LF Novel to Translate

Hello everyone, I'm interested in starting up translation for chinese novels and I would like some recommendation. (ofc please recommend ones that aren't being actively translated, I don't want to poach translation project from people) The ones I'm interested are things in nature of well whats on this sight, like CD, ST, MGA, TGR, DE, and stuff. Ofc it doesn't have to be so martial art based like long live summoner I like as well and also tales of demon and gods Basically more older time period setting with some form of training (be magic, summon, martial art, etc) and prefer if its like set clear on like what stage/level a person is at stuff like that. If possible please leave light novel name, a short description, and link to the raws.

I'm probably start this weekend and try out at least 1-2 chap and see how it goes, also any recommendation what kind of host site to use would be nice too, ofc I'll post it on this forum as well =D Thanks for the help guys.

P.S. Possibly interested in picking up like dead projects as well so feel free to post them here with all the info I ask from above as well as link to the last translator (or translators if they aren't like kept on the same site) Also just curious on if we need like original author permission to do these translations?


  • Some are asking or DD 3 (Doulou Dalu 3), you could try that. I'm not sure about the link you could try that. 
  • Does it have to be Chinese? Please translate a korean light novel "the player who can't level up" the manhwa has currently 36 chapters and the light novel has shitty English translations and I can't find any good sites that translated the light novel well so I hope that you or anyone take up the light novel translations. 
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