Need Recommendations

Hello, I am currently up to date with all of the series that I am currently reading and am looking for something new.
Some things that I am looking in a series are as follow: 
1. Must have consistent and interesting plot.
2. The main character should not have half baked personality.
3. A decent goal should be set early on.
4. NO Deus ex Mechina, must be a reason MC can do something.
5. Cultivating should not be easy, want powering up to mean something.
6. Must have regular updates or be complete.

Story that I have read and liked are as follows:
- Against the Gods
- Battle Through the Heavens
- Coiling Dragon
- Desolate Era
- Emperor's Domination
- I Shall Seal the Heavens
- Legend of the Dragon King
- Moonlight Sculpter
- Renegade Immortal
- Skyfire Avenue
- Sovereign of the Three Realms
- Warlock of the Magus World

Thank you for your time and suggestions.

P.S Links are welcome.


  • Have you tried Master of the Stars? 
    Pivot of the Sky
    Death Sutra
    Way of Choice /Ze tian ji - has a really slow start but worth it!! also the translation at the beginning is not the best, but after c100 it gets good
    The grandmaster strategist!! one of the vert best if not the best on wuxiaworld currently!
    Douluo Dalu - first few volumes might not have the best quality as they were dont by a different tl'er from the current one (although the chapters are hosted on the same site)

    if you dont know where to find these novels use

  • This is what I always recommend but, try Terror Infinity, Gate of Revelation, and Release that Witch.
    These are my faves cus theyre so well written and translated. They also are very consistent, some plot armor, but mostly explainable. Theyre very different from the usual cultivation novels so be warned.
  • don't know if you will like these:
    A will eternal (for me the most funny but not airhead novel)
    Era of disaster
    godly model creator
    Star rank hunter
    Emperor of the cosmos
    World of cultivation
    Immortal Mortal
    The strongest gene
    Gu daoist master
    Library of heaven path
    Quickly wear the face of thr devil
    dominion's end
    Imperial god emperor
    Night ranger
    Wu dong qian kun
    Paradise of demonic Gods
    Rebirth of the thief
    Forty milleniums of cultivation
    Card disciple
    Godly hunter
    One man army
    Every one else is a returnee
    I've led the villain astray, how do i fix it?
    Cold sands
    War prisoner
    Throne of primordial blood
    Throne of magical arcana
    Enchantress amongst anchemist

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