Legend of Yao Lao 药老传奇 (COMPLETED)



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  • Chapter 34 Realm Opened

    For a moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the opening of the Light-Shadow Realm. The fluctuation of light and darkness released all kinds of different auras. Some were blistering hot, while others were icy cold.

    “Every time the light and shadow flickers, the place you will enter changes.”

    “That’s some good news.”

    The Dou Huangs and Dou Wangs beneath the Dou Zongs all relaxed a bit. With their strength it would have been difficult to gain anything if they all entered at the same place. The Dou Di Realm naturally had all kinds of restricted areas, and it was definitely possible for them to be forced into those restrictions as cannon fodder by those stronger than them.

    At this moment, Mu Gu coldly laughed and brought four Dou Zongs and over ten Dou Huangs in at the same time, taking the lead into entering that realm. All that could be sensed was a violent burst of spatial energy fluctuations that immediately wrapped around these people and in an instant brought them away.

    Yao Chen cupped his hands at the Dou Zongs who had stood behind him just now. “Many thanks to everyone for just now. We’re going to go now, but remember that what I said just now is still true. If you can find anything relating to alchemy then I won’t let you exchange it for a loss.”

    “An influential person is like a tree’s shade. We naturally believe grandmaster Yao Chen. An insidious person like Mu Gu isn’t someone we’d make a deal with even without grandmaster Yao Chen’s explanation.”

    “Haha, then hopefully everyone can all profit from this!”

    Yao Chen laughed and exchanged a glance back with Feng Xian. Waiting for the moment when light and shadow exchanged, the two of them stepped into the realm at the same time.

    Within the flashing of light and darkness, a scene suddenly appeared. Within an endless dark nothingness, a sun shot out endless light. Light and dark continuously clashed. The light dispersed the darkness while the darkness swallowed the light.

    Yao Chen’s heart shook. Inside his body, the Bone Chilling Flame emitted a burst of icy coldness, seeming to want to charge into that scene. But just at that moment, the rushing of light and darkness ended and Yao Chen appeared in a subterranean karst cave. However he didn’t see Feng Xian.

    Yao Chen looked around. So even though they had entered at the same time, the positions they were sent within the space were different.

    Suddenly a figure flashed before him. Someone else had been transported here along with him.

    “… grandmaster Yao Chen.”

    This person was a white-robed middle-aged man. He seemed to possess the power of a two or three star Dou Wang. His face turned completely green when he saw Yao Chen at this time.

    “Uh-huh.” Yao Chen naturally wouldn’t bother with this person. Only slightly nodding, he looked around and said, “Since we’re together, it is simply karma. Here are two medicinal pills. Take them.”

    Yao Chen randomly threw out two medicinal pills, one fire red and one jade green. The first was used to repel fire while the second could be used to escape from water. Within a subterranean cave, fire and water were the greatest danger. Although this two pills were just at the fourth tier, at a critical moment they could save his life.

    After throwing over those pills, Yao Chen started to walk forward carefully, his spiritual energy spreading out to scout for him.

    “This humble self is Huang Wendi. Many thanks for these pills grandmaster.” That middle-aged Dou Wang watched as Yao Chen left, relaxing greatly. He had been worried that he would be used as cannon fodder by him, but seeing Yao Chen’s attitude, he actually decided to quickly follow behind him.

    Yao Chen turned back to look at Huang Wendi for a moment and lightly nodded his head, continuing forward. This subterranean cave emitted a strange power that would ripple out every few breaths. It was extremely hard to sense. Most people would only sense it as a light breeze, while only those with extremely powerful Spiritual Perception would be able to sense an indistinct berserk aura.

    Over time it would cause people to enter a deranged state. They would become a puppet to this realm, unable to differentiate between friend or foe.

    Suddenly a gust of wind blew over and that Huang Wendi’s eyes turned scarlet red as he charged at him.

    Yao Chen’s gaze tightened and waving his palm, he completely blocked Huang Wendi’s attack. However, Yao Chen’s expression changed slightly from this encounter. Huang Wendi was just a Dou Wang, but his attack was on the level of a peak Dou Huang.

    “By inciting the life potential and exploding out with one hit… how vicious.”

    As expected, after Huang Wendi’s one attack, his black hair immediately withered and fell, the remaining strands turning a dried up white color. His smooth skin quickly aged and became full of wrinkles.

    Huang Wendi let out a strange cry from his mouth, and dense blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. His internal organs had already been destroyed.

    In that kind of state, only something on the level of the Yuan Transforming to Life Pill would have a chance of saving him. Yao Chen felt pity for him, so his Bone Chilling Flame swept out and engulfed Huang Wendi, letting that middle-aged Dou Wang finally lose his consciousness through death.

    But after the Bone Chilling Flame turned his body to dust, a six-winged eight-clawed insect charged out of the ashes and shot towards Yao Chen’s forehead.


    A stream of Bone Chilling Flame shot out and wrapped around the insect. But shockingly the insect actually wasn’t immediately burnt to ashes by the Heavenly Flame, but instead ended up splitting open eventually from the heat.

    Yao Chen couldn’t help being alarmed. “Six-Winged Eight-Legged Poison Insect.”

    This was an insect that swallowed people’s brains and used the host’s body as their own strength.

    Yao Chen properly attended to Huang Wendi’s bone ashes and then continued exploring. As he walked forward, his foot suddenly landed in a pile of sand, and not far was the babbling of a stream of water and the laugh of a woman.

    When he looked over, he saw a couple naked beautiful women bathing in a pool.


    One of those women suddenly jumped out. Her skin glistened from water droplets, and there also a couple faint scales covering her, making it obvious she wasn’t human.

    “What are you?”

    Yao Chen quickly twisted and retreated to the side. The place he had just been standing on quickly sank in from some strange power, forming a large hole in the ground.

    “It’s a human. Eat him.”

    Those women all shrieked.

    However that first woman who had jumped out coldly said, “It’s a male. First we’ll take his seed before eating him.”

    “Whatever, as long as we get to eat him in the end.”

    Those other women all laughed and also jumped out of the pool, flying into the air. Only then did Yao Chen realize these women all had translucent wings on their backs similar to those of an insect.

    “So it was some spiritually awakened insect ancestors.”

    Yao Chen coldly laughed and actually strode forward, two balls of Bone Chilling Flame igniting over his hands.

    “Heavenly Flame!”

    That head insect-woman was alarmed and quickly attacked. A couple strands of grass whistled over with a demonic rhythm towards Yao Chen’s head.

    He dodged them several times but then those strands of grass transformed into insects that continuously chased after him.

    Yao Chen’s Dou Qi broke out. He didn’t use his Heavenly Flame, instead using his Dou Qi to capture those strands of insect and refining them as medicinal ingredients.

    The grasses exploded, and from within them came dozens of strange poisonous insects that were disgustingly warped. Nine black eyes jumped out from their head.

    “So that’s what this was. You’re a Nine-Eye Black Poison Insect, the mother of dark insects.”

    “Die human!” The mother insect roared and suddenly reverted to her original form. She charged at Yao Chen with endless might.

    “Elder sister, make sure not to kill him. We still need his seed.”

    The other mother insects screeched. Although that was what they said, each of them reverted to their original form and also charged at Yao Chen.

    The Six-Winged Eight-Legged Poison Insect Mother, the Jade Hook Seven Star Scale Mother, and all sorts of other poisonous insects released their own poisons as they charged forward. Each Poison Insect Mother had the power of a Dou Zong.

    Yao Chen took a coupe steps back and violently released his Bone Chilling Flame. “Soul Devourer!”

    The entire area became covered with Bone Chilling Flame. Yao Chen flew into the air and directly faced off against the Poison Insect Mothers’ attacks.

    The Poison Insect Mothers all had strange techniques, but they were actually all blocked by the Bone Chilling Flame. But that wasn’t all. Yao Chen coldly smiled and pushed the Bone Chilling Flame’s heat to its max, continuously roasting them.

    “Human, you’re not bad. We can let you live. In addition we can also give you many things that most men can only dream of.”

    The Poison InsectMothers were unable to do anything to Yao Chen so they tried to directly entice him.

    “Believe in the insect race is just asking for death. Insects have their own reputation, plus I still want to take your corpses to refine medicine.”

    Yao Chen’s eyes suddenly flashed. Spreading his hands, the extreme heat of the Bone Chilling Flame suddenly switched attributes, immediately turning to extreme cold.


    All the Poison Insect Mothers had their bodies shatter. They had had no time to react to that sudden change between extreme heat and extreme cold. Their insect armor was unable to endure it and split apart.


    Yao Chen quickly followed up with a killing Dou Technique and completely exterminated the Poison Insect Mothers. Several sparkling crystals which were their insect cores floated in the air, the original insect’s form suspended within the core. Occasionally the image of a beautiful woman would also surface. This was a result of the Poison Insect Mothers’ destroyed souls also being refined into the insect core.

    Yao Chen quickly collected these insect cores into a jade bottle. Those cores were divine items that could be used to refine eighth tier medicinal pills. Any such pill was priceless. But if the cores were left in the air for too long, then those Poison Insect Mothers’ souls would completely fade away and the quality of it would lower by more than half.

    He searched around this pool and eventually found a cave with many tools that humans used. Obviously those Poison Insect Mothers had been raised and kept by the master of the Light-Shadow Realm and were kept normally in human form. But since the master had disappeared, their poisonous nature had gradually returned and they began to devour the humans that entered the Light-Shadow Realm. In the depths of the cave were also many young poisonous insects and eggs. Yao Chen didn’t hesitate to immediately obliterate them with his Heavenly Flame.

    But within the light of his flame was a green glowing leaf. A ray of spiritual light blocked his Bone Chilling Flame from entering. The Bone Chilling Flame was actually completely unable to burn that leaf at all.

    Yao Chen raised his hand and grabbed that leaf. A strange sensation immediately rushed into his mind. The Bone Chilling Flame in his body became agitated, cowering against that leaf.

    “This is?”

    On top the leaf was a grain-sized word: Flame. It was this word that was releasing the spiritual light that blocked the Bone Chilling Flame.

    Carefully examining it, Yao Chen was shocked to find that the veins and patterns on that leaf were actually a map of the Light-Shadow Realm. The Flame character represented Yao Chen’s current position. Along the main stalk of the leaf appeared the word Mantra which seemed to point to the location of the main treasure.

    Following the markings on the leaf, Yao Chen finally walked out of the subterranean cave in two hours. But he also made some great gains. He had collected many precious spiritual medicines that could only grow to maturity after ten thousands year in a karst cave. Those were all precious ingredients used to refine eighth tier medicinal pills. In an alchemist’s hand, they were things that not even ten cities would be able to exchange for. But here he just randomly walked around and found them. Precious ingredients and medicines were as common as stones here.

    Arriving above ground, he saw the sky was azure blue. Clouds drifted around slowly, and there was also a blazing sun in the sky. But by using the spirit to sense around, he was able to sense that that wasn’t the real sun and was actually some kind of divine object that the Dou Di had used through some kind of defiant technique to transform into a treasure that would emit light forever.

    Continuing forward for another two hours, Yao Chen arrived at a meadow around fifty miles wide. On the other side of the meadow was a forest. Within this grassland were all sorts of beasts that were fighting. If you carefully looked at them you would realize these beasts were split into two sides: one light side, and one dark side. The dark beasts were continuously rushing out from caves while the light beasts were materializing from nothing within the sky.

    Suddenly light and shadow flashed in the distant sky. A Dou Zong from the outside had been directly teleported to this area. Like a stone hitting a hornet’s nest, over a thousand light beasts were provoked and charged at that Dou Zong.

    Although each light beast’s strength wasn’t that great on its own and was merely around a one star Dou Wang, for over a thousand to charge at the same time and with them possessing a strange technique which allowed their power to combine, their strength had already surpassed the peak of the Dou Zong class. Even a Dou Zun might have to flee in the face of such an attack.

    As expected, that Dou Zong only endured for a short moment before letting out a miserable scream as his defense was destroyed. Dozens of light beasts chomped on him and his blood splattered everywhere.

    The Dou Zong let out a wild roar and his Dou Qi began to violently dash. He was planning on self-detonation, but just at that moment, an especially large light beast suddenly appeared. Reaching out two tentacle arms, it wrapped around that Dou Zong. That raging Dou Qi was actually dispersed into the sky.

    Yao Chen only glanced back once before carefully going around that battlefield. His aim was that forest on the other side since he had to go through the forest to reach the location of that ‘Mantra’ character.

    After travelling for several more hours, the sun in the sky gradually descended and shadowy full moon rose from the west.

    In an instant, all the land was completely permeated with the power of darkness. The light beasts on the grassland all let out anguished howls. Their battle circle shrunk around to a couple portals in the sky that emitted light, however they continued their battle with the dark beasts.

    Yao Chen noticed that those beasts that fell in battle were all swallowed up by the grassland. Who knew just where that swallowed energy went or how those light and dark beasts managed to be formed.

    But it had been very obvious to him that when those light beasts had swallowed that Dou Zong’s energy, all the light beasts had gained a subtle advantage on their battlefields.

    Of course, now wasn’t the time to think about those things. It was completely normal to run into strange things that he couldn’t comprehend within a Dou Di’s left behind realm.

    Walking into the forest, the dark energy became even heavier. However there were still specks of light floating within that darkness. A glimmering flame light floated within the forest, lighting up every direction.

    Ever since he had come up from that underground cave, the distant sky had always been an interweaving of light and dark.

    He hadn’t walked very deep into the forest when he saw three human corpses. There were also signs of an intense battle around them. This wasn’t a battle of humans against beasts, but a battle of humans against humans.

    Those three people were wearing familiar clothes; they were actually three Dou Huangs who had entered with Mu Gu. Their clothes were all similar and they should be from the same sect.

    However what puzzled Yao Chen was how those three had managed to end up together. He and Feng Xian had entered at the same time but ended up in different spaces. Furthermore, spiritual communications were useless in this realm.

    For Mu Gu to have such accomplishments today despite being kicked out of Pill City… it meant he most likely had had some fortuitous encounter. Could it be he had received the legacy of a senior alchemist who had once entered the Light-Shadow Realm?

    That thought was absolutely terrifying. With the experience of someone else who had entered, the things you would be able to obtain would definitely be several times greater than those who were entering for the first time. In fact, you would probably benefit at least a hundred times more, plus you would be able to better avoid danger.

    Yao Chen calmed himself down. Each person had their own opportunities and chances. Right now the best thing for him to do was to focus on his own goal. This ‘Mantra’ location on the leaf should definitely have an extremely important treasure.

    After the Dou Di had disappeared, his remains here all had their own independent actions. Obviously these things were arranged by the Dou Di, most likely to choose who would inherit his things.

    Yao Chen didn’t know how much time passed, but only when the sky once more lit up as the sun rose did he walk out of that forest, arriving at a swamp.

    There were many marks of humans passing through here as well as ash from a fire. Just by looking at it, anyone could tell that a group of humans had spent the night here.

    Yao Chen suddenly had a gut feeling that this group was most likely Mu Gu’s.

    It wasn’t far to the ‘Mantra’ character anymore. Right after this swamp should be the location of the treasure.

    Treading through the swamp, he felt a bone piercing coldness. The howls and cries of countless ghosts filled his ears. But under the blazing the sun, those cries lost the majority of their power. Perhaps if they had been empowered by the darkness of the night, these cries would be able to easily shatter a person’s soul. Even someone like Yao Chen at the peak of Dou Zong with a powerful spirit would find it difficult to endure.

    Only then did Yao Chen realize that the reason this earlier group hadn’t gone straight through the swamp but instead rested a night was because of this. He followed the trail this group had left behind. He saw signs of many more battles, and after walking halfway, he once more saw a couple Dou Huangs’ corpses. However Yao Chen himself wasn’t impeded in the slightest. Obviously that first group had cleared out the path. For a moment he had a feeling of reaping what he hadn’t sown.

    Gradually the air became scorching hot while a faint burnt smell drifted through the air. Yao Chen could clearly feel the Bone Chilling Flame in his body had become a bit unsteady. Could it be that a Heavenly Flame was ahead?

    Quickening his steps, the land ahead of the swamp was a soil what was burnt black. It was a forest that had been burnt to nothing by a huge fire. The scorching sensation in the air became even stronger. The feeling of a Heavenly Flame ahead became even more intense.

    A mile further was a building that was surrounded by a black wall. A cold terror came from it. This building was precisely the location of the ‘Mantra’ character on the leaf map.

    “Quick, seal it! This isn’t a Heavenly Flame but a Tian class cultivation technique! No, it might surpass Tian class!”

    Suddenly Mu Gu’s scream rang out from within that black wall’s boundaries. Obviously they had reached a critical moment and even Mu Gu couldn’t hold back anymore.

    Following his shout came the rumbling of a large battle.

    Yao Chen’s gaze flashed. Just as he was about to go forward, the ground beside him rumbled and three mounds of earth silently rose. Three black-robed people dug their way out.

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts!

    Yao Chen was startled to see them. Only when the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts raised their heads did they realize Yao Chen was right beside them and were shocked.


    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts all gestured at him to be quiet. They were a bit bitter inside, never expecting to run into Yao Chen here.

    Yao Chen nodded his head slightly. He was also a bit depressed, feeling that he was the one who should be bitter about running into an opponent here.

    “Yao Chen, fate brought us here at the same time. Do you want to join hands with us brothers?” proposed the eldest of the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts.

    At this time they could hear that the battle behind the wall was becoming even more intense. Miserable screams would sometimes ring out. It seemed that Mu Gu’s group had suffered some heavy injuries.

    The three of them were confident that if they joined hands and took a good opportunity then they would be able to immediately kill a peak Dou Zong. The only exception would be that Mu Gu, but if he had been injured and then they immediately killed Yao Chen… then all the treasures would be theirs.

    Moreover they were also certain that two grandmaster alchemists like Yao Chen and Mu Gu would have many precious items.

    Yao Chen indifferently smiled and the aura over his body gradually grew stronger. Bone Chilling Flame danced over his fingertips.

    Although the Bone Chilling Flame he used at this moment was only the size of a thumb, the energy contained within it was enough to burn up an entire river.

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were a bit disappointed at that, knowing they had missed the best opportunity to kill him.

    “How does working together sound? We’ll take the cultivation technique and you can take the Heavenly Flame.”

    “That’s a good deal. Although you have the Bone Chilling Flame, you can leave behind a Heavenly Flame seed for your apprentice or someone.”

    “We’re also not alchemists and so we aren’t interested. How about we just put aside our differences?”

    “Plus who knows whether Mu Gu really did do something to Han Shanshan. Everyone knows Mu Gu is an extremely vicious person while Han Shanshan was the reason he was kicked out from Pill City.”

    The three of them all tried to persuade Yao Chen to join hands against Mu Gu.

    Yao Chen truly was a bit enticed. He had never actually ceased his suspicions of Mu Gu. Han Shanshan had never left Pill City before and never offended anyone other than Mu Gu. She had always been nice to others and never formed any enemies.

    However, joining hands with those three was definitely not a good idea. He coldly laughed, “You three are welcome to do as you please. Everything will rely on your own ability.”

    After saying that Yao Chen focused on that huge building a mile away. After ten years of investigation, Yao Chen had a great understanding of Mu Gu. Shouting like that in panic was definitely not Mu Gu’s style. He was someone who liked to control the rhythm and have everyone dancing in the palm of his hand.


    “How dare you!”

    “Ha, what a great idea! It will rely on our abilities!”

    Yao Chen only coldly smiled. “I’d advise you three not to fall for that insidious Mu Gu’s traps.”

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts could now hear that the miserable screams were gradually quieting down now, so they no longer hesitated. Exchanging a glance, they silently crept over, wanting to take advantage of this opportunity.

    What trap? Those three had all obtained a senior’s inheritance and knew that this place concealed a huge treasure house but was also extremely dangerous. Even a Dou Zun wouldn’t necessarily be able to pass through safely. Mu Gu might be cruel and savage, but he wasn’t on the same level as a Dou Zun. Most likely the danger had already passed. If they went now, they might be able to get the advantage and take the treasure. If they were late a step and let them recover, then this opportunity would not come again.

    As for Yao Chen, they naturally were planning on taking care of him after making off with the treasure. If they joined hands, why would they fear anyone who hadn’t reached the Dou Zun class?

    Yao Chen didn’t go over immediately. He still stood there in his original position, quietly waiting.

    As soon as the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts entered that wall, three shrieks rang out.

    “Haha, as expected, it’s you three.” Mu Gu’s pleased laugh rang out at the same time. “Did you really think you could conceal yourselves from me? You wanted to sneak in front of me?”

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  • Chapter 35 Flame Mantra

    Yao Chen coldly laughed. It was as he had expected. How could Mu Gu be someone so easily taken advantage of? The previous screams and cries had just been a lure.

    At this time Yao Chen put on a cloak and silently walked over. His Dou Qi circulated and the cloak released a strange natural fluctuation that caused it to change color, letting Yao Chen’s body appear completely the same as the black earth he stood on. This was a special piece of equipment that combined with its corresponding Dou Technique. He had taken this from the number one assassin in the Central Plains. That had occurred because he had accidentally refined a top tier medicinal pill that had incited Pill Lightning. That had revealed his concealed location, and that assassin had come after him.

    That really had been lucky for Yao Chen. Yao Chen no longer needed to worry about being sneak attacked or assassinated. He had taken all sorts of secret arts and items from that assassin’s body that he now clearly understood every kind of trap an assassin could use.

    Yao Chen concealed himself at the end of the wall. The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were kneeling on the ground, four Dou Zongs standing behind them with their Dou Qi sealing the three of them. If they used just the slightest bit of force, they would be able to kill them in the blink of an eye.

    On the other side were several corpses that had died just recently, however they weren’t Mu Gu’s people, but experts they had run into along the way. They had attacked these people just now to put on the act. If there wasn’t the smell of death, then how could they have tricked them?

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were all exceedingly bitter. They had thought they were the tricksters, never expecting their opponents to be a poisonous viper.

    “Yao Chen’s right outside. Grandmaster Mu Gu, we came to warn you about this. We didn’t have any other evil intentions.”

    “Yes, that’s right, we came here in peace.”

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts immediately sold out Yao Chen.

    Mu Gu was suspicious and didn’t believe them. The three of them might be powerful, but what came out of their mouths was complete garbage. Most likely only half of what they said was true.

    “Go check.” Mu Gu ordered a Dou Huang to take a look.

    That Dou Huang nodded and went out, sweeping over the area but not noticing the concealed Yao Chen. That number one assassin’s secret techniques were truly worthy of being the strongest.

    No matter how carefully that Dou Huang looked around, even releasing strands of Dou Qi to check and using techniques to find concealed people, he was unable to find any reaction. Only then did he return, shaking his head.

    Mu Gu icily laughed, “So you want to lie even when facing death. And even if Yao Chen came, so what? What can one person do?”

    Without obtaining the inheritance of a senior who had already entered the Light-Shadow Realm, it would be useless no matter how many people he entered with at the same time. They would be scattered and completely unable to reconvene. They might even run into all kinds of forbidden areas and end up directly dying.

    Even he who had a secret inheritance had run into all kinds of dangerous areas that had caused him to lose several Dou Huang experts. Only then had he managed to bring everyone here.

    Mu Gu took out a green leaf that was actually the exact same as Yao Chen’s leaf. The leaf veins were a map of this space and also had the two words Flame and Mantra.

    Mu Gu looked passionately at it. Turning to the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts, he said, “Where is your leaf?”

    “Here.” The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts trembled. They didn’t dare directly face off with Mu Gu anymore and they also took out an identical leaf.

    Mu Gu laughed, “I guess you’re not stupid. Right now you three can still be a bit useful. If you don’t resist then maybe you’ll still be able to get some good stuff in a bit.”

    After saying that Mu Gu took out three medicinal pills and forced it into them. “This is the seventh tier Soul Attaching Life Seeking Pill. It won’t immediately kill you, but if you don’t take the antidote within seven days, then even a Dou Zun would forfeit his life.”

    Those four Dou Zongs watching over the three of them also laughed. They took back their sealing Dou Qi.

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were now completely at their mercy. Having taken that pill, even if they managed to flee they wouldn’t have the slightest chance of saving their lives.

    At this moment Mu Gu combined the two leaves together. A ray of light flashed out as a strange divine glow came from both leaves. The two of them actually merged together into a larger leaf, one side glowing bright while the other emitted black rays.

    “So it really was like this. In order to open the treasure house, you must combine two leaves together to form the key.”

    One of the Dou Zongs said, “Our little act truly was efficient. We got three stupid little birds.”

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were infuriated at that but could only keep their heads down and keep their rage inside.

    Yao Chen frowned. He only had a single leaf. Moreover Mu Gu had already made his preparations long ago and clearly already knew that the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts had had the same leaf map on them.

    Mu Gu walked right up to the huge building’s gate. The building was made of some unknown material. It was like rock but not like rock, like wood but not like wood. Altogether it looked like some sort of natural growth of the heavens.

    The others all got closer to Mu Gu. Suddenly the gate began to rumble and ten beasts appeared, emitting the power of light. They were just like the light beasts from the grasslands, but they were much stronger. Each one had the great power of a peak Dou Zong.

    Mu Gu and the others were all shocked and gathered their full strength in order to flee. That was something they had already talked over. These ten Dou Zong beasts were enough to completely destroy them.

    “I offer sacrifice to the master; let us obtain the Flame Mantra.”

    Mu Gu raised the leaf in his hand high into the air. A ray of light and darkness exploded out. An imposing empty figure appeared in the sky. This empty figure was something that didn’t have any substance, but it emitted endless spiritual pressure. That terrifying power caused everyone present to kneel in front of it. Whether it was a Dou Huang or a Dou Zong, in front of this empty figure, you would not even be able to raise your head.

    Yao Chen’s face was extremely ugly at this time. Since he was hidden with his Dou Technique he couldn’t move. He could only use his spiritual energy to resist that pressure. Was this the power of a Dou Di? Just an empty remnant image without any energy could cause Dou Zongs to be helpless in front of it. However Yao Chen’s spiritual energy was exceptionally strong. Waves of it flooded out and he was actually able to block that figure’s pressure.

    At this time, the Dou Di’s empty figure shot a glance at Yao Chen. Raising its hand and pointing at Yao Chen, light and shadow flashed. There were no energy fluctuations, but that formless figure turned into a black seed that disappeared. At the same time those light figures emitted a mournful howl, turning into rays of light that dispersed into the sky.

    Mu Gu and the others who had been suppressed to the point that they hadn’t even been able to raise their heads had been completely unable to see that empty figure of the Dou Di pointing his finger at Yao Chen. Sensing that the pressure had disappeared, they joyously got up. Looking towards the gate, they saw a wormhole-like spatial black hole had appeared. The gate was a fake. The true way to enter was through a spatial transportation.


    Mu Gu ordered the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts to take the lead. If this was some sort of trick he naturally wanted those three to test it out first.

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts ground their teeth and charged into the black hole. However…

    The three of them passed right through the black hole and crashed directly into the large gate.

    They were all startled by this. This black hole was clearly emitting a spatial teleportation energy. How did the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts go right through it?

    Mu Gu frowned and said, “Could it be that only the person with the key can enter?”

    Thinking about it, Mu Gu steeled himself and walked into that black hole.

    Nothing happened. The Mu Gu who was the owner of the leaf key actually also passed right through it without being teleported. It seemed this black hole was also a fake. However everyone knew that the spatial energy being emitted from it was definitely not a fake.

    Just at this moment, that gate shook and actually opened on its own.

    Behind the gate were chains of light. These chains were formed from light attribute Dou Qi. Amongst them were strange seals and glyphs containing a Dou Formation’s power. Those seals slowly collapsed and disappeared, revealing a huge space that had been sealed off.

    As for outside, the huge building began to glow with endless white light. Countless light beasts escaped from that white light, running for the sky. The entire building began to shrink, slowly turning into a final light figure that also faded away.

    After all that fade faded, a huge pagoda appeared in front of everyone. Its entire body was pitch-black. Black mist floated around it, emitting a terrifying power.

    This was a black sacrificial pagoda. It had always been suppressing and sealing the light power. Now that the light had scattered, the darkness returned. The entire sacrificial pagoda recovered its original state. The sky’s dark energy was absorbed by it, quickly condensing into dark beasts.

    These dark beasts leapt onto the sacrificial pagoda one after the other. A seven-colored flame would erupt every time a beast jumped onto the pagoda.

    “This pagoda is suppressing it!”

    “Flame Mantra! The Dou Di’s unrivalled cultivation technique. It actually required both light and darkness to suppress it.”

    “Now that the light has faded, the remaining dark energy is unable to hold it back anymore. This cultivation technique also has some of the power left behind by the Dou Di.”

    “What should we do now?”

    Those Dou Zongs all looked at Mu Gu. They saw that he was extremely excited. The inheritance he had obtained was from an eighth tier alchemist’s cave from hundreds of years ago. That alchemist had once entered the Light-Shadow Realm and also saw this black sacrificial pagoda. Unfortunately, in the end for various reasons he was unable to muster the courage to enter. After leaving this space he had spent dozens of years researching just what treasure had been sealed under those two powers, in the end coming to the conclusion that it was very likely left behind by this world’s final Dou Di, the Tuo She Ancient God’s inheritance.

    Tuo She Ancient God! There were only one or two mentions of that existence within the ancient texts. He had been called the Flame God. He was a Heavenly Flame which had gained a spirit and cultivated to become a Dou Di.

    The inheritance he had left behind must definitely have something to do with Heavenly Flames. According to the ancient texts, all of the Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame Rankings had once been swallowed by the Tuo She Ancient God. By obtaining his inheritance, you would also be able to do the same. You would be able to swallow all sorts of Heavenly Flames and not have to be afraid of the Heavenly Flames devouring you instead.

    No matter how strong the alchemist or how prepared you were, when it came to swallowing Heavenly Flames there was always a greater than fifty percent chance of failure. And failure would inevitably lead to death.

    If the Flame Mantra truly had been left behind by this Tuo She Ancient God, you would be able to subdue Heavenly Flames without restriction. This was an irresistible temptation for alchemists! Just one Heavenly Flame was a defiance of the heavens. If you could control two, or three…

    Perhaps you could even become like the Tuo She Ancient God, completely absorbing the twenty-two Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame Rankings as your own… perhaps then you could even become a second Tuo She Ancient God and become a Dou Di!

    Mu Gu’s entire body was trembling slightly. Despite being a Dou Zong with powerful Dou Qi, he was unable to keep down the excitement inside. Of course, amongst those present, only he knew of this possible origin of the Flame Mantra.

    Otherwise even he couldn’t possibly be able to suppress the greed of the experts who were just following him for convenience.

    Perhaps if it had just been a Heavenly Flame or a powerful alchemist technique it might not be as enticing as the promise of a favor from a seventh tier alchemist.

    But a cultivation technique that could allow one to become a Dou Di would immediately cause a bloodbath if it was leaked. Not a single person should hope to obtain it without others trying to kill them after.

    The hidden Yao Chen was also excited. Looking at the black sacrificial pagoda, endless rumblings came from his mind. It seemed something from that pagoda was calling him. Spiritual summoning!

    He could see from his position that the floating black mist around the pagoda was vaguely changing shape. He could see indistinct lines of characters. Those characters were burning like flames, yet also as deep and abstruse as the ocean. It drew in his spirit. Each word was carved into his soul, but each line seemed to also take a part of his soul as the price.

    Yao Chen’s vision blurred and he saw a huge black demonic cauldron emitting a cold, dark energy. Dark beasts were born one after another from within that demonic cauldron. When they charged out they were formed of nothingness, yet they quickly gained substance.

    But Yao Chen quickly turned his eyes away. He had a feeling that if he had continued to look, his spirit would also transform to become a dark beast and he would lose all sense of himself.

    Yao Chen didn’t have any inheritance like Mu Gu did. He could only rely on his own intuition to guess just what was being suppressed within that black pagoda.

    A divine black demonic cauldron?

    However… using dark energy to suppress darkness? That was a bit impossible. Or perhaps it was using something within the demonic cauldron to suppress something else, something that was related to Heavenly Flames…

    Looking at the flame that was occasionally erupting from the top of the pagoda, Yao Chen couldn’t help feeling some longing for it. If he could grab a Heavenly Flame seed and bring it back to the Yao clan in the Shennong Mountain Range… the accomplishment of adding another Heavenly Flame to the clan’s collection would definitely be enough to have his father and mother’s names carved into the Clan Monument no matter how Yao Wangui objected! But that was all he wanted. When it came to rejoining the Yao clan, Yao Chen no longer cared. The Falling Star Pavilion was his home, and Feng Xian was his family.

    At this time, Mu Gu had walked up to the black pagoda and raised the leaf in his hand. A black bolt of lightning suddenly descended and struck the leaf in his hand. Mu Gu suddenly turned into a ray of light that entered into the sacrificial pagoda, completely disappearing from their sight.

    “Only those with the key can enter.”

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts’ faces were ugly. They had also obtained an expert’s secret recordings on his entrance to the Light-Shadow Realm. They had obtained some information that without the leaf map, it would be impossible to enter this black sacrificial altar. There were detailed records within that secret recording that said the black pagoda was suppressing some kind of powerful energy. That kind of energy was something only alchemists could receive, but even the pagoda itself was a treasure. Their goal had been to obtain that sacrificial pagoda!

    Even if obtaining it had been hopeless, there were also many powerful treasures within it. Just by obtaining one would have brought endless benefits. That senior who had wrote the secret recordings had claimed that with his talent, the best he should have achieved would have been in the Dou Zong class. But because of something he had obtained in the black pagoda, he had managed to reach the Dou Zun class. There were also countless other items of similar value within the pagoda.

    Just at this moment, another ray of light suddenly shot out from the pagoda and struck Yao Chen.

    BOOM! Yao Chen was unable to avoid it in any case. Having been struck by this lightning, all he felt was his body suddenly become lighter as he turned into a ray of light that was drawn back into the pagoda in the blink of an eye.

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts’ faces were green now. “It’s Yao Chen! He also has a leaf.”

    “We already told you before that Yao Chen was behind but you didn’t believe us!”

    “This is bad…”

    The experts who were following Mu Gu all angrily cursed at the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts. They even began to violently beat them. Everyone of them realized that amongst the lies the three of them had said at the beginning was actually a single truth. If they were telling the truth then they should have stuck to it!

    Now that black pagoda had an extra variable called Yao Chen…

    Would Mu Gu still be able to obtain the complete inheritance?

    When it came to battle strength, Yao Chen was at the peak of the Dou Zong class while Mu Gu was just an eight star Dou Zong. Mu Gu was weaker by not just a bit. As for these helpers, they were unable to enter the black pagoda.

    If Mu Gu was unable to obtain the inheritance, then their profits would also fizzle out.

    Everything was all because the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts hadn’t stuck to their word but instead went silent! The originally perfect situation now had a huge problem!

    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were all letting out miserable shrieks. The three of them would be able to even fight against a Dou Zun if they joined hands, but at this time they didn’t dare resist. Without the antidote to the Soul Attaching Life Seeking Pill that Mu Gu had made them consume, their lives were forfeit.

    Putting aside the miserable state the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts were in… within the black pagoda, Yao Chen saw a path that had been battled through. Mu Gu’s aura had been left all over, and all the mechanisms that had been left along the path had been broken by him. This let Yao Chen travel completely unimpeded.

    It reached the point that even Yao Chen started to feel a bit bad about it. However he wasn’t a pretentious person and he followed along the path Mu Gu had created for him.

    After walking up level after level, Yao Chen became a bit worried. He had only entered the pagoda a short time after Mu Gu, but even after half a day of chasing he still only met with the leftovers of battles and was unable to catch up to Mu Gu. Mu Gu had to have had at least a two hour lead on him for this to be possible.

    It seemed that time and space had been twisted within this pagoda. Perhaps just the blink of an eye was an hour outside. Yao Chen quickened his footsteps as he rushed up the pagoda.

    Finally he managed to hear the sound of fighting from the level above him. Quickening his pace, he arrived to that level and realized that this was the peak of the pagoda. A huge formation was in front of him and Mu Gu was currently fighting at its end. His Dou Qi surged while the huge formation released endless black mist that transformed into all kinds of strange things. Swords, hammers, axes, demons, ghosts, devils, beasts, etc. They all charged at Mu Gu wave after wave. This huge battle power continuously assaulted him. However, in front of Mu Gu was a leaf emitting a majestic pressure. Those things were completely unable to pierce through it and all shattered upon meeting that leaf. Then with a wave of Mu Gu’s Dou Qi, those shattered pieces were completely dispersed back into nothingness.

    Mu Gu had yet to notice Yao Chen’s arrival. His entire focus was on the formation in front of him. He had already reached the final moment to destroy this formation. His Dou Qi violently rushed out while that leaf was also constantly pushing back the formation. As long as he could use the key, he would be able to stop the formation’s attacks.

    Yao Chen hesitated slightly. Should he attack Mu Gu right now? Although attacking someone from behind would hurt his reputation, being merciful to enemies was just hurting yourself.

    “Mu Gu, do you believe that the Heavens will also bring retribution to evil?”

    At the same time as Yao Chen spoke out, a ball of Bone Chilling Flame that he had condensed over and over shot out towards Mu Gu.

    Mu Gu was completely startled and immediately jumped out of the way. Now he could no longer bother with breaking the formation in order to dodge the Bone Chilling Flame, but he was also too late to dodge and was struck right in the stomach.

    In terms of strength, Yao Chen’s peak Dou Zong strength in addition to catching him off-guard meant that Mu Gu was completely unable to resist. He screamed miserably and coughed up several mouthfuls of blood. Using his full strength, he suppressed the Heavenly Flame burning his stomach, continuously taking all kinds of medicinal pills. Only then did he just manage to escape being killed by the Heavenly Flame.

    “Yao Chen! You! How vicious!” Mu Gu held his stomach. That attack had caused him to lose half his battle strength. Originally he would have been able to fight against Yao Chen’s peak Dou Zong strength. Even if he couldn’t win, he could fight with him for a while without losing like this. But now that he was so heavily wounded, he had no way of fighting him.

    “Mu Gu, do you think you’re in a position to say that to me?” Yao Chen coldly looked at him, but didn’t continue attacking. Instead he walked towards the center of the formation. His leaf suddenly flew out and merged into the two-sided leaf of Mu Gu’s that was floating in the air. When the three leaves merged, they suddenly emitted a strange cadence. An imposing power completely dispersed the black mist overflowing from the formation. The leaf lightly floated down to the center of the formation.

    With a loud boom, seven-colored Heavenly Flame spouted out. Within the flame was a green mist that transformed into two ancient characters.

    “Flame Mantra.”

    Yao Chen’s eyes flashed. The characters of the two words were not common scripture. Partial information on these kinds of characters was something that had been passed on in the Yao clan. He had once studied up on it a bit and was perhaps able to recognize around a hundred characters of that script. It was said that that kind of ancient language had over a thousand characters that when joined together would form a huge formation that was extremely frightening. But just like how the Dou Dis disappeared seemingly overnight, those ancient languages also disappeared. Only mysterious fragments of them continued to exist.

    Those two words emitted a majestic might that was similar to that of a Heavenly Flame. Powerful fluctuations continuously surged out. Yao Chen was the one bearing the brunt of its power, and he felt the Bone Chilling Flame in his body shiver as if deathly afraid. Even a Heavenly Flame was afraid!

    However this green air that had transformed into these two words didn’t seem to be Heavenly Flame. Yao Chen didn’t even know just how he would manage to collect this green air.

    Mu Gu’s face was ashen. He was completely unable to move at this moment.

    Yao Chen’s heart shook and his Dou Qi went to clasp that green air, handling it like he would a Heavenly Flame.

    But as soon as his Dou Qi touched, a spiritual fluctuation rushed into Yao Chen’s mind. Those two ancient characters quickly began to transform, in the blink of an eye forming ten thousand transformations that were carved deep within his mind. This was a deep memory, so deep that even if his spirit lost all its memories and he forgot who he was, he would still remember those ten thousand transformations.

  • Chapter 36 Black Demon Cauldron Transformation

    However, having those transformations imprinted into his spirit ended up using all of Yao Chen’s energy. Endless pain flooded out from Yao Chen’s spirit, filling every inch of his body. This kind of pain was at least a hundred times greater than the medicinal baths he was used to taking. It was something that had exploded from his spirit and provoked his physical body before once more returning to his spirit, a pain that cycled over and over again while becoming stronger and stronger.

    To the side, Mu Gu was delighted by that chance and wanted to stand up and attack Yao Chen. However, a white light suddenly shot over. The Bone Chilling Flame had actually automatically protected its master at this critical moment.

    Mu Gu held his stomach. Due to being heavily injured by the Bone Chilling Flame just now, his strength had descended to around the peak of a Dou Ling. Any random Dou Wang would be able to crush him. Now that the Bone Chilling Flame had come out to protect Yao Chen, Mu Gu no longer dared to attack. The delight on his face turned into a dark scowl as he hatefully glared at Yao Chen. However he was a resolute person. He knew that being greedy would likely end up killing himself. If he waited for Yao Chen to recover, even if he didn’t die, he wouldn’t be able to get out unscathed. At this time he gave up any thoughts against Yao Chen and quickly fled.

    Just as Mu Gu disappeared down the stairs, Yao Chen suddenly opened his eyes. The intense pain left his body and his Spiritual Strength had weakened greatly. However this wasn’t a bad thing. Although his strength had become weaker, he had become more stable. That Spiritual Strength of his hadn’t disappeared, but instead had been used to increase his innate talent. It could be said that for Yao Chen to advance past Dou Zong to Dou Zun was an extremely great difficulty before. After all, his cultivation talent had never been that great. For him to become a Dou Zun would have had to have waited until he was much older. The strengthening of his spirit had been because of his medicinal baths and some medicinal pills forcefully raising it.

    But now his spirit had been transformed to boost his cultivation realm. Yao Chen could truly sense the barrier of the Dou Zun realm now and knew how to advance. The Flame Mantra truly was strong. Just through the transformations in his spirit, it brought about such a miracle, turning his spirit into something substantial in his cultivation realm.

    However, Yao Chen still hesitated and bitterly smiled. This Flame Mantra… it seemed it didn’t suit him. It was only suited for Dou Zhes who had only just stepped into cultivation.

    At the beginning it could only count as a Huang class technique. In order to promote it required you to search for Heavenly Flames and use the Flame Mantra to devour them…

    If he wanted to now cultivate the Flame Mantra, he would have to give up all the accomplishments he had made up till this point and completely restart from nothing.

    Yao Chen hesitated. In his current state, he would definitely step into the Dou Zun class within a year.

    If he started from zero, let alone Dou Zun, he might have to fall from Dou Zong to Dou Wang, maybe even Dou Ling… of course, there would be benefits from it. His talent would be rebuilt completely anew. When he began his cultivation again, his talent would be much greater, and within the same class he would have double the strength.

    But over the past ten years, the Falling Star Pavilion had made many enemies. Although they had allies, but that was due to the influence of his status as the mainland’s number one alchemist. If he were to drop down now, would he still be able to stop those powers that currently didn’t dare seek revenge against him?

    To not cultivate the Flame Mantra, his heart was unwilling.

    But if he did cultivate it, it was asking for death. Unless he completely abandoned the Falling Star Pavilion and concealed himself…

    Yao Chen shook his head. A man couldn’t act like that. Wasn’t it just a powerful cultivation technique? In addition, the Flame Mantra was extremely dangerous. It required Heavenly Flames to increase the cultivation technique’s rank. How could Heavenly Flames be something so easily swallowed?

    Collecting his thoughts, Yao Chen decided to give up on the Flame Mantra and instead follow his own path.

    As soon as he decided on that, his spirit shook and the green gas rushed out of his body. The green gas transformed in front of him and turned into a scroll that fell into his hand.

    Yao Chen was shocked; this ability to turn it into a scroll was similar to refining medicine. It was an extremely profound process, a technique of top level complexity. Refining Qi to turn into a scroll was definitely a technique only a Dou Di was capable of using.

    This Flame Mantra was definitely something left behind by a top-tier Dou Di.

    Yao Chen was once more tempted to cultivate the Flame Mantra, however that thought only crossed his mind for a moment before he brushed it away. Unless the Falling Star Pavilion grew to the point that it no longer needed him, he absolutely would not cultivate the Flame Mantra.

    Breaking down something in order to rebuild it; it might sound simple, but Yao Chen knew that it was extremely difficult. Just the slightest carelessness might cause him to fall forever.

    At this time, the huge formation was gradually fading. With the Flame Mantra having left it, the formation had lost its purpose. The formation slowly flowed away like water, eventually turning into formless energy that floated away.

    That formation was also definitely something that only a Dou Di could have made. It had its own intelligence that caused it to fade away naturally once it had lost its purpose… furthermore it disappeared without leaving behind a trace.

    Yao Chen didn’t even have the time to lament over losing the chance to examine a Dou Di’s formation when he felt the pagoda began to wildly shake. Apparently even the huge pagoda was about to follow along the formation and disappear.

    He quickly retreated, but at this time it was already a bit late. The walls had already started to become smoke. The smoke surged out and in just an instant the entire pagoda collapsed.

    Yao Chen tumbled down from the sky. This wasn’t something dangerous to a Dou Zong like him who could fly. But Yao Chen was stunned to find that at this moment his Dou Qi was unable to leave his body. Whenever it did it would it would disperse into nothingness just like the black smoke.

    To fall from a hundred meters in the sky was also not something that could cause injury to a Dou Zong. Yao Chen prepared himself for the pain.

    However, suddenly when he passed through the black smoke Yao Chen saw Mu Gu standing in his group. The four Dou Zongs had arranged a battle formation. Seeing him falling, they all attacked at the same time. Over ten rays of Dou Qi condensed together into a single body that charged at Yao Chen.


    Yao Chen was at this time unable to use his Dou Qi, so he could only use his physical body to take the attack head on.

    Intense pain rolled over within his body. The good thing was that although his Dou Qi was unable to leave his body, he was still able to circulate it within his body to protect his organs. Otherwise he would have been severely wounded.

    “Capture him!” Mu Gu laughed evilly. Only the last person laughing was the victor. Even through Yao Chen had obtained the treasure first, wasn’t it about to land in his hands either way now?

    However, black lightning suddenly descended. A spatial fluctuation suddenly came from the spatial wormhole in front of the gate that no one had been able to enter. That spatial energy sucked in the falling Yao Chen.

    After swallowing Yao Chen, that wormhole shrunk until it disappeared completely.

    Mu Gu blankly stared at that empty spot. Originally Yao Chen wouldn’t have landed over that wormhole, but because of their attack they had pushed Yao Chen perfectly over it.

    To the side, no one was paying attention as the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts took their chance to exchange glances and form their own battle formation. Their power exploded as they attacked Mu Gu!

    How could the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts be kind-hearted people? As soon as they gained a chance they would bite back.

    At this time, Yao Chen entered a strange space that was completely black. However this darkness didn’t actually block his sight. Instead it was a different kind of feeling.

    All around him were strange treasures related to darkness. Some were medicinal ingredients, some were ingredients required for refining. They all emitted powerful energy fluctuations.

    Yao Chen noticed that the injury he had just obtained was actually slowly healing under those ripples. It wasn’t healing just the superficial outside, but instead restoring him from the inside.

    Suddenly, a fist-sized black cauldron appeared before his shocked eyes.

    This cauldron was the same shape as the demonic cauldron he had seen outside. Back then it had been the size of a huge mountain, while now it was just the size of a fist. But the aura emitted from it was the exact same.

    Could it be this fist-sized shape was its true form?

    But why had it appeared like this before him?


    The black cauldron suddenly spun and a thought entered directly into Yao Chen’s head.

    This black demonic cauldron had been born from the huge battle between light and dark. It was a dark-attribute divine object that could simply be called the Black Demon Cauldron.

    However in opposition to it was also a light-attribute divine object that was also in the form of a cauldron.

    The light cauldron had already been taken by someone before. Through some kind of twist of fate, the black cauldron’s time to appear back in the world had also come. And Yao Chen was the person he had chosen to take it out.

    That was what it meant in general. However since this was a divine object’s thoughts, Yao Chen didn’t know just how much he had understood.

    But that divine cauldron immediately merged into his body just like the Flame Mantra had. Yao Chen hadn’t even had the chance to refuse before the divine object caused his head to turn completely dizzy.

    Following the Black Demon Cauldron’s merging into his body, the surrounding various medicinal ingredients and object all rushed into Yao Chen’s body as well, entering the Black Demon Cauldron. Not a single item was left behind.

    These divine items would all incite huge battles if they appeared outside. But now Yao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. To him it felt like this was the Black Demon Cauldron’s way of bribing him into taking it away. Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a reward.

    No matter what it was, this was a good thing in the end. Yao Chen let it act as it wished to.

    When the last divine object entered into the cauldron, light suddenly blossomed in front of his eyes. An unavoidable spatial energy wrapped around him and teleported him far away.

    The moment he was sent out of the teleportation, he saw a familiar person.

    “Brother Chen!”

    That familiar person was Feng Xian!

    Who knew how the Black Demon Cauldron had decided on it, but it actually directly let Yao Chen and Feng Xian reunite.

    Yao Chen was a bit uncomfortable with this. Just how badly did that Black Demon Cauldron want to leave that place? It seemed as if it had found Feng Xian to act as a bodyguard for Yao Chen.

    However Yao Chen could also feel that the moment the Black Demon Cauldron left that dark space it had entered a kind of deep slumber. A strand of his own spiritual imprint had appeared on it, meaning it had accepted him as its master. However he could clearly feel that the Black Demon Cauldron was constantly absorbing Yao Chen’s spiritual energy. It seemed it was recovering from something.

    “How did it go?”

    “I got a couple medicinal ingredients as well as a set of  Dou Techniques for refining artifacts. It’s perfect for me to learn to refine artifacts,” laughed Feng Xian. Obviously he had made many gains.

    Yao Chen nodded his head. He was also happy that Feng Xian had found his own way.

    At this time the Black Demon Cauldron in his body suddenly shook. It was a warning!


    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts had charged out from the side. The three of them had joined hands to release a power on par with a Dou Zun.

    But with the warning of the Black Demon Cauldron, their sudden sneak attack had lost any significance. Pure power didn’t mean anything in front of Yao Chen. Dodging to the side, his power was unleashed as he stepped forward. Feng Xian also taciturnly followed up, joining hands with him to attack.


    The three ghosts joined forces were actually broken apart by Yao Chen in one blow. At this time, Feng Xian’s body twisted and he ended up entangling with one of the ghosts while Yao Chen also focused on another. Spreading his arms wide open, he used a Dou Technique that combined with the Bone Chilling Flame to form over a thousand flame palms that descended out. The power of a peak Dou Zong could not be looked down upon!


    The Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts only now realized Yao Chen wasn’t someone they were able to provoke. The remaining one of them who hadn’t suffered an attack had a Dou Zong’s strength yet still didn’t attack. He was simply unable to find any opportunity at all to attack. A chilling killing pressure sealed him in place. It felt to him that if he moved the slightest, then the person who would die would be him.

    Although the three of them moved as one, they still hadn’t reached the point where one of them would take the blows for another person. Just yelling to flee was already as far as one of them would go.

    Now that the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts had realized their mistake, they immediately fled. In terms of fleeing they were definitely amongst the best in the Central Plains. At this time the three of them joined hands to take out a strange ancient item. Their Qi combined as spatial energy enveloped them. The three of them were planning on simultaneously teleporting away.

    Yao Chen coldly laughed. Waving his hand, he left a deep imprint of the Bone Chilling Flame onto one of them, using the Heavenly Flame’s aura to interrupt their teleportation.

    However, in a short moment the three of them used their treasure to forcefully teleport, disappearing completely. But by doing this, their item shattered and could no longer recover. Obviously in order to forcefully teleport away they had had to pay a huge price.

    Feng Xian let out a breath. “These Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts really are troublesome. If we could have eliminated them in one blow here then that would also benefit the Central Plains.”

    Yao Chen shook his head. Each person had their own lives. He wouldn’t forcefully take those lives away. But the one thing that surprised them was that form the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts’ state just now, they had obviously escaped Mu Gu’s control. He didn’t know just what state Mu Gu was in anymore.

    At this time the Black Demon Cauldron in his body once more shook to urge him to quickly leave this space. Thinking about the treasures he had obtained from the Black Demon Cauldron, Yao Chen also felt it was time to leave. People had to know when to be satisfied. If they continued exploring it didn’t mean they would be able to gain much more.

    As soon as he had this thought, the Black Demon Cauldron released a ripple that opened a spatial channel.

    Feng Xian was startled and looked blankly at that spatial channel. From the other side of it came the familiar aura of the Central Plains. So in order to leave this place they actually had to go through a transportation formation… that was a bit overly excessive.

  • Chapter 37 Han Feng

    The Light-Shadow Realm gradually became silent and calm again. In order for it to open again would require a thousand year wait.

    Most of the Central Plain’s Dou Zongs had entered this mysterious space a Dou Di had left behind, but only sixty percent of them managed to exit alive. As for others like Dou Huangs, only thirty percent of them survived.

    But behind those huge losses were even greater gains. Of course, the exact gains were secrets. No one would reveal their wealth. They slowly digested their profits, waiting to amaze the world with a single amazing achievement.

    Feng Xian and Yao Chen had both made bountiful gains. Many Dou Zongs had collected medicinal ingredients in that space and had taken them out to exchange with Feng Xian for medicinal pills. Some of the stronger Dou Zongs didn’t even immediately request the medicinal pills as long as Yao Chen made them a promise for the future.

    Yao Chen agreed to every single request, but in comparison, the divine items inside the Black Demon Cauldron were his true gains. Careful examination revealed that they included all kinds of Houtian and Xiantian precious treasures that were enough for him to refine ten years worth of medicinal pills without pause.

    There were also endless materials that could be used to refine items. They were all handed to Feng Xian so that he would easily be able to become a refining grandmaster.

    This refining didn’t refer to refining medicine. It referred to refining artifacts to use, perhaps as weapons or for support. An ordinary talent would also be able to have success as long as his Dou Qi was strong enough. The crucial point was one word – refining. Only through countless experiments could you accumulate experience.

    Feng Xian’s refining talent was originally not bad. He was fire-attribute, and the Sky Flame Three Profound Changes he cultivated had already reached a high enough level. Now that he had enough material to squander, his growth could only be described as exceptionally fast.

    His greatest work he was most proud of was a soul-warming spirit-nourishing ring he had refined for Yao Chen. Just by looking at it, it didn’t seem so special, mostly appearing plain and simple just like a normal ring. But in reality it could nourish the soul. By wearing it for a long time it was possible to increase the level of the wearer’s Spiritual Perception slightly.

    That slight amount could not be looked down upon. When it came to Yao Chen who had reached a peak level in Spiritual Perception, that slight increase increased his pill refining success rate by around thirty percent.

    Yao Chen also cared greatly about the ring and wore it every day.

    Yao Chen stayed within Sky Star Mountain Range’s new headquarters for a year, each day wildly refining medicinal pills to add power to the Falling Star Pavilion. Basically every other day he would draw Pill Lightning Tribulation.

    A year later, Yao Chen brought the Black Demon Cauldron with him and began to wander the Central Plains again.

    The legend of the mainland’s number one alchemist also began to be spoken more and more following his roaming. Even more experts also began to recognize Yao Chen’s status.

    Of course, he also ended up causing many enmities as well. Experts constantly came to find trouble with Yao Chen. There was one time they had taken advantage of when Yao Chen was refining medicine in a remote small down, and three peak Dou Zongs as well as ten nine star Dou Huangs joined hands to kill him.

    Yao Chen had yet to advance to Dou Zun at that time so he could only flee. Luckily he had managed to escape extremely quickly and hadn’t received any wounds. Because of various reasons he was very busy at that time and so he didn’t immediately go take revenge. He had planned on just remembered this event and going to find those people when he had the time.

    But somehow news that he had been attacked had spread, and as a result there were two Dou Zuns, over ten Dou Zongs and countless Dou Wangs that formed an alliance without Yao Chen’s participation and spent three months’ time to kill the family and sect members of those three Dou Zongs that had tried to kill Yao Chen, completely uprooting their traces from the Central Plains.

    From then one, no one dared find trouble for Yao Chen again.

    Month after month, year after year passed. In just an instant, twenty years had gone by.

    The Falling Star Pavilion had become all the more powerful. It had begun to be termed along the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion, the Wind Lightning Pavilion, and the Yellow Spring Pavilion as the Central Plains’ Four Pavilions.

    Yao Chen and Feng Xian had both already advanced to Dou Zun. Yao Chen had been called as the matchless Yao Zun-zhe while Feng Xian was called Feng Zun-zhe. The reason he was able to advance to Dou Zun was by relying on Yao Chen’s medicinal pills, and so he decided to casually change his name to Gu Ling, borrowing the Bone Chilling Flame’s ‘Gu Ling’ pronunciation.

    At this time the two of them were extremely famous within the Central Plains. If they wanted rain then it rained; if they wanted wind then there was wind. There were many times when he refined an eighth tier medicinal pill and wasn’t the slightest bit stingy with it all, taking it out to be auctioned. To those auctioneers, even a seventh tier medicinal pill was an impressive treasure. Every time he took one out it would incite huge interest.

    For Yao Chen to bring them out to be auctioned off as soon as he refined them was a waste, but it also had its own benefits. His fame continued to grow. Sometimes when people spoke of alchemy his name would be more prestigious than even the Pill Tower! That was an absolutely frightening fame.

    Other than the ancient clans, other powers had all been pushed down a level by Yao Chen and his Falling Star Pavilion.

    Yao Chen continued to roam around the land. It had been thirty years since he had left Holy Pill City, and at this time he was already past fifty years old.

    He had experienced many feelings, from resentment to gratitude. As for the little princess of Demon Valley’s Fox clan, unfortunately there had been a huge battle that had involved multiple Dou Shengs. The Fox Saint had originally been unable to survive for much longer. It had always relied on medicinal pills to forcefully extend its ending lifespan. In order to avoid the complete extermination of the clan, the Fox Saint had sacrificed its own life in order to send the Fox clan from Demon Valley to another world in the void. From then on, Yao Chen had lost any contact with the little princess. Many of his loves had also ended up unsettled just like that.

    As for Xuan Yi, the two were indecisive fools. Sometimes they were happy, sometimes they were sad; sometimes they fought, sometimes they worked together; sometimes they helped each other, sometimes they hurt each other. From the very start, neither of them was able to make any advancements in their relationship.

    At this time, Yao Chen had already roamed over all of the Central Plains. He had left his mark on even the most desolate and dangerous lands.

    Finally Yao Chen’s footsteps left the Central Plains.

    He didn’t use Spatial Wormholes, instead using his own two feet or mounts to travel throughout the lands.

    The Falling Star Pavilion’s strength could no longer keep up with Yao Chen’s pace. They could only chase after him, hoping to offer him any support they could.

    Outside the Central Plains, the land was savage and uncivilized. Civilization in those lands was a luxury. On his journey through those lands, the thing he saw the most often was carnage and bloodshed.

    The Black-Corner Region was one of the most famous barbaric lands. Countless evil cultivators established their own powers there and fought for dominance.

    The third year after leaving the Central Plains, Yao Chen arrived at the edge of the Black-Corner Region.

    This was a manor that had been burnt down by a huge fire. Outside the manor were troops that were setting up spikes with human heads on them. Those were all freshly made spikes with the heads of people who had just recently died being stuck on top of a pointed wooden stick around two meters tall. It was an extremely cruel display, but in the Black-Corner Region, such a scene was all too common.

    Yao Chen directly took action and immediately exterminated all those troops.

    However, just as he was about to leave, a wailing cry came from within the manor…

    Three years later, an extra child had appeared by Yao Chen’s side. He was around three years old and his eyes were filled with intelligence. The child was currently learning to speak and was actually reading from alchemy scriptures. Those scriptures weren’t from the Yao clan, but instead were the sum of Yao Chen’s experience. It might not be as profound as the Yao clan’s original inheritance, but it was much more suited to an apprentice who was learning on his own. In terms of the smaller details it wasn’t much inferior to the Yao clan’s.

    This child had been saved by Yao Chen from the destroyed manor. After three years had passed, Yao Chen noticed that the child had an extremely perfect dual fire-wood attribute constitution in addition to being very intelligent. He had heard that that manor had been called the Han Family Manor and that they had had only one newborn called Han Feng.

    A family name of Han! Yao Chen immediately felt some affinity towards the child. He had taken in this child and treated him as his perfect disciple, beginning to nurture and raise him.

    At two years old he had begun to build the initial foundation of the child. He made a spiritual liquid that was suited to building a child’s foundation which wouldn’t cause any pain or any side effects. He spent a great deal of time adjusting it to suit him properly.

    At three years old, Han Feng’s fire-wood attribute had already become extremely outstanding and traces of Dou Qi started to be born from within his body.

    But he didn’t immediately teach him cultivation. Instead he used those traces of Dou Qi to nourish the body and increase his potential talent. That was something that Yao Chen was an expert at. That child’s talent was originally not bad, and then with Yao Chen’s nourishment he had already reached a perfect state.

    “Master, master, what’s the next section?”

    Han Feng’s small hand pulled at Yao Chen’s finger. His bright eyes were filled with a thirst for knowledge.

    “Haha, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Think about what you just read some more. Inside are many truths that are hidden away. Did you really comprehend it?”

    Yao Chen picked up the tiny Han Feng and laughed.

    “Eh… but master, I feel like I already understand it. If you don’t believe me then I’ll explain it to you.”

    Han Feng actually began to explain all the hidden truths that were contained within that section to him.

    Yao Chen stared blankly. Was just being a genius enough to have such comprehension?

    “Haha, you really are worthy of being my disciple. Excellent, master will teach you the next section and see if you will still be able to completely comprehend it. Listen closely, this section is even more difficult…”

    A master and a disciple, a grown-up and a child, a teacher and student, the two of them lived harmoniously and joyously.

    In that manner Yao Chen brought Han Feng along with him as he roved around the land.

    They arrived at the distant ocean side and made friends with the Sea clans. They also travelled to extremely hot volcanoes and experienced all kinds of hardships.

    Ten years passed and Yao Chen gradually lost the drive of his early days. He concentrated completely on Han Feng’s growth. Seeing Han Feng progress everyday in all areas including Dou Qi and alchemy caused Yao Chen to feel extremely gratified. Han Feng was truly a perfect disciple. Even the Yao clan would have to use endless resources to raise him someone to Han Feng’s level.

    Having such a disciple truly made life worth it. Seeing the tiny Han Feng continue to grow every day, Yao Chen started to feel an urge to give up all of his grudges and focus completely on this disciple of his.

    However, even if people didn’t go provoke matters, matters would provoke people. Enmities and grudges were not something that could be given up so easily just by wanting to. This was also due to the profoundness of karma.

    On this day, Yao Chen left to go to a contact point with the Falling Star Pavilion and send over some pills he had just refined. Originally Han Feng would always accompany him, but because Han Feng was attempting to refine a fourth tier medicinal pill he had been left in a seclusion room.

    As the curtain of night descended, the moonlight started to shine down. With a loud rumbling sound, Han Feng failed his refinement. It was after all a fourth tier medicinal pill. There were still many particular involved that that were difficult for him to accomplish even if he understood them.

    Han Feng sighed and felt a bit irritated. There had been a chance he could have succeeded.

    “Refining like this isn’t completely correct.”

    Suddenly a swift voice came from outside.

    “Who is it?!”

    Han Feng was startled out of his thoughts and immediately grabbed a sword to the side. He didn’t charge out of the room, instead planting himself in the corner of the room, carefully preparing and setting up a Dou Formation silently.

    “Haha, apprentice-nephew, there’s no need to be afraid. I just came to give you some pointers. Actually, you’re already doing very well, but there are a couple areas where you are acting too properly. If you switch the perspective when you refine then your success rate will increase by at least ten percent. And listen to this…”

    That voice actually perfectly pointed out the problem Han Feng had run into just now.

    At this time, Han Feng had already gained some of Yao Chen’s true inheritance and was naturally able to differentiate truth from falsehood. That technique the voice had told him was definitely true, and by extrapolating it to his alchemy process, his success rate increased by quite a bit. It was at least fifty percent superior to his original technique.

    “Wait, what did you just call me?”

    Han Feng’s eyes suddenly flashed.

    “Haha, I actually thought you wouldn’t ask. I’m your uncle-master.”

    “Uncle-master? But my master said that his master only had him as a disciple.”

    Han Feng was extremely guarded against this voice.

    “Haha, that was because your master and I had some problems. That’s already something from twenty years ago. The past is already dead. Now I remember that the matter from back then truly was just because of the vigor of youth. Just for some Flame Mantra, us apprentice-brothers ended up ruining our friendship. Tch, it really is regretful.”

    Flame Mantra?

    “What is the Flame Mantra?”

    He truly did remember his master had such a scroll that was called Flame Mantra. Every time his master read through the scroll his expression would become extremely complicated. It seemed there were many secrets involved with it.

    One time he had secretly taken the Flame Mantra and had wanted to read it over, but the result was that before he had even managed to open it, his master had found him and scolded him harshly.

    Ever since he had been small, he had never been beaten or even cursed. But just one time he had been very firmly scolded…

    Although he had been scolded, the intelligent Han Feng knew that that Flame Mantra would definitely be extremely exceptional.

    Perhaps his master didn’t want him to know what was inside for his own good, but the more it was like that, the greater his urge to find out just what the Flame Mantra really was.

    Moreover Han Feng had an extremely great urge to be number one. Every time his master said it was no good, he would repeatedly repeat what he had originally failed at until he succeeded. That small grudge Han Feng had had against his master finally faded and he was once more filled with respect for him again. Only then was his desire for the Flame Mantra forced down. His master’s things would sooner or later be handed down to him.

    However, now that he heard this self-claimed uncle-master of his speak of the Flame Mantra…

    That powerful and curious fire within him was once more ignited. This time he was unable to stop his curiosity; since his master wouldn’t tell him then he would listen to what this other person had to say about it.

    “Ah, your master hasn’t passed on the Flame Mantra to you?”

    That voice seemed extremely startled and filled with disbelief.

    Those words were exceptionally piercing to Han Feng’s ears.

    “Haha, that makes sense. If it it was me I also won’t easily hand over such an outstanding thing to my disciple. No matter how good or talented the disciple was, I’d still have to think about it over and over again. Hehe, the matter of apprentice killing the master after learning everything, well, I won’t talk about that. Do you really want to know what the Flame Mantra is?”

    The owner of that voice had clearly already observed Han Feng for a long time and knew exactly how to provoke his nature.

    He was repeatedly instigating the curiosity and competitiveness in Han Feng’s heart.

    This was also because Yao Chen had pampered Han Feng from a young age. He had always felt that with Han Feng’s talent, he was truly a perfect genius. Although he had never explicitly said that to Han Feng, with his intelligence, Han Feng was clearly able to sense this opinion of his.

    Occasionally Han Feng felt that he truly was more talented than his master. His master has simply trained for a longer time.

    Sometimes Han Feng would even dream that there would come a day where he would replace his master and become the mainland’s number one alchemist, and that title would actually be true for him.

    His master’s title of being ‘number one’ was actually just the result of the experts Yao Chen had exchanged medicinal pills raising him up. The other stronger alchemists weren’t as magnanimous as his master, so they naturally didn’t have the face to compete with his master over that number one spot.

    But if it was him who succeeded that number one spot, at that time, hmph…

    However Han Feng was very clear that that path was an extremely long one. Perhaps it would require forty to fifty years before he could achieve that goal. Although he was extremely competitive, he could judge intelligently. Perhaps in twenty years he would be able to surpass his master, however to become the true number one alchemist would require at least another twenty years of bitter cultivation after that. Of course, if he could find some sort of fortuitous encounter then that time would shorten.

    “If you started to study the Flame Mantra now… hehe, I feel that in twenty years you will likely surpass your master and become the true number one alchemist of the mainland. That of course includes the legendary Yao clan. No one will be your match.”

    Han Feng was surprised; was the Flame Mantra really so powerful?

    “Hmph, you’re just trying to trick me into stealing the Flame Mantra for you!”

    Han Feng saw right through that voice’s intention.

    “Hahaha, you really are smart and talented. You’re right, I really do want that Flame Mantra, however… I’m also an eighth tier alchemist just like your master. For your master to not dare train in it there must be a reason so I naturally also wouldn’t dare. However I keep feeling that you are definitely the perfect person to take on the inheritance of the Flame Mantra. However your master, hehe, he’s too selfish and refuses to teach you it. As for the reason for that, with your intelligence you should be able to guess why.”

    “… Who are you?”

    “I’m your uncle-master, Mu Gu. I guess I can also count as famous within the Central Plains. In any case, even if I say any more you probably won’t believe me. One month later I’ll come find you again. Meet me at that Thunderbolt Tree.”

    The final words of that voice had come very far as if the speaker had already left.

    Many thoughts ran through Han Feng’s head. In the end he kept the sword in his hand and went to his master’s room. In the corner of the bed was a wooden trunk. This was Heavy Iron Wood and its hardness did not lose out to steel essence. The trunk had a black lock, however that didn’t mean anything to Han Feng. Circulating his Dou Qi, he perfectly opened the lock. Over the years he had done things like that quite often, sneaking peeks at his master’s things. Naturally he had a couple stealthy abilities.

    There were many scrolls in that wooden trunk. Most of them were powerful Dou Techniques as well as various alchemy techniques. However, there was no Flame Mantra.

    So despite promising his master that  he would no longer have any intentions towards the Flame Mantra, his master had still taken it away…



    The ‘Han’ in Han Feng’s name is the same as the one in Han Shanshan.

    ‘Yao Chen had been called as the matchless Yao Zun-zhe while Feng Xian was called Feng Zun-zhe. The reason he was able to advance to Dou Zun was by relying on Yao Chen’s medicinal pills, and so he decided to casually change his name to Gu Ling, borrowing the Bone Chilling Flame’s ‘Gu Ling’ pronunciation.’

    It the Bone Chilling Flame based on BTTH’s translation, but the translator essentially ignored part of its name. The full name would be the Bone Spirit Chilling Flame. The spiritual aspect was mentioned a couple times back when Yao Chen was capturing it. The Chinese pronunciation of ‘Bone Spirit’ is ‘Gu Ling’, while the Gu Ling that Feng Xian changed his name to is actually ‘Ancient Spirit’, a homonym also pronounced Gu Ling. Feng zun-zhe’s name is mentioned in BTTH to be Gu Ling here (Feng=Wind, so the ‘Wind zun zhe’ mentioned is Feng zun-zhe.): https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/battle-through-the-heavens/btth-chapter-396

    Also recall in chapter 32 how Feng Xian consumed the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill which is mentioned in that chapter of BTTH. Chapter 32 also vaguely implies about how Feng Xian was unable to draw out the dragon aura from the pill which is mentioned here in BTTH: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/battle-through-the-heavens/btth-chapter-403

    Chapter 102 of the BTTH manga shows an auctioneer's retelling of how Gu Ling recovered through the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill. Chapter 104 also contains some details about it, the effects of the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill, as well as the first manga appearance of Han Feng in adult form.

  • Chapter 38 Shocking Betrayal

    Yao Chen returned and brought back many medicinal ingredients. He once more did as usual and taught Han Feng new alchemy techniques.

    “Feng-er, what’s wrong? You didn’t study while master was out?”

    Yao Chen took note of Han Feng’s emotional change. It seemed something had happened.

    Han Feng’s heart jumped and he quickly shook his head. He was hesitating about whether or not to tell his master about that person who had called himself his uncle-master.

    However, a shadow had fallen over his heart. Flame Mantra!

    His master had always had doubts about him, otherwise why would he have taken the Flame Mantra away with him! He had already vowed in front of him not to go look at the Flame Mantra again, so his master should have left the Flame Mantra in that Heavy Iron Wood trunk. But he actually brought it away!

    His master had never truly trusted him!

    Han Feng was precisely at the rebellious age of youth, and having progressed smoothly ever since his youth, he was extremely arrogant inside. In his opinion, his master’s lack of confidence in him was completely reprehensible. Never did the thought of how Yao Chen had raised him or how he had used his full effort to teach him cross his mind. Just how much had Yao Chen sacrificed for Han Feng?

    The greatest example of that was how Xuan Yi had actually put aside her pride and expressed her affection for Yao Chen. However, in order to properly raise Han Feng, Yao Chen had actually decisively declined. Having missed that chance, how could someone as prideful as Xuan Yi once more be with Yao Chen?

    After that it was also because of Han Feng that Yao Chen broke things off with the Flower Sect’s number one beauty. It wasn’t that he hadn’t had feelings for her, but those feelings had moved him deeply in his heart, and if was too distracted by her then he wouldn’t be able to focus all his attention on teaching Han Feng.

    This was an absolutely perfect disciple. Yao Chen wanted him to truly grow to become strong until the point where he would shake the very heavens!

    With Han Feng’s intelligence, those things were all thing he had become aware of, but a shadow had fallen over his heart now. Yao Chen’s sacrifices for him were pushed to the back of his mind while he focused completely on his resentment and hate.

    But at this time, Han Feng still hadn’t reached a point of no return. He still had a thought inside that as long as he asked, his master would definitely teach him the Flame Mantra.

    But he just had to find an opportunity to show off his growth and that he had matured enough to learn the Flame Mantra.

    Plus he still wanted to authenticate just how much of that so-called uncle-master Mu Gu’s words were true.

    Hundreds of thoughts spun in his head. But at this exact moment, Han Feng merely laughed and told Yao Chen about how he had caused a cauldron explosion at first. After failing that one time he said he then succeeded several times after. He then lowered his head and waited for Yao Chen to give him his criticism.

    He was fully confident that as long as he put it that way that his master would no longer investigate any further or even doubt him at all.

    As he expected, Yao Chen laughed heartily and patted his head. “Don’t worry about it. What alchemist hasn’t suffered some bitter failures? To be honest, I’ve always been a bit worried of your completely smooth progression. The day you run into a real obstacle you might end up stepping onto a demonic path. Come, I’ll tell you about some details that you don’t know about…”

    You don’t know about… that you don’t know about… that you don’t know about….

    Those words rang over and over within Han Feng’s mind.

    So it was true that his master was not passing on every technique on to him. Was it really like his uncle-master had said? Teaching an apprentice everything would starve the master to death? Until the true juncture point arrived, his master would definitely not pass him his true inheritance?

    At this time Han Feng was truly irritated with his master. He felt his master was being unfair to him. But it never occurred to him that even if Yao Chen was being selfish, so what? How could he blame Yao Chen for not always being honest with him? Furthermore, why would Yao Chen have to give him absolutely everything?

    Perhaps there was only a fine line between good and evil. Deviate slightly from the path and end up on the path of the devil. Continue on the path and end up becoming a Buddha.

    But for the moment he completely suppressed those evil thoughts in his heart and listened to what Yao Chen was saying. As he expected, Yao Chen spoke of exactly the same things that uncle-master Mu Gu had told him that night, however Yao Chen had left out many of the details. Even now he was still trying to hide things from him.

    When he thought of that, it inevitably led him to doubt whether the previous alchemy techniques his master had taught him had also been lacking details. Why wouldn’t he tell him those?

    Han Feng might be making some wild conjectures inside, but on the outside he put on a completely natural expression of curiosity as he listened to Yao Chen speak. He didn’t let Yao Chen see anything strange about him at all.

    Yao Chen on the other hand was not at all on guard against Han Feng. Perhaps even if Han Feng’s true heart was revealed to him at this moment he still would act as if he hadn’t seen it.

    This was his perfect disciple. Yao Chen had never had any suspicions towards him. Although they weren’t related by blood, he had raised him ever since he was a baby. This was essentially as if he really was his child.

    But a wild ambition always began with greed.

    One month later, Yao Chen was busy refining pills when Feng Xian said he wasn’t feeling well. He ate some medicinal pills and fell into a deep slumber.

    Halfway through the night, Han Feng, who should have been deeply asleep, opened his eyes.

    Silently getting out of bed, he looked over at the alchemy room where faint ripples of alchemy were being emitted. Yao Chen was refining a seventh tier medicinal pill and this used most of his focus. Han Feng knew that at this time he definitely wouldn’t attract Yao Chen’s attention.

    And even if he did notice him, he wouldn’t think much of it. Five miles away from the secluded valley they lived in was a concealed noble house. Due to proximity, they had had many exchanges. Over these few days Han Feng had deliberated associated with one of the noble daughters and had already gone out to meet her during the night many times. His master would naturally believe he was just making a lover’s meeting again.

    Towards this kind of matter, Yao Chen had only said a single thing to him: keep an appropriate distance in order to avoid hurting a young maiden’s heart.

    Han Feng had coldly laughed inside. That woman was just a subordinate he was using. Hurting her heart? His master’s words were truly laughable.

    People were simply like that; those that loved could love anything, whereas those whose hearts had obstructions would never be able to see anyone as pleasant to their eyes. Even a perfect image would seem full of faults to them.

    Han Feng was completely obsessed with the Flame Mantra now. He was looking forward to what uncle-master Mu Gu had to say about it.

    He arrived at the area behind the mountain. This place had been struck by Pill Lightning many times due to Yao Chen refining high grade medicinal pills there. Even the plants and trees had stopped growing. But there was one single strange tree that had managed to survive through all those lightning strikes. It had even evolved to become a Thunderbolt Tree and began to flourish. But now the leaves were a silver electric color. Occasionally they would also emit the aura of thunder and lightning.

    Beside that tree was a proud and aloof black figure.

    Han Feng looked over figure. He actually didn’t trust this uncle-master of his, however he did believe he would be able flush out some truths from him that could benefit him.

    For example… those ‘details’ his master wouldn’t teach him.

    And also... the Flame Mantra.

    Han Feng hadn’t wasted his time over the last month. He had made inquiries from those concealed noble families and heard that this Mu Gu truly could be considered his uncle-master. He had once paid his respects to his great-master, but in the end he was expelled.

    Mu Gu was excited to see Han Feng arrive. Taking revenge on Yao Chen had been an impossible task. In the Light-Shadow Realm he had suffered the counterattack of the Three Scorpion Devil Ghosts and received heavy injuries. He had spent years before managing to heal them, and during that time Yao Chen had made so many connections that he had become as immovable as a mountain. And even ignoring his many connections, when it came to strength, Mu Gu could only helplessly laugh…

    However, that Yao Chen who had never had any opening now had an opportunity for him to grab at.

    Han Feng!

    Mu Gu had never made a mistake when judging whether someone was capable of betrayal or not. A person like Han Feng really might have become a good person, but if he was enticed and a bit of disharmony was added while he was still maturing…

    “As expected, you came.”

    “Yes uncle-master. Please accept this disciple’s respects. Disciple had been disrespectful last time.”

    Han Feng smiled and bowed.

    “Ah, it’s really unfortunate that your master and I had some misunderstanding that couldn’t be resolved. Perhaps you also know now that I was expelled from my master’s door.”

    “Yes.” Han Feng nodded. Only the truth could be the foundation for him to gain benefits from this uncle-master.

    “Then tell me, do you know why I was expelled out my master’s door?”

    “This… disciple doesn’t know.”

    “Back then I had used people to experiment for medicine. I also used a couple taboo ingredients. What do you think about that?”

    Han Feng hesitated a moment. “If you didn’t use others to experiment your medicines then how would you know what the medicinal strength was of new medicinal formulas? As for taboo ingredients…”

    Mu Gu laughed heartily, “As I expected, it is you and I who are the same kind of person. It really is unfortunate that such a fine disciple like you actually ended up being taken by that old man Yao Chen. But if you are fine with it then I can teach you some of your uncle-master’s techniques. I guarantee that they will be even more complete than your master’s, without anything left behind.”

    “Yes, disciple accepts!”

    Han Feng immediately kneeled and kowtowed three times to him as his master.

    Mu Gu stared back at him blankly for a moment, his heart trembling slightly. This child’s innate nature was actually so icy-cold… and that was after being raised by the extremely kind Yao Chen! If he had been with him instead… who knows just what kind of person he would have become!

    But he still smiled brightly and repeated ‘good’ several times. The two of them were similar people. The thoughts they had inside would not be revealed outside.

    Mu Gu and Han Feng’s meetings were not sensed at all by Yao Chen.

    He knew that Han Feng would regularly go out in the middle of the night, but he only thought this was just for a lovers’ rendezvous. The vigor of a youthful man was something he just laughed at.

    Who would have thought that while Han Feng truly did go out to meet his ‘lover’, he only stayed with her for a couple minutes before sending her away. He then spent the next four hours with Mu Gu studying all kinds of new alchemy. This was an entirely different alchemy than what Yao Chen taught him. It truly had its own marvelous effects, however it was truly harming to the heavens. However, Han Feng didn’t care about that at all. To refine stronger medicinal pills naturally required a price. Precious medicinal ingredients were a price, and human lives could also be considered a price. Having to pay a price to heaven and earth was a principle that had existed since time immemorial.

    The only thing that Yao Chen found strange was how quickly Han Feng was progressing.

    He felt that it was time to suppress him a bit. Progressing too quickly wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Even talent could be burnt out. Slowly building a roadmap and setting up a good foundation before setting out to advance was the true way to walk to further realms.

    That was something that Yao Chen had sensed after reaching the Dou Zun class. He had felt that due to going overboard with the medicinal baths, his progression had been too radical, and so after reaching the Dou Zun class even his spirit and perception all had a barrier that made it difficult for him to advance even the slightest bit.

    His goal now was to raise Han Feng to the class above Dou Zun – Dou Sheng!

    As for him, perhaps in his entire life it would be hopeless for him to reach Dou Sheng. He could only pass on his hopes to his disciple.

    Late into the night, deep behind the mountains, Han Feng was listening to Mu Gu’s teaching as usual. This time Mu Gu’s eyes flashed and he opened his mouth to ask, “Do you know why your master is so powerful?”

    “The Bone Chilling Flame.” Han Feng nodded. He naturally knew just how greatly a Heavenly Flame benefited an alchemist.

    “Not bad. Of course it’s also because of that medicinal cauldron of his… it’s extremely marvelous, but I can’t really see through it. After all, no one other than you is able to get close to your master when he refines.”

    Mu Gu’s eyes were flashing as he said these words.

    Han Feng’s heart truly did sink. He wanted to say something, but after opening his mouth, the vision of that Flame Mantra scroll suddenly flashed in his eyes. A kind of nameless impatience rose within the deepest part of his heart and he didn’t say anything. He merely agreed and nodded to what Mu Gu said.

    Once a seed was firmly planted it would eventually ignite to become a wildfire that raged within the heart.

    Mu Gu didn’t say anymore on that topic. Now that a seed had been planted, all he had to do was wait for the time to harvest it. He smiled and continued teaching Han Feng his alchemy. The techniques he was teaching him were true arts without a single fake. But they had exceeded the limit that Han Feng could understand. Although Han Feng continued to learn them, that was just an empty understanding. That ended up burning up his potential talent and he gradually became imperfect.

    Han Feng naturally wouldn’t know this. Unless someone was trapped at the Dou Zun level for a long time, they wouldn’t be able to sense this. Even if others told him, he still wouldn’t be able to understand it.


    The next day during breakfast…

    Yao Chen looked at Han Feng and frowned. He instinctively could sense that Han Feng seemed to have begun straying from the correct path. But during this time he had greatly suppressed how quickly Han Feng was growing. He should have been slowing down and saving his talent. How did it end up getting even more burnt up?

    “Feng-er, have you been secretly learning other alchemy techniques?” suddenly asked Yao Chen.

    Han Feng was greatly alarmed. But he put on a natural clueless expression on his face. “What are you talking about master?”

    “Uh, nothing.” Yao Chen shook his head. Perhaps he had been overthinking. Han Feng shouldn’t have any access to things he shouldn’t be learning at this time. Those alchemy scrolls in the Heavy Iron Wood trunk were also completely fine for him to peruse.

    If he wanted to secretly learn things from him… that was impossible. The Dou Zun Yao Chen was confident in that.

    Time flew by…

    Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

    Yao Chen trained harder and harder, yet he was still unable to touch upon the barrier to Dou Sheng. But when it came to combat strength, Yao Chen was confident that he would be unrivalled below Dou Sheng.

    Han Feng’s growth over these three years had been a bit worrying to him. It was simply too quick and had broken out of the plan he had created for him to reach Dou Sheng. But since he wasn’t able to keep him suppressed, Yao Chen actually let Han Feng grow explosively. As long as he properly nursed him in the future there would still be an extremely large chance. At the very least he wouldn’t be like him and unable to even touch that doorway.

    However, Han Feng had started to hate Yao Chen more and more. Originally towards the things Yao Chen was keeping from him he merely felt an angry sense of unfairness. But at this time it had developed into a fiery wrath.

    The old geezer was still thinking of suppressing his growth!

    As his hatred grew he forgot about all the things Yao Chen had given him. He only remembered those faults.

    Of course, this was also instigated by Mu Gu. Despite the fact that Mu Gu was plucking sprouts in order to make them grow faster, to him it seemed Mu Gu was much better than Yao Chen who was suppressing his growth.

    Han Feng had even started to believe that Mu Gu’s interest in the Flame Mantra was completely innocent...

    That old geezer was probably jealous of his talent and wanted to remain stronger than him, therefore…

    That old bastard!

    In Han Feng’s heart he had already started to use such a name for Yao Chen.

    But on the outside he still acted like a good disciple to Yao Chen. He had become even more refined and courteous, and compared to before he was even more obedient.

    “Master, do you think I can look at the Flame Mantra now with my current level?”

    Han Feng finally couldn’t resist anymore and proposed this question to Yao Chen.

    Yao Chen laughed and firmly shook his head. “That Flame Mantra isn’t suited for you. Trust your master’s judgment, the Flame Mantra… sigh, it’s more accurate to say it isn’t suited to any alchemist. The price is too great and the requirements are too high. If you really want to achieve your full potential then don’t have any more thoughts towards the Flame Mantra.”

    Yao Chen had actually hesitated for a long time to make this decision.

    With Han Feng’s talent, he actually most likely would have managed to advance with the Flame Mantra. But the requirement of swallowing Heavenly Flames to increase the level was simply too great a price. Who could guarantee that Han Feng would be able to find all the various Heavenly Flames?

    Even in the past dozen years Yao Chen had only seen a couple types of Heavenly Flames. Fate and karma were things that could not be controlled. As long as Han Feng cultivated on his own he would definitely be able to become a Dou Zun in the future, and if he was lucky, there was definitely a chance of him becoming a Dou Sheng. If he trained in the Flame Mantra then his fate would be up to the Heavens.

    It was naturally more reliable to be able to control your own fate.

    Although the Flame Mantra was strong… whether it was a blessing or a disaster was something even the Heavens weren’t sure of. Yao Chen naturally didn’t want his sole disciple to walk such a hazardous path.

    Han Feng nodded very smartly. But inside he was filled with scarlet fury.

    This act of his had driven himself sick over these three years. But he still had to keep it up. Mu Gu truly had spoken the truth; that old bastard really was jealous of his talent. Without the Flame Mantra he wouldn’t be able to look down on everyone else.

    Well then don’t blame me for being heartless!

    “Disciple won’t bother master’s refining anymore.” Han Feng turned to leave. He rushed directly behind the mountain.

    If he wanted to take the initiative to get in contact with Mu Gu then he would place a couple white pebbles beside the Thunderbolt Tree.

    But this time Han Feng placed black pebbles. Black was definitely an ominous color.

    Late at night, Mu Gu arrived at the Thunderbolt Tree. When he saw the black pebbles he was dazed for a long time before laughing loudly. His three years of investment had finally born fruit. This child’s viciousness had already flourished. That seed he had planted three years ago had finally grown into a huge tree.

    “Excellent, how vicious. Yao Chen, ah, Yao Chen. A generation’s hero. Too bad you accepted an unfaithful disciple. But your misfortune is a blessing for me. Back then you stole my Flame Mantra. Now it’s time to hand it over.”

    After muttering for a while, Mu Gu went straight towards the secluded valley Yao Chen lived in.

    His figure was like a ghost as he travelled. With each step he collected the might of heaven and earth. The power of a Dou Zun suddenly erupted from him, drawing in heaven and earth’s energy for his own use.

    Yao Chen was at a critical moment of a refinement. Feeling this huge killing intent his expression immediately changed. This killing intent could only be given off by an extremely powerful Dou Zun.

    Without hesitation he scrapped that furnace of pills. His entire body’s Dou Qi majestically arose. The Bone Chilling Flame exploded out towards that person outside.

    The instant he saw it was Mu Gu he became dazed. Mu Gu had actually come here alone?

    “Have you gone mad Mu Gu?

    But thinking about it, that wasn’t all that unexpected. If Mu Gu wanted other things done then perhaps there would be thousands of people who would follow him. But if he wanted to kill Yao Chen, then there would likely be not a single person who would help him. That was the level Yao Chen’s fame had reached.

    Of the high level pills that circulated within the Central Plains, over ninety percent had come from Yao Chen. If something happened to him then all those experts who had become accustomed to being supplied such high level pills would fly into a rage. Then there were also those experts he had built a friendship with from his medicinal pills. Although not all those friendships were a hundred percent true, at the very least they wouldn’t harm him.

    “I’m not mad. I’m here to reason with you. Since you still haven’t trained in the Flame Mantra after all these years, how about you give it to me?” coldly said Mu Gu. At this time he also saw Han Feng walk over with a sword in his hand. Not even the slightest trace of an emotion could be seen on his face.

    Yao Chen noticed Mu Gu’s line of sight. Shifting his feet he protected Han Feng behind him. He was afraid of a sudden attack from Mu Gu hurting Han Feng.

    Behind Yao Chen, Han Feng’s expression changed multiple times. His heart began to jump and his right hand which was nervously holding the sword was covered with sweat.

    Yao Chen looked back at him and smiled. “No need to worry.”

    He had noticed Han Feng was acting strange, however he attributed this to being affected by Mu Gu’s Dou Zun level killing intent.

    Han Feng nodded. He smiled a smile that was more ugly than a cry.

    But under Mu Gu’s attention, killing intent began to overflow from his heart. This old bastard, what was the point of acting at this time?

    The Flame Mantra… for Mu Gu to care that much about this technique, it definitely must be extremely powerful. If he could obtain the Flame Mantra…

    In any case, he had already learned most of the old man’s alchemy. He had also learned much from Mu Gu. If he could also obtain the Flame Mantra, Han Feng was sure that in the future he would become an absolute paragon without a single rival under the heavens.

    Mu Gu had been carefully paying attention to Han Feng’s changes. Sensing that killing intent in Han Feng’s heart, he started to attack Yao Chen.

    “If you won’t hand it over to me then I’ll just take it by force!”

    BOOM! When Dou Zuns fought, heaven and earth would shake.

    However with a cold laugh, Yao Chen didn’t even move. An even greater energy came out of his body and completely suppressed everything. Just this aura of his was enough to suppress Mu Gu.

    Mu Gu turned pale with fright. “What, you’ve actually broken through…”

    As he said this, Mu Gu cast a glance at Han Feng, telling him to take action.

    At this time, Yao Chen was completely focused on suppressing him. It was the best moment for Han Feng to act.

    However it was at this time that Han Feng actually coldly laughed and raising his sword. He didn’t charge at Yao Chen, but instead thrust the sword straight at Mu Gu’s stomach.

    This truly startled Mu Gu. With his body locked in place by Yao Chen, he was unable to dodge. However he still managed to release a strand of Dou Flame towards Han Feng. Even if he was thrust through, Han Feng shouldn’t even think of surviving.

    Yao Chen had also not expected Han Feng to suddenly attack. Shouting out to be careful, he flew forward and took his spot to block Mu Gu’s retaliation.

    BOOM! Dou Flame exploded out. Underneath the Bone Chilling Flame, everything was frozen still and destroyed.

    “Yao Chen, Han Feng… you two are truly vicious.”

    Mu Gu’s face was completely ashen. The Dou Flame he had sent out just now was his life energy. Having it exterminated by the Bone Chilling Flame had injured his vitality. Now his strength sharply fell. For a short time he wasn’t even as strong as a Dou Ling. He would need at least a year before slowly recovering from this.

    At this time Mu Gu was filled with regret and hatred. Playing with fire, he had ended up burnt…

    Yao Chen coldly laughed, “No matter how vicious we still aren’t equal…”

    With a light sound, Yao Chen’s words were cut off. He turned his head back to look at Han Feng, not daring to believe his own senses.

    That sword in Han Feng’s hand had been thrust deep into his stomach. A powerful poison immediately erupted within his body. The Devil’s Snare Seven Star Powder was one of the poisons that was fatal even to a Dou Zun!

    “You… why?”

    Immediately Yao Chen understood that Mu Gu’s gaze at Han Feng hadn’t been to harm him…

    And Mu Gu’s saying of ‘how vicious’ was also because…

    A twisted craziness covered Han Feng’s face.

    “Haha, HAHA, you old bastard, you’re asking me why?! What about the Flame Mantra? Take out the Flame Mantra! You don’t use it! Why won’t you hand it to me?!”

    Looking at Yao Chen’s face, Han Feng immediately began to feel his heart ache and hesitate.

    In the end, the vicious side of his heart prevailed though. Since he had already taken action, he had to see it to the end.

    Han Feng shouted madly and reached towards Yao Chen’s chest. He knew that the Flame Mantra was always kept by him on the robes of his body.

    Yao Chen sorrowfully smiled. Only an idiot would raise a tiger, yet he had ended up raising a tiger in a human’s skin! He had always thought of Han Feng as a perfect disciple…


    Haha, now he understand that that was a complete joke, a joke that had been played on him for over ten years.

    Vicious! Vicious! Absolutely vicious!

    “You must be dreaming if you want the Flame Mantra!”

    BOOM! The Bone Chilling Flame in his body suddenly erupted and ignited his whole body.

    Mu Gu saw this and laughed loudly.

    “Hahaha, Yao Chen, a day like this has also come for you. Good apprentice-nephew, quick, the Flame Mantra isn’t something so easily burned. Keep stabbing him; hack him to death! The Bone Chilling Flame is about to go out, quick!”

    At this time the craziness on Han Feng’s face had weakened. His hand was trembling and it seemed he didn’t have the strength to keep going. However in the end he still let out a wolf-like howl and slashed off Yao Chen’s head!

    A tumbling sound came from the ground…

    Then everything quieted down.

    Han Feng quickly reached into Yao Chen’s robes and grabbed out the Flame Mantra. However what it read was ‘Lower’. This was actually only half the whole scroll, and it was the lower half!

    “What, you old bastard, even in death you’re still toying with me!”

    Han Feng went completely made. The Dou Flame in his hand went berserk and turned Yao Chen’s body to ashes in just an instant. From within those ashes were several treasures that couldn’t be destroyed.

    There were rings, one which was the Storage Ring Yao Chen used while the other was the ring that Feng zun-zhe had given him as a keepsake.

    Taking the rings, inside the Storage Ring were countless precious medicinal ingredients that were absolutely priceless. As for the keepsake, to Han Feng it was absolutely useless. He threw it away and it landed on the distant ground.

    The other things were all treasures so Han Feng collected them all. He then turned to look at Mu Gu and actually laughed nastily. “Uncle-master, this disciple will send you on your way.”

    Mu Gu’s expression changed. “You, you forgot all the good things I gave you? I’ve always been supporting you! How could you forget?”

    “Haha, uncle-master, you’re just joking.”

    Han Feng coldly sneered and raised his sword. But just at this time a burst of whistling came from the side, the sound of experts rushing directly over there.

    Yao Chen was the Falling Star Pavilion’s pavilion chief. Considering how importantly Feng zun-zhe looked upon Yao Chen, how could he not send people to protect him in secret? Even with Yao Chen’s great strength he couldn’t be excepted from that protection.

    Han Feng shot a profound glance at  Mu Gu and actually quickly rushed out. He didn’t even bring that Black Demon Cauldron in the refining room.

    Mu Gu struggled up. Bangs and cracking sounds rang out from within his body. He was using a technique that would destroy his own body and devastate his own cultivation realm in order to forcibly restore a bit of his energy. He rushed miserably in the opposite direction of Han Feng, disappearing in an instant…

    Shortly after, a couple experts descended into the valley. They saw a litter of ashes on the ground. Never in their wildest imaginations would they guess that those ashes were actually Yao Chen.

    “Could it be that the pavilion chief went out to chase after the invaders?”

    “That’s possible. The pavilion chief’s strength is without compare. Hmph, we’re just here to help take care of the valley.”

    Those experts were completely confident in Yao Chen. They immediately went to go check out some secret places, each using their own techniques to hide themselves as well.

    However no one noticed that in a brush not far away was an ordinary looking ring. It was emitting a glimmer of white flame light, a trace of the Bone Chilling Flame’s seed. If they used their spirits to look then they would have seen the flame seed had actually wrapped around a spirit, Yao Chen’s spirit. Just at this moment the Black Demon Cauldron suddenly transformed into black smoke that floated over to that ring and also faded away along with the Bone Chilling Flame’s seed.


    Half a month later…

    Those expert Falling Star Pavilion’s guards all began to panic. The pavilion chief had yet to return and even the pavilion chief’s disciple had vanished.

    They sent back a report in a panic and the entire Falling Star Pavilion was set into motion. Feng zun-zhe became furious, and all of the Central Plains became furious along with him!

    Several years after this… countless experts had searched for news of Yao Chen throughout the lands. However they didn’t find a single thing.

    It was just like how Han Shanshan had disappeared back then. Any trace of Yao Chen had completely disappeared.


    On a certain day, a young married woman arrived at that mountain valley. This woman was the person who had been meeting with Han Feng late at night as lovers. By this time she already married and had a brilliant innocent girl by her side.

    “Mom, did that Yao zun-zhe in your stories really live here?”

    The woman laughed and recalled her memories. She nodded; yes, it was precisely here.

    When she was young she hadn’t understood what was happening. She had really thought that had been true love. Now when she thought back to it she really felt it was laughable.

    She brought the girl along for a walk when the girl suddenly let out a laugh of delight. “Mom, look, I found something good.”

    A ring shined brightly in her hand.

    “Oh, it actually hasn’t rusted at all. It must be made of some good material. You’re right, it really is something good.”

    “Mom, can I keep it?”

    “Of course you can. It’s yours now.”

    The girl was delighted. Now she had a ring she could wear every day!

    Ten years later, the girl had grown up and started cultivating. She noticed the ring had a secret effect that could actually increase the perception of her spirit. Unfortunately the increase was extremely minute, and over time, even that slight amount gradually faded.

    As the months passed, that ring was passed from person to person. Who knew just how many owners it ended up having. But the hidden spirit within the ring never once awakened.


    Springs passed and autumns came in an unending cycle.

    On one day, a ripple came from the hidden spirit sleeping deep within the depths of the ring. A particular Spiritual Strength was transmitted to it. It was just like a few ripples were coming from the middle of a vast lake.

    The spirit that had been sleeping for an incredibly long time finally began to awaken. His Spiritual Perception spread outside the ring. He finally became aware of the outside world again.

    And when he sensed this familiar world, he also saw who the new owner of the ring was.

    It was a black-haired youngster with intelligent black eyes that looked like stars.

    He managed to learn a little bit of information as he sensed around. This youngster seemed to be called Xiao Yan.

    He examined this youngster for a long time from within the ring. His weak spirit laughed. This youngster seemed to have a powerful spirit. Perhaps he could teach him alchemy and let him help him to be reborn.

    “I hope this time that these eyes of mine won’t be blind again.”

    That spirit quietly warmed up and became silent once more.

    Perhaps at this time he didn’t know that while he watched, he was paving the path for a legend. This youngster called Xian Yan would be the future pride of his life.

    Sometimes legends were simply born by accident.



    Devil’s Snare Seven Star Powder (曼陀七星散): Devil’s snare, 曼陀 (man tuo), aka as jimsonweed or Datura Stramonium, a highly poisonous plant. 


    Check out Feng zun-zhe talking about some past events about Yao Lao with Xiao Yan:



    A slight mention of Yao Lao's relation with the Flower Sect:


    Chapter 38 of the BTTH manga has a slight reference to Yao Chen's death by his disciple here.

    Chapter 99 of the BTTH manga tells a story of Yao Chen's relationship with Han Feng. The details aren't exactly the same, but the result is similar.

    Chapter 143/144 of the BTTH manga shows Yao Lao with the Black Demon Cauldron and Han Feng's memory of killing him. On a side note, I love how furnace and cauldron are translated to stove and pot in the manga ^.^

    Final thoughts:

    Yao Chen/Yao Lao is my favorite character in BTTH, so translating this prequel that focuses on him was extremely exciting. Now that it's complete, it's a bit bittersweet since I loved this novel so much and I'm sad that it’s over. But I’m also glad to have finished it and offered my own contribution to the light novel translation community.

    Feel free to ask me any questions you have about either this novel or any questions you may have about BTTH. For example, why is the Green Lotus Core Flame also translated as the Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame in the manga or why it is called Essence Flame in the manga?

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  • Thanks for finishing this incredible Yao Lao story, the wait was long when you left but the quality makes up for it.
  • Thanks for finishing the book. i really loved Yao Chen as a character and this story made me love him even more but was there any more information the the girl who sacrificed herself to save him from the bone chilling flame and does he ever see the demon girl, even in other books. So sad to hear that so many people ended up missing him
  • Han Shanshan isn't mentioned in BTTH except vaguely once by Mu Gu when he says he and Yao Chen had the same master. Neither Han Shanshan or the little demon girl (Hu Jiujiu) appear in The Great Ruler or BTTH. Yao Chen does appear in The Great Ruler eventually so there's that :D.
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    Wait so he never got revenge on the Yao clan before his name death?
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    He essentially does. A peak Dou Zun is already really strong, and if he had wanted to, he could have returned to the clan. But he chose not to. Later in BTTH he 'gets revenge' on the Yao clan in that his student Xiao Yan defeats Yao Wangui and wins the Pill Ceremony. At that time, the clan head Yao Dan tells Yao Lao that he can write whatever he wants on the Clan Monument (the Clan Monument was translated as clan tablet in BTTH).
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