Mage Hunter Chapter 1-25

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Without Strength you find yourself in a dark cell
Without Courage you wait to die and pray to god
Without Hate you lose your purpose
With Morality you find yourself used and dead
With Love you find you were never loved

With Hope you find no one came to save you
So Why wait and place your fate in the hands of others.

Why be hunted and used when you can hunt.

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  • Chapter 1: Strength

    I am a male, 7 years old, and the so called vermin of the streets. I was born to the streets and I am destined to die on the streets.

    I’ve lived life at the bottom scrounging for scraps and stealing when necessary. Naturally it didn’t always work out. That day I saw that the Cambell House was looking for temporary help for a party in 2 days.

    I knew that the Cambell House was having this party to commemorate their son’s journey to adulthood. There would be presents of all kinds and most importantly they will be distracted.

    The Cambell House got its wealth for investing well especially in diamonds. Even their nobility was bought and not earned so their wealth is staggering. I plan on stealing not the diamonds but rather finding out what they want to invest in next.

    “All I need to do is get to Mr. Cambell’s work room and find evidence of his future transactions and current transactions.”

    I can sell that to the guild and they can deal with the rest with some other noble family that doesn’t like the Cambell House.

    Lewis was seated a short a muscular man was seated at a table with some other members.

    “Lewis I got a job at the Cambell I got a plan I just need some help.”

    Lewis put down his drink and stood up.

    “Alright let’s go to my office we can discuss it there.”

    We walked to the stairs of the sewer and went to a selection of rooms. The one to the furthest left was the room. It was a decorated workroom with with ledgers and rare items all over the room.

    If even a bit of it disappeared Lewis would know and as the boss of this branch of the thieves guild this stuff is what he has to send so no one ever messes with the items.

    I recapped my plan to Lewis as he sat in his chair and thought.

    “So what will you need to get the job done.”

    “Information I need blueprints, I need people on the inside, and I need background info on my previous works. Although my childish age gets people’s guard down and this is just temporary work I don’t need to look irregular.”

    “Alright I got someone who can get you some fake papers showing you’ve worked for nobles before. I assume you know how to act?”

    “3 Years here has taught me quite a lot I think I can handle it.”

    “This is a big job and you’re going alone. I understand why but remember if you get caught and reveal any info about the guild. Well don’t expect your age make them put their guard down understood.” Lewis said with a stern voice.

    “Understood regardless of what happens it will be my own problem. I can only blame my bad luck if this fails. Alright be back here tomorrow I will have your papers.”

    I left and wasted the day reading in the guild lounging area. I came back got my papers and went to the Cambell House.

    At the top of a large hill was the Cambell mansion at the front were some servants in suits. I walked up to one of them.

    “I am here for the help job in this flier.” I handed the paper over to him

    He read it over and without saying anything started walking he used his hands to say follow. I followed him into the house where a older man in a suit was directing some servants in the main dining room.

    The servant spoke to the old man for a moment then they both looked at man the old man spoke.

    “Do you have any previous work experience and papers issued by the noble family you worked for?”

    “Why yes sir.” I said with a cute little smile as I handed him the paper.

    He looked it over and smiled at me.

    “Alright all I need you to do is move the food around and you’ll get 6 silver.”

    “Thank you so where is the work area?”

    “Follow me I will show you.”

    We left the dining room and went to the kitchen where the chefs were busy cooking. The old man pointed to a tables near the door.

    “Over there is where the food will go you are to place them in their correct areas. Wines go there, foods next to it, snacks, and other assortments go on the third table. When someone comes and asks for something you give it to them. When a chef says come pick it up you bring the items here. If we get busy you will be out on the floor serving the nobles understood?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Alright you can start.”

    I started working and organizing the food as the day went on. It got especially busy at night and I went to the floor and started giving food to the nobles.

    All the trips made the ball of my feet feel the pain. I am often on my feet but not continuous for 14 hours. I stayed working so that when I take a break from hurt feet it won’t look strange. Especially as a little 7 year old child.

    I told the old man I was going on break he just smiled at me and said I could rest. I went to the kitchen and looked for a chef with green shoes and a tattoo on his ear.

    When I found him I showed him the tattoo on my arm he brought me over to the corner.

    “Here’s the floor plan for the mansion, in his study drawer there is likely to be some info. But the best bet would be his floor safe. I had someone check it’s under the carpet near the cabinets. We had an expert look at it, here’s a list of codes it could be.

    “Be fast guards may do a sweep near there. I’ll cover for you if you don’t get back in time but after your break work for the rest of the night. So you don’t look like a suspect.”

    “I made the plan you don’t have to worry.”

    He escorted out of the kitchen and I started sneaking around the mansion. My first priority was securing a diversion. I looked outside and saw some guards holding back commoners. I snuck out the window and went over to them.

    I went up to one of the guards.

    “Sir Cambell told me to come ask you guys if you need more guards?”

    “Yes any help would be great now.” He said as he pushed one of the commoners of the premises.

    With that I went back into the mansion and snuck around. Occasionally I would see some guards but I would hide and wasn’t found so far.

    I got into the study and found the cabinets. I carefully remembered and removed the carpet then found the safe. I put in the pin the first 18 were wrong but on the 19th is succeeded.

    “Why are we sweeping all day who would dare steal from the Cambell family.” Said someone outside the room.

    I froze for a moment and moved the carpet out of the way when the guards came in. I hide behind the desk. I thought about this happening so I took a rock and threw it to the bottom left corner of the room.

    “What was that?” Said one of the guards as they walked towards the sound. I snuck around the desk and left the room silently. I was already trained in quick quiet feet and effective diversion. So I did it all without a hitch.

    I went down the hall as fast as possible then stopped halfway and turned around. I walked forward slowly when one of the guards left the room and saw me in the hallway. He walked towards me with a stern face.

    “Why are you here no one in the kitchen staff is allowed here.”

    “I was on break and was looking for the bathroom. It’s my first day here.” I said embarrassingly with a smile.

    The guard’s face softened as he was calmed by my childish demeanor.

    “If it’s just the bathroom it’s straight down here 2 sections on your left.”

    “Oh also some of the guards near the front are asking for help because they are overflowing with too many commoners breaking in they need some help.”

    "But Sir Cambell told us to keep guard here no matter what.”

    “You can ask him yourself he said get it done quick.”

    “Alright I’ll be there soon.”

    I walked away going to the bathroom so I wouldn’t look suspicious I kept a lookout. Then the security guards left and I returned to the safe. In it I found some gems and jewels as well as a ledger.

    I took out a bunch of papers and some coal I wrote down names and purchases. I also wrote down any additional information especially the names of the people they traded with. They were who to go to when getting evidence.

    I considered taking the gems and jewels but any disruption could ruin the heist. So I left the items there and left.

    I was originally going to stay the night working but if those guards talk to each other about me or Mr. Cambell. They’ll realize I am lying and search me. I’ll just tell my contact I need to leave.

    I went back to the kitchen found him and told him the situation he okayed it and I left. I snuck over the fence and disappeared. I told my contact to say that I was sick and couldn’t remain otherwise I would risk the food.
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    Chapter 2: Courage
    I went back to the guild with the info entering the sewer and I found Lewis I went to his office. Where he was busy going through some papers.

    “I got the info they are investing in the usual stuff new items on the market and scholars. But the most common transaction is with LDD with someone named Joshua.

    “They are just giving them money nothing else. It seems they are probably paying off Joshua to be quiet about something that should make negotiations with the Cambell family possible as well as other families.” I said to Lewis

    Lewis read the ledger for a little bit and didn’t say respond to me.

    “Good job you’ll have your pay by the end of the week. Stay in the guild lounging meanwhile.”

    I quietly left cheering on the inside the amount of money this would net me would be colossal. Maybe enough to pay for a house, and food and clothing for at 10 years.

    I went to my bed in the lounging area and went to bed. The stress and mental strain of a heist is only cured with 12 hours of sleep that night.

    In Lewis’ room he took his wine glass and threw to a wall in anger.

    “Goddamn they made a deal with Joshua. We can’t mess with them we are even going to have to apologize.”

    “Wait it’s alright as long as Joshua doesn’t know that we know it will be fine. But….Joshua will figure it out and the executives will present my head as an apology.”

    “Alright I bring this up the ladder with my thief responsible without my permission. I’ll get rid of the paper trail and him as well. Sorry kid but it’s you or me.” Said Lewis with a sick smile to his face.

    Lewis got busy getting rid of any paper trail and paying off anyone in on the heist. The executives need only one lamb for the slaughter. Too many would scare the members, and no sheep wouldn’t satisfy Joshua or the executives.

    The next day I spent it relaxing unaware of Lewis’ activities as I waited in the lounge area. I occasionally talked with some of the other guild members then I slept again.

    I was woken up by a tall dark man.

    “Hey kid Lewis is asking for you.”

    “Is it about my money?”

    “He needed say just go ask.”


    I stood up and walked in front of him as we went to Lewis’ room.

    “Lewis what’s this about do you have the money already?”

    “Sorry kid it was me or you.” Lewis said with a sigh

    With those words I realized I had been tricked I was about to move. When the man behind me struck me on the head. I was out cold a small child against a large man wasn’t going to work out anyway.

    “Does your conscious feel better now Lewis.”

    “No it feels worse but I at least want him to know I did it. It’s fair when he gets out I’ll make sure to take care of him. He’s a kid the Cambell family won’t kill him but for me it’s completely different.”

    “I wonder who you’re trying to convince me or you?”

    Lewis became quiet as the tall man tied me up. He left with me over his shoulder and the copy of the ledger in his right arm. He used the sewers to get close to the prison. There was a middle aged guard in armor waiting for me.

    He handed me off and the ledger then they brought me to a cell. They threw me inside as my body slammed against the cold ground I woke up.

    I looked around it was dark, smelly, and small. It stank like a donkey ass after it ate bad cheese. I had enough space to stand up and walk in any direction 8 steps with my small feet. No one else was near me it was solitary confinement for dangerous nutcases.

    I knew about it when I asked about to one the guild members who was in and out of jail for years. He said if you end up there you offended someone or you are just a nutcase.

    Two days after I robbed the Cambell house my boss gets me sent to jail as well as apologies. There’s no coincidence about that I found something in that ledger that offended someone.

    Someone powerful enough to force Lewis to give me up and this person is somehow related to the Cambells. I had already thought of LDD as a lucky guy that just got paid off for not saying anything about some matter. So it never crossed my mind that LDD was responsible.

    ‘What’s the point of even thinking about this? If I do say anything that will just make my situation worst. I should just quietly take this punishment and leave this business.’

    I stayed in that cage forgetting the days as I remained in the dark. The only light I would see is the light as the guard enters to give me food. It just black bread and some gruel but at least it was food and company. I would try to converse only to be met with silence and darkness once again.

    I clasped my hands together and prayed to Edite, Goddess of Light. I hoped to see the light again and to be free of the dark and it’s burdens.

    One day I finally was free from the dark and brought into the light. But it wasn’t the light I wanted it was a slave market.

    The guard who handled my meals one day let me out and guided me to a caravan.

    “Where are you sending me?”

    “Kid you offended the Cambells did you think everything would nice and dandy? They succeeded in convincing the prison guard to send you off. Guess who’s the prison guard.” He said with a smile.

    I took note of his features narrow almost read eyes with a long scar across his eye to his note. He also has a tattoo in a strange script on his right arm.

    I was shoved in the back where there were a bunch of different people, young and old, men and women, children and a few small animals. We were stuffed together and forced to trek across the plains.

    They led us to a slave market where we were given rags for men and minimal clothing for women. We were put in different sections of the slave market and forced to look stupid and demean ourselves to get sold.

    I wanted to hate Lewis for bringing me here, I wanted to hate the Cambells for their wealth, and I wanted to hate that guard for his greed.

    But it felt pointless I couldn’t do anything to any of them without ending up in an even worse situation. I have to take all this without having the slightest bit of hate it feels so pointless to do anything.

    Each day was more humiliating than the last stripping for disgusting old man that like little kids. Or being forced to do manual labor on top of advertising yourself.

    While I was there for a time I met Anna she was my age. We often talked as we did our labor but we didn’t see each other often because the women were in a different part of the slave market.

    As time I developed a bit of a crush on her and I felt anger everyday I saw her return to the women’s section. Running the risk of being bought and raped by a noble until he feels done with her and kills and sell her to someone else.

    The world was unforgiving the moment you or anyone related to you slips up. I didn’t want that to happen to Anna.

    But at least in this unforgiving dog eat dog world I can at least protect those I care about regardless of the consequences. I smiled thinking it was a beautiful picture saving the life of your beloved even at the risk of your own.

    Knowing that someone else’s happiness is your happiness is more comforting than happiness itself at times. Especially when all you feel is alone I romanticized the idea and marked this feeling in my heart.

    But of course the slave market wouldn’t stop because of my day dreams. Day in day out I kept working and waiting. For the day that either I or Anna would be sold and separated then I can fight for her.

    With that I clasped my hand as asked Edite to bless my love and grant me more hope and light.

  • Chapter 3: Love

    From then on I waited to be sold and abused by some noble. But it never happened I was just a scrawny little boy maybe no one had weird proclivities.

    That day was especially hot the sun nearly blinding me. When the old man in the robe came in he had an awe inspiring presence. But I couldn’t tell what was making feel that way it was some form of suppression.

    He walked around inspecting all of the other slaves in the men’s section then he went to the women’s section. At that moment I saw him look at Anna, my heart nearly stopped. When he was done inspecting the manager who was following behind him with a smile both went to a tent at the end of the market.

    I was able to hear some of the words as I had snuck near there.

    “Grand Mage Remmie which slaves are you interested in buying today.” Said the manager with a ingratiating smile

    “I’ll take all your specimens here.” He said with arrogance.

    I felt anger build up in me, that word specimens. As though we aren’t even humans that we are just toys to be played with.

    But I knew my anger was useless and only a threat to me so I calmed myself down and started to sneak away.

    But before I could escape the Grand Mage and the manager both left the tent and saw me. The Grand Mage looked at me with curiosity and the manager’s face distorted in anger.

    The manager balled his hand into a fist and was about to swing it when.

    “I’ve already bought him so don’t harm the merchandise.” Said the mage while examining me.

    I stood still in fear a Grand Mage was someone I couldn’t interest without terrible consequences. For now I just need to become insignificant or else this attention will backfire on me.

    “Run along back to where you were boy.” Said the mage with an indifferent face.

    I knew at that moment I was extremely lucky if he took an interest in me it wouldn’t ever good. I would definitely become his chief specimen. The one that will get to try his various experiments and tortures.

    That day we were all brought into a caravan and all shipped. The men and women went somewhere else. But all the kids were put on the same caravan as we went through the desert.

    We were dropped off at a camp where a middle aged knight in faded silver armor waited for us. We were organized into little groups of 3, I ended up in a group with Anna and someone else.

    I wanted to speak to Anna but I knew now was not the time so I stayed quiet.

    The middle aged knight spoke to us.

    “You have two paths ahead of you, we will train you to be a knight, a mage or you can just die is that understood? I will be your teacher Tiberius I am a Grand Knight. Those that show excellent talent will be my disciples those that fail go back to the slave market” He said in a yelling voice

    “We understand.” We all said in unison by this point all of us couldn’t care about what happens next or what we will suffer, those who made it here just want to escape the hell hole at all costs.

    With that started our training regime we were sent into the desert in our groups. We would run to another camp while following Tiberius. I didn’t know the distance between them, I just knew my feet ached after all the running.

    The hardest part about running was the hot sand, we ran without shoes and we had a hard time running on sand. I even heard someone of the other kids screaming from the pain or getting bit by a scorpion.

    As we ventured out further and further we found a gigantic praying mantis. With its red eyes gleaming as it stared at us.

    All the kids froze up in fear as we were stared down by the beast. But Tiberius unsheathed his sword much to the mantis’ chagrin and sliced it in half with one strike.

    We all watch in awe at that slash, I didn’t even see him move his sword after he unsheathed it. Yet he was able to slay that beast in one strike is that the power of a Grand Knight.

    “This is a corrupted Fey Beast not many should be around this area. Keep running the camp very close.”

    In a short distance we saw the camp there were enough tents for all 30 of us. We were organized into our tents with our groups.

    “We will wake you up tomorrow for now sleep.”

    That night in the tent Aaron our 3rd member went to sleep. Anna and I were still awake we were lightly whispering.

    “What do you think they want from us?” Anna asked.

    “They probably just want to pick the talented ones and train us for their kingdom.”

    I knew the truth that we were just specimens but I didn’t want to destroy Anna’s hope. Ever since we were brought here her eyes had been shining with happiness.

    “Then let’s both get selected okay.” She said with a beautiful smile as she extended her hand outside of her sleeping bag.

    We had already been close since the slave market so I did the same and held her hand. I felt serene peace I haven’t felt my whole life.

    The next morning we were given stew and some bread. Then Tiberius took us and brought us to a training field on the camp.

    Around it were targets, weapons, and dummies to fight against.

    “All of you grab a sword.”

    He brought out a bunch of wooden swords of varying length. We all went up and picked one appropriate to us.

    “Now get into your groups we selected before.”

    I paired up with Aaron and Anna while holding my wooden sword.

    “Now there are 30 people here, only 15 can remain do whatever is necessary.” Tiberius said indifferently

    We looked at him confused after a few moments of no one moving. Someone couldn’t handle the tension and swung the sword at one of his team members. With that all the tension exploded as everyone started swinging at each other.

    I trusted Anna but I looked over at Aaron he was nervous but he wasn’t swinging at least not yet.

    “Aaron, Anna let’s work together there are 15 spots and 3 of us as long as we work together things will work out fine.” I said to them

    Anna smiled at me and Aaron calmed his face we saw the other kids fighting and few groups not fighting. Only 5 other people were still in a group, one of two and one of three.

    No one approached us because we were a united group of 3. The other kids were fighting until someone came on top.

    As the fighting continued as the fighting continued the loners started to make groups and we reached a stalemate. There were 21 people left with 7 groups of 3 wandering around. Two groups needed to be eliminated the first to strike would be struck down by everyone else.

    We need to make an alliance with a nearby group if we want to survive. But we can’t be too obvious about it or else they’ll want to attack us.

    Before I could contact another group 3 kids broke from pressure and attacked a team next to them. With that we everyone joined in take down the 2 fighting groups.

    A little boy with pearly eyes was crying as he swung his sword at me. I pivoted around him dodging the sword. Then swung it at his knee joint making me fall to his knees.

    I swung my sword against the back of his head and he fell down cold. With that I retreated and Anna switched with me.

    Another kid ran with his sword at Anna she parried the blade out of his hand and kicked him in the solar plexus. He fell to the ground gripping his stomach. Aaron switched with Anna as he block an incoming hit from a kid behind Anna.

    With that the other group was eliminated by the rest of the kids that left 15 people.

    “Time.” Tiberius said.

    “Well done those who have failed, do not have the will to be knights you will be sent off.”

    With that the 15 other kids who were hurt and crying were organized onto the caravan and sent off. Wherever that was I wouldn’t know but I do know that it wouldn’t be good. It might be better than here or worse but not likely by a lot.

  • Chapter 4: Morality

    From that day we would fight each other every day. We would be trained in sword combat and physical training. Those that refused wouldn’t get food and would therefore starve, so no one resisted.

    Some of us were too weak to fight, but not me I was always willing to fight for my life. Not just my own I made a promise with Anna we would both make it.

    Ever since that day we’ve got much closer. I want to at the very least protect her that much strength is enough for me. After the fight those who lost are sent back to the slave market to rot.

    After having so many group fights, Tiberius decided it was time to see our individual abilities. We would do one on one matches.

    I was paired up with a big kid at least 3 inches taller than me. He was ruthless and had taken down a bunch of other kids before this.

    If I had to say what kid has the highest individual power it would be him. But his combat sense was too rudimentary and that’s where I’ll get him.

    I lowered my stance as I stared him down and he held his sword. He swung at my head I pivoted around him planning on hitting his head.

    Before I could strike he tried to back kick me. I moved in before the kick could gain force. I took the kick to my shoulder and took the pain. With the force from my shoulder I pushed him and struck at his standing leg. He lost balance and fell over with that I brought the sword to his neck.

    “Time.” Tiberius said.

    “Well done kid next time you shouldn’t do hit trading. You should just tire him out by dodging then use his strength against him.”

    “I understand Teacher.” I said respectfully.

    “Take away the big one.” Tiberius said to some of the other knights on the camp.

    It was naturally not great to send people off to whatever hell they have in store for failures. But after all, why should I just wait around for that to happen to me. That’s what I would say to myself every time someone was hauled off because of me.

    We started out as 30 specimens by the end of the basic training. There were only 5 of us left and that was just basic training.

    We were brought to a classroom where the white haired old man, and an imposing man with a knightly atmosphere waited.

    When we got seated the knightly man spoke to us.

    “Alright then assemble at the front, we will be testing your talent in magic first.”

    We all lined up with our small bodies the test was just placing our hands on a crystal ball. It would create a color and either fill the ball or be extremely miniscule. In front of me was Aaron, he was adequate but not exemplary in basic training.

    But when it came to it, he got 80% of the ball of red. Surprisingly Anna got 100% blue and even the the white haired man praised her. Overall almost everyone who passed the basic training was able to get 50% or more of a color.

    At least that was the case until I went up for my turn. When I touched the ball, I felt as though I was in a dark void nothing existed there. I walked around hoping to find the way out instead I found an infinite amount of shadow monsters in the void.

    I thought to run away but then the monsters all bowed. They screeched in all manner of tongues as I looked on in shock. Before I realized I was back in reality and the crystal ball was shattered as a dark energy entered me.

    I felt as though as something had changed and I was unsure about what. The old man looked at me in surprise before he smiled. He whispered something to the knight.

    “That’s shadow magic which was lost, when Cenir, God Of Shadows disappeared eons ago”

    “Then isn’t he useless to us, for the plan.”

    “Indeed he is useless to you but to me he’s a perfect specimen for my shadow magic experiments.”

    I froze in shock at that statement they had moved to the corner and whispered in a low voice. The other kids heard nothing but I have a very sensitive ear from years of being a thief. I heard it and my hate grew and grew.

    Then I realized that my life was over, I had hoped I could achieve freedom by obeying but it showed that ultimately my fate belongs to those stronger than me. I would become an experiment because that old man wanted it so.

    I wanted to run and fight but my limbs wouldn’t move, all I felt was fear and so I stayed. I felt hopeless I looked over at Anna only to see her turn away. She seemed afraid that if we made eye contact she would be implicated.

    I felt like I fell into an abyss the love I wished to protect didn’t feel the same. I would even become an experiment for some old mage. I looked over at Aaron although we weren’t on great terms when we met.

    We had been a team for quite a while I saved him from being booted a few times. But just like Anna he never looked me in the eye I looked around at the other 2 kids. Whose mouths curved into smiles filled with schadenfreude.

    As I thought the knight seemed to be deliberating about his choice. Until he just shook his head yes and turned around at that moment the old man grabbed me with a magical hand and carried me.

    I was thrown on a caravan, we were in the desert. The hot sun burned my skin just like the days I spent in basic training. My thoughts wandered from my imminent torture and instead I just cursed out the sun.

    ‘So irritating just fucking stop shining.’

    We went along and I saw various monsters appear in the desert. But any that even came close to the caravan would be obliterated by a deadly fire from the old man.

    As though I was trying to forget about my fate I cursed the sun. I was then brought to a castle dungeon. Reminiscent of the prison I spent so much time in, it was like a home away from home. If home was supposed to be hell.

    I would try to sleep but I was stuck on what the mage had said. Cenir the God of Shadows marked me, what does it mean to be marked by a god.

    Yet this god disappeared eons ago and I never learned about this god. Why would I be marked by this god and what was that vision.

    I remembered those vivid monstrous shadow beasts as they screamed out indecipherable words to me and bowed.

    Other times I would think about Anna and Aaron my love and best friend. I could only find hatred was the only feeling I had left for them. We were friends when everything was good but at the first sign of trouble they disappear.

    ‘Why do I feel like I am cursed to suffer? It’s as though anything that could go wrong will go wrong for me.’

    ‘If she never loved me then why did she act like it. If he never cared for me then why did he try so hard.’

    ‘Maybe I was just misunderstanding the situation maybe everything will turn out fine.’

    I knew what I thought was just a lie to comfort myself. I had always prayed to Goddess Edite to grant me light and hope. But now I wish to be obscured by the darkness for all of eternity.

    A short distance from where I slept I could hear screams and strange sounds. But like clockwork right before dawn the screams would stop. Then a new voice would appear the next day until that disappears.

    I stopped keeping track of the days but then he came and unlike what I wished he saw me hiding in the corner.

  • Chapter 5: Hate

    I was levitated and brought to his laboratory, there were many corpses hanging all around.

    Almost all childish in stature and physique. He pinned me to a contraption on the wall. He brought his crystal ball over. He placed my palm on it and waited until it was full. The ball once again exploded this time I had no vision.

    Before the dark element returned to me, the old man grabbed it and put it into a vial. He Went over to his potions. He mixed some of the beakers and added some materials. When the solution turned violet he made a disgusting smile filled with hope.

    He took the dark element and started measuring it. Then he took some dark blood like liquid from a vial and put it into the dark element.

    They started to mix and become a violet mixture like the other beaker. He walked over to me and made me drink the violet mixture from the dark element he put the other to the side. The drink was putrid and bloody.

    My eyes started to glow violet and burn with pain as it continued I had to close my eyes to stop the pain.

    I started to scream in pain and the mage used magic to stop me from screaming. Even if I yelled at the top of my lungs nothing would come out.

    After all the pain I finally passed out from pain and my eyes stopped glowing violet. As I slept I was thrown back into the cell by the servants.

    I woke up feeling the cold granite floor scratching me. My eyes felt sore and everything was blurry. I shut my eyes and felt the comfort of the darkness. Lately I’ve noticed that I have been changing.

    Maybe I finally learned to appreciate the darkness for what it has safety and not fear. The light has no safety because all is revealed in the light.

    Once again the screams started again when my vision finally recovered the servants came to pick me up. I didn’t resist because it was pointless and was brought back to that contraption.

    But this time I wasn’t alone in the room all around the corpses on the other contraptions disappeared. This time there were live humans all around the room. All terrified but none would speak out of fear of going first by getting his attention.

    The old man walked in the room with a black feathered quill with a violet hue. He went over to his potions table and got the other violet solution. He put the quill into the solution taking a dab of it.

    I couldn’t even think I just looked at the old man in fear as he walked over to me.

    He took the quill and started writing on my forehead. I couldn’t see what it was but I could tell from the way he wrote. That it was something circular in basic training they talked about magic circles.

    He then started writing strange symbols vertically from the bottom of my eyes to the end of my head near my mouth.

    When he was done with the process I started to feel intense head pain. The most painful migraine I’ve ever felt and then everything became dizzy.


    I yelled out in pain and tried to escape my restraints. I flailed and screamed unable to escape. Then the accursed old man took the whole solution and drenched me in it. The pain intensified and was all over my body.

    The solution went through my clothes and reached my skin where it was absorbed. Not a single drop dripped to the ground as it was all absorbed into my body. My blood vessels shattered and my eyes lost their light.

    Almost appreciating my screams this time the old man didn’t shut me up this time. Instead he went to the other people in the room. He wrote on their foreheads as well the same magic circle. But he didn’t add the brandings along the eyes.

    As the branding was planted on the people they would age at a noticeable rate. First wrinkles, and sagging, joints cracking, teeth falling, and finally death. Once a person died a violet energy would fly into me. It was all directed towards my forehead it lessened the pain.

    Everything became dark as I felt colder and colder. My body refused to respond, I felt nothing but hatred for everyone who did this to me. The noble who sent me to prison, the guard who sold me off, the slave market that gave me to that knight, the knight who gave me to this old man, and this old man who had killed me.

    The energy from the people around me accumulated on the spell circle on my forehead but it wouldn’t send that energy around my body. So my death was accelerated and then I was dead.

    My entire life was about obeying these bastards and being pushed around and used. I hate being so powerless I need power. Power that will make me unstoppable, power that will allow me to kill those I hate, Power that will let me destroy my obstacles.

    A dark impulse appeared inside me as I died and everything faded to black. The last thing I heard was the old man.

    “The shadow marking failed even though he was blessed by the shadows. I guess without the god of shadows, shadow magic is just impossible.”

    The mage took called some peasants they took my body and threw it out into the desert.

    I laid down in the desert unmoving but a storm built up in me. The spell circle mutated and start to created further brandings of runic nature the spread to the brandings along my eyes.

    The energy in it started to spread throughout my body. I felt the vitality of hundreds of humans coursing through me. As this happened a dark wind started around me it corroded all the things around me.

    Any fey beasts or travellers that got near me would be corroded to death. They would be consumed bones and all leaving nothing behind. With each animal my vitality grew more exuberant and my eyes started to twitch.

    Then finally my ruptured blood vessels started to show movement. As a violet energy dispersed throughout my body.

    My blood vessels reconstructed but with a violet hue to them. I felt an energy I never felt before but also a repulsion. I felt as though I was cut off from something but that was an advantage not a disadvantage.

    My shut eyes finally opened but they were no longer the same as they were glowing violet with a runic pattern in them. But this time their was no pain accompanying my eyes changing.

    The spell circle started to glow violet along with the symbols under my eyes. Under my skin the violet blood vessels started to move more and more energy. I felt an impulse to yell and release all my pent up energy and hate.

    I yelled to the heavens and violet blast of energy resulted. Then the dark wind around around me stopped as the sand settled. Luckily no one was nearby to see what I had done but I knew what I had done.

    I felt more powerful than I had ever felt in life what I have always desired was to be free. I am neutral to the methods of gaining power and I prefer chaos because it allows me to be free.

    With this power I can survive in the chaotic world and get my revenge. All those who wronged me in the past will be personally killed by me.

    I couldn’t help but smile and laugh but underneath that all my anger finally exploded. I do not have to fear those stronger than me anymore.
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    Chapter 6: Hope

    My first concern is disappearing, and then my second one will have to be hiding these markings on my face. If they suspect I am still alive all they have to do is post something about a 10 year old boy with strange markings on his face.

    These markings is most likely rooted in my magic power, so I just need to stop my magic power from activating. I focused and meditated as the violet in my bloodstream started to fade and then finally it was gone.

    With it went the markings on my face as they faded into my skin and my eyes went back to their blue color. Now next will have to be my appearance the best thing to do would be to change my hair color.

    I’ll go to the next market town nearby get some dye, dye my hair, change my clothes, get a map, and finally leave this wretched place.

    As for what I will do afterwards that will come when I cross that bridge for now survival is the most important thing to me.

    I started walking and finally found a trail it seemed merchants had been around here not to long ago. I decided to follow behind the tracks hoping they would near a city soon. I didn’t want to be seen by the out of risk of being remembered.

    As I followed the trail 4 days passed, when I finally found the town. I found a tiny bazaar with shacks of foods and clothing a few little buildings and a lot of tents all around.

    Despite the small size the bazaar was practically full of hundreds of people near shacks and in buildings. As for the tents not many were around them as for the scenario inside I wouldn’t know.

    I had a few gold pieces from my time as a thief and some from the basic training. Protection fees and a gift for exemplary performance. I made sure to hide them in places they wouldn’t think to search.

    I went down to the bazaar and walked around looking at the shacks looking for my product. I found a stout fellow at a shaft with hair dye. So I walked over while eyeing the product to get his attention. He naturally responded well by picking up the product putting it on the table and looking me in the eye.

    “It’s 1 silver piece.” He said with a crafty gleam in his eye.

    Naturally that doesn’t mean much to me but I’d rather not be too eye catching.

    “That isn’t even worth 2 bronze and you want a silver piece?”

    The stout man flinched in response it was indeed at most 1 bronze but it seemed to be an important product to this boy. He hoped that he could make a good profit of this.

    “Well what are you willing to offer for it.”

    “I’ll give you a silver piece if you include a map of the surrounding areas and miscellaneous knowledge.”

    The merchant’s eyes gleamed in response he went to the bottom of the shack and took out some papers.

    “This is a map made from info gained by travellers for this bazaar, I gained this info on the side for a price and made this map. Of course I expect at least 1 silver and 5 bronze.” Said the stout man with a smile.

    I put the money on the counter and took my map and hair dye.

    “What about the miscellaneous knowledge?”

    “Just ask and I will answer what you need to know, I work as an information broker on the side.”

    “Where is the best place for magical or knight training?”

    The stout man remained silent for a moment before speaking.

    “The best place would be the Ranoa kingdom’s top school, Rolnose which has been at the top of almost all international competitions.”

    I looked at the map which showed the surroundings of the bazaar to the south was the Ranoa kingdom. The desert was basically a no man’s land going unclaimed. To the north was Karin kingdom.

    ‘I came from the north so the old man and the knight are there I will remember that.’

    “But don’t get your hopes up admissions is mostly for nobles and only very talented commoners even get a chance by riding the coattails of the noble families.” said the stout man with a sigh.

    “Alright explain the admissions to me then that will be all.”

    The stout man just shook his head thinking that I was just having a foolish dream but he still told me anyways.

    “Admission is only for anyone who has reached basic training completion by age 10. Admissions tends to start at age 10 and the graduate courses start at 16. Applicants must also demonstrate talent in either the knight or magic test. Success in both areas means being allowed into the school. They will be having admissions in 30 days at the capital.”

    “Thank you that will be all.”

    I took my items and left I kept my eyes on the map I looked at the path to the Ranoa kingdom. From here to there by foot would take 15 days. Assuming there are no other issues I should be there on time.

    The only problem would be gaining entry to the Ranoa without any legitimate background. But there were always less than legal ways of getting in. With my knowledge of crime I would be able to deal with it when I approach the border. 

    For now I will deal with the apparent problems I went to one of the merchants at a shack. Bought some water, a tent, and some food. Mostly dried foods like jerky and some fresh and hot stew with coffee for lunch.

    I sat and eat my stew afterwards I drank the coffee afterwards I took my items and started walking towards Ranoa.

    When it was night I finally dyed my hair black and wiped my head clean with water. I set up a tent near a sand dune and left some traps near my tent. Then I went to sleep after eating some of the rations I bought at the bazaar.

    The next morning it was peaceful as I went on my journey keeping an eye for any bugs on the ground or bandits.

    Luckily I had yet to encounter any significant threats, I occasionally saw some bandits or merchants but I just avoided them.

    Day by Day I was getting closer to Ranoa soon I would be near the border and would need to get some crime contacts to cross.

    Luckily, I had contacts in the Silent blades thief guild back in the Karin kingdom. The thieves’ guild has it fingers in a lot of pies throughout all the kingdoms. Although I am not in the guild anymore I am still marked they didn’t removed my markings.

    I finally reached the border town which was strown with many small houses but the desert started to disappear and in its place was a vibrant green land. With a large building to the north labeled The Ranoa Migration Agency.

    Near it was a long line of people queuing into the building holding various documents. I looked around the town until I found the Iron Truck Inn. Its homey and rustic made of clay, stone, and wood. I walked in to see few people inside, and It smelled of strong whiskey.

    In the left corner was a man with light armor on and a marking on his left arm. I sat next to him and showed him my marking and then he spoke to me.

    “Are you from Karin?”


    “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anyone from the guild in Karin on business I presume.”

    “Indeed I need documents to pass through the migration agency.”

    “1 gold will be enough, I’ll give you a guild discount and hook you up with a friend wherever you need to go.”

    “Deal” I said as I handed him the gold piece.

    I stood up and he responded.

    “It’ll be done in 2 days, It’ll be easy since you’re so young hehe.”

    I didn’t bother to dignify his statement with a response as I walked up the inn manager.

    “I’d like to pay for 3 nights here and please deliver food to my room.”

    “Alright that will be 40 bronze or 4 silver.”

    I handed him 4 silver and he guided me to my room at the top floor.

    It was a small wooden bed with a empty chest near it and a small window to the right.

    I laid on the bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about those markings.

    When I woke up I spent most of the time thinking in the inn as I waited for my request to be finished. My food would be brought up to me so I never bothered to leave.

    I kept remembering what he said blessed by the shadows yet the mark still failed. I guess without the god of shadows, shadow magic is just impossible. Is shadow magic what I used when I came back to life?

    Also how does the spell circle work I came back to life using the vitality of other people. So how does this absorb vitality that would be useful.

    What role does a god play in the use of magic and how does magic affect my potential as a knight. That knight said I couldn’t become a mage or a knight because of shadow magic. Does that change if I have shadow magic?

    Sadly none of these questions would be answered by just thinking about them. I would need to get info from a school of magic for any success.

    Then finally it was the day that I would receive my documents.
  • Chapter 7: Fate

    I went out of my room and down to the tavern he was seated in the same place. I sat next to him and he handed me 2 documents.

    “The first is identification that is issued by the Karin kingdom. The second is approval of migration, we have a deal with the agency here. So if you have any issues just flash your branding and they will be dealt with.”

    I didn’t say anything I just stood up and left the inn. I decided to see if I could get any books of magic theory. My understanding is only the rudimentary knowledge I was taught in the training camps.

    I went by a little general store and entered it was dark and dusty with wooden frames of various animals on the walls and shelves of miscellaneous items. The clerk stood behind the counter reading, I walked up to him.

    “I’d like any books you have on magic theory, and knighthood.”

    The clerk looked me over and pointed to a bookshelf near the left corner of the store. I quietly walked over it was sparse with books. Most unimportant to me and I only found one book on magic theory and nothing on knighthood.

    I took the book and brought up to the counter the clerk looked it over.

    “3 gold.” He said in an uninterested tone

    At this point my gold supply was starting to dwindle soon I would be broke. But before I get to Rolnose some extra knowledge couldn’t hurt. So I forked over the 3 gold and quickly left for the migration agency.

    I waited in the line until my turn meanwhile I decided to spend my time reading. Until I realized it was finally my turn.

    I saw a woman in blue behind the counter call me over.

    “I’ll need to see your forms.”

    I handed over my forms and waited for her to look it over. Here came the advantage of the thieves’ guild network. They don’t forge documents they pay off the agency workers and get those documents easily. So this is very unlikely to end up bad for me.

    To join the guild it takes a certain amount of skill because they require a cut of any money made stealing and they verify the heist. They’ve got fences, and people who deal with documents if you need something the guild can provide for a cost.

    If the heist is big enough and approved by the guild then they will handle all costs and expect a nice cut in return the system works rather well.

    “Alright all the forms have been verified take this forum that allows migration to anywhere in the Ranoa kingdom.”

    I took the paper and left now I can leave without any issues and I have 12 more days to get to the capital.

    I am currently 2 days away from the capital based on this map. I have enough gold to stay in an inn for 12 days. After that I will be almost completely broke my concern for now will be info.

    After leaving the town I approached a large gate with 2 people in armor standing guard. Here’s the border pass as long as I have this form everything should be fine I thought nervously.

    “Travel papers please.” Said the guard to the left

    I presented the paper and he thoroughly looked it over before opening the gates.

    ‘That went rather smoothly.’ I thought

    Looking at the map I continued to walk to the Ranoa capital city. While the book on magical theory.

    The fundamentals were simple magical power exists all around us we can use it to alter the physical world.

    Magic comes in 6 elemental branches but due to a disaster both shadow and wind have been cut off. Because of that there 4 elements and all practitioners pick from these 4.

    Light, Fire, Water, and Earth which were all granted to those of the mortal plane by the gods.

    Edite, Goddess Of Light, Lodite: God Of Fire, Juphine: Goddess of Water, and Ovagi: God of Earth.

    They manage magical power and granted it to mankind along with the knight path to deal with the corrupted beings.

    When shadow and wind was lost creatures in the shadow and wind planes became corrupted. They started to attack the mortal plane and the gods acted to train warriors to resist those threats.

    Of those threats the greatest came from the corrupted dragon race. Powerful magical creatures that control the corrupted creatures.

    Sadly the knowledge I gleamed while reading had nothing about how to start of the magic path. But this knowledge was rather helpful if magic is granted by the gods. The disappearance of that magic is either because the gods took the gift back or disappeared.

    Since the wind and shadow planes were corrupted it points to disappeared. So where did Cenir go and why am I marked?

    Does being marked mean I can use shadow magic. Well I can’t become a mage without the risk of people wanting to experiment on me. So maybe I should try the knight path instead maybe I have a chance for that.

    Meanwhile I will look for info on how to succeed in the magic path away from any prying eyes. Either way I must never reveal my shadow magic to anyone.

    But sadly I do not even know if I have the talent to become a knight and I have no info on the knight path just some rudimentary mage knowledge.

    While I had some time I decided to mess around with the shadow markings. I would try to activate it and my eyes would become violet again as the markings showed up on my face. So far I can only activate I can’t use like last time.

    But I did notice some interesting things after the markings appear. I see a bluish energy floating around. Also although my blood vessels turn purple in this state my blood stays the same. Only perception seems to change but luckily I am in control of this little transformation.

    That day I reached the capital I went to an inn and bought it for 10 days then I went out and got some info about the Rolnose Academy test. It would be held in 10 days at the school there will be two exams for mages or knights.

    They test your age at entry then they test your physical fitness. Then lastly they test your talent based on your weapon resonance.

    If you succeed you will be brought to the dorms and then you must pay unless you show great talent then you will be admitted on a scholarship basis.

    I spent the rest of my time deducing more things about my shadow magic in my inn room and waited for the test.

    Normally I would feel nervous or at least concerned but ever since the experiment. I have felt so detached to everything I guess I just became indifferent to such small things.

    Or maybe it’s just confidence either way I don’t feel the same anymore. Like I had truly died from that experiment and this is some other person in my body.

    It’s a strange feeling but I still feel the feelings I felt before the experiment. Well it’s not a bad way of thinking I died in that desert.

    Then I will give up my name and became someone else. Someone who will become supreme that will never be weak again.

    Whatever I need to do and however I need to do it regardless of the consequences I will act to ensure that I succeed.

    I guess I have one more thing to do then I remembered the name of the contract, the documents guy gave me at the border town.

    He’s at an Earless tavern he loves hanging around with some of his army buddies there. I went over to the tavern and found him drinking with some guys.

    I sat down and waited when his friends left a few hours later I sat next to him showing him my arm.

    “I need a new identity a citizen of the Ranoa kingdom since birth, born near the border town how much and how long?”

    “You got lucky I know someone who looks similar to you that just left the kingdom. Come back here tomorrow and I will have your identity. As for the money this is easy and you remind me of my son, so it’s free of charge.”

    I hate favors so I left a gold piece and went back to my inn the next day. I came back and took the identification.

    From now on I am Lucas Renald a citizen of the Ranoa kingdom. With that I took the travel documents from earlier and burned them.

  • Chapter 8: Weapon Affinity

    The days passed and it was finally time for the test I went to the Rolnose school following the directions I received from locals. Outside the city limits I saw a gigantic lake near the center was an island it was the campus. Along it was a large bridge and a gate into the school.

    In front of the gate was a large group of people some in robes and others in armor. To the back the people were wearing regular clothes. With some even in rags and old tattered clothing.

    The school doesn’t discriminate against students but background always plays a part in success and failure.

    Near the group was a table with a bearded middle aged man who was seated with a crystal ball near him.

    When I got near the man he grabbed my arm before I could say anything. When he was done he spoke.

    “Knight or mage?”

    “Knight.” I responded as quickly as possible.

    “Go to the left and wait with that group for the test administrator.”

    “Thank you.”

    I walked over to the group only to get contemptuous looks from the people in high quality armor and get ignored by the other people.

    I choose to wait in peace and quiet not speaking to anyone until one of the regular clothed boys spoke to me.

    “How do you feel about your chances for admissions?”

    ‘I need information at this moment so speaking isn’t a bad idea.’

    “I wouldn’t even know what about you?”

    “It’s 50-50 for me if I am lucky if not then 30-70 either way I have a lot to lose but a lot to gain.”

    As we were talking the mage side went into the castle as the gate opened.

    The man at the gate walked over in heavy armor and a sword to his waist. His face was covered by his black armor and helmet.

    The nobles at the front of the group stood at attention and quieted their talked. The peasants were more disordered and the poor were confused.

    The armored man stood in front of us his presence overwhelming everyone into quiet attention.

    “Only a few of you will be admitted, who that will be depends on your determination and talent. Now let’s weed out those wannabes now.”

    “One lap around the castle there are currently 100 of you only 50 are allowed for the next test. The top 50 back here can continue to the next test now line near me.”

    The group made a line near him every on standing next to each other. The castle campus was 3 kilometers going around it.

    “Ready, Set, and Run.”

    Everyone burst out at full speed ferociously trying to pass each other. I ran out at full speed as well, only 10 seconds had past and it already showed the winners.

    In front of me were 8 people all well adorned and well dressed. 3 girls and 5 guys around my age surpassed me who was in hell for so long.

    In front of me a guy and a girl were conversing while running.

    “Carol that guy is on our tail.” said the man in front me

    “Relax Raynard look at his clothes he’s only fast for now, he’ll lose energy just based on that body.”

    The noble man snorted coldly before getting faster. I could hear this I didn’t want to offend anyone but just existing near them offends them.

    ‘Well then I might as well lower my performance I need admittance not spotlight.’

    I started to slow down now 8 people weren’t ahead of me. Instead it was 17 whole people when I decided to keep the pace I was at.

    As we approached the forest some of the other competitors gave up. As they had been overpowered in speed and catching up was hopeless. It was the halfway and I kept my position we kept running until finally we reached the front of the school again.

    I cleared 15th and didn’t ruffle too many feathers eventually the other competitors finally caught up. The whole trip was 4-5 minutes given the average strength of the group.

    “Alright that is 50 open the gates.” Yelled the armored man.

    The gates slowly opened as we lined up according to our running position and marched into the castle. A few stragglers tried to get into the castle only to get attack by the castle guards. The rest left disappointed and saddened I look around at the remaining 50.

    I saw the boy I talked to later and he walked over to me.

    “Well we made it through the first part high I am John.” He said with a smile as he put his hand out

    I followed by shaking his hand

    “Hi I’m Lucas nice to meet you John.”

    Earlier he must have thought I wouldn’t even make so he didn’t bother to give me his name but now he thought it was appropriate since I was ahead of him.

    I knew I couldn’t be first but wealth is even more important than I thought. I had dedicated myself to that basic training. I thought I reached the limit of what was possible for my body. But clearly I was just a frog in a well.

    Although I don’t have wealth I can still make up for my inferiority with time. We walked around the castle until we got to a temple.

    At the top were the words for weapon temple it was filled with a powerful sword intent. We walked in quietly and we were escorted by the armored man to a room filled with weapons of all kinds.

    Maces, hammers, bows, arrows, swords, saber, daggers, any weapon under the sun was in here. The quality was especially impressive crafted from legendary metals with a lustrous glow and a powerful energy about them.

    It was even hard to approach the weapons from the energy they radiated, for some even looking was a challenge.

    “That’s enough horsing around this is the weapons temple. These are some of the most powerful weapons in the kingdom. Until a knight has reached job transition after that they are good weapons but not supreme.”

    Everyone looked on with reverence they got to see the most powerful weapons in the kingdom. Only a few of the nobles were unfazed even pretentious about seeing the weapons, it was the 3 girls and 5 guys from earlier.

    “Your job is to make these weapon acknowledge you, now don’t misunderstand. The weapon acknowledging you doesn’t mean it will serve you.

    “No, it means you have enough potential to be admitted to our school not use the weapons. But if you can do so then the weapon is yours to keep. Except with the potential of only basic training knights it’s almost impossible to persuade these weapons.”

    “First of all come here and touch one of these weapon displays here. When you feel something it will direct you to a weapon.”

    “If you can touch any weapon on the wall you pass. If you can take any weapon off the wall you can keep it.”

    “The first test is the displays it will display your weapon affinity.”

    “Place your hand on one of the weapon displays it will respond and gauge your affinity. If no weapon responds then leave. Go to the gate and you will be seen out understood?”

    “Understood.” We all said in attention

    Everyone dispersed throughout the room going to different displays showing different weapons. I saw Raynard and Carol walking together. Carol went over to a display for whips and Raynard went a sword display. Which was currently the most popular display. John walked over to me and asked.

    “Which weapon do you want to try?”

    “I was going to start with the displays that no one was at.”

    “Good choice want to start with those?” He pointed over to the northwest corner filled with club like weapons.”

    Before I could respond Carol’s Whip display started to glow with energy. In the air symbols started to appear saying.

    “Rank 4 Weapon affinity”

    Carol smiled pridefully as she looked at the symbols in the air. She then proceed to the wall to reach the whip.

  • Chapter 9: Void Blade

    John next to me just sighed when he saw Carol’s achievement.

    “Noble families really are different Rank 4 affinity at this point is an incredible achievement.”

    “Who is she?” I asked curiously

    John looked at me shocked.

    “You don’t know her? Do you live under a rock?”

    “I guess you could say that.” I lived in prisons and training camps unable to learn much about anything beyond what I was allowed to know. So I might as well have been living under a rock.

    “She’s from Hollace Noble House renowned for it’s female knights. One of the top 50 noble families in the country. She’s the heir and the Hollace House is ranked 42. Her fiance is that guy Raynard.”

    John said as he pointed towards Raynard in the line for the sword display. Raynard looked over to see John pointing and scowled. John quickly put his hand down and looked away.

    “He is a part of the Gallius Noble House renowned for its sword arts and ranked 28. But he isn’t an heir he’s 3rd of the top 5 descendents.” John said in a low whisper.

    “And what about you any titles?”

    “I come from the recently instated Paubell family ranked 97 among the 100 noble families. My father did some great deeds during the war against Karin. So he was awarded the title of viscount and gave a noble land holding. I am his only son and therefore only heir. Do you have any accolades to speak of?”


    “Yes you.”

    “None at all I have no background in the slightest. Just a common citizen looking for a chance to change his fate.”

    “Well that resonates with me, we are a newly ascended family and we have no real sources of wealth currently. I am basically a commoner with a title so let’s take care of each other.” Said John with a smile.

    “Sure so what about those other nobles are they significant?”

    “Nope they are just the rabble compared to Carol and Raynard.”

    “Why did they beat Carol and Raynard then?”

    “If you mean the race from earlier they weren’t trying. That was just a test to get rid of the weeds.”

    “With all the heavenly treasures higher level nobles get they get a solid foundation in basic training. After basic training treasures help but talent is much better than treasures. They just do not have the talent.”

    Without even trying they were able to beat me going at full speed this is getting depressing does wealth affect things that much.

    As we spoke I was touching all the club displays none of them responded in the slightest. For john though weak they responded. For me they were the same as dead fish every time. I went around touching any weapon I could find.

    None of them even resonated with me when another notification came up. Near Raynard the sword display glowed with blinding light.

    “Rank 5 Weapon Affinity.”

    Raynard remained stone faced, the armored man looked over with a smile at Raynard.

    “Well done potential this high from the get go is rare keep it up.”

    Raynard walked up the sword resisting the aura at the same time Carol’s whip released another glow from the wall.

    “Aura Ignition”

    When Raynard reached his sword he began communicating with it and Carol took the whip with her after completing.

    The armored man smiled

    “Well done Carol as I said the weapon is yours.”

    Carol smiled as she played with her whip and I walked around as John remained amazed by Carol.

    I found a long thin saber it shined like the blade had been frozen. With no cross guard it was a strange type of weapon. Almost my current height which was 1.3 meters and black scabbard included.

    This was just a projection of the weapon I touch this then I can walk towards the weapon while handling its suppressive might.

    For all the other weapons I felt nothing but this time I felt a calling to this blade. I placed my hand on the display. It glowed with a much more intense light than with Carol or Raynard.

    Everyone looked over surprised at what that amount of light could mean.

    “Rank 2-”

    Before it could finish Raynard started laughing he’d that for a moment that he had lost to some commoner but Rank 2 to his Rank 5 was just too funny.

    “Weapon Fusion.”

    But then it registered in Raynard’s head Weapon fusion the stage after weapon affinity. It’s affinity taking form and becoming prowess.

    The armored man looked on in shock before he could speak I felt the calling intensify. I walked over to the blade no pressure whatsoever. When I touched it the blade glowed violet for a moment and I easily removed from the wall.

    The armored man appeared in front of me as he carefully examined me.

    “How did you awaken it?”

    ‘That was made from a corrupted void creature’s bones.’ The armored man thought

    Before I could answer the light glowed again

    “Aura Ignition”

    I held the blade in my hand feeling serene and at peace. I slowly answered the armored man.

    “I don’t know.”

    “Well you’ve done good, your talent is quite great. Just wait a while we’ll be conducting the rest of the tests and you will be admitted with a full scholarship. That blade is the void blade. ”

    “Thank you sir.”

    “Elton just call me Teacher Elton.”

    I had a theory about this blade especially the fact that it turned violet for a moment. But doing anything right now would be suspicious so I put the blade on my waist and sat down at the corner.

    John looked at me with shock almost afraid to approach me so he went back to just trying each display.

    Carol looked at me with curiosity and in response Raynard revealed his murderous intentions to me.

    ‘I am a thorn in their sight just because I beat them once that is rather childish. And that’s coming from a 10 year old boy.”

    Everyone else finished the test most of the nobles passed and a few peasants. The highest was one rank 4 but no aura ignition and 2 rank 3 with aura ignition. The average was rank 2 with no aura ignition.

    Ten people in total passed with me at the top then Raynard and then Carol. Some of the people that failed complained or asked of a second try only to be kicked out.

    John made it as one of the rank 3 with aura ignition. Only me, Raynard, and Carol left with weapons though.

    Teacher Elton left for a while as we waited in the weapons temple. When he returned he handed a paper to us and a bag.

    “That will guide you to your home here and that bag will help you store any items. It is a bag of holding with a small space around the size of a room.”

    “In it is some supplementary knowledge about the school and the knight path. There is a medal and currently on the medal is 100 Sword marks. That is the currency of the school if you need something use it.”

    “If you want more points you put in work, if you want better resources you use more points. If you can provide something to the school you will get awarded fairly. Also breaking any records or performing feats can get you sword marks.”

    “You are to assemble here at 8 am for your first class. I will be teaching you as I said before I am Elton. You may now leave.”

    Teacher Elton then sprinted out before we could see. All that was left was a sonic boom, leaving us all quiet. Until Raynard walked over to me with hate.

    “Talent without a proper foundation is useless and it will just provoke people. I suggest you know your place commoner” He said in a cold voice

    I looked him in the eye completely indifferent and walked away without saying anything. I don’t want to start any trouble but I refuse to grouvel.

    I eyed the paper carefully as it showed an arrow I followed it around the campus until I found, a neighborhood of stone houses. The arrow guided me to 117 in which I entered.

    Inside were the bare amenities a bathroom, a bed, a dresser, and a table. I sat at the bed and unsheathed the blade on my waist.

    I laid it on my lap and channeled my magic power. The magic circle on my forehead reappeared including the face markings near my eyes. Then my vision changed and I could see the blue flow as my eyes changed and became glowing violet.

    I touched the blade on my lap and it turned violet. My mind started to wander and empty.

    “You boy why are you marked by Cenir?”

    My consciousness returned at that moment I looked around to see if someone was speaking to me.

    “No not over there, down here.” 

    I looked down and saw a face on the blade. It was a shadowy being that was staring back at me.

    “Well answer me why are you marked by Cenir.”

    ‘Does he mean the god of shadows?’

    “I don’t know why I was marked what does it mean to be marked?”

    “It means that you were blessed by Cenir and have a natural affinity to shadow magic.”

    “Who are you exactly?”

    “I am a being from the void I was fragmented and landed in the mortal plane. Then one of these retched smiths made me into a sword. Since then I resided indifferent to all the candidates that approached until you showed up.” The face said pridefully

  • Chapter 10: Chaos

    “I wouldn’t know any reason as to why the god of shadows would mark me.”

    The shadowy face continued to stare at me scrutinizing me. Before he started to fade away.

    “Wait before you leave could you explain all this to me?”

    The face disappeared not even listening to a single word I said.

    “Well since you want to be adversarial all I need to do is tell a teacher that you are a void being. Clearly you are worth more than where you were placed so would you like to cooperate or not.” I said with a twisted smile

    The shadowy face reappeared on the blade again.

    “Do you dare to threaten me?” It said with a cold snort

    “Why don’t I just kill you and you won’t be able to see a single word.”

    “Because you are as curious as I am about this situation. Why else would you appear before me or even leave with me.”

    “Indeed I am curious but what can you do for me?”

    “It’s not about what I can do for you, it’s about what you can do for me. The more power I get the more information I can get you. Without you investing in me neither of us gets what we want.”

    The face remained quiet as it thought

    “Why don’t we just start it simple, My name is Lucas a Human of mortal plane.”

    “I am Drrak a void being of Shadow plane.”

    “Now Drrak I plan on using you for combat. I assume that will not be a problem.”

    Drrak’s face sported a long smile as he laughed.

    “If you can handle the energy then sure. Use me all you want for now. But once you do your job transition. You shouldn’t use me in front of others unless you plan to kill them.”

    “Is it that dangerous to present your power after job advancement?”

    “Any weapon after job advancement has the potential to become an aura weapon. An aura void being blade would be acclaimed by all experts. You would be killed and robbed for the sword I suggest not using it after that.”

    I shook my head at that suggestion

    “Don’t worry I don’t plan on staying here too long for now I just need info.”

    ‘Hmm even someone from the shadow plane doesn’t know why I was marked. That mage said that Cenir disappeared.’

    “Has Cenir disappeared?”

    As I said that Drrak’s shadow presence on the blade intensified with anger and killing intent.

    “His majesty Cenir hasn’t disappeared. He died as for who killed him, who could kill a god?”

    “Then why was I marked if Cenir is dead?”

    Even though I heard that Cenir was dead the very god of shadows himself. I was unfazed ever since the branding that mage did to me. I feel almost nothing and remain calm regardless of the situation?

    “That’s exactly why I asked you being marked means you were marked when Cenir was alive. He even used some of his primal source to make the mark permanent otherwise with his death you shouldn’t remain marked.”

    “When did Cenir die?”

    “Far before the creation of you mortals. As for when exactly I couldn’t tell you. Although I was his majesty’s right hand in the shadow realm. I was fragmented in mind and body I only have a fraction of my knowledge and memories.”

    “All I remember is getting killed by a powerful light energy and bringing something to this realm. I’ve forgotten what I brought but it was important I ultimately lost it and was made into a sword.”

    “I read in a book about magic theory there are only 4 divines. The 4 elemental divines Ovagi, Edite, Lodite, and Juphine.”

    “That’s because to them his majesty disappeared and left them to fight against the shadowborn that mutated into void beings as well as the corrupted fey. They blame his majesty especially the dwarven blacksmiths I was crafted by.”

    “They spoke of His majesty in the most heinous ways. They then attributed the existence of dark elves to his majesty’s meddling hand in the shadows. Yet his majesty has been dead since before their existence. How could he possibly be doing anything?” Drrak Said in an angry tone.

    “You mortals ultimately treated His majesty as a demonic god worshipped by the corruptest of beings.”

    I thought for a moment before I choose to speak

    “I require power and knowledge as long as you give me that. I will find whatever this important item you are looking for.”

    Drrak on the blade disappeared and from shadow of the blade on the ground came shadowy figure. As the figure started to substantialize his body started to resemble a small black dragon the size of a torso.

    “Lucas as long as you help me with my request I will grant you power. But if you lie to me I will consume your entire being is that an agreement?”

    “I understand Drrak but if you try to trick me I promise to do everything possible to destroy you.” I said in an icy tone.

    Drrak in dragon form became shadowy and jumped into my shadow as he fell into it and disappeared. As that happened I felt my brandings started to burn with a powerful energy. Like I felt when I had used it in the desert.

    Around the items in the room started to float I felt the power to call them to me and move them around with the use of my mind.

    I moved the void blade around in the air with my mind. It was tough to just use my mind so I used my hands to direct the blade around the room. Which was rather effective I found that the power in my blade was about the same as when I use it myself.

    “Drrak what are these brandings on my face when I use my magic power. Also why does my vision change.”

    “Those are elemental brandings which is meant for converted mages. Using them before then makes all beings die. Except for some reason you seem to still be alive which is rather impressive. I could only theorize that you just have that high of an affinity with the shadows.” He said all of that into my head.

    “Is it caused by the mark that Cenir gave me?”

    “Most likely that is the case but for your vision I have no answer. What do you see when your vision changes?”

    “Blue streams of energy navigating throughout the room and I can even see the inside of my body. My blood vessels became a glowing purple when I use these brandings.”

    Drrak went silent for a moment as if contemplating the ramifications of my vision.

    “Have you always been able to see magic power?”

    “Am I seeing magic power?” I said with surprise.

    “It seems so but have you always been able too?”

    “No only after I got these brandings was I able to see the magic power.”

    “I would say you have magic eyes but only elves have magic eyes. Are you an elf of some kind?”

    I thought for a moment

    “No I am a human no ears and I have no fey ancestry. I was born in a human kingdom and lived a human life.”

    “Then maybe that is also caused by the mark of shadows.”

    “What happened to make your blood vessels like that of a shadow born?”

    “I was bought by a mage in the Karin kingdom. They trained me and found out I was marked by the shadows as they said it. He branded me and when it failed he threw me out into the desert. I was dead for a while before I came back to life.”

    “Hmm….Then maybe the primal source of His Majesty restructured your body using the branding as a base. Which made you into a shadowborn so the only question is how did you gain His Majesty’s primal source?”

    “Me gaining the source of a god is impossible. I was the vermin of a small kingdom in the mortal plane let alone the vast domains for the gods.”

    “I have class tomorrow morning I will go to sleep now. Be prepared I plan on creating a storm of chaos everywhere I go.” I said with a laugh as I went to bed.

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    Chapter 11: Knighthood

    The next day I went in front of the weapons temple where the nobles were grouped up, chatting and laughing. Will Carol and Raynard smugly standing front of them. Carol started sending me looks when I came.

    Then John waved to me with some of the commoner students near him, I went over to John.

    “Why is everyone here so early?”

    “Teacher Elton may have said 8 am but earlier shows you conviction. Everyone wants to leave a good impression on teacher Elton.”

    “His grandfather is a real deal Grand Knight of the kingdom. There aren’t that many Grand Knights and they all get noble title. The ones skilled at political intrigue even become city magistrates.”

    “What level is Elton at?”

    “He’s a half step Grand Knight he’s quite talented. But that half step takes quite a long time and is part of the three great knight transitions.”

    ‘Grand Knight just like Tiberius, so Tiberius must be very important to the Karin kingdom. Since that old man was a Grand Mage he must be pretty important as well. So I need to be at least a Grand Knight to kill them.’

    My rage bubbled up but I suppressed it now wasn’t the time to reveal my intentions. At that moment Elton sprinted in with a sonic boom.

    “Good morning all of you have reached the peak of basic training already. So I will now help you on your first step to knighthood. Follow me we will be going to the Divine’s temple.”

    We all quietly followed Elton around the campus we came to a temple with four statues near the entrance.

    One of a Dwarf hammering steel. Another of a human gardening. The next of a winged women purifying a demon and the last was a terrifying devil making a deal.

    “These are the 4 divine, Ovagi dwarven father of steel, Juphine human mother of wood, Edite angel mother of purification, and Lodite demon father of death. Each god is the father of one of the races in the mortal plane. They each have an elemental alignment and an aspect they control.”

    I looked at the 4 divines curious about what happened to Cenir.

    “What about Cenir the god of shadows?” I asked Elton

    He turned around annoyed until he saw it was me and his face softened.

    “Cenir is no longer a divine, he is a corrupt god. Him and the elven divinity both are corrupt gods.”

    “Elven divinity?”

    “Indeed the elven divinity, the elves believe in a 6th divine the god of wind. But there is no proof of the god of wind or it’s aspect. If it does exist just like Cenir it is a corrupt god. Because there are only two corrupted races the fey beasts and the void beings.”

    “They believe that the 6th divine created the elven race but it’s more likely that the uncorrupted fey beasts from the fey wilds escaped to the mortal realm. They breeded with mortal races they became what we now call elves.”

    ‘Drrak who is the Elven Divinity?’ I said in my mind

    ‘I wouldn’t know like I said my memories are extremely fragmented. I do know their is indeed 6 divines but I don’t know who or what the aspects of this elven divinity was.’ Said Drrak

    “The path to knighthood is only possible because of the divines. You will present yourselves to the divines and they will grant you knighthood. With knighthood granted you will automatically become level 1 and be able to see your status.”

    “Follow me.”

    We entered the temple in it were 4 corridors. Each with a symbol the first was the ground, the second was a water drop, the third was a light, and the fourth was fire.

    “Each corridor is the path to each divine’s elemental power. Go down whichever path you like you will become a knight for whichever god you pick. You must offer greetings to the god and fulfill a covenant in exchange you will receive power.”

    Of the 4 gods, Lodite the father of demons was the most dangerous but the second strongest. Edite was the most unforgiving and powerful. Ovagi was the weakest and the most stubborn. Juphine was the kind mother and the third strongest.

    If I had to choose I would pick Juphine but how will my mark affect my greetings?

    ‘Drrak what would happen if I greeted Juphine?’

    ‘There is the danger that his majesty was killed by someone of godly power. It could be Juphine and she will see your mark and kill you.’

    With that I knew that the power wasn’t worth the risk

    ‘What should I do then?’

    ‘Go in Juphine’s area but don’t offer greetings to her. Instead contact the primal source of his majesty within you. His majesty will be able to grant you knighthood.’

    ‘But because you contact Cenir be careful when reach the realm of elemental aura. Because it will become obvious your that you serve his majesty. They may even think his majesty is alive and will torture you to find out about his majesty.’

    ‘It’s like having anything to do with you or Cenir will most likely get me killed.’

    ‘You are not backing out are you?’

    ‘Of course not without Cenir I would’ve already died. I won’t be satisfied unless I am supreme. If I can’t be supreme I much rather be dead.’

    As I thought this Raynard walked over to Lodite’s area and he looked back at me and sneered.

    “Of course a commoner would have a hard time choosing.”

    He wanted me to be hasty and make a mistake that would ruin my knight path. He then entered into the corridor then Carol went over to Juphine’s section and entered while sending me a smile.

    “I’ll be on my way then Lucas.”

    “Alright see you later John.”

    John then entered Ovagi’s area and disappeared into the hallway. Some of the other nobles went in all that was left was some commoners and I.

    I eventually decided to enter Juphine’s corridor. I waited so I didn’t seem hasty and suspicious. When I reached the end of the hallway I saw a beautiful sculpture of a women. Underneath was incense and a plate.

    Instead of offering greeting I sat down to meditate. For this kind of area no one would keep watch. It was alone time with the divines interfering would anger the divines.

    But the divines wouldn’t come down without being called upon so I had no fear of Juphine watching.

    ‘Alright activate your magic power and focus on the branding on your forehead. There is still some left over vitality shoot it throughout your body. That should call upon his majesty then request knighthood.’ said Drrak

    With that I activated my brandings my vision changed and a violet hue emanated from my body. I felt the power in my spell circle I focused on it as an energy started transmitting throughout my body.

    Then going back to the spell circle some of the energy diminishing each revolution. But each revolution strengthening my body. One revolution, became two, and two became four, and four became eight.

    Soon enough I had already completed 255 revolutions then on the 256 the energy disappeared. My blood vessels and body were saturated with the violet hue. My mind had wandered and I found myself in an abyss.

    It was dark and never ending but not terrifying just comforting. I travelled through the abyss for a long time. Until I found him a majestic black dragon gigantic and awe inspiring. It was as though it would consume the world.

    When I approached the dragon it roared at me before becoming servile to me. It lowered its head I approached it and touched its head.

    With that I felt incredible power course through my veins and my body was no longer saturated it was hungry for vitality. It depleted my spell circle and the black dragon started to give me it’s energy.

    The black dragon disappeared and I was ripped from the void to be greeted with a surprise.

  • Chapter 12: Status






    Knight Apprentice











    Magic Power:


    The attributes above come into effect once the Blessings of Cenir and Drrak activate.


    Cenir’s Mark

    Drrak’s Shadow


    Magic Eyes

    Magic Resistance

    One with the Blade (20%)

    Elemental Brandings

    Flawless Physique

    Shadow Mastery (0%)

    Meditation Art:


    Weapon Techniques:


    Cenir’s Mark slows down magic regeneration by 30% but grants a 40% resistance of magic to magical attacks. 


    Drrak’s Shadow increases magic regeneration by 20% and increases shadow affinity by 2 ranks.


    Magic eyes allow you to see the flow of magic anywhere it isn’t being obscured.


    Magic resistance you are 40% to all magic that attempts to harm you.


    One with the blade your affinity allows you to reach a higher state of weapon affinity. Weapon fusion your attacks are fused with your intent. Becoming 50% stronger and able to cut weaker intents.

    Elemental Brandings you have already converted your body into a shadowborn. Making you capable of manipulating the shadows before level 30. Also building a foundation of shadow mastery from level 1. Learning speed boosted 50%.


    Flawless Physique you reached the pinnacle of basic training getting a solid body foundation. Boosting all your stats various amounts.


    Shadow Mastery grants you magic devouring abilities at higher percents. Currently unavailable due to 0% shadow mastery.


    I couldn’t help but get excited these abilities were quite powerful to start with and it seems I may be able to become a mage. I was weaker than Carol and Raynard in stats earlier but now with the help of the vitality I gained I feeler stronger than ever.


    I was even able to perfect my physique and build a strong foundation. I must thank Tiberius and that mage without them I wouldn’t have such an easy time becoming strong enough to kill them. I thought as a cruel smile crept up on my face.


    As Drrak was my shadow he could see my status with me.


    ‘Very powerful start kid at this rate, you’ll be the utmost mortal expert.’


    ‘Thank you this wouldn’t be possible without your help. But something is bugging me does shadow magic have magic devouring abilities?’


    Drrak sighed sadly


    ‘Indeed it does have magic devouring abilities it was thanks to his majesty’s aspect. He unlocked it before he died. With it he was destined to be unrivaled but alas his highness died. With his death the aspect disappear and the shadowborn degenerated into void beings.’


    ‘But it seems in his primal source was the aspect and you have been able to unlock it. With that power no mortal can rival you maybe you’ll even be able to handle a god.’

    A god with that my heart was set ablaze the power of a god would be supreme. Then that’s what I want godhood unmatched power.


    ‘Drrak was Cenir like you a black dragon?’


    ‘Hmm...yes rather the dragon race you know off was based off his highness. Shadowborn take many forms but most supreme is the dragon form. His majesty was a dragon of the highest caliber.’


    ‘He had the power to devour all of existence at his peak. With the threat of shadowborn and fey. The divines created a race based on his majesty’s power the dragon race.’


    ‘But they were just ants compared to his majesty but of course that was enough to deal with any threat to the mortal plane.’


    ‘So why do the gods place such importance on the mortal plane then?’


    ‘I do not know that even if you got all of my fragments back. I still wouldn’t know that is a matter of the gods.’


    ‘What about my name, magic power, and my magic eyes. Do you have any explanations?’


    ‘Magic power will require that you unlock the magus path first. As for your name if you do not know it. Then there are names that cannot be uttered.’

    ‘Cannot be uttered what do you mean?’


    ‘Names in ancient forgotten languages that have too much power to be uttered or read. So it wouldn’t appear on the status. What is your name?’


    ‘I have no name I’ve only had various aliases. I have no parents or a family, I’ve only lived on the streets.’


    ‘Whoever named you had immense power if they could say or read any of the forgotten languages. So the real question is who the hell are you?’


    ‘Forget it’s useless to go on this line of thinking, neither of us have enough info. So what about my magic eyes are they racial.’


    ‘That I wouldn’t know either it’s listed under abilities which means it could be a mutation or a racial abilities. What is stranger is your racial composition isn’t showing up. It’s as though you have no race.’


    ‘What could that possibly mean?’


    ‘I wouldn’t know.’


    ‘Alright forget it is good enough to have this power. So how do I start on the magus path?’

    ‘I have an idea which will be easier since you have elemental brandings already. This technique is meant for shadowborn and you are a shadowborn now. But you haven’t been corrupted by the void and you run a risk of becoming corrupted.’


    ‘What about you were originally shadowborn correct?’


    ‘Indeed I was shadowborn until I was destroyed and then corrupted by the void.’


    ‘So how did the void corrupt you?’


    ‘It made me unstable and it ultimately made me more fragmented. I can’t even control my own power because of this accursed void. It’s even worse for lower level shadow born.


    ‘They lost their innate shadow abilities becoming void walkers. Ghostly beings that tread the void consuming other shadowborn.’


    ‘But if you use the technique and survive the corruption of the void you can gain some control of space.’


    ‘So space, devour, and shadow along with my blade. Space to reduce the distance, shadow to corrode and move unseen. My blade to kill my enemies what a deadly combo.’


    ‘Indeed you’ll be quite powerful especially in the dark.’


    ‘Fine give me the technique.’


    Then in my underneath my Weapon techniques appeared another bar meditation arts.


    Void meditation art you infuse the void into yourself running the risk of corruption but gaining the gift of the void.

    I started the meditation technique as the space around me distorted the spatial energy warping the room. It started to gather into a small isolated spatial storm as it entered my body. I sent it around my body per the instructions of the void meditation art.


    It transmitted the energy all into my spell circle creating another runic pattern on my forehead.

    After a few moments the energy settled throughout my body and gave me a new abilities.


    Gift from the void (0%) you can shatter the void. It also changed my magic power from ??? to 10. But also gave another bar Void corruption(1%).


    The further you venture into the void the more you lose yourself, reducing all your stats starting at 30% corruption. It also added Higher Shadow affinity to abilities which was at a surprising (80%). It even included Basic Telekinesis in the abilities section.


    ‘That void corruption is indeed dangerous, what ways can I reduce corruption Drrak?’


    ‘That really depends at this point there are some items you can get to reduce corruption.’


    ‘What about any permanent solutions?’


    ‘The only way to do that would be to change it from corruption to an aspect. But that would require immense magic power and magic affinity. You would change the very nature of your magic doing so.’


    ‘Alright I’ll put that off for now, right now I need money then I should make some of these nobles do a little dance for me.’

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    Chapter 13: Hunt

    As I left I saw Carol just leaving she smiled at me and walked over with her lithe figure.


    “We were never properly introduced I am Carol and you are?”


    “Lucas.” I said curtly


    I have no intentions to befriend her but she’ll be useful in a moment.


    “It must be tough to get here without any resources.” She said in pity


    “Indeed it was rather tough.” I said with a sigh


    “Well my family is always willing to support a genius and I rather love supporting a genius as well….” She said with a wink


    “So what do you have to offer.”


    As we spoke I could feel to gazes, one of hate and the other of curiosity. I looked behind me and saw Teacher Elton and Raynard both staring at me.


    ‘Causing trouble with the nobles on the first day. I wanted to see how he handles pressure before deciding on accepting him as my disciple. Though this proves his courage it borders on arrogance. If it’s not unfounded then I will make him my disciple.’ Teacher Elton touch while stroking his beard in contemplation.


    ‘This bastard with just his little talent he wants to take my woman.’ Raynard thought as his rage soared.


    He stomped his way towards Carol and I.


    “Since when did the rabble gain the qualifications to talk to their betters?” Raynard said in an icy voice.


    “You’re right now piss off with your little bitch.”


    Carol next to me looked on in anger to be referred to as a bitch. It was as though earlier all he was doing was messing with her.


    “Quite a lot of balls kid, I hope your keep your balls for later.”


    “Talk is talk don’t make a threat, why not show me?”


    “Shut up no more bickering, if you want I was planning on having all of you do 1v1 in the arena anyway. You can fight it out there let’s go.


    “Why not bring the stakes up a bit, let’s bet sword marks.” I said to Raynard


    With that Raynard’s face hardened, getting those sword marks are tough enough. Even buying them requires a ridiculous amount of money. Betting them was like betting his entire livelihood. He had a lot to lose but also a lot to gain.


    “Alright how many do you want to bet?”


    “How about 200” I said with a smile


    “Hehe how would you get 200 sword marks?”


    “Naturally I would have to work for them and of course I would pay interest if I am not fast enough.”


    Raynard’s face soften getting this bastard into crushing debt would be perfect.


    “Fine deal.”


    “I’ll get in on this as well.” Said Carol as she handed her medallion to Raynard


    “Just don’t back out at the last second.” Said Carol in schadenfreude


    “Of course I wouldn’t back down but I just don’t want to be tricked, by you despicable nobles who will make you pay up?”


    Now it’s time to make Teacher Elton involved as my witness I thought in confidence.


    “Naturally I’ll be the witness if anyone refuses to pay they will be made to pay.”


    We walked to an Arena right next to the Weapons Temple and near the Divine’s Temple. The Arena was a large stage colosseum style with view stands all around. Currently only some small groups of people were around.


    When we walked in they turned their attention towards us as if they had been waiting. Teacher Elton looked around at the people in the stands. Today he wasn’t wearing his armor so he wasn’t as intimidating so no one ran away from his stare.


    “Here is the arena you are allowed to use any weapons you own. But you must not kill on the arena. Those that kill will be severely punished so I suggest you keep your cool. A warrior is weak if they cannot control themselves.” He said as he stared at me and Raynard.


    Raynard’s face started to burn of embarrassment but I remained indifferent. I was getting free money because Raynard was angry that his little bitch came to talk to me.


    “Since you two want to get at it just hand over your medals to me and go into the arena.”


    I handed my medal to Teacher Elton and walked over to the arena. Raynard did the same he had his sword on his waist. It was a black sword with a grey and worn out sheathe. But in it’s age was an undying power and force.


    Raynard noticed my gaze on his sword as he started to speak proudly.


    “This is a sword crafted from an level 50 undead ghoul. Though it was just a bone it’s essence let’s it have the power of at least a level 30. Don’t get too envious of this sword though you wouldn’t be able to wield it."


    “Less talk.”


    With that I unsheathed my blade and took a two handed stance. I need to finish this with speed and control. I need to be so fast that they won’t know what hit them.


    Raynard also readied himself although he looked down on me, stakes were too high to mess around with.


    I flew at Raynard at attacked with a cross slash intent on bisecting him. The sword in his hand turned into 3 illusion. One for each slash and the third a strike. Each illusionary parry would bring my blade away from Raynard. I narrowly dodged the strike so I could hit again.


    I swung my blade at his legs he then parried it mid travel. With that we both retreated from each other.


    ‘Those sword illusions make it hard to react, I am faster and stronger but it’s like he can make extra moves.’


    ‘Shit why am I forced to use the illusionary style already. Unless I can reach a state of weapon fusion I can’t use the Formless style. Which means I am stuck on the defensive. Alright keep calm he’ll tire out and won’t break my defense then I’ll strike.’ Thought Raynard


    “Having a hard time keeping up commoner?” Raynard said with a sneer


    “Funny coming from Mr. Defense only why don’t you just attack me?”


    “You don’t have the qualifications to receive my sword. I just want to destroy you entirely so try your best only to find you are just pathetic.”


    ‘Drrak what is with his sword?’


    ‘It’s a weapon technique it allows him to use illusionary swords to parry your attacks. It’s defensive in nature because it just redirects attacks so don’t worry about him attacking you with it.’


    ‘Does it have any type of intent?’


    ‘Really miniscule intent otherwise he wouldn’t be able to use it.’


    I concentrated all my thoughts onto my blade my affinity took form. As the blade trembled with Saber Qi.


    I went on the attack again meeting his sword with my blade. Each strike creating sparks and a scratching sound as our weapons met.


    Raynard would block each strike using his illusions but with each strike I got faster. My blade moved like the wind striking at every illusion.


    He started to get overwhelmed and pushed back.


    ‘Not bad use of speed he must have a nearly flawless physique before breakthrough.’ Thought Elton appreciatively


    But only Carol remained in the stands biting her nails in nervousness her money was on the line as well.


    Our strikes keep meeting and at this point I was one move ahead of Raynard but I need him to slip up at least once.


    “Come on Raynard at least strike once.” I said with a smile


    I even revealed my side unguarded, Raynard hesitated on attacking but the fight going this long was already embarrassing for him.


    So he gritted his teeth and parried my final blow before he attacked my side. He slashed towards me I guarded my side with my blade and used the momentum to push him forward and make him retreat.


    He moved back two steps and I gathered the void energy in my spell circle. I didn’t activate it just sent it all into my blade along with the Saber Qi.


    I concentrated everything on this next swing. I ran in and slashed across him he met my strike with his illusions. But this time the Illusions were dispersed as my Saber Qi crushed the intent in the illusion. Dispelling the illusion my blade bypassed everything and flew towards Raynard’s body.


    He tried to move back and nearly escaped until my void energy activate for a single moment. My blade moved closer and cut his shirt and left a small cut across his abdomen.


    He retreated and took up a guarding stance once again unaware of the cut to his chest.


    I looked at the cut gratified and sheathed my blade much to Raynard’s surprise.


    “Giving up already commoner?”


    “I expect you to shut up from now on, you’ve lost.” I said as I pointed towards Raynard’s abdomen.


    ‘Huh’ Raynard thought as he saw the cut.

    “When did you get me?” Raynard said in anger


    I turned my back to him.

    “Teacher Elton that will be enough right?”


    ‘That last strike how did he get him, it shouldn’t have hit him….’ thought Elton


    “Indeed that will be enough, you’ve done well.”

    Raynard stood still infuriated by this turn of events.


    “I want a rematch.”


    “Excuse me what did you say.”

    “You heard me I want a rematch, there is no way you beat me fairly.”

  • Chapter 14: Appropriation

    I could only chuckle at his delusions had I target his throat. Then he could only lay there and die with no one capable of saving him. Yet he says I was unfair, I didn’t even bother to dignify his claims with a response.


    “Are you saying that you see things better than me?” Said Elton in a boisterous voice


    Raynard face paled as he heard Elton’s comment.


    “Of course not your excellency I take it back. It was just a moment of youthful liveliness.” Raynard said with his head bowed.


    It was one thing to fight me but to offend Teacher Elton even his family wouldn’t come to save him. This has likely created an enmity between Raynard and I. But if things work out the way I think they will, this enmity will be useful.


    Raynard knew better than to keep talking instead he just glared at me and went off the arena. I walked off as well withstanding Elton’s curious gaze.


    I went up to the stands and sat down in a quiet corner. Three aisles down I saw John sitting with some commoners. When I made eye contact he looked away.


    ‘Figures people are all the same, only useful when the gains outweigh the risks.’


    I laid back at focused on the ring going up now was Carol and one of commoners. He was using a weapon from the weapon rack near the stage.

    While Carol was gripping a whip from the weapons temple. It was obvious who would trump who. 

    He used a one hand ax to slash at Carol but Carol used her whip to wrap around the weapon. It wrapped so tightly that it even shattered.


    Then she wrapped around his leg and threw him off stage, in 2 moves he was defeated.


    Then it was John and a noble, John took out a greatsword. It was imposing and powerful the noble’s sword paled in comparison.

    They got into a tough fight, John specialized in defense and strong but slow hits. Whereas the noble was good at speed and accurate strikes. John stayed on the defensive as the noble did his footwork.


    A few minutes into the fight John slammed his greatsword into the ground near the noble disrupting him.


    Then while the noble was disrupted he swung his greatsword at him and stopped just short of hitting him. As the noble got into a defensive stance to handle the pain.


    Some other boring fights went after but I didn’t bother to pay attention. I just talked to Drrak about techniques.


    ‘How do techniques work?’


    ‘They are methods of using intent for combat, it’s higher level combat. The way weapons work is at first it’s about the technical details. As you master the technical details you move onto injecting your intent.


    ‘The most powerful thing a sentient being has is not magic, a weapon, or their birthrights. Intent has always been the most powerful, there are even beings of pure will.’


    ‘Anyway intents boost a weapon’s sharpness and strength. It allows a weapon user to move from using a sword to being a sword.


    ‘At higher levels intent move from the blade to anything around. The most skilled swordsmen can even shatter a mountain using their sword intent on the air.’


    ‘Techniques are ways of using intents to expand your fighting style. When a knight unlock aura their intent can be even further boosted and complicates fighting even more.’


    ‘But after all the complications it all comes down to willpower.’


    ‘Do you have any saber techniques?’


    ‘I don’t have any saber techniques but I do have a manual on shadow weapon arts. But at your level you wouldn’t be able to use it, you need to reach a higher shadow mastery percent.’


    ‘Also I don’t recommend shattering the void in front of a mage. You got away with it because Elton is a knight. He’ll probably just chalk it up to the sword’s doing. But a mage will know much better.’


    ‘What are the odds?’


    ‘None in your favor.’


    I felt a shiver in my spine now I have another thing to be afraid off. Anything related to me is dangerous to reveal.


    “Alright well done today you all probably have questions about your status ask away.”


    “What should our stats be when we are level one?”


    “The points you get now tend to show your future except in a few special cases of hidden potential. 6 is our national average, 7 is above average, 8 is excellent, 9 is genius, and 10….well it’s unheard of. It would be a perfect foundation and the vitality needed for that would be unimaginable it would take a giant to have a flawless physique.”


    “What about blessings?”


    “You should have a blessing from the god you chose.”


    “What if we have question marks on some of our stuff.” I asked at first I was scared of revealing anything dangerous like the fact that my name has ???.


    But better yet why not ask the question a commoner would want to know. Because almost no commoners would have weapon techniques.


    “You must mean your weapon techniques, you will be able to select 2 manuals from the weapons temple in a moment. That will remove the ??? for your status.”


    “Any other questions?”


    ‘No questions about the mage path, so it is not open for most people on their status.’


    ‘Drrak what about magic knights are those not an option?’


    ‘Nope the gods gave humanity the knight and mage path so they could protect the mortal plane. Not so they could rival the gods of course they made it impossible to be both. Unless of course a god gives a human his primal source then you become an option.’


    ‘But I am not a mage yet it says I just a knight apprentice.’


    ‘Of course you only unlocked telekinesis and started using the void meditation technique. You have to train to certain point before you can become a level 1 mage.’


    ‘How will that affect my levels?’

    ‘You’ll have a second profession you experience will need to be doubled. It won’t be noticeable at first but at higher levels you’ll need much more experience to level up.’


    ‘You need to become a mage if you want to use void, or shadow magic at all. Do you want to do so even at the risk of corruption and level stasis?’


    ‘Like I said last time without being supreme there is no point in being alive.’ I said with a smirk.


    “Follow me to the weapons temple then.”


    Luckily the weapons temple was just right next to the arena. We entered and went to a different room this time. In it were a bunch of murals it was of people using weapons predominantly swords and sabers. But some used spears, warhammers, axes, maces, all sorts of weapons.


    Some were simple stances but they had a powerful intent flowing in them. The ones near the door were fundamental but as we went in deeper they got more complicated. The intents became hard to handle.


    One of the final murals was a technique that was incomplete it was just a bare base technique. But it had no properties to its intent. One could even make the argument that there was no intent in the attack.


    The black robed man raised his blade in different motions and slashed his opponent down.


    “These are the techniques you have access too for 2 hours. I can’t stress the importance of these techniques mastering even a bit can grant you incredible power.”


    “After today you will have to pay if you want to come here and comprehend these techniques.”


    ‘Kid you got really lucky this time.’


    ‘You see it too right.’


    ‘Yup no intent in that technique hehe.’


    ‘Do you think it’s possible to use my saber intent and void energy into the technique?’


    ‘The flow of intent is suitable for you but it will require a lot of testing. But if you succeed you will create your own fighting style early.’


    “Lucas you did the best on our individual test I thought so you get to pick first.”


    “Alright I want that one.” I said without hesitation as I pointed towards the black robed man


    “You specialize in sabers right?”


    “Yes.” I said respectfully


    “I would recommend against using techniques that channel intents different.”


    “I understand teacher but I would like to try it. If I feel uncomfortable I’ll just not use it.”


    Teacher Elton just shook his head, it wasn’t that Lucas couldn’t do it. It’s that doing so could be a risk worth nothing worthwhile.


    But to Raynard it wasn’t an issue at all that Lucas wanted to waste his time. He just sneered and reclaimed his superiority in his heart.


    “Alright you can have that mural.”

    I bowed to Teacher Elton and went over to the mural as I focused on the first frame

  • Chapter 15: Reverse Blade Style

    As I immersed myself in the intent of this mural I found that my line of thinking was wrong. This wasn’t an incomplete technique. It wasn’t even a technique at all it was a guide book. It was this expert’s understanding of the path to the peak.


    He used a sword but he pursued not the peak of swords but of all bladed weapons. So I could apply this to my own saber. The technique was separated to 5 different parts and 5 different styles.


    I was only able to comprehend part of the first part so far. From what I’ve gathered it all bladed weapons require 5 things to reach the peak. The first is accuracy and precision, if you have one but not the other you will never reach the peak.


    Accuracy and precision is the grueling study of martial arts and how to use your body in conjunction with your blade. Dodging with a minimal amount of moves, ways of swinging, and putting your body weight into every strike.


    The problem as he saw it as to why no one has truly mastered bladed weapons was the approach. We would stop when the level for a certain technique capped. But was that truly the end of that technique.


    What we must do is push the limits of our blades and look for freedom from our limits. So we must refine our accuracy and precision. Which is why he created this first style, Reverse blade.


    ‘Does that sound about right Drrak?’


    ‘Indeed you quite have a talent for intents.’


    ‘The real question is why isn’t this technique popular?’


    ‘Although it has great potential it has no intent and is too general. It only serves as a reference not a technique. Even you will not train in this and for the other students. They wouldn’t even be at a level to understand the intention of this mural.’


    I started on the first style as I followed the flow of the intents illustrated on the murals. With each revolution of my blade intent my understanding deepened. The bar for weapon fusion increased by 1% after 100 revolutions.

    I had noticed something strange about the intent in my body. It acted like my magic power flowing through veins. The intent would settle in my muscles and form into little reverse blades. I would channel my Saber Qi into those blades and I would be able to use the style.


    At that moment I could felt as though heaven and earth were under my feet. With a swing of my saber I could extinguish all of existence. Dark when I wanted it so and Light when I said so. It was truly the meaning of supreme.


    In this little world a black dragon flew around in the sky and the lands were shadowy. Instead of a sky it was the cold abyss of space. I had an innate understanding that this was a representation of my powers.


    I removed my Saber Qi’s from my body after changing them into reverse blade marks. I spread them throughout the void. They twinkled like stars as they radiated intent onto the lands nurturing the shadows.


    The Qi’s then wrote Reverse Blade style on my status screen in the weapons section (5%).


    With that I returned to my senses with a comprehension of the reverse blade marks. I had wanted to learn the final technique of the first style but sadly my insights were far to insufficient.


    I would return at another time and learn it, luckily I extradited myself right at the moment time was up. Ultimately this technique left me in awe, what kind of person made this?


    “That will be all.” Said Elton


    Everyone stood up sad to part with the murals.


    “Remember it takes 1000 sword marks for 2 hours here.” Elton said with a sinister smile


    Everyone’s face darkened especially Carol and Raynard who were both now broke. Raynard seemed to have gained a lot because earlier he was smiling.


    “Teacher Elton who created this technique?” I asked


    “I see you enjoyed it, it was a technique that the ancestor king made himself when his death was approaching.”


    “Did he train in it at all? What were his accomplishments in this technique?”


    “Sorry information that detailed has mostly faded. Anything from the age of ancient heroes is hard to trace.”


    “Alright we have one more place to visit then you’ll be on your own for the next 30 days.”


    We left the arena and got near the center of the campus. When we came near we saw a huge formation with 4 platforms.


    “Here is our dream formation, all rookies can get tested here. Next to it is the top 1000 rankings.”


    “The higher on the rankings you are the more resources you receive per month. Right now try the test and again in thirty days. If you’re results are inadequate expect to be kicked out.”


    “John, Carol, Lucas, and Raynard. All of you go onto the platforms, the most skilled students should show how it’s done.”


    ‘I’ve got quite a lot to consume for now all mage related stuff will take a back seat. For now I will focus on the knight path and minor in the mage one.’ I thought as I got onto the platform


    I sat down and closed my eyes ignoring the outside world. My mind wandered and I showed up in a dark forest.


    All around were prying eyes hidden in the bushes and trees. I could feel that some were rather dangerous but none moved.


    The first was a little green creature that flew out of a tree with a dagger. It blurred at high speed at me, as it tried to slash my neck


    I sidestep it and unsheathed my blade, with one clean slash I beheaded the goblin. The tension built up as the eyes became anxious. I knew if I broke it too fast I would be swarmed. I looked around for a way out.


    Behind me there were only 2 of the little green monsters. If I move fast enough and kill them in one move I can hide and get them one by one.


    I looked behind me and activated my magic eyes. I could see a blue flow of energy on some of the monsters along with their silhouette.


    I grit my teeth and jumped onto the tree top and moved towards the nearest monster. The other monsters in the trees and bushes became riled up and jumped out.

    I moved quickly as I infused intent into my blade, I moved towards the second monster and bisected it.


    I swung the blood off my blade and started to run along the tree tops. At that moment some of the monsters had attacked where I had stood a moment ago.


    With fear I moved quickly, I took advantage of my quiet footsteps to change tree tops unseen. After a few moments I had disappeared from their sight. I then found a hollowed out tree and jumped inside.


    The monsters flew all around looking for me, I saw at least 14 of them pass by. That was just an estimate though there could be more of them.


    The number wasn’t the scariest part, it was the largest monster. It was a little over 2 meters and had rippling muscles, it looked extremely human but green. Similar to the other smaller monsters. It carried a great axe and lead the goblins in pursuit of me.


    ‘Drrak what the hell are these things?’


    ‘Goblins just stay quiet for now, you can’t take them all at once.’


    The goblins looked around for quite a while before they finally receeded from my area.


    ‘Alright kid first off relax, none of this is real.’


    I took a deep breath and relax my body, my mind calmed very fast. A rather strange phenomenon that has been happening to me lately.


    ‘Alright what happens if they kill me?’


    ‘You’ll be sent back into reality with some emotional scars at most. Do you want some help?’


    I thought for a moment, it would be good to have Drrak’s experience. But this isn’t life or death, I should be able to handle this by himself, so I just shook my head no.


    ‘I’ve got this.’


    I snuck out onto the tree tops again, with the damp darkness. I hid my footsteps and used my magic eyes. I locked onto a nearby goblin isolated from the other ones.

  • Chapter 16: Hobgoblin Chief Pektog

    I could see the goblin was still looking for me 12 meters away as I prowled in the trees. Close to it another goblin had it's back and two goblins wandered about 15 meters from them.


    After that there were 10 other goblins near the largest of them. If I am fast enough I can kill 4 and flee but after that ambushes won't work. I'll have to take them all on but 10 goblins is still better than 14.


    I looked at my status and hovered over the basic telekinesis. You can move objects with your mind with 10 meters of yourself, objects cannot weigh more than you can carry; each use requires 1 magic power.


    I remembered the blade intent of the Reverse Blade Style. What we pursue with our Blade is accuracy and precision but all blade users get tunnel vision. They forget unpredictability and pursue a predictable path, you must be able to reverse your blade at any moment.


    The opponent must be kept in fear of your next attack, unsure where you will strike next. The first layer of comprehension is Force. My eyes shined with runes as I pushed off the tree top to the goblin 12 meters away. In moments I was closing in on the goblin. 


    I raised my blade and infused it with my blade intent. The void blade howled in anticipation of blood as the light shined off it. I controlled my force and beheaded the goblin in one swift motion.


    I didn't stop to move I used telekinesis on myself to change direction towards the next goblin to the guarding the back of the goblin I just killed.


    My magic power went down to 9 with one down. I had alerted the goblin I was attacking, it roared with it's club as I ran at it head on.


    It swung it club at my head as I infused my saber with void energy. I twisted my hips and threw my full weight into my strike while dodging low.


    My sword cut through the goblin's torso with that move the other two goblins saw me. They moved to my position as I killed the goblin and the humanoid goblin was alerted. 


    I knew I had at most another moment I could at most kill one of them and flee. I attacked the one to my left with a downward slash to it's arm. The goblin moved to the right to avoid my blade, but I used telekinesis to stop my saber and change directions towards it's neck. 


    With the blade qi, I killed it but then near the humanoid goblin; the archers had readied their arrows and the other goblin near me was getting closer. I gritted my teeth and hunkered down to take the arrows out and then flee. I had a choice stop the three incoming arrows or take the hit from the goblin's club.


    I guarded against the arrows by dodging and cutting away at the ones close to me. With my guard lowered the goblin took it's opportunity and swung it's club. It had sharp ends that dug into my shoulder. 


    It hurt but compared to death it was nothing I gritted my teeth and kicked the goblin away from me as the archers readied the arrows and the humanoid goblin started to run to me. The goblin I kicked away hit to a tree and became disoriented


    With immediate haste I jumped into the tree tops. As I pushed the trees with my step I would put my telekinetic force into each step. Increasing my speed to a much higher rate I looked back and noticed one of the goblins closest to the ones I killed was following me.


    I could only smirk in happiness, I had barely killed 3 and a 4th was coming to die. The humanoid goblin seemed to stay to guard it's kinsman.


    'It seems this little goblin was an ambitious one rather funny. Well ambition can get you killed' I thought as my eyes gave off blood lust.


    It was blood lust from years of repression and years of abuse from those more powerful than me. Finally I didn't have to supress my emotions.


    We moved away from the group about 50 meters before the goblin caught up to me. I had decided to hide and watch this goblin. It had last seen me 15 meters before when I disappeared I was right above it on a tree.


    I held the void blade with my right hand as I watched the goblin. It moved forward a few meters before I jumped onto it from the tree tops.


    I hit its back as it fell down and lost balance, I held the void blade to it's neck. But I didn't immediately attack instead I wanted to see if I could speak to it.


    "Do you understand me?"


    I was met with bleak silence and a death stare, I almost had the conviction to just kill it.


    'Lucas, goblins speak the Beast Script. Just repeat after me.'


    "Do you understand me." I said in with an atricious accent in Beast Script as I mimicked Drrak's speaking in my mind.


    The goblin looked at me almost dazed and surprised.


    "You speak Beast Script?" Drrak translated for me


    "Yes but only a little bit. Why are did you surround me?"


    "Because you are a human." the goblin said in a hate filled voice.


    "You humans forced us into this place when we were children, we are killed by you people then we come back to life for it to happen again."


    "I don't care about your grievences, don't take them out on me. Who leads your little group?"


    "That's our revered hobgoblin Chief Pektog. The only one of us to evolve in this hell."


    "Well tell him I have an offer, give me a one on one with him. Regardless of the result I will give him what he wants."


    'Fighting all of them would be impossible and any more ambuish will just get me killed. I need to just test myself against that hobgoblin.'


    "What could you give that Chief would want human? Why would we even trust you?"


    "I will grant you freedom from this place. If you want a reason then you just aren't desperate, you must enjoy this place." I said with a smile of mockery


    "No no no, we hate this place it has no excitement only torture." the goblin said indigdantly


    "You have nothing to lose by trusting, but the whole world to gain. Now scram and come back to this place with an answer. Do tell your Chief that if I am rejected I am fine with just killing all of you it will just take longer." 


    I unsheathed my blade as it howled from my killing intent and then I speed off using the tree tops. Leaving the goblin pale faced and scared as it quickly ran back to it's group.


    I didn't go very far as I activated my magic eyes and kept a look on the designated meeting area. As I saw that goblin run away I could only chuckle, my little bluff worked better than I expected.


    The cut on my shoulder had finally stopped bleeding, it's wasn't deep but it was annoying. It makes using my saber a little harder so I couldn't even last very long. I just need to cut down that hobgoblin and I'll be able to get a decent rank and income. I looked at my magic power which was currently at 5.


    'I'll have 5 moves to beat him....'

  • Chapter 17: Frenzied Calm

    I waited for 20 minutes or so before the goblin from before came back to the meeting spot. I used my magic eyes to see any trace of his group. There were no other goblins in the surroundings it seemed so I approached the meeting spot.


    The goblin looked around for me unsure of my position. To instill further fear I concealed my steps as I appeared on a tree branch behind him.


    "What's the response."


    The goblin turned around surprised as he stared at me.


    "The Chief has agreed to the 1v1 follow me." he said with his head bowed


    I followed him back to the group of goblins as I walked up they gave me all manner of looks. Some of curiosity, some of caution, and some of anger and hate. I didn't mind them at all if anything I welcomed them especially the hate, nothing more fun to experience than to be hated.


    'Hate gives me a reason to live without it, my entire existence would be pointless.'


    The Hobgoblin waited for me in the center of the group. I hadn't noticed it but he was rather scared on the visible parts of his light armor. His axe was worn out and comically oversized yet for his huge 2 meter size it fit well. His muscles had an almost undying quality to them, like he would never tire for combat.


    For a moment I almost felt intimidated by his physique and stare. But if there's anything I've experienced it's fear, the best way to meet fear is with power.


    My elemental brandings activated unleashing the runes in my eyes, as a violet energy flowed through my veins as released as violet-purple aura. I unsheathed my blade and infused my blade intent as it glimmered with power and sharpness.


    I lowered my stance took a defensive stance as the hobgoblin stamped its feet and gripped it axe.


    "ARGHHH Human I will grant you battle but I hope you do not scheme against us and lie. Otherwise if you ever return I will find and kill you." He said as Drrak translated for me.


    "I said it naturally I will abide by it, but I hope you will properly thank me for freeing you later on." I said with a sinister smile.


    "We aren't a people to forget a favor, we are much weaker in this place. But when we leave we will have much more power, whatever you require we will help you. Now prepare yourself Human don't die on my first strike."


    The hobgoblin then abruptly swung his axe at my head, surprisingly it's speed was much higher than I expected. I back stepped as quickly as I could and barely dodged the axe. Before the axe could hit the ground the hobgoblin pushed forward with the axe.


    Like it battering ram it hurtled towards me, I would naturally not meet such an attack. I know I am much weaker than him, so I dodged again. Each motion I would move in fear of his axe and would try not to exacerbate the wound to my shoulder.


    I have at most 15 swings and 5 telekinetic strikes. If I pair it with some void energy and blade intent I can hurt him. I dodged looking for an opportunity as the other goblins watched on.


    But as I continued to dodge I realized that my stamina was depleting. Eventually his axe caught up to me as it flew towards my left. I gripped my blade with both hands and guarded my left.


    The axe and blade meet as they made a large clank sound and sparks flew off. I couldn't handle the force as I redirected the axe towards the ground using telekinesis. For just a moment I exert enough force to send his arm and axe towards the ground.


    With that his balance was disrupted on his right side. I had 4 telekinetic strikes left and 4 swings left. I jumped at his right side and boosted my speed with telekinesis. I jumped out with nearly twice my normal speed, I used all the blade intent I could muster to strengthen my blade.


    I then used telekinesis again to boost my blade's force as it swung out like blur at his side. I gritted my teeth and used all my energy on this strike.


    The Hobgoblin tried to retreat but before he could move back to far I used telekinesis to disrupt his motion. Then I channeled my void energy into my blade to bridge the gap.


    With that I my swing attacked his side without trouble until the hobgoblin decided to sacrifice his arm. He put his arm in the way as I tried to cut through. I was able to cut off half his arm but I came up short when I barely embedded into his side.


    His axe was stuck in the ground, so he used his other arm to punch me. I was hit back a few meters from the punch and the blade was left barely into his side.


    'Kid are you there.' Drrak asked


    I didn't respond, I focused on the pain as I felt a pulpy iron taste in my mouth. I spat out some blood and stood up as I stared at the hobgoblin. I hadn't realized it but I had almost entirely checked out. The only thing active at this moment was a need to kill and cut down my opponent.


    'Kid just don't use void energy anymore, without enough comprehension you could speed up your corruption.'


    I was all out of magic power, my stamina was running low, and my void energy was becoming unstable from overuse.


    But my blade intent soared with power, the bar for my reverse blade style increased by 5%. At that moment my blade howled and shimmered with blade intent. My runic eyes activated and I unconsciously examined the flow of magic energy around the hobgoblin.


    I intuitively thought to follow that blue flow and strike at all the points. Throughout his body the points just happened to coincide with gaps in his light armor.


    The hobgoblin stared at me, it was worn out from all the combat when this human just suddenly changed.


    'Was he not using all his cards earlier, what happened to him.' He thought as he looked upon me like I was a ravenous animal.


    He ripped his Axe out of the ground and gripped it as he tried to intimidate me with his presence. I stared him down and then I ran at him with emotionless runic eyes.


    My blade attacks were slow at first and they didn't hold much power. But they had a piercing property each strike created a clank. At first it was 1 strike every second. Soon it was 2 then 4, and 8 I just kept speeding up. Any hits from the Axe would be dodged in a minimal amount of motion.


    I then would parry each blow with minimal force I felt my mastery with the first layer of the reverse blade style had improved. I originally needed to use telekinesis to change direction but now with control I could do it to a lower extent. I overwhelmed the hobgoblin with strikes.


    He was forced back and was fighting using one hand. He was even getting tired but for me I couldn't even tell my state. I had one goal at this moment.


    As he got pushed back I started on the gaps of his armor. Each strike was like a prick, no real damage done at all. But there were many pricks all adding up.


    I continued to prick at his skin at cut away at his defense. He would swing his axe only to be parried once again. Then it finally came he became tired for a moment.


    I pivoted around him to his back and refined my blade intent through the reverse blade style marks throughout my body. The blades glowed with energy in my body as the blade intent became a new intent.


    I channeled the intent into my blade, my blade at that moment was equivalent to a great principle. With a swing of my blade I cut into the final gap of his armor at his back like butter and the armor fell apart. I then continued to stab the blade which imbedded into his shoulder blade.


    I kicked his locked knee as he fell on one knee with his back facing. I couldn't help but smile as I rotated my blade into his shoulder and removed it. I swung the blood and guts off my sword then I sheathed it.


    "A loser should honor a promise remember when I call for you appear."


    I made my hand into chop and infused blade intent into my hand. I stabbed into the hobgoblin's heart and ripped it out, I squashed the heart. I knew if I showed mercy he would get the idea that I was soft. But just because I have a plan for him doesn't mean I am unwilling to kill him.


    'Never again will I be stupid enough to trust someone unless I have something to control them with.'

  • Chapter 18: Librarian

    'Kid it's good to be ruthless but don't lose your cool.'


    I just chuckled at Drrak comment, on the contrary. I was more calm than I've ever felt when I focused on killing that hobgoblin.


    'Drrak how do I leave this place?'


    'The way it's designed you have to die to leave.'


    'Well it's time to leave but if I have to leave dying. I should die unaware of whose blood was on me.'


    I looked around at the remaining 10 goblins, I would at least take down 4 before I died. I want them to know that I could kill a large amount of them just for messing with me. The thing about terror is there is never point where you have inspired enough of it.


    It's a never ending art of deception and power that requires complete dedication and an almost evil disposition or at least a twisted one. The goblins around me edged away in fear of my accolades, I had slayed their family, friends, and even their leader.


    But under suppressive might they couldn't resist, with a smile I jumped at the nearest goblin. My blade intent soared as I cut off its leg, I then went to it's right arm and cut it off too. It hit the ground bleeding as the other goblin looked on in horror.


    Quick and ruthlessness was the key, the other goblins attacked. 2 of them came up at me, my shoulder wasn't responding anymore so I used one hand to cut one of the goblins.


    Then the goblin hit my other shoulder with its club, I didn't stop cutting its partner. It felt fear as it looked into my bloody runic eyes and moved back. I had dropped my blade so I just jumped forward and grabbed it head. I rammed it into the ground and smashed it like a watermelon.


    The archers had readied their arrows as I smashed the goblin's head. The arrows shot at me, I dodged two of them and one got into my left leg.


    I felt limp and tired but I wanted to sleep, but not without killing so more. The second barrage of arrows came in I infused blade intent into my hand. I grabbed the arrows and squashed them as one got into my stomach.


    I didn't bother to deal with the blood flowing throughout my body. I just threw myself at the archers like a blood divinity. I made my hand into a palm and hit one of the goblin's face, and it fell back as it dropped its bow.


    The other two archers moved back I knew I had enough time to just kill this last goblin. I jumped onto the prone goblin and made my hand into a blade as I impaled my hand through eye socket, I dug around and crushed its brain. Then the archers shot off their arrows as the two arrows went through different parts of my chest.


    They barely missed my heart but it caused a lot of internal bleeding. I felt the world fading to black, originally it was scary in the dark but I am the dark why would I be afraid of myself? Before I died I saw the ambitious goblin, I sent him a bloody smile as his face paled.


    I woke up on the platform to the dream formation, I could see that Carol, Raynard and John had already left the platform. They were waiting near Teacher Elton who was looking at me shocked. Before I could speak Teacher Elton started questioning me.


    "You how did you get 150 points? At your level you killed a hobgoblin with average stats of 50."


    "I had used ambushes to kill a few goblins and coerced them into a 1v1 with its chief."


    'That still makes no sense, on average a genius with a foundation of 8 maybe even 9 will at most boost their stats up by 3-4 every level up. That hobgoblin was level 9, it may not be skilled with weapons and tactics. But it has the raw strength of a level 14 genius.'


    Teacher Elton wanted to ask but he knew better than to push a genius for his secrets. Especially one he planned on recruiting as his disciple.


    "You did not get a place on the top 1000 rankings but you are ranked 1521, you will receive 150 sword marks a month. I expect a lot from you on the next test in 30 days."


    "Thank you Teacher." I said as I bowed my head


    'Lucas now that you've finally calmed down. Remember just because no one can see your actions in that dream formation, doesn't mean you should go crazy and shatter the void.'


    'What's the concern Drrak, it just shows that I am even more talented than they thought.'


    'Truly a child, those greedy instructors appreciate things because they have a use. There's a line where appreciation becomes interest, and they'll send you to a mage for dissection.


    'What's so strange about magic and knight talent?'


    'It is impossible without a god's approval.'


    'Like Cenir's mark I assume.'


    'Indeed only those marked as a prophet of a god can train in both paths.'


    That explains it that knight once said I was useless because I couldn't train in knighthood or magic. But that's because he didn't know that I have the primal source of Cenir himself.


    'Are their other prophets?'


    'Yes, that so called ancient heroic era was the prophets of each race of god descending and defending the mortal realm. I had seen it all before I was a weapon, when I was just a fragment.'


    'The gods tend to send prophets down in times of disaster. Although the gods are not omnipotent they can feel the general flow of fate.'


    'So what could I possibly have to do with it?'


    'You are definitely a prophet and a very important one at that. My meeting you itself could be fate at work, you may be meant to help me or I may be meant to help you.'


    Fate another entity that dares to control me, but in due time my will destroy anything that dares to affect my will. As I spoke with Teacher Elton, Raynard looked at me in spite. I was unsure what position he received but I couldn't care any less. I just want to get enough points to view more of the reverse blade style.


    "Alright I'll help all of you choose jobs today. Come on we will go to the assignment area."


    We walked close to the weapon's temple, there was an open area with a board and a large building labeled Job assignment. Around it various students in white uniform and a few in a darker uniform. Some of the uniforms were aristocratic, others were standard issue. Some of the people would look at us but wouldn't interact especially with the small commoner group.


    We went inside walked up to a blonde lady who was waiting behind a counter, no one in the our group approached me out of fear.


    "Elton are these your students?" She said with an alluring smile as her glasses glinted from the sun.


    "Yes Priscilla, they need job assignment." Teacher Elton said indifferently


    "Alright I'll get some people to help with that."


    She went off as we waited she then came back with 9 other girls. They took each of us too different rooms, Priscilla brought me per the instructions of Teacher Elton to a backroom.


    It had a desk and on it were document thrown haphazardly all over the desk. Around the room were strange portraits of various men in strange outfits. It wasn't that they were disgusting but rather, some were wearing dog suits, and others pig suits. It was all manner of animal suits and they would portray the animal in the portrait.


    Dogs barking, and pigs eating, I wanted to ask but something told me asking her was a bad idea. She went to her desk and went through the papers until she found the one she was looking for. She handed me the paper without saying anything and went through her papers again.


    I read it through and found various jobs, blacksmith, training body, cleaning, cook, and formation helper. Then I found the perfect job for me, librarian.


    "I want the librarian job." Priscilla


    "Really?" she said as she was tying her hair and eating bread


    It seems while I was reading she was getting herself distracted.




    She then muttered under her breath. "I thought you were the genius Elton was talking about."


    I heard her as my ears were sensitive but I didn't bother to respond. I had my own plans in mind and I wouldn't change it just because of the words of some bimbo. I thought discourteously, she then made me sign some papers and let me leave.


    "Report to the library at 8 am tomorrow morning. As for Brian he will help you get started.”


    I went out and saw that Teacher Elton was waiting there for us. No one had left yet so I approached the Elton and bowed. I asked the question I was dying to know the answer too.


    “Teacher Elton when I was in Priscilla’s office, I saw that the portraits seemed to be strange.”


    Teacher Elton’s face darkened as he muttered


    “Those poor fools, they thought they struck gold they just struck crazy.”


    I had no idea what Teacher Elton was saying so I just looked at him confused. He stopped moping for those fools as he looked at me seriously.


    “You are talented but you lack a proper foundation, I suggest you get home now and start training earnestly.”


    “Of course teacher.”


    I wouldn’t bother speaking to anyone, I have thirty days to get stronger and I will make every second count. I thought as I bowed and walked away from Teacher Elton and went to my room.

  • Chapter 19: Vow


    That night in a teacher's section of the institute, Elton, an older man and a middle aged man were discussing matters.


    "150 points at level 1 you say?" Said the middle aged man


    "Would I lie to you headmaster?"


    "That is rather surprising, you said his name is Lucas Renald. What's his background?"


    "I checked when I gave him his scholarship, he's a local born citizen at one of the border towns. His parents have long since passed and he has lived on his own."


    "No irregularities found correct?"


    "No irregularities to speak of."


    "Such a talent could even rival the utmost talents of the holy realm."


    The headmaster sighed with longing for the holy realm. The ancestral home of all humans and the center of the 4 human kingdoms


    "There's got to be a catch, how's his disposition?"


    Elton just smiled wryly at the headmaster's question.


    "He's arrogant and domineering, he's not very cooperative with others, and enjoys combat. But he is respectful to those that help him and he seems determined on his martial path."


    "Well at least he is determined. That's what is especially important even with the best talent, without the will to improve he wouldn't get anywhere." The headmaster said to console himself


    "I would like ask if I may take him as my disciple. I know procedure would only allow that at the end of his 30 days as a rookie. I just ask that you don't assign him to a different teacher."


    "Elton although I trust you a talent like this is not someone I can entrust to one person."


    "Of course you won't just be entrusting him to me." as Elton said that the old man took over


    His aged and grey hair creating a sense of wisdom but his presence was similar to a sword. Contrary to his age he seemed to hold the power to overturn buildings.


    "This is a request from me as well. I will take that boy as my legacy disciple and as Elton's personal disciple."


    The headmaster sat in deliberation as he stroked his bread and then he massaged his temples.


    "Fine how could I resist a request from a grand knight. But I expect you to prepare him for the national and international competitions."


    "You've made the right choice we will certainly not fail." said the old man as they left


    "The prowess of a level 14 at level 01 that is just too surprising." Said the headmaster with a smile.




    I was unaware as this transpired, I just sat on my bed and meditated on the void. I had found that although my void energy wasn't quantified it would run out.


    Though the mage path is only supplemental to me, power is ultimately power. I had already made big strides in the force section of the reverse blade style. So I have enough time to spare to meditate on the void meditation art.


    My mind emptied as I travelled through an infinite dark space. I experienced the meaning of void each moment but I was still at risk of being consumed by the void.


    I felt like I was in a mother’s embrace, safe and happy. My insights started to deepen but as I was about to breakthrough, the void collapsed. The embrace turned into a sneer as I felt abandoned.


    My meditation ended but I felt a murderous rage, right at the moment of success; I was ripped out from that wondrous state. I looked at my status and noticed the magic bar was empty.


    'Drrak what happened?'


    'You were about to breakthrough but because you don't have enough magic power it stopped. You can't breakthrough into a mage yet and get the magic power to support the void insights. So you were ripped from the void and the breakthrough stopped.'


    'What do I need to do?'


    'You need to train your telekinesis, then breakthrough into a mage before you can develop gifts from the void.'


    'Why didn't you tell me earlier?'


    'You wouldn't learn that way would you kid?'


    ‘Since when did I appreciate your jokes?’ I said with a cold snort.


    ‘Since you’ve proven yourself nearly mentally unstable. You’re only proving my point, what is happening to you kid?’


    ‘My mental state is none of your business. I want your knowledge, not your lip now shut it.’


    ‘Where do you get off talking to me like that?’ Drrak said as he raised his voice in my head


    I grabbed the void blade and started levitating it using my mind.


    'Well the void blade counts as your corpse, you can watch as I desecrate it.'


    'wait wait wait, let's talk about it Lucas.' Drrak said trying to sound kind


    I started to swing the blade using hand gestures.


    'Why would you mess with me like that?" said Drrak


    'How else would you learn?' I said in a mocking tone


    The rest of the night Drrak didn't bother me as he slept in my shadow. I practiced telekinesis using the blade until morning.


    In the morning I used the paper I was given by Teacher Elton to guide me to the Library. I went up the steps and looked around to see predominately black clothed students walking around.


    They gave me looks as I was just wearing regular clothes. I looked around to see old but sturdy wood for book shelves.


    It had multiple floors and stairs that lead up to them, but at higher levels there were no stairs just a little door that would be pulled. Some of the black clothed students would fly up there and open the door.


    The small of amount of white clothed students would just jump up there and over the door to the next floor. I walked around and saw an older kid with black locks levitating as he put books away on a high shelf from a crate that was floating close to him. I looked closely and saw he had a name tag that said Brian.


    I went up to Brian and waited until he was done, He came down and saw me. His black long locks were accentuated his distinct amber eyes.


    "You must be Lucas, it's strange for a knight student to choose to be a librarian. Most of our new librarians tend to be people from the magic school."


    I just smiled and didn't respond, I just listened to him speak. He went on about my jobs in the library, I work on the first floor and I am responsible for organizing the book. The thing that interested me the most from his rant was my access to the books. As a librarian I can read any book on the first floor for 50% off.


    Brian didn't stop speaking until 1 hour and a half later, I just dozed off and talked with Drrak. But eventually even Drrak was sleepy listening to Brian speak.


    I would've tried to shut him up but I knew the chances of me handling him in a fight is very unlikely. So instead I just casually asked a question I was interested in.


    "What are you and the other students wearing?"


    "You mean our uniforms?"




    "Oh I almost forgot you're a rookie, you won't get a uniform until you're done with your 30 days."


    "What about the colors?"


    "Black is for magic and white is for knights. Do you have any other questions?"


    I did indeed have questions but I didn't want hear him speak anymore.


    "No I think I am good for now."


    "Alright just ask if you have any questions." Brian said with a smile as he flew away with the crate of books.


    As he left I just thought about his niceness made me feel sick. Or maybe it was his voice either I felt exhausted just speaking with him.


    I just ignored my mental exhaustion and went the library desk. I grabbed on of the crate on the desk and carried it and started sorting the books.


    I went doing so for 2 hours and took a break, I sat down at a table with a book on magic. Drrak knows a lot but after all he was a fragment of a corrupted shadowborn.


    He's seen a lot of the mortal world but he hasn't experienced the mage path, I ultimately have to learn on my own. I don't want to be caught off guard because I only relied on Drrak, and after all Drrak is Drrak; I am Lucas. He can betray me but I will never lose myself.


    This wasn't just a statement it was a vow to ultimately rely only on myself and to always stay true to myself. If I diverge from my words I deserve nothing less than death.

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    Chapter 20: Provoke

    Magic is an etherous energy that flows throughout the world. A knight uses magic to strength his body and gain great power. But magicians make their body conduits for magic power then they pour it back to create phenomenon in the world around them.


    It's the difference in relying on yourself and using nature to your advantage. Knights change themselves to fit nature but a mage changes nature to fit himself. Say a mage and a knight enter a tundra, the knight would use his exuberant life force to cut through the cold.


    A mage would dispel the ice using fire and make the tundra into his oasis. It is because of this that the mage path is so exclusive. The power to change the land wouldn't be a prolific power. Not only does it require a desire to learn but it requires talent and luck. Throughout history there have been great mages but very few have gotten through the third watershed.


    Many knights have made it through the third watershed and progressed to powerful heights. Per era there isn't many but throughout history the figure was near the 100s. But for the third watershed for mages only the prophets have succeeded and there have been at most 3 eras the prophets have appeared.


    The Age Of Genesis which heralded the Human Prophet Delmar and his 4 disciples. Then there was the descent of Edite's archangel Layla beloved of the human prophet. It lead to the birth of the human royal family and the two major churches Blood Drop Origin of the mother Juphine and her holiest Edite with the Church of Holy Light.


    They founded the human continent and dominated the two churches spread their doctrine. At this time the world was still one physically and the beast race was still a part of the human continent


    With it lead to the birth of our school of magical thought. Magic is a gift granted by the gods to combat the fey and shadowborn. The 4 divines have since granted us their elemental domains. We are to use our power to eradicate all threats to the mortal world.


    Which leads to the Age Of Collapse, most records for this age are lost. What is known was that the beast race and fey race cooperated they attacked the human continent.


    They nearly succeeded in destroying it until there was a birth of another prophet. He fought back against the fey and beast races. They were exiled from the human continent, and the world was split, by the end of this era there were three continents.


    Some say that the prophet himself split the continent into three, with an subcontinent in the center of it all. Sending each race to its own continent and others say it was an act of the gods. But records for that era are lost so we can never be sure, it was at this point that it is theorized that the uncorrupted fey fled to a piece of land in the center of the world.


    Then it was finally our era, the Era of Three continents. The races lived in peace but they would each test each other waiting for one to weaken. The elves lived in fear of being annexed because of the convenience for attacking other continents.


    So they erected a barrier with some strange methods. No one could get past the barrier so the elves were safe and the other continents never bothered to engage in attacks.


    Humanity has since been developing itself preparing for the threat to the mortal world from the fey and beast continents.


    'What a big steaming pile of crap.' I thought as I threw the book down on the table, I couldn't help but feel annoyed. The whole book was summarized into a few simple points and it was all skewed towards humanity.


    It was in no way objective writing and it idealized the gods, but from my understanding the gods are just glorified idiots. Offended by anything and proud to powerful. A gift from the gods? Oh thank you I desperately needed that gods, they just created us to use us and we are supposed to happy with it.


    This is nothing short of brainwashing, what school of thought. No one thought of this the gods gave them this and forced a task they weren't man enough to do themselves. The worst part about this book was it lacked the info I wanted to learn about The Age Of Collapse and how to breakthrough into a mage.


    I decided to go look for some other books on the Age of Collapse to see if I can gleam any info. I walked around the library zig-zagging on the first floor with the crate in my left arm and the crap in the crate.


    I found the section that I found the crap and put it back, then I checked around for any books on the collapse. Then I found one titled theory of the three continents, it was old and decrepit. I could smell the dust from it, like no one had bothered to do anything with the book.


    As I was about to take a black clothed student came by and picked up the book. I froze for a moment and started to feel a belly full of rage. I was already pissed off from that book and now this guy wants to piss me off more.


    "what the fuck." I said before I realized it


    The black clothed student froze and turned to me, I noticed his features and realized he looked a lot like Raynard just older.


    "What did you just say?"


    My heart leapt at that moment my instinct was to just apologize as I had always done in life. Although I felt nervous I couldn't control myself and spoke.


    "I said what the fuck got a problem with that?"


    The student scrunched his face up in anger


    "Yeah I do have a problem with that, since when do does a knight dare speak to a mage that way? Oh wait you're just a rookie not even fit to be called a knight." He said with a confident sneer as he walked away


    I knew I shouldn't say anything that I should just shut my mouth but once again I spoke.


    "Since when does my bitch dare speak to me that way? If you lick my shoes-"


    Before I could finish my sentence the black clothed student had me in a throat hold as I slammed into the wall. I felt his pulsing vitality through his hand around my neck as it squeezed at my breath. His nails starting digging into my neck but I didn't stop.


    "Quit it or else bitch." I said was a raspy and scratchy voice.


    "You just don't learn do you?" he said as he tightened his other hand into a fist


    As he was about to land a punch of me an icicle flew at the arm holding my neck. He moved back just in time to avoid the icicle as I fell down. I massaged my neck where his hand left a print and his nails made punctures as I looked at the direction the icicle came from. I saw Brian floating as an icy fog was emanating from his hand.


    "Gavyn Gallius, is that how you represent your family by attacking our commoner librarians?"


    The student straighten out his clothes before he looked at Brian.


    "Who told your librarians to piss off the customers?"


    "Who told you to be such a piss off?"


    Gavyn almost wanted to fight Brian but he backed down and decided to leave but before he left I spoke again.


    "I'll remember this bitch don't sleep tonight."


    Gavyn looked at me with anger.


    "Do you ever learn? What's your name?"


    "Don't worry you'll know it when I beat you senseless." I said with a sneer


    Gavyn repressed his anger as he left flew out of the library. I vividly remembered the attack, I couldn't even move yet I just couldn't stop provoking him. For a moment I had felt something was wrong with me, but I was unsure what.

  • Chapter 21: Training

    I thought to ask Drrak and remembered what he said that I was mentally unstable. But I changed my mind, its not that Drrak couldn't help.


    Instead I knew once I prove myself unreliable he'll try to manipulate or he'll just make me acquience. There is no difference between Drrak and that mage both deceitful and troublesome. So I restrained my emotions and calmed myself as I turned to Brian.


    "Thank you for the help." I said trying to sound as sincere as possible. I hated favors and they didn't make me feel good, so I had to force out a smile and remember to get rid of this favor as soon as possible. 


    "No problem, you're one of my own." Brian said with a brilliant smile


    "But I wouldn't recommend starting anymore fights." he said sternly


    "I am sorry I lost control earlier it won't happen again." I bowed my head in shame to please his ego. I told myself I wasn't conceeding to him by bowing as I grinded my teeth.


    "It's fine just get back to work."


    I quietly obeyed and went back to putting the books away. I grabbed the book the Gavyn had left and took it with me. After I finish stocking the books I looked for another book on Elves. But sadly I found nothing specific to elves just some tidbits about their origins.


    But I did found one piece of interesting information, the elves are the only true magic race. That's why they have magic eyes was what this book theorized. But that would run contradictory to what the dragons were described as.


    'Drrak define a magic race.'


    'Are you asking because of that book you are reading?




    Drrak remained silent for a moment


    'Beings created through magic and are the most skilled at magic manipulation.'


    'What aren't you telling me?' I said inquisitively


    'Nothing you would understand.'


    'I would think of myself as rather intelligent why not tell me?'


    'All I have is a fragmented memory about the elves, I can't tell you the answer.'


    I stopped pushing Drrak with that he's always answered my questions to the best of his ability, if he can't tell me then it must be personal. If I push me he'll do the same to me I can't have that can I?


    I then spent the rest of my time in the library reading the book on the Age of Collapse. This book was luckily a little more objective it avoided the topic of the gods. Instead it examined the areas that info of the Age of Collapse was found and what was found. It made no specific analysis instead it presented very valuable information.


    One name kept reappearing the Dredian Kingdom specifically a south western ruin that was extremely dangerous. Even if one was able to enter, getting past the various monsters in there was tough. Some even said a godly fey beast lurks inside because of that the Dredian kingdom hasn't made many expeditions into the ruin.


    But previous expeditions date the ruin to around the Age of Collapse. I went to a map and compared it to the map the merchant in the desert gave me.


    The merchant's map only included parts of Ranoa and Karin. But it didn't show Dredian or Laeniel or even the holy realm.


    The center of all the 4 nations to the west was the Holy Realm, to the North of the holy realm was Karin. South of Karin was Ranoa. To the south East of Ranoa was Laeniel and to the south west was the Dredian Kingdom.


    To the lowest corner of the Dredian kingdom was where the ruin was found. After that was the the Tloms gulf which separated the beast continent to the human continent. The beast continent lacked any additional information just a general map of its borders.


    A consequence of no major human excursions since the start of the era of three continents. Then just parallel to the human continent was the elven island in the middle of the Trotuts Depths.


    Which separated the fey continent and human continent. The rest of the world was a global ocean. The fey continent was especially rough in design with its borders being marked as unknown.


    I looked up some geography about the 4 kingdoms, the thing about this kind of information it wasn't easy to get. Especially when you live paycheck to paycheck and are only concerned with living.


    A commoner could live his whole life unaware about where he lived. Even that merchant who worked hard on making a map made a shoddy product at best with years of work and buying information from others.


    When I finally found some information that matched my home, I realized I most likely lived in the Dredian kingdom. The policies and some of the big families matched and there were even a few mentions of the silent blades guild.


    'But I could be very well wrong, I'll make sure to visit Lewis to thank him for his help.' I thought with a mocking laugh


    I took the books with me home and by the end of day I was at 420 sword marks.


    I had already received my monthly income and I have my betting amounts. All totaling 450 sword marks reading the magic book was 10 sword marks and the other books I got were 20 sword marks.


    I went home that day and once again practiced telekinesis until I fell asleep. I woke up again and went to the library, I went around stocking more books. On my break I talked with Drrak about my level.


    'So what do I need to do to level up?'


    'The first layer is outer reformation, its about changing the outside of your body and shedding mortality. You must hone your body's stats with exercises to level up.'


    'When will the change be noticeable?'


    'That ultimately depends on your exercises, I don't have an understanding of the human body. You'll have to develop exercises that work all your stats.'


    With Drrak's advice I went around reading books on anatomy, I would work on each attribute one at a time. The first is strength which was easy. I just need something to resist against and I just have to temper my muscles by fighting that force. But one problem I learned was distribution of that force. No object could be perfect for tempering all of the body.


    I looked around for any books on physics and I got one describing the properties of forces. After reading through it I didn't find any inspiration. I put down the book in frustration as I rubbed my temples.


    'I've got 28 more days to make major improvements, I've already set a timeline for myself.'


    I had already decided ever since I got a flawless physique to pursue perfection because that would help me create a solid foundation. So I spent a week thinking and reading about something that would distribute force evenly through my body. When finally it hit me I couldn't help but smile and feel anxious about going home.


    This time I didn't go home instead I went to the arena where the training field was to the side. At this point the only person was the old watchman in front of the arena. Since I was just entering the training field he didn't stop me, he just quietly watched me. I went to a corner of the training field where he couldn't see me, and I saw no one was near.


    This was an exercise I couldn't do in the small space of my room, so I had no choice but to come here. I unsheathed the void blade and swung the blade normally.


    I entered into a calm state as each slash speed up and I felt more confident. When I felt that I no longer needed to think to swing, I started using telekinesis. Instead of using it to change directions I used it to challenge directions.


    When I do a swing with all my strength I would create an equal but opposite force on the blade. Which would cancel out my slash, so I would have to put in twice the force to succeed with my swing.


    I also had to control the force correctly or else I would waste too much stamina that would also train my endurance. The force would be distributed throughout my body as I used my mind to stop my motions.


    The best part was I would only improve my telekinesis and ultimately increase my magic power.


    After my magic power ran out I would meditate it would take a few minutes, I then felt the disadvantage of having my magic power decreased.


    The worst part was I haven't even gotten the benefits of shadow magic yet, so it's nothing but a disadvantage. But if I get this short sighted I wouldn't improve would I?


    So I continued the night alternating between meditation to restore my energy and relax myself then training in the blade arts after a full night my strength and endurance stat had increased by one point. I've got twenty more days I plan on reaching at level 2 perfectly.

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    Chapter 22: Scheme

    With my technique mostly figured out I started on a routine. I would study and read about things that interested me at the library while work for sword marks. Then at night I would do my training regiment.


    I had originally intended to incorporate flexibility and speed with another exercise. But my study into human anatomy and forces was just too shallow and 30 days was insufficient to fix that. I found myself to be intelligent but intelligence is aptitude not experience.


    So I did my best to make up for it, I remembered the armor breaking I did on the hobgoblin chief and added that to my exercise. I would put targets on two of the dummies.


    All distributed throughout the dummies' bodies and I would move at high motion. Control my force while dealing with telekinetic interference. Then I would accurately hit the various areas on the dummies in the fastest amount of time possible.


    Though it sounded easy on paper it was a feat to pull off, especially since I couldn't tap into that state from the hobgoblin fight. So I took it slowly at first attacking the various points while trying to make quick decisions.


    This lead to nothing but mistakes I knew I needed some method to control my cognition. It was possible just not for the me right now, I need some way of replicating that state.


    From Drrak's stance earlier regarding my mental state, he won't be happy that I am trying to replicate it. Then I'll just have to do it without him, luckily there is always the library.




    Under the academy in the student section was the mage's dorm. Two men were meeting one in black clothes as he released an aura of domination as the younger one sat in silence waiting to be spoken to as he wore his white uniform.


    "What is it Raynard you know I don't have patience for bull shit."


    " a commoner insulted our family and cheated in a fight we had." Raynard stuttered out in silence. He had held a venomous hate for Lucas.


    Especially since Lucas had splintered his relationship with Carol, she wouldn't let Raynard talk to her until he dealt with Lucas. So he reluctantly asked came to ask his brother Gavyn for help. He was the 1st ranked descendant and an excellent mage.


    When Gavyn heard that he thought of the kid he met in the library. Hair as black as dirt and as messy as a rain forest, it was completely without order. But he had blue eyes deeper than ocean and a courageous disposition, had he not insulted me. I would have tried to recruit him, but if that rookie is indeed Lucas....


    "You think I do not about your ways, you were beat and you come here expecting retribution for being weak. Scram there is a reason you are only ranked 3rd among the descendants."


    "Brother he even hit on my woman." Raynard said begging


    "You are only proving my point, you are 3rd because you can't control yourself and feel insecure about everything. Father would be much kinder given your talent if your mind wasn't so in the gutters."


    "But brother he insulted our family." Raynard said with certainty


    "No he insulted an idiot, now scram for me before I break your legs." Gavyn said in a threatening tone


    Raynard Reluctantly left and behind Gavyn a person appeared in a black outfit that covered his face.


    "Keep watch on this Lucas." Gavyn said indifferently


    "But sir what about what you just said?"


    "It's one thing what I tell to Raynard and it's another what I tell to you. This Lucas decided to offend the Gallius family there will be retribution. Act when he isn't in the academy that sound fair to you?"


    "As long as I get adequate payment I'll deal with your threats young master." Said the man before he bowed and disappeared.



    The next day at the library I wandered around gathering every book on the human body I could. The importance of the body to a knight couldn't be overstated. The whole knight system is based on the philosophy of adapting the body to the environment. So studies related to the body were abundant.


    But any magic information was basic and wasn't worth much, I was only left with 10 days so I ultimately placed priority on training and learning about the human body.


    Because not only would it help in refining my body but it would help me improve my fighting style. As I learned more about the fundamentals of force generation in the human body my reverse blade style deepened in insight. I knew that the next fight I got into would let all that insight explode out.


    As I mastered my body I was able to improve in the speed and flexibility stably. Per every 2 points to strength or endurance I achieved I got 1 point in speed or flexibility.


    I felt my stats improve all across the board very well, but I was still unable to find anything to help with my mental state. It seemed that dangerous combat seems to be the only way to activate that state again.


    The main for me to do that would be the dream formation but unlike last time when I came to the platform I saw that it was swamped with people. They had a line and there were no rookies in it so I assumed it was probably not meant for rookies at this point


    I can't fight anyone in the academy for a sense of danger without risking my own position in the school. With this line of reasoning I made a supercilious smile. I had an idea but it wasn't worth it at this point but with time its worth will become more apparent.


    I went to the library and walked around looking at the shelves when I was in a safe unmonitored corner. I spoke to Drrak


    'Drrak am I being watched at all.'


    Though Drrak lacks fighting power he still has a powerful consciousness that can keep me from being surprised.


    'No one is watching if the situation changes. I'll alert you, why do you need to know?'


    'Because of this.' I said as my eyes became runic and the elemental brandings burned onto my face.


    With the burning feeling was comfort and my perception change. Along the bookshelves I could see a blue flow of energy, winding all around the first floor. I took a note pad and drew what I saw.


    I didn't move or bring attention to myself out of fear that someone would see my brandings and recognize them. After I had mapped the flow of magic energy. I put away the notepad and kept it in a safe place for later.


    Afterwards I returned the books I had taken from the library, I had already written most of my thoughts regarding elves, the age of collapse, magic, and human anatomy in my notepad.


    So I felt no need to keep the books with me, especially when the we are liable for the loss of a book. The price isn't cheap and can't be paid with sword marks so I returned the books and felt unburdened.


    With the rest of my time I went to look for Brian, I finally found him as he came down from the 2nd floor to the 1st. He saw I was walking up to him and he waited for me on the ground.


    "Brian how do I get access to the books on the second floor?"


    "Sorry that's not possible?"


    "Not possible why?" I said anxiously


    "You're still a rookie, even if you have the sword marks you aren't allow up there."


    Disappointed I listened to Brian rant on about the many other good books, they had on the first floor and that I should just read those for now. I just half listened as he continued to drone without end. He told me that there were only 10 more days until my rookie period was up. So I should just wait and then he can let me up there.


    I decided to not go to the library for the last 10 days since I couldn't go to the 2nd floor. Instead I focused on my training and on the 3rd day in, it finally happened.

  • Chapter 23: Level Up

    I had improved in the exercise I had created, at that moment I succeeded my body felt light as my blood boiled. My energy soared as a shadowy aura came from me. I checked my status and saw the points rising. I gritted my teeth as I handled the burning pain from my blood boiling. With my magic eyes I was able to check on my internal status.


    My blood started to cool and the pain faded away, but my strength soared and my insights into the reverse blade style increased. They were still stuck in a bottleneck that required further training but it built up once again. As shadowy aura receded back into my body I check my status.


    I calmed myself and reached a state of enlightenment as my level up completed. I travelled through the shadows moving at near instantaneous speeds. I could travel worlds and even planes in moments, as long as shadow existed I existed. Until one day the darkness was threatened by a light entity.


    The light entity illuminated the world and darkness was weakened. Until darkness learned to consume light to create itself, light would be consumed created a powerful darkness. The light was undying and the dark was ever consuming one couldn't defeat the other.


    With my never ending presence I felt the feeling of devour as I accepted all the energy from the light. In a way it could be said that the darkness was illuminated by the light. Except contrary to expectation the darkness would only darken as my power increased.


    My enlightenment ended and the bar to my shadow mastery had progressed to 5%.







    Knight Apprentice











    Magic Power:


    The attributes above come into effect once the Blessings of Cenir and Drrak activate.


    Cenir’s Mark

    Drrak’s Shadow


    Magic Eyes

    Magic Resistance

    One with the Blade (21%)

    Flawless Physique

    Higher Shadow Affinity (80%)

    Gift Of the Void (0%)

    Basic Telekinesis

    Void corruption (1%)

    Shadow Mastery (5%)


    Meditation Art:

    Void Meditation Art

    Weapon Techniques:

    Reverse Blade Style (10%)




    A notification popped up on my status, Shadow Mastery will unlock its first skill at 10%. I felt my increased strength normally this would make me happy.


    'Drrak does it normally take this long to level?'


    'Remember leveling up depends on your exercise, you haven't mastered your exercise. The reason for such a long time to level up was your developing of the technique. It should be shorter in time as you refine your techniques better.'


    I still felt a nagging feeling everyday I waste was another day I could be found out. To get into Ranoa I used the Silent Blades, if they find out I am still alive I can only imagine the consequences.


    I didn't regret though the best way to get here without concern was the Silent Blades. Ultimately without real strength I can be manipulated by whomever they want.


    It was a fact that had angered me in the past but at this point, I know it isn't something good or bad. It is just a truth that I hadn't accepted and because of that I was betrayed. After all strength is just a means, people are the only true evil in this world.


    My gritted my teeth and clenched my fist, but of course I am a person as well. I am especially unwilling to be anything other than a person. So my grudges won't be forgotten nor forgiven they will be executed with extreme prejudice.


    I calmed my heart of hatred and focused on the experience of devouring and how it affected my magic power. I didn't breakthrough into a mage so a boost to my magic power was much appreciated. Regardless of how strange of an experience it was, I had a feeling this was a gift and wouldn't happen often.


    The most important part was what I had just realized when my blood had started boiling. I am looking for external dangers when the greatest danger is right here.


    I still had 7 more days so I went to the library. I looked up various plants and herbs looking for something to help me. I finally found it the Sun Saffron, it was a material that was created in the desert.


    It had powerful light energy and was filled with incredible vitality, but that wasn't important to me. I was interested in its other properties, it would heighten the experience of pain by 10 times. By boiling the blood to extreme heats and to an extent it would transfer some of the vitality it has through the blood.


    It was a rare plant but its price wasn't high, the vitality it could give wasn't that much. Other than heightening pain which most don't need it was a nearly useless plant. But to me it was the perfect remedy to my situation, I spent a few more hours in the library making an accurate diagram of the inside of my body.


    With magic eyes and a heightened perception I could see my entire physical structure. Even with a shallow study into physics and anatomy I could still surpass most scholars.


    With a complete diagram I starting marking parts that were sensitive but didn't intersect with major arteries. Places I knew I could easily repair without any concern.


    Afterwards I went to the job area of the school, I went in as I went past the various mage and knight students. I went to find Priscilla as she was the only person here I knew. But she was busy talking to John and 2 commoner students about something.


    "I am sorry but rookie policy is you must figure things out on your own." Priscilla said sadly


    "But how the hell are do we even improve without being taught?"


    "If you aren't able to make sensible decisions, then you aren't fit to be a knight. Did you think knighthood was only about talent or training?" Priscilla said sternly


    "Then what of Raynard and Carol they already seem to know, what they need to do."


    "We can't police a powerful noble family, what the know is there's alone. What can you expect of me?"

    "We want an even playing field." John said passionately before he saw me


    "What about the class' top talent will he be left without tutelage because of his lacking background." He said as he pointed to me


    I just rolled my eyes, here he is trying to get something for himself and he tries to sound righteous. As though the commoners and I begged him to do this.


    But I wasn't a fan all this little stunt would do is offend the teachers, students, and give myself infamy. None of those things could even be remotely useful right now. So I decided to shut this little charade down.


    "Why are you speaking for me, I do not require any tutelage." I said as I walked up to Priscilla.


    "When you are done with imbeciles, I would like help with another matter." I told Priscilla in a calm and even voice


    John froze he had made a split second decision to pressure Priscilla more using Lucas. He had hoped Lucas would help, but he hadn't thought Lucas would reject it.


    John had been wasting the last 23 days unsure of what to do. He would ask his seniors for help and they would stay quiet. He tried to consult Raynard and Carol but they just looked down on him, he even went to look for Teacher Elton but they wouldn't allow him into the teacher's quarters.


    Although John was a noble his family didn't have the background to break kingdom rules. So any kingdom information about knighthood could only be divulged by the state.


    His father wouldn't tell him and anything so he was left in the dark. He felt hope from Lucas yet he shut it down. John started to feel hatred for Lucas, that's the thing about people.


    They are shortsighted, quick to anger, and always looking to blame something. Although John was angry he didn't let it show, out of fear of ending up like Raynard when he angered Lucas. John just gritted his teeth and left as the 2 commoners were quick to follow him.


    "Thank you for the help." Priscilla said with a radiant smile and a small bow, as her ample bosom bounced.


    I kept my face entirely indifferent as I cut straight to the point.


    "I am looking for a Sun Saffron, where can I find it?"


    "What do you need it for?"


    "No reason I just want to buy it, is it possible to use sword marks?"


    "Well luckily for you we just received some herbs from the desert between up north close to Karin. If you want I can get you some for 30 sword marks. We only have one stalk of Sun Saffron."


    "I'll take it." I said to end the conversation as soon as possible


    She was trying to get me to speak longer so she could figure out why I wanted the Sun Saffron. So of course I decided to shorten all my responses.

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    Chapter 24: Distillation

    Priscilla gave up on making me talk after she realized I wouldn't say much. She guided me into the job assignment agency, I ignored the people walking about.


    She brought me to a door near the end of the room that was guarded by two older men. One in a black robe and the other in a white robe.


    When Priscilla came by they moved out of the way and opened the door courteously. They then eyed me as I followed behind Priscilla, they made their intent obvious. If you try something funny we'll get rid of you. I was never a fan of threats, so I just didn't treat it seriously.


    'I am here for one thing and one thing only. As long as they don't try anything against me, I won't get violent.'


    As we entered the gate it smelled of a strong medicinal smell. I looked around to see a luscious garden, filled with various herbs. I recognized a few from the books I had read in the library.


    But for the majority of them I was unaware of their names. Priscilla kept walking until we went into a green room. In it were a few rare herbs all potted.


    Each receiving different treatment some were put in the dark like the Venomous Duscle. A type of fungus that required it to be damp, venomous, and dark where it lived.


    Other were in the light, I saw a plant that resembled a saffron. But it had a light radiating around it, that burned with solar energy, and was a light orange color. There was only one stalk of it near the light I recognized it as the Sun Saffron.


    Priscilla took the pot and made some symbols with her hands that landed on the saffron's pot. As she did I wanted to use my magic eyes to see what was happening.


    But out of fear I decided to not use my magic eyes. I tried to remember the symbols she had made. But when I that about the symbols it would come up as blur.


    "You must be wondering about what I did?" She said to me playfully.


    I didn't respond showing my interest would give her a weakness, and rejecting it will be seen as hiding my interest. So it's just better to not respond at all.


    "How many sword marks." I said as I handed her my medal


    "30, here you go." She said as 30 sword marks disappeared from my medal.


    Over the course of this month I had already spent 130 sword marks. Considering I started off with 450, it really shows the price of improvement isn't cheap. I took the stalk in the pot as Priscilla guided me out of the job agency.


    She smiled alluringly and told me to come back or some further crap. I didn't bother to listen I was just thinking about the sun saffron.


    The sun was setting but it was still light out, so I went to the library I looked for Brian. He was behind the counter to the first floor of the library, checking books out to students.


    "You're finally back Lucas, what happened?" Brian said to me concerned


    "I was at an important point of my training, so I was unable to come to the library. Even now I still have one last thing to finish, I just needed some equipment."

    "What kind of equipment."


    "I need to extract the essence of this Saffron, so I need beakers, distillation equipment, a heat source, disinfectant, and 2 separate gallons distilled water."


    "We have a lot of that being sold in the mage area. I can't let you there but I can go buy you the equipment."


    "Alright how much for all that."


    "15 sword marks it's rather cheap."


    I felt suspicious since he could just lie about the price, but honestly speaking 15 isn't much to me. But if he comes back saying he needs more money. Then I will just end his little charade and leave.


    I sent 15 sword marks from my medal to his when he removed it. Brian left the library, while I waited I went around reading and found the book on distillation of herbs I had read before. I was planning on using the method I read in it to extract the essence of the Saffron for use.


    Brian returned with all the items, he took out his bag of holding and gave me them for inspection. I made sure to check for any cracks, or tampering.


    "Can you use electricity?" I asked Brian


    "Sure what do you want me to do."


    I opened the lid for the distilled water and pointed to it.


    "Sent some into the water."


    Brian looked confused for a moment but just listened to me. He shot a small current of electricity into the water. It sizzled and conducted a very small amount as the water was moved around and some evaporated. I observed it and concluded it to be highly distilled water.


    'If the impurities were removed well then it wouldn't conduct electricity at a much higher level. But this will be adequate for making an extract.'


    I put the lid back on and put all the equipment into my bag of holding.


    "Thank you for the help, but I must be going now." I said to end the conversation as soon as possible


    "No problem but I hope you come back to work, when your rookie period is up."


    "I plan on doing so."


    As I left I started to think about Brian's niceness, he is just too nice. It's almost suspicious I would conclude he had a hidden motivation, but I haven't seen him treat many other people differently.


    The only case would be the little fight with Gavyn. But that was with special circumstances, they already seemed to be enemies.


    Though I thought about it calmly, I still had a belly full of anger from Gavyn. I wanted to rip him apart for his arrogance, but I still calmed myself.


    'If I can't keep an overall calm and stay detached I will be killed and used.'


    I finally got to my home a cozy stone home, filled with sub par furniture. I had better facilities in the Silent Blades guild, although they were pretty crappy. I took my items out of the bag of holding and put them on my desk. I set up the distillation equipment and got out my heat source.


    My first step was to take a beaker and fill it half with distilled water. I then took 2 petals of the saffron and put it into the beaker. I separated the 6 petals into 3 different beakers with distilled water.


    Then I took the stem and cut it into three with the void blade. I put them each into the beakers and waited for a while. When the flowers were saturated with water I took one of the beakers.


    I put the solution onto the heat source and put in the tube. I would have the vapor moved to another empty beaker. The solution had a touch of purple, as I got annoyed. It reminded of that mage, looks like I will be continuing his legacy by experimenting on myself.


    After the beaker was 1/4 full of purplish water, I turned put a different beaker under the heat source. I looked at the petals in the empty beaker. They were pale and whitish, like the essence was ripped out of them.


    It was like an analogy for the lives of the people that mage had used on me. Though normally I would feel sadness at that fact, ever since his experiments, the old me died. The death of some innocents meant nothing to me, especially when the prolonged my own. They can feel solace in the fact that they helped in creating a god.


    I waited for the other beaker to finish and when the purple solution reached 50%. I exchanged the beaker for the last one, and waited.


    When that was finally complete the solution stopped just short of 75%. Though I made calculations that I would have 75% left, there is always human error.


    I turned off the heat source and corked the solution as I put away all my materials. I tested the purity of the solution and smiled, it was my first attempt and it turned out quite well.

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    Chapter 25: Torture

    I eyed the solution in satisfaction as I sniffed it. It smelled sweet like a lemon but had a raging fire to it. I took out my anatomical chart from my notepad. I took some ink from my table and stripped myself down to the bare essentials.


    I have 7 days I plan on using this 1/7 of this solution every day. I used the ink quill while referencing the pad and my vision and tapped throughout my body.


    All over my smooth white skin was various black spots, these were various safe points on my body. They points coincided with all the muscles I used to do my exercise. A principle of knighthood was to use our muscles until they were destroyed. Then with time they would recover and become stronger.


    I needed danger and I needed damage to my muscle, but I also needed to sharpen my will. Lastly, I need to control the damage so I can recover in 7 days for the dream formation again.


    I put the quill in the Saffron solution, and then pierced each point with it. I would get some of the solution into the cut, my blood would clot quickly at those points. The biggest advantage was heightened biological functions, I would have a healing factor even at level 1.


    At first I felt nothing as my wounds healed and I pierced each point. After I was done I waited a while as I meditated, my solution had a little over 6/7ths left.


    After a few minutes my skin started to feeling a burning itch, it was insignificant but I knew it was working. Then my blood starting boiling, as my body heated up. My skin started to redden to a light pink, as I started to feel the pain.


    Involuntarily my elemental brandings burned onto my face, as my magic eyes activated. My perception got bogged down as I felt light headed. I bit my tongue to keep myself awake as my sweat started to evaporate.


    The spell circle on my forehead glowed a violet color as my aura became violet. The portion of the burning feeling moved to my forehead.


    I felt an a pleasant feeling contrary to the my burning body, some of the saffron's essence stayed in my spell circle. The burning feel in my body then decreased by a tiny bit.


    I gritted my teeth and abruptly stood up, only to feel a pins and needle feeling erupt from all over my body. I tried to take a step but each step was like standing on steaming rocks.


    I felt like giving up, but the truth of it was that mage wouldn't give up. When he found out I am alive, no instead he'll torture some more. At least now this torture I do unto myself and not by the hands of interlopers. After I became accustomed to the feeling of the solution I unsheathed the void blade.


    I started with basic sword swings, and not my usual exercise. Even gripping my blade would be painful, but I swung as the force transmitted back painfully.


    I went out to the training area, and got in front of the dummy. After checking on the old watchman, I started training again. I gripped my blade with all the power I could muster. I swung to break the dummy but an inch before impact I used telekinesis to apply an equal but opposite force.


    My hand jerked as the force transmitted back, and I dropped the void blade. I looked at my empty palm and saw that it was a little bloody.


    'I knew it would be tough but it was definitely worth it, there was just no real challenge earlier.'


    I grabbed the void blade, with a blood palm and kept swinging and dropping it. As my blood would fly onto the dummy and splatter on my blade.


    I went on like that all night until I felt my body was unable to continue, then I walked back home and collapsed in bed, which was hard and cold like the floor, but it cooled my burning hot body.


    In the mage's area, Brian was seated as he sat in front, of an older man he was just reaching his 40s. But he had an aura of vitality and fire that was like an inferno. But his aura had a duplicitous side to it, contrary to the vitality was a hidden aura of death that was calm like an ocean; as though it were being controlled


    "Master Dante, what is it that you have found?" Brian said with a bowed head


    The older man stroked his beard in contemplation as he watched Brian's bowed head.


    "I told last time to get a good relationship with that rookie, well that was because I couldn't find his info."


    "What do you mean you couldn't find it?"


    "Joshua makes sure to keep a file on everyone who knows his existence."


    "Although that boy had the mark like you said, he doesn't not have a file."


    "I would ask Joshua but why would demon listen to me?"


    "This kid is completely off the grid, and he knows of Joshua."


    "I looked up his info with the kingdom, and it is nothing significant."


    Brian quietly listened to his master, as he remembered his experiences with Lucas.


    "Tell me what do you think of this rookie?"


    "He's strange, aloof, and extremely arrogant." Brian said with an even, unhesitating voice


    "I trust your judgement, so how do you think we should deal with this kid?"


    "We have to little to go on like you said, if he were off the grid because he is an enemy of Joshua, We would get commendations for giving them this info."


    "But at the same time, Joshua has plans for Ranoa. If we disrupt those because they are related to this Lucas, we would be severely punished."


    "The biggest point to make is we are already taking a risk by associating with a demon. Master you already accepted Joshua's death Qi. Though that keeps your body from death, whenever Joshua decides you will die."


    "Accepting Lodite's energy of fire is fine in the kingdom, but his death Qi can only be granted by demonic deal. You know what the kingdom will do when they find out."


    "The risks outweigh the potential benefits here, we just need to find a way to heal your injury. We don't need anything other than time from Joshua."


    "So we should stay courteous to this Lucas, and keep an eye out for anything suspicious." Brian said definitively


    "Good Brian I know I can always count on your intelligence." Dante said with a smile


    Over the course of the remaining 6 days I trained using the Saffron. Each day I would improve at first I could barely do the exercise for an hour before collapsing. But by the end of the 6 days my body was just heavy, and I healed much faster.


    All my stats except for magic power were boosted by 2 points, this was what was meant by half step. Reaching the point where you just needed a little push in stats to reach the next level.


    Except in my case it was better to call be a mid stage level 2. But I was satisfied with the title, in just 30 days I reach mid stage level 2. From Drrak's estimates and my own it should take 50 straight days of instruction to reach my point.


    I had library work and had to develop exercises, It took me only around 20 days to succeed. I didn't even dedicate all of those 20 days to my exercises, so it was even more impressive


    It could have been caused by my talent, or my self created exercises. But regardless my potential was already exploding from day one.


    I woke up the morning of the rookie test, with confidence. I went to the Arena early morning and saw, the three groups of idiots. The commoners with John. The nobles and the superior nobles as in Raynard and Carol.


    Carol looked at me before snorting coldly and looking away as she turned to Raynard. She said something to him as Raynard's face twisted in anger and he stared at me.


    I had an impulse to tell him if he wanted to bet again. But I didn't want to disrupt the testing today, so I just gave Raynard my death stare.


    I channeled my sword intent through my body, as my aura became sharp and all encompassing. Raynard tried to return the stare but he had yet to reach the realm of affinity becoming prowess. So his meager sword intent was crushed as he was forced to look away in shame.


    I just smiled at his shame, 'It always feels good to suppress an idiot.'


    John looked over an saw what was happening, he was still angry at me, but he hid it well. I could feel his hate, I was very sensitive to that feeling. I had feel it almost every second of my life, so I knew of his hate.


    But he was so insignificant to me, it was liked being hated by a bug. I would just step on it if it were convenient otherwise I couldn't care any less.


    As I had my stare down with Raynard, Teacher Elton ran in at hyper sonic speeds.


    "Today will be the end of your rookie period, some will be kicked out and others will prosper. You will be responsible for that, I hope to see improvement in some of you." He said as he looked at Raynard, Carol, John, and Me


    "And of others I hope you try to stay at your level at least." He said as he looked at the rest of the class members whose faces were pale from nervousness and fright at the test

  • Chapter 26: Specialties

    "Last time I couldn't answer many questions about this formation. But now I can give you some information, you must be wondering about the origin of this place." Teacher Elton said with a teasing smile


    The commoners and a few nobles looked excited, I was indeed wondering about that as well. But last time there was an understanding that questions weren't allowed.


    "This is a formation created by the gods, there are 4 of this caliber in the human realm." Elton said much to the surprise of everyone unaware


    'It seems the gods rather care about the human realm.' I said to Drrak


    'If there is anything I know about the gods, its that they are nothing but untrustworthy. It wouldn't surprise me if that formation was used to monitor humanity.'


    'Wouldn't that be a danger to me?'


    'Kid didn't I tell you last time, no one can see what you do in there. The gods wouldn't pay attention to a level 2 rookie. Once you do something spectacular they may be interested in you.'


    If there is anything I fear consistently it has been the gods. They are far too out of my league, and I happen to have things that would interest them. If I do, do something spectacular I will make sure to escape soon after. For now I plan on just getting resources, not getting dissected.


    "You all were teleported to various places in that forest. Some of you in front of enemies and others were far away. The system is random, but targeted."


    "There are 4 areas to the forest, the outer forest where all of you were fighting. It is impossible to reach the top 1000s in the outer forest."


    "Then it is the inner forest, where the top 1000 ranking can be attained. Then it's the core of the forest where you can achieve the top 100s. Lastly, its the Cave of horrors, where you can achieve a top 10 ranking."


    "Last time in the forest you were teleported far away from each other. This time you will be fairly close to each other, so beware."


    "Lucas, Raynard, Carol, and John you will once again be going first, but this time you can take people with you."


    Raynard and Carol seemed unsurprised as through the whole explanation and they seemed ecstatic to be paired up. The nobles went over to Raynard's platform as did Carol.


    John and the commoners went to their platform, I waited alone on my own. While Raynard didn't look over because of fear, Carol did from her sneer I figured out their plan.


    'If numbers are enough to kill me, especially pathetic numbers then I deserve to die.'


    I started my mediation as I calmed my murderous heart, and my perception became blurred. When I recovered I was back in the forest, but this time the shrubbery was much smaller. There was more light reaching the area, and no immediate threats.


    I examined some of the shubbery and made some mental calculations. The majority of the shrubbery here required constant light. Unlike the ones I remember from last time.


    'I must be on the outskirts of the outer forest, last time I must have been closer to the inner forest.'


    I jumped on to a tree branch and activated my elemental brandings. I looked around and saw no important living creatures.


    'Drrak why would the gods make this formation?' I asked as I was moving tree branch to tree branch


    'They created guardians not weaklings, so they wanted to improve on their guardians. I assume they wanted to train powerful warriors without them dying. So they created this and the other formations.'


    'I think the same, but what about the various beasts in here?'


    'They are trapped that's for sure, for the gods keeping them alive and trapped is simple.'


    'Could this formation be important to the gods?'


    'Nothing is important to the gods except themselves.'


    As I spoke to Drrak in another part of the forest the class was convening


    "Lucas is a threat to all of us, he's the strongest of us all. He makes all of our performances look bad." Said Raynard to the nobles and commoners.


    "Ya but like you said he is the strongest, who would be dumb enough to offend him." A commoner said dismissively


    'If I didn't need you to help, I would just kill you.' Raynard thought in anger


    "School policy is this score determines whether or not you can remain in the school, not the previous score."


    "So beating Lucas would get rid of him."


    As Raynard said that the eyes of the class sparkled with hope, because of Lucas. Teacher Elton looked down on everyone, with Lucas gone they would have a chance to shine.


    John was especially happy, he lost a chance for equality because of Lucas. Now they would take away Lucas' superiority and teach him equality is the way.


    Carol stood by Raynard, she was the one most offended. Lucas just played with her and called her a bitch, her sincerity was nothing to him. When any action of hers would be enough to make Raynard dance like an idiot.


    "Are you promising to be liable, if Lucas points a finger." A commoner said


    "The whole point of teacher Elton saying we would be teleported close to each other. Was because he wants us to fight amongst ourselves. The school doesn't reward the lone wolf act of Lucas but instead it rewards pack work."


    "As long as we beat Lucas, Teacher Elton won't have a problem with us. Most importantly, Lucas is even more common than the most common commoner here. No need to fear retaliation in the slightest, if he retaliates my family will have an excuse to get rid of him."


    With Raynard's last statement the voices of reasons were quelled by the intoxication of limelight. With it there ends a stunning performance of commoners and nobles collaborating to suppress a new variable.


    As I wandered I finally found the first life form, it was a goblin of course I had to smile. The goblin seemed to be waiting as he looked around for someone.


    As I got closer I realized it was the goblin from before that was the messenger. I approached him quietly from behind and put the tip of my saber near his back.


    "Don't move, how did you know I would be here?" I said in beast script as Drrak guided me


    The goblin's body froze in fear, as it recognized the broken beast script.


    "Honored sir, we have been hunting rookies for years. We know the common places for their appearances."


    I sheathed my blade and kept a light smile on my face. But my smile just kept the goblin afraid instead of comforted.


    It still remembered the ghastly sight of me clad in blood as I slaughtered its family. Its hard to make friends with an insane, powerful, and murderous person and not keep guard.


    "Alright then bring me to your tribe."


    This time it had no qualms about Listening to me, since no one could stop. Especially since it could feel that my power had increased.


    We went using the tree branches and then we ended up at a little village with small huts in the darker part of the forest. Around there were the old, young, women, and children.


    'They seem to be a tribal people.' I thought


    When we entered the village the people looked at me with hostility, but when they saw the messenger they calmed. The messenger guided me around the village to a large hut.


    In it was the hobgoblin from before Pektog I think. Pektog bowed in subservience when he saw me enter.


    "Honored sir we have been waiting for you."


    "Well done Pektog, I will of course hold true to my part of the deal."


    "For now I would like some help from your people."


    "Whatever you ask we shall grant to the best of our ability."


    "Don't worry, what I want you to do will be far too easy. I will just be making use of your specialties" I said with a devious chuckle.

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