Cant remember what happen to this specific character

Hey can anybody help me remember as to what happen to the girl "xue'er" who was suppose to be the next successor for ancient immortal daoist rite.
She was a involved in the echelon conflict (not as an echelon though). 
What happened to her?  i cant seem to remember her full name, and what had happened to her in the novels.
The last thing i remembered was that she was last seen in the windswept realm riding up to the next realm/world place.

thanks for the help.


  • AFAIK, she was never mentioned again.

    Likely, she helped Windswept in knocking over the Thirty Three Heavens into the corner of the Immortal God Continent that Slaughter chopped off.

    As for what happened after, she probably died horribly and was revived when Meng Hao went on a resurrection spree.
  • Suicide mission
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