The author's tribute to other works, let's find them.

I don't know if we have had this topic before.

In this book, the author paid many tributes to other works. The book itself, was heavy influenced by another novel named Magus World by an author named Gun Kai. In that book, the MC also gets a chip and using blood purification process to get stronger. The author's pen name, Wen Chao Gong, can be translated as "Someone who Plagiarizes", maybe a self-satire of his works.

Amoung the elements the author paid tribute, there is the being called Gargamel, is obviouly a tribute to the Smurfs, which was a very popular cartoon in China in the 80s, I believe the author was from that time.

And there is Karen, who is a Drow, a tribute to either Dungeons & Dragons' dark elf or DOTA 2's Drow Ranger, I'm inclined on the 2nd option, since DOTA is popular in China.

At the end of the book, there is a mencion on Dimensionality Reduction Attack, it's a tribute to Three Body Trilogy, a famouse serie of chinese science fiction novels.

There are more elements from other works in this book. Can other forumites identify them?


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    Law of the Devil
  • The whole world of gods is in the forgotten realms universe, including the god names, how the gods get their power, the spell names, the "ranks" = levels etc etc in fact very few things aren't  :p Also the "Pirates Tide" reminds me of One Piece
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    Someone please tell me Xena isn't taken from Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • Coiling Dragon
    Absolute Choice is the first novel that I've read on Wuxiaworld that I genuinely do not like.
  • Gandalf was mentioned..hmmm..i think robin hood too?there were still other popular names mentioned too..ljust cant recall them at the moment..hehe
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