Legend of Fu Yao (扶摇皇后) (Empress Fu Yao) by 天下归元 (Tian Xia Gui Yuan)

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The archaeologist "red-haired witch" made too big of a disturbance while excavating tombs, gloriously becoming a martyr in the midst of the grave chamber's collapse. Seventeen years later, she had transmigrated into the Five Regions Continent. The delinquent Meng Fuyao who struggled to survive in the lowest rungs of society, cast aside her boyfriend who was about to marry another person with a slice of his five fingers.

"Believe me, she will be an absolutely perfect wife. With her by your side, you will be like an aristocrat and her luxury poodle – no matter where you go, your status will increase by a hundred-fold and complement each other perfectly.”

Forsaken love, abandoned like dog shit. From then on it was a boundless sky and open sea, a trek of ten thousand li. To obtain the Seven States seals, fight against the world first. For the hope of return in her heart, brazenly collide with the Machiavellian royalty of the seven states, uniting the outstanding and talented under the heavens through fortuitous meetings.

And so, will this road of chanced affection go through the peak of heavenly mountains and the warmth of bonfires; the glint of sword shadows and the coldness of the glance backwards; the autumn sun's golden wind and the flying sweep of the robe sleeve; or that chilly moonlit forest and that sprint like an arrow's? Once love and that chosen, narrow path cross each other, which will prevail?

She said, I can dedicate myself to you, but if you do not want my body of hot blood, then I must draw your blood. She said, the efforts of my entire life have run in the opposite direction of true love, so are the heavens laughing at me? Then I guess I can only laugh at the heavens.

Three chi of torn silk, one zhang of spilt blood. A thousand li of expanded territory, ten thousand fallen corpses. One day the Luan and Phoenix will soar up with the winds, and Fuyao will rise straight up, ninety thousand li.


A popular novel by an author known for her strong female protagonists, in Legend of Fu Yao the main character Meng Fuyao is a modern archaeologist who crosses over to another world when digging in a Han dynasty tomb. Fuyao then begins her journey of cultivation and quest to collect the seals of all seven states, while also meeting the love of her life on the way. 

*Note: This novel is going to get a drama adaptation soon as well, so I thought I would translate it for you guys. Also there is a severe lack of female protagonists in the Xianxia genre so this will be a breath of fresh air. However if you aren't into romance this novel might not be suitable for you.

*Drama Link: http://mydramalist.com/23171-legend-of-fu-yao

*Novel Updates: http://www.novelupdates.com/series/legend-of-fu-yao/

*Map of the Five Regions Continent: http://imgur.com/a/BmI1p



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    EDIT 8/17/2017: I have decided to move this novel to its own Wordpress site for easier footnoting, commenting, and an actual Table of Contents. I will leave the first 20 chapters I have translated on Wuxiaworld forums, but you can read every chapter (plus more convenient footnotes and table of contents) on the new site! Here is the link: https://trackest.wordpress.com/ Happy reading!



    "Of the thirty three sky palaces, the palace of heartbreak is the highest; of the four hundred and forty four illnesses, lovesickness is the bitterest."

    "I am not heartbroken."

    "Oh? Then for whom did you engrave your mark for?"

    "For the person I cannot lose in this life."

    "Then is that not heartbreak?"

    "No. A person's life is bitter and short, but heartbreak is slow and lasting. The mortal realm [1] is where life or death are but a blink of an eye, who knows if what awaits me is a chance meeting or a missed encounter? How can I stand here and wait for time to be worn away, day after day?"

    "Then what will you do?"

    "She is in the mortal realm. I will go to the mortal realm."

    "The world of mortals is turbulent."

    "If the mortal realm is turbulent, I resist; if the underworld opens, I enter; if the four seas rage, I cross; if people oppose, I overturn."

    "Why go so far?"

    "For her sake, I will not fear ten zhang [2] of red dust, to reverse the bitter erosion of loneliness."




    1. Here the term "mortal realm" is the Chinese term "红尘", literally "red dust". Red dust is often used to mean the mortal world because the footsteps of the numerous mortals cause clouds of red dust to rise up in the air.

    2. zhang = "丈” which is a unit of length equal to 3.13 meters

    Preface: Tomb Blows Out Lights


    "Chief, why is this tomb so gloomy? Feels like there's an ominous aura, did you check today's horoscope?" In the dim, dark side chamber several gray figures with dirt-smudged faces moved around, one of which wiped his sweat, half straightened his waist and shouted into the main tomb chamber.

    "Yeah I checked." Meng Fuyao [1] had a mini flashlight stuck in her mouth and was half-crouched on the floor, stirring up dust while brushing away at the large blue-green stone coffin in the middle of the tomb. She responded with difficulty around the flashlight and without lifting her head, yet her words were still clear. "Today is an auspicious day on the zodiac for funerals, wearing mourning attire, moving coffins - look, that's what we're doing! What a coincidence, all of them have death in common!"

    "Kao [2], can't you say something more optimistic?" The fatty who yelled previously rolled his eyes, then raised his head to look at the strange ox-head human-bodied tomb mural on the ceiling. Under the dancing of the dim candlelight, it was as if it would step out from the wall at any moment, making him shrink back a little in fear.

    Meng Fuyao was too lazy to bother with him while focused on her work. The dust was gradually brushed off, revealing the carving of a three-headed, double-bodied, single-horned creature with two wings on its back and a fierce stare. In Fuyao's eyes, the carving had a majestic beauty to it characteristic of ancient civilizations.

    With an expression of delight and her eyes wide open, Fuyao gently brushed the carving with one hand while extending the other. "Tape measure!"

    Someone frantically offered the tape measure to her.

    "Fatty, come over here and take a group photo with the emperor's coffin." Fuyao grabbed the fatty and pulled him to the side of the coffin. "You on that side, me on this side. Count off!"

    "Chief don't! Why aren't you letting go of me?" The little fatty Xiao Yuan tried to struggle to no avail.

    "Because you are a rookie," Fuyao showed a toothy smile, "rookies are for veterans to trample on, didn't you know? Now stop dawdling, quickly! We have to finish this tomb fast, so that my PhD thesis this year will have some material!"

    "Madwoman, workaholic, only 22 years old and already an associate professor, your existence is just a humiliation for all archeological geniuses...." Fatty mumbled, then read the measurements underneath the light from the flashlight, "Finished, length 2.18 meters, width 0.94, height 0.66."

    "OK!" Meng Fuyao slapped the stone creature on the coffin, causing dust to fly in all directions, then looked at the coffin in satisfaction. When she thought about how her salary would soar up into the sky after getting her degree, and how her mom's hospital fees wouldn't be a problem anymore, her mood couldn't help but get better.

    Thinking of her mother's illness, Fuyao was lost in thought for a moment, and so didn't notice that her last slap caused a deep echo to travel starting from the coffin through the passageway down to the tomb door. The sound then rebounded back as a long and gloomy reverberation, sounding like the vibrations from the footsteps of primordial giants.

    Despite the fact that the tomb was sealed underground, a cold wind blew from who-knows-where, causing people to shiver. The tomb chamber's lights were weak, barely illuminating the pale white faces of the people present and creating an eerie atmosphere.

    This archeology team was from an archeological college in the Jiangsu province [3], coming to the southwestern frontier to excavate an unnamed tomb rumored to predate even Cao Cao's [4] grave by centuries. Starting from the excavation's first day, the mysterious incidents never ceased. First was the team eating the wrong mountain herbs, causing people to expel all of their bowel contents and give the barren earth of the Yungui plateau [5] free fertilizer straight from the cities. Next was team member Xiao Li [6] randomly getting bitten by a poisonous snake when setting up his tent in the morning. Even worse, when opening up the tomb this morning, the team didn't even plan to explore the tomb today; the team only rushed down here because the medic Xiao Wang was suddenly hit by a falling ridge rock while delivering tools and gloriously fell into down into the tomb, holding his head in pain.

    With all the inauspicious events happening up to this point, according to grave robber logic, this tomb would be a little too suspicious, and not suitable for further exploration. Yet according to archeologist logic ... actually, archeologist logic is pretty much the same as grave robber logic. The only difference is that one is private business and one is public, but both dig up their ancestor's graves, and both know that some graves should not be dug up.

    Team members already begged to seal up the grave and go home, leaving further exploration up to the mighty excavation machines of the government.

    Yet it was a pity, this time's team leader was not a normal person, but the so-called "Red-haired Witch" Meng Fuyao, Miss Meng. Miss Meng was great in all aspects, a model of the new generation who exemplified everything that the "morality-intellect-athleticism-positivity-hard work [7]" education was supposed to be, with her only weakness being: she wasn't exactly right in the head.

    Of course, this abnormality only appears through her fiery passion and craziness for digging up ancient graves, as well as the illogical choices she makes when encountering strange situations.

    In summary, Miss Meng definitely would not give up on her much-loved action of defiling graves just because of a couple random events like diarrhea or snake bites or rocks falling. To a social deviant who once hugged to sleep the first ancient corpse that she excavated out of pure delight, these small bumps were far from what she would consider problems.

    "Crowbar, hammer, pick!" With a swish of her red hair, a bright, colorful flash suddenly broke through the darkness of the chamber. Meng Fuyao cracked her knuckles, her eyes lighting up like the eternal flames of the heavens.

    However, the tools were not handed over immediately. Fuyao knitted her brows and turned around, only to see the excavation members all dispirited and pale, unwilling to come forward.

    "Kao, afraid? Don't tell me the righteous and professional archeological team also believes in superstition! You, you, you," she pointed one after the other, "all party members, geniuses, students nurtured by Marxist-Lenin and Mao Zedong's teachings [8]! Did the diarrhea cause you to shit out all of your brain's scientific theory?"

    Thump, thump, thump, with big steps she stomped over, hua la la she flipped through the backpack in a messy search, pulled out a couple sticks of candles, and rolled her eyes. Fuyao impatiently stuck a candle at each of the four corners of the tomb. The faint candlelight flickered at each corner of the room, unexpectedly containing a greenish tint.

    "Boss ... what are you doing ..."

    "Haven't you seen 'Ghost Blows Out the Light [9]'?" Meng Fuyao clapped and created another loud echo while smiling and saying "Since you guys think there are ghosts, I'll follow the flow then. If the candles are blown out, then we'll go back, good?"

    "Really?" Fatty surreptitiously eyed the candles ... maybe directly blow them out himself?

    Before he had time to get closer to the candles, the witch had already started assigning roles to each person, and soon the crowd of people was milling around the coffin in circles, with no time to spare for the candles at the four corners of the tomb.

    This meant that when a swirl of wind close to the ground caused the candles at the west and south corners of the tomb to flicker and then go out, no one noticed immediately.

    The coffin lid was very heavy, and after thousands of years the gaps between the stone lid and the coffin were tightly melded. It took several people exerting much effort to finally crack open a hair. Meng Fuyao was standing up on a tombstone, two hands on her knees, shouting and directing the efforts: "One, two three!"

    A loud rumble suddenly sounded, and with a large bang, the coffin lid was pushed aside, exposing the inner contents.

    "Great job people!" Meng Fuyao lavished praise onto the team, then with one step leaped onto the side edge of the coffin. While using the flashlight to illuminate the insides of the coffin, she also sang an improvised, light-hearted tune.


    "After two thousand years,

    we will meet again,

    ship to the nearest museum,

    install in glass cabinet for man,

    you a cabinet,

    me a cabinet,

    don't differentiate between us,

    unafraid of the tomb robbers surrounding and chasing us ... [10]"


    The workers below rolled their eyes, only hating themselves being unable to cover their ears to block out the off-tune, extraordinarily ear-harming sound.

    Meanwhile the fatty was squatting on the outer coffin lid, and when he vaguely noticed that the backside of the lid had some faint inscriptions, quickly grabbed a brush to dust off the surface.

    The inscriptions were carved using cinnabar and could still be clearly distinguished even after thousands of years. It seemed as if something strange was mixed into the cinnabar as well, because the inscriptions let off an abnormally sweet scent that caused those who smelt it to feel unsettled.

    "The sky is gray, the ground is vast, the dead return to yin, the living reside in yang, life has li [11], death has villages, do not go further, or else ... incur mutual destruction."

    The glow from the flashlight swayed from side to side, as if a will-o-wisp was darting to and fro inside the tomb. Fatty's expression changed.

    Meng Fuyao, who was diligently working on the inner coffin, casually inquired without raising her head: "Oh, it's a Han dynasty style epitaph. But that last part was a little strange, could you repeat it?"

    The fatty gulped and opened his mouth to respond, but before he said anything, out of the corner of his eye he noticed one of the extinguished candlesticks. In that moment he jumped up and cried out in fright.

    "Something's wrong!" [12]

    "Your Granddaddy's wrong [13]! What do you think we are, mountain bandits or something!" Fuyao laughed and rebuked the fatty at the same time, while about to rise from her crouching position.


    Suddenly, a tremendous noise came from behind her, causing the entire chamber to shake and making 7 or 8 people who couldn't maintain their footing tumble into a heap of bodies. Yet another deafening sound came, as if a giant who had the power to split the heavens and earth stomped above them and pounded the earth. The tomb chamber's ground promptly began to tilt, resulting in the heavy stone coffin sliding across the ground and explosively impacting the wall. At the southwest corner of the tomb, dirt and rubble were shaken loose and fell, creating fist-sized holes in the floor. Several people covered their heads and frantically rolled on the ground trying to escape, with the fatty among them; unfortunately, the fatty had a lot of meat but was  not very quick. He rolled a little too slowly and was pinned down by the falling debris, causing him to desperately shout. The pounding noise outside also began to quickly increase in tempo.

    In the chaotic midst of shouting and howling, Meng Fuyao raised her head with difficulty. She first grabbed the backpack that slid next to her and raised it above her head for protection, then authoritatively yelled, "It's probably a landslide! There's been heavy rain recently! Evacuate! Immediately!"

    Those taking cover on the floor near the tomb entrance rose their heads and half shouted, half wailed back, "The entrance is blocked by rubble!"

    "WTF is crying supposed to do!? Will crying open the entrance!?" Fuyao then proceeded to roll a few times on the ground littered with shattered stones, raise her head to peek at the ceiling, and holler, "There's a bandit tunnel ahead! Escape this way!"

    "That tunnel hasn't been fully excavated yet! It still has half a corpse in it!"

    Meng Fuyao secured the backpack around her neck and leapt forward, attempting to stand straight. However, yet another heavy quake tripped her, and she went sprawling on the floor. Accepting her fate, Fuyao decided to give up on standing. Clenching her teeth, she grabbed a metal pick on the ground and then rolled forward towards the bandit hole. She raised the pick and started wildly smashing it towards the half-excavated tunnel.

    "Shua la la", first a leg fell out, then blood and bits of corpse came flying out and mixed with the dirt and dust surrounding her! Despite the gory scene, Fuyao didn't even spare a glance.

    Next the rest of the corpse slid out of the newly expanded exit, pressing down and forcing Meng Fuyao to stand a little to the side. The incomplete body tumbled down the sloped chamber ground, leaving a trail of blood and debris as it rolled over to the southwestern corner of the room.

    Just as the body tumbled away, right behind it came the shriveled skull, which dropped onto Fuyao's stomach. In one smooth motion she flung the skull away, yelling "Go! Stop obstructing my work!"

    Finally, the last clumps of yellow-gray soil in the bandit tunnel rained down, exposing a bit of daylight in front of Meng Fuyao's eyes. Even though her face covered in dirt and ash, she still cracked a toothy grin.

    "Those who haven't died yet! Come with me! There's an exit!"

    The team members hurriedly crawled over, and Fuyao grabbed a hold of a one's collar behind her and tried to stuff him into the hole. However, that person quickly tried to push away her hand.

    "You first!"


    "You're a woman!"

    "I'm the chief!"

    The quaking sounds continued unabated, and the stone floor had already tilted into several right angles. Only the ground near the bandit tunnel was still flat, but even that would soon change. Even worse, there were still the elusive falling rocks that were sharp and quick like arrows.

    The stubborn kid was still clinging in front of the tunnel refusing to budge, wanting Fuyao to escape first no matter what. However, chivalry at a time like this was simply not chivalry at all! Meng Fuyao's eyes had almost become the same color as her hair; after grinding her teeth loudly, she gave the stubborn fool a hard slap to the face, hitting the gentleman who cared about letting woman go first so hard that he saw stars and fell into a short daze.

    Taking advantage of this short period, Fuyao stuffed the guy into the tunnel, even giving him a kick in the butt for good measure.

    "Keep dilly-dallying and I'll slap you to death!"

    Apparently this threat was very effective, and the next couple team members efficiently scrambled up the tunnel in an orderly manner. However, when Fuyao reached out her hand to help the last fatty up the tunnel, her hand only grasped at air.

    She turned around and saw that the fatty had already rolled almost to the cave-in's other half, and was currently struggling to grab hold of the various debris that was tumbling down the slope in a futile effort to stop his downward trajectory. Behind him were mounds and mounds of broken crags that showed their rough edges, quickly drawing nearer to him.

    The fatty hoarsely yelled out "ao ao!", already unable to formulate a sentence of intelligible Chinese words.

    Fuyao glanced back quickly and wrapped a foot around a protruding lamp, then fell flat on the ground, throwing out her extended arm and catching the thick forearm of the fatty just before he dropped down into the abyss.

    The fatty's tears were streaming down his face while he cried, "Sister! Ahh!! Didn't I say not to open the coffin?! Ahhh!!..."

    "Go die!"

    Meng Fuyao fiercely grabbed a handful of the fatty's thick neck flab and sent him "to die".

    After crawling halfway up the tunnel, the fatty's bottom was too wide and clogged up the exit, making him unable to ascend further. Fuyao quickly searched for the pick she threw aside earlier, muttering "Jab!"

    "Don't jab my chrysanthemum[14]!!" The fatty howled in fear, and using a sudden burst of strength, immediately popped up out of the tunnel.

    Fuyao briefly laughed and was about to follow him up, when her eyes suddenly brightened.

    She saw that not far away was a copper-green jade cauldron[15] exposed by one of the earthquakes, wobbling and appearing to be close to falling into the crevasses of the former tomb chamber.

    Meng Fuyao immediately scooped up the tripod cauldron with her sharp eyes and nimble hands, laughing boisterously. "Ha ha! Good! Good stuff!"

    This was a genuine Han dynasty artifact, unearthed today! Even artifacts preceding the Tang dynasty were rare nowadays [16]! The expedition this time was a lot of effort for little gain; having this object would help with determining the status of the tomb owner and learning about the culture of that period of history, and could be considered a slight compensation.

    Overhead, the fatty's face was rocking and swaying while he shouted into the tunnel, "Come up! Come up!"

    The greenish cauldron was inlaid with gold and a bit heavy; Fuyao had to use some strength to lift it up, missing the faint red flash of light that appeared after the cauldron left the ground.

    As the ground underneath her feet continued to rock and subside, the fatty's round, sweat-filled face poked back into the tunnel. Contrary to his expectations, he saw not Meng Fuyao but the green cauldron! Alarmed, he yelled, "I don't want this, I want you!"

    "Shit[17]! It's not your turn to want me!" Meng Fuyao cackled and rebuked at the same time, then heaved the cauldron upward, "Grab it! You won't lose out, I promise!"

    Fatty was helpless, and could only extend his arms to grab the cauldron, muttering "Lunatic woman who only thinks about her research ..."

    The cauldron was heavy, so when the fatty grabbed hold of it, Fuyao let out her held breath, and started to climb up.


    An eye-watering red brilliance lit up, surrounding Meng Fuyao in an instant. That last bit of ground supporting her beneath her feet finally collapsed, sending stones flying everywhere.


    The fatty's arms which just reached out to grab Meng Fuyao's hands ended up touching only air.


    Yet even the sound of fatty's yelling was soon cut off.

    An otherworldly sound soon resounded, sounding like a zither yet also like a phoenix's cries, yet also like a dragon's roars. Within the cacophony only a whisper of Meng Fuyao's voice could be heard, struggling to say some last words.

    "Brother! Remember to report that I died a matyr .... !!"






    1. Meng Fuyao = "孟扶摇", Meng being the surname and Fuyao meaning "quick ascent".

    2. Kao = "靠", Chinese slang word similar to "kek", "lol", or "wow" when used on its own.

    3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiangsu Eastern province of China north of Shanghai

    4. Cao Cao = "曹操", famous warlord during Three Kingdoms period

    5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yunnan–Guizhou_Plateau Plateau in SW China

    6. Xiao Li = "小李" the Xiao means "little", often used nickname with "Li" being surname. The Xiao in front of surname is a very common way of addressing coworkers or friends.

    7. Five areas in which a young student in Chinese education is expected to cultivate

    8. Slightly sarcastic in tone (she is totally Communist Haruhi Suzumiya btw)

    9. Relatively famous ghost story in China, I think Gravity Tales has translation?

    10. Here is original tune:

    11. li = "里", an ancient unit of length equal to 500 meters, the size of a small village

    12. Here the fatty uses the phrase "风紧,扯呼", inaccurately translating to "Move like the wind, sound the alarm" which is what bandits and robbers in ancient China would shout when they notice something is wrong. i.e. "It's a trap!"

    13. Fuyao says actually just says "your granddaddy", it's a form of swearing or expression of being superior in Chinese. I felt it translated better to "your granddaddy is wrong" in English.

    14. Chrysanthemum flower is euphemism for anus since it looks like anus

    15. Picture: http://a3.att.hudong.com/70/39/01300000449741125066391932106_s.jpg

    16. Dynasty order: Xia->Shang->Zhou->Eastern Zhou->Spring and Autumn->Warring States->Qin->Han->Six Dynasties->Three Kingdoms->Jin->North & Southern->Sui->Tang->Five Dynasties->Song->Yuan->Ming->Qing. Han: 206 BCE start, Tang: 618 CE start, around 800 years between them

    17. Original is "呸" which mimics a spitting sound, is commonly used as a swear word or expression of disbelief, derision, etc

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 1 - Seventeen Years Later


    "The third one."

    Meng Fuyao used one foot to step on the chest of the person beneath her, with her elbow supported by her knee and her body tilted. Using the thin rays of sunlight that penetrated through the dark green foliage of the surrounding forest, she curiously examined the object within her palm.

    The object was a dark, hexagonal seal with intriguing patterns, made of material that was similar yet different when compared to both gold and jade. The bottom right corner was slightly larger than the others, polished to a sharp point and looked like a blue-gray fang dimly glittering in the sunlight.

    Fuyao's finger lightly stroked the protruding corner while her face had on a smile with an undecipherable meaning to it. She tossed the seal into the air a couple times and then started to whistle.

    As she tilted her head upward, the golden sheets of sunlight traced the flowing angles of her jaw line, framing a delicate face with pleasing angles and a pure white forehead. Two relaxed eyebrows leisurely spread out, overhanging two dark eyes bright with barely contained reckless spirit that shot out like the edges of sharp knives.

     "Hey, it's Nemesis[1] Dynasty's command seal! Lucky me!"

    Meng Fuyao dusted off her hands, casually shoving the dark command seal into the folds of her robes. When shoving the seal in, there was a faint sound of jade objects rubbing against one another; Fuyao had already collected two other seals that were slightly different in construct, each one representing a different state.

    When Meng Fuyao heard the clinking of the jade seals, she raised her eyebrows with a smile.

    Once she gathered the command seals of all seven states, she could then ...


    The sound of someone rustling through the grass and brushing aside leaves came from behind her. Fuyao squinted her eyes, then jabbed an acupuncture point on the person underneath her feet and kicked him into the forest shrubbery.


    Walking over was a green-clothed, handsome and tall youth with clear and smooth skin. Just from his dress and temperament one could tell that he was from a noble background; the corner of his mouth curled up in a mellow and affectionate smile, giving one a feeling of enjoying a spring breeze.

    He was Profound Sky Sword Sect's most outstanding disciple, the noble prince of the influential Yan Jing aristocrat clan, and the dream lover of most of the sect's female disciples: Yan Jingchen [2].

    "You're playing here in the back of the mountains again." Yan Jingchen stopped three chi [3] to the side of Fuyao, with a slight smile containing both gentleness and blame. "By not diligently practicing your martial arts, in tomorrow's competition you will be reverse number one [4] again. Does being yelled at feel that good?"

    Meng Fuyao had on an unconcerned smile, and lazily brushed some hair away from her face. "It's no big deal, after eating loss after loss, I'm pretty much used to it now."

    She carelessly repeated the usual reply that she would use when this topic came up between the two, not noticing that today Yan Jingchen's eyes held a hint of hesitation and struggle. She also didn't realize that when Jingchen heard her reply, his expression sank a little.

    "Fuyao," Yan Jingchen intently stared at her for long while, and then couldn't stop himself from stepping forward and saying using a low voice: "Why can't you spend more effort on learning martial arts? In our Five Regions Continent, strength is above all. A person who has never cultivated, will struggle with every step they take and only receive the cold-shoulder from everyone they meet. Have you ... never thought about improving your situation?"

    After pausing a little, he added on another sentence. "Even if, it's only for me?"

    Even if, it's only for me.

    Meng Fuyao's heart moved a little, and she rose her head to look into Jingchen's eyes. Inside she saw hesitation, worry, and also a slight pain, causing her to feel a small amount of pain in the depths of her heart as well. She suddenly realized that recently she was seeing Jiangchen's disappointed gaze more and more often.

    Fuyao opened her mouth, and in that moment she wanted to say out loud the deep secret that she was hiding within her heart.

    She wanted to tell him, that it wasn't because she couldn't learn martial arts; wanted to tell him, that the reason why she couldn't cultivate the profound origin technique, was because it conflicted with her sect's "Breaking Nine Heavens" cultivation method; she even wanted to tell him that, if given enough time, one day she would make him smile in pride instead of being embarrassed and having his status be harmed by the ridicule directed at her.

    Yet ... she could not.

    The parting words of her master still lingered beside her ears: "You can never reveal your previous martial skills to any sect."

    She had made an oath, and so she had to uphold it.

    Jingchen was loyal to the sect and obsessed with martial arts. If she told him the truth, then the Profound Origin [5] sect master would know about it sooner or later.

    Meng Fuyao took a deep breath, lifted her eyelashes, and with clear and shining eyes met Yan Jingchen's gaze that already contained a hint of crestfallenness after waiting for her reply for so long.

    "Jingchen, I, have already done all I can ..."

    Yan Jingchen steadily looked at her, and after a long time, slowly let out a long exhale. After hearing her response, the nervousness and disappointment in his eyes suddenly faded away, leaving only a type of shallow helplessness that comes after the dust has settled.

    He suddenly switched to another topic.

    "In a year's time at Nemesis Dynasty's capital city Pan [6] there will be a 'True Martial' competition that will gather aristocratic cultivators from the seven states. The conference will test martial strength, war strategy, and tactics to determine the strongest seven individuals from the seven states; those who obtain victory will be able to command the armies of their respective states. My master has said, the Profound Origin Sword Sect will be sending me and martial sister Pei Yuan [7] to attend the conference. Tomorrow I will depart early in order to return to my clan and prepare for the battle."

    While speaking his voice was faint. Behind him, the setting sun beyond the distant mountains weakly shone through the tips of the forest leaves, scattering pale yellow speckles onto the back of Yan Jingchen; this made him look blurry and far away, his expression hard to make out.

    Meng Fuyao's heart shook a little, and she forced herself to smile. "You guys are the sword sect's most outstanding pair of disciples, and the king of Tai Yuan [8] even bestowed upon you two the title 'Twin Swords of Jade and Pearl'. Who else would the Profound Origin sect send if not you two?"

    Yan Jingchen deeply gazed at her. His tone of voice sounded slightly abnormal. "Fuyao, I actually have always hoped that the title 'Twin Swords of Jade and Pearl', would refer to you and me."

    Fuyao's smile became even more forced.

    How could she not hope for that? No matter how generous a woman may be, she would still be unable to accept it if the person she liked had a 'couple name' with another woman, and that couple was even widely regarded as a match made in heaven!

    The sun quickly set behind the horizon, causing the boundless sky to shift from the previously brilliant indigo and scarlet to a pale shade of red in a blink of an eye. After the rays of the dying sunset passed through the deep green foliage, they fell onto the blurred figure of Jingchen three chi away, who had not moved any closer all this time.

    A prompt sense of panic arose in the depths of Fuyao's heart, causing her heartbeat to become erratic. That strong feeling of unease gave her the urge to say some crucial words; if she didn't ... then perhaps she may never get the chance to say them again.

     "Jingchen, I want to tell you ..."

    "Fuyao, I want to tell you." Yan Jingchen suddenly cut her off. His words were spoken quickly, as if he needed to get them off his chest urgently in case he couldn't continue on. "A letter came from my clan, they have proposed marriage to the Pei family, and the Pei family has already accepted the betrothal gift. After the True Martial conference, I ... will marry Pei Yuan."




    1. Original is " 天煞", which connotates loneliness, enmity, hatred, etc. Decided to translate as Nemesis, correct me if this is inaccurate

    2. "燕惊尘" = Yan Jingchen, "yan" is a common surname, "jing" means agitate and "chen" means dust or dirt

    3. "尺" or chi is a unit of measurement equal to about 1/3 of a meter

    4. Number one counting backwards on the rankings i.e. last place

    5. Author uses this name as well for Profound Sky sect, refers to same thing

    6. "磐" which means steady like a rock

    7. "裴瑗" = Pei Yuan, Pei is the surname and Yuan is a type of jade ornament

    8. "太渊" = Tai Yuan, tai means "great" and yuan means a deep whirlpool or deep waters. This is the state that the Profound Origin sect is located in

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 2 - Luxury Bitch


    The words that Meng Fuyao was just going to say suddenly got stuck in her throat.

    She looked up, staring hard at Yan Jingchen, yet he avoided her eyes and instead intently studied a half-wilted flower in front of him, speaking in a rush.

    "Fuyao, with your situation, my clan would not allow me ... to be with you. The house of Pei is a branch of the royal clan, and even my clan is a step lower comparatively. This betrothal originally had no hope of being accepted and I heard it was Ah' Yuan [1] who personally agreed, and since the Pei family has already consented, even if we regretted the decision our Yan clan absolutely cannot afford to offend the Pei family ...."

    Meng Fuyao suddenly interrupted his unceasing flow of words.

    "Enough with Yan clan this Yan clan that, talk about yourself."

    "I ..." Yan Jingchen started for a moment, the sinking between his eyebrows revealing a gloomy expression. After a long time he said, "Fuyao, my future spouse will eventually be a significant position in the Five Regions Continent. Beauty and intelligence, cultivation and societal position, no aspect can be lacking - especially martial qualifications, otherwise my clan will be shamed ..."

    "Talk about yourself!"

    After being cut off by Fuyao's shout, Jingchen's pride and anger as a noble prince also erupted in a loud yell: "Myself! I have had enough of you not trying to improve! I've had enough of being laughed at because of you!"

    Meng Fuyao took a step back, dumbly staring at Yan Jingchen's face, which seemed almost ferocious when he broke his composure to yell.

    Layer after layer, twilight fell, with gray dimness soon covering the sky. The leaves transitioned from dark green to gray-green, as if dirty and unclean, and left a repulsive impression on the viewer. Blended into the ashen background was that mild youth; his brows were knitted, and he seemed both alien and frail.

    The only sound left between heaven and earth was the whistling of the wind, gently lifting up their robe sleeves.

    After a long while, Meng Fuyao suddenly laughed.

    Her laugh was like a flower blooming in dark silence, a little desolate. Yet even more so was it like an intense, brilliant beauty.

    "Good, good." She dusted off her robe sleeves towards Jingchen, as if she wanted to brush Jingchen away along with the dust, and then lightly replied, "I understand, you can't endure your wife being a martial idiot with no talent; you can't endure bringing this kind of talentless fool out to state banquets and becoming the object of ridicule by others behind your back; and most of all, you can't endure your flawless noble background being blemished by a less-than-perfect spouse ... Yan Jingchen, believe me, Pei Yuan will be an absolutely perfect wife. With her by your side, you will be like an aristocrat and her luxury poodle - no matter where you go, your status will increase by a hundred-fold and complement each other perfectly."

    She laughed, yet her eyes had no humor in them at all. Her voice was deep and cold, like a barely sheathed blade edge exuding wintery light.

    "Congratulations, you have found your luxury bitch [2]."

    With that, she turned her back and started to leave.

    "Fuyao!" Yan Jingchen rushed up and clutched her robe sleeve, and with his voice containing hints of helplessness and suffering he softly pleaded, "Fuyao ... actually I do love you ..."

    "Leave your love, go fawn over your luxury bitch!" Her smile was ominous, and with a lift of her fingers, a streak of cold light suddenly appeared between the points of her fingertips. The flowing light was like crackling electricity, and directly shot towards her sleeve that was still being firmly gripped by Jingchen.

    Before the sharp flash had reached its destination, the cold aura had already pressed down on him. Jingchen originally thought Fuyao wouldn't be so quick and ruthless, and was still holding onto her without thought of release. However, Meng Fuyao didn't even hesitate when she flipped her hand and dragged his five fingers into line of fire.

    Yan Jingchen was shocked and immediately tried to withdraw his hand, but unfortunately he was still a beat too slow. His five fingers were slashed open in an orderly red line. Where before his fingers were shining pale white, in a moment, fresh red blood streamed out in thin lines, silently dripping onto the dark ground.

    "You ..."

    "Me!" Meng Fuyao didn't even turn her head, her back straight, forming an unbroken silhouette amidst the thick darkness of the night. "I want you to remember: some mistakes, like that wound you just received, are not discovered at first but only after a long time will they cause you to bleed and feel pain."

    With her back facing Jingchen, she lightly let out a laugh that was cold like the newly risen crescent moon.

    "Believe me, Yan Jingchen, it's only a matter of time before you feel pain." -------


    The moonlight tonight was very chilly.

    Meng Fuyao sat cross-legged on the ground, dazedly gazing at the thin crescent moon. It seemed like of all the nights in her living memory, this night's moon was the coldest; just glancing at the surrounding blue halo of moonlight made one's heart frost over.

    The starlight twinkled strangely, drifting in unorganized patterns that mirrored the inner fluctuating turmoil of a person's heart.

    Vaguely, she thought of the first time she met him. Wind and rain blew around her as her forehead was sunk heavily in the mud, bowing to Lin Xuanyuan [3] to ask him to accept her as a disciple; in the downpour, in front of the mountain gates, and beside Lin Xuanyuan was a modest youth with a genial grin. She thought of how, in between the wind and rain, the youth extended a slender and pure hand to her, warm like spring.

    "Fuyao, actually I do love you."

    "Fuyao, in the Five Regions Continent, someone without strength will only be looked down upon for their whole lives."

    "Fuyao, you have to spend more effort, with your situation ... what will you do in the future?"

    "Fuyao, everything about you is good, only that ... your martial talent is too lacking."

    Ah ... she should have noticed sooner, yet she was blinded by her wishful thinking, submerged inside that warmth from the youth's extended hand, and did not awaken.

    Meng Fuyao smiled self-mockingly, then waved her hand as if swatting a mosquito, pushing aside those thoughts she was unwilling to think about anymore. She closed her eyes and started to cultivate.

    Not long afterwards, fog began to steam from the top of her head, and a pale jade glow began to surround her body. The light slowly arose, gathering and stopping in front of her chest.

    The "Breaking Nine Heavens" cultivation method was her real master's, an old Daoist priest's, "Secret Teachings".

    Back then when Meng Fuyao dug too deep into that ancient tomb, she accidently activated something and crossed into a different dimension. After crossing, she inexplicably lost the memories of her 5 year old self in this world, and starting from age 5 she was put through a cruel training and cultivation regime by the old Daoist priest for ten bitter years. In those ten years, of the nine total layers of the "Breaking Nine Heavens" technique, she had only cultivated up to the peak of the third layer. At this step in her cultivation, she needed to improve her true qi [4] by condensing it into solid jade form, concentrating and specializing on techniques with soft yin [5] characteristics.

    This cultivation session lasted throughout the long night, passed the sunlight-laden morning, and by the time Meng Fuyao opened her eyes again, it was already afternoon.

    Right after opening her eyes Fuyao knitted her eyebrows and exhaled. She had already been stuck at the peak of the third layer for half a year, and yet still had no breakthrough. If she got stuck at this level, how would she participate in the True Martial conference, and what would she use to fulfill her words that "it was only a matter of time before you feel pain"?

    This aside, more importantly, that wish buried inside her heart seemed to be even less likely to be realized any time soon.

    After biting her lip, Meng Fuyao stood up and strode with large steps down the mountain. Looking at the time, today Yan Jingchen should have already left.

    Him leaving, may be a good thing.

    Right now Fuyao didn't want to stay here even a second longer, so she gathered her belongings and set off immediately.

    After descending halfway down the mountain and passing through a hidden-away valley, the eave and bracket-covered [6], magnificent and long-winding Profound Origin sect buildings came into view, closely following the curves of the mountains.

    Before she could walk closer, she heard riotous noises, and within the clamor a person loudly shouting, "Profound Origin sect claims to be one of the top three sword sects in the Tai Yuan Empire, how come there's not even one decent disciple here?"

    Following that was the sound of a dry cough tinged with slight embarrassment from Master, and a the shouts of a crowd of martial brothers and sisters angrily responding to the incitement. Intermixed between the discord was the sound of swords being drawn out of their sheaths in quick succession, causing the situation to seem uncommonly rowdy.

    Meng Fuyao slightly wrinkled her forehead. Knowing the passionate martial culture of the Five Regions and Seven States, and that sects often issued challenges to each other, she was 80 percent confident that some sect had come looking for a battle again.

    Fuyao pulled some cosmetic tools out of her robes, then hurriedly used a nearby stream as a mirror to put on some wretched make-up. All this time, she had only shown her real appearance in front of Yan Jingchen.

    After entering the sect village, she had to pass through the sect's martial arena to get back to her room. Profound Origin sect's martial arena could be said to be one of Tai Yuan's high-level arenas, taking up a wide expanse and constructed with a magnificent, imposing atmosphere. Usually the arena wouldn't be used, and Meng Fuyao silently walked in the arena gates originally believing she could pass through without any trouble. Yet after she walked in her eyes narrowed, and she was slightly shocked.

    Today the martial arena was packed with hundreds of people, all wearing various colored uniforms and every color taking up its own corner of the arena. It seemed like several sects came at the same time to challenge the Profound Origin sect.

    Meng Fuyao even discovered in the crowd several men with powerful energy and calm and collected gazes, their auras far from what common people could muster.

    Besides Yan Jingchen, all of the Profound Origin disciples were present, gathered in a circle. Their expressions were cautious yet anxious, and some disciples propped themselves up with swords and had blood foam seeping out from their mouths, apparently injured.

    The mood was heavy and filled with unrest.



    1. "阿瑗" = Ah' Yuan, referring to Pei Yuan. The "Ah" is an endearing way to refer to someone. (on another note though wow this dude has got no chill, using an endearing nickname for the other girl right in front of the girl he just dumped)

    2. Used "bitch" here as it was more fitting than dog. Basically she is calling Pei Yuan a trophy wife

    3. "林玄元" = Lin Xuanyuan, Lin is surname, xuanyuan means "Profound Origin"

    4. Most Xianxia readers will be familiar with this term but if not, basically Chinese martial artists in these stories gather energy called qi from their surroundings and cultivate it into inner power that they can then use to activate magic items and empower their kung fu

    5. Yin = "阴" which is soft, lunar, female, dark, etc

    6. Eaves and brackets are architectural motifs often found on Chinese pagodas and buildings.

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 3 - Drawn Swords Opposing


    On one side of the martial arena was sect master Lin Xuanyuan, sitting cross-legged and watching the center stage. It looked like one match had finished already, and that match didn't seem to have resulted in anything good, since his face color was slightly pale and ashen while he was sitting still and regulating his breathing. On the stage battling was a black-clothed man and a senior martial brother from the Profound Origin sect.

    The black-clothed man's sword arts were extremely swift, at times like a million points of starlight and at other times like a coiling dragon twisting in the air. The waves of sword qi flew out in thousands of ever-changing forms, causing one who looked at it for too long to feel slightly dizzy from the myriad of variations.

    Meng Fuyao heard one of her martial brothers whisper, "He's Vanishing Sword, one of the top ten swordsmen of Tai Yuan, and the most mysterious and eccentric of them at that! Who knows how White Mountain sect managed to get him to help?"

    "I wondered why the annual Tai Yuan top ten sword sect competition suddenly moved forward, so it's because that old dog White found a helper! Looks like they just want to trample our Profound Origin sect."

    "One person challenging our whole sect, he's a little too overbearing."

    "So what? He has the ability, can't you see senior brother right now is overstraining himself merely trying to fight to a draw?"

    "Ai ... seems like today we really are going to get trampled on ..."

    Meng Fuyao indifferently continued to go forward, but just after walking a few steps, she promptly heard a loud shriek "Ahh".

    From the powerful tornado formed from turbulent bloody gales in front of her flew a dark shadow, heavily smashing towards her. Fuyao frantically dodged to the side, and the large human body, trailing a line of blood pearls across the horizon, hit the ground hard right before her eyes.

    Fresh blood splattered onto the weapons rack beside the stage, and soon after, thick droplets of blood dripped down onto the white stone floor. The scarlet blood and pale rocks formed a stark contrast, making for a shocking scene.

    Not a sound could be heard in the arena. The astonished gazes of the Profound Origin disciples on site fell upon their senior disciple whose martial ability was the most outstanding among them, and who was currently rolling on the ground in agony, cradling his right wrist.

    It took several seconds before people thought to rush forwards and prop him up, upon which they immediately let out a shocked exclamation.

    Senior martial brother's right hand dripped fresh blood, and the tendons in his right arm were sliced.

    What a ruthless sword art!

    The Profound Origin sect was completely silent, making the wild laughter of the other sects in the arena even more ear-piercing.

    Only the black-clothed man was apathetic, standing in the middle of the stage and coldly wiping the bloodstains off the length of his sword.

    The piece of cloth he used to wipe his weapon looked very familiar - it was actually senior martial brother's half-severed right sleeve. The Profound Origin disciples all revealed indignant expressions, but Meng Fuyao only twitched the tip of her eyebrow.

    What a fast sword! In only a brief instant, not only did it cripple the opponent's tendon, it also neatly cut off a section of his robe sleeve.

    This was not even mentioning that his opponent was already an extremely fast, first-class expert!

    White Mountain's chief was still continuing to laugh, in contrast to the deep sighs coming from the Profound Origin sect crowd. It looked like today the Profound Origin sword sect was going to lose quite a bit of face.

    The current societal trend was for every states' influential powers to engage in never-ceasing conflicts, using the amount of victories to establish their statuses. Now that Profound Origin sect, one of the top three sword sects in Tai Yuan, couldn't gain victory in a one-versus-many consecutive battle in such an important sword sect conference, the spread of the news would certainly send their status tumbling down a thousand zhang.

    The martial arena now settled into a lull, with attention fully gathered upon the wounded disciple in front of Meng Fuyao. Fuyao couldn't easily escape - when she tested moving her feet a little, the black-clothed young man on stage immediately shifted his cold eyes onto her. His expression was still rigid and unmoving, as if he was wearing a face mask. However his stare was chilly and penetrating, sharp like steel nails, drilling into the depths of Fuyao's eyes.

    That gaze was murky and bottomless, like thousand ren [1] deep whirlpools, distant without end. In the mysterious inner-most depths of his eyes there was an eerie glimmer of star fire, never-endingly swaying.

    Under Meng Fuyao's hesitant vision, that tiny spark of fire was constantly drifting, whirling, and ascending; then suddenly, it exploded in her field of view.

    A colossal ringing noise struck her mind, and the burst of incandescent flame expanded to cover the sky and fill her sight with a scintillating fire flower.

    Fuyao became disoriented at once, stumbling back a step and colliding with the bronze pillar behind her. The coldness on her back awakened her, and she raised her head to look in the man's direction, aghast.

    That was the unique befuddlement skill "Hidden Eye!"

    What was this person's background?

    The depths of his eyes were filled with hatred - he definitely wasn't here just to compare martial skills!

    Meng Fuyao turned around, having thoughts of retreat, but behind her suddenly came the piercing voice of White Mountain's sect master.

    "Doesn't your Profound Origin sect still have that Yan Jingchen!"

    Lin Xuanyuan started, then answered "Jingchen left for the capital last night."

    "Looks like he heard of our coming, and hurriedly fled in fear of defeat?" Several sect leaders laughed in unison.

    "There is still this one." Among the sect leaders, the one from Shearing Cloud sect laughed as he pointed at the Meng Fuyao who was about to slink away. "What about this one? I recall that she has not yet come out to battle, what, are you trying to learn from Yan Jingchen and grease your feet while running away?"

    Lin Xuanyuan's expression slightly changed, but did not speak up. One of the disciples by his side immediately used his hand to gave Fuyao a shove.

    "What are you lingering there for? Don't appear in front of others if you have no ability, don't stick Master in a difficult situation!"

    "Why don't you get out and go back to your room!"

    Meng Fuyao's long brows twitched, and indignance welled up in her eyes. After a moment, she let out a breath, tightly clenched her fists, and silently walked away.

    She wouldn't lower herself to wrangle with these supercilious disciples.

    After being separated from her world for so many years, and suffering so much bitterness, the dry, meaningless quarrelsome nature belonging to that red-haired witch so long ago had not yet been completely grinded flat, but had learned to compromise.

    However, she only managed a couple strides before she heard a crisp, delicate voice come from behind, like jade pearls falling onto a silver platter.

    "This person, is merely a fiery little child in our sect. Please don't take her to compare with Yan martial brother, or else Yanjing's Pei family and Heyuan's Yan clan will both see it as an insult." [2]

    Yanjing's Pei family, Heyuan's Yan clan, represented a branch of Tai Yuan's royal family and one of the empire's dukedoms respectively. The weight behind those words was realized by the various sect leaders, causing them to become silent.

    Meng Fuyao turned back, and looked at the red-clothed woman who spoke. She was older than Fuyao by a year, with an already mature figure. Unlike Fuyao's delicate, still immature stature, the woman's body was bursting at the full sections and willowy at the slender sections; with the addition of the woman's preference for tight red dresses, her figure only became more enchanting and graceful. Even her face was dignified, with her eye corners slanted upward, creating a lustrous look not unlike a beautiful phoenix.

    Pei Yuan.

    Noticing Fuyao's gaze, Pei Yuan only gave her a contemptuous glance filled with ice, then casually looked away.

    "If the various sect leaders still have doubts, you are free to go to Nemesis Dynasty's capital city Pan and attend the True Martial conference, where the number one disciple of the Profound Origin sect martial brother Yan will naturally give you all a demonstration of his abilities.

    Pei Yuan floated Fuyao a look, then turned her head to give the sect leaders a slight laugh.

    "As for this person who dirties our presence just by standing by our side, how could she be worthy of your mention?"

    A round of chuckles sounded out and even Lin Xuanyuan stroked his beard while nodding, thinking that this disciple was knowledgeable and sociable, a competent speaker. She had managed to shirk past the difficult situation with a couple words, even avoiding loss of the sect's face.

    Amidst the laughter, Meng Fuyao stood there without moving.

    One after another, past scenes began to cycle past her eyes - the warm hand that was extended to her in the wind and rain; the games of hide and seek among mountain flowers, laughter, and spring sun; the eye wrinkles from staring at each other and smiling under the moonlight; the spread mink fur on the snowy ground, holding her frostbitten feet.

    There was the forehead heavily pressed into the mud; the time and time again when she hid her true strength, coming last in the rankings and kicked out of the martial arena; the bitter winter when she hung her clothes on the doorframe and bathed in the ice-cold river waters; the lunch meal when she came back from doing chores to gnaw on a cold mantou [3] beneath the kitchen.

    Those past times with both happiness and bitterness ...

    The laughter continued unabated, no one knowing that the girl standing with her back to them had a fierce anger buried deep within her heart; and that finally, amidst that unscrupulous arena full of ridicule, that buried indignance would be set aflame and slowly expand into a raging inferno.

    Meng Fuyao took in another breath, then suddenly let out a grim laugh.


    With events having gone so far already.

    The only way to teach them a lesson, was to draw her sword and slay the heavens, to fight a grand battle.

    Originally her back was facing the stage when suddenly she twisted around and marched in front of the black-clothed man with long strides, along the way picking up from the ground the long sword senior martial brother dropped.

    The martial arena stilled at once.

    Wind gusted downward from the winding Profound Origin mountain range, broke through the mountain forests, and formed whistles and cries among the arena's huge expanse of white stone. Carrying sand and rocks, the fierce mountain gale caused the twelve gigantic bronze pillars surrounding the stage to clank and clatter, at the same time causing people's visions to waver and blur. When struggling to see through the wind, the savage-eyed, four-legged monsters carved into the bronze pillars seemed to be able to leap out at any moment and devour the world's people.

    Standing under the pillars was Meng Fuyao, skinny, resolute, her backbone rigid and straight.

    Although her frail figure seemed like it could be blown away by the wind at any time, it paradoxically also gave off a feeling of fierceness, as if she was made of the same material as the immovable bronze pillars behind her.

    Countless indecipherable gazes were piercing her, yet Meng Fuyao ignored them all. She bit her lip, ripped a strip of her robe sleeve off, and used it to bind her eyes in a makeshift blindfold.

    Using the afternoon sunlight, the long sword in her hand reflected a pure glow like clear autumn water. Underneath the consternation and disbelief of hundreds, the light shone directly at the black-clothed man, a clear provocation.




    1. "仞" measurement equals 7 or 8 chi (which in turn equals 0.333 meters)

    2. Yanjing "燕京" literally means "Swallow Capital", and is presumably the capital city of Tai Yuan. Heyuan "河源" means "River's Source", and is also an area name.

    3. Chinese steamed rice bun

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 4 - Sword Shakes Profound Origin


    The entire martial arena was sunk into a strange stillness, only broken when the black-clothed youth at the center of the stage, up until now waiting with his eyes closed, suddenly lifted his head, glancing deeply at Meng Fuyao.

    He barely had time to retract his gaze before, in a blink of an eye, a black afterimage flashed, and a dark shadow swept straight towards him like lightning. Because the execution and power behind the movement caused the speed to be too quick, a faint crackling explosion "pi pa!" could be heard in the air.

    Before she reached him, Fuyao's snow white fingers had already pierced towards him, with an inky dagger flying from her fingertips that glimmered dully in the light. The sharp offensive that caused air to be blown aside shot straight towards his eyes!

    In one move was packaged swiftness, deadliness, and accuracy; furthermore, the tricky and dangerous angle of attack was hard to expect. The two combatants were not too surprised, but those of the Profound Origin sect all exhaled uniformly, completely shocked.

    The move's power, angle, and speed were perfectly combined into a whole ... throughout the whole Profound Origin sect, perhaps only sect elders had the capability to execute such an attack ...

    The youth at the center of the stage let out a light sneer, his heel shifting like flowing water three steps to the back. With a backhanded draw, his azure sword came shooting out from under his arm like a python, piercing towards Fuyao's chest.

    The two blades collided, and the striking of metal projected out. The tremors from the strike shook the entire arena, shaking even the vigorous wind to a temporary halt.

    Sword wind cut loose Meng Fuyao's hair bun, and her dark hair scattered out like mist. Fuyao flung her head back while biting a lock of long hair between her red lips and white teeth, creating a heart-moving, vibrant image.

    The eyes of the opposite black-clothed youth flashed, and his long sword diagonally jumped. In a split second a uncountable number of snow white electric arcs flashed out. At that moment the floating hair in front of the still rushing forward Meng Fuyao unexpectedly pulled straight and quietly drifted downwards like smoke.

    While the hair strands were falling, the incoming soft-natured lightning arcs twisted in mid-air, and then promptly vanished into nothingness.

    Surprised exclamations sounded within the arena, and several sect leaders even showed bewildered expressions. It seemed the boldly charging Meng Fuyao released inner qi from her whole body in order to shatter the arcs. It has always been known that hard-natured bodies were easily shattered, and soft-natured bodies were hard to shatter; what kind of inner technique did this girl cultivate, to be able to use her qi outside her body, and annihilate objects leaving no trace?

    The White Mountain sect master finally began to seriously consider the slender girl in the middle of the stage, yet his expression still contained little worry. It was evident that although the girl's sword arts were outstanding, her skill was slightly worse - despite the fact that her achievements at this age would be enough to shame and amaze many, when compared to Vanishing Sword, who had undergone repeated adventures, faced many opponents, and had made a name for himself in the Jianghu [1] for many years, Fuyao was still found lacking by several degrees.

    Wanting to win? In her dreams.

    He comfortably shifted in his seat, smiling a bit and stroking his beard.

    On stage, after the first exchange of attacks ended in a draw, in a blink two blurred figures one black and one dai [2] were already embroiled in a furious fight. The movements of the two were extremely fast, causing the surrounding spectators to feel a powerful gale blow in their faces and make it hard to breath. The pair of shadows fluttered like a butterfly among flowers, the colors black and dai chaotically intertwining. A myriad of multicolored streaks of light danced above the white stone surface, while close by thin cracks constantly appeared on the smooth ground, intersecting with each other, like a peculiar work of art.

    After seeing Meng Fuyao's sword arts, which were undeniably higher-leveled and more powerful than Profound Origin's arts, the surprise on the faces of the other sects gradually became even more pronounced. On the other side, the Profound Origin sect had long since popped their eyes out from staring in disbelief.

    This was the Meng Fuyao who came in last at countless sword competitions? This was the Meng Fuyao whose martial talent was so lacking that she wasn't even approved to learn the profound origin inner technique? This type of swift, masterful sword art at an abnormally high level, that not even their own sect could hope to obtain - where did she learn it from?

    The seventh disciple [3], who had just pushed Meng Fuyao, exhaled a breath of air, muttering "This is the one hundredth exchange, under that guy's sword a few moments ago, senior martial brother hadn't even managed to last ten rounds ..."

    Beside him, sixth disciple gulped down a mouthful of saliva, the "gu dong" sound of swallowing so loud that he almost scared himself.

    Amidst the sounds of shocked uproar, Pei Yuan's expression changed multiple times. She had just stepped Meng Fuyao underneath her foot, when in a flash Fuyao suddenly displayed might that even she couldn't match up to. A layer of bluish-gray haze moodily appeared between her eyebrows without her noticing.

    Compared to those around him, Lin Xuanyuan's expression was the steadiest. His finger lightly tapped the armrest of his chair, lightly contemplating.

    The battle center stage was now entering its final stages.

    Without warning, an azure long sword penetrated that layer of dai colored light to silently appear besides Fuyao's wrist, sliding towards her heart like flowing water.

    The piercing sword wind narrowed into a line, aiming to kill.

    Yet at this time Meng Fuyao directed a grin at the black-clothed youth closing in on her.

    She was waiting for precisely this moment.

    With her pale teeth abruptly biting down on her red lips, she spat out a coral-red pearl of blood. Fuyao blew a breath of qi which melded with the sleek round blood droplet, giving rise to the third layer skill of the "Breaking Nine Heavens" which flashed out like lightning.

    The surrounding space instantaneously became humid and dense, condensing a pale fog that was then dyed pink by the blood drop. With a "hua la" noise the fog immediately blanketed the black-clothed youth, and twisting and dancing in the air, it covered his sight completely.

    In only that shocking, lightning-fast instance.

    Meng Fuyao flipped her five fingers, the dagger in her palm energetically vibrating and its sword light exploding all of a sudden. "Shua!" A shocking, dazzling glow cut out a fan-shaped path that blinded one's eyes, the narrow, hard-to-see white light flowing rapidly outward; with a cold flash and "xiu" sound it shot towards the opponent's chest!

    "Breaking Nine Heavens" sword technique's third style: "Falling Jade, Flowing Lightning"!

    As sudden as the thunder of the firmaments, penetrating through land and sea in a flash.

    At close distance and with extreme power, that harsh light extinguished life with a speed most people had no way to avoid!

    Loud winds blew, and the peak killing intent of the strike caused the intense air friction to give out a ghostly piercing shriek.

    Gasps of astonishment exploded out, with White Mountain sect master and others standing up from their chairs at once. In a chair, the Lin Xuanyuan who was still pondering while tapping his finger was also startled by the deadly scene, his finger pausing in the air.

    A disciple who was standing too close cried out and stumbled backwards holding his face; quickly thin streams of blood flowed between the gaps of his fingers.

    His face was injured by the remnants of sharp true qi from the stage.

    This hard-to-escape killing strike that was both powerful and ruthless made the audience members that jumped up in shock stare at each other in dismay, their hearts cold.

    Despite this, the youth had superior eyesight and reaction time; enveloped in the incoming chilly light, he managed to hurriedly retreat, and in a dark shadow that arose like a dragon flipping over, he traveled three zhang in one back flip. Unfortunately, he was still slow by a step. In the silence a light "cha" sound was heard, and the white brilliance went through his collar bone. A vast flower of blood blossomed outward from back of his seemingly frail shoulder.

    The youth landed on the ground stumbling back unsteadily. Meng Fuyao lightly smiled and dusted off her sleeves, loftily standing her ground in the fierce wind.

    Victory for Meng Fuyao.

    The face of White Mountain's sect leader drastically changed. According to the rules of the sword competition, they couldn't use their side's numbers to obtain victory. He had calculated that among the Profound Origin disciples there should have been no one who was a match for the black-clothed youth, which was why when the strongest sect leader among them from the Azure City sword sect lost a match to Lin Xuanyuan, he still had no fear of loss. Who could have predicted that his plans would be thrown into a mess by this ugly girl who popped out of nowhere? He couldn't help but scold himself for running his mouth earlier; if he hadn't, then that ugly girl would have left long ago, and such an unexpected event wouldn't have happened.

    The arena was yet again filled with silence. The Profound Origin disciples all dumbly stared at Meng Fuyao. Under their stares, that girl's long hair and dai colored clothes floated in the wind while her slightly upturned jaw traced a exquisite, smooth angle in the air. She wore a sardonic smile while taking her in surroundings; despite being blindfolded, that piercing, sweeping gaze burned even hotter than the sunlight by a few degrees.

    Underneath her scrutiny, those who had previously mocked her now uncontrollably retracted backwards a little.

    Holding back a cold sneer, Meng Fuyao threw the dagger in her hand with a "pa", and "ka cha" the sharp body buried itself into the ground three cun [4], the white stone splitting into cracks several chi long that almost looked like the corner of a mouth curled into a smirk.

    The red sword tassel vigorously fluttered in the wind, a tyrannical statement that burned itself into the audience's conflicted point of view.

    Even when seeing the smooth and orderly white stone surface blatantly vandalized by Meng Fuyao, nobody spoke up.

    That black-clothed youth didn't even turn his head as he headed towards the exit. Suddenly, he turned around, his chilly sight directly colliding with that of Meng Fuyao, who had just took off her blindfold and raised her head.

    In the clash of stares, the bottom of the youth's eyes contained an emotion that fluctuated like the waves of the ocean, tumultuous without stop.

    Meng Fuyao calmly returned his gaze, her eyes bright like the newly risen moon over the sea.

    The youth promptly revealed a strange expression, raised his eyes to glance behind Fuyao, then turned back and left in large strides.

    Puzzled, Meng Fuyao turned her head, and discovered that Lin Xuanyuan had unknowingly arrived behind her at some point in time.

    Fuyao was scared out of her wits, and quickly tried to back away from him, but her mind began to show signs of dizziness at once.

    A gust of strong wind, bringing with it an irregular smell, blew past.





    1. jianghu "江湖" is a term for the cultivation/martial artist world

    2. dai "黛" = color of a black dye women in ancient China would use to paint their eyebrows

    3. Disciples in sects are usually referred to by their rankings (either by strength, age, or order accepted by the master). The "senior martial brother" who was defeated earlier is "1st disciple/martial brother" if translated literally.

    4. 寸 "cun" = 3.33 cm, 1. 31 inches

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 5 - Figure Inside the Moon


    An ashen crescent moon overlaid the deep blue sky. The moonlight was cold and gloomy, shining on a dark-green mountain forest.

    A sound traveled through the branches of the forest, rustling the leaves in a half-whistle and half-moan. From some unknown, remote mountaintop came a mournful wolf's howl, containing a forest-trembling hunter's aura. It penetrated the vast starry expanse, through the hulking mountain bodies, and into a shackled person's ears in a mountain cave.

    The cave was dark and wet, covered in moss, and was narrow but deep. When passing through the cave entrance, the wind sounded like distant ghost wails. Deep within the cave there was a slight white glimmer; on closer inspection, it was only a pale limb bone.

    Meng Fuyao was curled up on the moist ground, her clothing ragged, her whole body covered with wounds.

    She had already been locked in Profound Origin's secret prisoner's dungeon for almost seven days.

    That day, after her intense battle, Lin Xuanyuan had actually disregarded his stature to sneakily scatter fainting powder to knock her out. In a snap, he actually sent out one palm to hit her flying, then, in front of the crowd, denounced her for "stealing my sect's hidden techniques". The mass of disciples came to a "sudden realization", and started insulting Fuyao the "secret teachings robber"; after which Lin Xuanyuan threw her into this cavern.

    In these seven days Lin Xuanyuan came daily, interrogating her background and demanding she give up the sword techniques she used that day against the black-clothed youth.

    As things were present-day, martial strength was king. An unrivaled technique was of utmost importance and uniquely attractive to an influence. Lin Xuanyuan's eyes were experienced and cunning, and he had seen from the very beginning that the sword art that girl disciple who liked to act unassuming was utilizing, was at its roots an unparalleled technique; despite the fact that her low cultivation didn't allow her to perfectly display its potential, he knew he had to get his hands on that sword art.

    Meng Fuyao could only clench her teeth and admit defeat. She knew that old dog was too cunning; with only a couple words, he had already turned the sword art into his "secret technique". That the future Profound Origin sect would obtain another powerful technique was only a matter of course, and the final outcome of her, the "losing party" of the exchange, would only be extermination.

    Fuyao didn't want to die here; she still had many important matters to attend to.

    However, when her body was heavily wounded with strict punishment and interrogation time and time again, plus the complete lack of food, how was she supposed to survive?

    Meng Fuyao gasped for air with difficulty, and peeked through the stone array sealing her at the cave entrance. Gazing at the moonlight yonder, the color of the moon made her blink her bloodshot eyes. It seemed as if the light was even more bewitching and vague, far away and unable to be touched.

    That unrestrained moonlight, that moonlight that covered the entire Five Regions Continent, that shined before the pillow of that wretched old dog, yet couldn't reach the wallowing darkness in which her body had lain for seven days and seven nights.

    The corner of her lips had the slight upturn of a bitter smile. Meng Fuyao closed her eyes, sensing that the majority of the true qi within her body had already evaporated into nothingness. Her "Breaking Nine Heavens" technique, which should have been cultivated to the peak of the third layer, today met with a disastrous fall by more than half. A year's worth of hard cultivation, all completely wasted.

    According to her old Daoist master, "Breaking Nine Heavens" was a peak martial art that could shake the ancients and shock the present, capable of dumbfounding the whole world. The higher one cultivated the harder it would become; after arriving at the ninth layer it could even be said that one would reach the heavens with one step. Meng Fuyao snubbed her nose when she heard this, believing that it was 80% likely that the stubborn old Daoist was bullshitting. However, this technique's difficulty was real - she had cultivated diligently for ten years and had only arrived at the third layer, yet even this speed was already enough for that old Daoist to laud her as a rare genius. Now that she had dropped an entire layer, Meng Fuyao naturally felt extreme unwillingness.

    The night grew darker. An almost imperceptible sound of water dripping gently began to sound inside the cave.

    Struggling to crawl upright, Meng Fuyao little by little began to drag herself over. The fine iron shackles knocked together with clanking sounds, and it took a long time before she finally arrived at the side of the rock walls.

    Heavily falling against the wall, the straining Meng Fuyao ignored the wetness of the rocks, sticking her cheek tightly against the stone wall that was lightly leaking out water. Drop by drop she waited for that life-saving water source.

    These seven days, she had depended on this tiny water seep that appeared at the same hour in the middle of the night to live on.

    After drinking a couple gulps of water and wheezing for air, Meng Fuyao felt her face, realizing that the fake scars on her face had already been washed away by the water. This didn't matter much however, no one would be coming here anytime soon anyways.

    With her thirst quenched, her spirit also lifted a little. Fuyao leaned on the wall, inadvertently looking at the outside of the cave. At once, she focused her eyes.

    In front was a jutting, solitary cliff, like a knife's edge that was carved out by celestials, protruding out diagonally from the mountain body. The curved light silver moon directly hung under the sheer cliff, round and bright, like it was hooked by the sharp point of the precipice.

    The lunar light held a deep chill yet also a smooth caress. In the bright moon by the mountain peak, there was a person twirling in a flying sword dance.

    The person's robes were long and danced wildly, blown by the mountain wind. Amidst the high drifting clouds and light mist of the summit they seemed to be ephemeral and in the Ninth Heaven [1]. The high-floating person's raising of hands and casting of feet were eye-catching and energetic; the long sword elegantly flew in a cloud-trimming and moon-carving meander. Despite the scene seeming like a distant mirage, it held a untamed, free-floating aura, like the appearance of spirit-fleshed and jade-boned immortals.

    A pearl falling onto a jade surface; immortal scenery gently swaying a boat; a myriad of types of scenery, all stirringly beautiful, yet all fell short of this lunar sword dance. It was swift and graceful at the same time, with boldness coexisting with charm.

    A river of stars flowed infinitely, and the glowing moon was enveloped in an icy haze. The dusky shadows of the sword dance contrasted with the white jade moon, vibrant like a painting, while with sword in hand, the person exemplified dignity, flowing like the wind.

    Without knowing, Meng Fuyao had already been entranced.

    Thus, when from the cave opening a narrow, oblique shadow covered the ground, and a slight sound of a person quietly walking steadily grew closer, she did not realize for a time.



    Author's Note: "En ... my dear readers ... the male lead is coming niao [2]"



    1. Ninth Heaven, highest of the nine heavens, expression for very high or out of reach

    2. Uses character for "bird", and its pinyin sounds like the English "now" which she does on purpose

  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 6 - Truly a Pity


    Pei Yuan had already stood by the cave opening for a long time. When she saw the thin and pallid Meng Fuyao, half-hidden by the darkness, staring without movement off at a random direction in a daze, she impatiently let out a light cough.

    After hearing the noise, Meng Fuyao turned her head at once, and then couldn't help being startled.

    Pei Yuan? What was she doing here in the middle of the night?

    Some uncertainty crept up in her heart, but she was still a little reluctant to leave the fantastical scene she was engrossed in, so her eyes were inadvertently drawn back in the direction she was looking at just then.

    However in only the instant she turned away her head, that sword dancing shadow had already disappeared.

    Meng Fuyao's heart felt a sense of loss, yet she then consoled herself - maybe it really was an immortal practicing the sword, for how could a mortal have such an aura?

    Pei Yuan didn't notice her wandering attention, or even if she did notice she only attributed it to Fuyao being at death's door and on the verge of unconsciousness. She lifted the paper torch in her hand to see Meng Fuyao more clearly, when suddenly her expression showed a shocked look.

    Only now under the flame's glow did she discover that this martial sister whom she had never closely examined before was actually quite attractive, her appearance even more beautiful than her own by a few degrees.

    Pei Yuan stared dumbly at Meng Fuyao, for a time forgetting why she had come here.

    The pale moonlight outlined an expanse of deep and shallow dark greens in the thick forest. In the four directions there was silence and stillness, with not even the chirping of a cricket; only the occasional wind rustling through the tips of grass and whistling in between the trees could be heard. That wind oscillated between audible and inaudible, only making the whole mountain forest feel even more tranquil and impenetrable.

    Stillness, with no one around.

    Pei Yuan studied the young girl one zhang away, watching her slim figure outline a stirring curve in the moonlight. Stroke by stroke, her graceful body was like a beautiful, man-made painting or figurine. Her dainty, smooth chin, silhouetted in the darkness, became even more like exquisite white jade. Pei Yuan felt that a strong unease began to rise deep in her heart.

    She had liked martial brother Yan for a long time. Maybe others didn't realize the relationship between Meng Fuyao and him, but she had more or less seen some hints. Although she had never understood why martial brother Yan took such an interest in that ugly and useless girl, Pei Yuan hadn't put it in her heart. After all, she had beauty, talent, status, and brains; in the mortal world, who could win when compared with her?

    Martial brother Yan was an intelligent man, how could he not understand that marrying her would give his future prospects a massive boost? And besides her, who else was worthy of accompanying his excellence?

    Sure enough, the Yan clan had proposed marriage, and sure enough, martial brother Yan had chosen her.

    When a man had many choices, why would he not select the best one?

    Only, this woman, was surprisingly not a good-for-nothing, but was actually this beautiful. Pei Yuan only felt that she was a threat, a threat to her perfect and blessed future. How could she allow that dazzling road she had paved for herself, be destroyed by an unforeseen threat?

    Even if there was only a small possibility, it still couldn't be allowed!

    Pei Yuan's eyes darkened, yet on the surface she still showed a slight smile.

    "Meng Fuyao, you can go. Leave here and never come back."

    Meng Fuyao started, lifting her head to look at her. Pei Yuan looked at her askance with a condescending aura, her tone arrogant.

    "You should already know about the marriage arrangement between Jingchen and me. If not for the traditional marriage customs blocking, I originally should have left with him to return to Yanjing already. Meng Fuyao, Jingchen will soon be my husband; I hope in the future you will never appear in front of him again."

    Meng Fuyao's head was lifted, and she laughed. "Perfect, I feel the same."

    Pei Yuan's mouth curled up in a lightly disdaining angle, casually saying, "I hope you aren't just stubbornly trying to save face, with your words not following your heart. Since you don't want to see him either, then help me by going further away, don't come and pester him anymore."

    She squatted down and went to unlock Meng Fuyao's shackles. Her fingertip, however, silently hooked onto a protruding rock on the ground.

    "Martial sister!"

    From behind Pei Yuan suddenly came a far away call. Pei Yuan's finger retracted, and she turned around to see Fourth martial brother, the one responsible for watching over Meng Fuyao, come over in large strides.

    Startled, Pei Yuan whirled around, when turning the gem bracelet on her wrist somehow latching onto Fuyao's sleeve opening. With a light rip, a section of Meng Fuyao's sleeve was torn, revealing a pale smooth arm.

    Pei Yuan let out an "ah", quickly saying, "Fourth brother, don't come over, don't stare, we are indecent."

    Fourth disciple slanted his eyes to glance a little, and obediently stopped his steps, slightly smiling, "Martial sister, I heard some important guests have arrived, and Master wants you to go welcome the guests."

    Pei Yuan excitedly said, "Has the Infinite Empire's Grand Tutor come? The esteemed Grand Tutor is Infinite Crown Prince's tutor-master, if I have the good fortune to pay respects to the Grand Tutor, I may  also see some of the legendary elegance of the peerless without equal Crown Prince."

    After some thought she then said, "Martial sister's clothing is disorderly, you should avoid catching a cold in the great outdoors." While speaking she went over and squatted down, taking off her red cloak and first wrapping it around Meng Fuyao's naked arm.

    The red cloak unfurled in a vibrant scene of color in mid-air, extending to cover over Meng Fuyao's forearm.

    Pei Yuan's hand that was holding the cloak suddenly and furtively slipped underneath the fabric.

    Her fingers touched skin, Meng Fuyao only feeling that her grip was ice cold.

    When Fuyao lifted her head, she saw Pei Yuan looming over her with her head lowered; the slight smile she had on just a moment ago had long disappeared without a trace, only leaving malevolence in between her two brows.

    She darkly stared at Meng Fuyao, and in a low voice muttered, "You dare to steal people who belong to me?"

    Meng Fuyao was startled, but before she had time to reply, the fingers gripping her arm slid down all of a sudden; in a blink of an eye, they accurately jabbed several major acupuncture points on her right arm, causing half her body along with the points to immediately become stiff and numb.

    Following that Pei Yuan let out a shocked cry: "Yi ya, sister Fuyao what are you doing? Why is there a dagger hidden in your sleeve? Ah!"

    She acted out a one-man play while her hands took action underneath the cloak. With the cloak shaking turbulently, it looked like two people swiftly exchanging moves.

    Fourth disciple came over with hesitation, tilting his head yet unable to see anything.

    Pei Yuan, though, felt that the act had gone on for long enough.

    With her eyes glinting with a sliver of killing intent and a hook of her finger, a sealed patch of stone behind Meng Fuyao instantly moved aside, revealing an obscured precipice. Following that Pei Yuan's two hands fiercely shot out in an unhesitating shove!

    With a "hua la" sound, the tumbling of a body was heard, then without even a shocked cry, Meng Fuyao directly fell down!

    Under the cliff came the sound of pebbles and shattered rock rolling and then falling off the edge, not ceasing until a while later.

    Above the cliff, a lonely wind blew.

    Fourth martial brother stared in stupefaction a zhang away, looking at Pei Yuan's back, his eyes going through various changes.

    Pei Yuan, however, had already elegantly twirled around, the red cloak drifting open brilliantly like the daybreak. Her hand covered her mouth while she widened her beautiful eyes, with a late-arriving cry of shock pouring out of her mouth that, on the contrary, lacked any consternation whatsoever. "Yi ya! Truly I am deserving of punishment, I was unable to catch the prisoner. Fuyao martial sister she ... fell down."

    Then she knitted her brows and piteously lamented, "Ai, I generously gave her the cloak, yet she instead used the opportunity to plot against me, this ... what could I have done!"

    "If that is so ..." Fourth martial brother steadily gazed at her, "then she can only have herself to blame." He stuck his head out over the cliff and swept his vision down the sheer drop. Under the cliff was all inky black darkness, with nothing distinguishable. Fourth martial brother shook his head, muttering, "Truly a pity, this cliff is so precipitous ..."

    Pei Yuan smiled a half-smile and looked at him without speaking.

    "Anyways, has martial sister suffered any wounds?"

    "No." Pei Yuan's smile in the darkness was like spring flowers passionately blooming, prettily turning her head to gaze at the bottom of the cliff.

    Her tone was airy and light like a song, the sound slightly lost in the dai colored night wind.

    "Truly a pity."



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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 7 - I'm Very Cold


    It was a heavy darkness, and the slow, long night seemed to never end.

    The mountain cliff where Meng Fuyao had just fallen off of was still predominated by silence; occasionally there would still be small pieces of rock that tumbled off the side, with the echo of impact only sounding after a very long time.

    One could hear, that it was a very steep drop.

    Some of the wild brush on the cliff side suddenly began to move.

    After, a dai colored shadow appeared from within the thick, impenetrable darkness under the cliff, slowly arising.

    That shadow seemed to completely ignore the laws of gravity, and like it was pulled by some mysterious unseen force, it lazily drew a semicircular arc in the air, steadily landing on top of the cliff.

    The slender figure raised her head, moonlight shining in her cold, calm pupils.

    Meng Fuyao.

    With a mirthless smile, Fuyao's wrist beckoned, and a streak of indiscernible dark light snapped through the air and burrowed back into her sleeve.

    "Want to harm me? Not that easy."

    Meng Fuyao lightly stroked the thin black whip coiled around her wrist - this was the soft whip she used as a belt. Back when Pei Yuan's expression became odd, she had already wrapped the strap around her palm. The way Pei Yuan had torn her sleeve was very unusual, long causing her to be on her guard; when the red cloak swept over her covering Pei Yuan's motions, Fuyao's tying of the whip to an unobtrusive side rock was also concealed.

    When Pei Yuan poked her nexuses, her preventative revolution of her injured "Breaking Nine Heavens" method managed to protect the points on the side of her body Pei Yuan was on. Because Pei Yuan was moving under the cloak, her precision was off and the power behind the jabs was lacking; furthermore, Fuyao also borrowed the force from falling off the cliff to completely breakthrough the slight paralysis.

    Then, when she was pushed off the drop, the soft whip halted her descent. She had waited without moving until the two of them had gone far away before finally crawling back up the cliff.


    Standing on the cliff while watching the darkness in front of her, Meng Fuyao thought she could see at the end of the darkness the high, exalted mountain village that once sheltered her, and the noble youth who once gave her such precious warmth.

    Strong winds buffeted the mountain outcrop. The pale-faced young woman stood straight, her face devoid of expression. Before, thinking about those youthful days would unwittingly bring a smile to her face; now, however, her face held nothing.

    Those days of confused affection and momentary impulses were but only a detour of exploration in the road of her life. She had mistaken that warm happiness she vaguely glimpsed between the hanging leaves and thick forest as her long-searched-for Garden of Eden, yet very quickly she was expelled from that fantasy.

    But it was alright. In this world, there would always be losses to suffer, and there would always be debts to repay.

    Meng Fuyao shook the gold threaded whip, the whip sending out a dazzling crack, echoing out into the mountain valley like the clear blow of a horn.

    Smiling, she scooped out from her bosom a couple inky green strands of grass. The tips of the grass were actually white, as if the strands had morning frost accumulated on them.

    Observing the grass with satisfaction, Meng Fuyao felt that her luck was quite good - she fell down a cliff just to unexpectedly find "Finger Frost" growing on the rocks. This type of herb had excellent medicinal efficacy for healing inner and outer wounds, and could even strengthen the constitution and nurture cultivation. This event was truly an affliction working out a blessing.

    Carefully plucking a strand of grass, she went to put it in her mouth.

    All of a sudden, she paused.

    She slowly widened her eyes.

    Wait a minute ...

    She had counted the strands of grass before, and there was clearly six strands. How come now there were only five?

    The grass had always been gripped in her hand, and no one was around - how could one have gone missing?

    Teleportation? Space distortion? Ghosts?

    The last guess sent a cold shiver down Meng Fuyao's back. All of the scenes from the horror films she saw in her past life immediately flashed past uninvited; those super scary images and sounds from theatrical special effects and CGI began to tumble around inside her head, letting out ghostly wails and evil howls.


    Meng Fuyao had crossed over to this world for many years now, and after many extraordinary experiences could be considered to have a powerful will. However, right now she was on top of the empty mountains and high cliffs, and among the thick forests and howling winds. The trees and grass that surrounded her swayed like ghostly figures dancing, already exuding a dark menacing aura. With the strand of herb vanishing from her hands without a trace, the Meng Fuyao who couldn't understand no matter how hard she thought could only shiver in place, almost wanting to shriek "There's a ghost!!"

    Just then, she thought of one of the things that old guy used to say: "There were no ghosts at first, only after people started to fear them, then did ghosts come into being."

    Keeping this thought in mind, Meng Fuyao mustered her courage, and with a crack of her whip, a "pa" sound resounded out while she hollered, "Who's there!"

    No one replied, only the wind's whistling sound could be heard.

    Meng Fuyao waited for a long while without moving, but the only result was her angrily retrieving the long whip. She thought to put back the herb strands, but in that instant her whole body shook, with her falling into a shocked daze again.

    The grass was missing yet another strand!

    Dumbly examining the remaining four strands of grass in her palm, Meng Fuyao was completely unable to stop herself from attributing the strange events to the supernatural. But this ghost couldn't be seen and didn't harm her in anyway, what was it doing by constantly stealing her herbs?

    Biting her teeth, Meng Fuyao grew spiteful, and quickly shoved the remaining four strands all into her mouth while angrily masticating, "Let me see you steal them now! Why don't you just keep stealing them!?"

    Within the gust of mountain wind there seemed to drift a light chuckle.

    After hearing the mirthful sound, Meng Fuyao was actually not as afraid as before. The matter of them being a person or ghost aside, they seemed to hold no ill-will. Relaxing a little, Fuyao straightforwardly sat down where she stood, exaggeratedly closing her eyes and adjusting her breathing.

    Then with a careless wave of her hand, "You there, looks like you're pretty bored. If you really have nothing else to do, why don't you protect me while I'm cultivating."

    Yet another light chuckle came, its sound low and soothing. It was slightly cool and elegant, the tones melding together in a strange euphony. Hearing it conjured scenes of the unbroken peaks in the northern Di region, where wind blew through jade, building-like trees and gave rise to jeweled chimes.

    The surroundings were heavy and still, with autumn's fragrance transpiring from the forest in the deep night. Within the forest's scent, there emanated a trace of an aroma different from the air of the natural surroundings - it smelled purer and more refined.

    Despite all this, Meng Fuyao acted like she neither heard nor smelled anything out of the ordinary, only shutting her eyes and focusing on meditating.

    The third chuckle rang out, this time right next to the side of her ear. At the same time, with a rumbling sound, a streak of fiery light instantly ignited on the ground in front of Fuyao. The dancing orange blaze shined a warm red onto the eyelids of Meng Fuyao, who previously was surreptitiously peeking through her eyelashes.

    On the other side of the fire, on top of a lonely pine, laid tilted a wide-sleeve robed man. The light-colored folds of his robes draped downward, stitched with obscure, silvery inscription patterns. The symbols were hard to discern in the darkness, but when his body moved they constantly glittered dimly.

    He leaned slanted on top of a skinny and fragile end of a tree branch. Despite his clearly tall stature, he gave off a feeling of being light like a wisp of clouds; despite his clearly idle posture, he gave off a feeling of being far up high, like a towering jade mountain.

    The tree branch leisurely swayed, while he leisurely cast tree branches - every time he threw a branch, it accurately fell into the fire, landing under the previously thrown branches. With the increase in the amount of branches, the fire gradually expanded into an arch-shaped structure of firewood, causing the firewood to blaze even more wildly.

    With the movements of his palm, it slightly revealed a corner of a mark in the middle of his right hand. The mark's color was darker than the skin around it, but because of the distance between them, the shape was not clear.

    Meng Fuyao's vision swept back and forth, finally landing on that beautifully architected fire structure. Her two hands pushed into the ground, cautiously shifting backwards a step.

    Even if she calculated with her fingers [1] she would realize, that this guy was that "ghost" from before. Putting aside everything else, just judging by his extreme skill in Qinggong [2] and the awesomeness displayed through randomly throwing some branches, if this guy's thoughts turned wicked, her little two legs were far from enough for her to escape.

    However, before she even had time to move her butt, the person began to speak.

    "Girl, the night's frost is heavy. I'm very cold."[3]




    1. Basically means any idiot would realize, i.e. if she counted with her fingers. I am sure those of you who read Emperor's Domination are familiar with this term

    2. Type of martial training that allows user to be as light as a feather and do gravity-defying moves (shown here by the guy lying on a skinny tree branch), also characterized by extreme speed

    3. Sometimes used by guys to try to pick up girls (I'm cold, hold me plz)
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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 8 - Master Yuanbao [1]


    Meng Fuyao almost spat out the unswallowed remnants of the herbs in her mouth.

    You're very cold ...

    This was early autumn weather in the southern mountains, although the wind was strong but it was far from being called bone-chilling cold; that was not even mentioning that underneath was a huge pile of fire!

    Only an idiot would believe you were actually cold.

    The guy in front was crouched high up on the branch end, idly holding his cheeks, his eyes sweeping on her body here, and there, and back again; more than likely planning to engage in the "most primitive method of warming up" with her. Meng Fuyao retreated further from the fire pit yet again.

    Even though this person's bearing looked honorable and refined, not like a rapist's covetous wretchedness, in this world, who knew if underneath a good appearance lies hidden a treacherous heart? Kind of like ... Pei Yuan.

    Her dark pupils were covered in bright streaks of light from the fire's glow, watching the man with an expression of alertness. Dense eyelashes lightly blinked, forming dark shadows on her pale white face and making her look similar to a small anxious creature preparing herself for a fight.

    The man opposite looked at her with interest, then said, "Girl, are you cold?"

    Very good, everything was going exactly according to the pre-established script.

    Meng Fuyao was unwilling to follow along. While her butt continued to scoot backwards, she rebelliously refuted, "So hot."

    With a slight smile on his attractive, agreeable appearance, the guy casually replied, "Then just take off your clothes."


    Meng Fuyao, who had already shifted about a zhang away, suddenly shot up like a leaping wolf, with one flip already planning on escaping onto a small cliff nearby.

    The man didn't move while watching her flee, only unconcernedly smoothing his robe lapels [2] with a light smirk.

    Following his motion, the lapels of his robes parted a hair, and a fire red fruit came rolling out.

    The eyes of Meng Fuyao who was still in the process of somersaulting immediately lit up.

    This, this this heated blaze of color yet cool and refreshing scent, could it be the holy fruit of wound healing, the "Red Qilin"? [3]

    The fruit "gu lu lu" tumbled over, clearly seen by the currently heels-over-head Meng Fuyao. Sure enough, it was the special fruit only found up in the snowy mountains in the Di region; according to rumors, this thing only grew in the remote valleys of glacial mountains, with commoners unable to obtain it at all.

    With a "peng" sound, Meng Fuyao only half-completed her somersault before face-planting the floor.

    The instant after falling down she scrambled up, one foot firmly pressing on the fruit. She peeked at the opposing side - it seemed that he was not going to object? Only then did she hurriedly shoot out a hand to grab the fruit.


    A white light flashed in front of her eyes, as fast as lightning, and a small ball of noisy air swiftly blew over, directly smashing against Meng Fuyao's hand. Meng Fuyao let out an exclamation, with an "yi ya" sound loosening her hand. That white light soared upwards and, with a mid-air flip and a wind-calling, leg-sweeping movement, fiercely kicked on her nose.

    Following that another somersault was gracefully executed with four claws facing the sky, straightforwardly welcoming the fruit that had just fallen from Meng Fuyao's hands. With a smacking sound, the fruit was wrapped in a full-body hug.

    The entire process happened in only a split second; Meng Fuyao only sensed a gust of wind, a pain on her nose, and a light fruity smell, before the wound-curing miracle fruit had switched places.

    Dumbfounded she lifted her hand and rubbed her nose, from the tip of her nose plucking a finger-length strand of white hair - what in the world was this thing?

    Her eyes sluggishly looked over on the ground. A bundle of powdery white was currently tiptoeing on its little claws, smugly holding that piece of red fruit in its palm and reverently offering the fruit back to its owner. With one leg extended backwards, it unexpectedly was perfectly posing in a classic ballet posture.

    Meng Fuyao stared at the palm-sized thing - a rabbit? Smaller than a rabbit, a squirrel? Yet it was whiter than a squirrel, a guinea pig? It was even fatter than regular guinea pigs, having bright, crafty black eyes and long, beautiful snow white fur. It was so chubby that one couldn't discern out parts of its figure, practically a real-life Hamtaro [4]; if put in her previous world, this cute little creature would be certain to incite high-pitched squeals from pet-lovers.

    However, wasn't it a little too nefarious and fierce when it was stealing things?

    Feeling Meng Fuyao's vision on it, the guinea pig instantly swiveled its head, baring its teeth towards her direction. Under the fire light, those large front teeth shone like a pair of knives.

    Being pinned by that threatening stare, Meng Fuyao couldn't help but feel a bit infuriated. Recently it seemed she had been on a luckless streak, being betrayed then tortured then pushed off a cliff, and now even a fat rodent was looking down on her. After getting to such a low point, she only felt extremely depressed.

    In her moodiness, Meng Fuyao pulled up the corner of her mouth, also baring her teeth towards that fat rodent - if we compare size, my teeth are larger than yours!

    In front of the camp fire, a person and a rodent confronted each other, showing their teeth and eyeing each other menacingly like tigers.

    With a "puu" sound, the man opposite who previously looked over with a touch of humor in his expression finally couldn't hold back a short laugh. He looked at Meng Fuyao with some consideration, then stretched a hand out to that little thing and beckoned saying, "Yuanbao."

    The chubby squirrel only squirmed its back end, not caring.

    "Master Yuanbao!"

    Master Yuanbao immediately jumped up, embracing the fruit while bouncing over. Its two claws fawningly lifted the fruit up in an offering.

    The man only shook his head, using his finger to point in the direction of Meng Fuyao.

    "Zhi zhi!"

    A tone of rebellion.


    Master Yuanbao slowly raised its head, dragged its feet extremely reluctantly for a while, before little by little turning the offered fruit to a different direction.

    It mournfully gazed at the fruit, its eyes lingering with the endless sorrow that comes with forever goodbyes.

    The more Meng Fuyao looked at its melancholy the more happiness she felt. Triumphantly extending a hand, with one grab she stole back the fruit.

    In the process, she even yanked a strand of fur from Master Yuanbao's butt.

    Payback for being kicked on the nose.

    "Zhi zhi!"

    Master Yuanbao leapt up in fury while doing a full flip in the air again, seemingly planning to execute another one of its "front-handed straight-bodied forward mid-air 180 degree spin somersaults". How could Meng Fuyao let this rat punt her nose a second time? With a twist of her body she had already dodged to the side.

    When Master Yuanbao saw that he would be unable to hit her nose, he instantly switched battle tactics, leaping onto the fruit with a "chi" sound and maliciously spitting a mouthful of spit on it.

    Meng Fuyao swiftly scooped up that fat body and hurled it to the side, and Master Yuanbao flew away while tumbling in circles. With a flash of sword light, that piece of fruit skin that had been contaminated with rodent saliva was cleanly sliced off, and with a fling of Fuyao's hand, the skin peel directly landed on top of Master Yuanbao's head, together with the rodent smashing into the bosom of its owner.

    Man versus rodent best of three, victory for Meng Fuyao.

    Squeaking sounds arose in the air as the white-colored figure jumped up and down on the man's body, latching onto his sleeves in a chorus of whines, most likely angrily denouncing a certain someone. The guy lazily leaned on the tree, pinching Yuanbao's little nose and lightly conversing with it.

    "... who told you to bully others ..."

    "Zhi zhi!"

    "You didn't lose out either, you gave her a kick ..."

    "Zhi zhi!" Master Yuanbao turned around, pitifully showing his round backside to the man.

    "Your butt has thousands of strands of fur, how could I see which one you're missing?"

    "Zhi zhi." Master Yuanbao desperately pawed, digging and digging.

    Fed up, the man squeezed its neck, standing Yuanbao upright, "Be good and talk directly, last night you didn't wash your butt!"

    "Zhi zhi!"

    "Ok ok ... isn't just your snacks ... give it to her this once, next time I'll make it up to you ..."

    "Zhi zhi!"

    "You've become more bad tempered, all because they've been spoiling you." [5] The guy's long-suffering patience was finally worn thin, yet no anger could be seen on his face; he just slightly smiled and felt around in his bosom, "Sigh ... carrying around all these snacks all the time is so tiring, how about I toss them, ah?"

    "Zhi ... zhi ..."

    Master Yuanbao stopped its flag waving and drum beating, crouching down to the side to draw circles on the ground [6]. The guy patted him on his head, about to turn and speak some words to Meng Fuyao, when he saw her bulging mouth and suddenly started.

    "You ... finished eating the Qilin Red?"

    Meng Fuyao desperately chewed, with two or three gulps completely swallowing the fruit, then straightforwardly replied "Yep, ate it all."

    If I didn't take the chance to quickly eat the good stuff while you two were jabbering, did you expect me to wait for that fellow to snatch it out of my mouth again?

    The man only humorously viewed her for a while, then suddenly shook his head.

    "It looks like you didn't know, when ingesting the Qilin fruit with Finger Frost, one has to dilute it by half, or else risk getting poisoned."





    1. Yuanbao "元宝", known also in English as the "Sycee", is a chunk of precious metal ingot shaped like a fat boat often used by imperial dynasties as currency. Common representation for wealth and prosperity during the Lunar New Year.

    2. "衣襟", The upper collar/lapels of a Chinese robe that often can have stuff stored inside it. (Google or Baidu search the Chinese phrase yourself if you want to see an example, since if I post links wordpress always delays the post for like a day)

    3. Qilin or also known as Kirin are legendary hooved chimeras with horns

    4. Hamtaro is a popular chubby hamster from a Japanese animation

    5. The "they" used in this sentence is in the feminine form, meaning "they" is referring to multiple females

    6. Phrase basically means sadness or unwillingness

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 9 - I'll Follow Your Lead


    Meng Fuyao only stared speechlessly. The man never stopped shaking his head.

    Following a gust of wind, he dropped down from the tree like a patch of soft cloud. Without seeing him do much moving, he had already arrived at Meng Fuyao's side. Lightly laughing he said, "Little lady, looking at your shaking, I'm guessing you must be pretty cold, how about we ... get warm together ..."

    Shameless! Meng Fuyao glared at him with her wide eyes, it was clearly because I was scared!

    Face to face, the appearance previously covered by shadows was now revealed. That kind of facial radiance, was like a bright moon rising from the horizon of a jade sea, in an instance shining through the limitless heavens. In that moment, Meng Fuyao was struck into a daze.

    After that moment she immediately shook herself awake, rebuking herself a thousand times inside her heart for being such a flower-obsessed idiot [1]. Continuing to shrink backwards, she plastered on a look full of nervousness on her face, while her finger was furtively reaching for her soft whip.

    However before managing to touch the handle of the whip, her fingertip suddenly trembled, as if flicked back by some invisible force. Opposite, the smiling guy retracted his finger while shaking his head, "Girl, acting won't work every time."

    In the cool moonlight, the man's long clothes fluttered loosely in the wind, containing a bit of carefree laughter. The scattered appearance even seemed to slowly float forward, the wide robes and long sleeves drifting like clouds, making one think of Luan birds soaring high above the nine heavens. [2]

    There is a type of appearance, that could be called sacredly pure.

    There is a type of bearing, that could be called mesmerizingly charming.

    Yet very few could meld such purity and charm together without so much a watery ripple, transforming into a unique aura where insouciance arose from nobility, and profoundness arose from warmth.

    The ground's gravel lightly crunched, and a type of lightly intriguing fragrance floated. The man had an elegant demeanor, yet he impolitely sat down nearby; in the blaze's glow, he slightly turned his head.

    Meng Fuyao's breathing hitched a little.

    The slant of his long eyebrows that reached the temples held a flowing, relaxed aloofness; it invoked scenes of natural willows by azure ponds, containing within the scented flowing light of spring.

    The refined, almost divine tracing of his side profile, made it seem like all of heaven and earth's colorful brilliance was gathered underneath his eyes.

    Beauty beyond the mortal realm will cause loss of one's ability to speak - and right now, Meng Fuyao felt that she had forgotten how to form words.

    The man only smiled smoothly, casually brushing at the dust beside him. After seeing that the ground wasn't going to get any cleaner, he didn't fret over it, but instead suddenly extended an arm to hug her shoulder, pulling her down onto the ground.

    Meng Fuyao tumbled away in a flash, falling onto the wet ground with a "gu dong" sound while yelling, ".. you, what are you doing?!"

    Resting his head on his arm, the man didn't get up but slightly looked at her askance. An udumbara-like [3] smile blossomed on his lips. "What am I doing? The night frost is heavy, and I am cold. If I sleep alone I'll be even colder, so I've decided to be together with you."

    Meng Fuyao's face turned red. "Um, I can't take advantage of your moment of weakness ..."

    "I like taking advantage of moments of weakness." The man's robe sleeves lifted up, and the long winding cloth wrapped around Meng Fuyao's waist and impolitely dragged her over. "Shush now, be good."

    His body's light, strange scent was fragrant like wine. When his robes wrapped around her, the mesmerizing fragrance drifted into the air, igniting all of Meng Fuyao's logical faculties with a bang. Fuyao froze in place, afraid to move, and was temporarily unable to respond to this impending crisis. She faintly heard a low chuckle by her ear, his breath brushing against her earlobe and lightly tingling.

    That tingling sensation was an itch inside her heart, an itch she wanted to relieve herself of like a cat. Meng Fuyao heard her heartbeat fly upwards, while her face burned so hot that she fell into a feverish haze.

    Her body that had never been felt by a man before was now instinctively going soft. Her mind, however, was continuously reminding herself to stay clear-headed. Meng Fuyao stretched out her two hands to desperately brace herself against his chest, and just when she was about to exert force to free herself, her palms suddenly heated up.

    Like a river breaking through its dikes, a warm stream surged through the places where the two connected, gathering in Fuyao's slightly blocked four limbs and eight meridian channels [4]. The arriving energy was dense and mellow, like the spring sun or a hot spring, vigorous and drawn out.

    The warm flow was like a pair of tender hands, displaying a mysterious technique inside Meng Fuyao. The torn meridians from her injuries were surgically healed one by one, the toxins driven out bit by bit, and even the almost completely evaporated inner qi within her dantian5 started to slowly recollect together and condense, the qi rippling and swirling more plentiful and lively than ever.

    Her pale face gradually recovering its healthy red, Meng Fuyao stared wide-eyed in disbelief at the smiling while eyes-closed man. He was actually using this method to heal her wounds? Who was he? How did he know her situation? Why was he helping her?

    Her eyes couldn't help but search his body up and down. Men of the Five Regions Continent liked wearing accessories on their clothing to show their status, and looking at the extra stuff they wore could give a general idea of their background. Unfortunately this person clearly did not follow the common trends, as besides his inconspicuous light-colored robe that was made of uncommon materials, nothing else could be seen.

    Meng Fuyao's vision finally fell on the man's slowly retracting right hand, where the previously noticed mark was now seen a little clearer to be vaguely shaped like a flower petal.

    Feeling her sight, the man still didn't open his eyes but lightly said, "The inner qi that I have lent to you will only have effect in the next three hours. If you want to use it, you'd better hurry."

    Meng Fuyao started, only reacting to what he said after a few seconds. She suddenly leapt up, looking at him in shock and stuttering, "Who are you? How do you know ... do you know ..."

    "You should have known that overdosing on 'Finger Frost' would harm your meridians, yet you ate four strands in one gulp, and was in such a hurry to meditate and recover. If not for revenge, then what for?" The man sat while smiling and raising his eyebrows at her, "Although, I will give you a warning, Pei Yuan's family background is not common power. Are you sure you want to continue?"

    "It's not like she can rely on her family to walk over everyone." Meng Fuyao laughed with a few hints of slyness and arrogance. "A debt must be repaid! As for what happens in the future, if she doesn't come for me then just as well, but if she does, I'll escape, and once she relaxes her guard I'll turn around and bite her. You know," she blinked her eyes, "those born into nobility, sometimes actually have less freedom than wandering cultivators like me."

    The man glanced at her, laughingly praising her. "Good, pretty good."

    Meng Fuyao elegantly smiled.

    "Pretty despicable of you."


    Not looking at the darkened face of Meng Fuyao, the man again began to speak. "Pity that the Profound Origin sect has so many people, and Pei Yuan's martial ability is not weak. As you are right now, just winning against her will be difficult. If you wanted to punish her while also not alarming anyone else, it's going to be easier said than done."

    Meng Fuyao examined him. This person must have long been watching on the mountain cliffs, and saw the previous events clearly. After thinking of this her anger welled up, and she hatefully said, "That's none of your business! You didn't help me before, why are you trying to be the good guy now?"

    "Before I wasn't on the same mountain, I only saw the movements of you two from far away." The man was not angry, "So do you want it or not? If not I'll take it back."

    Meng Fuyao paused, then realized he was talking about the lent internal qi, and grumpily yelled, "I want it!"

    Right after her yell the man let out a low chuckle. With a colorful brilliance flowing in his eyes like a galaxy, and a voice with unconcealed humor, "En ... you want it?"

    The "En" was said soft and caressingly, full of provocation. Meng Fuyao's words had just come out of her mouth before she realized her wording, and her face flushed red. Before she could think of an appropriate response, the man already grinned while pulling her hand. "Since you want it, then I'll follow your lead ..."




    1. A flower = slang for a hot young guy. Why you ask? Probably cuz girls like to gaze at both pretty flowers and pretty guys

    2. Luan = type of mystical bird like the Phoenix

    3. Flower of a fig tree in southern Asia sacred to Buddhism

    4. The pathways inside the body that hold qi and cultivated power
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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 10 - Favors Returned, Debts Repaid


    A bright moon in the sky, a clear wind from the side, in the desolate mountain wild, falling into a handsome man's embrace.

    Is there anything under the heavens that is more romantic and more blessed?

    The lucky Meng Fuyao's face instantly turned scarlet red shocking red deep red light red the various colors of red cycling at a fast speed, finally returning to its normal colors. She peeked at the shameless hottie opposite, who with a straight face and back respectfully said, "Since that's what you want, I guess I'll have to grudgingly oblige."

    With a flip of her fingers, she fitted a couple steel needles which glinted while hidden between the gaps of her fingers.

    If you dare touch, I'll pierce your ya ya.[1]


    Two hands about to grasp, two cheeks about to meet, a fat rodent comes in between, pushing left and blocking right.

    There is nothing under the heavens that is more mood killing and more despicable.

    Before Meng Fuyao had time to push the other down then pierce him to death, with a "shua" sound Master Yuanbao suddenly shot out from who-knows-what corner, jumping up and soaring over the ground. With a "curled-bodied split-legged backward 180 degree attack", four claws brandished and separately impacted onto the two people's faces.

    Meng Fuyao immediately palm-slapped Master Yuanbao down with a "pa" sound, taking the chance to retreat three zhang away.

    Master Yuanbao dropped into the man's outstretched palm, at once flipping over and hugging his fingers while crying with a zhi zhi sound.

    Meng Fuyao eyed the little fellow with disdain, even though she had to thank it for helping herself escape the situation, wasn't his method of doing so a little too abnormal?

    Her eyes left the spoiled crazy fat rat, landing on the man. After traveling through the jianghu for so many years, Meng Fuyao liked to think of herself as having a bit of an eye for people. The guy before her, despite every one of his words being seductive silliness, had no hints of lust or hunger in the expressions of his eye corners and brows. His elegant demeanor implied a noble's aura, and his eyes held no ill-intentioned desires.

    Was it really only because he saw the scene of Pei Yuan scheming against her, that he lent a hand to help?

    The status of the Profound Origin sword sect in the Tai Yuan Empire was not low, with many past and possibly future high officials and distinguished individuals. Looking at the timing and place where he appeared, did he have any relation with the Profound Origin sect? If he was the sect's friend, then why would he help her to oppose the sect?

    Deeply breathing in, Meng Fuyao decided to not continue mulling over this unsolvable question. She could see that this guy wasn't some simple person, and asking wouldn't give her any information. Furthermore, if he wanted to harm her, a little twist of his finger would be enough - there was no reason for him to use such a circular method.

    Besides, right now there was something she had to do first.

    Meng Fuyao didn't linger on the things she was powerless to change, since she would not allow someone who had harmed her to walk free.

    While regulating her breathing, dusting her sleeves, and tidying up her robes, from her bosom she also took out something to apply to the dagger at her waist.

    It was a type of sap produced in Qing Region's Lifting Wind Nation, refined from "Never-Wound Flowers". This sap was not poisonous, but once it entered a wound it would cause it to fester and become longer-lasting and harder to cure.

    Meng Fuyao tossed the dagger a couple times in her hand, feeling that it was unfortunate that she did not have actual poison on her. Although, Pei Yuan, what if your arrogant, attractive appearance and snowy complexion, that has so many men buzzing around you like bees and calling you a jade beauty, one day had a few extra wounds that stank with the smell of rotting flesh? I wonder if, after all the butterflies and flowers have been driven away, you could still maintain that false, hypocritical smile?

    With a cold smile, Meng Fuyao carefully applied layer after layer on top of the dagger's blade.

    The man hugged his knees with a light smile, his eyes sweeping past with a measure of appreciation.

    Seeing Meng Fuyao's preparations complete, he stood up and pointed in the Profound Origin sect village's direction. While smiling he said, "You probably don't know that your sword sect actually has a secret tunnel. If you sneak in through there, you can avoid many of the mountain village's guards, and," his expression suddenly seemed a little odd, "your Master and the other martial brothers and sisters right now are all at the front hall welcoming Infinite Empire's Grand Tutor. You can first conceal yourself inside Pei Yuan's room."

    "How do you know?" Meng Fuyao slanted a glance at him. "Who are you?"

    "You can call me Zhaoxu, Yuan Zhaoxu."[2] Yuan Zhaoxu's smiling expression was like a touch of spring breeze. While his eyes moved, it was like in an instant water could flow backwards, and deep snow could melt.

    "Yuan Zhaoxu?" Meng Fuyao muttered the name once. For some reason she felt it familiar, as if she had heard it before somewhere, but right now couldn't remember. She only nodded her head, then followed the direction Yuan Zhaoxu pointed to while striding in large steps.

    Her back figure gradually vanished down the rugged mountain trail. Behind her, Yuan Zhaoxu had on a light smile, and while standing with his hands clasped behind his back, he deeply gazed at her disappearing shadow.

    His wide sleeves drifted leisurely in the wind, reflecting the crushed silver moonlight.

    At his back, where there was originally a block of mountain rock, slowly materialized a long, skinny black figure. The black shadow stood slightly bowed three chi behind Yuan Zhaoxu, with its head lowered in a respectful demeanor.

    "Crown ..."

    Yuan Zhaoxu slightly turned back his head, and with only a look, the other side instantly became horrified, quickly shutting its mouth.

    "You do not have to remind me, I will go immediately." Waving his hand, it seemed Yuan Zhaoxu already knew what the other was going to say. After a moment of thought, he tilted his head towards Master Yuanbao who was currently standing on his shoulder, "Hey, go follow her?"

    Master Yuanbao turned, showing his backside to Yuan Zhaoxu.

    "After you come back I'll let you eat a late-night snack, three Qilin Reds."

    Master Yuanbao continued to maintain his unturned head and raised backside, but obediently began to crawl down his shoulder.

    "You're not allowed to enact your personal revenge, or else I'll penalize three day's worth of Qilin Red." Yuan Zhaoxu exhorted Master Yuanbao with a phrase. That fat rodent only shook his stubby tail as an answer, unknown if it was an agreement or not.

    The black-garbed man watched stunned as that ball of white fur vanished into the night. In his heart he still did not understand his master's actions. Yuanbao was not some ordinary pet animal - found in the Di Region Heavenly Court's most sacred lands, only one of the Everlife Temple's "Divine Enigma Rats" would be born every hundred years. Their lives were extremely long, and their intelligence was beyond normal animals, even comparable to humans. Further, they could bring luck and ward off evil, and once they decided on a master, they would be unwaveringly loyal for their entire lives. People without connections to the temple could only hope to see one, let alone own one - no matter how exalted their statuses were.

    This kind of treasure, his master actually just sent out with such carelessness?

    That young lady from before ... could it be ...

    But didn't his master's destiny show that ...

    The thoughts in his heart swirled and revolved hundreds and thousands of times, yet he didn't dare show anything on his face. After following his master for so many years, the black-clothed man was completely aware of his master's crystal-clear perception; under his lucid and piercing gaze, if he moved so much a strand of hair, his inner thoughts would be able to be guessed.

    Even with this level of vigilance, Yuan Zhaoxu still seemed to discover something. He half-turned with a light smile and glanced at the black-clothed man, seeing the other then deeply bow at the waist and retreat back into the darkness.

    Yuan Zhaoxu turned back around, narrowing his eyes and staring at the distant edge of darkness. The slim figure of that girl who could boldly love and hate, and bravely accept and confront, had already completely disappeared into the shadows. With carried sword, bound hair, and an agile body full of killing intent, she sprinted towards that outside virtuously beautiful but inside maliciously selfish royal descendant, sprinted towards those who had harmed and humiliated her, and prepared to rise the blade, then fall the blade.

    "Life with many struggles, trials with bitter toils, those able to return favors and repay debts, how many can there be ..." After a long time, a soft sigh lightly drifted in the winding night wind. ----------------------


    "The Grand Tutor is so old yet still so vigorous, your noble aura truly fills people's hearts with admiration, he he he ..."

    "Sect Master Lin's generation of sword sect, has even more of a virtuous and capable aura, ha ha ha ..."

    The tallow candles burned in Profound Origin's front hall while two old men smilingly conversed. Respectful and cultured, their words came and went, their mouths filled with meaningless niceties. One after another, hundreds of volleys were exchanged, as if they completely did not see the deep darkness of the late night. Underneath, the many disciples were continuously yawning.

    "Come come ... Grand Tutor, try some more of our Profound Origin's specially produced Jade Spring Tea."

    Lin Xuanyuan slightly covered his face with his robe sleeves while lifting up the tea, taking the opportunity to furtively yawn.

    He had already accompanied the guest for a very long time. Although the Infinite Empire's esteemed Grand Tutor was at a very old age, his spirit was still very hearty. They had forcibly digressed here and there for many hours - six had already passed, yet he still had no thought of sleep.

    Lin Xuanyuan's eyes were impatiently moving underneath the cover of his sleeves, when suddenly they caught four disciples sneaking in from the hall's side door, and he couldn't help but start a little.

    That kid, didn't he tell him to guard Meng Fuyao? Why did he return with such a worried expression?

    Before he could finish this thought, a flash of red came from the side door, and Pei Yuan appeared, her expression still proud and arrogant. She leaned against the door frame and tidied up her robes, her face color normal, but from what the old fox Lin Xuanyuan saw, he thought she seemed to have a bit of a violent air between her eyebrows.

    Raising the teacup a little higher to cover his eyes, Lin Xuanyuan silently muttered in his heart, what had happened? How come these two disciples' expressions were not right?

    However, now was not the time for interrogation - plus, with Pei Yuan's status, even Lin Xuanyuan didn't dare to overly discipline her. He could only reinvigorate himself and continue to accompany the guest.

    The gray-white haired Infinite Empire's Grand Tutor was a teacher of emperors who had been famous under the heavens for some time, mostly because of his student, the shockingly brilliant Infinite Crown Prince. Logically at such a wizened age his energy shouldn't be so plentiful, yet it was a pity that he resisted the dark circles under his eyes, steadfastly continuing to chat with the non-stop yawning sect master.

    "Qing, Yi, Heng, Ming, Di, the Five Regions, are divided into Nemesis, Infinite, Lifting Wind, Heaven's Court, Tai Yuan, Polaris, and Xuanyuan, the Seven States. Nemesis focuses on war, Infinite emphasizes talent, Tai Yuan values martial arts, Polaris promotes knowledge, Lifting Wind highlights morality, Xuanyuan are masters of ancient techniques, Heaven's Court ..."

    Suddenly a gust of wind blew over from who-knows-where, and the candles on the ground flickered. The Grand Tutor stopped in the middle of his words, laughed with a "ha ha", drank some tea, and as if he had only thought of it just now he said, "Yi ya, my old self and the sect master have been chatting so happily, we even forgot the time ..."

    Lin Xuanyuan hurriedly stood up, "Yes, yes, the Grand Tutor's insights are outstandingly high, the lowly me fell into a spell just listening and actually forgot to arrange for your rest. My apologies, my apologies, someone come, help Sir to the inner courtyard to rest ..."

    "Whew ..." Underneath came a chorus of relieved sighs.

    The Grand Tutor tottered out, and the disciples immediately began to scatter like the wind. Lin Xuanyuan stood in the hall with his hands clasped behind, and with a change in his eyes, he suddenly spoke, "Fourth, Yuan'er!"

    The two who were just about to slink away froze in their steps and slightly turned. Pei Yuan, with a fluid glance, slowly turned around and gave a calm smile to the doubtfully staring Lin Xuanyuan.

    Outside the window shot past a streak of lightning. In that flashing instance, the strong incandescent glow illuminated her turning face, twisting that smile into something savage and fierce, holding a dark air full of malignance, and scaring Lin Xuanyuan with a jump.

    Turning his head and staring out at the suddenly pouring rain outside, he muttered with some surprise, "It started to rain ..."




    1. Place where men are weak. Need I say more.

    2. "元昭诩" = Yuan Zhaoxu

  • If you guys want to see a map of the Five Regions Continent: http://imgur.com/a/BmI1p

    Color code: Black = Heaven's Court, Brown = Lifting Wind, Yellow = Infinite, Purple = Polaris, Red = Nemesis, Blue = Xuanyuan, Green and Teal = Tai Yuan (find out later why Tai Yuan is split)
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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 11 - Storm's Fury


    It was raining.

    The downpour in the middle of the night suddenly came furiously, like a tear in the heavens poured down an ocean. With a "hua la la" sound it pounded down, and in a short while thousands and thousands of thin streams began to flow on the ground.

    Pei Yuan came out from the front hall holding a oil-paper umbrella, and under the waiting of a maidservant she tread on water puddles to return to her "Orchid Pavilion". Another maidservant was carrying a paper lantern to light the way. The wind and rain was fierce and the lantern swayed side to side, and despite the maid using her own rain cloak to protect the light the whole way, the lantern was still quickly extinguished by a surging gust of tempestuous wind and rain.

    Before the maidservant had time to apologize, Pei Yuan had already backhandedly slapped her. Sharp fingernails sliced a couple bright red streaks on the maid's face and fresh blood began to drip down. The child didn't dare to cry, only hugging the extinguished lantern and shrinking back a little in the rain.

    "Useless idiot! Can't even take care of one lantern!" Pei Yuan raised her eyes to glance at the turbulent currents of wind and rain in the deep night sky, and a feeling of irritation washed over her without reason. She furrowed her brows and covered herself better with the rain cloak, speeding up her steps to enter her secluded courtyard.

    "You are not allowed to enter the courtyard, don't dirty my grounds." Pei Yuan hated people intruding and was obsessed with cleanliness - even her chosen residence was the most spotless and elegant "Orchid Pavilion". These habits everyone in the sect knew, and so the maidservants lowly concurred and retreated far from the entrance.

    Outside the doors was the furious storm that hit the ground like a deity's whip, inside the doors was a deep, silent darkness without any movement.

    Pei Yuan went to push the doors.

    With a creaking sound, the doors slowly opened, and Pei Yuan's eyes casually lowered. In that moment, she spotted on the wooden floorboards some light wet stains.

    Her heart shook, and Pei Yuan's reactions were extremely quick, immediately shooting backwards in retreat.

    However it was already late.


    In the inky dimness a white glow flashed, and faintly a dark shadow materialized with a sharp blade piercing forwards. The attack was silent and traceless, fast like flowing light or flying lightning - in only a split second, it had already reached in front of Pei Yuan's face!


    The thin, vague sound of skin and flesh being sliced open shockingly sounded in Pei Yuan's ear, and she only felt on her left temple a coldness then a pain. Following her left eye became an expanse of blood red.

    Scarlet red covered her left vision, causing Pei Yuan to be unable to discern clearly the person who used the cover of darkness to sneak attack her. The only thing she knew was that at this moment, only she could save herself. Biting her teeth and bearing the pain, Pei Yuan drew her sword with a ringing noise. The sword tip vibrated with the light of the heaven's stars, the resplendent radiance drawing one's eyes. In this emergency situation, she even used the clan inheritance her master had secretly passed down to her, the treasured sword technique "Vast Sky Sword".

    The opponent seemed to realize the power of the sword art, and didn't confront it head-on but twisted their body, already flitting over to the side of her body like a swimming fish. In the instant the figure passed by her side, it flipped its hand and fiercely sliced upwards. Pei Yuan's right forehead felt another pain, and more fresh blood splashed down like a red spring. A waterfall of blood appeared across the horizon, completely obscuring her last bit of clear vision.

    The powerful strike of the blade, was swift like sprinting thunder; the barely contained fury in the attack, was sharp like shocking lightning.

    In that moment, the opposing side had already ruthlessly drawn an "X" on Pei Yuan's face.

    With her two eyes soaked in red blood and unable to see anything, Pei Yuan no longer used any special techniques in her sword attacks - the splitting pain on her face had already caused her to be deeply panic-stricken and apoplectic. She didn't know how serious the wounds on her face were, but from the amount of flowing blood it could be inferred that her face had already been ruined. The opponent's actions were malicious and ruthlessly planned-out, as if they had some deep-rooted vengeance with her.

    Beautiful woman have always valued their appearance over their lives; right now, Pei Yuan was in so much excruciating pain that she didn't want to live, with her only thought being to not stop until she killed the other person. Ignoring her two cut wounds, she swiped her hand horizontally over her sword and smeared the fresh blood on her palm onto the sword body. The sword instantly flashed scarlet - in the darkness the bloody glow began to wriggle and flow, and inside the flowing blood gradually arose bubbles as big as crab eyes. They were vividly multicolored like countless poisonous spiders, and started crawling erratically on the sword body causing one to feel nauseated just looking at the scene.

    If there were any descendents of the Tai Yuan royal family present, they surely would yell in shock at the use of "Blood Sacrifice Magic", the royal family's secret magic skill. Now that Pei Yuan had displayed it, it signified that she felt it was a life or death struggle.

    However, even if her intention was to fight to the death, the opposite side was not willing to. Once the intruder saw the mysterious red light shine, they immediately and silently leapt away with large steps. Their foot tip kicked on the doorframe, and with a roll they had already escaped the red light's area of encirclement. Amidst the howling downpour the black shadow was like a large bird of prey, in an instant flying out three zhang and vanishing within the almost solid sheets of rain.

    Pei Yuan brought her sword and chased after, her magic skill ready. As fast as lightning, she raised her foot in the initial position of the skill, while in her palm the long sword's glow brightened. It seemed like she only needed a lift of her hand to immediately reach the shadow's back with her weapon.

    However, before she could slice upwards, she suddenly felt something slippery shoot past her side with a small whistle of air, then following that a pain in her finger, causing the long sword in her hand to clatter to the ground.

    In astonishment, Pei Yuan thought there was still another enemy inside the pavilion and desperately opened her eyes wide. Within her blood red vision she could only make out a round shadowy ball, disappearing in an instant.

    Then she felt something soft underneath her foot, as if she had been tripped by something, and Pei Yuan stumbled forward.

    The two slice wounds started to numbly itch at this time, feeling like there were an innumerable number of small insects crawling inside the cuts. In shock, Pei Yuan couldn't focus on fighting to the death anymore, and hurriedly went to scratch her injuries. However, the more she touched the stronger the itching, and in that expanse of red she couldn't see anything at all. Panicked, she started to loudly scream. "SOMEONE COME! Come! Get water for me! Call the doctor, call the doctor!!!"

    There was nothing but stillness.

    Those maidservants who she had just exiled to the outside rain in fear of dirtying her floor, were still hugging the extinguished lantern, stiffly and indifferently staring at her.

    They stood like wooden statues in the rain, looking at the usually noble and overbearing woman whose long hair was scattered in the pouring rainstorm, and her whole face full of fresh blood. The woman who stretched her two arms out in the middle of the luxurious wooden courtyard while mournfully crying, with two streaks of slice wounds intersecting in the middle of her face in a hideous "X". The woman whose fresh blood dripped from those brushstrokes, dripping onto the courtyard she never allowed anyone to enter, staining the shining clean floor surface with a region of turbid red color.

    "Someone come ... ah ... someone come ..."

    No one moved, and no one spoke. Those low-status maidservants who had personally witnessed the previous brutal mutilation, stood callously nearby in the storm.

    The howling rains were gusted by the wind into layers and layers of crystalline walls, curtaining their eyes that, because of long periods of abuse, held hatred inside them.

    "Some ... one ... ah ..."

    Pei Yuan's miserable cries were drowned by the ferocious storm, gradually fading into nothingness. She madly scrambled around the courtyard, yet because she kept colliding with the columns and worsening her wounds, the itching on her face became even more severe, and her strength finally depleted.

    Rain fell into the courtyard from the deep red over-hangings above, staining the cloth into a bloody color. Inside the rain the red-clothed and blood-stained Pei Yuan fumbled around, sorrowfully moaning, and sank down to the ground slowly in despair.

    Her body landed on the stairs, and her black hair spread across the wet ground underneath, meandering across the puddles on the floor like snakes. Her hand desperately reached forwards, as if she wanted to grab a hold of a hope to escape from this nightmare.

    Unfortunately, she never was able to grasp anything.

    The night had not yet reached its end, with the storm continuing to rage.

    A low mumble, full of hurt resulting from incomprehension, was barely audible in between the rumbles of thunder.

    "You ... why ... won't you help me ..."



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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 12 - Ambush in the Back Mountains


    In the deep night, all the fresh blood was sunk into the darkness, and all the cries were drowned out amidst the howling rain.

    When the "十" word was being etched into Pei Yuan's face, on the far away eaves of a building, a man's clothes danced in the wind and amidst the rain, yet was still dry. He clasped his hands behind his back as he slightly smiled while watching the movements below.

    Behind him, a black-clothed man stood three steps away with his head bowed.

    "Later, you go over there to Pei Yuan and do some tampering." Yuan Zhaoxu ordered the black-clothed person, "The Pei family is from Yanjing, and have a family feud with the Chancellor's house of Yun, in addition to being political opponents ... you should know what to do right?"

    The black-clothed man only lowered his head, his figure flashing and disappearing into thin air.

    Yuan Zhaoxu laughed a little, then looked downwards again, his tone of voice lasting and remote in the torrential downpour, "Drawing an X with such straightforwardness, this woman ..." ---------------


    Hiding in some secluded wall corner and hastily wiping the blood traces off of her body, Meng Fuyao patted the Master Yuanbao sitting on her shoulder, smiling, "Thanks!"

    Master Yuanbao gave her the cold-shoulder, his dark liquid eyes full of disdain, most likely thinking along the lines of "your claws are so dirty don't pollute my snow white fur".

    "What a smelly fart of a meatball!" Meng Fuyao silently cursed while walking out with large steps.

    She didn't know that after she left, a flash of lightning, like a celestial battleaxe cutting through the black haze from above the nine heavens, directly pierced across the Five Regions Continent.

    Under that electric flash, the dazedly slumped Pei Yuan's inner courtyard was lit up; in the bright whiteness there seemed to be a trace of even brighter coldness, and then, fresh blood sprayed in the air. -------------------


    It was destined to be a night of turbulent storms.

    Lin Xuanyuan had just slept for not very long, before he was frantically shouted awake again. When he rushed over and saw Pei Yuan's situation, his facial expression was so ugly that it was hard to describe in words.

    The comatose Pei Yuan's face had wounds that only in a short period of time, had already rotted to the point of seeing bone. The fresh blood and pale bone combined to form a dreadfully saddening sight - the unrivaled beauty of the past, was now never to be seen again.

    Lin Xuanyuan stood shocked, already unable to think of what to do. Those disciples might not be clear about Pei Yuan's background, but he naturally knew - Pei Yuan's origins, he definitely could not afford to provoke. Now that a situation had occurred, how was he to explain to the power behind Pei Yuan?

    He had already interrogated all of her servants and maids, yet most of these people all maintained that they only saw a black shadow leap out from their master's pavilion door, the remainder not seeing anything at all.

    This sudden large rainstorm, had washed away too many traces.

    Lin Xuanyuan's face wrinkles had deepened considerably in one night. He tilted his head upward to face the sky, his heart sighing.

    "Could it be, that the heavens want to destroy my Profound Origin sect?"

    His eyesight passed over the dark stillness of the guest buildings, and suddenly a thought flashed through his head, "Just when Infinite Empire's Grand Tutor came to visit, such a situation appeared, is it possible ..."

    After rolling his eyes a little he discarded this notion. The esteemed Grand Tutor very rarely traveled outside, and had always been on good terms with the Profound Origin sword sect. There was basically no motivation for murder, not to mention that the doctor who had already examined Pei Yuan had discovered that Pei Yuan's right little finger had been half sliced off. This type of slanted cut, going from below to above in a rising diagonal slice, exactly matched the wound patterns caused by the "Stirring Wind Sword Technique" of the Yun family, the Pei family's mortal enemies. It looked like it should have been the Yun family who ordered someone to come up the mountain and assassinate Pei Yuan.

    Only, Pei Yuan studied techniques at the Profound Origin sect while she was hiding her true background ... Lin Xuanyuan furrowed his brows. The Yun family was truly ruthless when acting, he had to explain this situation clearly to the Pei family.

    "Nobody is sleeping tonight, all of you go and search for the intruder! I have already activated every mountain pass' trap arrays, with so much rain, the culprit definitely couldn't have already escaped down the mountain! You guys have to trap the person on the mountain!"

    The disciples all sounded in agreement. Lin Xuanyuan stared at the still unceasing rain, and deeply emphasized, "Remember, this situation will determine the life and death of our Profound Origin sect! That person must be caught, if alive I want to see him, if dead I want to see his corpse!"

    "Yes!" ------------------


    A flitting dark shadow, like an arrow flying out of its string, pierced through the vast rain curtains. Because its speed was too fast, it left faint after-blurs wherever it passed by.

    The human figure directly sprinted for the back mountains; the Profound Origin sect was built into the side of the mountain, and so the area behind the sect village would be where the security would be comparatively the weakest.

    The back mountains were still and silent like usual. The figure didn't even stop, swiftly climbing up the mountain with her body like a brushstroke. She had already walked everywhere on the mountain in the past, and she knew that after this mountain peak would be a valley, after passing through the valley she would come across a tunnel, which she could use to pass out of the Profound Origin sect's encirclement of mountains.

    The rhythm of her steps were extremely rapid. While sprinting, from underneath the fingertips that were pressed on the sword scabbard by her side, there could be seen a slight jade glow of sword qi.

    The jade colored sword qi was the unique color of the fourth layer of the "Breaking Nine Heavens" technique, and signified the breakthrough of all yin and soft natured inner qi.

    The borrowed foreign inner power from Yuan Zhaoxu not only helped Meng Fuyao recover to her original cultivation level, but even helped her to break through the third layer bottleneck that had always been stagnated without progress, letting her enter the fourth layer of the technique.

    This let the speed of her attacks just then almost double, and it was only because of this that she could use her own power to slice a beautiful "X" on Pei Yuan's face, even when Pei Yuan was on alert.

    It was a pity though that Pei Yuan turned into a berserk tiger that wanted to fight her to the death. Meng Fuyao didn't want to perish together with her, so she could only leave her mark then quickly escape. Even though she knew that leaving Pei Yuan alive might bring her future troubles, she didn't have the ability to care right now.

    In front, the gray peak was in view. The thickly grown brushes and trees in the area were all soaked with rainwater, drooping and slanted heavily, showing the signs that nobody had passed through here before her.

    Meng Fuyao lightly blew out a breath of air, revealing a relieved grin.

    She strode forward to continue on.


    A sudden strange feeling underfoot, like the feeling of stepping onto a small rock.

    However Meng Fuyao didn't think it was really some piece of stone, and immediately shot backwards in withdrawal!

    Those low concealed brushes and leaves instantly rose up like snakes - upon careful inspection, it was actually a huge web that flew upwards from behind the plants, carrying the trees and bushes along with the mud to lift up together! A rustling sounded from everywhere in front, and the deadly green light streaks hidden underneath the messy undergrowth, now bursted through the gaps in the mesh, covering the whole sky and shooting towards Meng Fuyao!

    "Shit, this place has a trap array too!" Meng Fuyao darkly cursed that old fox Lin's fast movements, and was surprised at herself for not discovering that this place wasn't actually a gap in the defenses.

    The massive web flipped backwards towards her, enveloping an area of almost ten zhang. Meng Fuyao's borrowed inner qi was already starting to vanish, and with her current strength, even if she was the Buddha she would still be unable to escape in the remaining time! Seeing the looming dark net that fell like thick fog, filled with barbed hooks that glittered ominously, Meng Fuyao hopelessly closed her eyes.



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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 13 - Stunning Breakout


    "Hey, you asleep?"

    A low but graceful voice, bringing with it some laughter, sounded in her ear. Meng Fuyao opened her eyes, pleasantly surprised.

    In front, Yuan Zhaoxu stood unruffled and noble, like he had just stepped into a palace. The drenching rain hit his body, yet his clothes were dry. Standing far away in a swath of muddy green and with mountain cliffs at his back, he seemed like a suddenly arisen bright moon.

    He was a far distance away, but his expression was still the same, calm and unhurried. Logically speaking, even if he wanted to save Meng Fuyao now he would not have enough time; but the moment Meng Fuyao saw him, she felt a unreasonable sense of relief, as if the life and death calamity in front of her had become unworthy of her fear. The corner of her mouth couldn't help but lightly lift up.

    Meng Fuyao's smile had not yet fully expanded, when she saw the formerly still and far away Yuan Zhaoxu give her a grin.

    Before the grin could fade away, he suddenly moved.

    This one movement was like a thunderclap, destroying jade mountains and causing avalanches. An incandescent, roiling turbulence sprinted over the flat ground, formidably stirring up a vast portion of the night rainstorm. The unparalleled shockwave of power stripped the ground of trees and grass, all of which uprooted in a "hua la la" sound and coiled upwards to form a wall, filling the entirety of one's vision with the dark green expanse that flew towards the huge enclosing net.

    Yuan Zhaoxu flew sticking close to the ground, in a flash arriving in front of Meng Fuyao. With a stretch of his hand he pressed her down, a hand closely embracing her body while still continuing to fly forwards on the ground. With a flip of the other hand's sleeves, that tremendous agitation of powerful winds twisted and shattered the flying "plant wall". The branches and grass strands, mixed in with his true qi, became countless flying arrows, with loud whizzing sounds twisting through the air to meet the huge web. Only an endless whistling of collision could be heard, and in a blink of an eye the net was completely shredded into broken fragments by the blade-like leaves and branches, losing its form.

    The final bits of the ominously glowing net fell to the ground, precisely landing in front of the feet of Yuan Zhaoxu, while behind him some remainders were soundlessly beaten into the mud by the falling rain.

    Lightly smiling, Yuan Zhaoxu unhurriedly spread his two arms, looking at the woman sprawled underneath him.

    "How do you feel, seeing me?" -----------

    How do I feel?

    Meng Fuyao blinked her eyes, staring upwards.

    The overlooking Yuan Zhaoxu's unfathomably dark eyes held some humor in them, their gaze unreasonably entrancing like wine.

    A mysterious light fragrance was given off, something even this unending downpour had no way of diluting.

    Two pairs of eyes met, for a time no one speaking. Yuan Zhaoxu stopped teasing, and Meng Fuyao forgot to snap back a sarcastic reply. In this instant in the never-ending rain, right after the danger had passed, entrapped in Yuan Zhaoxu's unique aura, she forgot how to form words, and didn't know why she would want to either.

    This person who seemed so far away, ever since that moment they met, had been close to her side. In only a short two hours, he had saved her twice already.

    Meng Fuyao didn't even know why he wanted to help her.

    She only gazed at him, a warm flow swirling in the depths of her heart. Her body that had become icy cold due to a night of raining and assassination, suddenly seemed to have a few degrees of warmth.

    In only that instant of eyes meeting.

    There was a thin strand of silk in the bottom of her heart, the strand long rusted due to many years of heartless erosion by winds of frost, and was almost severed because of that person's betrayal; in that moment of eyes intersecting, in between the howling turbulence of the storm and the peaceful stillness of their embrace, that strand began to lightly stir and connect again, sending out a thin yet shocking vibration sound.

    It was as if hearing a thunderclap while in silence.

    Meng Fuyao shook.

    Her fingers all of a sudden tightly dug into the wet ground. The thorny undergrowth pierced her fingers, the pure white fingertips immediately squeezing out some round blood droplets that were quickly washed away by the pouring rain and absorbed into the black wet soil.

    Meng Fuyao inhaled sharply, the shooting pain in her fingers causing her pupils to become lucid once again. Her next thought was to shrink back, but she only had time to move halfway. Yuan Zhaoxu, who was up until now staring fixedly at her, suddenly broke his gaze and reached out his arm to lift her up, and with a twist of his body they flew out together.

    In his arms, Fuyao turned her head in astonishment, while Yuan Zhaoxu had already laughed, "You want to devote your body to me here? But I'm afraid of catching a cold."

    His voice had a relaxed humor in them. From Fuyao's angle, she couldn't see his expression, but judging from his tone he seemed to not be affected by that moment just now, giving her some relief. For some unknowable reason, however, hearing his indifference also gave her a bit of disappointment and hurt.

    Then with a "pei" sound in her heart, Meng Fuyao silently cursed herself for being such a Qiong Yao [1]. What was she doing! She was an old woman whose mental age was almost 40, what was she doing playing around with the struggles of affection?

    She swiveled her head, wanting to drop down and leave Yuan Zhaoxu's close hug, but the caught unaware Yuan Zhaoxu pressed his fingers against her tightly to keep her in place, while softly saying, "Don't move."

    The words had not yet faded away before, five zhang in front, countless numbers of black figures appeared out of the darkness, holding bows and nocking arrows in combat ready positions. When the forward-most black figure saw a person, he immediately loosed the bowstring and shot an arrow, the "weng" sound from the shot screaming continuously forwards. Another streak of phosphorescent lightning shot straight up from the ground, and following that a thicket of trees orderly flattened, forming a piece of empty land behind which were ten or so trees. Their upper halves were dark jade, while their lower halves were scraped of bark, revealing the dull white of the inner wood.

    Seeing those trees and their pattern of arrangement, Meng Fuyao instantly thought of a Five Variation White Wood Array that the old Daoist had mentioned once before. Just when she wanted to shout at Yuan Zhaoxu to be careful, she actually saw him not even hesitate, with one point of his foot directly flying into the heart of the formation.

    Yuan Zhaoxu's Qinggong skill was the highest of anyone Fuyao had ever seen. Even when holding another person his feet never touched the ground, light as a feather, so fast that she couldn't even stop him before in a blink they had reached the eye of the array.

    Meng Fuyao's heart sank, only closing her eyes while silently calculating her body's position. According to what she had learned before, she planned to destroy the tree three steps to her left side first before anything else. The Five Variation White Wood Array had a myriad of transformations, with life and death possibly coming in an instant. She only had around 50 percent confidence to escape from the large formation's possibly concealed underground arrows and giant log presses, but no matter what, it would still be better than following Yuan Zhaoxu directly sprinting into a death trap.

    However right before she moved, Yuan Zhaoxu suddenly shot out an unexpected flying kick, completely splitting the array center's giant tree in half and blowing it away. Amidst the roaring explosion, a "ka ka" mechanical spring noise began to rise up from the surroundings. With light whizzing noises something erupted out of the ground surface, almost like a thick cluster of wasps or a hurricane of conglomerated branches and leaves; the ominously gray patch tyrannically gusted towards them while tearing up the ground.

    The cloud was consisted of the dark steel daggers hidden underneath the ground, piercing through the air along with the scattered flying rain and mud. The blades bounced and weaved in between the trees, unceasingly hitting trees at different angles, then in an instant reflecting off of the power of the collision in different directions. The daggers shot straight for the eyes, then the chest, and blades originally about to pierce into the back would then shoot straight up; thousands and tens of thousands of variations flashed by, with nowhere to hide.

    Yet Yuan Zhaoxu never put this pressing situation of life or death in his eyes. In mid-air his robes flew, tumbled, and snaked, like gusts of fierce wind blowing storm clouds to drift, or like electricity twisting inside deep fog, sometimes seen and sometimes unseen. Silhouetting the dark heavens they lifted up, then sharply stopped, time and time again. Close by, air currents flew like unseen knives, each one splitting a tree that would take many to wrap their arms around. One could only see that in between the fluttering of his sleeves sonic booms would sound non-stop - every time he attacked, another tree would be halved. The sharp daggers and the human figure that penetrated between them flew past the gigantic tree trunks as fast as lightning and as light as feathers; every time the figure dodged the flying daggers, it flashed through the smallest of cracks that wouldn't even allow a strand of hair to slip through. He was clearly dealing with the most chaotic and unpredictable attacks, yet his movements were precise and exquisite, as if he had rehearsed this play countless times before.

    He was like an immortal with incomprehensible powers, using rivers as string and lightning as the needle, weaving an impenetrable and wonderful picture on the complex brocade of the blue seas and eight wildernesses.

    The huge trees were felled one by one, seemingly falling at random. Yet in reality every trunk dropped in a slightly different position, each tree resting higher than the other by a small height and impacting with changing amounts of force, every one coincidentally stacking on top of the previous tree trunk. With this fold by fold domino-like falling pattern, not one tree actually landed on the ground, and at the end, all the trees were resting in a mountainous hill-like structure. Those crazily shooting daggers also bounced off the covering tree structure with extraordinary accuracy, all of them rebounding downwards and neatly piercing back into the earth.

    Exhaling a breath of cold air, Meng Fuyao almost forgot how to breath. She also knew how to break this formation, but she had never thought that there would actually be someone in this world who could break it with this kind of method. This type of breaking method that completely borrowed the array's strength to break it - just what extreme level of accuracy and frightening calculations would be needed? Those many trees, those uncountable flying knives and every knife's power and angle of rebound, required one to have a complete peak expert's grasp and calculation skill, to only then be able to land without the smallest injury. This kind of horrifying calculation, Fuyao thought that even a modern computer would take several seconds to process, let alone the Yuan Zhaoxu in the middle of the formation, facing almost-certain death from ferocious attacks from all sides!?

    This, was this still a person?

    The huge trees had all fallen, and the daggers had all rebounded into the ground. With a flip of his sleeve, Yuan Zhaoxu brought Meng Fuyao to fly directly outwards, his mid-air steps as if he were treading on flying clouds. With one leap he had already arrived at the highest tree's branch end, the large downpour of rainwater being deflected away by the flowing true qi around his body. While traversing the air his figure was straight, like a flying immortal.

    His feet landed on the tallest tree canopy, but the leaves underneath didn't shake. Yuan Zhaoxu clasped his hands in a slight smile, proudly overlooking that crowd of ambushers whose hands were still on the bow, their arrows still nocked on the bowstring. Those people all were in their previous positions like they were solidly paralyzed in place, their mouths open wide in shock as they looked back at that godly male figure standing on the branches. After seeing how with an instant of hand and eye coordination he had completely destroyed their sect master's carefully set up, unbreakable white wood array; seeing how with a light traversing, he had used the most unbelievable and unthinkable method to pass through the array in a flash; seeing how not even a speck of dust was touched on his body, like entering that certain-death array was like entering an empty space, and seeing how the remote figure on the tree canopy was completely relaxed and unruffled, for a time they experienced an awe-inspiring dread, as if they had just seen a deity. How could they have still remembered to use their bows and fire their arrows?

    Yuan Zhaoxu gave a faint grin then lifted up his sleeves in a flick. Those below neatly scattered, but for a moment didn't see anything. Then, they heard a long laugh sound in the air. Two black human shadows lithely shot out like electricity, drawing a long-lasting dark line through the mid-air rainwater. Those leaves and branches nearby were scattered into the air, trees were orderly parted to the sides, and the accumulated mud on the ground surface was gusted upwards by the gentle yet vast true qi, splattering in four directions. "Ka cha ka cha" sounds erupted one after the other, arrows twisted and the earth cracked, water surged and fire was extinguished, and in an instant, the remaining four Black Water, Yellow Earth, Raging Fire and Dark Metal formations behind the white wood array were broken through in procession.

    The four formation's continuously triggered chains of traps and mechanisms randomly activated en masse, and at once killing not a small number of the guarding Profound Origin sect disciples. Amidst shocked cries, the crowd fled in even more chaos.

    Their sprinting speed was too fast, and the wind violently howled. Meng Fuyao struggled to lift her head while in Yuan Zhaoxu's embrace, looking at the already unrecognizable large formations with a bit of pity. She also knew how to break through these arrays, but because the person above her head was too valiant, from start to finish she could only be a hero with no chance to show her talents. Bored out of her mind, she lazily played with Zhaoxu's robe lapels, then lazily let out a breath of air.

    She heard Yuan Zhaoxu's voice dimly sound from above her head. When speaking his chest slightly trembled, knocking against her cheek that was stuck to his chest. The place where they touched was burning with temperature, gradually spreading to her whole body, and causing Meng Fuyao, who had ran here and there for a whole night and was already exhausted, to fuzzily become sleepy-headed.

    " ... these formations are a little too shabby, how about we switch to another method of escaping ..."

    Ok, let's escape, I'll drag you with me.

    Meng Fuyao shut her eyes, and fell asleep.




    1. Qiong Yao "琼瑶" was a very famous Chinese romance novelist in the 20th century.

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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 14 - I Will Be In Hell


    It seemed like only a long dream. In the dream, there was a scene of dawn breaking and waters surging - it was the clear blue waters of the Namtso Lake [1]. Far above, the cloudless sky and silver snow peaks reflected a pure white brilliance onto the lake surface, which looked like crystallized waves of silver. Occasionally there would be fish leaping out from the waves, and the sunlight would flash off their scales in a myriad of vivid colors.

    Mother still appeared the same as she was before falling ill, faintly standing by her side. When the wind blew her hair into disarray, her mother's fingers stroked the sides of her ears, helping her tuck it back behind her ears with a familiar, warm touch.

    Absentmindedly, she recalled that this was the one time she and her mother had traveled out together. Her father had left when she was only a child, and her mother could only raise her and struggle for survival in an earthly world that even poor people would consider particularly cramped and narrow. Fortunately, her mother was an open-minded and generous person - she was someone who could bitterly work overtime through the night for an extra ten yuan, yet was also someone who, because of her daughter's wish to one day visit the high plateaus, could spend ten years' worth of savings.

    Standing before Namtso Lake, the vast winds of the high plateau swayed and swirled without rest like sharp swords passing between the ice peaks in the sky, and with air whistling, they shot towards the boundless earth. From far away beyond the horizon, there came a faint whisper like the chanting of Buddhist sutras, circling overhead along with the low-flying Himalayan vultures. In that moment, she seemed to hear in the depths of her heart, some sediments of haziness and obsession being shattered by the gusts of snowy wind.

    After returning from Namtso Lake, she chose to study Ancient History and Archaeology.

    She had chosen to accompany the endless earthen yellow wilderness, the thousand-year-old gigantic Buddha carvings, the long-untouched wild ruins, the deep and unknown valleys, the steep cliff sides where ancient coffins still hung in the air. [2]

    In a blink of an eye, she was walking down a dim, long passageway. Blue and white porcelain oil lamps flickered, while the wide blocks of massive stone that paved the ground were trod on by her army boots, sounding with the echoes of empty spaces underneath. Her feet moved under the golden light, and spaced every three steps on the stone surface would be carved a huge lotus blossom. Gradually, the "品" shaped underground chamber came into view, and inside the side chambers of the passageway, emerald sculptures of large beasts stared across at each other.

    The distant noise of what sounded like Buddhist mantras could be faintly heard chanting by her ear once again, seemingly nowhere and everywhere at the same time. She restrained her heart that wanted to jump up, and, following her instinct, she continued forward towards the main tomb chamber.

    Yes, it was there.

    A towering, vast, pure white stone column, majestic and mystical beyond what the mind could imagine, had images of auspicious beasts that seemed to want to leap up into the skies. The pale gold domed ceiling had tens of night-luminescent pearls embedded in it, each one flashing with light, as if creating another Ninth Heaven.

    Her eyes only stared at that golden coffin.

    Who was silently in a deep sleep inside it?

    On the huge gold coffin was carved a pattern, vaguely looking like a person's face.

    She went forward step by step.


    The call from behind her was intimate yet mournful, a familiar voice, yet an unfamiliar tone.

    She quickly turned back.

    "Mom ..."

    A pillar of white light beamed down from an unknown location. Inside the white glow, her mother's body was frail and thin, the blue-striped white hospital gown so bright that it hurt her eyes.

    "Fuyao, are you well?"

    She froze in place, tears welling up in her eyes. With a twist of her body, she began to sprint towards where the white light had converged.

    Over there was her mother, she was her caregiver, she was her only harbor to rest at after a long drift at sea, she was her ... home.

    In the instant she turned her body, that inexplicable low chanting sound behind her suddenly grew even louder. Sound after sound, the muttering pulsed louder, turning into a huge sonic wave that spread throughout the chamber until it surged like the tides, layer after layer coming towards her. As if it wanted to restrain her in place, the sound surrounded her completely.

    "Fuyao ..."

    "If you turn away, I will be in hell."



    A low elegant male voice was heard by her ear, sounding quite familiar. For a quick moment, Meng Fuyao thought that the sounds in her dream had appeared once again. She thought that she had crossed through time and space again, traveling to that place preordained by her fate.

    Startled, she opened her eyes. Her still somewhat blurry vision turbulently shook like water ripples, reflecting an otherworldly handsome visage into her eyes. Meng Fuyao stared dumbly for a while, before remembering that she had actually, while fleeing in a life-or-death situation, fallen asleep in the arms of a man she had only met twice before! She had even dreamt such a bizarre and strange dream.

    It truly was a new experience she had never felt before.

    Getting up with a slight blush, Meng Fuyao sat up and looked around, discovering herself in a quiet, still room. Judging from the hangings and decorations, it was clearly one of Profound Origin sect village's guest rooms. To put it another way, they were currently still inside the Profound Origin sect.

    Yuan Zhaoxu had already changed his clothing into some ordinary cloth outfit. Unfortunately, this person's temperament was far too extraordinary - the cloth fabric on his body couldn't cover his aura at all. Instead, the common clothes had illogically become more noble and charming thanks to their unadorned simplicity.

    He idly sat on a chair, using the tea cover to lightly stir the tea stems in the cup [3]. Master Yuanbao's attitude was arrogant as he crouched on Zhaoxu's shoulder. After waiting for the tea to cool to an appropriate temperature, his little head dipped forwards and drank a mouthful.

    Yuan Zhaoxu was faintly smiling, as if he did not mind at all, while Master Yuanbao smugly celebrated his successful sneak attack. Zhaoxu silently finished stirring his tea, then suddenly plopped the teacup cover onto Yuanbao's head.

    With a "pa" sound, the large and heavy porcelain cup cover landed on top of Master Yuanbao's snowy white head, immediately covering his whole body underneath. Master Yuanbao was caught off-guard by the huge object landing on top of him, and plus he had never practiced iron neck martial arts before, so he was instantly pressed down low. Wearing that cup cover, he stumbled in three circles on Yuan Zhaoxu's shoulder like he was drunk, then with a "peng" he planted into the ground.

    Crawling back up, Master Yuanbao didn't dare to go seek revenge against his master. He could only stick his butt in the air, then go to the wall corner and start drawing circles. Yuan Zhaoxu acted like nothing had happened, smiling towards the Meng Fuyao who had been watching their antics. "Who did you dream about?"

    Starting, Fuyao vaguely thought of the dream she just had, her head feeling a bit absentminded, but also a little suffocated. Yet her face forcibly smiled, and she said, "Not much, just dreamt of some things from the past."

    Yuan Zhaoxu sipped some tea, lifting up his eyebrows from the rim of the cup. His eyelashes were dense and long, covering over his deep black pupils. "Oh? Past things? Then why were you holding me so tightly and refusing to let go?"


    "You were hugging my sleeve, crying Mama."


    Meng Fuyao's face immediately turned scarlet.

    Putting down the tea and leaning slanted on the chair, Yuan Zhaoxu's eyes held faint laughter in them. "Mama? Is that referring to mother? Your way of addressing your elders, seems to be a bit different from the people of the Five Regions Continent."

    Fuyao first turned awkward, then her heart arbitrarily became a little frantic. After thinking, she shot a smile. "From your Honor's words, you seem to understand a lot about the races of the Five Regions Continent. Yet you don't know that when us Yan Huang people address our mothers, we always call out Mama." [4]

    "Yan Huang people?" Yuan Zhaoxu's voice was calm, with not the slightest trace of surprise.

    "Yes." Meng Fuyao's face was straight. "A remote small tribe of the Heng region, for generations living within the deep mountains and not interacting with the outside world. I was brought out of the mountains by distant relatives when I was little. Other things I don't remember much of, but this way of calling our mothers, I still have some memory of."

    She blinked her eyes, then stretched out her hand, slightly smiling with a natural and generous expression. "I am Meng Fuyao, thank you for saving me twice in a row."

    Yuan Zhaoxu slowly turned his eyes to look at her snowy white palm. With a faint laugh he said, "Is this also one of your Yan Huang people's ceremonies?"

    Fuyao directly met his eyes. "In the customs of our people, when a woman extends her hand towards you, ignoring it is a very rude thing to do."

    "Is that so ..." Zhaoxu dragged out the last syllable, his voice deep and graceful like a sigh immersed in a dream. He slowly stretched out his hand, as if going to shake Meng Fuyao's hand. However, right before their fingers touched, he suddenly flipped his hand and tugged, in one motion pulling Fuyao into his lap.

    Softly laughing above her head, his light strange aroma completely surrounded the slightly shocked Meng Fuyao in an instant.

    "In the customs of our Infinite Empire, when a woman expresses intention to get intimate on her own accord, if I don't accept her, it would be a very silly thing to do."




    1. Tibetan lake famed for its beauty. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namtso

    2. Burial practice of certain Chinese ethnic groups: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanging_coffins

    3. Tea stems: http://images.says.com/uploads/story_source/source_image/527517/046a.jpg

    Teacup he uses: http://img14.360buyimg.com/n1/g9/M02/0F/11/rBEHaVC0PI4IAAAAAAFjK-Z1yqsAADCXQNAOzkAAWND699.jpg

    4. Yan Huang, "炎黄", is a phrase that Chinese people commonly use to refer to their ancestry. This phrase comes from the two legendary emperors, Yan (Flame) and Huang (Yellow) Emperors, who are said to be the ancestors of all modern Chinese people. Meng Fuyao uses it as a name for her obscure clan since no one in this world should know about these figures of history in her previous world. For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yan_Huang_Zisun

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    Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 15 - Take Responsibility


    Accept her?


    Could this person's dictionary also include types of phrases like "If it's good then take it", and "Modestly gentleman"?

    Meng Fuyao clenched her fists, on full alert. She was determined to reject that warm, fragrantly entrancing chest, determined to not look at those laughing eyes above her head. This person's eyes were made of spring water, distilled from spring sunlight, and melded with the spring wind. His charming aura was just as strong as his martial arts - any and all thoughts of resistance would be flicked into flying motes of dust between his fingers.

    Unfortunately, even if she used her toes to count she would know, that this man was definitely very dangerous. He was like Devil's Snare swaying in the golden breeze [1] - it looked beautiful and harmless, but could actually wound without a trace. All the cells of Meng Fuyao's body were warning her to not cling and be unwilling to leave his warmth. After living for so many years, if she still fell prey to the trivial nature of physical attractiveness, then wouldn't she have wasted all these years of her life?

    Meng Fuyao's willowy eyebrows rose in anger, and with a push of her fists, she tried to push him a safe distance away. However, she didn't expect Yuan Zhaoxu to suddenly tighten his hand! The hand that was originally gently resting on her back suddenly exerted force, hugging her while twirling her in a spin. Whereas Meng Fuyao was previously trying to stand up from the bedside, now with this revolution she immediately fell backwards onto the bed.

    The next moment, light-colored robes loosely drifted down, and Yuan Zhaoxu had also flipped onto the bed. With a stretch of his hand, the curtains began to fall downwards, the pearl draperies hitting the ground with fine, scattered sounds. The swaying of the curtains as they fell created an otherworldly, bewitching scene.

    After seeing that he had actually come onto the bed too, the appalled Meng Fuyao wanted to spring up out of the bed. Yet Yuan Zhaoxu only turned his head on the pillow and grinned at her, softly whispering, "Shh ~"

    He moved his eyes to look outside the window. There, a dim shadow faintly flashed.

    After Meng Fuyao glanced for a second, she then silently made a motion, with her straight palm slicing downward.

    Yuan Zhaoxu gave a light smile, turned so that his back was towards the window, then leaned his head forward and softly whispered by her ear, "A girl shouldn't have such a thickly murderous aura. It'll affect your graceful charm ..." When speaking his breath was intoxicating and slightly warm, gently tickling the side of her ear like a vibrating silk string. His voice was so low it was blurred, with every word enthralling.

    Without reason, Fuyao's face became red.

    That red blush spread, then retreated. Before she could fully recover to her normal color, that guy who had just told her to not be so murderous, suddenly unconcernedly flicked his fingers.

    With a "pa" sound, on the pale white window paper where a scattered, slanted shadow was reflected, several red plum blossoms instantly burst forth. They slowly soaked and spread out, mixing in with the both weak and bold flower designs on the paper surface.

    An extremely muffled grunt came from the foot of the wall, the sound moving far away in a split second.

    After hearing the sound, Fuyao couldn't help but shake her head. "You tell others to have charm, yet you go on to mercilessly pierce that guy's ears and deafen him."

    "If he didn't stick so close to the window paper, how could that ice needle have wounded him?" Yuan Zhaoxu's flowing eyes seemed like a blurry dream full of flickering mist. "All things have their cause and effect, evil will reap what evil sows."

    Meng Fuyao shifted her body preparing to get up, while knitting her brows and chuckling, "I guess this is the moral outlook of your Infinite Empire's people?"

    Yuan Zhaoxu chuckled but didn't answer. Fuyao shifted her body, but suddenly found that she couldn't move. Turning back her head in shock, she saw that the Yuan Zhaoxu on top of the pillow had actually shifted closer by a few degrees, currently grinning and teasingly playing with a strand of her hair that had fallen onto the pillow. Seeing her look over, his smile became even more radiant, and he raised that strand of hair close to his nose, closing his eyes in a deep sniff.

    Then, he faintly laughed. "Smells good."

    Fuyao immediately pulled her hair back, using murderous eyes to glare back at him.

    Yuan Zhaoxu pretended not to see her glare. Using his hand to prop up his cheek, he scooped up yet another strand of long hair and continued to play with it, conveniently placing some of her scattered hair underneath his body. Meng Fuyao was unable to free herself, and so could only bare her fangs at him in a toothy half-snarl, half-smile. "Tonight I rolled around in the grass and mud, rolled down a cliff, and even soaked in a night of rain."

    "Its passable, not too smelly."

    "I have louses."

    "Even better, I'll help you catch them."


    Meng Fuyao was silent for a short while, until suddenly she laughed. Yuan Zhaoxu lifted his head to look at her; from this angle, her appearance was truly enchanting. Fuyao only grabbed the blankets and shoved them over his face, then used her strength to squeakily rock the bed.

    The bed began to dangerously tip from side to side, causing the hanging pearl curtains to swing and sparkle, looking very gorgeous but also very suspicious.

    Yuan Zhaoxu twisted up the corners of his eyes and lifted his eyebrows, then realized what she was doing, and couldn't help but laugh.

    Pitter-patter pitter-patter.

    In the instant that the creaking bed sounds began to sound, a fat white shadow shot out from the wall corner, crawled up the bed, and in mid-air executed another "forward flip somersault 360 degree body twist". Four limbs flung out, preparing to cleave apart the two who looked like they were exercising on the bed.

    With the sound of blankets rustling, the two people of one mind flipped over at the same time. The Master Yuanbao who had a "Master Fetish" [2] plopped onto the bed in a "gu dong" sound, right in the middle of the two people. The bed coverings were very soft, and Master Yuanbao fell deep into the swirl with his feet over his head. Only after struggling and trying a couple back-flips, did he forcibly free himself in the end.

    Unfortunately, after going through all the trouble of unsteadily staggering to his feet, the unscrupulous master used a finger to flick him down again, and Master Yuanbao was planted into the blankets yet again.

    Master Yuanbao hugged the sheets, crying with a zhi zhi sound.

    Fuyao bit the sheets, laughing so hard she was almost convulsing.

    Yet at this time, outside the window suddenly came light knocking sounds, three in a row. Following that, a streak of black shadow floated in like mist.

    Yuan Zhaoxu went up to meet him. With his back blocking view of the black-clothed man's face, the two people softly conversed a few phrases, and then the black-clothed man retreated outside again.

    After Zhaoxu turned back around, Meng Fuyao had already sat up from the bed. From between the hanging drapes only a pair of black eyes could be seen, shining with light as they stared at him.

    "Your master has asked the Grand Tutor to stay here for a couple more days. The reason he offered was because he wanted to reminisce about the past with an old friend he has not seen for years." Yuan Zhaoxu's smile had some deep meaning to it. "The Grand Tutor was originally planning on saying goodbye today, but now he naturally cannot leave."

    "Lin Xuanyuan has always been an old fox." Meng Fuyao shrugged her shoulders.

    "I had planned to bring you with the Grand Tutor down the mountain. Looks like now we need a change of plans." Yuan Zhaoxu's finger lightly raised, supporting his chin in an elegant posture. "Lin Xuanyuan has already contacted Pei Yuan's relatives, and they will hurry here soon. Him staying the Grand Tutor, is actually because he already suspects the Grand Tutor might have some involvement in tonight's events. By delaying the Grand Tutor until the people from the Pei family arrive, if there is any conflict, it will only be the Pei family offending the Grand Tutor. Looks like he has calculated well."

    "Say, does the Grand Tutor actually have any involvement in tonight's business?" Meng Fuyao grinned at him. "For example, you helping me, does that old guy know about it?"

    "It would be better to worry about how you are going to escape yourself." Yuan Zhaoxu didn't fall for her trap.

    Meng Fuyao didn't respond, only standing up to tidy her clothes and put up her hair.

    Zhaoxu sat without moving while watching her movements. A bit of humor passed through his eyes. "En?" [3]

    "It's better for me to not continue to stay here." Fuyao quickly tied her cuffs, and inspected her weapons. "You have already helped me twice, that's already very righteous of you. If I continue to rely on you, I'll bring trouble to both you and the Grand Tutor. I can't be so irresponsible."

    She waved her hand in a very fashionable, sophisticated farewell gesture. "Catch you later."

    After which she didn't even turn her head and walked towards the exit. Before she reached the door, with a "ka-cha" sound, the door latch locked of its own accord. Meng Fuyao stopped in her steps, turned around, and looked at Yuan Zhaoxu with her head tilted. [4]

    The day had already broken. Dawn light faintly spilled through the window's gaps, outlining her door frame-leaning figure vividly and clearly, which was like a willow tree that was both gentle and strong.

    In the morning's light Yuan Zhaoxu's pupils flickered. The meaning in his eyes was unable to be articulated in words.

    After a while he gently set down the tea in his hands. The clear sound of the porcelain bottom hitting the boxwood table [5] seemed to hold some veiled implication, like some kind of hard to express emotion.

    "Woman shouldn't be so stubborn and unyielding." Zhaoxu's smile, inside the rosy pink of the breaking dawn's light, made even the morning glow retreat a little. "That will make a man feel like a hero who has nowhere to display his martial skills." [6]

    "Oh? Then hero, " Meng Fuyao leaned against the door, crossing her arms and smiling at him. "How do you plan to display your martial skills?"

    "Lin Xuanyuan has set nets above and snares below, just waiting for you to fall into his traps. If you go charging in like this, then I would have saved you for nothing." Yuan Zhaoxu came forward with large steps, and his finger lightly stroked the smooth, glistening skin of her cheek. "I saved you, so half of your life can be considered mine. Since I have a share, then shouldn't you, take responsibility?"




    1. Devil's Snare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datura_stramonium

    2. Literal meaning is he is obsessed with his master, but here the author uses the term "fetish" to poke fun at the fact that Master Yuanbao seems to always jump out to interrupt the two when they are in sexually charged situations. Implies that Yuanbao might have voyeurism.

    3. "En" is usually used as a question i.e. what are you doing?

    4. That SHAFT head tilt

    5. Link: http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?taxonid=243331

    6. Feel useless
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  • Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

    Chapter 16 - Each With Their Own Plans


    Take responsibility for you?

    You saved me, and now you want me to take responsibility?

    Meng Fuyao blinked her eyes. Why did the logic of this sentence sound so strange?

    This Yuan Zhaoxu, his ability to use his words to disguise the false as true, and reverse common sense, was truly at an expert's level.

    Fuyao admitted that she was not his opponent, and so could only retreat a step, leaving that radius of entrancing fragrance. Rubbing her nose, she changed the topic, "I actually have an idea, only it will be slightly dangerous ..."

    "Then let's follow your idea then." Yuan Zhaoxu didn't even inquire about her plan, only carelessly replying.

    Meng Fuyao stared at him. "Do you know what I am thinking of?"

    "You're thinking of planting incriminating evidence and framing someone else, giving them a taste of their own medicine." Yuan Zhaoxu's smile was confident and detestable.

    Fuyao twisted the corner of her mouth while staring fixedly at him. After a while she cursed him. "Tapeworm!" --------------


    Inside the deep mountains of early autumn, there were already some signs of winter's coming. Maple leaves held the early colors of frost red, the red in the cold moonlight looking beautiful yet eerie.

    The Profound Origin village's "Wind Listening Small Pavilion", today held some special guests. The guest's status was lofty - Tai Yuan Empire's Third Prince Qi Xunyi [1]. Pei Yuan's wounding, according to normal proceedings, shouldn't have moved a prince to personally come. However, Qi Xunyi was different. His mother, an imperial concubine, was Pei Yuan's aunt; he was Pei Yuan's closest cousin.

    Qi Xunyi resided in a single courtyard. The other esteemed guest who had come with him lived in the east courtyard of the "Wind Listening Small Pavilion". That person had entered his room very early, not allowing anyone to attend to him, seeming a little unusual.

    Lin Xuanyuan had welcomed the guests during the day, and first accompanied them to visit Pei Yuan at the Orchid Pavilion. Then he had stayed at the Wind Listening Small Pavilion for half the night, before finally saying farewell. Treading on the night frost of moonlight, he walked towards his own rest chambers, his expression containing some worry.

    After he left, the Wind Listening Small Pavilion returned to stillness, and lamps were snuffed out one by one. No matter what would happen tomorrow, sleep was still a necessity.

    A silent, still night.

    The rising crescent moon coldly hung above the cloud tops, the lunar glow like distant flowing water.


    In the chilly luminance, a streak of black shadow, like a kite with a broken string, drifted past the courtyards; drifted past the patio; drifted past the entrance hall; and drifted up onto the second floor of that small building with flying, painted eaves.

    The dark shadow was like a falling leaf, hanging for some time on the eaves of the second-floor. Swaying a little underneath the eave, the figure transformed into a streak of black smoke, swinging into the highest western loft of the Wind Listening Small Pavilion.

    So light, so swift, so silent.

    Even a closed-eyed, dozing little bird on a Banyan tree next to the building, was not alerted.

    The black shadow floated into the bead curtains, penetrating into the inner room. Underneath a black mask, there peeked out a pair of resplendent pupils - Meng Fuyao's eyes.


    The black shadow had just flashed through the door, before in the dimness instantly came a deep, icy shout.

    The voice of the man inside the room was cold and clear, completely unlike the drowsiness of someone who had just been awakened.

    With a sharp glint in her eyes, Meng Fuyao noiselessly sneaked in like a monkey. With a fling of her sleeves, a dim dark dagger silently shot out of her sleeve. Like a venomous snake, in a flash it had already arrived in front of the heart of the person on the bed.

    The man only sneered, and flicked his sleeves. What clearly was soft, thin sleepwear, turned as hard as steel and smooth as jade in one motion. With a screeching sound, when the dagger met the robes it actually slid off, directly deflecting towards the edge of the bed.

    Meng Fuyao also reacted to the change in situation with extraordinary speed. The moment the dagger was deflected, she immediately did a backwards somersault, like a large hawk flipping over the man's head with a "hu" sound. Landing on the other side of the bed, without even turning her head, she backhandedly sliced towards him, directly piercing towards the opponent's back.

    The man now seemed to become angry, and suddenly leaped horizontally from the bed. Folding like a piece of snow white soft satin, he twisted his body in a bizarre manner, and avoided Fuyao's fierce blade. Then a streak of white sword light came slicing out from his waist, rising like the bright crescent moon. In that instant, the bedchamber was brilliantly covered in the glow, completely illuminating every detail of Meng Fuyao's figure.

    Her slender, feminine body was intricately outlined by the sword qi, her contours flowing like liquid waves. Her small chin was like an exquisite brook; her fullness swelled like billows of ocean waves; arriving at the waist, the curves swirled into an enchanting vortex that made one's heart jump and want to immerse inside, throwing caution to the winds.

    The man was counter-attacking with his sword when, seemingly shocked by this beautiful scene, he slightly hesitated.

    Meng Fuyao, bathed in the sword light's glow, immediately took this opportunity to cover her head and directly sprint towards the window, as if she didn't dare to fight face-to-face with the opposite side. A grim laugh, containing a sharp, murderous aura, suddenly erupted behind her. "Where do you think you're going?"

    The sound was slower than the action - in that instant, sword light formed a razor-thin line. Like a streak of flashing lightning that split apart the air, it raced directly towards the back of the Meng Fuyao currently fleeing in a hurry.

    The power behind the sword was swift, and if she continued to sprint in a straight line she would definitely be skewered. Without any choice, Meng Fuyao instantly executed an iron plate bridge, the back of her head hitting the ground [2]. The sharp sword point rubbed the tip of her nose as it flew past, and suddenly, her face strangely and noiselessly split apart, neatly dividing into two and falling onto the ground.

    That person started, then waved his hand in a beckoning gesture. The sword light flipped around, the hilt impacting Fuyao's shoulder and smashing her down onto the floor.

    Moonlight shone through the window's gaps, falling on the gray-colored "face" on the ground. The two halves of the face mask lightly rocked in the night breeze.

    Meng Fuyao, whose mask had been cut apart by the sword qi, glanced back in panic at the person inside the room.

    The moon's glow illuminated her face.

    It shone on a face with an enormous scar that, because of her shocked expression, twisted hideously.

    That scar was something could give rise to horror deep inside a person's heart; with only a glance it would become hard to forget, making one unwilling to continue to look.

    If it was only a scarred face, then perhaps it wouldn't be as horrifying. Yet, the ruined face was paired with such a poetically contoured, entrancingly beautiful figure - this type of top and bottom contrast, could only have people lamenting at the world's unjustness. Truly, the heavens did not permit such a thing as a perfect beauty to exist.

    The man narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, his expression revealing some shock and pity.

    In this moment of surprise,  Meng Fuyao immediately shot up like an agile leopard. With a point of the tip of her foot, she flipped out of the long window like a dark, elastic spring, in an instant passing through to the outside of the window.

    She escaped through the ends of the banyan tree, causing thousands of small branches to sway and dance in the air, and soft "hua la la" sounds to rustle out.

    A loose leaf floated very high, drifting past the burst opened, still slightly oscillating window, and fell towards the man's sword tip. But a few chi before it landed, it suddenly shook, then disintegrated in mid-air, transforming into a small pile of dark green powder.

    The man didn't move throughout.

    His sword light coagulated into rippling waves, and thousands of dazzling light beams lit up his appearance. He had dark hair like ink, and his tall stature stood straight like jade. A pair of upturned phoenix eyes brilliantly flickered, containing hints of both malevolence and nobility. [3]

    He dusted his sleeves, immediately brushing that pile of dark green dust into a cloud of green mist that slowly rose in the silent stillness of the room.

    The wind fluttered the pearl and jade hangings. Behind the man, a door that connected with the eastern side of the pavilion noiselessly opened all of a sudden.

    Within the doorframe, a vague, white figure was sunk inside the blurry darkness.

    Noticing the white figure, the man's eyes immediately radiated a sinister expression. Yet after turning his head, he had already recovered to his usual calm, unexpressive face. His voice also held some measures of respect and deliberate intimacy. "Sir Zong, my apologies for disturbing you."

    "The Third Prince has no need to be so polite." The white-clothed man walked out of the darkness. With a far-away gaze, he looked out of the window at the still swaying tree branches, a pondering expression in his eyes. "I had not slept yet."

    He turned his gaze towards the table surface, a little hesitant. Qi Xunyi immediately said, "This tea set I have not touched yet, feel free to use it."

    Smiling apologetically, the white-clothed man used the set to pour himself a cup of tea. His movements were dexterous and steady, his palm slender and clean. There was no light inside the room. Under the moon's glow his side profile was gentle, his eyes and lips seeming paler than normal, making one think of early spring's newly blossomed cherry trees.

    Lightly sipping some tea to wet his lips, he thoughtfully stared at the fallen tree leaves in the mud below. Faintly, he spoke. "These leaves ... originally they should not have fallen ..."

    Qi Xunyi disapprovingly glanced outside the window with an extremely minute furrow of his brows. Then he laughed, "Sir Zong is a medical practitioner and has a parent's heart, even having pity for flora. Xunyi completely admires you." [4]

    "You can just call me Zong Yue." Lightly smiling, Zong Yue put down his tea. "Ever since I was born, I have liked plants. Seeing flowers and leaves fall before their time, I cannot help but feel a little sadness. Third Prince must think me foolish."

    "You can also just call me Xunyi." Qi Xunyi generously laughed, "Names are given so that people can use them, Sir needs not be so troubled."

    His laughter was forthright, but his eyes never stopped darting around. Zong Yue averted his gaze, faintly smiling but not speaking.

    Qi Xunyi stared at his eyes, slowly saying, "That scene just now, you must have seen as well."

    Zong Yue's expression had little change, only shallowly nodding his head.

    "Which sect did that person come from? Looking at their techniques, it seems like ..." Qi Xunyi's words were hesitant, his eyes shining brilliantly.

    Zong Yue fell silent for a short while, then spread his face in a smile. "The Prince is known to be number one under the heavens in terms of knowledge, your research and studies covering all topics. This wicked guest's actions, in your highness' heart, must have long been seen through. Unfortunately, Zong Yue is too unperceptive and cannot discover much, otherwise I would have also helped your highness in solving this case."

    Qi Xunyi's stare deepened, then he smiled and waved his hand. "Sir Zong is too modest. Actually, this small prince is not bold enough to bother Sir with such meaningless, mundane affairs either. How about Sir rest early, my younger sister's wounds still have to rely on Sir." [5]

    "Princess Yuan's wounds are not light, especially since inside them still remain corroding bone powder that will cause the wounds to deepen. Curing will not be a problem, but completely recovering her original appearance will be very difficult." Zong Yue's eyes showed some regret, "However, I will do my best."

    "Then it will be all up to Sir." Qi Xunyi lightly bowed.

    Zong Yue silently returned the favor, then drifted away.

    Right after his figure vanished inside the side door, Qi Xunyi's agreeable and cool expression immediately disappeared without a trace. He fixed his eyes on where Zong Yue had left, with a deep gloominess in his vision. After some time, he spat towards the ground with loathing, and softly cursed: "Bastard!"




    1. Qi Xunyi = "齐寻意", Qi is surname, Xun yi means "seek meaning"

    2. Using your body to create a bridge. In Chinese it's called "Iron Plate Bridge", English doesn't really have a specific phrase, it's just called "doing a bridge"

    3. If you've ever come across the "upturned phoenix eyes" phrase before and wondered what it looked like, here are some examples. Male: http://s4.sinaimg.cn/mw690/97fca9dagd829e2f090a3&690

    Female: http://s12.sinaimg.cn/mw690/97fca9dagd8296b70e63b&690

    It's considered an attractive trait in both genders

    4. A parent's heart = a gentle heart, compassionate

    5. Pei Yuan is not actually his younger sister but his younger cousin, but "sister" can be used to refer to female relatives besides just an actual sister.

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