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  • Book 1-6.4 Incident with the Prince (II)

    The person swinging his two greatswords and using just the pressure from it to push back both the knights and the warriors was Yulian, who now stood in between the two groups.

    Seeing Grace holding her Sosoontas in her hands, Yulian asked.

    “Madam, what is going on?”

    Since they were in front of other people, Yulian addressed Grace in a respectful way as he asked.

    Grace knew that if she honestly told him what happened, a serious incident would occur. After all, she knew her husband’s strength better than anyone.

    His strength was one that made it hard to believe he was human; really, in the desert, the only warrior who could still take on Yulian 1 on 1 was probably just the Shuarei’s Bloodied Hands, Venersis.

    Although some of the empire’s knights looked like they were stronger than the Red Storm warriors, they were no match for her husband.

    Grace put away her Sosoontas and grabbed onto Yulian’s arm as if nothing happened.

    “It was nothing. The Empire’s knights were just comparing strengths with our warriors.”

    Yulian looked towards the Empire’s knights in disbelief after listening to Grace. It was then that Yulian saw him.

    Yulian saw the arrogant and moronic prince of the empire standing drunk behind the knights.

    An image was drawn inside Yulian’s mind.

    ‘There’s no way……’

    What Yulian was imagining was confirmed when Shareulo started to shout again.

    “What the hell are you doing? I told you to restrain that bitch and bring her to me. Oh, and restrain the punk that just showed up as well.”

    A fire was lit in Yulian’s eyes.

    “What did he do to you?”

    Seeing this angry expression on Yulian for the first time, Grace could only shake her head no.


    As Yulian’s voice started to get louder, Grace cautiously answered.

    “The prince was drunk and approached this lady…...and wrist……”

    Grace could not say anything else.

    “Why won’t you tell me the rest?”

    “It was nothing much.”

    “I’m asking you to tell me that trivial thing.”

    “I will answer you inside the paoe.”

    “I want you to tell me now.”

    As Grace would not say anything further, Yulian looked around him with fiery eyes. It was then that he made eye contact with a young child. Yulian walked to the child and lifted him up as he raised the child to his eye level.

    The boy, who looked to be less than nine years old, did not avoid Yulian; instead, he seemed to be excited as he peered into Yulian’s eyes.

    “What is your name?”

    “My name is Tanana Clinique, son of the veteran warrior, Titina Clinique, the Angry Pirma.”

    The boy did not fear Yulian’s eyes and answered vigorously. Yulian was a hero and a role model for the boy; even if Yulian was angry, he had no reason to be afraid of him. He was also at a young age where he could not understand why what happened was a big issue.

    “Tanana, son of Titina Clinique, I will ask you a question.”


    “Do you know my wife, the Beautiful Maiden Grace Nellisi?”

    The boy answered vigorously.

    “Of course. I know the former Mother of Pareia, the current Mother, as well as the future Mother.”

    “You’re brilliant.”

    “Thank you very much.”

    The boy was smiling brightly after being praised by Yulian, and the surrounding people started to feel nervous.

    “I will ask you one more question. What just happened to the future Mother of Pareia?”

    The boy was proud that he saw everything that happened and answered vigorously.

    “That drunk foreigner was holding onto Grace-nim’s hand, and when Grace-nim tried to push his hand away, he hugged her. So Grace-nim moved her body and her hand……”

    The boy tried to explain by twisting his hands, but maybe he could not remember clearly, as he just waved his hand around a bit as he continued to explain.

    “Once she did that, the foreigner fell face first into the sand. We were laughing at that when suddenly those people wearing armor came closer, and it was then that the Young Glow and Desert Conqueror, the great warrior Yulian-nim showed up here.”

    “Oh! So that’s what happened.”

    A cold smile showed up on Yulian’s face.

    “You explained it very well, Tanana. When you grow up to be a proud warrior of Pareia, I will be very happy.”

    “Thank you very much.”

    The boy had a bright expression from being praised by his hero and walked towards his family. Yulian turned around and spoke to Grace.

    “And so he says.”

    “We can’t get angry at a guest who made a mistake in his drunk state.”

    Although Grace could feel her husband’s anger in her body, she spoke carefully to try to calm him down. However, Shareulo’s mouth continued to get in the way.

    “You so called Royal Knights are going to disobey a prince’s command? Bring them here right now!”


    A cold smile was back on Yulian’s face as he turned around. His presence made a couple of the Royal Knights hesitate. Although it looked like the normal knights could not recognize it, the Royal Knights could feel it. The aura coming off the body of this youngster known as the Prince of the Desert was not normal.

    ‘What the heck is the diplomat doing?’

    Sesuna, the Royal Knight in charge of the envoy was cursing Janet, who was not visible even though such an incident had occurred. This was the first time he was looking for a diplomat because he wanted to avoid a fight.

    In front of him was a dangerous opponent, behind him was someone he couldn’t disobey. Internally, he was feeling embarrassed and wanted to get away from this place. It was obvious that the knights’ movements would be filled with hesitation. (TL: Guess this is what you call between a rock and a hard place)

    However, Yulian walked towards the knights as if he had no intentions of avoiding them and started to speak in the language of the continent.

    “Are you all knights of the continent?”

    As a couple of the knights nodded their heads, Yulian scoffed at them as he spoke.

    “In the books that I have read, it stated that the continent’s knights have a Knight’s Code they have to follow. In the Knight’s Code, I read that knights must protect the elderly, the children, and the ladies. Are you really knights?” (TL: I know ladies sound kind of odd here, but that’s what the author actually uses, so I kept it as is).

    It was a question asking ‘How can you call yourself knights if you won’t protect ladies?’ At the very insulting question, the knights’ faces continued to turn red in shame. Even without him saying that, they had already turned red from what Grace had asked earlier.

    Shame and embarrassment. Resentment towards the Commander who ordered them on this mission. Resentment towards the current situation.

    “If you don’t catch them now, you will face the consequences when we return to the Empire.”

    Resentment towards that damn bastard of a prince. In the end, the knights took our their weapons and started to get in formation.

    Watching the knights starting to form their formations, Haisha and a couple Red Storm warriors tried to go next to Yulian, however, Yulian stopped them.

    “Warriors, do not step forward. It is a husband’s duty to pay back the shame brought to his wife.”

    Yulian shouted towards the warriors around them as he held out the two greatswords and walked into the middle of the formation on his own.

    Sesuna was thinking that it was great that Yulian entered their formation on his own. Since he came in on his own, they would be able to catch him while giving him some face as the prince of the desert. If the person in charge, Janet, could show up while they were stalling for time, it would be even better.

    “D Formation.”

    Listening to Sesuna give directions to form the defense-oriented formation, all the knights understood his intentions and cheered internally. They even hoped that the youngster known as the desert prince would be extremely talented and could keep them occupied. That would be the only way they would be able to say anything to the moronic prince.

    Yulian’s greatsword started to move. It brought forth a gust of sand, and hit the knights with a dangerous aura. There was a loud clanking noise as the knights who traded blows with Yulian wobbled backwards. He had a really high level of strength.

    Their thought process was short; knowing that they could not stop the incoming greatswords while shaking, they curled up their body. The knights on the sides moved their feet to block the greatsword, however, they were pushed back with just one hit.

    Seeing Yulian like this, Sesuna understood that he was a warrior with extreme skills and instructed them to change to the W formation. Although there were only a few changes from the D formation, this was a formation focused on helping the people around them when facing a strong opponent.

    Seeing this, Yulian did not hinder the knights’ movements, as if saying do as you please. He planned on taking down everything they threw at him.

    Once the knights finished changing their formation, Yulian pushed forward strongly once more. Even though they were in the W formation, they continued to get pushed back.

    Although they were getting pushed back, Sesuna still did not directly attack Yulian, thinking that if he was to even accidentally shed some blood, Yulian might become completely ruthless. Based on the knights’ movements, Yulian could understand what they were doing and started to find his sense of reason in the midst of his anger. After that, he only used his physical strength to push back the knights and make them succumb.

    “You don’t need to catch him alive. Just take off his neck.”

    As he realized his knights were getting pushed back time and time again, Shareulo’s order changed, and Yulian realized that he was pointing his sword at the wrong person.

    He widely swung his greatsword once more and pushed the knights back one more time before looking at the knight with the most skill and spoke.

    “I won’t kill him so don’t get in my way. If you try to protect him, I may really end up killing him.”

  • Book 1-6.5 Incident with the Prince (III)

    The knights were flabbergasted by Yulian’s words. Thirty knights were being warned by one desert warrior. However, with Yulian’s next move, they confirmed that he had the abilities to back up his warning.

    They saw a faint haze starting to rise from Yulian’s greatsword. They were able to see it even when the moon and the bonfires were the only sources of light lighting up the night.

    “This is not possible……”

    Sesuna, as well as many of the knights were all muttering that quietly. From the beginning, it seemed impossible for him to be able to swing those large greatswords. Those swords were difficult to swing even with both hands, but using one in each hand? How was that possible? Plus, the extremely destructive power he showed……

    If that wasn’t enough, now he was pouring mana into the greatsword. This was something only a master was able to do.

    ‘I know of one two-handed sword master, however, a knight …… no, a master who uses two of them …...I’ve never heard of such a thing.’

    Sesuna was calmly assessing the situation. Currently there were five Royal Knights here in the desert. If they were to have a battle for their lives, even if it was against a master, they should be able to defend. After all, the Royal Knights of the Silence Empire were only one level, or maximum two levels under the masters’ levels in comparison.

    Plus, they also had over twenty veteran knights. If they were to fight, they probably would not lose. However, the ones who will end up spilling blood will be the knights, and they would not be able to protect the prince either. There was nothing you could do if a master set their target on a specific person and only headed towards them.

    “I’ve warned you.”

    With those short words, Yulian started to run towards Shareulo.

    “Block him!”

    No matter how moronic this prince was, and even if the enemy was a master, the Royal Knights, and really, all knights, had to protect the royal family and could not retreat. Once Sesuna’s orders came out, all the knights blocked Yulian’s path.

    In return, just as he had warned them, Yulian ruthlessly attacked the knights.

    Clank! Slash Clank!

    As steel hit steel, the loud noises of their weapons clashing echoed in the desert. The moans soon followed after that.

    With one swing, the knights on both the left and the right were pushed away and Yulian continued to move forward. They could not block him. After that, two more knights were pushed away and finally, when the Royal Knights were blocking Yulian, Yulian’s greatsword started to change.

    The knights’ swords were being cut into two and their full chainmail made of durable iron was being crushed or ripped apart. It was a sight you would not believe unless you saw it for yourself.

    Seeing that, Shareulo started to yell again.

    “What! What the heck are you doing?! Block that punk right now! Call the soldiers! Kill that punk this instant!”

    Yulian smirked and showed some sympathy that these magnificent knights had to serve such a prince, but the knights were too busy focusing on Yulian’s swords that nobody heard what he said. It may have been better that they did not hear him. Those type of words would only make them lose their strength.

    It took less than ten minutes for all the knights to be flung backwards. None of them had any severe injuries that would impact their lives. Yulian’s anger had moved onto Shareulo, and he knew they had to follow orders.

    Even though all of his knights were knocked down, Shareulo continued to arrogantly yell towards Yulian.

    “How dare you lay your hands on the knights of the Silence Empire even after knowing who I am! Once I return, I will make sure to torture you to death, however, if you admit your wrongdoing and beg me for forgiveness, I will pretend that none of this happened.”


    Yulian could not believe what Shareulo was saying. If he’s able to shout like this even in this type of situation, what would have happened if he was not strong enough and had been caught by the knights?

    “Do you think you will be able to return to your Empire?”

    Shareulo’s face turned pale and traces of fear started to develop on his face at Yulian’s words.

    “You… you would dare to do something to me?”

    “Why wouldn’t I? You insulted my country, you insulted our warriors, and now, you even dared to try to assault my wife. Why should I not kill you?”

    Shareulo’s entire body started to shake at the thick murderous aura.

    “You can try to attack me too. Pareia’s warriors do not kill a person who does not have a weapon.”

    Yulian picked up one of the swords that a knight had dropped and handed it to Shareulo. Shareulo was not able to receive the sword and started to speak in a shaking voice.

    “If you kill me … don’t you know what would happen if you kill me? Fi...fine…… I’ll… pretend that none of this happened. We will return now. I promise I will not seek revenge……”

    ‘This truly is one of Silence Empire’s princes?’

    Seeing that Shareulo’s shameless behavior made his anger appear to be too much, Yulian debated stopping right there. However, he knew that he could not stop here as the people of Pareia were watching. If he was to just back away now, it’ll plant a seed in their hearts that no matter how strong you were, you had to walk on eggshells around the strong forces of the continent.

    Furthermore, to back away when it was the wife of the Young Glow who was assaulted,  that would cause a large wound on the pride of the Pareian people.

    Yulian lifted his hand as he headed directly towards Shareulo and started to slap him.

    “This one is punishment for looking down on our Pareia.”

    Shareulo’s left cheek became swollen in an instant.


    Shareulo did not consider his reputation and shouted like he was about to die. As he started to rub his left cheek with both hands, Yulian’s large hand slapped Shareulo’s right cheek.

    “That one is punishment for looking down on our warriors.”

    Shareulo was now down rolling on the ground while rubbing both of his cheeks and screaming at the top of his lungs. Watching this, the people of Pareia felt good while thinking that he was getting what he deserved.

    As Yulian looked over at Grace and started to head towards Shareulo, Grace quickly came up to Yulian and held his arm.

    “You do not need to punish him on my behalf. I am content he has received this much punishment.”

    At Grace’s request, Yulian looked around to read the expression of the tribe members. After seeing their satisfied faces, he thought that this was enough. Plus, seeing Shareulo suffering on the ground rubbing his whole body, he thought that there would be no point to continue.

    “Please stop the fight.”

    At this point, there was someone shouting while running towards them. It was the diplomat from the Silence Empire, Janet. Janet was surprised after seeing the knights and prince on the ground and started to shout at Yulian.

    “Young Glow, what is the meaning of this?”

    Yulian coldly responded.

    “How about you explain to me what the meaning of this is? Your prince was insulting Pareia earlier and now tried to assault my wife. Well?”

    At Yulian’s answer, Janet’s body swung as if the back of his head was hit by a hammer. In the end, that moron could not hold in his lecherous ways and caused an incident. Shareulo’s lust was famous even back in the Empire.

    After seeing the woman standing next to Yulian, he could imagine Shareulo’s actions without having seen it for himself. However, he could not just let it be when the prince was in such a condition.

    “No matter what may have happened, to insult the Empire’s prince like this, don’t you know this will gravely impact the relationship between the great Silence Empire and the Pareia tribe?”

    “Then are you telling me that I have to just sit by and watch my wife get raped? How should I watch it? Should I be laughing as I watch it for the friendship between the Empire and our tribe? If you come as an envoy of a nation, then you should not have acted this way! Don’t you agree?”

    At Yulian’s reprimand, Janet had nothing to say.

    ‘What shall I do about this?’

    Janet once again cursed the crown prince who ordered him to travel with that moron, and could only worry about how to resolve this situation.

    As the other members of the envoy carried prince Shareulo and the knights into their residence, Grace quietly pulled Yulian’s arm.

    Once Yulian followed Grace into the paoe, Grace put herself in Yulian’s embrace and spoke as she stroked his chest.

    “I know you are angry, but this incident will have some severe consequences. There should have been other ways to resolve it……”

    “I held back not once, not twice, but three times. What else could i have done?”

    “You have to hold back because you are the Glow. If not three times, then four times, five times, even one hundred times if you can do so.”

    “Are you scolding me right now?”

    As Yulian was starting to get angry at Grace’s words, Grace hugged Yulian tightly and started to rub his back as she answered.

    “Of course not. I was extremely happy at your actions. How could I scold you when my husband cares so much about me. That’s preposterous.”

    “Then why are you keep saying things like that?”

    “Don’t you think I felt that it was unfair? I had to hold back when that was happening to me. However, if it is for you to become a great Glow, I can hold back even thousands of times. Can you not understand my heart?”

    As tears started to form in Grace’s eyes, Yulian let out a sigh as he started to hold her tightly as well.

    “Sigh~. How could I not know how you are feeling? However, this situation was just too much. How dare he put his hands on you.”

    Grace lightly smiled on the inside, however, tears were still hanging on her eyes.

    “Still, I hope that you can restrain yourself in the future. Since you showed your might this time, the knights of the Silence Empire who now know of your strength will definitely not leave you alone. It’s not even about hurting their pride, it is because they now know you are a dangerous presence. That is why I have told you all this.”

    “I understand. I will be careful from here on.”

    “You promise?”

    “I promise.”

    At Yulian’s answer, Grace got on her tippy-toes and kissed Yulian’s cheek.

    “I’m relieved.”

    Yulian could never win against Grace.

    (TL Note: Friends, my fellow Red Storm warriors, with this release, I have now been translating for 12 weeks and 36 releases have come out including this one. We have 1 more release before starting the last chapter of Volume 1. After finishing Volume 1, I will take 1 week off before coming back to translate Volume 2. It will be at least two more weeks before that happens, but I wanted to give you all a heads up early on!)

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  • Book 1-6.6 We Must Get Rid of Him

    Janet started to think with his large body bent over. According to Sesuna, the Royal Knight, Yulian was a master. In addition, Sesuna claimed that Yulian’s level of strength could not be compared to any average sword master.

    What kind of existence were masters?

    Even in the Silence Empire where there were numerous knights, they had less than ten masters. Even in the Rojini Kingdom which rivaled the strength of the Empire, they also had less than ten masters.

    ‘This is going to be a problem.’

    Janet could feel the headache starting to form.

    “You must be really happy about this. Thanks to you, Yulian’s popularity has soared up to the heavens.”

    Two women wearing thick veils entered Janet’s paoe and started to antagonize him.

    At that moment, a single plan of action entered Janet’s mind.

    There was hostility on both sides.

    He didn’t know about the oldest son, but clearly, this woman’s side was hostile with them.

    A force-using master. That was an existence that should not exist in one of the Empire’s provinces.

    When a war begins between kingdoms, magic, sword, spears, the number of masters in all disciplines play a critical role in the war strategy. The Silence Empire, which had an army of 500,000 soldiers only had eight masters.

    There are the rare strategists who claim that a single individual cannot do much in large-scale battles, however, they were rookie strategists who have never experienced war, no, who have never experienced a war that included masters.

    Their strength to push through in a straight line; masters were existences who had so much power than it required three to four commander level knights to barely manage to block them.

    ‘We must get rid of him. We must DEFINITELY get rid of him.’

    Janet’s mind started to spin quickly. His plan was perfected in a very short amount of time. In situations like this when they had allies in the enemy camp, a shrewd diplomat like Janet could come up with tens of different methods.

    “Madam, you have come.”

    Once the thoughts in his mind were settled, Janet greeted Glow Baguna’s third wife, Librie, with a calm expression.

    He was full of greed. Although this woman wasn’t crafty or smart, he was confident that this woman would get rid of Yulian.

    “What’s so good that you can have such a calm expression? I asked you to get rid of Yulian, but all you managed to do was make them praise him even more.”

    Even with Librie continuing to antagonize him, Janet did not lose his calm demeanor. Rather, he started to smile while preparing to roll Librie in the palm of his hands.

    “Do not worry about it. I have a plan to handle this.”

    “What plan? You think you have a plan to lower Yulian’s fame?”

    “Hoho, Madam, please stop. Today, I will let you know the method to get rid of Yulian.”

    Librie felt her ears opening up and quickly sat down and spoke in a small voice.

    “How? There is a way?”

    “Of course. This Janet is someone nobody can ignore, even back in the empire. Originally, I had planned to slowly progress, however, after seeing him today, I can no longer let him be.”

    Librie followed along.

    “What did I say before! Didn’t I tell you from the beginning about how scary that child Yulian is? There are no warriors in the desert who do not know of his name. And two years ago, he gathered the young warriors and created some brigade called the Red Storm, and quickly, he turned all of them to be stronger than most veteran warriors.”

    “Something like that happened?”

    As Janet asked with a surprised expression, Librie got excited and started to continue.

    “There is nobody in Pareia who does not know about it. He said it was a brigade to take down the Shuarei’s Desert Sword, and those Red Storm warriors are so loyal to him that if he told them to ‘Die!’ they would even pretend to be dead. Do you think that’s all? The majority of Pareia is hopeful that once Yulian becomes the Glow, he will be able to defeat our nemesis, the Shuarei tribe, and unify the desert.”

    “To unify the desert… he has some lofty dreams.”

    “The problem is that everyone believes that he could achieve such unbelievable dream.”

    Janet was amazed that Librie could speak like that, even if she was full of greed trying to make her son become the Glow.

    He was also curious about how she planned to get rid of the second son, Pere, even if Yulian was removed from the equation.

    ‘Well, it’s not like this is the first time I’ve seen someone like this. I just have to focus on completing my end of the bargain properly. Hehehe.’

    Janet was laughing inside as he spoke.

    “I am worried about the future of Pareia. If someone so rash becomes the Glow, the foundation of the tribe will start to shake.”

    “That’s exactly my point! Yulian, that child has such absurd thoughts! To unify the’s not normal for someone who has not even turned twenty to think he could do something that nobody has managed to do for hundreds of years.”

    “That is why Librie-nim’s son Orca must become the Glow and have Librie-nim serve as the regent. That is the way to lead Pareia to prosperity.”

    “I appreciate your words. Anyways, how do you plan on getting rid of Yulian?”

    “Librie-nim’s tribe members have all gathered, right?”

    “The majority of them are here. Other than the minimum required to protect a young Oasis, they are all here.”

    “Around how many are there?”

    “Around five hundred or so.”

    Janet started to smile at Librie’s answer.

    “That should be plenty.”

    Janet came close to Librie and started to whisper his plan in her ear.

    A smile started to form on Librie’s face.

    Next Up:


    Thoughts that he didn’t want to bring up again……

    The things he worked hard to forget…...

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    Congrats on finishing the first volume!!!

    looking forward to the next one, have a good week off!
  • Congrats on finishing the first volume!!!

    looking forward to the next one, have a good week off!
    One more chapter in volume 1 before it's done :) 
  • Congrats on finishing the first volume!!!

    looking forward to the next one, have a good week off!
    One more chapter in volume 1 before it's done :) 
    my misunderstanding than... but still quite an achievement, completing an entire volume!!
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  • Betrayal.

    Thoughts that he didn’t want to bring up again……

    The things he worked hard to forget…...

    Book 1-7.1 Discussion with the Chiefs (I)

    The third night of Glow Baguna’s birthday celebration.

    Inside the paoe were Glow Baguna and his three sons, as well as the tribal chiefs in charge of eleven oasis.

    Since each oasis is maintained by three to four chiefs, the total number of people in the paoe was around forty people.

    Truthfully speaking, there were not many chances for all the chiefs to gather together like this throughout the year, so every time they had the opportunity to do so, they gathered together to discuss their individual oasis, as well as determine a plan for all of Pareia.

    Of course the discussion of the day was about how Yulian had manhandled the Empire’s prince.

    The first to speak was the ‘Careful Cobra’ Sanatu, who lives in the oasis of deep bottoms.

    “I’ll admit that I felt refreshed at the Young Glow’s action, however, this Sanatu is worried about how to handle the aftermath of the incident. Could the Young Glow not restrain yourself?”

    Before Yulian could answer, the ‘Impulsive Buffalo’ Maigue of the Brilliant Tree Oasis tribe started to shout.

    “Sanatu-nim, then were we supposed to watch our daughters be assaulted?! Furthermore, she is set to become the next Mother of Pareia. It would have been understandable even if all of the warriors ran in to fight against them. How could you blame the Young Glow for that?”

    Their two sides were very fitting of their names. The other chiefs took Sanatu’s side or Maigue’s side based on their individual feelings.

    Taking a look, there were more chiefs who agreed with Maigue and thought Yulian did the right thing.

    The temperament of most desert people were militant. They also had very strong senses of pride. Many chiefs were even saying that if they were in Yulian’s shoes, they would have done the same thing. Truthfully speaking, even the chiefs who were blaming Yulian’s actions were only doing so thinking about the future of Pareia; they were not necessarily thinking that Yulian was wrong for what he did. As such, there wasn’t a large argument.

    The chiefs were separated into two teams as they shared a heated discussion, and after trying to figure out how they can still make Pareia thrive, they looked towards Baguna.

    They wanted him to clean up this mess.

    Baguna looked towards Yulian who was sitting next to him.

    “Since you caused this issue, how do you think we should resolve it?”

    Yulian stood up from his seat and looked around at the chiefs in the paoe before starting to speak.

    “I am truly sorry for causing such concerns for the wise elders. This incident, I accept that I may have been rash, however, if something like this were to happen again, I will act the same way. Even if it is not my own wife, no matter which maiden of Pareia it may be, I will still act the same way.”

    Yulian spoke with a strong voice as he maintained direct eye contact with the chiefs.

    “I was taught that the first mission of the desert warriors is to protect their tribe and the women and children. This mission that the warriors of the older generation maintained by spilling their blood has made Pareia into what it is today, and all I did was listen to those teachings. No matter if the opponent is a strong Empire, even if there is something that will shake the entire foundation of Pareia, if a situation occurs where we do not work to keep this most important mission, Pareia will lose the meaning of its name and the blood of the past warriors would have been for nothing.”


    “Our Pareia is the strongest among the five desert tribes in the Eastern Desert, and our warriors are strong. What are we so afraid of that we must discuss like this regarding following through with a warrior’s mission?”

    Silence filled the paoe at Yulian’s long speech. Yulian had reignited the core that they had forgotten about.

    The mission of a desert warrior. A mission that any warrior must keep.

    What Yulian had said ignited the feelings of even the few extremely old chiefs, however, at the same time, some of them were lamenting the fact that Yulian lacked political skills.

    After a bit of silence, the oldest of the chiefs who had gathered, the one who was right behind Glow Baguna in terms of respect and level of trust, the ‘Tight-lipped Teacher’ Yarumaha of the Deep Deep Oasis started to speak.

    “My dear Young Glow.”

    “Yes, ‘Tight-lipped Teacher’ Yarumaha-nim.”

    “Everything changes based on where you put the value of existence. If the Young Glow has put the warrior’s mission first, this old man will put the existence of Pareia first. If Pareia was to disappear, there is no point to a warrior’s mission. Have you thought about a warrior who does not have a tribe or people to protect?”


    As Maigue called out to Yarumaha, Yarumaha just raised his hand up to make him quiet down before asking Yulian for an answer.

    “What does the Young Glow think about this question?”

    Yulian looked into Yarumaha’s eyes as he answered.

    “Our warriors just need to continue getting stronger. Strong enough so that we do not need to deal with this type of insult. Although what Yarumaha-nim is saying is also correct, the main issue is that our Pareia is weaker than that Silence Empire. All of the desert warriors must clench their teeth and get stronger. This is a situation that can be handled if we are strong enough that this many people do not need to gather for such a situation.”

    Yarumaha shook his head.

    “What this old man is trying to say is that a lot of effort and time is needed to get that strong. How do you know if something like this will happen again when you become the Glow in the future?”

    Yulian clenched his fist as he answered.

    “What Yarumaha-nim is saying is correct. However, I am confident. We will get stronger and make it so that the Silence Empire cannot do anything about our Pareia.”

    “I want to ask you how you plan to do so.”

    “If all of the desert tribes work together, we would be stronger than any power in the continent. I truly cannot understand why the desert tribes, which are all part of one nation, must fight to take over each other, and bleed to kill each other. I will unify the desert.”



    There were sounds of admiration and support all around the paoe.

    “It is something that nobody has managed to do for hundreds of years. We may all be part of one nation, however, we have been separated for so long that even some traditions are different. What the Young Glow wants to do is impossi……”

    Yulian cut Yarumaha off.

    “Please don’t say that it is impossible. I have already set a goal for myself and will push forward to it like a desert warrior. Rather, isn’t it more realistic than my saying that I will fight with the Silence Empire now to see who is stronger? Once I unify the desert, the Silence Empire will need to walk on eggshells around us, not the way it is now.”

    At Yulian’s shocking words, many of the chiefs looked at each other.

    Should we try to stop him?

    Or should we aggressively support him?

    Yulian’s words were difficult to achieve when you thought about it rationally, however, they could feel their hearts lighting up with passion and wanted to believe his words. There was an unexplainable sense of belief that Yulian would really be able to make it happen.

    This was the same even for Sanatu, who had originally blamed Yulian’s rash behavior in the beginning.

    Glow Baguna looked at his son with a satisfied expression.

    Rather than Yulian’s title as Desert Conqueror and his strong abilities, Baguna was more satisfied about how Yulian could share his dream with others and draw people to him. That unexplainable passion, and charisma. That’s what Baguna was most satisfied about when it came to his son.

    You could raise a strong warrior, however, a Glow who can draw people towards him, that was not something you could teach. It was something you were born with. In this aspect, Baguna was satisfied.

    “Our Young Glow is drawing this old man in with his weird passion. Then I will ask one last question. If the Silence Empire wants to get revenge about this situation and leads their soldiers into the desert, what will you do?”

  • thanks for the chapter, i want to ask are u going to translate the entire chapter 7 before going on break or is it just this part?
  • thanks for the chapter, i want to ask are u going to translate the entire chapter 7 before going on break or is it just this part?
    All of chapter 7. Volume 1 will be done before the break!
  • thanks for the chapter, i want to ask are u going to translate the entire chapter 7 before going on break or is it just this part?
    All of chapter 7. Volume 1 will be done before the break!
    thanks for the response, so now i know to refresh this thread ever so often lol

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    Book 1-7.2 The Plot (I)

    “Honestly, that is a problem I have been thinking about for a long time. Currently, many of the desert tribes are paying tribute to the large powers of the continents. The question is, whether those large powers could realistically invade the desert.”

    “Young Glow, even if there was only a ten percent chance that they could invade, we would need to prepare for their invasion. That is why I am asking, what would you do, if they do go with that less than ten percent chance and choose to invade.”

    Yulian responded without any hesitation.

    “I am confident that they will not invade Pareia right now, and I am also confident that I will be able to prepare our Pareia for defense before they invade. However, even if they were to invade today, I am confident that we will be able to hold them off for many years. And within that time, they will choose to retreat on their own.”

    He answered thinking about the current situation of the continent. The Silence Empire and the Rojini Kingdom, their preparation was almost over.

    Soon, the two powers will start to unsheath their swords against each other. Yulian was keeping that in mind.

    If the Silence Empire decided to invade Pareia, Pareia could first provide tribute to the Rojini Kingdom and make a deal with them to start the war.

    If the Silence Empire truly invaded Pareia, they would need to send at least 50,000 soldiers, and that was an opportunity the Rojini Kingdom would not miss.

    “If the Silence Empire sent less than 30,000 soldiers to invade Pareia, that would be foolish of them. If something like that happened, we would not be defending; we would attack them and destroy all of their soldiers. Those soldiers do not know how to fight in the desert, with the scorching sun and the unstable sand.”

    As Yulian drew up multiple situations in his head and confidently shared them with the chiefs, the chiefs were all contemplating Yulian’s words.

    “Okay, okay, that is enough. We do not need to worry about something that has not happened yet. We are not at a point where we can spare time to worry about things that have not happened yet.”

    Baguna knew the exact moment to interrupt and stopped the conversation.

    “Since the Shuarei tribe has been quiet for a while, let’s use this chance to figure out how we can bring together the warriors stationed in the different oasis and create a training curriculum.”

    The people in the paoe started to once again have heated discussions, and chatted away loudly at times and quickly at times, coming up with a plan. It was late in the night when they all returned to their own paoes.

    The only ones left in the paoe were Baguna, Yulian, Pere, and Orca.

    They were the men of the Provoke family.

    Baguna looked towards his three sons as he spoke.

    “In the future, make sure all of you take part in these meetings. Yulian must have the ability as a Glow and Pere and Orca, you must support him from the back. This father of yours did not have many siblings, and my one older brother and one younger brother both completed their mission as a warrior and returned to Neo Latin-nim’s side during a war. That was why I had a lot of suffering once I became the Glow. Even without saying this, you don’t know what it is like to not have any siblings who are able to understand the reasons for your actions. I trust that you all understand the meaning of your father’s words.”


    All three sons answered in unison.

    Seeing Pere not show any disdain to his father’s words and answering as needed, Yulian started to ponder.

    ‘Is it because I said I would accept his challenge on the day of the Glow selection?’

    At that moment, Orca spoke up as if he came up with an idea. (TL: No...we all know what is coming…)

    “Father, brothers, since we have all gathered together like this, why don’t we share a drink together? Even though it was your birthday, father, your sons were unable to lift up a single glass of alcohol to you. Mother mentioned that the foreigners brought some good alcohol and sent some to my paoe.

    Baguna smiled at Orca’s words and Yulian shouted happily that his younger brother was already at an age he can drink.

    “Orca, do you have to even ask? Go get it.”

    Orca happily smiled before getting up and heading out of the paoe to get the alcohol.

    Looking at Orca, Baguna started to speak.

    “Both of you must take good care of the third. His body has been weak from birth, and he has been watching his two extremely talented brothers since he was young that rather than relying on his own abilities, he seems to want to rely on the two of you. That is not because Orca is weak, nor is it his fault. The saying goes that the father must help the first son, but for younger siblings, it is the job of the older brothers to help. The two of you have been so focused on your individual goals; have either of you paid any attention to Orca at all?”

    Both Yulian and Pere lowered their heads at Baguna’s words.

    “Yulian was because he was the oldest son, Pere, for you, it was because you care too much about competing with Yulian, but sigh...there is nothing I wish for more than for the two of you to not be so focused on competing with each other.”

    Baguna knew of the brothers’ relationship all this time, but pretended to not know.

    What could he do? Whose side could he take when they were both his sons?

    However, Yulian was the eldest son, and his abilities were not lacking to be the Glow. That’s why he had selected Yulian to be the Glow of the next generation.

    If Yulian had shown any faults, he may have selected his second son, Pere, the perfectionist, to be the next Glow.

    Both Yulian and Pere lowered their heads further at Baguna’s words.

    “Even though he shows no aptitude to be a warrior, he was showing interest in incantations. He seems to be going to the chief shaman, Tuma Takaka, quite often lately. According to Tuma Takaka, Orca shows a lot of aptitude towards incantations. As such, I plan to send Orca to Tuma Takaka to learn. However, as you have seen with Tuma Takaka, those who learn incantations seem to go a bit crazy, so the two of you will have to make sure to lead Orca forward in the future.”

    “We will keep that in mind, father.”

    As he watched his two sons respond in unison with a satisfied expression, he started to share a lot of family stories and stepped back from the position of Glow and said things to his sons as a father. As they were chatting, Orca returned with a clay vase.

    “What kind of stories were you sharing without me?”

    Watching his father and two older brothers chatting away, Orca asked with a smile on his face.

    “He asked us to watch over you. Okay, I’ve heard that you’ve been interested in incantations lately, is it fun?”

    Orca scratched his cheek in embarrassment at Yulian’s question.

    “I have no talent to become a warrior like hyung-nims. I need to find a talent that is fitting for me on my own. That is the only way for me to stand side by side with my two hyung-nims in the future. I am not learning it for fun.”

    As the fifteen year old Orca answered with a surprisingly reliable answer, the three of them smiled and found him to be commendable.

    “Really, you were thinking internally that ‘this youngster is saying all sorts of things’ weren’t you? However, I must also start to prepare to become an adult. Hyung-nims, the two of you were interacting with warriors at my age, but you two have a habit of looking at me as just a little child.”

    Orca spoke as if he did not like how his brothers treated him as a young child, and Pere put a smile on his stoic face and answered.

    “If I have done that, this hyung apologizes to you. I forgot what kind of thoughts I had when I was your age. You are also my brother.”

    “I also forgot that you are a son of the desert. This hyung also apologizes to you.”

    Even though he was just sharing his complaints, seeing his two brothers respond ike this, Orca was completely surprised.

    “There is no reason for you to apologize. There is nothing I hope for more than for the two of you to consider me a son of the desert from here on. This alcohol is very fragrant. I don’t think it is an alcohol of the desert.”

    After smelling the fragrance rising up from the clay vase, Orca started to fill his father and brothers’ cups. Baguna took the vase from Orca and put a glass in front of Orca as he started to speak.

    “A desert son who is fifteen has earned the right to drink. It is time for you to accept a glass from your father.”

    “Ah! Thank you, father.”

    Being accepted as a man by the father he respected, Orca was extremely happy as he received the alcohol with two hands.

    “Alright then, since all of the men of the Provoke family have gathered together, we will drink the first glass for the glory of Pareia, the second for our Provoke family, and the third for only good things to happen in the future.” (TL: Sigh…)

    As Baguna spoke like that and took a drink, the three brothers all took a drink as well.

    However, Pere just pretended to drink, and poured the alcohol into his sleeve.

    The reason Pere, who could finish four jugs of alcohol if he started to drink, did this, was because he had been praying to their guardian Neo Latin-nim for the past few months and promised to abstain from alcohol for the next year.

    “Next, I will pour.”

    Yulian stood up and filled his father and younger brothers’ glasses, and with another ‘gunbae’ they drank again. Lastly, Pere repeated the motion and the third cup was finished.

    Afterwards, the three brothers shared many stories they could not share before and shared their brotherly love.

    Soon after, Orca was wobbling as he spoke.

    “This is weird. I have secretly drank before without father or hyung-nims knowing, however, I have never been so dizzy before……”

    As Orca fell over before he could even finish, Baguna, Yulian and Pere all laughed while looking at Orca.

    “As Orca mentioned, the taste of this alcohol is quite peculiar. I have never drank alcohol like this in the desert… seeing my head spin like this already, it is very strong……”


    Watching Yulian, who had a pretty high tolerance, fall over not long after, Baguna and Pere were about to laugh. However, Baguna’s expression changed as he realized that something was wrong.

    He was someone who could drink ten jugs of alcohol without problem, and he had even tried to strongest alcohol in the continent. But even he was feeling weird and his mind was starting to get fuzzy.

    And feeling this sense of danger starting to creep up, Baguna woke up his intuition that he had not used in a long time.

    “Pere… hurry, go get Tuma Takaka and the warriors……”

    Pere finally realized that something was wrong and quickly got up and headed out of the paoe. However, his feet stopped the moment he headed outside.

    There were many desert warriors with murderous gazes standing in front of him with weapons.

    And surprisingly, in the midst of the desert warriors were the soldiers and knights of the Silence Empire.

    As Pere hesitated, a woman stepped forward from the crowd.

    “Mother Librie, what is going on?”

    Pere shouted towards that woman. The woman who had stepped forward from the crowd was the Glow’s third wife, their mother and Orca’s biological mother, Librie.

    “Looks like you didn’t faint? That’s too bad. If you had fainted, I wouldn’t have to kill you like your mother Seina. Just blame it all on your bad luck.”

    Listening to Librie’s word that struck like lightning, Pere became lost. What was this woman saying?

    “You...what...what are you saying?”

    As Pere got anxious and started to stutter, Librie had an evil smile on her face.

  • Let the rage begin.
    Thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder how it feels having to translate a betrayal.
  • Let the rage begin.
    Thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder how it feels having to translate a betrayal.
    I feel dirty. I think it's one thing to translate it not knowing what happens, but to know what happens and still have to do it...just dirty. Grimy. Bleeeh.
  • i cannot read this until this entire arc is over. I hated that part in the manhwa, sooo sad the betrayal

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