slipped her, and she immediately slid sideways down towards the water.




    1. A famous Confucian philosopher Mencius (Meng Zi) once said this to a king. Mencius was getting ready to return to his home town when the king said he hoped to see him again. Mencius replied with this phrase, meaning that that was his hope as well.

    2. Aluminium Sulfate can purify water: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Purify-Muddy-Water/

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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 18 - Clear Water, Flying Sleeves


    "Be careful."

    A warm and clean voice was heard, sounding a little detached. With the sound, a white streak swept forward like a ribbon and unfurled in mid-air. With a "shua" sound, it caught Meng Fuyao's hand that was grasping at air instinctively when she realized she was falling.

    Fuyao's figure was immediately stopped in a dangerous, half fallen position, forming a 45 degree angle with the rocks underfoot. Not far underneath was a pool of clear water. Her long hair hung down onto the water surface, with some longer strands dancing in the current - it was an unstable, yet beautiful posture.

    Because her sleeve was pulled tight, her clothes were stretched close to her body, revealing those perfectly exquisite hills and valleys. Under her willowy waist her robes scattered, fluttering like a dancing skirt. Even though she was wearing men's clothes, they still couldn't hide the natural charm of her figure.

    The visions of the many people by the stream could not help but fix on her. There was a brief atmosphere of silence.

    In the middle of Qi Xunyi's contingent, a horse carriage's curtains were suddenly lifted up a hair. With a veil covering her face, Pei Yuan gloomily watched the figure above the clear waters that could be considered a beauty with only a look. Her eyes exuded jealousy-induced malicious intent.

    And in the first carriage, a pair of piercingly brilliant eyes turned, then let out a light "yi" sound. [1]

    However, Meng Fuyao herself did not realize that this one pull had displayed her figure. She hurriedly used the strap that was holding her up, and with a twist of her waist she stood up straight. Only then was she able to take a look at the good Samaritan who had helped her in time.

    The afternoon autumn sun shone through the dark green shade. Beside the clear stream, slightly yellow strands of grass were covered by the scattered rays of sunlight, and became even more brilliantly golden in color. Atop the tips of the grass, a white robe spread. It was a warm but distant man, young, graceful, his lips and pupils slightly paler than most people. When he smiled, the autumn sun and golden wind suddenly seemed to transform into spring breezes and blooming cherry blossoms.

    Because he had thrown out his waist strap with flying sleeves, his robes had scattered outward. Yet this didn't give one a sense of inelegance or dishevelment; instead, it added to that originally present aura of remoteness, several degrees of natural serenity.

    Meng Fuyao was shocked. She thought to herself, did she recently become blessed with peach blossom luck [2]? Among the men she met, too many were outstandingly handsome. While thinking this, she offered the waist belt back to its owner.

    Just when she wanted to say a few words of gratitude, unexpectedly the other side calmly smiled, then softly said, "The strap was already slightly dirty, this lady can feel free to throw it away."

    After saying he very politely nodded his head, then turned and left. He got onto a horse carriage behind Qi Xunyi's, and then the carriage sped off to another side to stop and rest. This left Meng Fuyao dumbly standing on the rocks, clenching the waist strap with surprise.

    The strap was clearly completely new and in good condition, so white that even tofu would die of shame, and he actually said it was dirty?

    This person's attitude was pretty strange. You couldn't say he was lofty and condescending - his manners were impeccable, he was cultured and modest, and when he didn't want the belt he gave the completely inoffensive excuse of self-respect. But you couldn't say he was friendly - he clearly didn't seem very amiable, even immediately abandoning the strap she had gripped like worthless scrap.

    After Meng Fuyao stared for a half while, she hatefully used the waist strap to wipe her hands. That guy didn't want it anyways!

    Only after she wiped her hands and carefully inspected did she discover, the waist strap was actually made from fabric that weaved Heaven silkworm's silk together with white gold strands; in the middle was a similar-colored mutton fat jade [3]. The strap was expensive, yet unostentatious, just like the man.

    After thinking a little, Meng Fuyao hid the waist strap in her robes.

    Yuan Zhaoxu, previously always off to the side, now popped out of who-knows-where. With a strange gaze, he watched Meng Fuyao stuff that man's personal belonging into her robes. After some time he said, "What are you doing keeping that thing?"

    Fuyao replied like it was obvious. "This thing is worth a lot, if I keep it, if one day I need clothes or food, I can use it to trade for living expenses."

    Yuan Zhaoxu slightly wrinkled his brows, "That thing isn't worth anything, don't keep it. If you lack money I'll give it to you."

    "Trying to trick me?" Meng Fuyao curled her mouth. "You think I can't see the value of this jade? Also, this girl has a lot of backbone, I don't accept charity."

    Zhaoxu cast a glance at her, then faintly grinned. "Yes, you don't accept charity, you just pick up the junk other people don't want."

    "You!" Meng Fuyao became gloomy, shifting her eyes to see Yuanbao poke its head out from Yuan Zhaoxu's robes. Seeing Fuyao deflated and melancholy, it turned extremely happy, chattering with zhi zhi sounds non-stop. With indignation she used the "one finger flick", flicking Yuanbao, who squeakily protested and opened its mouth wide to bite.

    Meng Fuyao had long escaped while loudly laughing.

    After running for a couple steps, past a curve was a patch of forest shade. Not far forwards was Qi Xunyi's contingent. Meng Fuyao was just about to go back, when she heard someone say, "Hey, you."

    Turning her head to look, she saw the servant who had just pushed her and almost caused her to fall into the water. Seeing this person, she didn't want to bother with him, but for some reason when this person saw Meng Fuyao his eyes suddenly lit up, and he beckoned. "Hey, you come here."

    Fuyao started, squinting her eyes to look at him. "Calling for me?"

    "Yes, you." The servant was not very polite. "Our master doesn't have enough servants, you come here and give a hand."

    He saw Meng Fuyao with an expression of awkward indecisiveness, and patiently said, "We won't make you work for nothing." From his sleeve he palmed out a string of copper coins [4]. Throwing it on the ground with a "pa la" sound, he arrogantly said, "Here, one hundred wen, enough for you to eat at Yanjing's meat broth shop for half a month." [5]

    Meng Fuyao lowered her head, looking at the copper money by her feet. After a while, she smiled and picked it up, even blowing some dust off of the coins.

    The servant revealed a pleased expression, handing Meng Fuyao a copper basin and saying, "Go, go next to the stream to get some water, it needs to be upstream water. After carrying it over, go to sister Jin Yan by the second horse carriage and ask her for some rosewater and lotus cream. After exchanging for them bring them into the carriage, remember, don't let your dirty hands touch the water! Alright that's all, I'm going to help his highness change clothes."

    He shoved the copper basin to Meng Fuyao, a face of rejoice from finding a person to do his work for him. Fuyao could calculate with her fingers and she would still be able to guess that after Pei Yuan had her appearance ruined, her mood would be terrible. She already had a domineering attitude before, and those serving her would definitely suffer even more. Those who helped her run errands must be trying to escape whenever they could, otherwise why would they pay others to help?

    The servant held out the basin. Seeing Meng Fuyao didn't immediately grab it, he impatiently shook the copper basin, "Hey, you dumb?"

    Fuyao's eyebrows jumped. Looking at the copper basin, she suddenly smiled, then slowly went to scoop something out of her sleeve pockets.

    The servant knitted his brows, shouting, "Moron ----"

    Instantly his words stopped, and then his eyes opened big.

    In front, in Meng Fuyao's palm, was steadily held a piece of gold leaf, its quality extremely good, not underneath two liang in weight. [6]

    According to Tai Yuan's currency system, one liang gold can be exchanged for twenty liang silver, and one liang silver can be exchanged for one thousand wen coins. One liang of gold, he could work at the Qi imperial palace for over three years, and still be unable to earn that much.

    The servant exhaled a breath of shocked air, struck dumb.

    Meng Fuyao shook the gold leaf in front of the servant, kindly smiling, "You recognize this?"

    The servant fixedly stared at that piece of gold, his facial color turning green then white. Dazedly he said, "Its gold ..."

    Fuyao smirked, "Yep, this is two liang of gold, enough for you to go to Yanjing's best Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant and spread a full course of swallow wings, and eat that shit for a month."

    With a laugh, her fingers loosened all of a sudden, and the gold leaf fell onto the ground.

    Subconsciously the servant squatted down to pick it up. Fuyao's boot shifted, stepping on the gold leaf.

    Stooping down, Meng Fuyao pushed that copper basin to the servant who had dumbly lifted his head to look at her. "Sorry to bother you, go next to the stream to get some water, it needs to be upstream water. After carrying it over, go to sister Jin Yan by the second horse carriage and ask her for some rosewater and lotus cream. After exchanging for them bring them to me, remember, don't let your dirty hands touch the water! Alright that's all, go on."

    She edged the copper basin closer to the blackened face of the servant, shook it in the exact same motion, then lightly smiled, "Hey, you dumb?"

    The tip of her foot slightly lifted. That piece of gold leaf glittered in the dusty soil, tempting a gaze of avarice.

    The hand of the servant shook, and clenching his teeth, he suddenly took the copper basin and with large leaps sprinted towards the stream.

    Fuyao stood in the same spot, silently lifting her eyebrow. After a while she whispered, "Pity ..."

    The tip of her foot flicked, and the gold leaf flew up and landed in her palm. Unhurriedly putting the gold leaf in her bosom, Meng Fuyao slightly shook her head. "If you had some backbone to refuse me, I might really give this gold leaf to you, but now ... you're not worthy."

    She moved her fingertip in a circle. The string of copper coins hooked on the finger, that was enough for her to eat at Yanjing's meat broth shop for half a month, was shook flying, with a "pa" sound falling to where the gold leaf had just fallen on the ground.

    "I'll return this to you, you can go eat meat broth yourself. Also forgot to tell you, Yanjing's meat broth shop is so cheap since reportedly they use rat meat."

    With a "haha" laugh, Meng Fuyao turned her body to leave, her nimble steps quickly vanishing into a patch of shady forest, like a refreshing breeze gusting past in an instant.

    At the place where her figure disappeared, the trees and grass became still. Silence surrounded the area.

    After a long while, behind some trees appeared a faint shadow out of the darkness. The person's white clothes were immaculate, his pale lips like cherry blossoms.

    He clasped his hands while staring towards Fuyao's direction, his calm expression containing a small trace of interest. Suddenly, he softly said, "Sorry for bothering you."

    The words were said absentmindedly, but immediately someone responded.

    "For young master's orders, I would not shrink from a thousand deaths, let alone a little bother."

    That person had a lowered head and stooped body, a copper basin shining at his feet. It was actually that snobbish servant from just before.

    Only, him right now had a reserved expression, his attitude tranquil, without any trace of that vulgar and haughty behavior from before.

    The white-clothed man was silent for a while, then said, "So?"

    The person thought a little and said, "Young master, when I pushed her down the stream back then, did your flying sleeve pull not detect anything?"

    "I did." The white-clothed man tilted his head upward, a pondering expression on his face, saying, "The angle and power of the wounds on Pei Yuan's face, whoever made them, their martial techniques are definitely abnormal. Even though this girl hid it well, in that one pull, I still could sense some of it."

    "Although," He indifferently smiled, "in the tests just now, I have finally determined she is not one of Qi Xunyi's people."


    "Qi Xunyi's subordinates, are they worthy of such a character?" The white-clothed man leisurely sighed, his voice long, containing some laughter.

    "She is a good person ..."




    1. "Yi" 咦 is a sound of shock or surprise

    2. Peach blossom luck, "桃花运", means someone is lucky in their encounters with the opposite sex

    3. Nephrite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephrite

    4. Chinese coins have square holes in them, which allows for easy carrying by stringing them in a line. Picture: http://l7.alamy.com/zooms/85bf5f414c9448e9af873c4c4a0aee75/a-string-of-ancient-coins-ejx2r7.jpg

    5. wen, "文", is an ancient Chinese unit of currency.

    6. liang, "两", is a unit of weight equal to about 50 grams

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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 19 - Disrobing to Attack the Enemy


    When Meng Fuyao ran away just a moment ago, Yuan Zhaoxu watched her lithe figure fly like a bird, vanishing into the light yellow expanse of trees in the autumn mountains. He silently smiled, then with slow steps he walked towards the Grand Tutor's horse.

    "Your horse carriage can slowly travel, go along with Qi Xunyi to Yanjing. I'll bring her and leave first, saves us from always being inside those people's vision radius, possibly creating some kind of trouble." [1]

    The Grand Tutor squinted his old eyes and looked at Yuan Zhaoxu, his expression like he was regarding his own favorite son or nephew. Stroking his beard, he faintly smiled.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Also Yanjing. This time I borrowed your diplomatic mission to Tai Yuan to celebrate Tai Yuan Emperor's birthday, just to deal with Qi Xunyi. How could I miss this opportunity?"

    "Ha ha ... as you please."

    "Also from what I've heard, at this time's birthday ceremony, he ... has also come."

    "Ah? Hasn't he always been under house arrest inside Nemesis Dynasty's capital? Nemesis' Emperor allowed him to leave?"

    "A flood dragon trapped by limits, will only be for a time. Once there is a chance, it inevitably will soar up." Yuan Zhaoxu turned, thoughtfully looking towards the western horizon. His expression contained some anticipation as well as some humor, seemingly even more radiant. "And the great winds that will sweep through the Five Regions and soar through the Four Seas, have already risen ..." -----------------


    "Why did we separate from the main procession?" Meng Fuyao setup the fire pit and raised a fire with deft motions, then neatly skinned the hunted wild chicken with her dagger. "Also, why do I have to go with you?"

    Yuan Zhaoxu was leaning against an old tree, comfortably lying down, while a spread of clean leaves was padded underneath his body. Master Yuanbao had its butt sticking up, and was diligently pushing and collecting fallen leaves, unceasingly trying to curry favor by piling up the leaves under its master.

    The way it pushed was strange and despicable. It faced towards Yuan Zhaoxu, shoving leaves up to his body, while its fat stubby back legs kicked the torn and dilapidated leaves and dirt backwards. The person sitting behind it was Meng Fuyao.

    At first, Meng Fuyao didn't want to keep squabbling with a petty pet. After consecutively eating several mouthfuls of dirt, however, she discovered that certain animals didn't know to stop before going too far, their courage too fat and their minds too skinny. Thus she tore off a strip of leg meat from the wild chicken, and took advantage of when Yuanbao was not paying attention to fiercely shove it in its mouth.

    Consequently, that certain herbivorous animal immediately sprinted to the riverside to rinse out his mouth, and the side of the fire pit was finally clean.

    Only now did Yuan Zhaoxu reply to her question.

    "If you are willing to be watched by a couple wolves all day, you could choose to keep going slowly. Also, I don't recall that I ever wanted you to come with me, you chose to follow me yourself."

    Meng Fuyao thought a bit, it seemed that it really was the case. She couldn't help but shamefacedly say, "Well its not like I can help it, there's only one road from the Profound Origin mountains leading to Yanjing after all."

    Yuan Zhaoxu held back a smile while giving her a glance, deciding not to remind the person that was trying to fool herself, that there were actually other roads leading to Yanjing as well.

    The tree branches in the fire pit burned with "pi pa" sounds, lighting up the two people's flushed red faces like they were drunk. A type of heated factor was transpiring in the air, making even the cold moonlight shining from the distant trees seem a little warmer.

    Opposite, that smiling man's long eyebrow slightly rose, his pupils and hair shining black and wavy. A line of red lips burned redder than even the firelight, his features vivid like a painting, so beautiful that it entranced one's soul and caused them to harbor resentment that would last even in the underworld.

    Meng Fuyao sat straight, harboring resentment that would last in the underworld. While staring downwards in embarrassment, she wondered why extreme beauty always caused her heart to beat erratically.

    Especially when that extreme beauty was always using his eyes full of interest to sweep up and down her body, time and time again.

    After sitting for a time and feeling that the atmosphere was too oppressive to bear, she suddenly sprang up, saying, "I'm going to take a walk."

    Yuan Zhaoxu raised his head to look at the dark night, then looked at the surrounding blackness of the forest. He really could not bear to remind her, that this going for a stroll excuse was a little funny.

    Meng Fuyao, upset by his understanding gaze that was tinged with some humor, loudly said, "I'm going to sing."

    This time, Zhaoxu lifted his eyebrow, his eyes full of disbelief. Meng Fuyao smugly laughed, then went to "sing".

    Because she didn't want to "sing" too loudly and be heard by Yuan Zhaoxu, Fuyao walked a very far distance into the silent woods, before she finally found a place to squat down. Her pants were half-removed, when suddenly her hands paused.

    The midnight forest was abnormally quiet. Besides some traces of wind meandering around, even the night's owls were mute. The noises of those normally soft chirping autumn insects, was now also nowhere to be heard.

    From the branches above round moonlight scatteredly landed, outlining her long shadow onto the ground. That shadow was split into sections by the black outlines of the trees and rocks behind her, but it could still be made out with difficulty.

    Meng Fuyao half-crouched, still maintaining that pants half-taken off position. Her fingers noiselessly shifted up little by little, attempting to pull up her pants, while the corners of her eyes slanted and examined her own shadow ... feet, hands, neck ... head, alright, there's the head, that semicircle protruding out of that rectangular boulder on the side, what was that?

    Sweat formed on her palms, the moisture sticking on her pants. Fuyao's heart jumped tightly, then loosely, drumming in the silent night with "peng peng peng" sounds.

    That was ... the top of a person's head.

    With her fingers tightly gripping her pants, Meng Fuyao silently scolded herself, just why did she have to run out so far by herself. Behind that boulder was who knew how many people, most likely waiting for her to take off her pants before taking advantage of the opportunity to move.

    Right now, taking off her pants was not possible. Right now, successfully pulling up her pants, would be determined by their reactions.

    Fuyao half-squatted, her waist already sore.

    That semicircle behind the boulder slightly moved, as if it was a getting a little impatient.

    Meng Fuyao calculated the time then dejectedly realized that, according to this distance, if she chose to pull up her pants and fasten her pant strap, her two hands wouldn't be able to be used. She definitely wouldn't have time to deal with the opponent's attack.

    With extreme nervousness brought extreme stillness. She faintly heard a distant brook gurgle, or maybe it was the soft splash of a bird's wingtip dipping into a pool.

    In the black night Meng Fuyao's shadowy pupils darkly turned. All of a sudden, she hatefully grit her teeth.

    Her eyes sharply glinted, the ominous resolve found in them not appearing in most other girls' attitudes.

    Wind swept through from the forest's direction, bringing with it a wavering of the shadows of the trees. The top of the head behind the boulder also wavered a little.

    Meng Fuyao's hands suddenly loosened, letting go of the pant straps.

    The pants immediately fell down, and at the same time her long robes fell down and covered her shame with a "shua" sound. Meng Fuyao executed a backwards somersault, flipping over the boulder like a large bird. Her flexible body was like a spring, in a flash arriving at the back of the large rock. With a kick of her two legs the pants fell off and landed directly on top of the two heads behind the boulder. The two people didn't expect Meng Fuyao to suddenly launch a counter-attack, so just when they jumped up their heads were smothered by thick pants. In the darkness they couldn't see clearly what it was, and one of them hurriedly reached out an arm to tear it off.

    Before he could complete that motion, Fuyao had already appeared behind him like an evil ghost. Underneath baggy male robes long snow-white legs flashed, in an instant twisting onto the opponent's neck. With a revolution of her body, she fiercely wrenched in mid-air!

    In the darkness, only a hair-raising crunch sound could be heard.

    The person's skull immediately drooped bonelessly.

    A streak of severity flashed through Fuyao's eyes. She didn't regret attacking with such ruthlessness, because in the instant when she had flipped over the boulder, she had caught a glimpse of a net soaked in poison held in their hands. That poison's color was a vague pink. In the past, when Meng Fuyao was forced by that old Daoist priest to undergo his grueling training, she had learned broad topics, and had uncommon strengths that most people would have difficulty learning. With one look she had already identified that thing as the "Weakening Fragrance Powder", spread throughout the Five Regions Continent and specifically designed for upper-class nobility to capture or deal with woman from good families.

    Who knows how many respectable young girls had their innocence destroyed, and how many young people had their entire lives ruined, just because of that powder? Anybody who had this thing in their hands could only be described as heartless and obscene. After seeing this today, how could Meng Fuyao let them off easily?

    The moment the other person saw that Meng Fuyao was actually willing to disrobe to attack her enemies, moving so decisively and ruthlessly, that in a flash his companion was already dead underneath a twist of her two legs, he cast aside those pants with great shock and turned his legs to flee. Before he could even manage to run a few steps, he heard a cold sneer from behind him.

    "After seeing my thighs, you still think you can run away?"




    1. The "your" that Yuan Zhaoxu uses to talk to the Grand Tutor is a respectful form of you, "您"

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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 19.5 - First Shine of Spring's Glow [1]


    On the flat ground twisted a streak of dai wind. The whip in Meng Fuyao's hand only swept once, and it had already wrapped around the opposite side's throat. With a horizontal rein in she tried to pull the guy over, but she didn't realize that the other's martial arts was not at a low level - before, it was only because the pants covered overhead and he had lost his bearings. With a backhanded fling, a ray of golden light shone, drawing a brilliant, starry arc that directly shot towards Meng Fuyao's heart. The piercing power forced her to suck in her chest and shrink back, and with one leap that person traveled multiple zhang, looking like he was about to escape.

    Meng Fuyao stamped her foot and was about to rush forwards, when suddenly she saw the foot of the man unexpectedly crook, as if he had stepped on a rock or twisted his ankle. With an tilt of his body, he tumbled and face-planted down on the ground.

    Delighted, Fuyao instantly jumped over and sat heavily on the guy's back, smugly sitting cross-legged. "Kao, didn't I say you couldn't run!"

    With a cross of her legs, she immediately discovered something amiss. After lowering her head, she realized that her pants were already gone, with only her outer robes covering her body. With this leg position, spring's glow shined out.

    In the thick darkness of the night, underneath the dai colored robes was revealed a slender pair of legs, pure white, straight, sleek and rounded, like a pair of carpenter crafted jade pillars. The reflection of the moonlight was brilliantly silver, attracting one's eyes.

    From the dim surroundings came a soft chuckle that was almost inaudible.

    With darkened face, Fuyao hurriedly grabbed left and pulled right, using her robes to cover over her legs. Silently, she consoled herself that fortunately she wasn't like the men of this era, who didn't wear anything under their pants. Fortunately she had worn some underwear she had designed herself ... ugh, did he see it just now?

    Raising her head, Meng Fuyao stared forwards, bitterly saying, "Hey, what are you doing hiding behind the tree, you a thief or something?"

    The light laughter gradually stopped, and behind the tree slowly materialized a pale-colored round profile. The wide robed, long sleeved man, two arms crossed in front, leisurely stood leaning against the tree while faintly smiling.

    On his shoulder rode a certain fatty with white fur swaying in the wind, leaning against its master's cheek, its two claws crossed in the exact same position while its two legs were also slightly crossed.

    "Seeing that you were gone for a long time, we thought you needed paper, so we've come to deliver paper." Yuan Zhaoxu, facing the Meng Fuyao who was angry from embarrassment, innocently smiled.

    Master Yuanbao immediately bowed down, its two claws lifting up a piece of wrinkled up paper, respectfully offering it high up above its head.

    With only one look Fuyao already knew that this guy was shaming her, how could it be so polite? It was obviously making fun of her.

    The more she thought the more furious she got. Her butt used some more strength, crushing the fellow beneath her to miserably cry out an "aiyo!" Meng Fuyao jabbed his acupuncture points, then with a sweep of her whip, she hooked her pants back. Holding the pants in her hands, she lifted her head and looked at the two opposite with a deadpan expression.

    The two calmly stared back, not moving at all.

    Fuyao glared a little, watching.

    The two still stood calmly opposite her.

    Fuyao only felt that her hair had already started to slowly become vertical. After a long time she swallowed some saliva, helplessly saying, "Hey, could you turn around, I have to change."

    Yuan Zhaoxu blinked, then actually answered, "Nope."


    "If other people can see, why can't I?" Yuan Zhaoxu's reply was very odd.

    Meng Fuyao started, then suddenly leapt up. With a scoop of a hand and a flash of snow white, her slender legs had already fallen into the wide pant legs. Her fingers crossed and the pant straps was tied tight, then with a twist of her body she had already lunged towards the patch of trees behind her.

    At the same time, a white glow flashed, and Master Yuanbao jumped off Yuan Zhaoxu's shoulder and shot out, its movements extremely nimble and quick. The tree leaves close by didn't even tremble.


    In almost an instant, a cry resounded out.

    Behind the patch of trees suddenly fled a gray-clothed person, holding his bloodily dripping ear while madly leaping and trying to escape. On his ear hung a bundle of snow white that, with his shaking and jolting running movements, unceasingly swung up and down, yet continued to bite down hard on his ear and resolutely hold on.

    The gray-robed man desperately pulled on Yuanbao, while hatefully shouting, "Fuck you little guy, you dare touch your granddaddy, you know who granddaddy is? With one little pinky of your granddaddy ..." [1]

    "Grandpa's not going to hit your pinky toe, grandpa's going to hit your pig head!"

     With the yell came Meng Fuyao's figure, in a spring already shooting out like lightning. A black steel dagger flew in a streak that was even darker than the night, in a flicker instantly reaching the edge of that person's throat.

    The tip of the dagger touched skin, feeling like a fork poking a swimming fish underwater, slippery and unable to gain traction. The guy's body abnormally twisted, and unknowingly he had already escaped from the dagger's attack range.

    However, Meng Fuyao didn't waste any time marveling. Since the dagger didn't land she directly lunged forward herself - elbows jabbing, palms slapping, legs kicking, shoulders impacting, a continuous flurry of swift, frenzied close combat attacks that were like lightning, preventing the opponent from easily breathing. Even though the person's whole body was like it was oil-covered, slick and hard for blows to connect, but in that short moment the torrential, hurricane-like rain of attacks still managed to him suffer hits one after the other, with one attack succeeding out of every three. With the explosive power and speed from Fuyao's past grueling training, he was directly beat backwards, unceasingly crying out.

    Kao! You scum, actually daring to hide behind that clump of trees for so long, then didn't that mean that you had seen this woman's everything?

    The more she thought the more furious she got, and the beatdown became more and more brutal. With her eyes shining and her punches like rain, she satisfyingly hit him like howling wind.

    Yuan Zhaoxu was standing at his original spot and faintly smiling while watching. The secretly hooked finger covered by his sleeves, finally slowly loosened.

    The one-sided battle in front was already nearing its end. A punch from Fuyao shot out, and that unlucky, muddleheaded man instinctively tried to block. Who knew that suddenly, she retrieved her fist.

    The man started. The fist was raised, comically stopped in mid-air.


    Fuyao used the opportunity when he was surprised to immediately brutally punch him yet again.

    A groan sounded out.

    "che... at ..."

    The gray-clothed man's eyes went blank, and he crashed onto the ground.

    Meng Fuyao blew on her fists with a suave manner, and laughingly said, "Cheating is a cheater's passport, foolishness is a fool's epigraph." --------------- [2]


    After tying that gray-clothed man onto a tree, Meng Fuyao examined him up and down once, then shook her head.

    "Look at how skinny this guy is, it's like he was crushed by two doors planks."

    Yuan Zhaoxu focused his eyes for a glance, then couldn't help but laugh. The gray-clothed man seemed to have been truly born strangely. He was extraordinarily thin and tall, his figure long and narrow, and even his face was squished flat like an eel. Meng Fuyao was very curious about that extreme slipperiness in the fight just then. However, after paying close attention, she felt that this person's skin, besides being a bit paler than usual, didn't have any other abnormalities.

    Turning her head, she saw that Yuan Zhaoxu's eyes had a trace of pity in them. She couldn't help but ask, "You know him?"

    "No, but I know this race." Yuan Zhaoxu said, "The race 'shroud sharks', found on the sea borders of Lifting Wind."

    "Shroud sharks?"

    Yuan Zhaoxu made an "en" sound, saying, "Lifting Wind Nation includes the Eh sea [3]. The most dangerous sea region of the Eh sea, where sea reefs are the most clustered, is Demon Island. According to rumors, in that region there was once an ancient empire that sunk into the seas, and because of that, the seafloor contains an uncountable number of rare finds. Only, that place is a zone of dense reef forests, plus there is an extraordinarily narrow ocean trench that most ocean travelers cannot cross at all. Only the native shroud sharks of Demon Island can navigate through. This race of people, when their children are three years old, will bring them underwater and continuously practice floundering and moving within narrow cracks and gaps, only completing training when they develop extreme swimming abilities and coordination like a fish. The children, due to them training in this type of ability from youth, as well as their long years of living in the water, will develop their skin and body figures abnormally. Additionally, because of the strange ocean beasts that commonly appear, these people will also train in techniques that conceal their body's breathing. This is why they are called 'shroud sharks'. The people of this race, thanks to these special abilities, also make first-rate thieves and assassins."

    "Oh, no wonder back then I actually didn't detect this guy concealed close by." Meng Fuyao was suddenly enlightened, then laughed, "We'll interrogate this shroud shark later, first lets deal with this scumbag." Lifting up the man on the ground who had previously been sat on by her, she "pa pa" slapped him twice and woke him up.

    The moment the man opened his eyes, he heard the up-in-his-face Meng Fuyao start questioning him.

    "What's your pop's name?"

    "Your mom's surname?"

    "How many older sisters?"

    "How many little brothers?"

    "What age was it when you first wet the bed?"

    "Do you wear clothes when bathing?"

    "When washing your face do you like to use soap pods or animal soap?" [4]


    "Whose subordinate are you?"

    A string of questions with answers that needed no thinking pulled east then pushed west, smashing down like a torrential downpour. The man had long become numbed, subconsciously replying to every question, and naturally had no defenses against that last question.

    "Qi royal palace, subordinate of the guard officer Lord Fang ..." [5]

    Only after he spoke did he realize what he just said, and he inhaled a breath of air while widening his eyes. Meng Fuyao had already happily smiled. She patted his cheek, saying, "Good boy."




    1. The author divided up chapter 19 I think

    2. Granddaddy or grandpa is often used to express someone's superiority over another, as an insult. Since Chinese culture values age a lot, saying you are much older than someone can be an insult.

    3. Better to cheat than to be dumb

    4. Not really sure how to name this, in pinyin it is "e", but naming it with only one letter seems a little strange. In pinyin "e" is pronounced like the u in "yuck" or "luck", not like the e in "English".

    5. Soap pods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gleditsia_sinensis

    6. In case you forgot, Qi Xunyi is the third prince, so the emperor of Tai Yuan has to be Emperor Qi. His imperial palace would be called Qi palace. 

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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 20 - Fierce Majesty Bei Ye


    "Say, how should we deal with this person," Meng Fuyao slapped the guy down to the floor again with a "pa" sound, then turned to question Yuan Zhaoxu, "Is Qi Xunyi starting to suspect me? Is that why he sent these two people out to deal with me?"

    A strange expression flitted through Yuan Zhaoxu's eyes. He naturally knew that during the day, when Meng Fuyao had almost fallen into the clear water, her figure had been revealed, and Qi Xunyi had definitely noticed her. With Qi Xunyi's disposition, he would certainly investigate a little.

    But how could he not have countermeasures in place? Those people Qi Xunyi dispatched to follow them had long been routed by his guard, who even intentionally set up a fake trail to mislead Qi Xunyi's attention. Then how come these two people appeared here?

    Yuan Zhaoxu hit open the man's acupuncture veins. Only after interrogating some more, did he discover that the guard officer Lord Fang was one of Qi Xunyi's subordinates whom he rather doted on, and he was rather prone to toadying and currying favor with Xunyi. During the day when Qi Xunyi had stared at Fuyao's figure with a different look in his eyes, Lord Fang had thought that the prince had taken a liking to Meng Fuyao. In order to give his master a surprise, he had used a pigeon to contact some of his guards that were awaiting their arrival at the Qi royal palace, and ordered them to wait on the two roads that led from Profound Origin to Yanjing with intention to capture Meng Fuyao.

    Yuan Zhaoxu's bodyguard had already concentrated his efforts on leading away the people following behind. Unexpectedly, there were also people in front waiting by the tree trunk to capture the rabbit. [1]

    Learning the whole story, Meng Fuyao couldn't refrain from becoming infuriated, and with another stomp she vented her anger. Then, she hesitantly said, "Hey, if we killed him, well, his crime doesn't deserve that punishment. But not killing, then I'll be leaving future trouble for myself. What should we do?"

    Yuan Zhaoxu smiled. Stooping down, his slender finger gently flicked the top of the man's head, then he said, "It's done."


    Peacefully Zhaoxu explained, "His memory, beginning from this evening, will become muddled. So you can be reassured, he won't bring the stuff that he can't even remember clearly, to report back to his master."

    Fuyao stared at him, knowing that he used a severe technique to wound the other's Baihui point, forever damaging their memory [2]. This type of technique looked simple, but was actually an expert's skill - being lighter or heavier by a degree of force could result in a completely opposite effect. If her Breaking Nine Heavens trained to the sixth layer, then she probably could also learn it, but she would definitely be unable to do it so casually.

    The more she stayed with this person, the more mysterious he became.

    Her eyeballs were rolling trying to figure him out, but Yuan Zhaoxu had already turned and walked towards the bound gray-clothed man. After walking a few steps he suddenly chuckled, saying, "Hey, very beautiful."

    "What's very beautiful?" Meng Fuyao blankly asked.

    Yuan Zhaoxu and Master Yuanbao gave each other a look, the latter immediately revealing its snow white front teeth, and lifting its stubby leg to signal towards Meng Fuyao.

    At the same time Zhaoxu leisurely replied, "I'm saying, your thighs." ------------------


    "I'll teach you to peek on me, keeping spying on me! You peek! Peek! This lady me will pummel you like flying waters descending straight three thousand chi, if I don't see congealed blood I'm vowing to never stop!" [3]

    With "peng peng peng" sounds Meng Fuyao practiced her boxing on the poor gray-clothed man, at the same time scolding the locust tree while pointing at the mulberry, attacking someone else through the insinuations in her shouting. [4]

    The locust tree being scolded was faintly smiling like usual, without a trace of shame or self-remorse.

    The gray-clothed man was forcibly hit awake. The moment he opened his eyes, he immediately panicked and shouted, "I didn't steal it! I didn't steal it!"

    "I know you didn't steal," Meng Fuyao sneered as she measured him up, "I already stole everything you have."

    She shoved around those random, disorderly objects for a while, impolitely putting all the valuable things into her cloth bag. Seeing this the gray-clothed man's facial color turned green then white, after some time pleading, "I'll give you all my stuff, just release me, I still have to run for my life!"

    "Run for your life?" Meng Fuyao started. "Just then when you were concealed over there suspiciously, it wasn't because you wanted to sneak attack us?"

    "How could I have the time to spare to sneak attack you guys?" The gray-clothed man stared wide with dead fish eyes, a vein throbbing on his temple. "Do you guys have wealth? Beauty? Are you even worth it for me, the glorious Godhand gang's gang boss, to ambush you?"

    Meng Fuyao looked at herself, then looked at Yuan Zhaoxu, thinking that no matter what they could still be considered as beauties [5], right? What was with this guy's eyesight? She was truly puzzled.

    "Hey, big gang boss, then you squatting over there, what were you doing?"

    The gray-clothed man spat out some spittle with a "pei" sound. "Bad luck!"

    Only after a long explanation did Meng Fuyao finally find out, the gray-clothed man was currently being hunted by Nemesis Dynasty's people, saying that he stole the belonging of Lord Ye Buqi, the prince's attendant [6]. The gray-clothed man had ran from Yanjing all the way to here, and still had not shaken off his pursuers.

    "Pei, my luck is not good, I had contacted Black Magic to help me fend them off for a while, and agreed to meet in this forest. Who knew that even that guy's shadow was nowhere to be found!" The gray-clothed man, speaking of the depressing topic, spit out another mouthful of saliva.

    "Black Magic? The number one assassin under the heavens?" Meng Fuyao widened her eyes. "You sure have some ability, you can actually ask him for a favor. As another way of saying it, just from stealing some treasure of Lord Ye's, you caused the other side to actually pursue you with such relentlessness?"

    The gray-clothed man's expression changed, a bit of hesitation flashing through his face. After some time he said, "I didn't contact Black Magic. I have a friend who once did him a favor, that's the only reason why he agreed to help. As for that treasure ... I heard it was Nemesis Dynasty's command seal."

    When the last few words came out of his mouth, Meng Fuyao's heart jumped.

    Subconsciously she reached her hand into her robes, only getting halfway before immediately retracting.

    Yuan Zhaoxu seemed to not notice her movements. Laughingly he said, "You didn't steal the Nemesis command seal?"


    "Oh." Yuan Zhaoxu didn't continue to question, only pulling Meng Fuyao with him and turned around to leave. "Then stay here, you can thoroughly explain to Zhan Bei Ye. Hopefully he will believe you." [7]

    Without turning his head he directly left, while the gray-clothed man's expression changed then changed again. Seeing that he really was preparing to leave, and thinking about himself bound on the tree, waiting for certain death to arrive with that evil star, the gray-clothed man had no choice but to swallow then raise his chest in a large shout, "Stop right there, stop right there!"

    The two people only continued to walk slowly, as if they had gone deaf in that short moment.

    "Release me, release me first!"

    "For those without sincerity, we have no reason to waste time on them." Meng Fuyao replied with a charming, beautiful smile, not even bothering to turn her head.

    "I'll tell, I'll tell!"

    With a "shua" sound Fuyao bounced back, grinning and patting his cheek, "Now that's a good boy."

    The gray-clothed man, his face bitter and crying tears of mourning, said, "Steal .. I think it was stolen, but it wasn't me who did it, it was one of my subordinates. However, he had disappeared somewhere near here, so the item ... is also gone."

    Meng Fuyao gave him a glance, then peeked at Yuan Zhaoxu, worrying that he would ask, "Where did he go missing?"

    Fortunately the gray-clothed man didn't say anything else, and Yuan Zhaoxu didn't ask. Fuyao secretly exhaled a breath of air, pressing on that item in her bosom ... she had always suspected why the rarest Nemesis command seal would actually appear on such a minor character. So it turned out that the situation was like this. Tonight's accidental meetings and fights at least confirmed the actual origins of that thing, and was not a bad reward.

    The two people quickly untied the gray-clothed man, only after some inquiries learning that his name was Yao Xun [8]. He truly was born of the shroud shark race, and he actually had the well-known "Godhand Gang" as his subordinates. In reality, the gang was just a gathering of thieves, composed of three people.

    Even though Yao Xun's appearance was strange, his attitude was that of a man born by the sea. He was simple and direct, after conversing a little he then said, "Since you guys know about Nemesis Dynasty's fierce Majesty Zhan Bei Ye, your statuses shouldn't be that of normal people. If you will help me send away this troop of pursuers, the Godhand gang will completely follow your commands from now on!"

    Yuan Zhaoxu eyed him, previously absorbed in thought. Suddenly he said, "Aren't you waiting for Black Magic? That person, anything he promises will be fulfilled. He will definitely show up."

    "If I counted on him I would be long dead ---" Yao Xun stopped in the middle of his words, and his face suddenly changed.

    At the same time, the three people all fell silent.

    In the distance, abruptly came the sound of horses galloping, as if a troop of cavalry was quickly closing in on them. The rapid incoming momentum was incomparable, sounding like a sudden thunderstorm, lashing against one's heart like a whip.

    Particularly so was a horse that sprinted even faster than the others, like howling gales and roaring suns, an unstoppable force that in an instant arrived at the edges of the forest.

    The horse's pace was too hurried, unable to come to a stop when arriving at the sides of the forest, and the horse directly wanted to charge through. In a flash the rider raised his arms to rein in the horse, and the ropes pulled into a pencil-straight line, trembling with small vibrations without end. The steed lifted its head and neighed loudly, its two hooves soaring into the air as it stood up like a person. However, the rider's back was completely straight, not moving even an inch.

    Behind him, a crowd of horsemen kicked up dust and followed, falling behind that one horse in front, and in orderly fashion they all reined in their horses. "Cha!" Many tens of sounds of hooves landing sounded out like one.

    Their horsemanship was extremely skilled.

    At this time, the clouds broke and moon shone through, brilliant without bounds. The man and horse in front were outlined by the moonlight into a jet black silhouette.

    The moonlight swept further out, sweeping to below that person's feet. On top of his steed, the person loomed high overhead. A body of black clothing melded into one with the night's darkness; cold, solemn, his whole body radiated the stifling pressure of murderous decisiveness and omnipresence. The night wind fluttered his loose clothes, bringing his pitch-black hair to wildly dance in the air as well.

    Even from far away, his "overlooking gaze" could still be felt.

    Overlooking those three in the woods.

    In the silence, that person gave a deep shout all of a sudden.

    "Nemesis Dynasty, Zhan Bei Ye!" -----------------


    Author's Remarks: The Nemesis command seal mentioned in this chapter, I don't know if you guys remember. In the first scene of the first chapter, the thing Meng Fuyao grabbed from her handiwork on the Profound Origin mountains was exactly this. As for what use this little toy has, I will tell you later, it's a pretty important thing.

    Also, that Black Magic, he he, I didn't mention him for nothing.




    1. Common phrase that means sitting back and waiting for prey to fall into your hands

    2. Baihui "百会" acupuncture point is on top of your head, means "Hundred Meeting Point"

    3. "flying waters descending straight three thousand chi", "飞流直下三千尺", is a famous line from the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's poem "Viewing the Waterfall at Mount Lu"

    4. "scolding the locust tree while pointing at the mulberry" she is taking out her anger on someone else but is actually angry at Zhaoxu.

    5. Beauty can describe men without being weird, unlike in the West

    6. Ye Buqi, "叶不弃", 'ye' means leaf and is a surname, 'bu qi' means not giving up

    7. Zhan Bei Ye, "战北野", Zhan (surname) means "war" or "battle", Bei Ye means "north wilderness", and is also a common name.

    8. Yao Xun, "姚迅", Yao is a surname and Xun means swift or fast

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