Coiling Dragon - The return of the Grandmist

Hi there I finish reading CD two weeks ago and I had the existential crisis and you know feel pity for grandpa Dohering, so I decided to make a fanfic about Linley returning his mind to the time when he found the ring (Similar to TDG) so this time he can save everyone including Cecily because Cesar is a good fella

There are spoilers ahead and some references to Stellar Transformations so if you are still reading CD to read this will be a bad idea

-Lin Meng are you sure about this? You can just create a clone with his memories.-

-I know but that wouldn’t be the real him, this is the only way to revive him.-

Hong Meng still want to persuade Lin Meng to remain but he still nods.

-Fine but I need to warn you… even if you will maintain all your memories and insights you will be weak, only by reaching the saint level the cosmos will recognize you and once again regain your status as a highgod and as a paragon.-

-Hahaha I’m aware of that but still I’m pretty sure that  even as a rank one warrior I will be able to make use of the laws at least as a weakened version of them, after all I didn’t train for eight hundred thousand years to finally fuse all mysteries of the profound laws.-

-…Very well give me the item I will use to perform the temporal regression technique.-

Then Lin Meng took out the coiling dragon ring and gave it to Hong Meng.

-You know that I can’t send you before you bound this ring right?-

-Yes brother Hong but still I beg you to do it.- Said Lin Meng while bowing.

A little kid with an injured head was lying in the bed, after some time the kid begin to move.

-Why my head hurts so badly?- But then Lin Meng get excited because only now he remembered this was the first time that he saw Grandpa Dohering and as he slowly opened his eyes, after eight hundred thousand years finally heard him again.

-Hello, kiddo. My name is Doehring Cowart. I am a Saint-level Grand Magus of the Pouant Empire!” The amiable looking old man said with a smile.-

-Hello, my name is Lin Men… Linley Baruch.-

Doehring Cowart was slightly startled because this six year old kid wasn’t surprised by his appearing in the least but he still smiled.

-Grand… Sir Doehring I need to tell you something… your Pouant empire was destroyed over five thousand years ago.-

-Over five thousand years ago?- Doehring Cowart was momentarily stunned, and then let out a sigh. -There’s no way for me to sense the passing of time from within the Worldring. I didn’t expect that by the time I left the Worldring, over five thousand years would have passed since the destruction of my country.-

After some seconds of silence Doehring continued.

-Well kiddo I’ll tell you the ring you wear next to your chest is the divine artifact I once used – “The Worldring!”-

Hahaha Linley started to laugh surprising Doehring.

-Well this isn’t a divine artifact at all… this is a Soul protecting sovereign artifact left by my ancestors.-

-…Sovereign artifact? By your ancestors?- Asked Doehring in disbelief.

-Yes haha and I renamed it to Coiling dragon ring… well at least if you agree with it.-

-Of course of course since it’s a heirloom of your ancestors I have nothing to say.-

And after several minutes like last time Linley asked.

-Since your name is Doehring Cowart can I address you as Grandpa Doehring?-

-Yes, yes.- Doehring Cowart felt extremely happy.

-Grandpa… I need to ask can you teach me magic?- Linley said trying to appear innocence.-

-Linley, your Grandpa Doehring is a Saint-level Grand Magus. Even if you don’t have much natural talent, I can still teach you magic. Of course…if your talent is low, your accomplishments will be low as well.-

-Can you assess me to see if I have talent in magic?- Linley said again faking innocence.

-Of course I can.- Said Grandpa Doehring proudly. –But I can just assess you on earth magic.-

-Ok Grandpa let’s start!-

-Come, let’s begin the test of the strength of your elemental affinities. Sit down with legs crossed, close your eyes, and enter a meditative state.- Doehring Cowart said gently.

The Linley close his eyes.

-Just carefully try and see what you can sense, and whenever you sense something, just tell me.-

But even before Doehring Cowart started Linley told him something that stupefied him.

-Grandpa why I can sense many multy-colored specks? Green, earthy, blue and red-

-… What are you talking about?-

Then Linley opened his eyes –I can sense many specks of different colors, Is that bad?-

-…No… is not bad at all… but… you’re not in meditative state yet you can feel them?-

-Yes grandpa.-

After pondering some time Doehring told Linley: -Extraordinary affinity not just on earth element… even on water, fire and air.-

Linley was trying to contain his laughter because he already knew that his soul and mind were connected so even in this time he was still a soul-mutate and already mastered the profound laws to the paragon level on all four elements.

-Grandpa then I will be an extraordinary magus?-

Doehring was pondering about the extraordinary talent of Linley but his words awake him and he start to speak.

-This test is a two-part test let’s hope you have a high spiritual energy so let’s beg…-

But even before he finish he was completely stupefied! Because he discovered that Linley have a Spiritual energy a hundred and sixty times greater than someone his age.

And Linley finally burst out in laughter, after a long time he stopped and told Doehring to not worry.

After the dinner with his family he asked Hillman and his father to stay because he need to tell them something important.

-What is it son?- Asked Hogg.

-Father, uncle Hillman I need to tell you about mother’s situation.

When they heard the topic of this discussion both became deathly pale but the focus to the words of Linley.

-I already know that mother was abducted…-

-…How do you know Linley?- Asked Hogg with a solemn expression.

-I know a lot of things father.- At this moment Linley is no longer acting like a six year old kid but as himself.

-I know that Count Patterson abducted my mother… moreover I know that there are two major powers behind him… the king of Fenlai Clayde who ordered it, and the Radiant Church that offer mother’s soul to the light sovereign to transform her into a twelve winged angel.- He said calmly.

-What?!?- Both Hogg and Hillman cry out in unison.

-I just want to ask you father for one thing… don’t pursue this matter because I’ll kill Patterson, Clayde and utterly destroy the radiant church, I just need time to reach the saint-level and then I’ll be able to do it.-

After a long silence Hogg finally talked.

-Linley I ignore how do you obtained this information but… you alone can’t destroy the radiant church or kill the king Clayde… even if you reach the saint-level, that’s because the radiant church have many saint-level combatants.-

-I know this father but remember that we are from the Redding clan!-

-…Redding clan? What are you talking about?-

-Father we’re just a branch from this Redding clan, have you ever wondered about the whereabouts of our saint-level ancestors? They went a long time ago to the infernal realm due to the death of our most powerful ancestor!-

Even if Hogg believe in his son about his wife’s destiny because he knew about count Patterson this time he has nothing to believe in him about the Redding clan so he thought about his injured head and begin to consider this as some hallucinations.

-Hillman please take Linley to his room, he is in no condition to be running and playing for the moment.-


Then Hillman approach to Linley but when he was some centimeters away from Linley he disappeared, Linley used the Worldwalking, right now because he already fused every mystery of the profound laws of the earth and became a paragon, even if he is not a rank one warrior nor a rank one magus he can still move about a hundred meters through the worldwalking technique.

-Father please believe me I’m not hallucinating.-

Even if the movement of Linley surprised Hillman and Hogg they were still doubting so Hillman tried to take Linley again but this time Linley use the Strength mystery to remain in place but due to his lacking power he was about the same strength as Hillman but still managed to resist.

-Father as you see I am not just a normal kid I know about this thing I just told you.- Linley said resolutely.

After pondering a little Hogg answered.

-If this is like that tell me how do you know?-

-For the time being I can’t tell you father I’m sorry but when the time is right I’ll tell you.-

At the dinner time to prevent Doehring to know about his proficiency on the laws of earth he took off the Coiling dragon ring and leave it in his room but after some time Linley got back.

-Grandpa I’m back!-

-Sure you are Linley… do you want me to start your training as a magus?-

-Not yet grandpa I want to sculpt first can I?-

This arouse Doehring interest –Of course you can, as a matter of fact I have even a sculpting technique that will allow you to advance in the magus path while sculpting!- Said Doehring proudly.

-Sorry grandpa I already have a technique it’s named the Straight chisel school!-

Doehring frown for a while because he never taught this to anyone so in theory nobody knew about this technique but this kid in front of him just claimed that he use this technique, but after pondering for a while he deduced that it must be a little different from his.

-Ok let’s see your ability kiddo.-

Then they went out to the forest near the town in search for some big rocks, and meanwhile Doehring was again stupefied because the speed of Linley was on par to a rank six warrior, he was trying to figure out why a six year old kid seems to be an absolute expert.

-I think this one is perfect!- Said Linley while touching a nine meters tall, seven meters wide rock.

-I’ll begin grandpa.- And without waiting for an answer he begin to sculpt.

“This kid… this is really my straight chisel school how can this kid possibly know it… and even his expertise is so high.”

Thanks to the comprehension of the profound laws of earth Linley’s skill was on a extremely high level, right now even Proulx was like a rookie compared with Linley.

This time Linley entered in some sort of special state… it was the same as the time he made the “Awakening of the dream” statue but there was a difference, because that time the special state was triggered by sorrow and pain from losing Alice but this time was triggered by the Joy of not allow his grandpa to die again, the whole sculpture was even bigger but it took roughly the same time as “Awakening of the dream”, this sculpture had some people that Dohering didn’t recognize, it was himself, Delia, Taylor, Sasha, Wade, Wharton, Linley, Bebe, Nisse, Ina and Beirut.

-Linley… this is… my straight chisel school… but how do you know it?-

This time Linley stop  pretending and start acting like himself again.

-You taught me grandpa… I am a time traveler… well not exactly… some years in the future I was attacked by the radiant church… at that time to protect me you use the Heavenly Meteor Descent exhausting your very soul… after that I trained hard and finally became someone at the very peak but still I couldn’t revive you so with the help of my brother Hong Meng I managed to send my soul to the time I bounded the Coiling dragon ring, to save you and many others.-

-… I find it hard to believe but your abilities are far higher than someone of your age and even know my straight chisel school… if you reached the peak of power then… you reached deity level?- Asked curiously

Linley started to laugh -I think you’re talking about the demigod level grandpa… the deity rank have three further stages: demigod, god and highgod but after that there is an even higher rank the sovereign level, further there is the exalted celestial level and finally… well that’s to far off from now.-

-… Hahahaha I wanted to take you as my disciple but it seems it’s me the one that needs a master… it’s truly a shame because now I can’t train even if I have someone like you.- Doehring said depressingly.

-Well as a matter of fact that’s not true, I think right now you can count as a loose immortal so you can still train, since you still have your spiritual energy at the saint-level if you reach the demigod level you can reform your body out of divine energy.-

-Are you sure?-

-Not completely since this is a smaller cosmos you can’t form a jindan but maybe the coiling dragon ring can be used as a substitute.-


-It’s something as a magicite core.-

-I don’t really know what are you talking about but… I can sense that you aren’t lying so it’s worth a try!-


This is the first chapter I hope you like it (somethings were changed for the purpose of this story) (Sorry if i have mistakes english is not my mother language so)


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