Recommend me something !

This is what I've read so far.

I Shall Seal the Heavens - Completed - Did not like the battles, or cultivation system. The comedy is what allowed me to finish this novel.
Coiling Dragon - Completed - Liked the novel until the later parts.

Tales of Demon and Gods - Loved most of the novel, until it basically got thrown aside by the author.
Against the Gods - Like the setting, the MC is a little disappointing though.
Martial God Asura -  All around good, however it's to repetitive, will probably drop after HLOM arc.
Martial World - Good cultivation system, ok characters, good world. To repetitive, to much filler.
Heavenly Jewel Change - All around good, my only complaint here is translation speed :neutral:
Ancient Strengthening Technique - Good, but way to much filler, and way to inconsistent.
Long Live Summons - Good at first, getting boring.
Sovereign of the Three Realms - Good, to repetitive, pacing to slow along with a slow translation.
Release that Witch - Something a little different but good, except the current state of translation.

Transcending the Nine Heavens - This is alright, but nothing special.
Otherworldly Evil Monarch - This is alright, but nothing special.
God of Slaughter - Had some promise, but went downhill quickly.
Great Demon King -  First couple hundred chapters were good, dropped @ chapter 671.
Emperor's Domination - Dropped due to characters being left behind.
Realms of the Firmament - Dropped
True Martial World - Dropped
Ancient Godly Monarch - Dropped
Dragon-Marked War God - Dropped

What I don't want to encounter
- MC leaving to go to a new area, leaving behind all characters we were introduced to so that the cycle can start over again, then repeat this process multiple times.
- Heavy Tragedy
- MC always hiding his abilities.

What I would like
- A novel were the main character actually sticks with one sect or his own clan and helps it grow in power.
- Beast companions.
- Other characters, like the lover/lovers, actually being relevant characters who stick around the majority of time.


  • nyeaam, thats really hard youve read so much more novels than me but, try Gate of Revelation and Terror Infinity its like Release that Witch, something different but theyre really good 
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