An author from China that wanted to write Sci-fi fantasy related novel

Hi I'm a part time novelist, and a student from China and I'm planning on writing a somewhat Sci-fi, or fantasy related Novel called <DXT Flame> (鬼道命天炎)
Since there's a lot of censorship in China, so it would be impossible for me to write such a sensitive topic in China.
I won't require any donations because I come from quite a upper-middle class family. However, help such as translation and illustration would be really helpful. It would also be really helpful if anyone could help with some specific field of knowledge such as specific military info.
(I can write in English but it is hard to incorporate specific memes or cultural reference if I'm writing in English)
Thanks, everyone.


  • Hello, I write as a hobby and I live in America and attend university here. I understand cultural references and memes, but I know next to nothing about military procedure and I don't know any Chinese. If you want someone to edit translated info or give a second opinion I'd be happy to help.
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