Ethereal Heavens: Genesis - Chapter 13

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   There was an ordinary man living an ordinary life, he is known as Farjan Dowter, but there is no something permanent in this world. His ordinary life became extraordinary when he saved a certain person from another world. After that, the person he saved became his master, the one who introduced him to the world of cultivation. The universe is limitless and the world where he came from is small, no one really knows a thing about cultivation whatsoever. Eventually, he will explore the vast universe and dominate all living beings there.
           This is the story of the man who wished to become the most powerful among the Legends, to become the Emperor among all Gods.

           Join him as he fought his way to achieve the heights of glory and the pinnacle of power!

           Every chapter is divided into 3 parts, and every part has at least 500-800 words. Feel free to comment on my work, you can tell if it's trash or give me a constructive feedback. But starting from chapter 9 I will be posting the whole chapters, not the divided ones.

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CHAPTER 1-Part 1

Chapter 1.1: Escaped

    Chapter 1: Escaped

     Out in the universe, there's a world where you could see tall mountains, vast oceans, and forest with different kinds of species; there are birds, reptiles, mammals and many other animals. Shockingly there are beasts that can do what humans can do.
      At some distance away from the forest, you will see a lively city, bustling with different activities. You can see the huge amount of humans and beast perfectly co-exist with each other. At some place they buy and sell items in another they are laughing, at some time they are arguing and fighting. 

       The places described here are just 0.1 percent out of 1000000 percent of the overall land mass of this particular world. It's so big that if you take a tour to it, it will take roughly a hundred years for you to finish.

       When you look up in the air there you can see a beautiful blue scenery with so many clouds and the three suns which emanate different colors of blinding light. However, if you look closely you could see that there is just one sun! and that is the one in the middle, the others in the left and right side has a human-figure inside the light! or you could say that the human-figure inside is the source of the blinding light! The one on the left is violet in color and the other one is green.

     It was a strange sight, but from what you can tell from the expressions of people and other beings in the vicinity,  these are just ordinary and nothing strange at all, you can just see panic within the eyes of people and other beings. Clearly, there is something unexpected that will happen.

     A few moments later, the two 'suns' emanating strange light began to move towards each other. Shockingly the hands of the two entities within the light clenched into a fist. A deafening blast could be heard as these two people punch each other.


     "Because you snatch away what is mine, I will snatch away your life Tromer!" said the man radiating green light with an angry face. Suddenly, a sword materialized in his hands.

     The appearance of the swords tells that it is not just an ordinary sword! It is one meter long and strange patterns could be seen at its surface.

      "This is the Demon Bone sword, a legendary sword that I get from the Ruins of Demon God Sect. It is wielded by the Ancestor of the Demon God Sect, with this, you will surely DIE!" Angrily said by the man with the green light.

    Immediately he dashed forward and swing the sword.

    Before the sword hits Tromer, he immediately took out a circular shield which rapidly expands until it was big enough to cover his entire body from the sword strike.

     When the sword hits the shield, the shield is weak and it crumbled into pieces and Tromer was blown away to the ground. 

     "I will never give this back to you Darnce!, I'm the one who gets it, it is now MINE!" said Tromer. After that, he takes a look at his spatial pouch and after a moment of hesitation...

      "I will use this to escape and teleport away from this bastard, although I'm not sure where this would take me, this is my only way to leave this danger." Then, a metallic cube instantly appeared in his front. The metallic cube is transforming to become a... teleportation portal!

      The process of transforming is quite fast compared to others of its kind but considering it is done in the middle of a battle, for Tromer it was slow!

     Tromer must hold on until the teleportation portal is ready for use after that he's saved, but if not, he's doomed to die while waiting for his hope to live. 

     When Darnce saw the metallic cube transforming into a teleportation portal his eyes widened and without hesitation he holds the Demon Bone Sword with two hands and dashed forward to attack Tromer.

      "I, Darnce Woventop will do all I can to kill you. The enmity between us will never fade away until one of us will perish, and YOU will be that one!" With that, he gripped the Demon Bone Sword harder and it began to emit dark-red light.

   By now, Darnce's appearance is completely terrifying to the extreme due to his furious face combined with the vicious-looking sword. He vanished in the middle of the air and reappeared 10 meters away from Tromer.

    Darnce swings his sword initiating an attack against Tromer. With Darnce speed Tromer doesn't have enough time to completely dodge the attack and instantly, Tromer's left arm has been severed away and a huge wound could be seen in his stomach!

    Tromer let out an anguished howl. Soon, he began to make a counter attack against Darnce. The ground trembled as they exchange numerous blows.

     It was clear that Tromer is only buying time for the portal. Darnce realized this and he became furious than before.

     After some moments, the teleportation portal is now ready to be used, at the same time Tromer's injuries worsened. When he saw the portal he immediately dashed towards it and vanished.

      When Tromer is now nowhere to be seen. Darnce let out a furious howl.


      There are no traces of Tromer to be seen, in short, he successfully... Escaped.



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    Farjan Dowter will appear at the next part! What do you think he is? What will happen to Tromer who successfully escaped?

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    CHAPTER 1-Part 2

    Chapter 1.2: Farjan Dowter

          There was a man in a certain world called 'Mortal World,' He is known as Farjan Dowter the grandson of the clan leader. He is now 17 years old, he's not that handsome like others but also not that worse, his hairs are naturally white and a pair of beautiful eyes that add some attraction could be seen on his oval-shaped face. He's tall and also muscular due to his experiences.

           The Dowter Clan is not a big and prosperous clan like others, but everyone in the clan is on good-terms with each other.

          Although his family is poor, Farjan is a hardworking and brilliant man. You will always see him in different areas in the vicinity of Bigfield City because he has many jobs in the area. Sometimes you will see him carrying heavy things, working in construction sites, feeding pigs, selling vegetables in the market and much more! Because of this Farjan is well-known throughout the city.

         The other thing that Farjan always do is to secretly listen to the one and only Institute in the city, the Bigfield Higher Institute. You can see him lurking at the edge of the classroom window even if it's on the second floor. 
            One time, he hid himself in the cleaning tool closet of a classroom just to listen to the lessons of the professor when suddenly, he... sneezes! He has done everything to conceal it but a little sound is heard throughout the classroom.


           "What is that?" Said the professor.

           Then a particular student answered. "That's me, sir! I tried to conceal my sneeze but, the sound has escaped my palm. I apologize for disturbing the class." At the same time acting like he is about to sneeze with nose already red. After that, he secretly forms his hands into a thumbs-up gesture at his back that indicates "I got you, man!"

           This man is Holdbert, Farjan's friend. He is from a middle-class clan so he can afford to study. Thanks to him Farjan breathed a sigh of relief.

           Farjan always gives the money that he earns to his parents. Surely, he is a lovable and responsible son. 

           "Farj, you do not need to give this money to me, it is the fruit of your hard-work." Said his mother to Farjan.

            "Mom, please take this money, I, ve work hard just to help our family and not myself only." 

           "But you always give us all the money you've earn and do not leave for yourself. You know, if you do not give us the money you earn, by now, you can start learning in the Bigfield Higher Institute. You're a brilliant child you have a lot of potentials." His mother said with a saddened face.

           "That's okay mom, if I have a second chance to decide again on how I will manage the money I earn, I will choose to give it to you again."  With that, he and his mother hugged each other.

    The next day.
          At some distance away from where the place of the Dowter clan is located, strangely, a vortex has appeared. At closer look, you will notice that a human-figure is coming out from it.
          The man has a severed arm, a huge hole on his stomach and numerous wounds scattered all over his body. This figure is obviously Tromer! He has escaped with severe injuries using the metallic cube as a teleportation portal and it teleported him here in the Mortal World.

         When Tromer is off from the portal. He had managed to take three steps away after that he loose consciousness and lay there on the ground.

           Several meters away, Farjan is walking back home happily, holding a basket with some vegetables. He is finished selling vegetables in the market and has profited well. After walking several meters he saw a 'corpse' lying there on the ground with numerous wounds and with no left arm.

           He immediately walks cautiously towards the 'corpse' and began to inspect it. Soon enough, he reached a conclusion...
           "He's still alive!" He said.

           He carries the 'corpse' which is Tromer and then walks faster back to the clan.

            When he reached the clan, the other clan members saw him soak with blood from the person he carries on his shoulder. Instantly they helped him in carrying Tromer until they reached their house. There, they take care and helped Tromer to heal his wounds.

             "His wounds are severe! What inhuman person would do this to him!?" Said the old man treating Tromer.

             "I just saw him when I'm heading back home," Farjan said.

             "Maybe he's attacked by the bandits and they rob him." Said the other man.

             "This guy will die within 12 hours if not carried here." Said the old man.

             "What should we do to him? We can give primary treatment here but if we treat him until he completely healed then our poor resources will be empty afterward!" The other man said.

             "Our only choice is to primarily treat him but eventually he will die." The old man said.

            "Is there any other way?" Farjan said worriedly.

             "The decision is for the elders and clan leader to make. We cannot act based on our own." The old man said.


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    CHAPTER 1-Part 3

    Chapter 1.3:What are you laughing at?

    After they discussed how to handle the situation. Farjan immediately goes to his grandfather, the Clan Leader and talk to him how they will handle the situation.

             "Farj, my grandson, even if I'm the clan leader of our clan I cannot decide without consulting the elders, besides that man is not a clan member, he's a stranger! Even you, you don't know him! How can we use our resources for him?" Said Farjan's Grandfather.

            "But Grandpa! I can't endure seeing someone die in front of me without me doing something!" Farjan said.

             The clan leader looks at his eyes. After seeing that Farjan is full of determination, he sighs and said "Okay, we will have a meeting with the Elders tonight, that's all I can do for you. Whatever our decision is... That's all." 


              Later, the night has come and the meeting is soon to start. One by one the elders has come to the Ancestral Mansion. The Dowter Clan has a total of 4 Elders.  Normally they would"t attend to this useless meeting for a stranger, but considering that the clan leader is the one who summoned them, they couldn't do something about that. The Clan Leader is the appointed leader of their clan by the past generation and the representative of the clan. If they disrespect him, it is as if you disrespect the whole clan. 
              After some moments the Clan Leader has finally arrived, beside him you will see Farjan with a worried look on his face.

            The meeting has officially started. At first, no one started to talk, a moment later the Third Elder suddenly spoke. 

             "This meeting is nonsense! Do we need to have a meeting and give our resources to a stranger!" He said angrily.

            "That's right! besides, does anyone forgotten that our clan is in decline over the years that our resources are now limited to the extreme? How can a stranger, not a member of the clan benefit from it!?" Said the Fourth Elder.

           The room is silent, you can only hear the snorting of the Third and Fourth Elder. 

           Then Farjan suddenly stand and look coldly towards the Third and Fourth Elder and said "This is not about he is a stranger or not! The fact that he is severely injured and we are capable of healing him is enough as a reason!"
          After a moment of thought, "It's okay for me to give our resources." The First Elder suddenly said.

           "And what about you?" The Clan Leader said looking at the Second Elder.

            "I'm neutral. Said the Second Elder cooly.

            Two elders are against the decision, one neutral, and one pro and when you added the Clan Leader which is on Farjan's side, there are two now.

            Because of the outcome of the meeting the decision made is; 50 percent of the resources are given to heal Tromer's injury.


         2 weeks have passed since the meeting and now Tromer's injuries are slightly healed and his condition is getting better and better over the days due to the joint effort of Farjan's family and other clan members.

          Three days have passed. The sun is about to rise and Farjan is going to the farm to harvest vegetables to sell when suddenly, he saw a man at the edge of a mountain looking off into the distance. Strangely within the right hand of the man, there are pearl-like things floating. Farjans eyes widened and a look of disbelief could be seen on his face.

           Later, shockingly, the pearl-like things started to move in a circular motion and then combined! It becomes a larger pearl-like thing with violet color. Tromer extends his only right arm and the violet pear-like thing started to move forward. When it is 8 meters away from him suddenly, it explodes like fireworks! But, even if it explodes there's no sound to be heard at all.
            Farjan's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The man that he saved is not an ordinary man!?

           When the remnants of the 'fireworks' are gone. Tromer looks below at the left side of the mountain and there he saw Farjan still shocked from he had seen.

            Farjan closed his eyes as if the things he saw are pure imagination. After a second, he opened them again and look towards the mountain, and he saw nothing, there's no man on the mountain at all.

            Farjan laughed at himself. "Surely, it is just imagination or I just walk while dreaming. I should've sleep early yesterday! hahaha!"

              Then unexpectedly he heard a cool voice coming from his back saying "What are you laughing at?"

               He turned his head and saw a man with only right arm and full of bandages all over his body. 
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    CHAPTER 2-Part 1

    Chapter 2.1: Master and Disciple

    Farjan couldn't believe what was happening, "You..."

           Tromer opened his mouth and said, "Me? What?"

           Farjan is shocked to the extreme and still, couldn't believe. Using his index finger he touched Tromer as if to sense if he was real or just a ghost. And when the finger hits Tromer's chest it didn't pierce through it, it stopped there touching Tromer's chest.

           When Farjan feels Tromer's chest through his index finger. He still couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe the fact of what he had seen before. From the pearl-like things hovering in his hands then transformed into a larger pearl-like thing then suddenly exploded like fireworks up to the point where he suddenly vanished reappearing at his back.

             Then Farjan asked while trembling, "You're real!?"

            "What do you think?" Tromer said cooly. After that, Farjan using his index finger touched again Tromer in different parts of his body.

             "Aaaaww! You touched my wound!" But Farjan stubbornly continued to touch and check Tromer.

    "Aaaaa! Damn it! I have wounds there too!"

    "Aw! That's a bruise! Did you see it!?"

         And when Farjan is attempting to touch his stomach. "Not that one! Noooo!" Said Tromer feeling pained.

         "Ouch! Stop touching me! I'm not a ghost! I'm real! 

            Tromer tried to evade all of Farjan's touch but he is persistent.

            " Okay, stop! I surrender!" Said Tromer raising his hand. "Let's stop this, child play! Listen to me kid." Farjan stopped what he's doing and began to listen to him. "I know that you're the one who saved me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and because of that, I will teach you how to... Cultivate!"

          "Cultivate?" Farjan doesn't have a clue about what he was saying. After a moment a thought ran through his mind. 

          "Aha! You're going to teach me how to cultivate pearls!" Because of what he had seen before, there are pearls in Tromer's hands. He thought that Tromer is cultivating pearls.

           "Pearls are expensive, and when I try to sell pearls I'm going to be rich!" Farjan said excitedly.

          Tromer knows that the people here in the city are all mortals, after staying here within almost 3 weeks he became aware of the fact that all people in this world are mortals. That's why he decided to teach Farjan about cultivation.

           "No! Not pearl cultivation! Listen, I will introduce you to the world of cultivation, where people can cast fire and lightning, move dozens of mountains with just a wave of a hand and make a sea with a thought" Tromer said.

            Farjan's eyes widened. "Really? Can I do that?"

           "Of course, but I"ll warn you, when you enter the world of cultivation, danger is lurking everywhere, you will always have to take risk and compete with others! Here perseverance is needed, and I think you always persevere and never give up so it's not a problem to you anymore. I will ask you again, are you willing to enter the world of cultivation?"

         "Absolutely!" Said Farjan excitedly. He answered full of determination and doubt has no place in his mind anymore. Now, he believed that all the things he had seen from Tromer before are real. He believed that this isn't a dream.

            "That's the spirit! Okay from now on, call me... Master Tromer!" Said Tromer proudly.

             He has no disciple before and Farjan is the first and maybe the last.
             "You are now a disciple of mine and your first mission would be to... build a house for me." 

         Tromer doesn't have his own house, he's only living on Farjan's house that's why he demanded a house. Besides, he can't build a house on his own because he is seriously injured, if he forces himself, the process of healing will slow down or the wounds would bleed again.

            Farjan looks blankly at Tromer. Clearly, he doesn't expect that his first mission is to build a house for his master. He thought that his mission is somewhat connected to cultivation, but, whatever thinking he does he can't see how the two is connected.

           After a few seconds, "What are you waiting for? Start now! Or else I will not teach you how to cultivate."

             After hearing this, Farjan gritted his teeth and began to move to begin building the house.

    Pok! Pok! Pok!

    Rrrrr! Rrrrr! Rrrr

          The sound of hammering and wood-cutting could be heard in the mountain as Farjan builds his master's house.


         The sun is beginning to set and the sky is now orange. A loud shout could be heard from some distance away.

           "Haaaaaaaa!" The man shouted while holding a hammer in his hands. It's Farjan. After a day of working, he finally finished his master's house. Sweat could be seen all over his body.

          "Master! I'm finished!" He said while panting.

          "Don't shout, please! Oh! You're finished, okay you can now leave and take a rest. Come back tomorrow and we will begin the lesson regarding cultivation." Tromer said cooly.

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    CHAPTER 2-Part 2

    Chapter 2.2: Introduction toCultivation

         The next day...
          Farjan is so excited that he got up early and the sun is not yet rising. Because of that, he did not go to his master, for now, he goes to his family's farm and harvested some vegetables. But instead of personally selling the vegetables he came to the market and asked a person which he became friend after selling there for numerous years. 

            Because he will now start learning cultivation, he can abandon some jobs but that doesn't mean that he will abandon all of his job and little business. He still needs to give some support to his parents. Afterall, his father is long since dead and he takes the responsibilities of being the father. His mother is busy making some clothes to be sold so, he doesn't have a choice.

           After doing the things that must be done, the sun has now risen. Farjan does some stretching and then after a few minutes, he began to walk towards a certain mountain called 'Mt. Tri-mus'. 

          When he reached the mountaintop he saw a simple house, the one which he created for his master. There you will see a middle-aged man looking like 30 to 40 years old, holding a cup of coffee sitting on a chair in front of the house. It is obviously Tromer.

          When Tromer saw his disciple walking towards him with a smile of excitement, he couldn't help but smile too. He takes a sip of coffee and after putting down his cup, the smile is now nowhere to be seen.

         " Looks like your so excited."

         " Uh... Yes?" Farjan replied a bit bashful facing towards the ground."

          " That's okay Farjan, In truth, I like that kind of attitude. When you're always like that I think you will advance in cultivation faster." He said coolly.

          Tromer is clearly pleased by his disciple but his face is contradicting what he feels.

         After that, Tromer goes inside his house. Afte a while he emerged from his house holding some books. He put it in front of Farjan and said, " Study these books. After you finished studying and memorizing the things written in there, come back here and I will personally teach you." With that, he turned and returned inside his house.

           When Farjan saw the books in front of him, his eyes suddenly brightened, the reason? It's because all his life he only touched a few books and if you count them you will only use one hand. Farjan loves to study because he believes that knowledge is one of the greatest weapons in the world. But having the greatest weapon, for him, it means that he must have the greatest wealth.

         He immediately took all of the books and then he walked towards a tree where he will read. He chose a book entitled 'Introduction to Cultivation'. The book is one and a half inches thick but regardless of its thickness Farjan excitedly opened it and began to read.

         There he saw countless information regarding cultivation. It includes information about how to start cultivating, how cultivation works, what is needed to be done, what are the essential equipment needed and much more!

          After he turned to a certain page he saw how cultivation is divided by different realms of power. The first one is the Spiritual Stage where you will cultivate to connect your spirit to the energy in the surroundings. It is divided into nine different levels and as you advance to different stages you will become more powerful.

          After you finished cultivating in the Spiritual Stage, you will now start cultivating in the Soul Stage and there the soul aspect is needed to be strengthen up to the point where battles are fought using the soul force coming from the strengthened soul. This is also divided into nine levels.

          The third one is the Profound Stage. Here, you will cultivate and make yourself 'profound' in the aspects of cultivation, also divided into nine levels.

         These three levels are only part of the Earth Realm. There is more higher realm, aside from Earth realm there is also Heaven Realm and after that is the legendary realm whom all people dream of... The Celestial Realm. All of this realm is divided into three stages and nine levels. As you advance higher and higher the more it becomes difficult for you to cultivate.

          Farjan read carefully all of the information and put it all down in his mind. As he read, sometimes you will see a shocked expression on his face after reading some phrases. Clearly, he has read some shocking things about cultivation.

           When the afternoon came, he stopped reading and came looking for something to eat. He goes to the deep forest and there he saw wild boar which he hunted and killed. After 10 minutes, Farjan emerged from the forest holding a dead boar.

          Due to his status of life, hunting beast is an easy job for him. He hunts some wild animals to eat and sometimes to sell in the market.

          He goes directly towards his master's house and asked him if he would like to take some. Tromer sliced a part of meat's belly.

            Unexpectedly, he gave the sliced part to Farjan and he returned inside holding a large part of the boar's meat.

          Farjan is shocked by the scene, but still, he roasted the sliced meat and gritted his teeth and then eat the meat. After that, he continues reading.

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    CHAPTER 2-Part 3

    Chapter 2.3: Unsealing the Spirit

     Read, read, read, and read, that is the only thing that kept Farjan busy for almost all of his time. He keeps on reading until the fifth day of the week arrives.

         The sun is hung up high in the sky, It is afternoon and Farjan is walking up to the top of Mt. Tri-mus excitedly, why? Because today he just finished reading all the books that his master gave him. There is total of ten books in his hands and all of that are just books about the fundamentals of cultivation. He will return all of these books and after that, he will start the 'true' cultivation under the guidance of his master.

        After a few minutes, he arrived at the front of his master's house and then knocked the door multiple times because of excitement.

    Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock...

        Inside, Tromer is focused doing something to his body especially to those part who had severe wounds.

        "I can't heal these wounds completely, it had a curse! That damned Darnce! What kind of weapon is that Demon Bone Sword!? It can inflict a curse on me even if I am in the Heaven Realm...urgh! Right now I'm only at the Earth Realm!" He said while gritting his teeth. 

          Indeed, the Demon Bone Sword is no ordinary weapon it has a curse that is very hard to treat. Tromer has done everything in order to remove the curse but no good result appeared. As for the treatment given to him by Farjan and his family, they are just 'first-aid' those things are not enough even if all the clan's resources are used. He himself is the one who treated him using the methods of cultivators.

         After a moment he heard disturbing multiple knocking sounds from his door that made him frown. He was expecting something because of the way the door is knocked. He expects that some emergency has happened but when he opened the door, he saw a familiar face holding books and an excited look is revealed across his face.

         When Tromer saw his disciple he said, " Why are you here?" And when he saw the books on his disciple's hands... "Don't tell me you can't handle reading that books and decided to quit."

         "Of course not! I'm going to bring these books back to you and start the true cultivation."

         When Tromer heard what Farjan said he couldn't help but be shocked. "Don't tell me he finished reading those books in just five days?" 

        He couldn't believe it so he asked again a question, " Did you read all those written in it? Or did you just scan all that books."

         When Tromer is starting in cultivation he didn't read all of the written things in there he just scans it, so he thought that maybe Farjan did the same thing too.

         "Of course I read it all! afterall, it is required for newbies of cultivation and this is my first time having this much books, so I'm very encouraged."

          "So you're a knowledge-loving man huh... If you want to read more I can give you more books. As for that books you hold, you don't need to give that back those are just trash in my spatial pouch."

         When Farjan heard the word 'spatial pouch' he couldn't help but be shocked. Because of what he had learned from the books that Tromer gave, spatial pouches are pouches that can store almost everything and as large as his clan's Ancestral Mansion.

        "You have spatial pouch!?" He asked with surprise.

         Seeing this Tromer couldn't help but laugh. Spatial pouches are ordinary things for cultivators and he had many of those.

         "I'll give you one when you enter the first level of Spiritual Stage because the spatial pouch is operated using spiritual energy. That will also be my congratulatory gift. But before that, we must first unseal your Spirit."

         "Unseal my spirit? There are no things written in books regarding unsealing the spirit before entering the spiritual realm!"

         "That's right but in your case, it must be done. I don't know the reason why your spirit is sealed, in fact, all of the people here in this world had their spirit sealed."

        After that Tromer produces a brown-colored potion and a torch with no fire. He doesn't give time for Farjan to speak or ask again. He gave the torch to Farjan for him to hold. Then, he draws a strange pattern at the ground.

         When the pattern is finished, Tromer commanded Farjan to stand in the middle of the strange pattern holding the torch. Tromer put the potion in the part where the torch is emitting fire. Then he lit the fire.

          When the fire is now burning, the strange pattern suddenly emitted a dazzling blue light. It becomes brighter and brighter as time passes by. After a minute it began to emit blinding light and when that happened the torch fire is burning stronger than before. 

         Then suddenly, after some time the torch fire is now terminated. And the glowing lights started to fade away.

           Farjan feels refreshed after that. As if some severe disease is now gone from his body. The unsealing of his soul is a success!

         "Now you can finally start cultivating because the chains that bound you are now gone. Do some rest and adapt to the changes that occurred to you."

         "Thank you, master." Farjan bowed deeply and an expression of joy could be seen all over his body."

       After that, he goes back to his house to rest and to adapt. Exploring the changes in his self.



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    CHAPTER 3-Part 1

    Chapter 3.1: True Start

         At Farjan's house...

         Farjan is currently sitting cross-legged as he contemplates the changes within his body. He discovers that, now, he can vaguely sense the different fluctuations of energy on his surroundings, but that is just at the very minimal. Afterall, he just started when his spirit is unsealed. But still, the great shock could be seen on his face, because he could now see some things that shocked him. For example, the different colors of glowing dust floating on the surroundings that represent different types of elements.

          If other people could see what he had seen, surely, they will have the same reaction.

          After a few more minutes, he decided to take a rest, because that is what his doctor said, master rather.

        The next day...

        Unexpectedly, Farjan got up late, and when he saw what time it is, he quickly goes out and heads to the top of Mt. Tri-mus.

        It is not that Tromer might get angry and scold him, but he just wanted to start early and take advantage of having much more time. Afterall, Tromer didn't say an exact time on when they will start.

         A few minutes later, Farjan arrived at Tromer's house. Tromer is working on something in his makeshift laboratory. The laboratory itself is small, but the apparatuses are high quality. He's working in some potions for his injuries and the curse. After hearing the knocking sounds coming from his door, he let Farjan open it.

             As Farjan is walking inside, the makeshift laboratory piques his interest.

          "You're an alchemist?" Farjan had that idea, thanks to the books he read. 

          " Uhm... Yes? And partly no. I am only an apprentice alchemist so, I don't have deep knowledge about this branch." 

          Tromer is indeed correct, he is just an apprentice alchemist. Before Tromer is just a low-level cultivator and he doesn't have many resources so he decided to go to an alchemy school and there he became an apprentice alchemist of his master in alchemy.

           " Why is there a problem?"

           " It's just from what the books said, alchemy is helpful for cultivators. Alchemists can make potions of different kind and variations that can help us on the path of cultivation." 

           " You're right kid, but alchemy is not as easy as it is said. There is only few grandmaster in alchemy, why? Because it is so hard that even I, is only an apprentice alchemist."

            Farjan looks at the apparatuses in the room and the glowing liquid inside of some apparatus. He reached his hand to a certain potion with dark-violet color, but before his hand touches it, Tromer slapped his hands.

           " Do not touch anything here without knowing it first and asking for my permission."

         After that, he gets something from his spatial pouch and gives it to Farjan.

          "That's all the books regarding alchemy that I have. I know that you are interested in it. So take this and study it. This is all about the fundamentals in alchemy." Tromer gave 8 books to Farjan.

          Tromer doesn't have enough time to clean his spatial pouch so that's why he still has those books regarding the introduction to cultivation and fundamentals of alchemy. Thankfully, that's the situation, if not, then Farjan might not have something to read as a basis.

          " Don't mind that books, for now, your goal is the enter the spiritual stage and advance to the first level of it."

         After that, Tromer instructs Farjan on what he's going to do.

         Farjan sit down cross-legged immediately. He's so excited because this is the time where the true cultivation will start. He started to do what Tromer instructs him to do.

        "Feel your surroundings and be a part of it. Let the energy of the surroundings flow on your spirit. Refine the elements and let it circulate through your body. Make the energy yours and take control on it."

        As Farjan is cultivating he feels the surroundings and the energy in it. He feels refreshed by the sensation of doing this.

        Different colors of the element are circulating around him. As if he's the center of it all. More and more elements and energy are surrounding him as time passes by.

          His spirit is starting to shake, and if he continued this, when the night comes a change will probably happen to his spirit.

          "I'm feeling it! "

         By that time Tromer goes back to what he was doing in the laboratory.
         The Mortal World is not a world of cultivators but, it can be said to be a huge treasure trove for the alchemists. The reason is that, although the people here are 'crippled' the world itself is not crippled and many medicinal plants are growing here. So that's why it's a great help for him.

         Even the rare plants in other worlds are common here.

         As for why no alchemists nor cultivators are going to this world to seize it is unknown.

         This world has many mysteries that are not yet solved.


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    CHAPTER 3-Part 2

    Chapter 3.2: Disaster

     When the night comes, as to be expected, something happened to Farjan. The energy in his surroundings is starting to build up and forming something.

            It was a figure the same as a human. This figure is formed by yellow motes of light and it is translucent. It is his spirit.

          When reaching the first level of Spiritual Stage, one must form his spirit outside his body using the energy and the refined elements.

           Tromer is currently working on potioneering, so he doesn't have time to spend for this trivial things. Besides, he already gave the instructions to Farjan so, there's nothing left to worry about.

           Following Tromer's instructions, after the spirit is formed he will now start to absorb it carefully and this will become his cultivation base. 

          Cultivation base is the foundation of a cultivator when someone starts cultivating. Without it, advancing to the next levels would be impossible.

          Farjan earnestly absorbs the energy on his surroundings while his master is doing some potions.

           At the same time...

            Tromer is putting all of the medicinal plants in a particular laboratory apparatus. Many rare plants could be seen in it. Clearly, Tromer puts all of the medicinal plants that he thought would help in his treatment, especially for those curse healing medicinal plants.Without thinking if it might have a bad result.

           Just as Farjan is absorbing the energies and refined elements. The medicinal plants in Tromer's flask that he holds started to melt but, when the time comes where it would be completely melted, suddenly, the flask started to show signs of collapse. As it is slowly breaking apart.

            It couldn't handle the energy coming from the combined medicinal plants. After a few seconds the flask... Exploded!

          When it exploded Tromer immediately puts down the potion and let it go from his hand fearfully, as it might sever his one and only arm left behind.

            Farjan who is currently absorbing the energies is completely clueless of what has happened. He needs to focus on absorbing and no one can stop him. If someone disturbs him, it might result bad in the foundation of his cultivation base.

             Because all Tromer has said is to absorb the energies from his surroundings, he didn't notice that he is absorbing along with the energies and elements, is the energy originated from the half-finished potion that exploded.

           Tromer didn't know what to do. He's adept in fightings but not in this kind of things regarding alchemy. He has no ways to remove the scattered medicinal plants energies at all. All he could do at the moment is to watch worriedly as Farjan is absorbing the random energies.

          Farjan's facial expression is now different from before. You can now see that he is having a difficult time absorbing the energies.

        Farjan kept on absorbing until next day.

           It was now around morning and the sun has risen up. In contrast to the light, Farjan's face becomes dark and grim because of the increased in difficulty.
        After some hours passed, Farjan's difficulties gradually lessened as he already absorbed most of the medicinal plant energy.

          After a few more moments, he is now finished absorbing the energies. He now felt something in his body. The flow of energies and elemental particles through his spirit.

          By now, he successfully entered the first level of the Spiritual Stage. As for the effects of the failed potion, Farjan doesn't know a thing about it.

         A sudden voice could be heard saying " Are you, okay kid?"

          "Do you feel something strange?"

           After looking at the source of the voice, he saw Tromer. As he saw his master, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, his master's clothes are tattered, the makeshift laboratory is now gone! And most of the things in its surroundings are in a mess.

         "What happened here?"

         " Just some potioneering problems," Tromer said. 

         He tells Farjan the whole story of what has happened.

         "And that's what happened. So, do you feel something strange in your body? Tell me."

          "Nothing, I just feel the changes of advancing to the first level, the flow of energies inside me."

          "So, no effects huh? Let's see when it will make its move."



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    CHAPTER 3-Part 3

    Chapter 3.3: Oppression

    A month has passed since Farjan entered the first level of Spiritual Stage. In the month that passed, he decided to spend half of his days in cultivating and the other half is for working back again in the city.

        Before, only few person could see him in the vicinity, only his friend that he asked to sell his vegetables and some others. But now that he's back, many people started to give him a few works like what he always did before.

        Only then, he understands more about cultivation. When someone becomes a cultivator great changes will happen. It'll give you more strength far above the norm and his vitality will also increase greatly. Now, even if he is constantly working, no weariness could be seen on his face. Instead, he is more active than before, to the point where he can do some things simultaneously and lift heavier things using only his arm.

        At first, Farjan is shocked by this discovery but after some thought, he realizes that it is normal. The abnormal thing is that when he becomes a cultivator but nothing happens extraordinarily, that will be a huge question. 'Do I really become a cultivator?'

        When the people in the city saw the changes on Farjan, their jaws dropped from the shocked. This teenager before is normal in many aspects but now, by what they saw, changes happen when he disappeared for how many times.The townsfolk couldn't believe it and many exaggerated stories are made.

       Half a month has passed and an astounding thing has happened in the Dowter clan that left all of its members stupefied.

       Bathar, a part of the Dowter clan, the son of the second elder, is a miner who discovers a rich mining location in the land owned by the clan.

        The mining site is rich in golds, silvers and many other valuable stones. There are some diamonds too. The Dowter clan quickly dispatched people on the site to help in mining.

        The whole clan is now lively and active. Many men are mobilized. Soon enough after many days passed, the overall wealth of the clan increased by... tenfolds! They can now be considered a middle-class clan.

        The clan members are now rejoicing because of the good fortune they have. However, no things can be permanently hidden in this world, Even if the Dowter clan tried their best to conceal the matter because they know that if anyone notices this, a huge setback will absolutely happen but the thing that they feared the most transpired. 

         A young master from the Sofori clan noticed the matter. Sofori clan is a high-class clan, or should we say the highest-class clan within the Bigfield City. Why? Because the City Lord who rules this city is a member of this Sofori clan. 

       Soon enough, this particular young master who is known as Michael Sofori sent some subordinates to the clan.

       They reached the clan and started to have a 'conversation'

       "We know the matter about the mine of your clan, and young master Michael sent us here to discussed to you properly to hand-over the mining site the City Lord." One of Michael's subordinate said to Farjan's grandfather.

        "Why would we hand this over to you? What right do you have to get OUR mining site INSIDE our territory?" The clan leader said indignantly.

       "So, this trifling low-class clan dared to offend the Sofori clan huh!?" The man said mockingly. Although the Dowter clan now can be considered a middle-class clan, still they haven't laid foundation yet. "We will return, and let's see where this courage of yours take you." With that, he and the others turned back heading to his master to report the incident.

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    CHAPTER 4-Part 1

    Chapter 4.1: Determination

    That time, Farjan is working in the city and clueless about what was happening in his clan.

    Farjan is currently eating with Holdbert.They saw each other while Farjan is heading back home. Holdbert invited him to eat, at first Farjan tried to refuse but after some considerations made, he accepted.

    Inside the cafeteria on the market.

    "Hey Farjan, tell me, what happened to you this past month?" Holdbert said curiously.

    "Nyawthiing just some little rest." Farjan is busy eating so when he answered, you can vaguely understand what he's saying.

    "No, I mean, what did you do? Why do you have that kind of strength? You know, you're one of the hot topics here in the city."

    "Is that so? Uhm..." Farjan didn't know what to say, he can't reveal his secret to others easily. "I'll tell you in the future, now is not the time."

    'Looks like I overdid much. I must act normal again. Using my true strength here is a bit suspicious.'

    "Why didn't you help in the mining of your clan? Why work here in the city? You can earn more in mining right?

    " I have an unfinished work here in the city, but when I'm off, I help them in mining."

    They eat and talk about their experiences. Their laughter rang out through the little cafeteria where they eat and many people are turning to look at their direction.

    Later, they finished eating. After bidding each other a farewell, they head back home.

    At the same time in the Sofori clan's territory, in a big mansion where the young master resided, a man with majestic air is standing in the front of the mansion. He's 170 centimeters tall, his skin is fair white like those for women and from his looks, you could tell that he is a haughty person. in front of him, the dozen of men are kneeling. A particular man is at the front most of these men.

    "Greetings young master Michael!" They said in unison.

    Young master Michael nodded and said, " What happened in your expedition Samir?" He looked at the man who is at the frontmost part.

    " The Dowter clan resisted and refused to give the mining site to your majesty," Samir replied.

    " Demonstrate them and let them know the 'laws'. Prepare the imperial guards of our clan."

    " As you wish." He said while grinning. Then, they turned and left.

    On the other hand...

    Farjan reached their house, he quickly saw the gloomy face of his mother.

    His mother told him about the matter of the Sofori clan oppressing them because of the mining site.

    "I'm sure they will send guards by the time they go back and use brute force to get what they wanted." His mother said

    "Those damned Sofori clan. I'm sure they will send many guards that can handle us."

    'I must get stronger, although I can take some of them considering the Sofori clan, they have many forces.'

    He turned and walked towards the door when suddenly he heard his mother's voice, " Where are you going?"

    "I'll just prepare to harvest mom." With that, he continued walking until he's off from the house.

    "I will prepare to harvest lives if they dared!" He said in his heart. He is kind towards other people but not to those who pose threats especially to the people close to him. He headed to the Mt. Tri-mus to consult his master.

    On Tromer's house...

    "Master, can you teach me how to advance to the second level of Spiritual Stage? I need to get stronger!"

    "Just cultivate and you will reach that level eventually."

    "Please master, I beg you, I will do everything you want."



    " I said, No! Do you not understand?"

    Farjan is still persistent. That's his attitude. If he decided to do things he will do it. He's so stubborn and will never give up.

    Tromer knows Farjan's attitude. After he saw that Farjan is now determined...

    "Okay I will give this to you, but I don't know the side effects especially for you who experienced something not normal."

    "It's fine, as long as it can help me to advance."

    Tromer takes out a light-yellow colored potion. "This is a potion for cultivators of Spiritual Stage, as an apprentice alchemist, I can concoct this through some efforts. Consume this and cultivate for ten days."

    "Thanks, master. I will surely repay you in the future." He immediately takes the potion from Tromer's hands and then leaves.

    Inside Farjan's family house, in a dark wooden made room, Farjan could be seen sitting cross-legged, cultivating. After a moment he produced a light-yellow colored potion, and without hesitation, he consumed it.

    After consuming the potion, he immediately feels something running through his spirit. The spirit becomes the passageways of anything related to cultivation. It is called 'spirit passageways'. What he feels is like something is burning inside of him. The heat being radiated caused his face to be unsightly.

    "Urgh... It's hot! What kind of potion is this?" This is the first time he consumed a potion and it turns out to be like this. Because of lack of experience, he is not prepared for something like this, besides, base on what he read on the books, most of the potion can make you feel refreshed.

    Still, he endured the suffering just to get stronger. He spent most of his days like this. Although he is finished on consuming the potion, whenever he sat cross-legged and started to cultivate, the feeling of burning within returns.

    It is now the seventh day of his cultivation. He already feels the seventy percent of the changes made to his body and cultivation aspect.

    He continued to do this routine every day until three more days have passed... something happened that he never expected...




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    CHAPTER 4-Part 2

    Chapter 4.2: Problem

    On the last day of his cultivation period. He advanced to the second level of Spiritual Stage. But,  it cost him something unusual. Instead of feeling the strength, what he feels is the weakening of his body.

          His cultivation base is at the second level, but his body turns out to be at the first level. A cultivator must have the same level of cultivation base and body. Having your body in a state where it is more strong than your cultivation is a good thing, but having your body weaker than your cultivation base is not beneficial, it's like you have a glass of water having a content equivalent to two glass.

          Because of this phenomenon, his body is gradually weakening. Knowing his state, he immediately goes to his master.

         At the moment, his body is not that weak. But, gradually, it will. His body is only weakened by ten percent so, he can still do some things like walking up to Mt. Tri-mus to ask his master about the unusual thing that happened in his cultivation and what should he do.

          Inside Tromer's house...

          "That's what I'm saying before but you did not listen!" Said Tromer with a high pitch.

          When Farjan reached Tromer's house, he immediate tell his master about the unusual thing that happened after advancing to second-level because of consuming the potion and cultivating for ten days.

           "What should I do? They will come back soon."

            "What can you do? Nothing. You can do nothing. If you tried to use your powers, it will cost a great damage to your body."

           Instead of a good result that can help him in his problem, what appeared is this unlucky state where he is.

            Farjan ceased talking for a moment and think again of the things. 

          "For now, the only thing that you can do is to rest, it will slow down the process of weakening of your body. Don't worry, that is not a permanent thing, you will recover soon."

          Hearing this revelation, a hint of joy could be seen on his face. His previously gloomy face changes into a rejoicing one. "When?" He excitedly asked.

         "After a year and a half," Tromer said coolly.

         Farjan's face became unsightly again after hearing this. His previously joyful face came back to become gloomy again.

          Farjan has nothing to say. His master doesn't have a solution for him, so, what can a beginner in cultivation probably do? His only way is to rest and preserve his body. Accept the truth and wait for a year and a half.

          He did not regret his decision before, to gain more strength even if the result of it is this situation of hopelessness. The thing that he regretted the most is that he cannot help the people whose close to him. He cannot endure the fact that he is able but he has done nothing.

          After discussing the matter, Farjan turned back heading to their house.
         Four more days have passed since then. That time, what Farjan only did is to take a rest in his own room. It made his mother worry. She takes care of him like when he is a child. Clearly, even if Farjan is no child anymore, she still treats him like one and for her, he will be forever the child that she always takes care of.

         The next day....

          The day that the Dowter clan feared of has come. The young master of the Sofori clan, Michael, personally come bringing over an army of imperial guards, roughly two hundred of them. Surely, he will use this amount of fully equipped army to scare the ordinary citizens of Dowter clan.

          All the Dowter clan member gathered outside. There are normal members, elders, and the clan leader.

          "What business do you have here?" The clan leader asked.

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    CHAPTER 4-Part 3

    Chapter 4.3: Bring it on!
    Although he knew what is the reason of them being here, he still asked them just to put some face for his clan. He cannot beg to them and will never beg for them. Why would he beg for something his clan owned? That's ridiculous! Only shameless and pitiful people do that.

            "Idiot! You know the answer yet you still asked our young master! You can't even touch his fingers, why dared to speak." Samir said furiously but then, later the left side of his lips curled up into a smile.

             "Wait! You are a mere subordinate of this young lad! Yet dared to be arrogant, you can't even compare to me! People like you should stop talking, you only use your mouth for your own benefits." The third elder said.

            Clearly, this Samir is taking the chance to get Michael's faith. When he heard the third elder's reply, his face became unsightly and out of anger, he speaks again...

          "Hey! I think you have a sharp tongue there. Who do you think is arrogant!? YOU are the arrogant! You are from a low-class clan yet, still, have the courage to say those things! Are you retard~..."

           "Stop! You're talking too much Samir! You make my ears bleed." Michael finally spoke. 

          Samir ceased talking after hearing this. He just stands there unmoving, gritting his teeth and glaring furiously at the third elder. He's like a child that saw the man who steals his favorite toy. He cannot fight the man so he just glared at him.

           "We are here to PROPERLY get the mining site you have there. Don't worry we will not get the things you already got, just the mining site." Michael said he emphasizes the word 'properly' as if to say that they pose no harm.

          "Properly huh? With that army of fully equipped Imperial guards? Tell me, how will you respond if a person tells that he will get your mining site 'PROPERLY' with an army like what you have there." The clan leader coolly.

           Michael looks toward his army of Imperial guards then turned back again and said, "These? Uhm... they are my personal bodyguards, I think?" He replied.

            The fourth elder suddenly stepped forward and said, "Why do you have an ARMY of bodyguards? Do you think we are that kind of person who just kills whenever we want? Are you a scaredy little boy who needs protection. Or it is for scaring us? Oops! I think I've gone too far. Sorry." 

             "You!...." Michael is now insulted to the extreme. In his life only a few people dared to do that, only people with the same status as him can do so. But now, a mediocre has done it, he is now very angry that blue veins are popping on his forehead.

             "Get the mining site and demolish all their houses, if anyone resists, you know what to do." He commanded the army.

             The elders and the clan leader all knitted their brows. This young man in front of them is so egoistic, he cannot control himself over some insults, he is really immature.

             "Why demolished our houses? Are you insane?" The third elder said.
             Michael paid him no heed. He turned and walks toward a carriage there, he sits and waited.

             The Imperial guards army started to seize the mining site. Some dared to fight back but only bad results happen to them. After seeing the incidents nobody dared to do the same wrong decisions. The leader and the elders are left there standing as they watched their houses being destroyed.

            In one of the houses in the Dowter clan, Farjan's family house.

            Farjan is sleeping when he heard the sounds of the houses being destroyed. He slowly stands up. He is still in a weakened state but no matter what, he walks until he is in front of the door, he slowly opened it and when it is fully opened, he saw the pitiful state of his clan. Mothers and children are crying, some are begging, most houses are destroyed, some are burned. He cannot tell what he was feeling; angry, indignant, maddened, infuriated and wrathful, all of these are building up inside of him.

           Looking at his side, fifteen meters away, he saw a woman kneeling in front of an imperial guard. She's begging for something but the guard pays him no heed. The woman is persistent when the guard started to walk past her, she grabbed his foot and begged again. The guard is now irritated so he kicked the woman off.

            Farjan knows this woman, it's her mother after all. Seeing what has happened he immediately rotated his cultivation base, he forms his hand into a gripping motion. Suddenly, the guard who kicked his mother had his head exploded. Chunks of meat and some brains are scattered, luckily this man is now away from his mother if not, then his mother will be full of blood.

           Many people saw what happened and a blank look is now seen on their facial expression.

          After doing that, Farjan is now on the verge of collapse. His vision became blurred, after a few seconds, he will fall but a middle-aged man catches him then said, "I've told you to just rest, but you still pushed yourself." It's his master, Tromer. "You may now rest for a bit and let me handle this matter." 

           Tromer gave Farjan a blue potion, "Consume it, it will help you recover from this weakening body." It is a potion he especially concocted for Farjan's condition. Then, he asked Farjan who is now collapsing, "Do you have a request?" Their gazes meet and from that Tromer got his answer. "Copy."

              Tromer did some stretching for a minute then he said while grinning, "BRING IT ON!"





  • CHAPTER 5-Part 1

    Chapter 5.1:Slaughtering
          "Bring it on!" He said with a smile. His eyes flashed and he looks somewhere. He saw Imperial guards, five or so of them, destroying one of the houses. This house is made from wood, almost all of the houses here in the Dowter clan's territory are made from wooden materials, so demolishing it, could only put you some sweat but it will not make you weary.

          These guards are doing their job happily, even if the family who owns the house are sorrowful behind their back. Seeing their houses being destroyed with these guards having a good time doing it, it causes deep anger within their hearts, but at the moment, there's nothing they can do. Fighting back will only make them suffer more.

           "Happy huh?" Tromer knitted his brows and slowly walked towards the Imperial guards. "Hey! I think you should stop doing that."

            The guards stopped for a moment and said "Why do we need to stop? Why do you think you have the authority to command us?" 

             "Uhm... Why do you need to stop? Because I said that you should stop. That's all!"

              "What kind of joke is this? Hahahaha!"
              "You're too arrogant! What? Did we hear it wrong? Hahahaha!"

            Endless laughter rang out after they heard what he said. Clearly, these guards are an idiot, but you cannot blame them, looking at the man who only has one-right arm in front of them being brave and bold to say those things is funny enough to make them laugh relentlessly.

            "I said you should stop! Are you deaf? Do you clean your ears regularly?" He replied looking towards the guards without even a hint of fear to be seen.

            "This guy is an idiot and didn't use his brains, I guess I should teach him a lesson or few to help him realize things." One of the guards replied. He wears plain steel armor, he is a middle-aged man and muscular.

            He clenched his fist initiating a punch towards Tromer. Tromer didn't even move, clearly, these bunch of Imperial guards are just ants or more likely, specks of dust. 

           "Oh! Bro-fist!" He punched back against the guard. His punch is not that strong, it's only a bro-fist after all.

          When the two fist collided with each other, cracking sounds could be heard from the guard's arm. His bones are now broken into pieces. A wave of great pain is now what the guard feels. He screamed miserably. From all the years of his experiences until he became what he is now, this is the most painful scream he ever did. 

            The feeling like this is like a nightmare, even low leveled cultivators cannot stand-up in this 'bro-fist', how much more a mere mortal? He may not be at his original realm of cultivation but still, He's at the Profound Stage.

           The other Imperial guards are shocked from the scene. They didn't even put this man on their eyes yet, he can do battle with them effortlessly using his one and only arm. The person who is just a dust in their perception became, a boulder in just a few moments.

          After realizing those things. They now take the situation in a very different manner. By now, they agreed to fight simultaneously without even thinking if it's necessary or not. 

         Of course, what happened next is obvious, these Imperial guards are no match even if they fight simultaneously only bloody endings has resulted. After this, Tromer is not satisfied and he finds other Imperial guards to fight. 

        Seeing the person they saved as the one who protects them made the clan members think that what they've done for him in the past is not in vain. Different feelings rose up from their hearts, happiness, hope, rejoice, surprised and afraid for those clan members who oppose the treatment of Tromer, they think that he might have known their past actions and take revenge. Not only the ordinary clan members! The clan leader and the elders are surprised too by this sudden revelation of power by Tromer. Especially to the third and fourth elder who is firmly opposing the decision for him.

           There at some distance, Tromer is fighting the Imperial guards of the Sofori clan. Many guards are now fighting simultaneously. As of now, the number of the army decreased by over one-fourth of its original size.

          And he is not yet finished!...

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    CHAPTER 5-Part 2

    Chapter 5.2: Bored Slaughterer

         He continued to do battle in many different locations. Wherever he goes, the Imperial guards will cry in pain or just died miserably with dismantled body parts and scattered blood.

       Fighting these Imperial guards is not exciting as what it must seem to be. In actuality, Tromer didn't even move much, only some minor movements like; jabs, kicks, slaps, dodge and... yawn.

         This is too boring that Tromer does have more time to yawn than to fight back. He will dodge and punch, then, he will yawn. Many different combinations of movements but still, there will always be a yawning after those.

         Seeing these things being played out in front of them, causes the Imperial guards to be enraged and maddened. Their nerves are popping out of their foreheads because of this humiliation and embarrassment.

         What can possibly compare to this humiliation? They fight altogether simultaneously against a single person with only one-right arm and take note, he's bored and they are losing! If anyone saw them, they will surely be a laughingstock.

          More blood is spurting everywhere. Sounds of cracking bones, miserable screams and curses are coming from the Imperial guards as they continuously fight back against the bored Tromer.

           "Attack! Do not let him escape!" Said furiously by one of the Imperial guards.
           "Escape? Me? Why do you think that I will escape? I will never do that!" He said loudly.Then, suddenly, he remembers the time when he escaped from his fight against Darnce. An embarrassed look could now be seen in his expression as he remembers what he had said a few seconds before. "I will never do that!... Against you." He added, just to clean his conscience.

          He sighed, "I think I should stop talking to these morons." With that, he ceased all of his babblings including his sarcasm.

         He grabbed a guard then throw him towards the ground. After that, he punched several guards and kicked two guards. Although they have armors, it didn't even help them to resist the attack, with a single punch or a kick, their armors disintegrated and crumbled.

          At the same time, Michael is very relaxed sitting there inside the carriage. He didn't know what was happening outside. He hears the noises, like the screams and battle shout, but he just thinks that those are coming from the Dowter clan members who had the courage to resist.

         "Looks like, there are many brave people here in this clan." He said after he heard a loud shout of a curse."Stop killing us! You're a damned son of a b*itch"

          He paid no more heed to them. As he is confident that the army he got can handle this trifling clan. 

         You can't blame him for being as confident as this, he brings roughly two hundred Imperial guards for this. But, he didn't know that there will be a monster who can 'single-handedly' fight back and win against his army.

          On the other hand... Tromer is fighting back against the army, or should we say that he is slaughtering them. You cannot even call this a fight! 

          By now, there are only seventy Imperial guards left! And they all have an expression of fear.

         Farjan, who collapsed recently are now showing signs of awakening. The potion that Tromer gave had helped a lot in his recovery. His weakening body before are now slowly coming recovering, but it is not a total recovery in just a short period, of course, it'll take a  few more days. But, now he had a gain strength that can help him do some minor things.

         He slowly rose up with the help of his mother, who is waiting patiently for his son to regain consciousness. 

        "What happened here?" he asked after he saw countless corpses of fully-armored men laying there on the ground, the Imperial guards. His memories are temporarily unstable for now so, he doesn't have any clues. 

         "That Tromer helped us, he fought for us!"

        He closed his eyes, and focus his thoughts, after a few seconds he retrieved his memories, it is now stable. He can now remember the things that happened before including the pitiful state of his clan up to the point where his master catch him before he collapsed and exchanged deep looks. He is now certain of what had happened.

         He walked slowly towards the place where the clan leader and the elders are standing with dumbfounded expressions written on their face. 

         "Farj my grandson! You're now okay!? How are you?" his grandfather said happily.  

         "I'm alright."

        "I saw what you did before, how did you do that? Is it because you always go to Tromer?" His grandpa said as he remembers the events before with Farjan making a person explode by not even making a direct attack. They knew that Farjan is always on Tromer's place so, they had a conclusion like that.






  • CHAPTER 5-Part 3

    Chapter 5.3: Repaying Debts

    Farjan did not answer the question. But obviously, they are right. Farjan truly got his powers by going to Tromer's place almost every day.

        When he saw that Farjan is not willing to answer his question, he dropped the matter. He didn't want his grandson to think much. "It's okay if you do not answer, do take some rest, that's the best thing you can do for now."

        Farjan only nodded in reply.

       Concurrently, Tromer is finished 'fighting' against the Imperial guards of Sofori clan. Only a few have remained alive and they are the ones who flee for their lives. Tromer walked towards the place where Farjan, the clan leader and elders stood. 

        The delighted expression could now be seen on Farjan, the clan leader and the elders except for the third and fourth elder who is now afraid, beads of sweat are now flowing all over their faces.

        When Tromer is now standing at their front he bowed deeply and said to them, "Thank you for helping me, please let me handle this matter. It will be the repayment of my debts."

         "It's no big deal. Thanks for helping us, compared to the thing that we've done to you, the help you did this time is far more greater." The clan leader said.

        "Yeah, that's right! No need to think much. We treated you 'cause you need it." The third elder said while smiling widely with the fourth elder at his back also doing the same wide smile.

         "Thanks again. By the way, can you follow me?" He bowed again and headed towards a place where an extremely beautiful horse carriage is seen. 

        Michael is sitting there inside with an angry face. "Why the hell they are so slow? If I am right, by now, those wooden plebian's houses are demolished and completely destroyed. I will check them out." He slowly opened the door of the carriage and suddenly, his expression greatly changes by what he saw. There, at the front of the door of his carriage, a one-armed man with 5 old men and a teenager are standing behind this man.

       Suddenly, the man spoke. "I think they're slow because they can't even do a single move, how can they even step?"

        Michael saw the countless Imperial guards that he brought here. All of them are not breathing. The bodies are now emanating stench smell and almost all are soaked with blood.

       "What happened!" He is completely shocked and his face is now hard to paint.

       "Just some tragedy." The clan leader said coolly.

      "Why!..." Michael still couldn't believe what has happened. He never expected something like this! "How do you do that!?"

       "No need to ask. It's because you think highly of yourself that you dared to step on ants that had the heavens backing them." Tromer said.

       "No! This isn't right!"

       "Go, tell that to your guardian angel," Tromer said. He punched this pompous young master away restraining his strength, he doesn't want him to die easily.

       Michael was propelled back. He hit the carriage but he doesn't stop there, he made a huge hole on the carriage as he is continuously propelled back away. He only stopped when he reached ten meters away from his original position.

        Michael can't handle the restrained strength and now he can't even stand back up again. He spits a mouthful of blood and now he realizes what happened to the Imperial guards and the reason they lose.

        "I apologize! Please forgive me! I will do everything you want! Please, Sir..."He doesn't any choices to be made and the only thing he can do is to hope that they will forgive him.

       "You will do everything I want?"

       "Yes, Sir!"

       "Then go die!" The fourth elder suddenly said.

      Hearing this, Michael is now hopeless and the feeling of despair is running through all his veins. "Please sir, I will do everything you want!" he said nervously, he still pleads for his life.

        "Okay, You will do everything?

        "Yes! Yes!" Michael said joyfully

        "Bring us to the Sofori clan's headquarters."

        "Okay, sir!" Michael doesn't think things. The only thing that he wants, is his one and only life. He will do everything just to survive.

         The clan leader and the elders had blank expressions on their faces. A huge question is running down through their minds as to why Tromer wants to go in the Sofori clan!?

         "Why would you go in the Sofori clan?"

         "I'm done warming-up here, it's time to do get some sweat," Tromer said without a hint of fear or hesitation.

          "What!?" The elders said in unison.

         "I will finish what I've started!"

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    CHAPTER 6-Part 1

    Chapter 6.1: Proud Disciple

          "Hey! What do you mean by getting some sweat?" Michael said worriedly. He only knew that he will be escorting Tromer to his clan, because Tromer will do some conversations with the Sofori clan.

         "I'm done stretching here, so I'm gonna start some excersises, problem?" Tromer said coolly.

         Michael didn't expect something like this. He is now confused as to what will he do. Would he escort this killing-machine to their clan and let him do some 'excersises'? or accept the fact that his life will end here if he did not do as what Tromer wishes.

        "What are you waiting!? Let's go now!" He looks towards the clan leader, elders and Farjan, then asked, "Want to go with me?"

          "Sure, but we may become a problem if we're already there."

           "Don't mind that, In my protection, they cannot touch even the split ends of your hairs."

            "Okay, we'll go with you." The clan leader said with nods coming from the elders.

            They started to move. But, as they are slowly walking, a sudden voice could be heared when they move 2 meters away from their position before.

              "Wait!" Michael shouted loudly. "Please don't involve my branch of family in the clan." He begs to Tromer.

            He knows that no matter what, this monster will still pursue his clan, so, he only plead for his family branch. Besides, he doesn't have deep feelings for his clan, he only enjoys the feeling of being a young master using the clan's status, he can do everything he wants like mobilizing an army of Imperial guards, if it's possible and reasonable, he can do whatever he likes.

          Of course, this expedition for seizing the mining site of the Dowter clan is supported by the Sofori clan's elders and the City Lord. They also want it, so they approved in bringing over two-hundred guards. How is it reasonable for a young master to bring their army of Imperial guards which represents the one-fourth of their total army's size easily? There's a reason behind it.

            Tromer knew that this is the case, so he insisted to go to the Sofori clan's to teach those bastards a lesson.

           He just look deeply at Michael without answering."Don't let me wait." He said impatiently.

          Michael had nothing to do now. He just grinded his teeth and laughed bitterly for his misfortune. He reminded himself of the things he had done up to this point of dispair.

         "Urgh! What have I done!?" He murmured to himself.

         Farjan is standing next to his grandpa, thinking the things being played out. He couldn't help but rejoice in his heart. He felt proud because he had a master that is amazing as this. He wanted to tell the world that he is the disciple of this amazing man, but he just kept those things inside his heart.

          He stare at his master with glittering eyes. Suddenly his master look at him and their gazes met. "Why are you staring at me like that? You are amazed by me?"

           "Of course not!" Farjan replied with bashful face.

         They started to move out. The elders including the clan leadet are inside Michael's carriage. Farjan, Tromer and Michael are riding their own respective horses.

         Michael is the one who leads the way. The Sofori clan's headquarters is slightly far from the Dowter clan's territory. The Sofori clan is a huge clan, and they are the ones who dominates the entire Bigfield City, so, any person who is not idiot will consider that this City is their whole territory. 
          As they move towards the Sofori clan's Headquarters. Michael is had an unsightly face as they travel.

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    CHAPTER 6-Part 2

    Chapter 6.2: Sofori Clan's Elders

    Thirty minutes later, they arrived in front of a tall stoned-wall with a huge halfed-ellipse hole as an entrance. There are a pair of three Imperial guards guarding it on both sides. They are lined-up straightly and you could tell that, they are different to those Imperial guards army that Michael brought. These mens have a shiny-mettalic armor with glamorous designs and this is far more better than others on the Imperial guards in terms of looks and quality.

          They all took off from their carriage and as for Tromer, after he dismounted from his horse, he just walked casually towards the huge entrance. The guards immediately stopped them using the long spears they equipped.

        "Halt!"  A deep voice "State your purpose." An Imperial guard said.

           Tromer looked at Michael deeply. Michael immediately noticed the look and understand what it means.

         "Let us pass, call the elders and bring them to us immediately. When they ask, just say that this is the most important thing for our clan." He suddenly stepped forward and said those words to the guards. He wants to call the elders so that, they can discuss and let this matter be dropped, if ever.

          Of course, Tromer noticed this and understands what this pompous young master wants, but he just let him do what he wants. It's fine for him to have some discussion with the elders and say under circumstances that they must surrender everything to him, it will make his work easier. If they refused? Then, their doomed. That's it!

           The guards let them pass. They entered the huge entranced and Michael led them to his own mansion. 

          He quickly finds his parents and told them that they must submit to Tromer. At first, there is a conflict between his parents and Tromer. They commanded some guards to attack him but they failed. Now, they really knew the reason why their son's expedition failed. As Tromer proved to them that he can dominate them and the whole clan, eventually they submitted themselves.

           They quickly gathered all of their family branch and told to them that they must never provoked the Dowter clan and this man. The people had blank looks at first, but considering tha these are said by the family branch head, they followed.

          This branch had an elder in the whole Sofori clan. Michael is that elder's grandson so they have quite a reputation. But the elder is busy on matter of the whole clan, so, his father became the representative of the family in his father instead.

          After fiften more minutes, the elders arrived. With some guards at their back. 

          "Michael! What absurdity is this? What is that the most important thing you said?" An old man wearing a white robe said angrily.

          "Wait! Let me explain." He rapidly replied. With that he immediately explained things to them, especially the most important details.

         "What did you say?" The elder said a bit shocked. "This man killed all of our guards?" He look at Tromer from head to toe as if to measure him up. "That's ridiculous! I think you're out of your mind kid." He said to Michael.

          "That's true! My father can bear witness to that!"

           His father immediately said, "That's true, in truth he just make some of my men fall without sweat."

         "Okay, let's say that's true. Why is this man here?"


  • CHAPTER 6-Part 3

    Chapter 6.2: Priests

        "For some exercises, I think?" Tromer replied without a hint of fear.

       "Exercises you say?! You're quite arrogant, huh!? Let's see if you can last long having that attitude. Elite Imperial guards!" He shouted.

       Then, numerous heavy footsteps could now be heard heading towards their location. After a minute, heavily-armored men equipped with high-quality weapons is revealed. Surprisingly, their numbers are intimidating. This 'Elites' are roughly three-hundred in numbers.

       Tromer just looked at them with a sneer and hints of disdain. Although he is a cultivator and these men are mere mortals, it can be said that he is bullying the weak, but, what can he do? This is the Mortal World, the world consisting mortals! You cannot blame him for intercepting with worldly matters.

      "Attack him! Let him know that being arrogant in front of us is a huge sin!" Furiously said by the man in the white robe.

      The guards started to move as what the elder said. They all attacked at the same time.

      Tromer is not moved by this, but still, he let himself be active, he wants to get some sweat. He moves unlike before, he is now a bit active. Instead of waiting to be attacked, he is the one who initiates an attack.

      Tromer is now back from being a killing-machine as he slaughters these Sofori clan's elite guards. Numerous miserable shriek is heard as the guards started to decrease in number.

      The elders of the Sofori clan started to frown. They didn't imagine that he would be this strong. They believe that no mortal could do this that's why they speculated until they come to a conclusion that, Tromer is, "He's a possessed by a devil! Quick, call the priests at the cathedral!" One of the elders said to a guard beside them.

      The Elite Imperial guard immediately followed. He quickly headed towards the cathedral. After a few minutes, the guard arrived at the cathedral and told them the matter of Tromer being possessed by a devil that needs to be exorcized.

      "We'll go there immediately. We'll just prepare the tools we needed." A priest said.

      At this time, almost half of the Imperial guards are lying there on the ground. The countless corpse, scattered blood, and some body parts are being showcased at the front of the onlookers. Tromer is continuous in fighting these Elite Imperial guards when suddenly, he heard a sudden loud voice...."Stop!"

      Surprisingly, five people appeared at the scene, The one on the front most is wearing white clothes different from other four who wears violet colored clothes. This white-clothed man is the Grand Priest of the Cathedral. "You demon! I'm commanding you, begone!"

      Tromer brows furrowed, These old men are commanding him to get out? It's ridiculous! "What? Me? Begone? what rights do you have to say those words? are you stupid?"

      "You're a devil, and we must exorcise you in the name of almighty Galvan! Demon spirit get out of that man!" The Grand priest said indignantly. Galvan is the 'god' they serve and the being who blesses them.

      The priests started to mention incomprehensible incantations. Many rays of different lights are starting to be emitted. Tromer had a questioned look on his face, why? Most of the energy particles surrounding the priests are... Demonic energies!

      "Who's the demon between us?" He sarcastically said. Clearly, this Galvan who they call is a demon.

      These priests are only borrowing their power from a demon. But, for Tromer, this degree of power is not a problem. It is only equal to the power of a second-level cultivator. It is supernatural for mortals but not for Tromer.

      The demonic energies coming from the priests are directed to the Grand Priest. He suddenly extends his arms with palms widely opened then, a sudden burst of demonic energies is used to attack Tromer.

      Tromer got hit by the attack. Ashes and dust are now surrounding him caused by the attack earlier. Because of that Tromer is not seen through the eyes of these old priests. They rejoiced as they thought that Tromer perished.

      But, the next scene shocked them. Tromer got out of the smoke of dust, undamaged. Not even his clothes are destroyed.

      "Are you done?" He said lacking enthusiasm. "It's my time now!

  • CHAPTER 7-Part 1

    Chapter 7.1: City Lord

    All of the priests' jaws dropped. They have done the most powerful technique they have, but, it's useless.


    Not just priests, it also includes the elders of the Sofori clan. They now have gloomy faces and stunned expressions. Because of that, they commanded another wave of an army that's left on them. They are using all their efforts for this.


    But we all know that whatever happens, and whatever methods the Sofori clan will use, it is still to no avail. Their efforts are in vain.


    Another wave of slaughtering is done by Farjan's master. "Hey old men of the Sofori clan, my sweats are now starting to flow, I only need some more exercises and it will flow eventually."


    The elders are now furious because of this teasing.But they had no more actions that can be done against the killing machine on the front of them. Like Michael, they are now regretful of what they had done. Until suddenly, their hopes arise as they heard a familiar voice.


    "You need more? I can make you sweat. I will also ensure that this will be your last exercise in your whole life." The man said. He's a man with the age around 40-50 years old. He has a well-built body full of armors that had an elegant golden design. Behind him, you will see countless men full of armor. Their armor is different from the armors of the Sofori clan, it is metallic and decorated with shiny silver linings. They have a badge at their chests and at the cape they worn. It is the badge that symbolizes the Bigfield City. 


    This well-built man is the City Lord, Zevan Sofori. Beside him, the countless army, are the Bigfield City's Royal Knights. These Royal Knights are different from the Imperial guards. They are honed for wars and experienced in many different deadly situations that can probably happen. Compared to the Imperial Guards, these Royal Knights are on a different level in terms of strength. The Imperial guards are just guards, that secures the protection of a clan, especially for those high-class clan, on the other hand, Royal Knights are securing a whole city.

    The Dowter clan's leader and the elders are now startled. They knew the strength of these Royal Knights and how incalculable their numbers were. They have confidence that Tromer can handle those Imperial guards but talking about these Royal Knights, it's on a different level. Although they are also numerous, if compared to Bigfield City's Royal Knights, they are now a bit hesitant.

    "Does Tromer can handle these countless and stronger Royal Knights?" The Dowter clan's clan leader said.

    "I don't know." the first elder said. The first elder is silent until this time along with the second elder. They didn't talk even a bit. But now, in this case, the first elder is slightly skeptical. The second elder is still not saying anything.


    At the same time, The Sofori clan's elders are now rejoicing. Earlier, they feel complete despair that surrendering is their only choice, but when the City Lord arrives, their faces instantly changes into a delightful expression.

    Zevan Sofori, the City Lord, is not an elder or anything into his clan other than a member, the son of an elder like Michael. He's not fond of being a mere young master so, he decided to join into politics. Now, he has a higher position than them 'cause he holds the whole city. Their clan leader is currently out of town in a meeting with other clans outside the Laguna province where the Bigfield City is located. He's there for business and other agendas that can benefit his clan.

    Two hours ago...

    Zevan is in the City Lord's Office dealing with the problems of the city. 

    Inside a room with long wooden table and seven chairs, three on each side and one in the front. This is the conference of the City Lord with his trusted subordinates.

    "Did you finished collecting the taxes in the market?" He said to a man in the middle of the right side of the table.

    "Yes my lord, I already collected them including the taxes of clans." The man said. He's the person in charge of treasury and funds.

    "Good, give me a written report for that," Zevan said and asked again another person who is near him sitting on the right side of the table. "How's the equipment for the Royal Knights coming from Petroit City?"

    "The equipment and weapons are already delivered to us yesterday before night falls. They also give us some artilleries for free as thanks for our continuous transaction with them."


  • CHAPTER 7-Part 2

    Chapter 7.2:  The army

         "That's nice, tell them that we will continue our business with them. Also, invite them here and let them see our city." 

         "Yes, my lord." Replied the man who is in charge of army and defence."

         They continued to discuss the matters of the city. Suddenly, the door opened and a Royal Knight appeared. He quickly knelt down and said, " An emergency report. A Royal Knight has reported that the Sofori clan's Headquarters is under attack." 

        Zevan's eyes widened as he heard those unexpected reports. "Wait, am I hearing this wrong? My clan is under attack?"

        "Yes, your highness."

         "Why would anybody attack my clan? Do they know me? Who the hell dares to do that? Tell me! Whatever organization is that I will destroy them!" Zevan said indignantly. 

        "There's no information about the attacker but the Royal Knight who reported this tells that their number are not many."

         "Not many? How can they attack my clan? We have almost a thousand Imperial Knights."

         The Royal Knight who is currently kneeling down is silent. He didn't know what to say because he himself is not sure what had happened.

         After seeing the Royal Knight being silent, Zevan ceased talking, because he knows that this knight in front of him has no knowlede about the matter and he only tells the things he heard from another knight.

         "You..." He pointed the man who is in charge of army and defence, "Quick, gather an army of Royal Knights and let them use the weaponries we got from Petroit City. We will use this time to test those weaponries we got."

          "Yes my lord." He replied full of respect. After that, he stood and bowed to Zevan then left to do the things Zevan commanded him.

         The man quickly gathered an army. He ordered some knights to get the new weaponries and to organize those. A few minutes later, there are now countless armored men standing in the open grounds of the City Lord's office.

    The man in charge of the army and defence is standing on a higher ground as he loudly speaks."The City Lord summoned all of you here to defend the Sofori clan who is under attack now. We got new equipments from other city and our City Lord commanded us to use those." He look at the man at his side and then, the man quickly understand the meaning of those looks, he started to give out the equipments and weapons with the help of some Royal Knights to the army.

    Fifteen more minutes passed, the weaponries are now given out and is equipped by the Royal Knights.They now look more elegant in their battle gear but, you can feel a scary aura coming from them behind those beautiful armors.

    After a minute a well-built man with full battle-gear of armor with elegant golden design arrived, obviously, it's the City Lord, Zevan. He raised his hand while holding a sword. "This time, somebody dared to attack the Sofori clan broadly. They started a commotion and the job of Royal Knights is to protect our Bigfield City against those people with evil desires. Be brave heroes and let's protect our most beloved city." Zevan said fassionately with the air of a leader.

    The hearts of Royal Knights quickly burned. Those 'brainwashing' deeply carves inside of them, especially the word 'heroes'. A man suddenly shouted loudly, "For the City!" It is heard throughout the place and then the other Royal Knights replied in unison, "For the City!" While raising their swords.

    Zevan is pleased by this and he said. "Come, let's go and punish those damned evildoers that interrupted the peace of our city."

    The army of Royal Knights replied with loud shouts.

  • CHAPTER 7 - Part 3

    Chapter 7.3: It Flows
      At the moment, Farjan's face is a bit unsightly because he knows that his master is not completely recovered from his past injuries. Tromer's injuries are serious and it cannot be treated by ordinary means of mortals. Healing methods of mortals and cultivators are different. Cultivators use different techniques with regards to magic and mortals doesn't do that.

        Also, when someone entered the first level of Spiritual Stage their bodies are changed. Many aspects of a person are changed by just using and fusing with energies and elements in the surroundings.

         Farjan is a bit worried for his master, but he cannot do something. His master knows what he's doing so Farjan didn't pursue the matter.

        Currently, Tromer is now looking at the army of Royal Knights, but instead of being scared he just feels mercy for them. He feels mercy because he clearly knows that, whatever happens, even if these Royal Knights are stronger than those Imperial Guards, they are still mortals. Adding the fact that he is a cultivator in the Profound Stage he doesn't have to worry about those trivial things.

        Even a cultivator at the 5th level of the Spiritual stage can do battle against hundreds of these Royal Knights, although they may become just a bit exhausted. A 7th level Spiritual Stage cultivator can battle with this army with just using 30 percent of their strength and a 9th level Spiritual Stage cultivator can kill all of these with just using their 15 percent of power. But, this is all by using only their brute force and not any magics and supernatural powers.
       If theses cultivators fight back against these mortals, even if they are on the 3rd level of the Spiritual stage, just let them use their cultivation powers and these men will all be dead soon.

          If that's the case, Tromer is at the Profound Stage, the highest stage in the Earth Realm. The difference between stages is a huge gap. If the Spiritual Stage cultivators can fight and surely win against these mortal Royal Knight, how much more for Tromer who is at the Profound Stage? Will he just wink and these men will all explode?

          But, Tromer wants to do exercise and have some sweat, so he only uses a bit of 'brute' force like simple kicks, simple punches, simple etc. He doesn't want to be savage with these mortals 'cause the cultivators didn't want to do something against them without no apparent reason. 

          Tromer suddenly replied to Zevan, "What did you say? This will be my last exercise?... You're right! This will be my last exercise because there will be no more of this, all of you will surrender later."

           "You're too overbearing! Know your place, you're just a nobody!" Zevan angrily said.

        "Why do all of them said that I'm arrogant and overbearing? In fact' they are the arrogant! Anyway, I'll just teach them good manners." Tromer said in his heart. With that, he shouted, "Let's go! So that I can go back home and sleep, I will finish this quickly."

          "Attack!" Zevan furiously shouted. The Royal Knights attacked simultaneously.

          Tromer fight back at them. He stomps his feet at the ground and cracks are now seen. The knights near him instantly fell down. At the same time, more knights are heading towards him.

       Tromer let himself be active at this time. As what he can see, this so called knights are nothing more than ants. Nothing special about them, just their costume is a bit more good-looking compared to Imperial Knights. But, Tromer will just punch them, and their armors will instantly crumble.
         The scene now is a bit more savage than before. More and more corpses are adding to the collection laying there on the ground. More blood are spurting and more miserable screams are heard loudly.

         After only a minute, almost half of the original size of the Royal Knights are left behind. The City Lord is now confused. "Is it right that I sacrificed these knights for my clan? As what I can see, we have no chances of winning, why is that? what's with this man? Is he insane?"

        The elders are now back from feeling despair. Their emotions are constantly changing as time passes by. They become hopeless a little while ago, then joyful, then hopeless again!

       The battle is unceasing, and Tromer, by the help of restraining his power and being more active at fighting, little by little his sweats is flowing because he's battling as if he's fighting humans, though they are humans, still, in his eyes they are only ants.

    "Oh! my sweats are starting to flow." Tromer said with a gleeful expression on his face.

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    Chapter 8 - Part 1

    Chapter 8.1: We Should End This

         When the sweat flowed, Tromer feels nothing special, even weariness has no room. A sweat just flowed, that's it. "Hey there..." He said while looking towards the City Lord, "You said that this will be my last exercise, I'm afraid you'll be wrong because my sweat is now pouring down and you have more cannon fodders for me."

          Zevan only gritted his teeth after hearing this taunting. As what was happening, these Royal Knights are easily defeated by a one-armed man. They didn't even make a scratch or anything to Tromer. Surely, in the eyes of the onlookers, they are all cannon fodders.

         Zevan looked at the dead knights. Not all knights are dead, some are just unconscious after being hit by a punch, kick, or thrown by Tromer while some men can't move even if they have a conscious mind. After pondering for a moment, many thoughts ran through Zevan's mind. He thought that, if he let this killing-machine slaughter his Royal Knights, he will not certainly get a good result, he will only let his men fall. If he surrendered, it will greatly affect his dignity, he's the one who charges forth in this place and brought an army of Royal knights yet, he will be the one who will surrender... To a one-armed man? It's ridiculous! This will be a huge setback for him if he will do this.

         Now, all that dared to cross swords with Tromer are hopeless and regretful. From Michael to the Sofori clan's elders up to Zevan Sofori, the City Lord, they are all regretful as their expression greatly change. Their haughty attitude coming from their statuses and influence are now disappearing. 

          After a long time of pondering to himself, Zevan made a decision, "You..." At the same time pointing at Tromer with his index finger, "You think you're making any sense at all in killing and attacking my Sofori clan and Royal Knight?" 

        Now, Zevan wants to stop this killing-machine diplomatically. But, he still bears the pride of being a City Lord. He doesn't want to beg to Tromer just to surrender to him. He just wants to hide his fear by holding his pride and talking to Tromer as if nothing is to worry at all.

        "Hypocrite..." Tromer said in his heart. "Sense? Are you saying I do not have sense? Are you stupid?"

          Zevan frown. He doesn't understand what Tromer is saying.

         "This clan attacked the Dowter clan, just because of their mining site, they even demolished their houses! Who's making any sense between us? Please answer me City Lord."

         Zevan had nothing to say. It's right that the Sofori clan is the first one who caused a commotion. What is happening now is just retaliation. He just gritted his teeth while looking deeply at the one-armed man in front of him who caused all of this disaster.

         "We should stop this now once and for all, I don't want any useless deaths to be made again."

         The Dowter clan's leader suddenly stepped forward and said, "The City Lord is right, this must be ended. There's no benefit in killing people."

           Farjan who is at the right side of the clan leader is currently thinking to himself. He wants no more bloodshed but, they are the one who started this disaster.

         When the words of the Dowter clan's leader reached Tromer's ears, he couldn't help but frown. The Sofori clan oppressed them yet, they want to end this matter. In Tromer's perception that is ridiculous!

         At the same time, Zevan became happy because of the clan leader's decision. But, seeing Tromer with the unyielding look he just gritted his teeth again and after a few moments, a decision is made in his mind.

          "Don't you worry, we know that the Sofori clan is the one who started this all. They destroyed their territory and planned to seize the mining site they have which is the source of the clan's income. Because of all of these, the Sofori clan will compensate for the damage and will even help the Dowter clan."

         Although the deal is not that bad, Tromer still got his unyielding expression. His brows are still curled up but he still has his calm demeanor. Zevan understands that Tromer didn't agree to his deal.

         He just asked him, "State what you want."

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    Chapter 8 - Part 2

    Chapter 8.2: Compensation

           "Give us 10,000 golds for compensation, help in restoring the territory, but there will be a lot of changes. The village must be built as a high-class clan territory..." Tromer is saying but the Sofori clan's elders immediately disrupted him.

         "Wait! Do you know what you're saying? 10,000 gold? That's equivalent to 3 years budget of a high-class clan! And also restoring the Dowter clan's territory into a new and for high-class clan!? That's expensive you know?" 

         In this world, the currency used in trading and in the market is bronze, silvers, and golds. 20 bronze is equivalent to 1 silver and 50 silvers are equivalent to 1 gold coin. A single bronze coin can buy a bread, simple cloth, and many other basic needs. A single silver can buy good enough clothes, weapons, commodities etc. A single gold coin can buy slightly expensive things like luxurious clothes, equipment and much more! Just imagine, a single gold coin is a luxury how much more for 10,000 gold coins for just a mere compensation?

         Then Zevan also let out his concerns, "That's right, what you wish is a bit overboard. We just demolished the houses so why not rebuild it again into its original state?

         Indeed, what Tromer wishes is overboard. They just demolished most of the houses and killed some clan members, but it's not too excessive in order for the Sofori clan to do the things he wants.

        "Urgh! All of you are hard to deal with! If you don't want to end this just tell me, and I will be the one to end this with my own methods." Tromer is now irritated. Being a cultivator and dealing with just mere mortals is hard. Unlike mortals, cultivators value every time they had at their hands even if they can live up to hundreds or thousands of years, but these mortals who only have below a hundred of years of longevity like to spend their time on useless things.

          You cannot blame these mortals for this attitude of them towards time. This matter is important to them and for Tromer it is not. You cannot tell anyone that they are wrong because everybody has a different perception.

         After hearing Tromer's words and seeing his irritated demeanor, the Sofori clan's elders and the City Lord instantly reveals an unsightly expression. Although their clan has a lot of funds still, 10,000 gold is a huge amount adding the restoration expenses, it's hard to accept it. If they accepted the deal, surely their treasury will be reduced to half of its original size.

         But they knew that this mad one-armed man can make havoc in their clan, so in order to end this matter, the clan elders of the Sofori clan and Zevan made a decision...

        "Okay, It's a deal. We will compensate and help in the restoration process just to end this."

        But Tromer suddenly said, "Wait!"

        "What? We accept your deal with us! Is there anything wrong?"

         "Don't worry nothings wrong..."

          "Then, why?"

          "Our deal is just insufficient. You disrupted me earlier when I'm talking, so, I'm unable to say all of my conditions." Tromer said calmly.

          "What?" The Sofori clan's elders said in unison including the City Lord. They didn't expect something like this, so now, they are very surprised as their jaws dropped.

         "I know you heard it clearly, my conditions are not laid out all, it still lacked one thing, the plantation near your territory, I want that."


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    Chapter 8 - Part 3

    Chapter 8.3: A Special Mission

         Tromer will not bother to go and wreck havoc in this place without a plan or a certain purpose, of course, he has an objective in coming here. Why would he spend his time in mortal affairs?

         That plantation that Tromer is saying, it is a real simple plantation where many kinds of herbs and plants are growing, but, it might look simple but not for cultivators especially to those who has knowledge about alchemy. Obviously, this plantation has many medicinal plants growing and Tromer wants it because it might help in his treatment regarding his curse.

         That's one of the reasons why he spent time for this lowly mortal affairs.

          Concurrently, Farjan has an inkling why his master do this. When he saw the plantation he also wants it as it may help in his alchemy practice. Although, it might seem that he is still interested in mortal affairs, his point of view of things are slowly changing into the perception of cultivators.

         On the other hand, the Sofori clan elders are confused on what action will they do. They already accepted the tremendous deal of compensating gold and helping in rebuilding. They already give huge amount just for this, its a huge setback for them and when their clan leader goes back, surelu they will taste his wrath. But unfortunately for them, that's not all Tromer has one more request, the plantation. 

        The Sofori clan has a lot of properties including many plantations, although they can give this plantation, they already give a huge amount to the Dowter clan.

         Zevan is analyzing deeply in his mind. He wants to end this matter quickly, si that there will be no more useless bloodsheds in their side. After his deep pondering, "Give them the plantation. The Sofori clan has many of those, we should end this." He said to the elders of Sofori clan.

          The Sofori clan elders only grinded their teeth, although they will not take orders from only a member of their even if he's the City Lord, yet his decision is correct. That's the only way. 

        Right now, they just accepted that they lost. They shouldn't have mess with these evil monster. "Okay, the deal is finished, we will do as what we have said and you may take over that plantation." They said with gloomy faces and regret inside their hearts.

           Tromer, smiled widely, his machinations is a success. Farjan and the Dowter clan elders are rejoiceful. "Let's go back home for now." The Dowter clan leader said." 

        "Alright, this matter has ended, we should get back to the office." Zevan said to his few Royal Knights that's left behind as they turned around heading back to where they came from.

           Right now, the Sofori clan elders including Michael and some clan members are left behind. Standing still quitely as the winds drifted at their front. 


          An hour has passed.

          Farjan, Tromer, the clan leader and elders of the Dowter clan, arrived at their territory. The clan members left behind welcomed them with worried faces, but after telling them the deal, they become happy. Now, the karma prevailed. 

        After some moments of chatterings, Tromer called his disciple and said, "Rest for now, don't do anything heavy. Come back to me after ten days and I have a special mission for you."

          Farjan's eyes immediately widened after hearing the word 'mission' not because of excitement but because of fear. The first mission he has ever done for Tromer is to build a house not connected to cultivation in any aspect. Now, he's suspecting as what mission would he do. "Will I build a house for you again? Or a mansion? Or an office or..." Farjan is still saying something but Tromer slap him.

        "No! Just come back to me after ten daya and I will really give you a special mission" with that, Tromer walked away heading to his house at Mt. Tri-mus.

           Farjan just grinded his teeth, this is not an ordinary mission, its special afterall. Would he build a huge building for Tromer? "Urgh, I'm not comfortable to this special mission" he said only inside his mind.



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    Chapter 9: Deal


    The morning after the incident between the two clans, the whole city is covered by the news.

    "Did you hear? The low-class Dowter clan attacked the Sofori clan yesterday?"

    "Yes, I heard that! That's the hottest news in our city today. It's shocking because the outcome of the battle is not what we think would happen, instead the winner is the low-class clan."

    "Yes, some even said that the Dowter clan brought a demon along them that's why they win against the powerful Sofori clan."

    "There is a high possibility that what you said is true, logically speaking, a low-class Dowter clan winning over the highest class clan in the Bigfield city is not possible without an outside help."

    "By the way, the Dowter clan is not a low-class clan anymore, these past few days I saw them busy with activities inside their clan, it is said that they discovered a rich mining site in their territory and the Dowter clan is changing to become a middle-class clan because of the wealth provided by the mining site. The Sofori clan coveted it that's why a battle happens between these two."

    Multiple people are discussing the matter of the two clans. Slowly the stories change and become exaggerated. Some said that the Dowter clan was not a low or middle-class clan anymore instead they are a high-class clan that time and they got the guts to fight. Others said that the said demon with them is really powerful and the Dowter clan is being used as pawns to conquer the world.

    These are just some of the changes and exaggeration of the stories that cover the entire city.

    On the Dowter clan territory, many tents stood as temporary houses for the clan members, because of the demolition that happened just yesterday many people are now homeless. But instead of being gloomy you can see the warm greetings of each clan members, they talk as if nothing really bad happens to their houses and to their life. Almost only a few people are not in a mood because of mourning, they mourn for their family member that died at the hands of the Imperial guards of the Sofori clan that Michael brought.

    Inside a big tent, the clan leader called for a meeting with the elders. Their Ancestral Mansion is also destroyed by the Imperial guards.

    "Our people was recovering from the incident yesterday, most of them are excited instead of being sad because of the compensation of the Sofori clan." an old man said calmly, apparently this is the second elder.

    It is true, because of the promise of repairing their village and making it on par with the territory of the high-class clan, the clan members of the village got excited by this and can't wait to see their houses rebuilt better than before.

    "Yes, those Sofori clan really suffered a big loss, just by compensating for what they have done they already consumed half of their treasure. Giving us 10,000 gold coins and also restoring our village into a higher class clan one is a big set back for them."The third elder said. Unlike the second elder, this one is much talkative.

    The Sofori clan is not just your ordinary high-class clan, they are the one dominating the whole city, so their wealth is much better than the other high-class clan. If the other high-class clan would change position at them, they will surely get their treasury empty.

    "We must thank that guy; I mean Tromer for helping us out, if not for him we will be crushed by those haughty high-class clan." The first elder said.

    After listening to the complaints and ideas of the elders, the clan leader take a sip of coffee...

    Suddenly, the tent's entryway opened, revealing a panting man full of sweat. "Greetings clan leader and elders! A man comes to us saying that he's the representative provided by the Sofori clan!"The man said hurriedly.

    "Let him come here." The clan leader said.


    At the top of Mt. Tri-mus a simple a house stood mostly made of woods apparently the woods are the same as the woods in the nearby forest, this is Tromer's house. A teenager with natural white hair is sitting cross-legged at the front of a one-armed man while the man is talking as if teacher teaching his student.

    "Do you remember what I said yesterday?" The man said.

    "Yes master!" The teenager replied excitedly but with a hint of fear.

    Clearly, this is the pair of a master and disciple. He has something that he wants Farjan to do, a mission, a special mission rather.

    "I have a special mission for you."

    When Farjan heard what his master said he immediately took out something, a hammer. "I'm prepared! What am I gonna build today? You want a bigger house?"

    Tromer got dumbfounded by this scene."This kid is slightly getting on my nerves," He said to himself.

    "What do you think? Do I make you as my disciple to be a construction worker?"Tromer replied to Farjan slightly angry."What I want you to do is to find somethings for me in this world full of undiscovered treasures," he added.

    "Find somethings? Not just one but many?"

    "Yes kid, there are few."

    "So, what are those, master?"

    "It's some things that will help me recover so most of it are medicinal plants and some are materials."

    "Medicinal plants? There are a lot of those in the dry market, we do not know how to use those so we just eat them."

    "Yeah, I know, but those are just common medicinal plants, which I need are special or somewhat rare medicinal plants to make the most effect."

    "Yes master, I understood." With that he turned to leave.

    But Tromer holds his hands before he can completely turn to leave. "What's the problem master?"

    "You will leave immediately? You sure you can do what I told you to do?"

    "Yes master"

    Tromer hit Farjan's head, "What the?!"Farjan said with a look of questioning.

    "You will just leave without knowing the details and other stuffs?"

    "Oh?! Sorry master."Farjan immediately realized that some details lacked. For example, he doesn't know the medicinal plants that his master needs.

    "Okay, first I want you to read the intermediate alchemy books that I have here." With that he tosses around ten books that discuss the intermediate level of information about alchemy. "You need to first know more about alchemy because you will gather medicinal plants for me, I will give you the advanced alchemy books.

    after you finished those."He added.

    "Understood." Farjan replied excitedly after seeing the lots of books in front of him. He never expected that after becoming a disciple of this man, not only he can practice cultivation but also gets more knowledge and read lots of books. Now this knowledge-loving man suddenly becomes lively.

    "Go and read those, I will just call you if I have something to tell or ask for you. I expect you to finish that within half a month."Tromer said and leave immediately.

    Walking back home, he didn't actually go straight to their village but he goes to the city and marketplace to go buy some food to eat with his family back home.

    And of course, as he walks, many strange gazes are targeted towards him while people are murmuring to each other. He is the first one of the Dowter clan to go to the marketplace now, so many people look at him combined with his fame as a man who accepts almost all jobs, it is not impossible that many people knew him.

    Farjan knows the reason behind these scenes playing in front of him, but he paid them no mind as if he does not see them nor hear them. After he buys the things, he needed he immediately go back home.

    But while he was walking home not that far from the marketplace in a dark alleyway full of garbages and rubbishes, a group of people suddenly reveal themselves, there are around a dozen of them and they all wear black clothes that covers almost all their body that only their eyes is seen. They hold thin swords, and they emit intense killing intent towards Farjan,who is staring coldly without much expression as if these people are not causing fear to him.

    From the looks of it, they are hired killers whose job is to kill someone with a request from somebody who has grudges with the other party. But unlucky of them they targeted Farjan who is now a second level cultivator.

    "Fight or surrender?" Farjan coldly said. It is clear as the light of the day that these people are not here to help him, instead they have bad intentions.

    The hired-killers just laughed at him in reply. A teenager asking them to surrender? It is a joke for them. What benefits should they get when they surrender to a mere teenager? Besides, what reason would they do so?

    With that the black clothed men attacked towards him in unison.

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    Chapter 10: What a Joke!


    All the hired-killers attacked simultaneously, although their enemy is just a normal teenager in their eyes, they still want to do their job successfully without any mistake and to minimize the retaliation of the opposition.

    As they came near to Farjan, he immediately rotated his cultivation. He felt the energy and spiritual particles of the surroundings going along with him like he's the master of them all.

    He dropped all the things he carries that he bought from the market and started stretching like he's not really serious about the situation where his life is on the run.

    Seeing this action of Farjan, the hired-killers had their brows knitted, although their face is covered you could tell from their furrowed eyes that there is a question running through their heads. "What's with this boy? Is he not scared at all? Is he really joking?"He's holding a thin sword in his hand, and the only difference is that this mans eye is sharp and viciously looking towards the teenager.

    Although they do not necessarily need to spout those words still, this man is the only one to be angry by Farjan's taunting.

    "Don't bother with him, let's just kill this guy and immediately go back to report."

    In Farjan's mind, he's thinking who will be the culprit of this scene, who is behind this. The number one suspect will be the Sofori clan because they had been humiliated yesterday and they've suffered a huge loss so they probably want to retaliate.

    "Anyway, we will know that eventually," Farjan said. He will know the culprit eventually when he interrogates them after he beat them up so he didn't bother thinking who was the culprit.

    A black-clothed man who looks like the leader of them all lead the others in attacking Farjan, they charged towards him simultaneously. The leader initiated a sword attack as he swings his sword from up above going downwards targeting Farjan.

    You can see their swords shining brightly when the sunlight hit it indicating it's sharp and deadly.

    As the decisive sword attack is going downwards the young man, he dodges sideward to the left and he throws a kick after, the man is propelled to the walls in the alleyways bouncing back to the ground.

    But after the man is kicked away, the other

    hired-killers attacked him. Although after seeing that this man is not ordinary that even their leader is kicked away as easy as eating or drinking, they still attacked with their mind settled as they can outnumber him.

    Another man dashed forward but as he was charging forward, instead of waiting for the man to be near him, Farjan initiated an attack and dashed towards the charging man, giving out a punch and when the punch hit the man he is thrown back away two meters from where is.

    Seeing this happening in front of them, the confidence of the hired-killers is reduced.

    "What with this young lad? He is just young, but he can fight with us, professional killers?"

    "He's unordinary!" A man on the back most of the group shouted. After hearing this they all agreed. It's true that this man is no ordinary at all, he can fight with professional killers who even killed the countless famous person even while they are guarded. Standing in front of this man, it is like their all years of practice and doing this job means nothing before the other party.

    After some discussion within the group, they immediately charged altogether to attack at once. A black-clothed man leaps up and then throw some small balls after it hit the ground, smoke covered the alleyway. Farjan can't see them anymore and after a moment three man emerged from the smoke that covers them, holding a sword they attacked. The two-man immediately goes to the left and right side of Farjan while the other one attacked in the middle. They swung their sword in unison cornering Farjan.

    "You're done!"

    They smiled with viciousness as they think that Farjan will end up dead only to be disappointed by the next scene. Farjan jumped up and thrown a fist to the man in the middle. Their vicious smile is now gone replaced by shock and fear as they widened their eyes in disbelief while their jaws are also dropping.

    The fist struck the man, and he was thrown away. After striking a fist to the man in the middle, he takes the opportunity to kick the man in the right side and from the impact he takes the chance to turn around and kicked the other man on the left side.

    His movements are decisive and professional like he's been fighting when he was just a kid. He looks like a valiant fighter, brave and bold.

    Three more down and adding the two earlier he knocked down a total of five men. Now there are seven more people. For these professional killers ganging up a teenager is laughable but experiencing a fight with the young man they did not regret being a laughingstock instead they are happy that they do this.

    "We must take the opportunity while the smoke is covering us! Let's go!"Three more men attacked. Three daggers flew out from the smoke screen heading towards Farjan.

    These daggers are fast approaching him in just two seconds it comes in front of him. But Farjan didn't even panic, he stretches out his arm and then unexpectedly he grabs a hold of this three daggers.

    After becoming a cultivator his reflexes increased greatly not just his strength and agility. By now these normal people are not a match for him.

    Suddenly, he throws the three daggers back to its owners. It is faster than what the opposing party has done and in just half a second it pierced through their abdomen going deeper that the dagger might come out on the other side but Farjan decreased his strength slightly when he throws the daggers so it does not pierce through totally.

    "What?!" Howling in anguish and pain, the three men widened their eyes in shock, they can't believe their eyes. Their dagger that should've killed Farjan, killed them instead. They dropped to the ground with their blood spilling.

    The smoke screen is now gone revealing the four black-clothed men that is scared out of their wits. The man that is only a speck of dust in their eyes becomes a boulder that crushed them. They are now praying somebody will save them from this crisis.

    "We do not have any other chance of winning," the black-clothed guy on the right side said.

    Clearly, after fighting with this man, they didn't expect something like this will happen, they will lose to a young man? What a joke?!

    "No, we have a chance to win," another black-clothed man said.

    "How?! Didn't you see that this man from the Dowter clan is something like a monster or a demon?"After saying what he said his eyes immediately brightened with enlightenment.

    "Demon?" As if realizing something, with that he took out a bell.

    "This is a bell that our client gave us, he said we have a possibility that our enemies are demons so they gave us this. They said that if a demon hears it's sound they will not only surrender they will also feel fear and eventually the demon will submit to us!"He said happily as they found their hope for survival.

    This bell is small, about 6 inches in height and with the with of 4 inches. It has patterns and symbols that are hard to understand.

    Farjan walked nearing towards them and then he said in an imposing manner, "Fight or surrender?"Asking a question to them and giving them a chance to live."If you surrender and tell who's behind this, then I will let you all off," he added to persuade them to surrender. He does not want to fight anymore 'cause he feels like he's fighting children and bullying the weak that can't even make a scratch on him.

    "Surrender? Surrender your head!"The black-clothed man who holds the bell shouted mockingly. He has the enemy's weakness so why surrender to him if he can make him surrender to himself?

    Farjan had his brows furrowed, clearly, he doesn't expect this outcome. After beating up their comrades, he saw these men cowering in fear earlier and with their eyes, he saw them pleading. But now, they suddenly got the guts to say such words, what in the world was happening?

    Then, the man who holds the bell shake it, joyfully. He's excited to see this demon to surrender and submit to him and later on he will command him to lick his shoes.

    Ping! Ping! Ping!

    The sound of the bell rang out in the alleyway, and with expectant eyes, he wants to see the young man cower in fear of them.

    Farjan knitted his brows, "What are these guys planning? What was that bell? I sense something from it."

    Seeing Farjan knitted his brows, the man's eyes glowed, "He must be experiencing something inside, by now he might be feeling fear and wanting to escape," he said to himself.

    "Do not plan to escape 'cause we will never let you off?" another black-clothed man said.

    The man holding the bell is sighing in his heart. "If we just used this earlier, there would be no bloodsheds in our side and we can easily defeat this man. I will let you pay for this!"He said indignantly."

    "Come to me!" He commanded Farjan.

    Unexpectedly, Farjan walked towards him.

    "This works!"


    "Now, you will pay to us!"

    As Farjan is walking towards them, the man who holds the bell is now very joyful. Feeling relief and being away from the hands of the God of Death. They are now sure of their survival. When Farjan is just a half meter away from the bell he stopped. After they saw Farjan stopped he immediately commanded him, "You! Kneel down and lick my shoes, if you do this I will somewhat forgive..."

    But after finishing his words he saw Farjan's fist rushing towards him. His mouth gaped in shock, clearly, he doesn't expect that this man will try to punch him after surrendering to him.


    The man is propelled back several meters away, his teeth are removed and his face is now hard to paint, you can't even recognize him. Hitting the ground, he bounced many times and eventually he lost consciousness. Who can stand to the might of a punch with the strength of a cultivator? Even if he's only at the second level, he is still a cultivator and his opponent is a mere mortal human.

    The other three widened their eyes in disbelief.

    "Isn't he supposed to submit to us, then why he attacked?"

    Farjan looked at them furrowing his brows, "What? Are you finished with the last jokes of your lives?"He said to them coolly.

    By now, they are truly scared witlessly, their eyes are becoming wet, their bodies trembled so much that even they started to pee their pants. Although their job as a hired-killers requires their life is put on the run, but by the years of successfully doing their job without any trouble they started to have confidence that no one can beat and kill them, unfortunately, they run to this young demon and they remember that life will always come to an end. They started to think that this will be the punishment for all they've done.

    "Please spare me; I will do anything you want."

    "Me too, I'm ready to become your servant, just spare my life!"

    "Master, I will give you all my wealth just don't kill me, I'm sure by the master's age you're interested in beautiful women, I can give them to you,"

    They are now pleading for their life, surrendering themselves and even to the extent of being a servant and giving away all their wealth to Farjan and offering beautiful women to his liking.

    Hearing this, Farjan asked them, "do you all surrender? If so, tell me who's behind this, is it the Sofori clan?"

    The black-clothed men hesitate for a moment and after pondering for a moment, they gritted their teeth, ready to tell the truth. This is their only chance for survival, so they hold a grip unto it.

    "It's the..." The black-clothed man in the middle spoke, but before he finished speaking he heard a strange sound.



    A body fell to the ground with a dagger pierced through his back. Blood spill to the ground. The dagger is somewhat extraordinary having an intricate pattern with a skull carved on the end of where you hold it.

    The black-clothed men are now shocked, why? Because the young man who killed and beat them is now lying there on the ground with a dagger on the ground. Clearly, Farjan got stricken on his back with a dagger.

    A woman revealed herself, wearing a black and white gown, her long hair is dark in color and she has a slim figure. This sexy woman held a trace of viciousness in her eyes but still, her beautiful face remained.

    She walked towards Farjan then she looked at the black-clothed men. "You useless bunch! Tsk," she sneered coldly at them and without hesitation, she took out three more daggers.

    Crying in fear, they kneeled and bow down their head that it hits the ground.

    "We're sorry, we failed to kill him, he's strong so we can't beat hi..."

    But before he finished his words three daggers flew out piercing their throats.

    Farjan just barely saw this scene because his sight becomes cloudy and hazy. Before he closes his eyes he saw the blurry figure of the woman heading towards him saying "Screw this!"

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    Chapter 11: Journey of the Mistress


    On a village filled with tents. The men are working together with their bodies drenched in sweat holding hammers while others are carrying bricks, blocks and other necessities for building houses with solid and sturdy foundation. Unlike their previous houses that easily crumbled under the attack of the Sofori clan Imperial Guards, the new houses being built now is a lot stronger and is on par on the houses of a high-class clan, therefore demolishing these houses is not that easy anymore as kicking a little stone.

    Pok! Pok! Pok!

    Rrrr! Rrrr! Rrrr!

    The sound of hammering and sawing rang throughout the whole area of Dowter clan territory as all people are busy. Even though there are people hired by the Sofori clan to build the houses, but still the males of the clan insist on helping. Because of being a low-class clan before they are used to working for themselves and obviously they created their houses using their own strength and sweat and entrusting the process of building their own houses to Sofori clan is an issue for them. Why would they trust their houses to one who destroyed their previous home? They still held a hint of resentment and doubt to the other party.

    The other citizens are also busy doing matters on their own. A small market was born by the clansmen who likes to deal with business. In this time of recovering and upgrading, different kinds of goods are needed by the people and the rising of this small market helps them to gain an equal benefit to both customer and seller. Instead of going out of their village to buy their necessities this market helps them to reduce their exhaustion and it helps the sellers to gain income.

    In a huge tent made as a substitute for the ancestral mansion for the time being. The clan leader together with the first elder is talking with a man who is known as the envoy of the Sofori clan to the Dowter clan, he is also the person in charge of the rebuilding of the Dowter clan. He is called Morris.

    "The rebuilding of the village started yesterday, this will finish after a few months of hard work." the envoy said. "Also, here are the golds that are included in the contract for compensation." With that, with a fling of his sleeves, the man beside him immediately moved out of the tent. After a minute he arrived again back to the tent bringing a chest and he handed it over to the envoy and then the envoy handed it over to the Dowter clan leader.

    The clan leader opened the chest and with his mouth agape, he saw the contents of the chest and thousands of gold coins filled the chest.

    This is their first time seeing such a huge fortune and even the first elder who is known as the impartial, upright, cold and silent became a completely different person. He looks at the chest as if he's looking to his dear wife. It is proven that money can really change a person. It is somewhat normal for him to act like this because he is used to being poor. Even if he's an elder, the Dowter clan is a poor clan and they didn't have clan business like other clans so they don't have money to split between them, the elders and clan leaders. He is like a beggar who suddenly caught sight of a million fortune.

    "Thank you very much!" the clan leader said gratefully. "Can we talk for a few minutes?" He added.

    "You're welcome! Please excuse us."He said plainly and then he walked out of the room.

    Two hours have passed since then, the clan leader and the first elder talked about how they will budget the money they have. The other elders are busy with their own family matters so they are not present. They will just consult them later.

    "Father!" A woman said outside the tent.

    "Claira?" The clan leader said. Farjan is his grandson so, this woman is obviously his daughter, Farjan's mother. "Come in," he said.

    Claira walked inside. She immediately said, "Farjan does not go home yesterday until now. He's missing!"With a worried face.

    "He does not go home? Why would he do that? Don't worry maybe he's on his friend's house," the clan leader said to ease the worry of his daughter.

    "Or maybe he's on Mr. Tromer's house. I heard Farjan call Mr. Tromer as his master. Maybe they are training."The first elder added.

    The clan leader nodded in response to the elder. Claira also nodded realizing and expecting that it must be the case if not, she will worry the whole day until Farjan didn't go back home.


    Meanwhile, on the Sofori clan. A huge mansion stood with majestic air lingering around it. It has a big wooden door with intricate and complex patterns, on each side of the door two heavily equipped guards stood straight carrying an intimidating aura on them that makes someone who harbors ill intent to be afraid. This is the Ancestral Mansion of the Sofori clan. Unlike the previous Ancestral Mansion of the Dowter clan, this is more big and majestic even when compared to the other high-class clan. The Sofori clan has been reigning supreme on the Bigfield City for countless years and they also hold the big organizations here so, it's normal for them to have this great fortune.

    In a wide hall, an old man stood angrily facing a young man who is kneeling on the floor. The elders are also standing on the sides.

    "Michael, you idiot! What have you done?!"The man said furiously, clearly, this man is very much infuriated at what happened.

    "Pardon me, clan master," Michael said on the verge of crying.

    The clan master immediately goes back home after receiving the bad news. His clan almost lost half of its treasure and they lose to a low-class clan, that's a huge humiliation for his clan! And when he arrived only that time he becomes informed on all that happened and he just becomes angrier than ever before, he now knows that they only lose to a single man... with only an arm! What the hell! Now, he's venting his anger on Michael.

    "Pardon? Pardon your head! You will receive a hundred lashes and also you will no longer have your position. From now on, you are a normal member of the Sofori clan. Be thankful I did not expel you from the clan. Now, go out! Leave!"

    Michael, who is on the verge of crying stood up and left the Ancestral Mansion.

    "Why does this happen to us? How? We are the Sofori clan!"

    "We are also dismayed by this, but that's the truth, we lose and we promised to compensate and rebuild them, we accepted their unfair offer, because if not, our clan will no longer exist." An elder said to the clan master in reply with his face indicating that he's full of remorse and guilt inside of him.

    "Okay, leave this to me. I will handle it," the clan leader said with a sinister smile on his face.

    At the top of a mountain known as Mt. Tri-mus, there is a simple house built there. Inside the house, a middle-aged man looking like he's in the forties with a single right arm left. He's touching his severed arm with a look of pain and suffering. The suffering is growing stronger as more time passes by and the curse is slowly spreading. If he cannot cure this curse, surely he will die.

    Thay Demon God Sword's curse is something that can't be treated easily. The curse has a lot of demonic energy in it and when a person is afflicted with it, his cultivation will slowly break down as the demonic energy will destroy his spiritual passageway.

    "That damned Darnce! I will never forgive him. I will make him pay for this!"Tromer said furiously."I need Farjan to get me the medicinal herbs. Only if I can do it myself. But this curse will worsen if I push myself."He added.

    On the other hand,

    A horse carriage is moving in the depths of Red fox forest. This forest is located several kilometers away from the center of the Bigfield City. Inside the carriage, a slim figured woman was sitting comfortably, in front of her an unconscious young man is inclining his head on the right side of the carriage. This carriage is a bit luxurious and two armored men are guarding it along the way on their own horses. Clearly, the woman inside is not ordinary.

    A few moments later the carriage stop and a guard said to the woman inside "Mistress, the sun is setting and the moon is rising. It is dangerous to continue our journey in the middle of the night, so I suggest that we stop and set a camp and continue this tomorrow."The man said respectfully although the woman has only remained inside not even bothering to take a look outside.

    After several seconds the woman responded, "What is there to be scared of?! You are a man yet you're so afraid? Move on and the almighty Galvan, our god will guide and protect us."She said coldly.


    "No buts! Do you dare disobey my commands?"

    "I would dare not to," the guard said, kneeling respectfully with his right foot. Then, he turned to look at the driver of the carriage, "Go! Move! Our mistress said that we shall continue!"He added.

    They continued to move the carriage even if the darkness surrounded them. They walked with a torch and a prayer.

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    Chapter 12: The Raging Citizens


    Three days have passed on the journey of the mistress who is behind Farjan's injury. Farjan is still alive and right now he slowly opened his eyes. His vision is a bit cloudy yet, and he can only vaguely see the overall structure inside the carriage, at his sides two windows are opened as the daylight is shining through it. It is around nine o'clock in the morning and the view of a vast field is seen outside the carriage. Farjan closed his eyes again only to realize and ask himself...

    "What's happening?" Then after asking that to himself he tries to recover his memories and after a few moments, different scenes are playing inside his mind, it is his memories before he woke up.

    "I am alive?!" He asked himself curiously, he remembered that a dagger stabs him and that by now he should be dead but right now, he is alive and well. He opened his eyes again when he heard a familiar voice of a woman, it is the voice of the woman who killed the hired-killers before, "Finally, you're awake."she said without emotions.

    Farjan looked at her and then he saw a beautiful woman with a slim figure. Although you can tell that she is in her thirties but still the beauty on her face can be compared to other younger women. After looking at this beautiful lady he immediately asked a series of questions, "Who are you? Where am I? What happened to me? I remembered that I was stabbed by a dagger behind me by a woman! Why am I aliv..."Before he finished his words he suddenly realized that in the middle of his body, bandages are covering his wound.

    But to no avail, the woman didn't answer his questions instead she just looked out the window on her right side unmoving.

    Farjan is still confused, "Is she the woman who tried to kill me? Or did she rescued and treated me?"Because his vision becomes cloudy and hazy that time, he cannot clearly see the face of the woman. He can only see that she was a woman because of her figure.

    "If she is the woman who tries to kill me, why would she treat me? Is she crazy?"This is the thought that ran through Farjan's mind."Hey, where are we going? Who are yo.."but before he finished his question a sudden growl could be heard. The growl is like coming from a fierce tiger that is fighting with another savage beast. But unfortunately, the growl isn't coming from a fierce tiger or a savage beast. It comes from more fierce and more savage source... Farjan's stomach.




    Like the fiercest beast on Earth, his stomach is roaring relentlessly. He looked at the woman in front of him with embarrassment that his face is covered in red from blushing. He didn't eat for three consecutive days because he's unconscious. Even if he's unconscious, his body is not and he is still alive. He still needs nourishment and absolutely that's the reason why the fierce beast that lies on his stomach is roaring angrily.

    The woman is shocked. This is the first time she heard such a wild sound coming from the stomach of a hungry person. She didn't know if she should laugh or pity this young man. They are moving for three days but still they only past the first half of the journey. The location where they will go is far away. It takes a week to reach it. They will rest for an hour every five hours for the horse. But still the horses show signs of fatigue, clearly, this time of rest is insufficient.

    She ordered to stop the carriage and they move out of it to take a rest and to eat. She let Farjan eat because she didn't want this young man in his possession to die from hunger before she can go back to report. She treated Farjan's wound because she and her superior want him to be alive, why would he let this man die?

    "Eat this." Then the woman throws a meat at him.

    "What is this all about?" Farjan asked curiously. He does have a hint of what's happening and now he tries to ask and clarify but, unfortunately...

    "You have a lot of question! Can you shut your mouth? The time that you wake up, my peaceful life becomes noisy as hell. You will know the answers eventually!"The woman said angrily. Farjan didn't get the answer he wants.

    Farjan only shut his mouth for now, but his mind is running. "Why didn't she answer my questions instead of blabbing those things? She just used her saliva for nothing really important?"he said to himself.

    Now he's sure that this woman is really the woman who killed the hired-killers and the one who stabbed the dagger behind him. If she is a good person, she will not treat him like this. If she is a good person, she will answer his questions wholeheartedly right?

    Farjan just gritted his teeth and eats the food until he's full.

    After eating his fill, there is still time left before they move again. He knows that if he tried to escape this time, he doesn't have any chance. Because the woman beside her is not ordinary. Although he can simply beat the guards but not her, he senses energy similar to that priest that fought Tromer. But he's not certain in this premonition.

    After knowing that he stood no chance at all. He tried to circulate his cultivation inside him. He didn't try to gather energies from the surrounding because he doesn't want to gamble and be caught by the woman. After sensing the energies, he heaved a sigh of relief.

    The mistress is oblivious to what Tromer is doing, she is not a cultivator after all.

    Meanwhile, when the sun is setting many people gathered at the entrance of Dowter clan village holding shovels, pickaxe, ax, spears, torches, and anything that can be used as weapons.

    The whole clan is confused and at the same time scared. Why would almost half of the residents in the Bigfield city try to attack them? This is unreasonable! Now, the clan leader and the elders go out while the other members of the clan also hold weapons behind the elders.

    "What's this?! The third elder asked the people."

    "Don't play ignorance! We know that you are working under the demons!"A man holding a pickaxe said angrily.

    "W- wait, what?!" The clan leader asked.

    "You cannot fool us! The evidence is clear. Why does your clan prosper like this and how in the world did your clan win against the Sofori clan? Huh!"Another man sturdy figure said indignantly.

    "Let us explain..."

    "No more explanations! We know the truth!"


    "Don't fool us!"

    The crowd become furious and will never listen to what the Dowter clan will say. Endless shouts of mockery and insult flooded the clansmen of the Dowter clan.

    After a few minutes, a carriage and horses appeared at the scene, an old man goes out from the carriage wearing a white robe. This is the Grand Priest who fought against Tromer. A moment later he suddenly speaks, "Where's that man? Surrender us the demon!"Then four other old men revealed themselves they are the priest of the cathedral.

    "Wait! Tromer is not a demon!"The clan leader said.

    "You saw what happened right! That kind of power, if not from the almighty Galvan who else can that power comes from? He's colluding with the demons! You're colluding with the demons!"The Grand Priest said with his eyes held a trace of anger.

    The clan leader and the elders didn't answer because they also didn't know how Tromer got that kind of strength. Even they themselves are uncertain. How will they answer?

    Seeing them like this, the Grand Priest just sneered at them."Speechless huh? My fellow citizens and blessed by Galvan, let us find the traces of the demon and the demon himself inside their clan!"He added.

    "Let's go!"


    The crowd becomes more agitated. But the clan leader stopped them and said, "You cannot just enter inside our territory like that!"

    "We must! If not we will be killed by that demon. If you try to stop us, then you're guilty of colluding with the devil!"He added.

    With this kind of threat, the clan leader and the elders didn't have something to say. If they stopped them, they would be accused of colluding with the demon, if not, their whole clan will be subject to searching and even their private belongings will be questioned. Even the slightest mistake or suspiciousness in their clan will lead to accusations. Either way, it will lead them to accusation, and they will be deemed guilty.

    "Wait!" the first elder suddenly stepped out to negotiate.

    "What?" A priest replied.

    "You suddenly go into our territory accusing us of something we don't know. Let's put it like this. We will persuade Tromer to talk to you and tomorrow, you can go back here to test and to know if we he's a demon or affiliated with the demons. If he's a demon then, we are guilty, we can compensate and will promise to hand him over to you. If not you will also compensate us for this ruckus. It is reasonable and fair right?"

    After thinking and talking with each other the Grand Priest finally decided, "Okay fine, we will be back here tomorrow, I don't know what you're planning, but in the name of the almighty Galvan, the truth will prevail."Then they turned around and left after they leave the crowd also left the place leaving behind gazes of contempt.

    Then the leader turned to look at the first elder along with the other elders.

    "What are you up to?"

    "If Tromer is a really a demon then we will let him deal with it, he's powerful right. The priest lost to him before so now it will be the same. If he's not then, it's also good for us. For now, let's talk with Tromer and ask him."

    "Aren't you being disrespectful? He saved us then we will do this to him?"The second elder said.

    "This is our only choice. Do you have any other plan?"

    The others became silent. Clearly, this is their only choice. The only problem is Tromer. They must persuade him, despite this rudeness they've done.

    "Okay, it is settled then. We just have to pray that he will not refuse."The clan leader said.

    "I hope so."

    Then without hesitation, they head towards Mt. Tri-mus to where Tromer resides. After several minutes, they reached his house and the clan leader knocked the door.

    Tok! Tok! Tok!

    A few moments later, the door opened and a man emerged from it.

  • Chapter 13: The Book of Demons


    At the Sofori clan territory in their clan's Ancestral Mansion, Ancestral Mansions are the place where the clan leader and the elders do their meeting. It is also the place where big celebration or events are held. The elders and the clan leader are meeting when suddenly a knock is heard through the door of the meeting room.

    "This is your servant, Clyde, seeking an audience to the clan master."


    The huge wooden door opened revealing a man wearing robes. He walked straight until he's near to the clan leader and elders. One of his knees bent down while his face was facing the ground.

    "Speak. What happened to your mission?"The clan leader asked while the elders are dumbfounded, they didn't have any clue on what's the clan leader is saying. Mission?

    Then Clyde spoke, "The residents of the rally to the Dowter clan territory bringing weapons of their own. The plan succeeds, and the people doubted the Dowters colluding with the demons. The priests of the cathedral also rushed when they are informed that the people are rallying. They plan to use the crowd to oppress them."

    Clearly, this is what the clan leader said when he will handle the problem. He didn't want to attack them in the broad daylight really but in only in the shadows. This man is a schemer. With a clan leader like this, the clan prospers almost for a long time. He just added fuel to the rumors using Clyde. Clyde just said to the people that there is really a demon that attacked the Sofori clan. Obviously, the people didn't believe it but after some consideration, they started to smell something amiss. How can a low-class clan win against Sofori clan? Before they don't mind this, but now that Clyde fuelled their suspicious thoughts, they rally out of fear. They thought that maybe if they can outnumber the demon they will have a high chance of winning.

    "You made a good job. You will receive another gold for this. You can now leave."

    Clyde added, "Another thing Your Highness, Tomorrow, the demon will partake on the church's test to see if he really is a demon."

    "Oh..." The clan leader said for a long time, pondering over the matter with a wide grin on his face full of wrinkles.

    After Clyde had walked out of the room, the elders immediately asked him.

    "Your Highness Baudry, what is this?" The clan's Grand Elder asked.

    Then the clan leader explained them his plot of overturning the Dowter clan. "If they got news that we are the culprit behind this plot, surely we will be dead. I will remind you Your Highness that that man is extraordinary. Even the powers of the church are not a thing to him. Our guards and the Royal knights all died and has been trampled before him. If he retaliates again, surely we are doomed."The Grand Elder said worriedly.

    "Don't worry, I am good at these things. If that man is proven to be a demon; the citizens will destroy the clan. If he dared to fight with the citizens, it will raise the ire of the people and this news will become a talk to the whole continent and out of fear, the people will cooperate and will use all the means to kill and destroy them, bwahahhaha!"The clan leader said full of expectation coming from his imagination. Just thinking of what will happen to the people who claim victory over their clan before makes his smile spread wide further.

    On top of Mt. Tri-mus.

    "That's what happened. The church is oppressing us with the citizens. We don't have any choice buy this. Mister, I hope you will take consideration of this. Pardon us for being disrespectful."After the clan leader of the Dowter clan explained the situation, he immediately requests for his help.

    But Tromer's answer shocked them, instead of saying "okay fine" or "I refuse," he asked, "You are the clan leader right? What's your name again?"

    "Um, right. My name is Julius Dowter. Farjan's grandfather."He replied.

    "Is it okay if I call you Julius only? Personally, I didn't like those formalities and honorifics."

    "Sure. Julius is fine."

    "Okay, I will tell you the truth. I am not a demon. The true demon is acting like a god. Earlier you're talking to them."

    "Huh?!" Julius and the elders instantly frowned and on their faces a huge trace of confusion is broadly displayed. "Sorry? What are you talking about? Demon? Acting like a god? Talking to them earlier?"

    "Mister Tromer can you please say it straightforward." The third elder said with a huge frown.

    "The church."

    "Yeah! The church is oppressing us, and we need yo- w-wait, what? Don't tell me the church? Demon?"

    "Yeah, the church and their 'god' is a demon, if you do not believe me then ask them to give out their emblems and look at this book." With that, he took out a book and flipped it in a certain page. "This is the book of the demons. Galvan is a lower demon of the abyss. This is his emblem, take a look at the church's emblem and see it for yourself. I have things to do, and I think you can handle it from now on."Tromer turned back and goes inside his house.

    The Dowters all scratched their head. Clearly, Tromer didn't want to attend tomorrow, and they need to rely on themselves with the help of the book. They turned and walked away from the house, but after a minute the door opened again and Tromer goes out.

    "Where's Farjan? Tell him to come to me immediately."

    Then Julius instantly frowned, "Farjan is not at home he didn't come back home a few days ago. We thought that he was here with you?"

    "What?! He's not here also, a few days ago he's not going here."

    "Is that true?" Julius asked worriedly. "Then where is he?"

    "I don't know, If I know, why would I ask you?" Tromer replied.


    After heading back, Julius immediately read the book with the elders.

    The book is half an inch thick. Its pages are made of yellowish paper. After patting the book, the dust flew away. Clearly, this book was made many years ago. Flipping open the book you can see the images and symbols and the information about it. These are the depictions of the demons and their powers, abilities and other information about them.

    When Julius saw the different demons inside his mouth gaped open. From lower demons up to the higher demons, it is all recorded. Many names here are unknown to him. His body hairs stood as he read several lines from it. After turning to a certain page, an image depicting a person with three pairs of arms and a head like that of a panther is displayed. On the right side of the paper, the emblem that symbolizes this demon is also drawn out.

    Below the images, a name that has a huge font is written there, it said 'Galvan' below this name the information about this demon is written. Julius read it while the elders listen to him.

    Their jaws dropped and their brows knitted as the information is transferred into their minds. The book has given them about the powers of this demon and his weaknesses.

    Galvan is a demon from the abyss that is being worshipped by some mortals to give them powers beyond ordinary. Although these powers are not that powerful for cultivators, still, it is useful for mortals or crippled cultivators. He was an ordinary servant demon before but after getting some powers out of unknown pure luck he becomes a lower demon.

    Although he is a lower demon, he has a weakness too. Because he got his powers just out of pure luck and not of cultivation his powers are unstable and when it is in the middle of the afternoon around 11:00 up to 1:00 his powers are being suppressed by an unknown force.

    "Is this for real?" Julius said.

    "I don't know, no one knows. Besides, how in the world does Tromer get this book?"The Fourth elder said.

    "Let's not argue over it. This book has a clear and detailed information about demons. So there's a possibility it is true. We'll just hope that this book will be useful."

    Then Julius said, "Okay, I have a plan. We will make those old men from that demonic church be embarrassed and regret that they fight against us!"

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