Part 2, the path to become the immortals (applies only to this novel, the path is different in different online novels)

Level 1, NingQi (concentrate on Qi, in traditional Dao, the cultivator starts to concentrate on Qi, the purpose is to focus so that the Qi inside the body flows and concentrate in one area) it saids in the novel, there are 33 sub levels in ancient time, but its difficult to reach even to level 13 by then. The point here is one can only start to master the skill to seal the ghost when reaching level 13. In Meng Hao's time, the ultimate is to reach level 9. in theory there is level 10, which is to shape the body, there is level 11, to expand the internal Dan, and level 12, and 13.

Level 2, ZhuJi (to build foundations), there are four levels in terms of quality of the foundation (DaoTai), the Perfect foundation (ten perfect foundations without crack), less perfect foundation ( nine foundations with one crack on each), foundation with crack (9 foundations, 2 cracks on each) and foundations full of cracks

Level 3, JieDan( to create Dan internally, Dan in traditional Dao is Qi in shape), the Dan is different in colors, golden is the best, follows by purple, orange, red, green/blue and mixed (no pure color)

Level 4, YuanYing(to create spiritual baby internally, YuanYing is baby concentrated by Qi), in this novel, this level is differentiated by numbers of colors combination. most of the cultivators can only create YuanYing in 4 colors, in fact it can reach upto 9 colors, it depends on the IQ of the cultivator, the origin of the cultivator etc)

Level 5, ZhanLing (to destroy the spiritual baby created in order to step further). in this novel there are 2 ways,  one is to destroy the Ling in physical (to destroy it using the physical power), the other one is to destroy by meditation, the later is classified into 3 level, after destroy it in 3 times, the life of the cultivator is extended to thousand years. if failed, cultivators die as mortal.

Level 6, WenDao (to reach to the Dao), the perfect way is to reach the Dao while keep the physical body of the cultivator, by this level, the cultivator is already believed to be half-immortal.

to be continued.


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