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  • Book 1-5.1 Let us fight you!

    The Monster’s Desert

    The second time. He was alone back then, but now, powerful warriors were by his side.

    “Yulian-nim, everyone is present and accounted for.”

    Haisha informed Yulian of Red Storm’s gathering.

    Technically speaking, Haisha was never given any formal authority, but for the past year, Haisha had taken on the role of leading the Red Storm. He knew every member’s situation and personality, working diligently as the second-in-command informing Yulian about anything he needed to know.

    Yulian nodded his head at Haisha and moved to the location where the troops had gathered.

    “Everybody, attention.”

    Even without Haisha saying so, when Yulian appeared, the warriors stopped what they were doing and looked to Yulian.

    Yulian was satisfied as he looked at each of his warriors as they exuded power.

    These were the warriors who kept up with his endless training schedule for the past year.

    “I gathered you all here today because I believe it is time to start getting some real experience. The training until now was just to increase your affinity with a new weapon.”

    The warriors were all nervous inside. They did not know what kind of training method he would use to torment them next.

    As if he caught on to their anxiety, Yulian laughed inside as he continued.

    “Even I know that the training has been difficult until now. For that, I am very thankful. The fact that we did not have even one deserter proves that the warriors we have gathered here are strong. However, we have a reason to become even stronger.”

    The reason Yulian created the Red Storm brigade and trained them was to fight against the Shuarei’s Desert Sword. However, as the warriors started to get comfortable with the training and the weapon, he felt that he needed to explain it to them in greater detail while researching their teamwork with him as well.

    “The Red Storm brigade will always serve as the vanguard in Pareia’s wars. Using the advantages of our weapon, we will slash through a multitude of enemies to create a path for the other warriors to quickly disrupt the enemies formations. That will be our mission. In order to make that happen, I know we will need to have strong physiques and excellent martial arts abilities.”

    The Red Storm warriors quieted their breathing to pay attention to Yulian’s words. Their commander was finally talking about war.

    “As you know, we are a small brigade with less than sixty people. In order to force our way through thousands of enemies and their formations with this number, you need more than the average amount of courage. However, I believe that whether it is strength, persistence, or confidence, we are not lacking when compared to any other warrior. Am I wrong?”

    “You are right!”

    “The relationship with each other has to be on equal footing, but Red Storm’s abilities have to be above excellent. Even when we are amongst other warriors who are also putting their lives on the line, we must make sure to show results. Danger will always follow us, but as the greatest warrioes, we will push forward until we take the head of the opponent’s commanding officer. That is the Red Storm I am dreaming of creating. Are you confident in making this happen?”

    “Of course!”

    The Red Storm erupted in response.

    Triquel started to laugh as he spoke.

    “After suffering through all that training, to lose to someone… I can’t even imagine dying because of a lack of training. And maybe one day, even with Yulian-nim… hehehe…”

    Haisha gave Triquel a look of caution, but Triquel looked at Yulian and continued to laugh.

    Yulian also started to laugh as he responded.

    “Are you saying that you wish to fight me once?”

    “Well, more like we want to show off our strength at least once. It doesn’t matter if the opponent is Yulian-nim or not, but if it is Yulian-nim, I feel like we would put in even more effort.”

    “Do you all have the same thoughts?”

    Yulian saw the fire in their eyes as he looked around. How long had they been insulted? The amount of insults they ate the past year in Red Storm was tens of times more than how much they had eaten before entering Red Storm (TL: It’s a Korean saying to say you ate it, more like they had to just suck it up and take it, so rather than heard, I kept it as ate).

    They had developed some confidence; all of the warriors thought there was no way they would end up embarrassed.

    “Triquel, watch your words. We developed our strength for the sake of protecting our tribe, not to show off our strength.”

    Haisha scolded him on the side but Yulian shook his head.

    “No. Whether it is me or any of the Red Storm warriors, we are young and brimming with energy. I also had the intention of sparring with you, but I never said anything because I was worried you will be too shocked and lose your confidence based on the result.”


    The warriors couldn’t believe what Yulian just said.

    They started to smile as they continued to rag at Yulian. Looking at Yulian, it felt like their year long training filled with eating insults was finally over.

    “Then, me first.”

    The first warrior to stand in front of Yulian was surprisingly Haisha.

    The person who could not believe the warriors were being disrespectful to Yulian was the first to step up as soon as Yulian finished speaking.


    Yulian was also surprised, but Haisha nodded his head.

    “If you will allow me.”

    “Haisha-hyungnim, no cuts, no buts, no coconuts!” (TL: Okay fine, they didn’t really say that, but doesn’t it sound funny?!”

    “Haisha-hyungnim, let’s not cut in line.”

    Some of the warriors started to protest but it looked like Haisha had no intentions of stepping aside.

    “If we are being honest, I can confirm that Big bro Haisha has the most complaints against Yulian-nim.”

    Shubeon started to gossip and Triquel started to laugh.

    “I guess it is understandable. He suffered from us and he suffered from Yulian-nim. Fine. I am able to step aside and let him be first.”

    “Ah, if we are all going to do it, I wanted to be first. That way, even if I ended up losing, I would at least have an excuse.”

    Hearing Shubeon talk again, even some of the warriors who were ragging on Haisha for cutting started to laugh and stepped back.

    Yulian felt like he had become some type of toy and laughed inside.

    If he had it his way, he would fight at least five of them at once, but starting off that way would be ignoring the efforts of the warriors who had overcome the difficult training. So he just stood there with a smile on his face.

    “Then it is confirmed? Haisha, you are first?”

    “Yes, Yulian-nim.”

    Yulian could feel Haisha’s burning passion as Haisha responded while holding tightly to the two greatswords. Yulian also took out his two greatswords.

    “As your teacher, I will allow you the first shot. Attack with all your might.”

    The warriors started to yell at Yulian’s words. Among warriors, unless it was a special occasion, they did not use titles. Warrior X, Warrior Y, these were the only terms used. That meant that regardless of age, you are accepting the other person as an adult and as a warrior.

    However, after surviving that difficult training together, nobody else could break their solidarity. That’s why rather than being fellow warriors, they felt like a family. This was why they were able to use such familiar titles such as Hyung-nim and Ah-woo. (TL: Ah-woo is a term used for a younger sibling).

    “Haisha hyung-nim~! Fighting~!”

    “Show us the results of our trip to hell!”

    “Hyung-nim, we can’t always lose to him. We have to use our own strength to take down the vicious teacher!”

    All of the warriors’ cheering was one-sided and focused on Haisha.

    “Vicious teacher? Are you talking about me?”

    Haisha nodded yes at Yulian’s question.

    ‘I wonder how he would respond if he knew that his nickname is a scorpion with a poisonous tongue and not a poisonous tail.’

    Haisha did not ask to find out.

    Deciding that was the smart decision, Haisha rested the greatsword on his right side against his shoulder, while lowering the greatsword in his left hand in front of him to take his starting stance.

    “You take too long to get ready. Do you think an opponent would wait that long for you to prepare?”

    Yulian just stood there with his two greatswords facing downward, but the moment he started to speak, Haisha let out a long yell as he started to run towards Yulian.


    The greatsword in Haisha’s right hand was strongly swung towards Yulian while the greatsword on the left was swung towards the lower part of the body to prepare for any potential counterattack.

    Hearing that Yulian was allowing him the first shot, he attacked with all his strength. He did not expect Yulian to get hurt even in his dreams, so he was able to attack with all of his strength without holding back.

    “I can tell you’ve been practicing a lot. However.”

    Yulian quickly shouted before taking one step back. He used the greatsword in his right hand to parry Haisha’s right greatsword, and then lowered the sword to block the greatsword attacking down below.

    Then, in an instant, he shot his foot forward.

    Shocked, Haisha tried to bring his swords back and swing again, but as Yulian suddenly entered past the greatsword’s range, he did not know what to do.

    ‘Throw the sword away and use my fists?’

    As Haisha started to think about what to do next, he felt an intense pain in his chest as Yulian disappeared and was replaced with the bright desert sky.


    Haisha’s slender body made a loud noise as it fell onto the desert sand.

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  • Book 1-5.2 Fighting the Red Storm Warriors

    Haisha could only blink his eyes as he laid there in the shape of a cross. He could not fathom what happened in that instant.

    Yulian had instantly moved in towards Haisha and used a strong shoulder tackle to send Haisha flying.

    Of course they estimated that Yulian would be stronger than they were, but nobody would have ever guessed that he would be able to overpower Haisha, who was one of the more skilled warriors in Red Storm, with one simple movement.

    Yulian spoke as he helped Haisha off the sand.

    “The greatsword is a weapon that is extremely strong and has a long reach, however, did I not tell you all to make sure the enemy does not come past the sword’s effective range? And that brief hesitation, I’m guessing you were debating whether to let the swords go?”

    Haisha nodded his head yes as he grabbed onto Yulian’s hand to get off the ground. His head was still aching from the shock of falling down into the sand.

    “Of course you should have thrown your swords away and attempted a fist fight. Isn’t my weapon a greatsword as well?”

    ‘There is nobody who can react instantly like that.’ Haisha wanted to say that to Yulian, but as Yulian continued to share what he did wrong, he was unable to do so.

    One of the sayings that helped the Red Storm warriors overcome the initial training from hell was ‘If Yulian can do it, so can i.’


    As Yulian shouted past Haisha who was deep in thought, the warriors started to look around at each other. They were all concerned about how Haisha was blown away with a single hit.

    “Are you all scared? What happened to the confidence you had before? Today, I will show you why I created and taught the Red Storm. I will fiercely show you all. I’ve already been training for seven years; shouldn’t I be at least a little bit different?”

    They knew Yulian was goading them, but still, they all got fired up by the insults.

    “Me first.”

    “Then, me first.”

    A couple different warriors came out to the front.

    “I will give you the first blow. Come at me.”

    At Yulian’s words, the warriors attacked with all their strengths. The result…


    Flying warriors.


    Falling warriors.

    Ten warriors in a row were attacked not with a sword but fists, shoulder, and head. Yulian’s face was filled with a smile.

    The warriors continued to attack with all their might, but the results were the same.

    Some of the warriors thought about the others who were countered when attacking with all of their strength and swung their swords focusing on defense. In those situations, Yulian suppressed them by swinging his sword with overwhelming strength.

    ‘I’m so shocked I can’t even speak.’

    Haisha could not believe Yulian’s aggression and magnificence to defeat all the warriors except one within an hour.

    “Is this the last?”

    Yulian leisurely laughed as he looked at the last remaining warrior, Thrint.

    Thrint slowly moved forward while holding tightly onto his greatsword and staring at Yulian.

    ‘If I use any normal method, I know I am currently no match for Yulian-nim. That was the case for Haisha, and even the case for those chatterboxes Triquel and Shubeon, who are some of the strongest among us. They all were blown away by a single blow. If I attack him thinking of this as training, I will end up just the same.’

    “As with the others, I will give you the first blow. If you are hesitant, you will be hit by the sword.”

    Yulian said that while looking at the warriors who were still writhing in pain from being hit by the sword. Thrint brought forth all of his fighting spirit to attack.

    ‘This is a battlefield. We are in an embarrassing situation where the entire Red Storm was decimated by a single person. If I am to die, I will take at least an arm, if not, at least a finger, with me.’

    Thrint started to suppress his own thoughts. If your mind is suppressed, your body will follow.

    Thrint had trained harder than anybody else because he had a high level of self-esteem and was extremely prideful. Through that, what Thrint had learned was that the mind controls the body.

    And the control of his mind, had never given him any disappointment.

    “Huuuu~ Huuu~”

    Thrint started to take deep breaths as he started to transform.


    The first person to recognize Thrint’s transformation was Yulian, who started to sensitively respond.

    ‘Is it murderous aura?’

    The moment Yulian was surprised, Thrint lifted his two greatswords and started to stab them towards Yulian.


    Rather than Thrint’s speed, Yulian was shocked at Thrint’s murderous aura. Yulian swung his body to make the greatswords miss, and turned around to attack Thrint’s shoulder with his elbow.


    Although Thrint let out a painful yell at the strong impact in his shoulder, he did not let go of his sword and turned his body to swing again at Yulian.

    Yulian had expected Thrint to fall down with this one attack. As Thrint attacked again rather than falling, Yulian was not ready and had to use his greatsword to parry the attack.


    As if he was getting strength from the other warriors’ cheers, Thrint started to swing his greatsword quickly and continued to attack Yulian.

    He was attacking with the mentality of “If I can’t kill you, I will end up dying.”

    To not hurt Thrint, Yulian used his sword to parry each and every one of Thrint’s attacks while using his feet and the face of the sword to take him down. Surprisingly, Thrint continued to attack Yulian, as if saying that type of light attacks will never take me down.

    As Thrint’s murderous aura continued to grow, Yulian started to feel like he couldn’t continue like this.

    Among the strong Red Storm warriors, Thrint was someone who had caught his eye early on.

    He was not focused on accuracy with the sword like Haisha, nor was he fast like Triquel.

    That doesn’t mean he was nimble like Shubeon either, but he had the mental persistence, that could overcome everything else.

    Thrint was the warrior who was extremely dedicated to training, just as he had been when he first started to train with Chun Myung Hoon.

    He knew through Haisha that Thrint did not speak much and was extremely cold, but surprisingly, that led to his fellow warriors developing a trust with him.

    ‘What type of method should I use? This is not strength he gained from the training. Does he have an extremely strong mind?’

    But that was not it. This was overcoming the limits of one’s own body. This would end up being a minus to him in the future. It was as if a baby who had just learned to walk was pretending to run.


    Yulian yelled loudly, but Thrint continued to attack Yulian as if he had not heard him speak.

    His eyes were bloodshot and all the muscles in his body were shaking, but he still continued to move like the beginning.

    He had lost his rationality and was swinging his sword at Yulian like a Crazy Warrior.

    Yulian knew he could not let this continue and strongly parried an attack to get Thrint’s arms to open. In that moment, he rushed in and grabbed Thrint’s collar.

    “Come back to your senses Thrint.”

    As Thrint tried to struggle out of Yulian’s grasp, Yulian lifted Thrint’s large body up into the air.


    Thrint could not breathe. As he was in pain, he dropped his swords and grabbed onto Yulian’s wrists with both of his hands, but there was no movement on Yulian’s side.

    “To make yourself move by tricking yourself does not help at all when it comes to improving your strength. Save that type of mentality for real battles. If you don’t, you will really end up a Crazy Warrior!”

    Yulian yelled as he threw Thrint’s body.

    Shubeon quickly ran towards Thrint in shock and started to slap him.

    “Thrint, Thrint, wake up.”

    Thrint’s pupils, which had rolled up, returned to normal.

    “Are you okay?”

    At Shubeon’s question, Thrint quickly got up and started to look around.

    “Thrint, do you not remember what happened?”

    As Yulian approached him and asked, Thrint nodded his head yes.

    “You managed to trick yourself well in a short amount of time. But next time, do not use that method ever again. Repeating ‘I can do this. I can do this.’ definitely helps, but it does not help you at all to lose your mind to the point you don’t even remember what happened.”

    Yulian spoke as if he recognized what type of method Thrint had used. He had also adventured down that path.

    “Yulian-nim, I’m sorry.”

    As Thrint lowered his head and apologized, Yulian patted his shoulder and spoke towards everybody.

    “My master used to often use a phrase called ‘Guayoubulgup’ that I could not understand. He said it meant that being excessive was worse than being insufficient. Your body becomes stronger the more you train, and so does your mental strength. However, if you pass a certain point, it will end up being destroyed. He was telling me to not train past my own limitations.” (TL: No good way of translating, so keeping it as is.)

    All of the warriors looked towards Yulian.

    “My master knew what my limitations were, but I am currently not at a level where I am able to see other people’s limitations. You must figure that out on your own. They say that your mind controls the body, but if you go past your limitation, it ends up where your body controls your mind. Just like Thrint like now. What I have learned and am teaching you now, all of this is extremely dangerous. We are not only training our body but our mind as well. Compared to other warriors, the danger is at least twice as much.”


    “I’ve already been training like this for seven years. It’s natural for all of you, who have only been training for a year, to not be at my level. Of course, with your current strengths, your average veteran warriors in our tribe would not be able to defeat you. The reason I took you on as your opponent was to warn you to not be egotistic that you are stronger than the other warriors.”

    As all of Red Storm was suppressed in just one hour, there were no warriors who objected to this statement. Rather, they were all excited and hopeful that if they continued to work hard, they would one day be at Yulian’s level.

    “Always be on your guard. As I mentioned, our training is twice as dangerous as others. Among them, there is a phenomenon known as spontaneous combustion (TL: It’s described as blowing up because the flow of ki is interrupted in your body. I thought spontaneous combustion might be fitting). In our words, you can think of it as becoming a cripple. No matter the situation you must never stop controlling your mind. You must be careful for the rest of your life. Do not forget this.”

    “Yes, we understand.”

    At the warriors’ response, Yulian nodded his head in approval and continued to speak.

    “Great. I’m sure you are all pissed off after losing like this. Let’s have some fun today. Do whatever you have to do to attack me. You can all attack together. However, since it may be dangerous, we will be fighting with only our bodies.”

    Hearing Yulian’s words ignited the warriors’ fighting spirits, as they were thinking this was the time to get their revenge.

    That night, Pareia’s shamans could not sleep as they treated all of the injured warriors who showed up together. Yulian was also among them, with a bit of damage as well.

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  • Book 1-5.3 The Four Horsemen and their Squads

    The Monster’s Desert was a dangerous area that required most tribes to send at least three hundred veteran warriors together for survival.

    This was where an endless amount of monsters were generated from, and the reason anyone would face danger to come to the Monster’s Desert, was of course to control the amount of monsters in the desert, but the important part was to have many warriors experience real danger while working on developing teamwork with other warriors.

    These fifty or so warriors, who do not look a day over twenty, were heading into this dangerous Monster’s Desert. If they were warriors who just became twenty, that meant that they weren’t even veteran warriors.

    Even though the tribe’s greatest warriors and the chiefs of the Oasis were trying to persuade them otherwise, Yulian and Red Storm were still heading to the Monster’s Desert.

    Red Storm’s next training location.

    After seeing that the Red Storm warriors had developed a certain level of skill, Yulian decided on this location for them to experience real battles. Collecting Monster’s Souls was just an extra benefit during the process.

    “We will finally be able to hold our heads up in front of the master blacksmiths who keep complaining that too much money is being spent on our weapons.”

    Everybody started to laugh at Triquel’s words.

    Even though they were with Yulian, who had survived in this place on his own, and they were confident in their abilities, the fact that this was the Monster’s Desert still made them all nervous.

    Yulian looked around before speaking.

    “We will set up our paoes here. Since we will be here for two months, you will need to dig deep and make sure that it is sturdy. It’s true that the monsters here are dangerous, but the sandstorms are even scarier than the monsters.”

    Hearing Yulian’s words, everybody got off their pirmas and started to set up their paoes.

    Yulian reflected back to his suffering here during his coming-of-age ceremony as he instructed the warriors to dig deep into the ground, to the point where almost half the paoe was inside the sand.

    Setting up the paoes and putting their containers of water and dried rations inside the paoes took a while. Before they knew it, a few hours had gone by.

    “Fall in formation once you are ready.”

    After Haisha shouted out loud, the majority of the warriors started to fall into formation. The few stragglers quickly completed their preparations and joined them shortly.

    Once everybody was gathered, Yulian informed them of the dangers surrounding them.

    “Starting from now, it is truly the real thing. Throw away your laid-back attitudes and make sure to focus. We will be spending sixteen hours a day fighting monsters and eight hours to sleep and eat. If you consider that four of those hours will be spent on guard duty, the duration of our sleep will only be four hours a day. I know that an extreme amount of fatigue will come over us. I also know that it will be dangerous. However, we did not come out here to play. We came here to gain real battle experience; we came to sharpen our abilities.”

    Yulian’s voice started to get louder.

    “In the battlefield, the enemy will still attack us when we are tired; they will not care if our fatigue makes us slower. Take this time to experience that before it happens in the battlefield. Our enemy will not just be the monsters here; it will also be the dangerous natural disasters that occur here as well.”

    Yulian stretched out his hand to feel the wind as he continued.

    “I’m sure you all know this already, but if you see that a sandstorm is brewing, hide underground. Even then, you will need to make sure to keep your eyes and ears open, as there are monsters even underground.”

    Looking at the warriors with fire in their eyes, Yulian was a bit concerned.

    It was going to be a painful training session.

    “The last thing I have to say is for you to value your own body. Not just for yourself but for Pareia, and for me, make sure to take care of your body. If you sense that danger is near, work together with your peers around you. I will not forgive any injuries or deaths. Understand?”

    “Yes, we understand.”

    The Red Storm warriors responded in unison. They all had at least that much resolution.

    “Great. I will divide you into squads. Haisha, Triquel, Shubeon, and Thrint.”

    Yulian called the names of the warriors he had considered. Each of them had their own unique talents and amongst the group, they had been labeled the Red Storm’s Four Horsemen. They also had the abilities to live up to that name.”


    Yulian spoke to the four warriors who answered his call and started to come forward.

    “Each of you will have a squad of twelve members. The remaining eight will be with me. As you are forming your squads, rather than your friends, consider each person’s individuality and abilities as you will need to work well together. I’m sure you understand what I mean. Begin.”

    As soon as Yulian gave the command, the Four Horsemen started to form their squads, considering each person’s personality and abilities. It took a bit of time, but the four squads were created and the remaining eight warriors came towards Yulian.

    “Great. From here on, we are in competition with each other. The winner will be the squad who can collect the most Monster’s Souls. Of course we will also consider the quality. A regular scorpion’s Monster’s Soul cannot be treated the same as a Giant Scorpion’s Monster’s Soul. On the last day of training, we will determine the first place and the last place squads and great rewards and harsh punishments will be given. I will say it again. This is a battlefield. When the war is over, we need to reward achievements properly. Since that is the case, I’m sure how we treat some of you will change.”

    The warriors’ fighting spirits burned even hotter with Yulian’s words. As they were all prideful warriors who believed they would not lose to anybody else, it couldn’t be helped. Before they were teammates, they were now competitors.

    “At noon and at midnight. Twice a day, you MUST return to this paoe. Each squad will send two members at a time to protect the paoe. Including me, the five squad leaders will take turns overseeing the protection of the paoe. The remaining amount of time is left up to each individual squad. When to sleep, when to eat, that type of stuff. Any questions?”

    Shubeon lifted his hand high into the air.

    “Do you think each squad is capable of taking down a Sand Dragon? Asking for a friend…”

    Yulian pondered for a bit before shaking his head no.

    “No. If you meet a Sand Dragon, run away. I believe that your abilities are enough to avoid critical danger. However, as I mentioned before, I will not accept any injuries or death. Wouldn’t it be such a waste to go through all that training just to die here?”

    “Then isn’t it too advantageous for your squad? Since you can take a Sand Dragon down on your own and all…”

    Yulian smiled. He finally understood what Shubeon was worried about.

    ‘I’m sure the other warriors are thinking about this as well but Shubeon just asked as the representative.’

    The warrior Shubeon had massive strength, and his personality was one where he hated being on the losing end. His name of Three Toras (small animals that live underground and prepare many entrances and exits to their home in case of a predator’s attack) proved that to be the case.

    “Don’t worry. I will only put forward enough power to make up for the four members we are missing. Of course, on the day I am watching the Paoe, our squad will face more loss than any other squad, so I will compensate as needed.”

    “Even Yulian-nim can surprisingly be so calculating.”

    Triquel started to speak after laughing at what Yulian said.

    “It’s obvious. I will also follow the same rules that you are all following. Still, there is no doubt in my mind that my squad will not be last place. I will say this now, the winning squad will receive a big reward while the squad in last place… well, I’ll leave that up to your imaginations.”

    “They say you need to put the two next to each other to see which is longer and shorter. Who knows? We may be able to see Yulian who needs to give a punishment to himself.”

    The other warriors all started to laugh at Triquel’s response.

    “That’s right. You need to put the two together to tell which is longer and shorter. I am getting a bit embarrassed thinking about giving myself a reward.”

    As Yulian retorted without backing away, the warriors’ laughter became even louder.

    “Any other questions?”

    Red Storm’s Four Horsemen looked at each other before shaking their heads no and responding in unison.

    “No other questions.”

    “Then we will start now. I will not say something like I wish you luck. Show me your skills. Dismiss yourselves by squad.”


    The warriors quickly sped off in their individual squads to get an advantage over the other squads.

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  • Book 1-5.4 Punishment

    One month into Monster Subjugation.

    “Personnel report. Total squad members, twelve. Current members, twelve. No injuries.”

    It was one of the two times they all gathered together and all of the Red Storm warriors were in formation outside the paoe. Each squad leader was submitting their personnel report to Yulian.

    Since it was a dangerous place and each squad was in fierce competition with each other, it was important to get these reports.

    “Personnel report. Total squad members, twelve. Current members, twelve. Two injured.”

    Thrint frowned as he made his report.

    “Two injured?”

    Not only Yulian, but the other three squad leaders were surprised as they looked towards Thrint. If it was any other squad, maybe. But the squad led by the cold block of ice of a squad leader was where there were injuries? This was definitely surprising.

    It’s probably the case most of the time, but the speciality of any team would change depending on the leader, and Red Storm was no exception.

    The personalities of the squads were changing based on the squad leader’s personality.

    All of Haisha’s squad became calm and paid attention to detail like Haisha and had been collecting a continuous stream of Monster’s Souls throughout the month.

    In the case of Triquel’s squad, as if they were impacted by Triquel’s severe mood swings that had its major ups and downs, the warriors of the squad caught monsters whenever they felt like it. So some days they had more than other squads while other days they came back with miserable amounts.

    Shubeon’s squad was paying attention to other squads and collecting Monster’s Souls separately without bringing them back so nobody knew where they stood in comparison, but Shubeon’s squad was definitely one of the top contenders.

    He was the type to move and hunt efficiently.

    And in the case of Thrint’s squad where they had two injured today, they hunted frequently like Haisha’s squad, but the atmosphere was different.

    They were focused on the order but also easily fascinated by many things. On the days they were stimulated, they collected Monster’s Souls at extreme speeds.

    They were the squad who were showing the mentality of an ideal squad. Of course that meant that they were treasuring their own bodies since that was Yulian’s order. But it was from this squad that there were injured warriors.

    As everybody stared at him, Thrint ripped the clothing off from his leg. Underneath the clothing was his thigh which had a giant black bruise.

    “What happened?”

    “We were not trying to go against your order. However, all of us determined that we would be able to catch it safely, and all of the warriors agreed.”

    “You ran into a Sand Dragon.”

    Haisha spoke from the side as if he could tell what happened.

    Thrint lowered his head at the fact that he went against Yulian’s order.

    “So did you catch it?”

    Yulian asked in a cold tone.

    “Yes, we caught it. Other than the fact that Kiana and I received some minor injuries, it was perfect.”

    “Perfect would have been avoiding the Sand Dragon. Did I not say that injuries are not permitted?! What is the point of this training if even one person loses their lives for a mere Sand Dragon?!”

    At Yulian’s continued scolding, Thrint raised his head.

    “We came here to develop our senses for battle. I believed that we need to face a certain degree of danger to develop it.”

    “That is your thought, my thought is that I came here so that nobody would die in war. But to die like a dog here, don’t you think it would be unfair?!”

    “We would have been able to catch it perfectly without any injuries if we had not made a small mistake in the middle.”


    As Yulian’s expression became angrier, Haisha shouted out loud.

    “No matter what, there is no excuse for going against an order. I thought you of all people would know this best. What the hell are you doing?!”

    Thrint lowered his head again at Haisha’s shouting. He knew Haisha was right.

    No matter the reason, something that should never happen in a brigade was going against the command of a superior officer. (TL: Really funny because of what happens in the manhwa)

    “This is your new order. For the sin of going against the order, you will be in charge of watching the paoe until the end of training. Since all of the warriors in your squad went against the order of me, the Commanding Officer, for three days, they will be protecting the paoe instead of hunting monsters.”

    As Yulian’s cold voice rang out, the warriors of Thrint’s squad all lowered their heads.

    “Yulian-nim, it was my decision. Since I was the squad leader, they all just followed along with what I said. Please reconsider.”

    Thrint yelled out to Yulian, thinking that his squad members will end up in last place from the training because of his decision.

    “Denied. In this situation where everybody knew what my order was, that excuse is not enough to forgive them. I want all of you to consider whether your life is only worth one Sand Dragon and reflect.”

    Nobody could speak on their behalf. It was a closed and shut case where Thrint’s warriors were in the wrong.

    “The other squads are free to do what they would like. Since you all saw what happened here today, I will not speak on it anymore. Each of you think about it and act appropriately.”

    As none of the warriors responded, Yulian opened his mouth again.

    “Do you understand?”


    As Yulian turned around and went into the paoe, each squad’s warriors looked at Thrint and his squad members before walking away.

    “I….I’m sorry.”

    Once only Thrint and his squad members were left, Thrint finally spoke.

    It was all because of his own competitiveness. They would have been able to avoid it, and even though some of the warriors tried to convince him out of it, he distributed tasks to each member and attacked it.

    “Thrint, it is not just your fault. We were all greedy. That’s why we followed you. If your plan did not make any sense, we would have been against it. We should be the ones who are sorry as you were the only one who received a significant punishment.”

    As one of the warriors started to console Thrint, another one started to speak.

    “This three day punishment, and for your sake as well, we will work hard to make sure that we do not end up with the worst score.”

    “Don’t make that type of face. It is not like you. I can’t come to like your stoic expression, but when you have a frown like that, it’s starting to make me afraid.”

    As one warrior tried to lighten the mood, the warriors all started to laugh loudly to push past their sorrows.

    “That’s true, Thrint definitely has a face you can’t seem to come to like.”

    “When I first saw him, I wondered why there was a monster among us. What do they call that monster that roams around in the caves out in the wilderness? Right! Trolls! I thought he was a troll!”

    As one person after another started to make some funny jokes, it looked like the frown on Thrint’s face started to lessen a bit as well.

    Suddenly, all of the warriors who were laughing shut their mouths. Yulian had come back out of the paoe.

    “Did everybody else leave?”

    The warriors responded to Yulian’s question.

    “Yes, the other squads have all left, and Yulian-nim, the warriors of your squad should be waiting for you to leave.”

    After nodding his head, Yulian looked at Thrint and the warriors who were standing with their heads pointing down before speaking.

    “I hope that you do not think that the punishment is too severe. Thankfully, this time it ended up with just a few light injuries, but I get goosebumps just thinking about the what-ifs and if one of you ended up dying. Aren’t we all headed towards the same direction with the same dream? Don’t even think about dying a dog’s death before even seeing a little bit of our dreams come true. Today, all of you set the example, so please understand where I am coming from.”

    None of the warriors could lift their heads after hearing about just how much Yulian cared about them.

    “Phew, protecting the paoe is also one of the missions. Pretend that you are protecting an Oasis and do your best.”

    Yulian let out a short sigh as if he did not feel good about pushing them into a corner and started to head towards the warriors waiting for him.

    Once Yulian disappeared, Thrint spoke to his warriors.

    “I will say it one last time. I’m sorry. However, I hate being last. I hope you all push forward as best as you can.”

    The warriors all knew just how strong Thrint’s pride was and knew it took a lot of courage for Thrint to say what he just said. As such, they all smiled widely and consoled each other.

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    In 1.5.3 when Shubeon asks Yulian if any squad could take on a Sand Dragon and ends his sentence with: "Asking for a friend"
    Did you translate it like that or did you add that. I had to laugh about that part :wink:

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  • Faint said:
    In 1.5.3 when Shubeon asks Yulian if any squad could take on a Sand Dragon and ends his sentence with: "Asking for a friend"
    Did you translate it like that or did you add that. I had to laugh about that part :wink:

    Thanks for the updates 
    It was a saying that wouldn't translate well to English so I put it that way but with what ended up happening, it ends up being very fitting!
  • Book 1-5.5 The Golden Turtle (I)

    If you think it has been long, then it has been long, and if you think it has been short, it has been short. Either way, Red Storm has spent two months in the Monster’s Desert.

    They filled five travel-use backpacks full of Monster’s Souls, which can help you understand just how many monsters the Red Storm warriors have defeated during that time.

    An endless haze had spread across the desert sand, and the sun’s intense heat was pouring down with no regards, as if it wanted to push away all of the haze, but despite the haze and the heat, all of the warriors had grins on their faces and were full of confidence as they headed off to their final monster subjugation.

    The end of this round of subjugation was to be the end of their training.

    Thrint’s squad of warriors, who ended up in last place during the training, were definitely worried about what kind of punishment they will receive from Yulian after they returned. However, they were still happy that they all survived.

    The squad that received first place for the training was Shubeon’s squad. They just barely managed to edge out Haisha’s squad who was in second place.

    “Yulian-nim, what rewards will you be giving to the warriors who received first place during this training?”

    Yulian responded to Shubeon’s question.

    “What reward do you wish for me to give?”

    Shubeon looked around at the other warriors before cautiously speaking.

    “I hope the reward and punishment could offset each other.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “The punishment for Thrint’s mistake, I hope that you will forgive it as our reward.”

    Yulian glared at Shubeon who was telling him to recall his order, but knowing that the reason they were coming at him like this was only for their comrades, his expression became peaceful once again.

    “Is this your wish?”

    “I am speaking on behalf of my entire squad who wishes for this to be the case.”

    As Yulian turned to look at Thrint, Thrint could not look Yulian in the eye and turned his head away.

    ‘Looks like he has already been convinced. Is it because he is not the only one who would be getting punished?’

    That was what Yulian was thinking, as the prideful Thrint would never accept this type of help. If it was not because of his squad members, there was no way Thrint would be so quiet.

    “Fine, I will approve of it.”

    Once Yulian gave his approval, all of the warriors started to smile. They could not scream in joy as they made Yulian take back his word, but they were all very happy.

    Yulian and Red Storm continued to catch many monsters as they slowly headed towards the center of the Monster’s Desert.

    “I know there is no point for me to say this, but don’t let your guard down just because there are many of us.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Then let’s sweep through like a storm.”


    The warriors started to holler as they started to run towards the visible monsters. Yulian did not join the hunt just in case something abnormal happened, and continued to survey the area and the status of the warriors.

    “Huh? What kind of monster is that? Is it an animal?”

    Haisha was looking at a golden light at the bottom of the ground, a fist-sized lifeform that was crawling through the sand as if it was swimming. Haisha ran towards the monster.

    As he got close, this turtle-like lifeform was shining so brightly as if it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a block of moving gold. (TL: How many of you read Ancient Strengthening Technique? This made me think of the 5000 year old turtle Qing Shui has)

    Haisha realized that he had never heard about a monster or lifeform which looked like the one he was seeing.

    ‘If I catch this, I’m sure the shamans and tribespeople will enjoy the marvelous sight.’

    Haisha placed his greatsword on his side and removed his Sosoonta from his chest. It looked like he could catch it with his bare hands, but he wanted to be prepared just in case it could transform.

    Haisha slowly headed towards the golden turtle. The golden turtle was casually moving like it was swimming in the sand but suddenly put his head into the sand and started to dig, as if it felt the murderous aura coming from Haisha.

    “Oh no you don’t!”

    As the golden turtle started to head into the sand, Haisha darted quickly to catch the turtle.

    Thankfully, it looked like the golden turtle was just an animal. It started to flail its legs around to escape.

    “This thing, does it only have strength in its legs?”

    Haisha was muttering to himself as he could not feel any power coming from the hard golden shell in his hand.


    He noticed Yulian shouting loudly and heading towards him.

    Haisha did not understand why Yulian was in a panic and tilted his head in confusion while looking at Yulian.

    Haisha was not the only one to be surprised at Yulian’s shout. The warriors were surprised at Yulian’s shouting, then looked at Haisha again before going pale in the face and heading towards Haisha while calling his name.

    “What’s going on? Huh, why does everybody look so big?”

    Haisha was baffled while watching everybody running towards him. Everybody seemed at least twice as tall as he was. Then maybe, was this an animal that causes illusions?”


    Yulian shouted while throwing a thick rope to Haisha.

    “Why are you suddenly throwing…!”

    Haisha looked down as if he finally understood. He could not see below his waist.


    The golden turtle in his hand was not looking like it was swimming, it was actually swimming in the sand.

    The quicksand Haisha was in did not look any different than the other desert sand.

    You could watch out for quicksand when it was continuously flowing, but since this did not look any different, even a cautious and attentive warrior like Haisha ended up falling inside this quicksand.

    At first he was slowly falling in, but once his hips fell inside, it was as if the center of gravity fell towards the bottom and the speed of his descent became much faster.

    “Haisha! Catch!”

    Haisha regained his focus listening to Yulian and the other warriors and let go of the golden turtle. By the time he caught the rope, the sand was already up to his chest.


    Once Haisha grabbed onto the rope, Yulian shouted loudly and used all of his strength to pull on the rope.

    Following him, the other warriors all started to pull on the rope as well, but it was not enough to pull out Haisha, who was covered up to his neck in sand.

    In addition, since he could not put any strength into his shoulders, Haisha did not have any strength to pull on the rope either. Haisha continued to fall further into the sand.


    While everybody was shouting Haisha’s name and pulling with all of their strength, Haisha had fallen completely into the quicksand.

    In the short amount of time he had, Yulian quickly thought about how the sand where Haisha had fallen was not flowing, and decided it must be a hole.

    ‘If that’s the case, there has to be a bottom. If there is a bottom, there has to be a way to get him out.”

    Of course it’s probably more honest to say Yulian did not have time to think all of that threw and just started to head towards it on instinct, but whatever. Yulian started to run while fastening the rope on his hips and yelled.

    “Hold on tightly. I will go get him!”

    “Yulian-nim, don’t do it!”

    Many of the warriors gasped and tried to stop him, but Yulian was already in the quicksand and his feet started to sink.

    The warriors were shocked and tried to pull him out with the rope, but Yulian had already used a martial arts called “Chun-gun-choo,” which makes your lower body heavier, and was quickly sinking into the sand.

    The Red Storm warriors had a look of devastation on their faces while holding on tightly to the two ropes on the ground, and could only wait for Yulian to come back safely as he proclaimed.

    Yulian noticed that it quickly became dark around him and sand started to fall into his nose and ears. Yulian blocked his nose and ears and used the aura he had been training for so long to protect his eyes.

    As Yulian expected, the sand was not flowing, and his body just continued to fall further into the sand.

    While Yulian was falling, he noticed the tip of a rope in front of him. Recognizing that it was the rope Haisha had held onto, Yulian reached out to grab onto the rope and pushed himself to fall even faster into the sand.

    “Koong!” (TL: Korean noise when an impact is made. Kind of like Bam! Or Boom!)

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  • Woah! Five chapters on the same page. I believe the next chapter is going to be in a new page.

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  • Book 1-5.6 The Golden Turtle (II)

    Suddenly, he noticed that there was nothing underneath his feet, and the sand that had been tickling his skin had suddenly disappeared. Then he felt a strong impact underneath his feet.


    It was so sudden that Yulian could not prepare for it. He had let out a groan after it felt like his foot might have been broken.

    “What is this?”

    Even in the midst of the pain, Yulian realized that he was lying on the ground. As he was trying to get his bearing, he heard Haisha’s voice.


    As there was no source of light, even desert warriors like Yulian and Haisha, who had extremely good eyesights like a hawk in the sky, could not see each other. Haisha had relied on his hearing and thought it was Yulian.

    “Haisha, is that you?”

    “Yes, Yulian-nim. But why…”

    “What do you mean why? I came to save you.”

    Haisha started to tear up at Yulian’s words. Yes, they were alive, but truthfully speaking, this was somewhere that should have killed him. Even so, Yulian was willing to face all the danger to follow after him. How touching was that?

    Furthermore, he followed after him before Haisha could even determine what was down here. That meant that he jumped in without any hesitation to save him. That was what made it even more touching.

    “Yulian-nim, why did you do that? You are our Young Glow, Pareia’s hope and Pareia’s great warrior. To face danger to save a pawn like me…”

    Haisha spoke like that hiding his true feelings and Yulian responded.

    “My hope is the Red Storm. WIthout a warrior to cover my back, even the strongest and most talented warrior cannot use their full strength.”

    “Even so, this was too dangerous of a decision.”

    Yulian brushed the sand off his face before continuing on.

    “Let’s talk about that later, shall we? First, we need to determine if we are alive, and if so, figure out where exactly we are. That’s probably the most important thing right now.”

    “Of course we are alive. Otherwise, would we be able to converse like this? But the heavens have truly helped us. To think that there would be an empty space like this underneath the quicksand. Isn’t the quicksand above our head? Then why is the sand not falling in this direction?”

    As Haisha looked up and stared at the completely dark ceiling where he could not see anything, on reflex, Yulian also looked up to see.

    “I can’t tell since I can’t see anything. Haisha, do you have any flintstones on you?”

    “I have flintstones but nothing to burn? Ah!”

    As Haisha suddenly screamed, Yulian worried that something might have happened and quickly asked.

    “Haisha, what’s wrong?”

    “No,it just felt like something was moving in my chest.”

    Haisha quickly put his hand inside his clothes and took out the cause of the wiggling. In that instant, there was light in the darkness.

    “What is that?”

    Yulian asked as the light from the golden item in Haisha’s hand came into his eyes.

    “This, well, it’s my first time seeing it as well. I ended up falling in here trying to catch this little guy.”

    “Is it a monster?”

    Yulian looked carefully at it and realized that it was alive and not just an item.

    Haisha shook his head and answered.

    “It doesn’t have any attack, and it looks like it ended up in my chest while struggling in the quicksand. I have a hard time believing that something so gentle could be a monster…”

    “An animal that lets out a golden light… that’s very marvelous. It’s also the thing we need the most right now. It looks like a turtle.”

    “A turtle?”

    “I remember seeing in a book. It’s an animal that lives somewhere called the ocean, where there is only water.”

    “Since it is glowing in a golden light, I guess we can call it a Golden Turtle.”

    The two people who now had a source of light moved the golden turtle left and right to look around them.

    First, they looked at the ceiling which they were so curious about. Afterwards, they determined that there was some sort of transparent barrier that was blocking the sand from falling down.

    Their surrounding was three meters tall and four meters wide. It was like a long tunnel that was open on both sides.

    “I’m worried about how we will get out of here. I’m sure they’re extremely worried about us up there. We need to at least let them know that we are alive.”

    “Generally, if there is a way for all things to enter, there’s bound to be a way out. I’m sure we’ll find it if we look around.”

    “Haisha, you’re calmer than I expected you to be.”

    “There is nothing that’ll get better by being anxious.”

    ‘This personality must be why so many look up to Haisha.’ Yulian thought to himself as he started to feel the walls around him.

    “You are right. Hmm, it doesn’t look like the walls are made by sand coming together. I didn’t expect the bottom of the desert to be this type of consistency.”

    Haisha also touched the cold surface and even tapped it as if he was amazed. He also tried scratching it with his Sosoonta. (TL: And then what happened? Did the wall break? Did it not leave even a mark? AUTHOR-nim! Just leaving us in the dark?)

    After looking around for a long time and seeing nothing else that stood out, Haisha asked Yulian.

    “There are two paths here. Should we each take a different path?”

    “We only have one source of light and we don’t know what monsters may live down here, so let’s go together.”

    “Alrighty then. Which way shall we go first?”

    Yulian looked at both paths before pointing to the one behind him.

    “This side first. I hope it is not like a maze in there.” (TL: Did the author forget Yulian’s abilities? Can he not see around him with his abilities as a war god? Wait, am I the crazy one? Am I thining about the manhwa and not the novel? So confused...)

    Yulian thought about the magician’s dungeons he saw in some books. It talked about how magicians research monsters, and they make a dungeon that monsters would like to use so that they can grow some monsters to use as test subjects and study them.

    (TL: OH SNAPS! Maybe this is where they meet Luff and Winnie! I really am blabbing but maybe? I don’t know. I haven’t read ahead so no idea but Winnie’s the only magician they meet in a dungeon in the manhwa)

    In addition, the wider and taller the dungeons were, more monsters and higher level monsters could live in there, so it also talked about how you could tell a magician’s abilities based on that as well.

    ‘To make a dungeon here in the desert, especially in the Monster’s Field, the magician must be really strong. Even magicians are humans, so I hope that they are alive.’

    In the case that this was really a dungeon made by an advanced level magician, and the magician had already passed away, then this would really be a dangerous place. So Yulian hoped that this would be a naturally made cave, and if that was not the case and this truly was a dungeon, then he hoped that the magician was still alive and controlling the monsters.

    As nothing happened while the two of them walked for a long while, Yulian and Haisha relaxed a bit and started to chat as they walked.

    “There’s a light!”

    Haisha pointed towards it while shouting. Far ahead in front of them, they could see a speck of light.

    “If there is a light then it means there must be a person. Let’s go take a look.”

    Yulian could tell that the light was not from a natural source of light like the sun and urged Haisha to quickly run towards it.

    Right at that moment...


    The pronunciation was a bit odd, but it was definitely the language of the Eastern Continent.

    “Who might you be? My name is Yulian, a warrior of Pareia.”

    Yulian shouted towards the direction of the sound, but the response was the same.

    “Stop. Go back.”

    “We’ve lost our way. We want to go out, but…”

    Yulian shouted like that but the owner of the voice did not seem like they would come out of the darkness and reveal themselves and only continued to repeat the same sentence.

    “Return. Go back. If you want to come, come back later.”

    “We do not have anywhere to go. If you can show us how we can get out, we will do as you wish.”

    As Yulian opened his mouth to speak again, he saw something shining in the darkness.


  • Woah! Five chapters on the same page. I believe the next chapter is going to be in a new page.

    Thanks as always. 
    Wrong! It's still on page 6! xD
  • Woah! Five chapters on the same page. I believe the next chapter is going to be in a new page.

    Thanks as always. 
    Wrong! It's still on page 6! xD
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