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    Book 1-7.3 The Plot (II)

    “Must I repeat myself? Your mother, Seina, is no longer a person of this world. You will also die in this spot. What are you all doing? Capture him! He poisoned Glow Baguna-nim!”

    Now what was this about?

    Who poisoned who?


    Then Pere realized why he did not faint.

    ‘Then really, in that alcohol?’

    Pere did not have the time to think anymore. Sharp swords and shamshirs were coming closer to his eyes.

    “You’ve been planning a rebellion!”

    As Pere took out his shamshirs and defended against the warriors’ attacks and shouted, Librie answered.

    “Since you are going to die soon anyways, what can I not tell you? It is not a rebellion but a decision for the future of Pareia. Whether it is a crazy Young Glow who says he will attack the Empire or Baguna who will allow such a person to become the next Glow, I am doing this to prevent the destruction of Pareia.”


    Librie no longer cared for Pere and shouted.

    “It’s just one person. Why are you so slow! Hurry and kill him and feed Orca the antidote!”

    Pere realized that he could not stay here like this.

    He needed to hurry and let the warriors know. Since all the chiefs brought the warriors of the Oasis, as long as he let them know, they would be able to assemble quickly.

    Pere avoided the swords of the knights and the warriors as he rolled back into the paoe.

    Baguna had yet to lose his consciousness. Baguna had heard everything going on outside, and shouted as soon as Pere entered.

    “Hurry! Your brother, take your brother and run!”


    “Thinking about the future of Pareia, your brother is more important than me. I’m sure you can feel that as well!”

    Pere shook his head at Baguna’s shouting.

    “Father and hyung-nim. I will take both of you and escape from here.”

    Pere shouted like that as he quickly ran over to Yulian and put him on his shoulders.

    He then headed back to get Baguna, but Baguna forcefully slapped Pere’s cheek and shouted.

    “You’re always cold-hearted, but why are you so anxious right now that you can’t even use your brain? I know you are strong, but do you really think you could escape with both of us right now?”

    The warriors and Librie who had already come into the paoe responded in his place.

    “Even if was not two and just one, no, even if he was by himself, I doubt he could escape.”


    Baguna tried to shout but his voice was not very loud. He was spending a lot of energy just remaining awake in his present condition.

    “Why would you?”

    As Baguna asked while staring at Librie, Librie avoided his gaze as she spoke.

    You and your son are too reckless. And when have you given me any warm gazes or touches? Since Mairez died, you’ve never hugged me even once.”

    “Just that...for just that reason you did this?”

    “It wasn’t for just that. Our Orca will be like his mother, being unable to shine under the shadow of his two brothers. Even if I die, I could not watch and let that happen.”

    Maybe Librie could no longer speak with Baguna; she turned towards her father, her uncle and her cousins as she spoke.

    “What are you doing? It’s for your grandson and nephew. Plus, shouldn’t our family handle the honorable position of Glow at least once?”

    The warriors could not easily step forward. Librie had convinced them of this from a long time ago, and they did end up falling for her temptation, but it was extremely difficult to use their shamshir against Baguna, whom they had pledged their allegiance to for a long time.

    “They’ll all die soon even if you leave them alone, so just kill that punk named Pere. Can’t any of you use your heads?”

    As Librie continued to shout, the warriors who felt less remorse headed toward Pere.

    “Pere! What are you doing?! Do you plan on just letting them kill you?!”

    As Baguna started to yell at Pere this time, Pere cried a single tear from each of his eyes as he shouted back.

    “Father, I’m sorry. But this revenge..this revenge……”

    Pere started to make a path through the warriors with his shamshir with Yulian still on his shoulder.

    Pere was so strong that people would even say he was born with a divine power, and because there was a venomous nature to his personality, he had suffered through hell and back during his training to catch up to Yulian.

    Pere was prepared to lose his life, but as he was swinging his shamshir with the goal of vengeance in his heart, the knights and warriors could not easily block him.

    A battle for their lives. As the saying goes, a battle for their lives had started.

    They had only made it about thirty paces outside of the paoe, but both Pere and Yulian’s bodies had a lot of injuries.

    ‘To die like this…...I can’t die like this.’

    Pere continued to mutter to himself without stopping. How long did he work to make his dream a reality? To die a dog’s death like this; he did not put in so much effort to die like this.

    “Isn’t that right, hyung-nim!”

    Pere shouted while putting power into his whole body.

    He didn’t care if the strength was not his own and came from his anger or desperation, or even if the power was given to him by the devil. He could not die here.

    Pere swung his shamshir like a storm and fended off the warriors and the knights as he moved forward one step at a time. However, he was about to reach his limit.

    Were the heavens helping him? A savior arrived at that moment.


    Grace, who was riding a pirma, called out to Pere with a shocked expression.

    After seeing all the other chiefs return but Yulian not being present, rather than waiting for him, she had decided to meet up with him and planned to ride their pirmas through the night as a hike. That is why she had her pirma as well as Yulian’s pirma with her.

    It was a nonsensical coincidence, and the help of the heavens.

    “Sister-in-law! It’s a rebellion!”

    Seeing an escape route in front of him, Pere’s feet became full of energy as he shouted towards Grace and ran forward.

    An average woman may have become anxious, but Grace was not an average woman.

    She was the woman who crossed multiple oasis and quicksands on her own and came to a different tribe to test her husband.

    Grace saw the soldiers of the Silence Empire and the desert warriors running right after Pere and immediately realized what was happening. She squeezed her legs together to make the pirma run. At some point, she had even gotten out her sosoontas and they were in both of her hands.

    As the warriors hesitated at the Pirma’s gallop, Grace had already arrived next to Pere and started to yell.

    “Hurry and get on!”

    The moment Pere was putting Yulian on the pirma, some of the warriors who had regained their thoughts started to run towards them to stop them.

    In response, Grace jumped off of the pirma without much movement and landed on the ground.

    “You are throwing dirt in the name of Pareia.”

    The level of shame in these warriors were already as high as it could go; they started to swing their shamshirs at Grace without any response.

    In a normal situation, they would never even dream about waving their shamshir against a woman.


    Was that the reason?

    Grace, who felt that there were many gaps in their shamshirs, let out a shout and quickly used her sosoontas to take down two warriors.

    After being surprised at Grace’s unexpected reaction, they finally used their full strength to overpower Grace.

    However, by that time, Pere had already put Yulian on the pirma and he was on it as well.

    “Sister-in-law, hurry!”

    Once Pere shouted, Grace rolled her body backwards and quickly got on top of the pirma.

    Her quickness was something even the Red Storm warriors were amazed at.

    The two pirmas started to run.

    “Catch them! To not be able to catch one warrior and a girl, can you still call yourself warriors?”

    As Librie who came after them shouted, the warriors urgently grabbed their pirmas and started to pursue them.

    Librie knew that if she gave them time, everything would be ruined.

    She needed to meet with the chiefs first.

    Librie also got on a pirma and started to head towards the tribe.

    ‘If my uncle and cousins have any brains, they will make sure they can’t go back into the tribe. I need to finish it in that time.’

    Librie kicked the side of the pirma to make it go faster.

    If she could make it to the tribe first, she would be the winner of this game.

    The command of the Pareia warriors went to the Glow, then the Mother of Pareia, followed by the Young Glow, and when none of the three were present, it would fall to her.

    It was only temporary, but in this situation, that was enough.

    In order to have that command, she had murdered the current Mother of Pareia, Seina, before putting this into action.

    Librie’s two feet continued to kick the side of the pirma.

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    Book 1-7.4 The Plot (III)

    Grace and Pere became urgent. It was because of Pere and Yulian; the weight of these two men made the speed of their pirma much slower than the pirmas of the warriors chasing after them. Thankfully, it was Yulian’s pirma; no other pirmas could run like this while carrying two large men like them.

    The warriors chasing after them smartly cornered them in one direction to prevent them from heading into the tribe.

    Grace and Pere were regretting not bracing themselves for danger and running towards the tribe from the beginning as the two were sweating while guiding the pirmas to avoid the shamshirs flying towards them from behind.

    ‘Is there nothing we can do?’

    The word despair started to float inside Grace’s mind. As she started to think about it, Grace, who had been following behind Yulian and Pere as if she was defending them, was injured multiple times by the warriors’ shamshirs.

    Seeing her like that, Pere started to shout.

    “I will do whatever I can to handle them, sister-in-law, you must return to the tribe and explain the situation to them. If we can do that… ah!”

    As another shamshir started to fly towards them, Pere stopped talking and used all of his energy to protect the pirma and his body.

    After listening to Pere’s words, Grace realized that they would both just end up dying if they continued like this, and nodded her head as she spoke.

    “Then...point the pirma towards Rivolde. I will soon follow with reinforcements……”

    Pere nodded his head and turned the pirma towards the south and started to run again.

    “Please take care of your hyung-nim.”

    “You be safe as well sister-in-law.”

    Pere had never called Grace sister-in-law before today.

    It was obvious, since he didn’t even call his brother hyung, but right now, the term sister-in-law came out time after time.

    Seeing them split up, the warriors also split into two groups to chase down both Grace and Pere.

    Another long game of cat and mouse started.

    “Do not lose to some stupid poison. Are you going to die when I, Pere, am truly admiring you for the first time in my life?”

    Pere continued to shout while riding. He was encouraging himself to keep going.

    The dreams that Yulian talked about in their father’s paoe, as well as his boldness and passion.

    It was the moment that Yulian, who seemed very far away, started to get closer in his mind as his brother. It was the first time that even someone like him, who has a lot of pride, felt the feeling of defeat.

    The level of their dreams were worlds apart.

    His dream as the Glow of Pareia would have been to protect the tribe and make it stronger. It was a simple dream. But his brother was different.

    Watching his brother, who seemed to have thought about everything, respond to all of their questions, made Pere realize that his brother had been planning his dream for a long time.

    It lit a fire in his heart.

    He even mistakenly thought that they could achieve it if he worked together with his brother. No, he was sure that they could achieve it.

    “If you are going to die like this, what happens to me, and all the sweat and blood I’ve shed to defeat you?! You must beat it! This Pere will protect hyung-nim until you do! I promise!”

    Warm tears started to pour out of Pere’s eyes. It was both tears of regret that he realized his brother’s thoughts only just now, as well as tears of sorrow for the unfairness of the current situation.

    Pere started to recover his physical strength that he had lost from fatigue. After all, this was Pere who was said to have been born with divine powers.

    If Yulian had not learned martial arts from Chun Myung Hoon, Pareia’s greatest warrior would have been Pere.

    As for the person to fight against the Western War God Venersis, that would also have been Pere and not Yulian. Pere was born with extreme strength, to the point that Baguna would even share the information with Chun Myung Hoon.

    Otherwise, would Chun Myung Hoon have been surprised at Pere’s strength to the point he debated about taking Pere as his disciple for a long time?

    It looked like Pere’s divine power was working hard to save his life, as well as his brother’s life, as they fell in this road between life and death.

    He had enough strength to his use shamshir to strike down against the chasing warriors’ shamshirs and break them in half.

    Once they felt the extremely murderous aura coming out of Pere’s body, the warriors after them felt a sense of fear, and more importantly, their pirmas were surprised and started to run wild.

    Pere used this moment to successfully create some distance with the warriors chasing after them.

    After letting out a sigh of relief, Pere took a look at Yulian’s condition. Yulian’s face had turned dark blue.

    In the desert, there were many types of poison.

    The desert was a place where the multitude of plants and monsters, and even insects and the sand could be poisonous.

    However, as killing someone with poison was scorned, it did not happen often.

    Although the shamans may use poison for their incantations or for healing, there were no instances of warriors using poison.

    The only time warriors could be seen using poison was when they covered their weapon with poison before they headed out to take care of some monsters.

    With their pride, all of them wanted to protect their tribe with their abilities, without relying on something like poison that they did not put in any effort to use.

    It was normal for a strong warrior to defeat a weak warrior, however, the tribe could not accept a weak warrior using poison to defeat a stronger warrior.

    This was why Pere did not have much knowledge regarding poison.

    He didn’t know what type of poison Yulian was suffering from, or even how to treat him. He knew nothing. How could he? He had never used nor suffered from poison before.

    If someone was bitten by a poisonous snake or a scorpion, you cut around the area and suck out the blood. That much he knew, but since his brother had drank the poison, does he have to slice his brother’s neck?

    “Hyung-nim, what do I have to do? How should I handle this situation? Hyung-nim, do something! Since this Pere has protected you, you must also defeat this poison!”

    Pere grabbed onto Yulian’s leg and started to shout in frustration.


    Did Pere’s words reach him? Yulian let out a moan before putting on a frown that looked like it could crush his skull.

    Yulian was using all of his force. To protect its owner who had lost consciousness, Yulian’s body was working on its own to utilize the ‘naegashimbup,’ the internal force that was ingrained in Yulian’s body, to barely manage to prevent the poison from reaching Yulian’s heart.

    If it was Chun Myung Hoon, even if someone had fed him poison while he was sleeping, he could laugh in his sleep and his internal energy would force it back out of his mouth or out the tips of his fingers or toes, but Yulian’s limit was preventing the poison from reaching his heart.

    It wasn’t like Yulian was showing to Pere that he was touched by Pere’s shouts and sincerity; it was more of a subconscious response to let him know that he was alive.


    Pere was extremely delighted at Yulian’s moaning and started to shake him. This was a very dangerous thing to do. (TL: No duh, who shakes an injured person…) It was even more dangerous than meditating on a running pirma.


    Yulian’s body instantly started to shiver.

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    Book 1-7.5 The Plot (IV)

    It was as if he was saying that Pere should not touch him. Although Pere was confused, he felt like he shouldn’t touch him and removed his hands.

    “Are you awake? Is your condition really bad?”

    Many questions of concern were coming out of Pere’s mouth. This was surprising, because it was difficult for Yulian to hear anything from Pere normally. Unfortunately, Yulian could not respond.

    Pere made up his mind and nodded his head as he spoke.

    “It’s fine. As long as you are alive, that’s all that matters. Just hold on a little bit longer. The Rivolde Oasis is not much further!”

    That’s what Pere was telling Yulian, but he knew that the road to Rivolde was still long.

    No matter how quickly they rode, it would take at least three days to reach Rivolde, the closest Oasis to Pareia.

    He was worried that Yulian could not last that long, and he was also worried because they would need to cross the Shuarei’s territory to get there. Normally, they would use the northern route, but they were not in the condition to do so right now. They needed to take the fastest route possible.

    Pere started to first push the pirma forward. He might as well travel as he was trying to figure things out. He believed that Grace would soon arrive with reinforcements and the shamans, but he was also worried about that.

    If the evil Librie arrived first and started to take control……

    Even Pere knew that if Yuiian is not there, the command would fall to Librie. Plus, Librie would not have stupidly started this rebellion without thinking things through……

    Pere was filled with worries as he continued forward.

    The sun started to rise, but Pere’s mind was still the same terrible nightmare.

    How far must he have traveled?

    The sun was high above his head.

    ‘It’s tiring.’

    Since Grace had prepped the pirma only for a night riding session, there were no water on the pirma. Pere was using his strong mental skills to survive the murderous sun’s heat and continue forward.

    Truthfully speaking, crossing the desert without a turban (a hat made by wrapping a cloth around your head), and without any water, was suicide. However, Pere did not despair.

    He knew that his guardian god will help him.

    He had faith and believed that Neo Latin will not abandon him, especially after he had been giving a prayer of abstaining from alcohol. Pere had full confidence in his will to live.

    At that moment, he saw a cloud of sand in the distance.


    If it was Grace, it should be coming from the back, not from the front.

    Pere grabbed the hilt of his shamshir tightly.


    Pere swore inside once he figured out who the main characters inside the sand clouds were.

    Before he could see any of the people inside, he saw the large blue flag and the shamshir that was drawn on it.

    It was the Desert Sword, the brigade of Shuarei’s ‘Bloodied Hands,’ Venersis. As he was rushing forward lost in thought, he must have already ended up in the Shuarei’s territory.

    Even if he would have tried to run away, the pirma was tired.

    It was not surprising.

    It had run so far carrying two people.

    ‘If I don’t have a way to escape, I must meet them and leave everything to the will of the heavens. I’m sure we will not die.’

    Although they met their bitter enemies, Pere felt himself being surprisingly calm and rested. He had a weird confirmation that even if something even more severe than this were to happen, he would not die.

    The Desert Sword soon surrounded Pere and Yulian. They looked to be around fifty people.

    It was as if they were waiting for someone.

    Pere still did not lose his calm expression, and started to spin the shamshir in his hand.

    But suddenly, he felt an overwhelming pressure; that wind of pressure quickly attacked Pere.

    Pere’s eyes opened widely as he turned his head towards the direction of the wind.

    Who would dare to show this type of pressure to him?

    If he was go to one on one with their lives on the line, he was confident that he would not even lose to his brother.

    Pere could see a middle aged man around his size slowly approaching him on a large pirma.

    Pere turned his body towards this man, who was still trying to oppress him while giving off an air of piercing through everything. Then, as if to say he could do just as much, he opened up his chest and lowered his shamshir in front of him as he glared at the man.

    The man seemed to be both surprised and flattered by Pere, and asked.

    “Who are you?”

    There was a sense of danger coming from each and every one of his words.

    It felt similar to his father’s voice when he was angry.

    However, he had no plans on tricking himself.

    Pere overcame the danger he sensed and shouted loudly.

    “I am the second son of Pareia’s ‘Benevolent Eye’ Baguna Provoke, the ‘Great Strength’ Pere Provoke. Who is the warrior addressing me?”

    The man nodded his head.

    It was a name that he kept hearing these days.

    The two sons of Pareia were extremely talented. The eldest son caught a sand dragon on his own and the second son was known as an extremely strong individual who could defeat anybody he faced.

    If it was a warrior with that much fame, it seemed fine to tell him his name.

    The man answered in a quiet yet powerful voice.

    “I am Venersis, the ‘Bloodied Hands,’ of the Shuarei’s strength, the Desert Sword.”


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  • Book 2-1.1 Venersis


    I needed to save him. I also needed to save myself.

    Pere’s body was shaking to the point that he almost fell off the pirma. This man was the Western War God and Pareia’s worst enemy. Putting the Shuarei tribe second, if anyone could catch just this one man, Pareia could resolve all the grudges it has had for a long time.

    Pere's wanted to swing his shamshir and try battling him right now. He wanted to catch Venersis and resolve his grudges. However, he needed to protect Yulian and make it to Rivolde.

    Venersis noticed that the murderous aura coming from Pere’s body suddenly disappeared and looked at Pere as if he was surprised.


    Venersis had only been looking at Pere because of his strength that he didn’t notice Yulian leaning on the pirma until now.

    “He’s been hit by poison.”

    Venersis looked at Yulian’s face as he asked.

    “Who is he?”

    Pere hesitated at Venesis’ question.

    ‘A true warrior will not kill someone who is not holding a weapon. If I pretend he is someone else, there is a higher chance of survival.

    Pere debated for a bit but ended up shaking his head. His brother will need to become Pareia’s glow in the future. He could not use a lie to save his life.

    “This is Pareia’s young glow, the ‘Desert Conqueror,’ Yulian Provoke, my older brother.”

    “An enemy we must catch.”

    Pere put some strength into his hand at Venersis’ response.

    “However, a warrior does not use a crisis for their benefit.”

    Pere was confused at what Venersis just said. What did he mean?

    Venersis turned his head and called one of the warriors over. Once he said something to the warrior, the warrior nodded his head and went up to each and every one of the Desert Sword members and said something in their ear. Each time he moved on to a new warrior, they would also nod their head. As he continued on, one warrior nodded his head before handing over a bag to the messenger. The messenger then handed the bag to Venersis.

    Venersis opened the bag and took a sniff before coming towards Pere.

    Even without noticing, Pere’s body shook for a split second.

    Pere felt with his whole body just why Venersis was Venersis.

    Venersis stretched out his arm and held the bag in front of Pere.

    “This is our tribe’s shanana (emergency antidote that desert warriors carry with them. Although each tribe has their own unique take on it, overall, they all share the fact that they can help fight off poison). You should know how to use it, right?”

    Pere stared at Venersis for a bit before reaching out and taking the bag.

    “Next time, I hope to meet you on the battlefield, young warrior brothers.”

    As Venesis turned around and started to walk away, Pere hesitated before starting to speak.

    “Warrior Venersis.”

    As Venersis turned his head, Pere mumbled for a bit before speaking.

    “I will definitely repay this favor. However, I will not forget my grudge.”

    Venersis started to smile as he looked at Pere and then turned to look at Yulian.

    ‘Her son. He’s grown quite a bit.’

    Venersis was thinking about Mairez. She was the woman he wanted to make his own no matter the cost.

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