Purpose of this thread

To give non-Chinese native readers a big picture of this novel, to help non-chinese readers to better understand the novel.


I am not a translator of this novel in wuxiaworld, so the terms I used in this tread may be different from the terms used in the translated scripts.

OK, lets start from here.

Part 1 the map of the ShanHai (mountain-sea) world

The 9th mountain: the 9th mountain is owned by Jitian. The mountain is surrounded by four stars, named NanTian (southern sky), DongSheng (a brave new world in the North), BeiLu and XiHe. The 9th mountain was originally owned by Lizhu (master Li), and at that time Jitian (master Ji) was one of the great generals under master Li, because master Li due to reason unknown, started his long,deep sleep, the 9th mountain was gradually controlled by Jitian. 

The 9th sea, its a sea full of stars, between the 8th mountain and the 9th mountain. 

The NanTian star (star in the southern sky), its a continent world hanging in the sky, one of the four stars(continent) which surrounds the 9th mountain. The continent is divided into 4 regimes, with Northern part and Eastern part connect to each other, as one region ,and western part and southern part connected to each other as the other region. These 2 regions are separated by TianHe sea (the sea of TianHe, TianHe means a river in the sky). The TianHe Sea is forbidden to those whose level is below Daojing (the Dao/Tao level)

The great Tang in the East, one of the four regimes in the NanTian star, its believed to be the most powerful regime in this world, the royal family's castle is said to be surrounded by 95 golden dragons (dont know why 95 as in traditional chinese beliefs, 99 is the extreme no.) The great Tang is ruled by Li family.

The QiangDi in the northern desert,  one of the four regimes in the NanTian star, the QiangDi used to invade the southern, but it was defeated, therefore all the cultivators were treated as criminals.

The barbarians in the west,one of the four regimes in the NanTian star, its believed to be a world of clans, when the story begins, people in this region began to move to the Mo (the region where all the earth is black)

The nine kingdoms in the south, one of the four regimes in the NanTian star, eight out of nine kingdoms were ruled by WuZongSanZu (five parties and three families, shit term created in my opinion), the other kingdom is Mo, which is connecting the QiangDi in the northern desert.

The TianHe sea (the sea of TianHe), this river divides the continent into 2 regions. The TianHe sea is divided into 5 rings( the outer ring, the forth ring, the third ring, the 2nd ring and the 1st ring, again shit term created, it reminds me of the 5 rings in Beijing). The immortals Li (BiANHua, the follower belongs to the other world) used to live in the 2nd ring, later was killed by Meng Hao's father. 

The DongSheng Star, one of the four stars surrounds the 9th mountain, Meng Hao was born here. The star is ruled by family of Fang, it believes to be created by the first generation of Fang, by meditation.

The BeiLu Star, one of the largest stars among the four.

The Kingdom of Zhao, where the sect of KaoShan (lean to the mountain), the whole country was in fact sit on the back of the master of Kaoshan. (the master is a huge turtle), the whole country is moved to TianHe sea later and to the sky after that because of the tense relationship between the master of Kaoshan and Meng Hao.

The devine in the nine seas, a world hang over the ninth sea. There are nine golden gates sit on different locations, it believes to be the heaven for the cultivators.

The immortals' ruin, a world created after the supreme world was destroyed. The supreme lord of HaiMeng (dream of the sea) used to live here, this supreme lord recognised Meng Hao's identity as being sequenced (someone who began to be known in the higher ranks)

The ancient sect of immortal ghost: a world created by master Li, which has four layers. in the first layer, there are 7 mountains, among which, lord KeYunHai ruled the 4th mountain. there are 3 mountains in the 2nd layer, which are immortal ghost in frost, immortal ghost in blood, immortal ghost in reincarnation. there are 2 towers in the 3rd layer, with one word carved on each tower, the Ji and Fang (refers to two families), the 4th layer is said to be influenced by master Li.

The forth mountain and sea,ruled by the master of DiZang (DiZang is the Buddha who volunteered to live in the underworld, in traditional Chinese mystery) its known as the mountain of forgiven and the spring in yellow, its actually the underworld, the cultivators here is believed to have power of reincarnation, and the power to release the ShanHai world from the curse. 

The 7th mountain and sea, ruled by SiMa Dao, its the headquarter of ChouMen Tan, its known for its power of curse.

The 8th mountain and sea, ruled by grandpa in law of Meng Hao, families of Meng's mother used to live here.

to be continued.


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