Pika has to update faster

There are over 2000 chapters and we are still in 350range , it would take another 5-6years if we go by this speed. Most readers wont spend years reading a single novel , also buying book would cost less so  2 chapters a day will be good for translation.



  • I've seen good novels go to waste because of this same problem.

    Translators who pick up a novel but translates at a turtle's pace or with an erratic translation pace.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not demanding anything since i also read for free but it is an insult to the novels they are translating since they could be as famous as ISSTH. 

    The momentum ISSTH gained and the fame and fans ISSTH's author gained from the translation of ISSTH was a big thing.

    It's a waste the author's of these other novels can't enjoy the same grace because of the translation poor job or intentional job. idk. beats me. I don't want to judge but we live in a world where it revolves around money, so you take a guess.
  • I forgot to mention these novels.

    They would be Lord Xue Ying(Best novel so far from IET in terms of MC)

    Dominating Sword Immortal(Same as above, one of the best MC as they are all TRUE Geniuses no plot armor powerups)

    I'm probably missing a few but that goes to show how wasted those novels became as i can no longer remember their names.
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