Spirit Saga

Prologue: The Beginning

Smoke rising in the night sky, screams and howls resonate throughout the surroundings, flames devouring everything in sight. A youth around twelve or thirteen stands on the outskirts of the village watching everything with tears and rage in his eyes. Everything he once held dear was no more.

Clang, clang

The sounds of fighting drew the boy from his stupor as he raced towards the sounds only to see three people in red armor cutting down the people of the village. He clenched his fist and drew the black dagger from his back. He stepped around a corner and seemed to disappear. Suddenly, like the grim reaper, he reappeared behind the man closest to him and plunged the dagger into his neck and vanished again before the body fell to the ground.

It took a few seconds for the other two men to realize that their comrade had fallen.

“Hey, what happened” one of the men yelled.

“He’s dead. How the hell did that happen?”

The villagers took the opportunity to run and didn’t look back any longer.

“They’re getting away.”

“So what, they’re just trash anyway. What we need to worry about is this fool just got killed neither of us noticed.”

While they were talking the boy noticed the villagers fled and he left the area too.

“No point in wasting time here. I have the make sure mother is fine and then get away.”

He ran towards his home making sure to avoid the other people in red scattered all over the village. Once he made it to his home he saw one person in red armor entering and rushed at him at full speed.  He swung the dagger once again aiming at the intruder’s neck only to have the man turn around and block his strike with a red long sword.


As the two collided the boy felt his hand go numb a bit and almost dropped the dagger.

“Dammit. He’s at least at the peak of the Element Domain, maybe even the first tier of the Knight Domain.”

“Hey you little bastard, do you have a death wish.” The man roared

The boy didn’t answer and took a step back disappearing into the shadows. The man widened his eyes because he didn’t think a boy that young could have learned to use an element in this run down place. His shock didn’t last long as he heard a sound behind him. He covered his sword in flames in an instant and stepped forward while turning and swinging at his previous position only to hit nothing.

The boy leaped for his original location in the shadows and aimed at the back of the man’s skull driving the dagger in deep until only the hilt was left. The man’s eyes showed nothing but disbelief as he felt the dagger enter his skull before he felt nothing.

The boy let out a deep breath and looked at the piece of stone that distracted the man allowing him to land his blow. He looked towards the door leading to the kitchen and saw a blood trail leading into it. His heart clenched as he prayed his mother was okay.

He walked towards the kitchen and saw another man in red with a hole in his chest and looked over to see his mother leaning against a wall with a pool of blood under her. Her eyes closed and face pale.

“Mother” the boy shouted as he ran to her side, tears streaming down his face.

“Flynn” the woman called as she opened her eyes and saw her son. Her breath was ragged. “I’m glad you’re safe” she smiled and took off a ring and pushed it into his hands. “Take this and get away from here. You will turn fifteen soon and be able to go to the Haicho School. You must live and become strong like your father and uncle.”

Flynn just listened without saying a word and squeezed her hand that held the ring. He waited until she breathes no more before moving. He took the ring and put it away before lifting her and once again faded into the shadows and reappearing at the edge of the forest outside the village. He turned to look at the flames one last time, engraving the hatred deep onto his heart.

He walked deep into the forest until he could no longer hear the sounds of the village and fell to his knees. He screamed and roared until he lost his voice. He was tired. He found a place to bury his mother and said a silent prayer afterword. He plunged his black dagger into the earth leaving only the tip of the handle expose marking his mother’s resting place. He jumped into a tree overlooking his mother and leaning back before closing his eyes and falling unconscious.


  • Chapter 1

    opening his eyes, Flynn looked around as the sun just started to rise. He looks
    down at the dagger and realizes that everything that happened was real and not
    just a nightmare. That his village was destroyed and his mother killed. Looking
    at the ring he received from his mother, his eyes moisten as tears threaten to
    fall again.

    “It seems that I really am on my own
    from now on.”
    He muses to himself.

    ring was black with purple inscriptions on its surface. It was a cosmos ring.
    It had a space of 5x5x5x inside which could store almost anything.

    had seen a cosmos ring before but this one seemed different. He could feel that
    there was something inside but couldn’t find it. He remembered reading that
    some cosmos rings could be bound so that only the owner could access what was
    in it. If it wasn’t bound then, although you could store things inside you
    would never be able to retrieve them.

    sent his spirit into the ring to make it his own. Finally he was able to see
    what was inside. There was some gold, about 100 pieces, a sword, a dagger, and two
    books. Without even thinking about it he made the dagger appear. Although it
    was his first time holding it, the dagger felt familiar, like it was something
    meant for him. It was about nine inches, slightly curved, and pitch black. He
    swung it a few times to get a better feel for it before placing it and the
    sheath on the small of his back.

    on the ground and saying a final prayer to his mother, he looks deep into the forest.
    Last night it wasn’t he paid attention to but now he realizes he’s standing
    inside the Forbidden Forest. He was always told by his mother and the elders of
    the village that he should never enter the forest. It’s said that even the
    weakest beasts inside are at the Knight Domain and the deeper you go the
    stronger and more intelligent the beasts. Sharpening his senses to the limit he
    decides to move deeper in but still stay on the outer edge.


    moving for about three hours, he finally arrives at a small river. Looking at his
    refection in the crystal clear water, with hair so black it looks like it
    absorbs light around him and dark purple eyes he really stood out amongst his
    village. Standing a little more than 160cm and a little thinner than kids his
    age he still was one of the strongest of the children he grew up with.

    he started to feel Element of Darkness around the age of five he originally didn’t
    know what was going on since it was common knowledge to try connecting to the
    elements only at the age of ten. Since he connected subconsciously and way
    before he should he never to anyone, but how could he hide it from his mother since
    she also had the same element.

    she pretended she didn’t know, she still said that once he was older and
    connected with his element that only hard work would make him strong. After
    having obtaining the Element of Darkness, he naturally felt at home when it was
    night. Absorbing the elemental essence around him from sundown until dawn for
    five years he was able to enter the fifth tier of the Element Domain as others
    were just connecting to the elements.

    he turned ten his mother taught him personally and his strength rose slower but
    his foundation was deeper. Just absorbing the elemental essence is the basic of
    basics. She showed him how to purify the essence before absorbing it and making
    it his own. She also taught him how to use a dagger. The first time he ever saw
    her dagger it was already an inch away from his eye before he even knew what

    only time your enemy sees your dagger is the moment it takes the life.” She told

    the next three years he worked hard building his skills with the dagger and absorbing
    the elemental essence. During that time he subconsciously connected to the
    element of space and mind, but since he couldn’t understand the spatial element
    he focused on strengthening his mind. As the power of his mind grew his skill
    with the dagger also advanced faster than before. Shortly after he turned
    thirteen he entered the eighth tier of the Element Domain.

    hearing a sound he snapped out of his reminiscence and stared at the other side
    river and noticed he was being stared at by a green wolf about two meters in length
    and about a meter and half tall. It was a Gale Wolf that was inching closer
    when it realized it was noticed.

    a beast that should be at least in the Knight Domain, Flynn still showed no
    fear. Since he strengthened his mind for the last three years his thinking
    ability has increased at least two fold. He realized that he could not use the
    shadows to his advantage since he was out in the open under the sun. The Gale Wolf
    was known for its speed so running away was not possible.

    beast started moving the moment Flynn took out the sword from the cosmos ring.
    Although he wasn’t an expert with a sword, with the state of his mind he knew
    the basics. As the wolf leaped across the river Flynn started moving as well,
    aiming to catch the beast in the air in order to end the fight as soon as
    possible. What he didn’t expect was that the moment he leaped into the air the
    wolf opened its mouth and a powerful gust of wind blew blowing him back to the

    “So much for
    trying to end this quickly”
    he thought to himself.

    distracted by his own thoughts the almost failed to notice the wind blade that
    the wolf launched the instant it landed. Concentrating the essence in his body
    towards his feet, he shifted to the right; he avoided the wind blade by the smallest
    of margins and dashed forward as the wolf charged at him. Knowing he could
    never defeat a Knight Domain beast in a head on fight, especially one since
    beasts are stronger than most other races on the same tier, he decided to use distraction
    to gain the advantage.

    manipulating his own shadow he made it charge forward while he followed behind.
    The wolf thinking the boy was foolish, struck out with its claws only to feel
    no resistance as the shadow disappeared leaving nothing behind but a sword
    aiming for its throat. The wolf dodged the sword avoiding a fatal wound but the
    blade still scratched its hide as it sailed past. Turning back to look for its
    prey, he found the boy with a dagger and that was the last thing it saw as the
    boy slashed both its eyes effectively blinding it.

    hastily retreated as a wind blade cut through his previous position. His breath
    was unsteady as it took more essence than he thought to move the sword with his
    mind and manipulating his shadow at the same time. He rushed forward to grab
    his sword as the wolf let out a savage howl causing the wind to pick up and
    dozens of wind blades to strike out in all directions. Stepping back after
    picking up the sword the dodged the wind blades that came in his direction.

    ran forward as the wolf turned to flee and once again controlled the sword with
    his mind. Aiming at its right hind-leg, the sword pierced deep with the tip
    coming out two or three inches on the other side. Coming up on the left side of
    the wolf, he plunged his dagger into its left shoulder. The wolf turned around
    and bit down on Flynn’s left leg as the both tumbled from the momentum. Reacting
    quickly he removed the dagger from the wolf’s shoulder and rove it into its
    skull piercing its brain before it could rip his leg off.

    his teeth in pain he removed the wolf’s mouth from him leg the getting up and
    limping towards his sword and pulling it out before storing it and the wolf
    inside his ring. Moving to the river he began washing himself and cleaning his
    wound. He had never felt such pain in his life but knew that screaming out
    would only attract more trouble than he can currently deal with, especially now
    that he’s wounded. Feeling dizzy from the pain and the rapid loss of essence,
    he quickly finishes and heads upstream looking for a quiet place to rest and

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    Chapter 2

    After walking roughly half an hour Flynn spotted a cave and decided to rest there. Spreading out his spirit he searched the cave for signs of other life but found none.

    “I suppose staying here should be fine. At least until I advance to the Knight Domain it’s too dangerous to move through this forest unless absolutely necessary”

    Collapsing against a wall, the pain was becoming unbearable. He immediately started absorbing and purifying elemental essence and started to close his wounds. It was the first time he needed to heal himself to this extent and it was taxing on his mind. After an hour he was able to completely close his wound and the pain gradually faded.

    During the process Flynn noticed the size of his soul sea had expanded. The soul sea is the area in one’s mind that holds the elemental essence once it has been absorbed. It is also the place the soul resides and is nourished. The bigger and deeper one’s soul sea, the stronger one’s soul is. Although it is called a sea, within the Element Domain it is the size of a large stream.

    It seems that using his essence until the point of nearly drying caused it to increase slightly in size. He never heard the size of a person’s soul sea could grow without advancing to the next tier. It seems he got more out of the fight besides the essence core of that Gale Wolf that he will have to dig out later.

    After completely restoring his essence, he decided to take a look at the books inside the ring his mother gave him. Neither of the books had a name but one book had a sword technique and a dagger technique and the other taught another way to absorb the elemental essence making the body stronger before it is purified and enters the soul sea. Although he wanted to learn them now, to increase his strength the techniques and absorption method could only be used once he entered the Knight domain. 

    “Advancing to the Knight Domain shouldn’t be too far away. It’s just that I have to make it to the capital before I turn fifteen. I refuse to let my mother down.”

    Placing the books back in the ring and took out the corpse of the wolf and the sword. He decided to improve the power of his mind by controlling the sword with it and carving a hole in the center of the wolf’s chest to remove the core. The core was about the size of a baby’s fist and radiated a bright green color representing the wind element. Placing the core to the side, Flynn skinned the wolf and was able to cut it up place it back into the ring before feeling dizzy from using nearly all his essence. 

    His control increased a bit and the amount of essence needed to move the sword decreased slightly. He immediately started absorbing the essence again and noticed that his soul sea did indeed grow slightly. Once it was half restored he picked up the core and began absorbing its essence. It took longer than absorbing because a core contains a berserk force inside that is helpful to beast but extremely harmful to others if it enters their body. The core disappeared after he was done.

    “It feels a little different than the essence of the world but it still gets the job done.”

    He walked to the entrance of the cave with the sword floating behind him steadily increasing his control and power. Spreading his spirit in the surroundings he noticed that no beast were in the vicinity. Centering his essence in his feet he dashed back into the outer parts of the forest heading back to his village. He planned to stay in the cave at least until he turned fourteen and it would take at least half a year to make it to the academy so he needed somethings in order to survive.

    “My home is really gone.” He thought to himself as he stood on the edge of the village.

    Taking a deep breath he headed to the village chief’s home. The home of the chief is where the people of the village bought and sold items that were bought from the few merchants that come to the village. He hoped that there were somethings still there. 

    Walking through the village he noticed the bodies of people he recognized and people he had never seen before so he assumed that they were the people who attacked his home but their armor was gone so he wasn’t completely positive. He placed the sword back into his ring and the dagger back in its sheath to make sure that if something happened he had enough power to escape or fight back.

    Arriving at the chief’s home he walked inside and saw the bodies of the chief and his wives on the floor. He noticed that the women didn’t seem to have been raped as their clothes were still intact. After saying a prayer he walked deeper into the house heading to the basement only to see that it was nearly empty. The basement held all the goods and all that was left were a few copper coins and some broken tools and weapons. 

    Sighing and turning to leave a glint in the corner caught his eye. Walking closer he found a bronze cosmos ring. Picking it up and looking inside he couldn’t help but smile. Inside the ring were about 300 gold coins, a few weapons, and other miscellaneous things. What made him happiest was that the ring had a pile of elemental stones, almost 1000 of them of various elements.

    Elemental stones were stones of concentrated elemental essence. They were like beast cores except that there was no berserk element and the can be used for things other than cultivating. Fire stones could be used to heat water or cook food and wind stones could give the user a boost in speed or allow one to float for a short time. Water, earth, light, darkness, and lightning elements all had stones. With these stones, making it to the Knight Domain will be easier and so will staying alive in the forest.

    Taking the things from the bronze ring and transferring them to his own, he finally left the home of the chief after bowing he headed to his home to get some clothes and hopefully some rations so he wouldn’t have to hunt those Knight Domain beasts until he was ready. He didn’t want to search through the homes of his friend and neighbors but he would if he had to. Finding everything he needed in his own home he rushed back in the forest.

    “The merchants should be coming to the village soon so I don’t have to worry about their bodies lying there to rot.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ll slaughter every last one of them when I find them” he promised in his heart.

    Instead of heading directly to the cave he moved to the area where he killed the wolf. He had been busy all day and if he cooked inside the cave it would draw the beasts there and that would cause unnecessary trouble. Taking out a piece of the Gale Wolf and a fire stone and cooked it while staying on alert. Just as he finished he detected a presence and turned around to see a fox about half the size of the wolf.

    The fox had glossy black fur and purple eyes a shade darker than his own. Although it was smaller than the Gale Wolf he knew that this fox was actually stronger than the wolf and if he had to fight he would undoubtedly die. The fox looked like a Shadow Fox except that it had two tails and one had a purple tip and the other had a gray tip.

    They just stared at each other as time continued. Flynn noticed that the fox seemed to be injured. It had large wound on its right side which he felt made it more dangerous instead of easier to deal with. He didn’t know why the fox hasn’t attacked yet but he didn’t want to wait until it decided to.

    He took the rest of the wolf out and tossed it to the fox. When it looked at the wolf Flynn activated the wind stone he took out and fled as fast as he could without looking back. He rushed into the cover of the trees and covered himself it darkness and headed to the cave. Just before he made it to the cave he spread out his spirit and when he was sure he wasn’t followed and no beasts were around he rushed directly inside.

    Only after covering the entrance with shadows did he let out a sigh of relief.

    “Dammit that was dangerous.”

    He turned after sealing the entrance and his heart skipped a beat. In front of him were two purple eyes glowing in the darkness.

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  • Soul Beast

    Chapter 3

    there looking at the fox that should not be there, Flynn finally showed a hint
    of fear. He was sure that there was nothing in the cave when he entered, but
    the wolf that caused him to flee for his life even while using a wind stone,
    was standing in front of him once again. He took a slight step back but then realized
    that he could not out run the beast in front of him. His mind calmed down and
    he started thinking of how to survive, but no matter what came to mind it
    always ended with his death.

    “Is this really how I
    die. In some small cave that no one knows exists.” His
    thoughts grew dark and he could not see a path to survival. “Fine. If I must
    die then I won’t be dying alone” He strengthened his resolve and drew
    his sword.

    the fox saw that the boy drew his weapon it narrowed its eyes and they started
    to glow. In the next instant the sword dropped to ground and the fox stood
    before Flynn before he knew what happened. He stared in shock when he saw the
    blood the fox’s claws before blacking out from the excruciating pain.

    “I didn’t believe it
    would end in such a pathetic way.” was the last thought that ran through his


    opened his eyes and was wondering why he was in so much pain. His mind finally
    started up and he remembered the attack of the fox. He couldn’t understand why
    he was alive. He also didn’t understand how he was attacked in the first.
    Feeling the pain in his body, he at least knew his body wasn’t crippled and he
    could still feel the essence of the world he knew his cultivation also wasn’t

    spread out his spirit sense and his body shook a bit when he realized that the
    fox was still in the cave. He thought about it and couldn’t come to a
    conclusion on why he was still alive. He then realized that although the fox
    did indeed make the first move, it was himself that made the first provocation
    by drawing his sword. If the fox wanted him dead the he would undoubtedly be
    dead without the chance to retaliate at all.

    tried to sit up and realized that his body couldn’t move and it only brought
    him pain. He thought for second and then began healing himself. The moment he
    began the fox stood up and looked at him causing him to immediately stop. After
    a few minutes passed he realized that the fox hadn’t made any other move he
    once again started slowly healing himself.

    an unknown amount of time all his wounds had closed. He didn’t directly start
    absorbing essence to replenish what he lost but instead sat up and looked at
    the fox staring at him. The first thing he noticed was that although the wound
    on its side had started closing the shine in its eyes was significantly dimmer.
    He wondered what level this beast was but he didn’t have the power to sense it.

    boy and fox just stared at each other. Flynn wasn’t stupid enough to do the
    same thing twice and just waited. After a few minutes of just staring Flynn
    finally blinked and when he did the fox vanished. He just stood there stupefied
    until he realized that the fox was right beside him. When he turned his head to
    look the fox once again disappeared and was in its original location.

    this was the Element of Time. After seeing it up close a number of times, he
    finally started to see what was going on. The fox was stopping time or at least
    slowing it down to such a degree that he couldn’t tell the difference. The time
    element it just like a legend. It has been said that along with the spatial
    element, the time element are the rarest of all the elements. Although he has
    the spatial element he has never been able to use it and never paid it too much
    attention. He had never mentioned it to anyone because no one would believe him
    anyway and no one could teach him how to use it.

    you want to die boy?”

    heard a voice in his mind and looked around until he realized where the voice
    came from. He didn’t understand how a beast could talk to him in his mind. He
    had never heard of beasts being able to talk. Flynn knew they could obtain
    intelligence that rivaled other races but never believed that they could talk.
    His mind was in disarray trying to figure out if all this was a hallucination
    and he had lost his mind.

    asked you a question boy. Don’t make me repeat myself.” the fox spoke again.

    don’t want to die.” Flynn stuttered out as he realized that this was real.

    is a human in this forest?” the fox narrowed its eyes as it asked.

    felt a sharp pressure that felt like it would crush him if he relaxed even the
    slightest bit. He resolved himself to stand strong and not collapse under the
    pressure. He knew that if the fox wanted to take his like then there would be
    no need to talk.

    entered the forest for survival and to increase my strength.” he answered

    wolf released its pressure and spoke again “How could a weak human hope to
    survive in this forest? That’s no different from wanting to die.”

    have no other choice. Strength reigns supreme and mine is not enough. My home
    was destroyed and my mother killed. If I don’t have strength then I can’t
    fulfill my mother’s wish and would nothing more than food for the strong. That
    is no different than being dead.” He roared forgetting that he was before a
    being that could kill him with the utmost ease.

    fox’s laughing voice resounded in his mind almost making him taking a step back
    in fear.

    you want power then are you willing to pay the price?”

    the question Flynn couldn’t help but shudder before nodding. The fox’s eyes
    started to glow once again before it slashed through the empty air. Immediately
    after a hole opened that emitted a strong suction force and without having the
    chance to react in the slightest Flynn was pulled inside and once the fox
    leisurely walked in the hole instantly closed.


    was tossed outside the hole and shocked to see he was no longer in the cave.
    Turning around he looked at the hole only to see the fox stepping out and the
    hole closing instantly after. Looking around he could only see trees and a
    small mountain. He figured he was still in the forest.

    me boy” the fox said and headed towards the mountain.

    didn’t hesitate and followed behind the fox while looking around. He spread his
    spirit sense and noticed nothing at all. No beasts or even insects could be
    found within the range of his spirit sense. It felt truly desolate.

    at the mountain, they walked into a rather large cave that could not be seen
    from the outside. Flynn tried to search the cave and noticed that his spirit
    sense was blocked and there was little essence within the cave. It took almost
    ten minutes before he saw changes. The dark cave suddenly brightened and the
    amount of essence multiplied a hundred fold. The cave opened up to a room that
    had large crystal with a small black spot floating in the center surrounded by
    sixteen smaller crystals.

    the hell is that?!” Flynn reflexively shouted while staring at the crystals.

    boy” the fox said and snapped him back to attention. “We don’t have a lot of
    time and quite a few things to get out of the way”


    deal is simple; before your life ends you MUST kill the king of this forest”

    “Who is the king of this forest and is that
    how you became wounded?” asked Flynn

    “You will know who he is in time. Do you want
    the power to survive or do you want to die now” the fox asked while glaring at
    the boy.

    “POWER!” he shouted

    The fox smiled and had him stand in the
    middle of the room under the crystal. The smaller crystals started to rotate
    clockwise while the larger one started to shine brighter. While Flynn watched
    the crystals the already thick essence within the room grew even thicker and
    started centering at his location. Being so focused on the crystals he failed
    to realize that his soul sea was rapidly expanding and heading towards the
    ninth tier and then entered the Knight Domain.

    Only after he entered the Knight Domain did
    he come to his senses and begin to feel what was going on. His power continued
    to rise until the smaller crystals finally shattered leaving only the large
    crystal shining with the black spot at the center. The essence started to
    gather at the center of the crystal causing the spot to slowly grow. He looked
    towards the fox to ask what was happening only to discover it lying weakly on
    its side and the glow of its eyes growing dimmer. He tried to rush forward but
    was held in place unable to move.

    He called out but he received no response.
    Seeing that its eyes still had a bit of its shine he knew that the fox had not
    yet died but was sure it would not last much longer. He heard a sound and looked
    up and noticed that the spot inside the crystal had grown quite large and there
    were cracks running along the crystal steadily expanding.

    “What the hell is that thing?”

    Suddenly the crystal shattered causing Flynn
    to cover his eyes. He looked up again and saw nothing and grew confused.
    Remembering the fox he looked that way and was shocked to see another, smaller,
    fox beside it looking towards him with the same deep purple eyes. The bigger fox
    weakly stood up and nuzzled to other and they both walked forward to Flynn. He
    just stood there not moving an inch.


    The word caused Flynn to be confused because
    he didn’t understand, but as he was feeling confused the smaller fox shot
    forward and immediately sunk its teeth into his right wrist. By the time he
    reacted it was already over. A black mark was making its way up his arm and
    finally stopping at his shoulder forming the infinity symbol. He looked back
    the little fox and saw the same symbol briefly shine on its forehead before
    disappearing. He didn’t get what was going on but he could the fox’s existence
    closely linked to his own.

    “Master” said the little fox as it bowed
    before him

    “Be happy boy. You could search for a hundred
    years and never find a finer soul beast than her” the larger fox proclaimed

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