Above the Skies(凌霄之上) by Watching Chess

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Above the Skies (凌霄之上) 

Author: Guan Qi (观棋)

Translator's Synopsis:
Wang Xiong regains the memories of his past life. Regaining control of the human realm, he leads a mighty army and returns to the Celestial Realm on a conquest against the Celestials. Changes begin, chaos arises.

Translator's Notes: Hey guys this is my first translation! The novel is written by the same author as Everlasting Immortal Firmament (http://www.novelupdates.com/series/everlasting-immortal-firmament/) and this is so far his latest work.
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    Chapter 1
    At the foot of Mount Qiyun, there laid an army camp in utter disarray.

    Large numbers of injured soldiers were crying out in agony while being treated by military doctors. In the camp, high ranking generals were all gathered in the tent of the commander-in-chief and they have already been discussing for 3 days and 3 nights.

    At this moment, a skinny middle-aged man, in his hand a golden seal, leading a group of followers anxiously knelt down in front of the tent of the commander-in-chief.

    The man occasionally turned his head and gazed at the far away Mountains of the Holy Grave. The mountains were currently surrounded by an enormous tornado, carrying endless amount of sand, forming a humongous barrier of raging sand.

    " Eastern Imperial House, first rank chamberlain Wang Zhong Quan, in possession of the Golden Seal of Eastern Imperial House, requesting for an audience with the Young Lady of the Southern Imperial House, Zhou Tian Yin! Please report again!" The middle-aged man shouted out loud.

    Outside of the tent, a guard said : " Chamberlain Wang, you have already requested an audience for 3 days in a row, Young Lady Zhou has already stated repeatedly that she does not want to see you!"

    Wang Zhong Quan glared : " Here is the Golden Seal, all you have to do is just to report to her I am requesting an audience, whether or not the Young Lady wishes to see us, how is it your decision to make?"

    The guard's face froze, he took a quick look at the Golden Seal, and rebutted no further. He bowed to the Golden Seal respectfully and then went into the tent to report.

    As Wang Zhong Quan was waiting patiently, behind him, a group of servants have already kneeled for 3 days along with him, some people were getting impatient.

    One of them looked at Wang Zhong Quan and said : " Chamberlain, the Young Lord has already passed, we, we should go back and prepare his funeral!"

    " How dare you!" Wang Zhong Quan glared.

    " Chamberlain, the servants which returned have already said, the army went deep into Heavenly Wolves Valley, the Young Lord was shot by an arrow and died, the Heavenly Fiend Tornado came way too fast, the servants did not even have a chance to collect the corpse of the Young Lord, Chamberlain, please persevere no longer and prepare for the Young Lord's funeral earlier!"

    " Why did I execute that bunch of servants? It was because not only did they not protect the Young Lord, they even left him in the wilderness, hence they must die! The Young Lord's death has not been confirmed, if you dare spout such nonsense once again, you shall be punished by the law of the household!" A cold light flashed in Wang Zhong Quan's eyes.

    The servant's face hardened, he stayed silent for a moment, but in the end he gathered his courage and said : " Chamberlain, you should lie to yourself no further, in the Heavenly Wolves Valley, the wolves roam everywhere, I am afraid that even the corpses of the Young Lord and the 500 soldiers which followed him have already been eaten clean by the wolves. With the fall of the Young Lord, the situation in the residence must be chaotic. We must return immediately and support Young Master Tian Ce as the new Young Lord, that is the most important thing right now, the House must not be without its head for long, furthermore, Young Master Tian Ce respects you greatly!"

    As the servant finished his words, Wang Zhong Quan looked at the servant menacingly : " The Young Lord is the rightful head of the House, that Wang Tian Ce, even if he is a prodigy, he is only part of the branch family and does not even have the right to hold the shoes for the Young Lord and he dares to even try and fight for the position of the head of the House? Whether or not the Young Lord has died is not what you, a measly servant, can decide, if he is alive then we must see him, if he is dead, then we must see his corpse! The Young Lord has entered a dangerous situation and you do not wish for him to be alive, instead you keep saying that he is dead, confusing the hearts of people, confusing the Imperial House and for that you must die!"

    With the words "he must die", another servant rose up and walked to the servant while grasping a sword in his hand.

    "Exercise judgment!" Wang Zhong Quan's eyes showed no pity or mercy in them.

    " No, Chamberlain! I have followed you for 10 years, loyally and conscientiously, my contributions are countless, I have contributed so much for the House, I am a second rank servant, I have done so much for the House! You must not kill me!" The servant's face changed at once and he cried out, fear filled his voice.

    " Contributions? Whether you have contributed is not for you to say, only when the Young Lord says that you have contributed, then you would have contributed! When the Young Lord is in a life-or-death situation, you do not worry for the Young Lord, instead you want to support other people and have them usurp the position of the head of the House, looks like you do not fear death at all, if so then die!" Wang Zhong Quan stared at him angrily.

    " No!"


    That servant exclaimed, behind him the other servant raised the sword and swung it down, severing his head clean off, crimson blood spurted high into the air. Even after the servant has died, his eyes were still filled with shock and fear.

    Wang Zhong Quan turned his head and looked at the rest of the servants behind him : " From this moment forth, anyone who says that the Young Lord is dead, confusing one's heart, his end shall be yours as well!"

    " Understood!" The servants all shook after seeing the example, and then answered respectfully.

    As Wang Zhong Quan made an example to warn the rest of the servants, out from the tent was a voice filled with dignity.

    " Who was it, that dared to be so disrespectful outside my tent?"

    The instant the voice filled with fury appeared, the whole camp went silent, none of the injured soldiers dared to even cry out in pain. All that could be heard was the sound of the wind blowing and the blood flowing out of the neck of the headless body.

    Wang Zhong Quan's eyes saw a flash of hope.

    Inside the giant tent, the sound of footsteps came out. A group of soldiers escorted a man wearing a purple robe embroided with the python, a sign of royalty, out of the tent.

    The man wearing the purple embroided robe, his figure was burly, his eyes were those of one who was high above everyone else, with every step he took, a wave of overwhelming majesty oppressed everyone to lower their heads.

    Wang Zhong Quan endured the oppression, his eyes hiding malice and he said : " Eastern Imperial House, first rank chamberlain, Wang Zhong Quan meets the Fourth Prince!"

    The Fourth Prince looked at the headless body at the side, then he turned his ice-cold gaze towards Wang Zhong Quan and said : " The chamberlain of the Eastern Imperial House? Do you know what place is this? Is the outside of my tent somewhere where you can be so audacious?"

    " Today, this servant used the authority of the Golden Seal of the Eastern Imperial House to execute a traitorous servant, tainting the Fourth Prince's tent with blood, where I have disrespected you, the Young Lord shall meet the Fourth Prince to apologise in the coming days. But, my Golden Seal of the Eastern Imperial House, being unable to enter the Fourth Prince's tent, I also wish for the Fourth Prince to come to the Eastern Imperial House to give an explanation, to give the entire Imperial House an explanation!" Wang Zhong Quan raised the Golden Seal high up in the air for all to see and said with a low voice.

    " How dare you!" " How audacious!"............

    The soldiers behind the Fourth Prince hollered out.

    Wang Zhong Quan continued raising the Golden Seal, afraid of no one.

    Fourth Prince saw the Golden Seal and his face sank : " The Golden Seal of the Eastern Imperial House should only be held by the bloodline of the Eastern Imperial House, you a lowly servant, bestowed with the surname "Wang", dares to simply use the Golden Seal? You really are audacious!"

    " Whether or not I am audacious, shall be up to the Eastern Imperial House to judge, it is still not your turn yet Fourth Prince, to punish me. Yes, I am not of the rightful bloodline of the Eastern Imperial House, but, I have been entrusted by the Old King to protect the Golden Seal and naturally I have the right to protect the Golden Seal. The disrespect Fourth Prince showed towards the Golden Seal, I and the Eastern Imperial House shall engrave it deep within our hearts. 3 days ago, the Young Lord's disaster, I shall also remember it in my heart on behalf of the Young Lord!" Wang Zhong Quan said with a face clearly showing hatred.

    " Oh, so you think, I caused the death of Wang Xiong?" Fourth Prince spoke coldly.

    " The Young Lord has not died, and, I do not wish to argue any further with you further Fourth Prince, my purpose for coming here today is to request an audience with Zhou Tian Yin of the Southern Imperial House, Young Lady Zhou!" Wang Zhong Quan looked towards a girl in the midst of the crowd.

    The girl was wearing a loose white dress, a fine belt brought out her slim waist, accentuating her beautiful and tall figure. On her head was wide hat with a white veil, preventing people from having a clear look at her face, one could only make out the outline of her face from behind that white veil. But even with her face hidden behind the veil, there was still the feeling that her face was gorgeous and would catch the eyes of all who sees it.

    " You are looking for me?" the girl furrowed her eyebrows and asked with doubt.

    The girl's voice was crisp and clear, stunning the ones who heard it like an absolute beauty shrouded in mist, untouchable.

    Beside the girl stood a man dressed in green clothes.

    The man looked with pure disgust at Wang Zhong Quan : " The slave of the Eastern Imperial House? Why are you looking for my elder sister? Wang Xiong that sissy, weak like a chicken, also wishes to be a ugly toad that dreams of eating the flesh of a beautiful swan? He overestimated himself and perished in the Heavenly Wolves Valley and now you wish for my elder sister to take revenge for him?"

    Wang Zhong Quan glanced at the man, his face sank slightly, he bowed slightly and said : " So it is the Young Master Zhou Chi of the Southern Imperial House, Young Master Zhou is the brother-in-law of the Young Lord, for your insults towards the Young Lord, the Young Lord himself shall speak to you about it in the future, and regarding what you said about the Young Lord being an ugly toad which dreams of eating the meat of a swan, hehe, the Young Lord is engaged to Young Lady Zhou, even though they have not undergone the rites of marriage, but the promise of engagement has been witnessed by the Human Emperor and the 4 Kings, no one can run away from it, the Young Lord is now in a precarious situation, if I do not come to look for help from Young Lady Zhou, then who am I supposed to look for instead?"

    " Nonsense, my elder sister is the greatest beauty in all of the great Qin Empire and she is even the successor of an immortal, how can that good-for-nothing Wang Xiong even compare to my elder sister? How can that trash, as stupid as a swine, a full grown man which actually has a marking of a peach flower between his eyes, on his forehead, my elder sister will never ever fancy him, and this time, my elder sister has received an imperial order by the Human Emperor to request the Fourth Prince to lead his army and find the Flower of the Holy Grave for my sister, that Wang Xiong does not know his limits and for the sake of acting cool in front of my sister, went deep into the mountains, looking for his own death. He reaps what he sows, why do you even come and look for my sister? The man is also dead, why are you talking about an engagement?" Zhou Chi glared.

    Wang Zhou Quan did not argue with Zhou Chi, instead he looked at Young Lady Zhou and pleaded : " Young Madam, Young Lord has entered a precarious situation, please lend a helping hand and save him!"

    Zhou Tian Yin shook her head : " Chamberlain Wang, I know you are very worried and wish to protect your master, but, I have never seen Wang Xiong's face, neither have I undergone the marriage rites, I cannot hold the title of Young Madam. As for the engagement, it was only a joke that the elders made, please do not talk about it again!"

    Wang Zhou Quan was infuriated. But, he still bowed down to Zhou Tian Yin once again : " Since you would not allow me to call you Young Madam, I shall address you as Young Lady Zhou, the engagement is not a joke, it is not a matter that I can decide. That year, when the Old Lord was still alive, and the Eastern Imperial Family was not yet in decline, it was your father which invited the other 2 Kings to act as witnesses to the engagement, and to request for the Human Emperor to give your hand in marriage to the Young Lord, whether or not the engagement is real, only the Human Emperor and the 4 Kings are the witnesses."

    " Nonsense! The ugly toad dreams of eating the meat of the swan, are you mad? That trash Wang Xiong wishes to be an equal to my sister? Dream on!" Zhou Chi roared from the side.

    Wang Zhou Quan ignored Zhou Chi and pleaded again : " This lowly servant knows that talking about the engagement at this point in time seems like we are exploiting you, but, this servant has no other choice, I do not know if the Young Lord is dead or alive, at this moment in time, only Young Lady Zhou can save the Young Lord, I beg for Young Lady Zhou to grant my request!"

    " Sister, do not mind him, that Wang Xiong is dead as a doornail, the servants are witnesses to Wang Xiong being shot in the heart by an arrow, how can he still be alive? Furthermore, it has already been 3 days, wolves roam everywhere in the Heavenly Wolves Valley, I am afraid that even Wang Xiong's bones are gone!" Zhou Chi shouted out.

    " If he is alive then we must see him, if he is dead then we must see his corpse, Young Lady Zhou, please, on account that you and the Young Lord are engaged, I beg of you to save him!" Wang Zhong Quan pleaded with sorrow in his voice.

    Zhou Tian Yin went silent for a short time and said : " Wang Xiong went along with the troops and tried to pick the Flower of the Holy Grave for me, for that I am truly grateful, but, Chamberlain Wang, I believe that the Eastern Imperial House has already dispatched a large number of the strong to try and enter Heavenly Wolves Valley but to no avail. Something that even the Eastern Imperial House is unable to achieve, how can I achieve it when I am but a weak girl?"

    The Fourth Prince nodded : " That is correct, every once in a while, the Mountains of the Holy Grave will be surrounded by the Heavenly Fiend Tornado. We were forced by this tornado to retreat in a hurry, who else would be able to break in? Unless we wait for the tornado to stop, we will not be able to enter the mountains and every time this tornado appears, it will last for a maximum of 6 months and a minimum of 2 months, so please wait patiently, once the tornado dissipates, I will definitely help the Eastern Imperial House to find the corpse of Wang Xiong!"

    Wang Zhong Quan smiled coldly : " Fourth Prince sure does his utmost for the Young Lord. At that time, Fourth Prince obviously knew about the Young Lord's identity, yet when you retreated out of the valley, you did not bring the Young Lord along, hehe, this servant thinks that we do not need the word of Fourth Prince!"

    " Are you implying that I did it on purpose?" Fourth Prince glared.

    Wang Zhong Quan ignored him and looked at Zhou Tian Yin : " Young Lady Zhou, when the tornado forms a barrier of sand, yes, I am unable to enter, but, the Light of Heavenly Eye can pass through everything until it reaches the inner regions, I beg of Young Lady Zhou to use the Southern Imperial House's Grade Nine Heavenly Eye to search for and save the Young Lord, may Young Lady Zhou grant my selfish request!"

    "Grade Nine Heavenly Eye?" Zhou Tian Yin's voice paused.

    "How is my Zhou Family's Grade Nine Heavenly Eye something which you can use anytime? A dead good-for-nothing, what right does he have such that we have to use our Zhou Family's Grade Nine Heavenly Eye for him? You dog, do you want to die?" Zhou Chi said angrily.

    The Fourth Prince at the side was also in doubt.

    " Young Lady Zhou, please save the Young Lord!" Wang Zhou Quan knelt down again.

    Zhou Tian Yin shook her head : " The Heavenly Eye can only be used by the head of the household, how can I use the Grade Nine Heavenly Eye? You have looked for the wrong person!"

    " No, when the Old Lord was alive, he told me that the Heavenly Eye of the Zhou House has already recognised Young Lady Zhou, as long as Young Lady Zhou is willing, you would be able to use the Heavenly Eye and save the Young Lord!" Wang Zhou Quan shook his head, his eyes firm.

    "Rubbish! When did my sister ever gotten recognised by the Heavenly Eye? What is the Eastern King saying?" Zhou Chi said sharply.

    Zhou Tian Yin was silent.

    " Young Lady Zhou, whether or not you admit the fact in your heart, you and the Young Lord are certainly engaged, with the Human Emperor and the 4 Kings serving as witnesses, you are already the Young Madam of the Eastern Imperial House. All these years, the Eastern Imperial House have been unfortunate, those of the rightful bloodline have been dying, as of today, the Young Lord is the final person alive who is of the rightful bloodline, if the Young Lord has died, no matter what happens to the Eastern Imperial House in the future, Young Madam, you must still head to the residence of the Eastern Imperial House and stand vigil for the Young Lord's corpse for 3 years." Wang Zhong Quan said seriously.

    " How audacious, you even want my sister to stand vigil for that trash's body?" Zhou Chi raged.

    Zhou Tian Yin also seemed slightly angry, behind the veil, her eyes stared straight at Wang Zhou Quan.

    Even though they were engaged, but Zhou Tian Yin has never met Wang Xiong, even though Wang Xiong died as he was searching for the flower for her, but, for herself to stand vigil beside his corpse for 3 years was impossible.

    " That is the law of the Qin Empire, no one is allowed to break it!" Wang Zhong Quan said coldly.

    " What happens if I disagree?" Zhou Tian Yin said with no emotions.

    " Young Lady Zhou this is why I came to request for your aid, before the Young Lord left, he wrote a letter to nullify the engagement! In this case, Young Lady Zhou need not be in a tight spot!" Wang Zhong Quan said solemnly.

    " Oh? Nullifying the engagement?" Zhou Tian Yin was surprised.

    Wang Zhong Quan carefully took out a letter and presented it to Zhou Tian Yin.

    Zhou Tian Yin curiously opened the letter.

    " A divorce letter?" Zhou Tian Yin said in a cold voice.

    " Let me see!"

    Zhou Chi snatched from his sister the letter and read it : " It really is a divorce letter! How bold of him, he dares to insult my sister?"

    " No, this is not right, this is not Wang Xiong's handwriting, servant, this is yours?" Fourth Prince squinted his eyes.

    Everyone turned and faced Wang Zhong Quan.

    " Whose handwriting it is does not matter, who wrote it also does not matter, this old servant holds the seal of the Eastern King, once I have stamped the seal on the letter, then the divorce letter is effective!" Wang Zhong Quan said in a low voice.

    " This letter, you really wrote it on behalf of Wang Xiong? Stamping using the seal on behalf of the master is a crime punishable by death, you actually dare to use the Golden Seal?" Zhou Chi exclaimed in shock.

    " As long as I can save the Young Lord, this old servant can give up his life anytime. But, even if this old servant is going to be executed, I still have to protect the reputation of the Eastern Imperial House, to nullify the marriage, it can only be a divorce, there is no other way. Young Lady Zhou, do you want to go to the residence of the Eastern Imperial House and stand vigil for the corpse of the Young Lord for 3 years or do you want to do whatever is in your power to save the Young Lord and gain your freedom?" Wang Zhong Quan bowed solemnly.

    Fourth Prince and Zhou Chi face looked really bad, the Golden Seal could not be used lightly, once it was used lightly meant death to the user, this is the unshakable law of the Qin Empire. Once Wang Zhong Quan uses the Golden Seal, his death is set in stone, but for the final trace of hope that his Young Lord is still alive, he was willing to sacrifice everything he had including his life? Such loyalty from a servant surprised both the Fourth Prince and Zhou Chi.

    " May Young Lady Zhou grant this servant's request!" Wang Zhong Quan knelt down and kowtowed, hitting his head on the ground repeatedly, giving off the sound "Dong!" every time his head touched the ground.

    The surroundings were in total silence, the divorce letter once again made its way back to Zhou Tian Yin's hand.

    Zhou Tian Yin looked at the divorce letter, and was in deep thought for a while before she finally said : " Stamp the letter with the Golden Seal, I will request for the Heavenly Eye to shine its light into the Heavenly Wolves Valley.

    Wang Zhong Quan raised his head abruptly, tears brimmed in his eyes : " Yes, thank you Young Lady Zhou!"

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