The Seven Dragons - Chapter 1

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Hey guys just a quick intro my name is RazorsHurt and this is my first original story. Not that I'd really call it that, this may just be a oneshot as I'm using it for polishing my writing skills. Anyway my story is called The Seven Dragons bit generic I know but couldn't think of anything else really ;). If anyone has any pointers or comments please feel free. 

The Seven Dragons - Chapter 1 - It’s Time to…

Lighting flashed across the sky striking the ground before the gates of a mighty palace. Electricity crackled in the spot the lighting had struck before coming together to form a man. The man was tall his long hair framing a handsome face with eyebrows like swords and eyes that seemed to pierce straight to the heart of the palace. He wore long white robes that flowed behind him emblazoned on the back was the image of a golden dragon swallowing a red sun. Six other figures dressed in similar robes nodded in greeting to the man. One of the six a young fair skinned woman with piercing green eyes stepped forward.

"Eldest Brother Toran the potentials are ready and waiting bellow as soon as master arrives the ceremony can begin."

The man called Toran nodded in response but then quickly looked puzzled.

"What do you mean when master arrives shouldn't he already be here?"

The woman glanced back at the five other robed figures behind then faced Toran a look of embarrassment on her face.

"No Eldest Brother. Master is still within the throne room...uh meditating."

Toran looked at the woman and the people behind a little annoyed but finally sighing in defeat.

"Very well I shall go retrieve master you six begin the trials master and I will meet you in the courtyard."

Toran walked through the halls of the palace with purpose and grace befitting one of his status and power. As Toran walked he passed several guards each one bowing their heads to him. If he had stopped to look Toran would have seen reverence and awe reflected in their eyes as they watched him walk by. Stopping before huge bone white double doors Toran observed two men clad in black dragon scale armor guarding it. For a moment Toran pondered the effectiveness of such guards as he could kill them with a simple thought. This sentiment proved true for just by standing there Toran emanated an aura of power that left the guards weak at the knees. If not for the magical charms enchanted to the armor and the guards own significant power they would have collapsed. That being the case it took all they had not to simply fall over. Noticing the guards discomfort Toran smiled at them and suppressed his aura so as to alleviate the pressure they felt. 

"My apologies I allowed my thoughts to drift for a moment and it seems you have suffered for it. I hope you will both train hard so as to avoid such unpleasantness in the future. Now if you would I am here to see my master." 

The guards looked relieved and bowed low.

 "No apologies are necessary Noble Toran please enter."

Both guards moved pulling the door open as they stepped aside to allow Toran to enter. After the doors had swung closed behind him Toran stopped to close his eyes letting out a long sigh. Opening his eyes Toran walked towards the throne at the end of the room. Coming to a stop at the base of the steps leading to the throne Toran kneeled with his head bowed. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts Toran looked at the man on the throne who hidden behind a red curtain. Closing his eyes again briefly Toran addressed the man behind the curtain.

"Your disciple greets you master on this most important of days. The others are assembled and waiting we are ready to begin."

After some time waiting in silence for a reply Toran stood up. Luckily no one Toran had passed could see his face at that moment. His furrowed brow and somewhat annoyed expression might have been considered unbecoming for one of his status. Waiting a bit longer Toran's look of annoyance and exasperation only intensified. Letting out another long sigh he walked up the stairs to the curtain that blocked anyone from seeing the man seated on the throne. Hesitating to move the curtain Toran called out again his voice carrying a tinge of annoyance this time.

 "Master?... The others are waiting in the courtyard the ceremony is about to begin..." 

After waiting several more minutes and finding himself growing increasingly annoyed Toran tried one last time to elicit a response from his master. 

"Master, please! It's time to get up the others are waiting." 

Another minute passed fed up with waiting Toran pulled the curtain aside and found what he had expected and dreaded. At this moment Toran wished he could claw his eyes out for what he saw could bring shame to any sect. The man he called master the man others called Sun Eater, Teacher of a Thousand Talents, and Lord of Many Weapons was passed out drunk an empty flagon in his hand. The man's body slouched upon the throne like it was a simple chair having clearly been sleeping soundly for a while. Toran witnessing this was finding his mood changing from annoyance to anger very quickly. Taking a moment to calm down Toran stood there looking at the man on the throne. The man was clothed in a robe similar to Torans except his was sleeveless and dark blue. Long messy brown hair and rough beard hid his rather handsome if bit rugged face. On his head, he wore a silver circlet. Resting against the throne by his side was a peculiar weapon constantly shifting into different forms. It was a sword one moment and in the next, it was a bow and after that, an axe never stopping. Sleeping soundly in the man's lap was a tiny black dragon its wings folded tail hanging off to the side. After that brief moment to think Toran let out another long sigh.

"Aunt Mira it seems I will need your help once more, my master is needed if the ceremony is to begin... Please wake him up." 

The odd weapon lying by the man's side vibrated for a moment stopping in the form of a black sword with a  golden crossguard shaped like dragon wings flaring out and a white handle topped with a red jewel. 

"Fiiiine you are so needy. Hey! Idiot, wake up it's time to go." 

The man on the throne grunted but did not wake. The blade of the sword glowed red for an instant.

 "Oh hell no you are not ignoring me! GET UP!!!" 

This earned the sword a casually slap with the man's hand as he turned in his sleep. 

"That's it. No more playing nice."

The black sword glowed again this time its blade ignited in a blue flame. The sword's form shifted again this time, not into another weapon but the form of a woman. Toran unperturbed by the sword's sudden shift from sword to woman stepped back giving her a small salute. She looked to him briefly giving a quick nod of acknowledgment before turning her attentions back to the sleeping man.

"I'm getting so tired of you acting like this. Now I'm going to start counting down and you're going to wake up 3...2...1."

The woman's hand moved like lightning slapping across the face of the sleeping man with a resounding crack. The man's face snapped to the side but surprisingly he did not wake. Toran began to fear there was no hope. The reputation of his sect was on the line and seeing no alternative the Noble Toran began to release his power. Lightning erupted from his body coiling around Toran like a great serpent a ring a he wore around his finger pulsed and a spear appeared in his hand. Preparing to unleash a small fraction of his power to shock his master into awakening, he stopped when the man's eyelids twitched and slowly opened.

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