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  • Book 1-2.4 Looking for the Sand Dragon

    “Shall I start heading out too?”

    Chun Myung Hoon muttered to himself as he stood far away, watching Yulian leave the Paoe.

    He spoke to his disciple as if it was natural, but he definitely did not want his one and only disciple to be in an accident.

    Of course before Chun Myung Hoon told Yulian to go catch the sandworm, he went to confirm the abilities of the monster.

    This old man played around with the Sand Dragon, the strongest monster in the desert, as if it was a toy to determine its abilities. He only directed Yulian to kill it after determining that it would be difficult but Yulian had the abilities to kill it.

    Nonetheless, he knew that there were many things in the world that did not go the way you want it to, and because that worm has a skill that’ll send you directly to the afterlife if you get hit directly, he was secretly following after Yulian.

    Since the Pareian tribe secretly sent the family’s warriors to look after the children completing the coming-of-age ceremony, he determined that even if it was revealed later, it would not hurt Yulian’s pride.

    ‘Little rascal, it’s obvious that you can beat that worm, I shall watch just how you take care of it. You better not make a mistake. If you do, I will increase the severity of the training when you return.’

    He was saying this type of thing because he was feeling embarrassed at the amount of love he had for his disciple.

    Riding on his Pirma, Yulian headed directly to the Monster’s Desert, which was crawling with monsters. (TL: So far there are times the author talks about the Monster Field and Monster Desert, I presume they are different)

    The majority of the children going through the coming-of-age ceremony would head towards the Monster’s Desert and catch monsters wandering by itself around it. Or, they would head towards the wilderness to catch a wild beast. But Yulian, half on his own accord, half because he was told to do so, needed to head to the center of the Monster’s Desert to catch the Sand Dragon.

    “Did I make the wrong decision?”

    Yulian questioned his decision as he was anxious. The Sand Dragon was a monster he had heard about, but had never seen. Even Baguna, who often took Yulian and Pere with him, never took the two of them when he was heading to subjugate the Sand Dragons.

    Even when the strongest warriors headed together, this was somewhere they may end up with some casualties.

    Although he was not afraid, Yulian could not help but to feel a bit nervous.

    “Whatever. Monsters are also living beings. I’m sure they will get split in half by my greatsword.”

    Yulian patted the greatsword on his waist and started to stroke the Prima’s neck as he started to mutter again.

    “I’m really sorry. It’s heavy, isn’t it?”

    Due to the two greatswords, his Pirma looked like it was slumping over a bit. The weight and size of his greatswords were no pushover. Yulian was proud of his ability to freely swing these two greatswords, and that made his anxiety completely disappear.

    As the desert was long and wide, it took a couple of days to reach the Monster’s Desert. On the journey, he did catch a couple small monsters; because the process of catching them were so easy, Yulian started to become confident.

    Yulian had just caught a Giant Scorpion. As he was putting the scorpion’s Monster’s Soul (the monster’s innards, heart, etc, used for magic and as ingredients for medicine, and sold for a lot of money) that was said to be worth a lot into his pocket, Yulian was becoming even more confident.

    The Giant Scorpion was a difficult monster that even veteran warriors would have issues facing, unless there were at least five of them.

    After being giddy by himself, Yulian started to think about growing the tribe’s warriors as Monster Hunters, thinking they could buy a lot of iron with the souls they collect.

    In addition to martial arts, Yulian had been reading a lot of different books as well. Yulian knew that in order to achieve his dream, in addition to a strong force, he also needed a strong economic power.

    The desert had the unique commodity known as the burning water, but in comparison to the amount of people needed to meet the demands of the large kingdoms, the profit was too low. Until he could gather a significant amount of power, he had no choice but to avoid confronting these large kingdoms, so he was looking for other methods.

    As Yulian continued to ponder while leading his Pirma, he suddenly heard a loud noise in his ear.

    Caaaw, caw.

    He could not see it with his eyes yet, but seeing as how he could hear it all the way here, he knew he was getting close to the Monster’s Desert.


    Yulian comforted the Pirma which was getting startled by the Monster’s cry and got off the Pirma’s back. This was a way to handle the monsters that traveled underneath the sand.

    Yulian could feel the blood inside of him start to boil. He was feeling light and excited, and just slightly tense. This was a thrilling pleasure. Everything was mysterious and new.

    ‘I guess this is the mind of a warrior?’

    Feeling the excitement of a warrior as they headed for a war, Yulian slowly headed towards the center of the Monster’s Desert.

    Only a strong wind filled with the fishy smell of monsters greeted Yulian’s visit. (TL: I didn’t know Monsters smelled fishy).

    Before he knew it, a week had gone by since Yulian entered the Monster’s Desert. A face shot out of the desert sand.

    Dry lips. Pointy black hair. Two red eyes. With a quick glance, it almost looked like a humanoid monster. Yulian pushed aside the sand around him and dusted himself to get rid of the sand surround his body.

    “Pweh. Pweh.”

    He then put his hand in his mouth to swipe and spit. Even the inside of his mouth was filled with sand.

    “I almost died from suffocation. It must be difficult for the monsters too. How many times has this happened already?”

    Yulian was complaining about the tens of times he had to deal with a sandstorm in the past week and pulled the leather cloth hanging above the sand with all his might.


    As Yulian lifted the cloth, the Pirma, which was hidden from the sandstorm pushed forward its legs, causing the sand to fly everywhere.

    “I barely got rid of all the sand; did you have to do that?”

    Yulian once again removed all the sand on him while complaining to his Pirma. Then he sat down and started to control his breathing.

    The Monster’s Desert was definitely not an easy place. Dealing with the sandstorm every day was the second issue. The most urgent issue was that Yulian could not sleep well at night. He could not sleep well in a place where there were a lot of nocturnal monsters, as well as monsters that can travel inside the sand. So nodding his head a few times as if he fell asleep for a bit was the extent of Yulian’s sleeping.

    If a person cannot sleep, their judgement falters, and their body can feel like it’s being lifted and stop moving the way they want it to. Even the actions that you’ve trained in for a long time can feel unfamiliar to you.

    He was using the Heavenly Aura that his Master taught him to freely handle his two greatswords to reduce his level of tiredness, but controlling his Ki and sleep were inherently different, so Yulian could not do anything about this odd feeling in his body.

    “You damn sandworm. When I see you, I will destroy you for making me suffer like this.”

    He could not even find one scale of the Sand Dragon he had been looking for, and ended up hunting just a bunch of small monsters.

    In fact, his leather pouch was already full of low level Monster’s Souls to the point that he could not add anymore.

    But Yulian was still feeling proud of the fact that he could remain alert after being out here for a week. As he dusted himself and started to move…


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  • Book 1-2.5 The Red Dragon

    As soon as Yulian stood up, he felt a slight vibration under his feet.

    ‘It’s them.’

    Yulian confirmed that the vibrations were happening because Sand Dragons were nearby. Among the monsters that live in the sand, there are the Spec (a ball-shaped monster that moves around inside the sand to hunt small animals) and the Gorias (a turtle-like monster living in the sand), but since neither of those could cause such vibrations even when moving in a giant herd, Yulian was able to determine that the vibration was caused by the Sand Dragon.

    “Let’s go.”

    Now that Yulian knew it was nearby, he started to head at full speed on top of the Pirma. When he traveled for about ten minutes?

    “Oh! Unbelievable!”

    Yulian was astonished by the sight in front of his eyes.

    Even though a part of its body was still in the sand, it still shot up as high as the sky. Even on the small end it was at least ten meters long. Thinking about the remaining body still stuck underneath the sand, he could not even fathom just how long it truly was.

    It was the Sand Dragon he had been looking for. He had finally found it.

    There were three of these Sand Dragons tangled together like tree roots as they shot up. Yulian gasped in shock staring at the three heads, which looked like large fruits. Momentarily, he even thought about backing away.

    Even though he was confident, he thought it would be impossible with three of them together. He had thought about first running away, and then roaming around this area, taking them down one by one.

    Crrrrrrr. Craaaaaaaaaaaak!

    As Yulian made his decision and turned the Pirma around to run away, he heard a loud noise that vibrated across the desert, making him turn his head.

    “What the!”

    A funny sight came into his view. The two dark red Sand Dragons were trying to bite the one red Sand Dragon.

    The red Sand Dragon started twisting its body left and right and moved its head to try to avoid the two attacks, but it was difficult since their bodies were tangled together.

    However, it looked like the red Sand Dragon was a strong one; even though it was getting hit and bitten everywhere by the two dark red Sand Dragons, it did not receive a critical blow and was able to endure.

    But as time passed, it’s movements started to become dull, and it was certain that the dark red Sand Dragons will end up winning in the end.

    What just went through Yulian’s mind?

    Yulian turned his Pirma back around and started to head towards the location the three Sand Dragons were fighting. As he started to get closer, the Pirma became frightened of these desert monsters and stopping moving. When that happened, Yulian got off the Pirma and put his two greatswords across his shoulders.


    With a loud noise Yulian’s body quickly headed towards the location where the three Sand Dragons were fighting.


    The three Sand Dragons were too busy brutally fighting with each other to notice Yulian approaching underneath them.

    “Just pretend I am cutting down a tree. A gigantic tree that is three meters wide.”

    Yulian mumbled to himself as he looked up to stare above him.

    “Since they are tangled together, they should not be able to get free until the body falls over.”

    This was what you call the fisherman’s gain. Yulian was giddy as he thought about the term his master had taught him. (TL: It’s a Korean saying that states that when two parties are fighting, a third party can benefit without putting much work. It’s called the fisherman’s gain because how it is described is that a bird tries to eat the meat of a clam and sticks its beak inside, but as soon as it sticks it in, the claim tightens itself and won’t let go of the bird. While they are fighting, the fisherman is able to catch both of them).

    Crack. Crack.

    Yulian swung his greatsword as if he was leisurely stretching. He twisted his hips as much as possible, and once the two greatswords were parallel to the ground, Yulian quickly untwisted his hips as he swung his sword.


    Yulian’s large greatsword went into the body as if it finally met a worthy opponent.


    The moment he heard a piercing noise that felt like it would break his eardrums, the two greatswords showed themselves again, dropping large drops of blood onto the sandy floor as if to show that they completed their mission.

    “It’s not time for me to slow down.”

    Without even a moment to look cool, Yulian swung his hips again.

    ‘This time, the red one.’

    Yulian made up his mind. Even in cutting them up, there was an order.

    He didn’t know if monsters had that type of mentality too, but anybody could see that the two dark red Sand Dragons were allies. In that case, it made sense to cut up one of them first. Next was the red one, since it looked like the strongest of the three.

    Once he does that, he should be able to take on the last one with his own abilities without attacking stealthily like this.

    That was the image Yulian drew up in his head, and he was about to draw the second image.


    The Sand Dragons had fast reactions. Even though they were busy fighting with each other, as one fell away, they quickly untangled themselves.

    At that moment, Yulian ended up seeing it. The red Sand Dragon, which looked to be the strongest, quickly spread open its wings. The wings were glorious and looked to be at least fifteen meters wide.

    “There’s no way…”

    Yulian remembered reading about this in one of the continent’s books. There was even an image in that book that matched the red dragon in front of him, and he vividly remembered that image even today.

    “A real dragon?”

    As Yulian shouted in shock, the Red Dragon used its large claws to rip apart the Sand Dragon.

    As if it was finally paying back all of its grudges, it ripped the Sand Dragon apart like it wanted to make it into thin strands of yarn. Yulian almost fell down on the ground in shock.

    The pressure given off by this monster known as the dragon was beyond imagination, and when the Red Dragon landed on the ground and tilted its head to look at Yulian, he even felt like he wanted to die.


    Yulian pushed out all his energy to stand up, let out his force and crossed the two greatswords in front of him.

    The strength of the force was weak and did not cause any damage to the monster, but at least he was able to get rid of the fear inside of him.


    As a consequence to letting out all of his force, he was starting to bleed dark red blood from his mouth.

    At this moment, he felt a gushing wind come from behind him and he felt like his body was lifted up before he fell down on his butt. In front of his eyes, there was a person who looked greater than anybody else.


    It was none other than Chun Myung Hoon who stood between Yulian and the Red Dragon.

    “For an insect, you have quite the force.”

    Chun Myung Hoon deliberately ignored Yulian’s calling and yelled at the dragon. The dragon looked at Chun Myung Hoon as if it was amused.


    Yulian jumped up and stood next to his master. Chun Myung Hoon raised his hand to shut him up.

    This monster had a force greater than he imagined, and one that was no weaker than himself at full force. It was not comparable to the thousand year old Leviathan he took care of in China.

    Chun Myung Hoon said to Yulian:

    “I thought it was a worm but it seems like it’s actually a dangerous insect. With your level of force, it’ll be difficult to even stand here so go stand far away.”

    Yulian knew that his master was right, but how could he run away alone and leave his great master here?

    Especially when his master came here for him.

    “How could I leave my master and run away by myself? I would rather give my life to save…”

    Hearing Yulian’s words Chun Myung Hoon turned his head to look at Yulian in disbelief.

    “ don’t think that I’ll be killed by that insect, do you?”

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    Book 1-2.6 Master vs Dragon

    “Master…. That…”

    Yulian was stuttering in embarrassment. He could feel the Red Dragon laughing at him. He could see the smile being painted on its face.

    “You idiot. Back away.”

    Chun Myung Hoon turned his hand around to grab Yulian by the collar and swung his arm. Yulian’s body went soaring through the sky like a tiny rock and Chun Myung Hoon drew large circles with both of his arms.

    -     Breath (Breath of the Soul)

    And the Red Dragon’s mouth opened.

    A powerful flame came bursting out of the dragon’s mouth, and the flame covered Chun Myung Hoon faster than you could even blink.

    Chun Myung Hoon quickly raised his Heavenly Breath to the twelfth level and used internal force to guide the flame.

    It was an amazing sight. The flame from the dragon was becoming a tornado in front of Chun Myung Hoon, and Chun Myung Hoon continued to swing his two arms while moving backwards to get rid of the flame. Yulian’s jaws fell in disbelief as he was watching from far away, and it was the same for the Red Dragon.

    It was not even magic, it was not even a mana field. All it was was a puny human swinging his two arms to put out his breath. At first, he was amused at the vast amount of mana this old man had, and shot out the breath expecting him to block it, but he could not ever imagine him blocking it like this.

    It was a short duration of a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. But it finally ended and Chun Myung Hoon yelled out loud.

    “Looks like you’re a monster I can’t let live. How dare an insect let out such great natural force. I shall defeat you for the benefit of all the people of this world.”

    As Chun Myung Hoon dropped his arms, Yulian’s greatswords ended up in Chun Myung Hoon’s hands before Yulian could even say ‘Ah!’ and Chun Myung Hoon started to move his two feet quickly.


    The Red Dragon let out a yell before flapping its wings and flying high into the sky. At that moment, the greatswords in Chun Myung Hoon’s hands scratched the bottom of the Dragon’s feet.


    It sounded like something hit the sword. But all he managed to do was scratch the tip of the dragon’s toenail.

    “A flying insect…”

    Chun Myung Hoon muttered in disbelief. He thought the wings were not usable, so he was shocked to see it fly so high in the sky.

        -    Human, do not swing your sword. I have no desire to kill you.

    The booming voice of the Dragon in the sky came through in the language of the desert, but Chun Myung Hoon only snorted.

    “Hmph, you think I can’t catch you because you flew up into the sky?”

    Chun Myung Hoon measured the distance between the two of them and started to gather force into the blade before swinging. A strong force, visible to the naked eye, started to form a Crescent shape before shooting off into the sky.

    It was not just one or two. Countless crescent shaped force attacks filled the sky, with another crescent being added every time he swung the sword.

    Unfortunately, the dragon did not look like he was concerned about it, avoiding it or using magic to reflect it to make it disappear.

    Seeing that his method was not working, Chun Myung Hoon unwillingly stopped his blade. After flying in circles a couple of times, the dragon landed back on the ground.

    -    Human, I predicted that you will arrive in this world. And I have no desires whatsoever to fight you. I was merely curious about your strength and chose to test you. There is no reason to harbor any negative feelings towards me.

    The dragon spoke jovially as it lowered its head but Chun Myung Hoon just snorted as if he did not want to accept it.

    “Hmph, an insect becoming curious about humans?”

    • Raaaaawr. Do not ignore me. I am a being that has been here since the beginning of time.

    “In our world, even dogs and cows have existed from the beginning of time along with humans.”

    The dragon did not know what ‘dogs and cows’ were, but he was able to understand enough to know he was making fun of him. But there was nothing he could do. The human in front of him was at the same level as the undying granny on the magic tower. In addition, he was the first person to arrive in this world as the prophecy stated.

    As he was not an average person, the dragon spoke respectfully.

        -    Put away your hostility. I have no desire to fight you, nor do I have the desire to harm the young human behind you. I finally understand the mission I was given.


    As if he understood that he too could not do anything to this large insect, Chun Myung Hoon continued to show anger but did not swing his sword anymore.

        -    Young Human, come over here.

    As the dragon called Yulian who was staring mindlessly from far away, Yulian looked to his master.

    “Come over here.”

    Once he received his master’s approval, Yulian approached the Red Dragon. Seeing Yulian approach, the Red Dragon spoke to Yulian.

        -    Due to my silly mistake, I became involved with the large monster known as the sandworm. I must thank you for getting me out of that predicament.

    Technically, the proper name for it is the Giant Sand Dragon, but the Dragon used Chun Myung Hoon’s term for it, as if it could not believe that such a monster would have the title of dragon. That’s why it used the term sandworm when it thanked Yulian.

    “Eh? Ahh… yes…”

        -     I can’t stop admiring your bravery, young human. As a result, I am giving you my blessing. Tell me your wish. A contract with a dragon follows you forever. As long as there is no change to the laws of the world, I will grant you your wish.

    Yulian did not expect this from the Dragon and took turns looking at the Dragon and his master, as if the cat got his tongue.

    “It looks like it has quite the ability. I will not get involved.”

    Chun Myung Hoon thought that Yulian was considering his standing and and let him know.

    Yulian finally opened his mouth to say:

    “I do not know what kind of existence you are.”

        -    There are not many humans who know of my existence. All you have to do is tell me your wish. It was thanks to you that I was able to find out my mission, and I may end up being stuck here for hundreds of years because of you too.

    “Please give confirmation and luck to my dream.”

    The Dragon thought Yulian’s answer was quite odd and tilted his head a bit to look at Yulian. Right away, Yulian’s dream was transmitted to him. That type of dream was something he could grant right now.

    The dragon spoke.

        -    You’re not asking me to do it for you.

    “My dream is something that must be achieved by my hands. My revenge must also be achieved by my own hands. If it is handled by someone else, it is not my dream nor my revenge.”

    Chun Myung Hoon was pleased with Yulian’s answer.

    “This punk may lack talent, but his determination is firm. He will definitely end up a great being. I’m very proud. But of course. As my, Chun Myung Hoon’s disciple, he needs to show that level of determination.”

        -    From the beginning of time, the name that I have been given is Ultima Ops Richard. I use my authority, which has been given to me since the beginning of time to command to you, my blessing will protect you on the battlefield.

    Yulian felt his head clear with the Dragon’s answer. The fatigue that he had instantly disappeared, and it was as if his chest and dantian were rumbling greatly, as if it was vomiting out force. That type of electricity filled his body.


    This type of unbelievable feeling led Yulian to unintentionally shout, and Chun Myung Hoon nodded his head listening to the clear shout.

    At this level when he is only eighteen years old, if he continued to polish his skills continuously, before the end of the year, he should be able to control the force with his sword.

    At that level, he’ll be similar in speed to the talented children in China.

    The dragon then turned to Chun Myung Hoon.

        -    I did not know why I came here, but after meeting you, I have learned my mission. Do you know why you are here?

    Chun Myung Hoon thought he might finally learn the reason he ended up here.

    “Do you know why?”

        -    Know, I do. Long discussion, you and I need. (TL: Sounds like Yoda)

    With the dragon’s response, Chun Myung Hoon said to Yulian:

    “Congratulations on your coming-of-age ceremony. You caught to monster with your courage so return to the tribe proud. I must chat with this insect for a while.”

    “Yes, Master.”

    As Yulian politely responded, Chun Myung Hoon traded some words with the dragon before flying up and landing on the dragon’s neck. The dragon then flapped its wings and flew off into the sky.

    Yulian stared until the dragon and his master disappeared into the sky, and once they disappeared completely, he went to get the Monster’s Soul from the two Sand Dragons.

    The Monster’s Soul for the Sand Dragon he slashed remained intact, however, there was nothing left of the Sand Dragon that was ripped to shreds by the dragon.

    After putting the Sand Dragon’s Monster’s Soul in his pocket, Yulian smiled.

    His coming-of-age ceremony ended successfully, and his master showed a satisfied smile. In addition, he received some type of blessing from an ancient lifeform known as the dragon, which filled his entire body with energy. There was nothing else he could ask for right now.

    Yulian’s footsteps as he returned to the tribe felt very light.


    This is the end of the “Coming-of-Age Ceremony” Arc.

    Next up:

    Red Storm

    The warriors’ mouths were filled with swear words. You couldn’t dream about having complaints while getting stronger, but you couldn’t prevent yourself from swearing.

    (TL: Looks like we are about to see the creation of Red Storm begin!)

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  • Red Storm

    The warriors’ mouths were filled with swear words. You couldn’t dream about having complaints while getting stronger, but you couldn’t prevent yourself from swearing.

    Book 1-3.1 The Messenger

    Pareia’s Glow, Baguna Provoke, was extremely happy. He had heard the news of his son, the Young Glow’s coming-of-age ceremony.

    After going off on his own, he returned with the Monster’s Soul of a Sand Dragon.

    The news about the other dangerous monsters’ souls were trivial in comparison.

    What kind of monster was the Sand Dragon?

    Even in the Monster’s Desert there were only a few, and it was the monster among monsters that sat on top of the food pyramid.

    It was a monster that required tens of Pareia’s best warriors to defeat. The fact that his son was able to take down such a monster on his own was something even he couldn’t believe as his father.

    However, nobody could question it as he returned with the Monster’s Soul. Even the tribal elders who did not like the Provoke family and tried to cause issues every chance they got, were keeping their mouth shut about this.

    A monster that dies on its own does not leave a Monster’s Soul behind, and there was nobody who would give such a precious Monster’s Soul to Yulian. Most importantly, the Sand Dragon is a monster that requires tens of warriors working together to kill. If something like that truly happened, the Far-seeing warriors (meaning scouts) would have caught them in their sights.

    In addition, during the duration of Yulian’s coming-of-age ceremony, there were no tribes who were dispatched to the Monster’s Desert.

    All of the members of the Pareia tribe could not help but praise the Young Glow’s courage, and they were extremely excited that Yulian would be the next generation’s Glow.

    Although none of the warriors were talking about it, the Pareia tribe was starting to get pushed back by their mortal enemies, the Shuarei tribe.

    Glow Baguna was a great leader, but he lacked courage; in addition, none of the Great Warriors of Pareia could handle Venersis, The Bloodied Hands of Shuarei, on their own.

    There was nobody in all of the tribes who could handle Venersis’ shamshir; he was the greatest warrior of the East, as well as the greatest warrior of the desert.

    Lately, in addition to the title of Bloodied Hand, he also earned the title of War God.

    But it looked like a new War God was to be born in Pareia. They were sure that even Venersis could not be one hundred percent sure that he could take down a Sand Dragon by himself.

    The details of Yulian’s coming-of-age ceremony spread past Pareia to the other Western tribes, and all of the desert started to speak of Yulian’s name.

    The young warriors who successfully complete their coming-of-age ceremony are all given new names.

    Baguna’s title of the ‘Benevolent Eye,’ and Venersis’ ‘Bloodied Hand’ are the type of names we are talking about.

    There was no reason for someone to specially create a name for Yulian. His other name came naturally.

    Desert Conqueror. Yulian Provoke.

    It was a honorous title given to him for going into the Monster’s Desert alone and catching the Sand Dragon.

    Baguna was looking forward to his son being given his other name.

    It was yet to happen, but when the Young Glow becomes the Glow and stands as the commander in a war in the far future, it was the name he wanted Yulian to have.

    Of course he’s talking about the title of War God, similar to the Bloodied Hand Venersis.

    ‘The Eastern War God Venersis, then our Yulian will definitely be the Western War God.’

    Glow Baguna started to grind his teeth. He firmly believed that Yulian will definitely slash Venersis and take his life.

    Although he was feeling good, thinking about Shuarei and Venersis ruined his mood; Baguna stepped outside of his Paoe.

    A large man who was speaking with his guards saw him step out and ran over to him.

    “Warrior Stellis Yabok, sent under the command of the Rivolde Glow, ‘The One with Foresight’ Dejaine Nellisi, greets the Glow of Pareia, the ‘Benevolent Eye’ Baguna Provoke.”

    The person kneeling in front of him with the long greeting was Stellis Samwoora, the best warrior for Glow Dejaine Nellisi of the Rivolde tribe (TL: I thought he just said his name was Stellis Yabok?).

    Baguna displayed his greetings and asked as he lifted the man up.

    “Has the Rivolde’s Glow been well? I had been planning on visiting him but he sent a person to me first like this. Please inform him that Baguna is very sorry.”

    “I’m sure that our Glow will not accept such words from Glow Baguna.”

    After saying this, Stellis took out a scroll made of lambskin out of his chest and respectfully handed it to Baguna.

    “This is a message directly from our Glow. While sending this, he also specifically asked for a positive response.”

    Baguna accepted the scroll from his hands and immediately opened it and read it.

    As Baguna’s gaze made it further and further down the scroll, a bright smile filled his face.

    “Looks like Glow Dejaine is giving a lot of face to me, Baguna, to ask for something like this.”

    Stellis also smiled brightly, as if he knew what was written on the scroll and asked Baguna.

    “May I inform him that you have a positive response?”

    “Is there a reason to say no? No, Glow Dejaine has started the formalities, I cannot send you back just like this. Please wait. I will quickly write my response.”

    Baguna ran back into the Paoe he just came out of and returned shortly with a rolled up lambskin scroll to hand to Stellis.

    “In addition to this response, please inform him that I was greatly pleased with his request.”

    “I will make sure to do so. Then, I shall now make my return.”

    Baguna responded to Stellis.

    “Have you ever seen our Pareia tribe just send back a guest? Please rest a few days before returning.”

    “I believe Glow Dejaine will be waiting for me. I ask Glow Baguna for forgiveness.”

    “Kekeke. Do you even have to ask for my forgiveness? Internally, I too hope you will quickly deliver my response.”

    “Hahaha. Then I shall make my leave.”

    “You must at least take our gift. Veruna.”

    Baguna called one of his guards.

    “Yes, Glow Baguna.”

    A somewhat sophisticated looking man answered and stood in front of Baguna. Baguna issued a command.

    “Prepare the gifts to send to the Rivolde tribe. In addition, gift a healthy and quick Pirma for Warrior Stellis who brought forth happy news.”

    “Thank you very much, Glow Baguna.”

    Once Veruna and Stellis disappeared, Baguna quickly made his way to his family Paoe.

    He wanted to quickly share this news with his family.

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  • Book 1-3.2 Causing a ruckus

    “What did you say?”

    Yulian was extremely shocked as he stared at his father.

    Baguna looked at his son in such a flustered state and responded.

    “Why are you so surprised? You are already an adult. It is obvious that you must get married.”


    Yulian was fidgeting. He wanted to marry a woman who he liked.

    In the desert, the wife did not just sit pretty in the house. The women’s job was taking care of the Pirmas and breeding the tribe’s Pina (Sheeplike animal. Provides milk and fur).

    There were women who also did small amounts of hunting.

    So there were many cases of naturally meeting someone and dating. The majority of the people in the desert dated first before they got married

    Baguna spoke.

    “If you had brought a girl home right after your coming-of-age ceremony, this would not be the case. The fact that you have not introduced us to any girl should mean that there currently is not a woman on your mind.”

    “That is indeed the case, but I want to marry someone that I like. I don’t want to marry someone who I have not even met…”

    Baguna scolded Yulian for his answer.

    “You are the Young Glow of the Pareia tribe. It is better if you got married quickly. In addition, your wife to be is the beautiful Grace Nellisi, the daughter of the Rivolde Glow, who has received the same name that your birth mother, who was known across the desert, received. No matter where you look, there is nothing she is lacking. What are you hesitant about?”


    As Yulian sat there like a mute who had eaten honey (TL: similar saying to cat got his tongue), Baguna followed up, as if he was hammering in a nail.

    “As this is the case, just know that you will be getting married to her.”


    “Uhuh!” (Korean saying similar to Ahem!)

    As Baguna opened his eyes and gared at Yulian, Yulian dropped his head and walked out of Baguna’s Paoe.


    He did not want to pay attention to that yet. He felt like his father was rushing it, even though he wasn’t even twenty years old.

    ‘At least the Rivolde tribe is a major tribe in the Eastern Desert. They mesh well with our Pareia tribe.’

    Yulian had known deep down that such a day would one day arrive. It was rare for the Glow’s children to marry someone within their own tribe.

    ‘But I still think it is too early…’

    As Yulian’s head was filled with issues regarding marriage, he got on a Pirma and left the village with the hopes of getting rid of the thoughts.

    It made him want to see his master.

    After the day when they met the dragon, Yulian had not seen Chun Myung Hoon.

    After catching up to him as he was returning to the village, his master commanded him to train frequently and said he will be gone for a while. It has been a year since his master left, but he had yet to return.

    It wasn’t difficult to train on his own since there were many things he did not completely comprehend of the things his master taught him. However, Yulian felt like something was missing, not being without the master who had been watching over him for the past few years.

    He was confident in his skills and felt confident that he could make his master satisfied to a degree, but his master never returned.

    “I must work hard. Otherwise, he might hit me as soon as he returns.”

    Yulian woke himself up from daydreaming and started to think about what he had to do from here.

    First of all, the issue of his marriage. As his father indicated, since he did not have a girl he liked, it may not be a bad idea to go through with the arranged marriage. If you see someone enough, you can’t help but develop some feelings.

    In terms of his martial arts, there was a mountain load of homework that his master had left him, so if he continued to train dilligently, he should not have a problem.

    ‘Then what else?’

    He was now an adult. Since he was worrying about future events anyways, even if there wasn’t anything he needed to think carefully about, he wanted to at least think about them.

    After thinking for a while, there was a thought that hit him hard.

    The bitter enemy Shuarei tribe’s pride, the warrior group, Desert Sword.

    The Desert Sword is made up of fifty individuals, and the leader of it is the Western War God, Venersis, the Bloodied Hands. (TL: The author just seems to forget which part of the desert is what. Last chapter, Venersis was the Eastern Warn God, how he is the Western War God. I even checked the raws again to verify).

    Because of the fifty members of the Desert Sword, there was a gap in Pareia’s line of defense, and a situation that he did not want to think about happened (TL: Guessing that’s how his mom died).

    ‘Alright. I will create a warrior group in Pareia that is able to rival them. If I properly train the warriors who just completed their coming-of-age ceremony, I’m sure we can rival them within the next five years.’

    Yulian discovered what he had to do. If they suffer with him, the young warriors will have abilities stronger than anybody else.

    He himself had learned from his master… who did not seem human. As a result, was he not able to develop his martial arts within five years to a point where he was not afraid of a Sand Dragon?

    Learning from him versus learning from his master would be as different as heaven and earth, but Yulian was confident.

    ‘Since master isn’t here, might as well cause a ruckus in secret.’

    Yulian even managed to convince himself that his master had left for him to go through with this plan and decided to listen to his master’s ‘command.’

    His master, Chun Myung Hoon had avoided teaching anyone other than Yulian.

    Even when his father had asked, he would just shake his head no. Yulian was curious as to why he would not train anybody else, but whenever he would ask his master, the answer was always the same.

    • My power is not something that you can recklessly use. Even just the fact that I am teaching you makes me worry about whether I am doing the right thing. The only reason I am teaching you is because of fate. When I first saw you, you had saved my life. You must not teach my martial arts to anybody else. That includes those of your bloodline.

    Because his master’s expression and tone was very stern, Yulian did not teach his siblings or the tribe’s warriors a single thing.

    ‘If master finds out… I’m sure I’ll just have to get beaten up for three days and three nights straight. Pretty sure he wouldn’t go as far as to kill me…”

    Yulian was very, actually extremely fearful of his master’s punishment, but for his tribe, he decided to proceed.

    ‘Just fifty people… I will only teach fifty people. If I teach them just basic martial arts… even master cannot be that angry?’

    As if he was seriously afraid of Chun Myung Hoon’s anger, Yulian sounded like he was cross-examining himself.

    Yulian decided to share this idea with his second brother, Pere, who had returned from his coming-of-age ceremony.

    A few days ago, Pere returned with three Monster’s Soul of Giant Scorpions, receiving praises that he was a natural warrior born with great abilities.

    It was nothing compared to Yulian, but putting Yulian aside, it was rare to see a young warrior get confirmed as an adult with a Giant Scorpion. It was definitely enough to receive praises.

    The members of the Pareia tribe did not hide their expectations about the future, stating that the Glow’s family has already received the blessings to have the two brothers grow Pareia to new levels.

    Yulian turned his Pirma around and headed back to the village. When he entered Pere’s Paoe, Pere stopped reading the book about Law and stood up from his seat to greet him.

    “You’ve come? What is the issue?”

    Knowing that Pere did not like to call him Hyung, Yulian did put much thought into it and smiled as he returned the greeting.

    “You’re reading about law?”

    “Yes, but what is the issue?”

    As Pere continued to respond in a stoic manner, Yulian approached Pere with a friendly expression and took a peak at the Law Book.

    “You and I are siblings, but your tone is too stiff. If you want, when it is just the two of us, you can call me by my name.”

    Pere stared at Yulian for a while before responding.

    “You don’t need to do something you don’t like just to appease me. I’d rather you command me as the oldest son of the family. Make sure you talk in a respectful manner and call me Hyung. I get angry every time you pull one of these spontaneous stunts.”

    Yulian closed his mouth tightly and looked at Pere before asking.

    “Okay, let’s have a chat today. Why do you hate me so much?”

    “Are you really asking me because you don’t know?

    “I am asking because I don’t. My deceased mother never looked down on any of the other family members, and I am giving my full respect and love to the current Mother of Pareia, Mother Sena.

    As the first-born son of the Provoke family, I know I was not able to give much attention to my younger siblings. However, I never showed disinterest to any of you. What is it that I have done that makes you hate me?”

    “Hmph, must I answer?”

    As Pere snorted while responding, Yulian felt a bit of anger building up inside as he responded.

    “Let’s truly get to the bottom of this today. You must answer. Even if you don’t want to, you must answer.”

    Pere clenched his fist while staring at Yulian before lifting up one finger.

    “One day. It is merely one day. Because of that one day, you ended up the first-born son of the Provoke Family, and since I was young, I had to listen to every word you said, even though you were not better than me. Is that all?”

    Pere spoke while spitting, as if he was finally letting out everything that he had been brewing inside.

    “After First Mother Mairez, who was respected and loved by all, passed away, all of the Pareia tribe members have been showing you sympathy and love in her stead.”


    “Furthermore, the title of Young Glow naturally went to you, and they firmly believe that you will be the next generation’s Glow. Since when did the heavy and difficult position of Glow just get passed on to the first-born son? The position of Glow has always gone to the child who had the abilities to be the Glow, and if none of the children were capable, it was moved on to a different family. How come this does not apply to you?”

    As Pere’s rant ended, Yulian did not remove his eyes from him before responding.

    “So you feel wronged that although I lack the abilities, I will become the Glow without any competition.”

    “I did not say that you did not possess the abilities. You proved that you were an adult this time. However, your proof was so abnormal that it is true there are many who are doubting your proof.”

    Yulian yelled at Pere’s words.

    “Are you doubting your own brother?!”

    “I am not saying I am the one to doubt you. And putting that all aside, shouldn’t I have the opportunity to obtain the Glow position?”

    Yulian and Pere stared at each other intensely. Beyond being brothers who share the same blood, this was between two men.

    “Fine, as that is your wish, I will no longer care or interfere in any of your actions.”


    “I will show you. From here on, pay attention to my abilities and my strength. And on the day the new Glow is decided, if you are still not satisfied with me, I will accept your challenge.”

    “Since you are saying so, I will make sure to pay attention. I will also show you that I have the abilities to show such ambitions.”

    “Great, I am sorry for disturbing you.”

    Yulian quickly turned his steps around and left Pere’s Paoe.

    “Punk, since he spoke like that, I couldn’t even talk about it. Although he was always fussy with me, I thought he would understand my dream and help make it a reality…”

    Yulian was disappointed, but more so, he was upset at his brother’s actions and words. His brother did not understand him at all.

    “Great. Even if I am beaten to death by Master, I will make it happen. I will create the desert’s best group of warriors.”

    Yulian firmly made up his mind and headed to his Paoe to start planning.


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    This is a dream come true please keep up the good work I've been waiting a long time for this........ I wonder how I can contribute to get you on the main page
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    Book 1-3.3 Recruitment

    Yulian started to look for the young warriors in the tribe. He could gather all of them to start, but thinking about the limited spots, he decided to personally visit all of them and only invite the young warriors with fierce determinations.

    The reason he was only looking for young warriors was because it would be easier to recruit later. Within ten years, he wanted to increase the group with the first tier and second tier. Furthermore, as his master indicated, his master’s martial arts shows the greatest results the younger you start learning it.

    When he met with them individually, he did not reveal the reason for his visit. If they were to find out later that he was recruiting for his newly created warrior group, he was afraid that it would create a large scar for the warriors who did not make it.

    So he spent the long time of a month to recruit one hundred young warriors, and he gathered them in one location to share his dream with them.

    “Our bitter enemy, the Shuarei’s Desert Sword has already become the Desert’s best Warrior division. And they are using that confidence of knowing they are the best to continue to get better. Our Pareia warriors are strong, but I think that is the reason we are getting pushed back by the Shuarei tribe. Aside from the pride of being a warrior, knowing that you and the group you are associated with is the best, that type of mentality is what I am talking about. So I came up with an idea.”

    Yulian pounded his chest.

    “Why can’t we do the same thing? Why must we fall behind to the Shuarei? Why must Pareia’s warriors get pushed back by the Shuarei warriors? So I made a decision. I will break down the Desert Sword that they gloat about being the strongest. To do that, I am determined to develop the desert’s greatest warrior division right here in Pareia.”

    Yulian once again lifted his hand to the sky.

    “Using the name of the desert and Pareia’s guardian Neo Latin’s name, I want to create the warrior division “Red Storm.” (TL: Crimson [red] desert and the God of storm) To make this dream a reality, we need the winds and rain to create a storm and the warriors to become the Crimson Desert’s sands. I need warriors that are both vicious and strong. That is why I invited the strong young warriors of Pareia and am speaking to you now.”

    Yulian looked at each of the warriors and said:

    “Not my dream, but Pareia’s dream, to make everyone’s dream come true. Aren’t you all dreaming the same dream? The dream of becoming the strongest warrior in the desert.”

    The young warriors started to howl at Yulian’s words. All of them were male, and Yulian Provoke was Pareia’s Young Glow, and someone who showed the abilities of a great warrior.

    The fact that this type of man was giving such a passionate speech to convince him made him feel like he was special.

    “How do you plan to create the division?”

    As one warrior asked, Yulian quickly answered, as if he was anticipating the question.

    “I’m sure you are all aware about how I became strong. I am a warrior who can hunt a Sand Dragon by myself. I only have that strength because of my master’s teachings. I have made the determination to teach you what I have learned. If you train like hell with me, one day, I believe you too will be able to do that on your own.”

    Yulian’s explanation made many conflicted. The majority of the young warriors had veteran warriors they were serving as their master.

    If they listened to Yulian, all of them would have to follow Yulian’s teaching.

    More importantly, learning from Yulian meant that they would have to give up the shamshir they were so used to and pick up the large greatsword. This fact made more of them hesitate.

    “I will not force you. I know most of you have taken a veteran warrior as your master. I do not believe that our veteran warriors are lacking in abilities. Rather, it is a difference of time.”

    As the young warriors started whispering and showed conflicted faces, Yulian added a final comment.

    “I will give you time to think it over. Three days. After three days, those of you who will team up with me, come find me.”

    He gave the conflicted group three days, and although he was nervous, Yulian decided to wait for them.

    He knew it was a lot to tell them to give up the shamshir, but there was nothing he could do, as the greatsword was what he had learned.

    But if they had the skills to proficiently wield a shamshir, he thought they would be able to pick up the greatsword pretty quickly. He could only put his expectations there.

    ‘I wonder how many of them will come…’

    Yulian wondered watching the warriors disperse.

    And just like that, three days passed by.

    Early in the morning, Yulian headed out to the center of the large area used as the Warriors’ Training Ground and stood there with his eyes closed.

    The ends of the two greatswords hanging on his waist stretched far behind him, and the desert wind made his hair flutter.

    He heard footsteps approaching but did not open his eyes. He decided to stay like that with his eyes closed until the sun set.

    One person, sometimes he heard two people’s footsteps, but overall, the area was quiet.

    When the heat of the sun finished hitting his head and the cold breeze of the evening hit his body, he opened his eyes.

    In front of him, there were tens of warriors who were similarly standing their with their eyes closed.


    Yulian looked at each of them and subconsciously started to count. An unknown sensation almost made Yulian cry.

    Fifty seven people.

    He brought together one hundred people to explain, and out of them, he was desperately hoping to recruit at least fifty.

    This was because he knew how difficult it would be for them to leave their masters.

    But so many of them gathered. They gathered to make Yulians dream a reality. They gathered to make their own dreams a reality.

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    and the beginning of the greatest Mercenary Force of the desert have been or will officially be created next chapter, looking forward to it...  
  • Thanks and here we come, you know when you made that note about Crimson, I thought that Crimson Storm would likely be somewhat of a better name instead of Red Storm but I guess it doesn't really make much of a difference either way...

    and the beginning of the greatest Mercenary Force of the desert have been or will officially be created next chapter, looking forward to it...  
    Yeah but "crimson" sounds like a mouthful when you are excitedly talking about ...  :-)
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  • Thanks and here we come, you know when you made that note about Crimson, I thought that Crimson Storm would likely be somewhat of a better name instead of Red Storm but I guess it doesn't really make much of a difference either way...

    and the beginning of the greatest Mercenary Force of the desert have been or will officially be created next chapter, looking forward to it...  
    Yeah but "crimson" sounds like a mouthful when you are excitedly talking about ...  :-)
    @miraclerifle ;thanks for the chapter though please keep up the good work

    The Crimson Storm does sound cool but definitely a mouthful.
  • Book 1-3.4 Red Storm Starts to Train

    The fifty seven warriors who took part in Red Storm’s training.

    These individuals who were dreaming of becoming the greatest warrior were all venomous men. If they weren’t, they would not have been able to leave their master who had spent all that time training them to pick up a new weapon, the greatsword.

    “This is the first time that I have sore muscles throughout my body.”

    Red Storm’s clown with a bright personality, Triquel, opened his mouth.

    “Me too, I’m about to die. I question whether you can even slash your enemies with such a heavy sword.”

    As Shubeon responded to Triquel, ‘The Mouth That Won’t Open,’ Thrint, opened his mouth.

    “If you have complaints, leave. Don’t kill other people’s morale with you.”


    As Shubeon got angry, Thrint glared at Shubeon and said:

    “Did you not see how our leader swings that large greatsword around? If he can do it, so can I. But with you yapping on next to me, I’m more annoyed by you than the training.”

    “Are you trying to start a fight with me?”

    “I’m just telling you to shut your constant yapping.”

    Shubeon jumped up from lying down at Thrint’s words and Triquel held him back as he replied.

    “Sit. If you have the energy to fight, sit and relax your muscles. This is only the end of the morning training. Everybody is tired so their minds are at the edge. Why are you being like this?”

    “That punk is taunting me.”

    Thrint sat up at Shubeon’s words.

    “Did I say something wrong? If you question his process, then you can leave by yourself. I’ve already decided to believe and follow his teachings. Since I have made my determination, hearing you say what you said makes up angry.”

    “Everybody sit. What will you do if Sir Yulian sees this? Is it time for him to say that it’s only been half a month and we are already on the edge?”

    The eldest of the Red Storm at thirty years old, Haisha, tried to stop them. Haisha was very thoughtful; because of this, he was accepted as the leader of the new recruits.

    “Sir Yulian does not lie. You haven’t forgotten what Sir Yulian said on the first day of training have you?”

    Hearing Haisha’s words, Shubeon and Thrint stared at each other before falling back down to the ground.

    The First day of training.

    “I learned this training when I was thirteen years old, and since then, I have not missed a single day. If you as Pareia’s warrior cannot do what I did as a thirteen year old and fall down from exhaustion, I will have nothing to say.”

    This was the cold statement Yulian told the tired warriors who were ready to vomit from the exhaustion they faced.

    All of them stared at Yulian like they could not believe what he was saying. They looked at him with expressions full of complaint or disbelief. Yulian brought forth the two greatswords in his hand.

    “Half year. That’s how long it took for me to lift the greatswords like this. Another half year to properly swing and stab with it. To freely swing it around took a total of two years.”

    They were all flabbergasted.

    “I thought that Pareia’s warriors would take two months to accomplish what took a young thirteen year old boy two years. I guess I was wrong. If you can’t handle it, let me know. I will reduce the amount of training.”

    A look of scorn showed on Yulian’s face and the Red Storm warriors’ faces were filled with anger.

    “Are you telling the truth?”

    Haisha asked and Yulian responded.

    “I have never opened my mouth to tell a lie.”

    Haisha ignored the screaming pain throughout his body and stood up to hold the sword. Dominos fall down one after another, but the members of Red Storm started to stand up one by one.

    That was the sight of the first day of training.

    “What did we decide that day? We said if Sir Yulian was thinking two or three months, we will show him that we can do it in just one month. Isn’t that what we all decided?”

    Shubeon opened his mouth at Haisha’s words.

    “I was in the wrong, Thrint.”

    “I’m sorry I showed a negative response to the words you were just throwing around, Shubeon.”

    As Thrint also apologized, smiles appeared on the faces of the warriors.

    However that was only temporary. Once morning break time ended, Yulian showed up at the training ground. The smiles on the faces of the warriors all disappeared.

    Yulian’s training was harsh.

    If Chun Myung Hoon beat him up to teach him, Yulian used insults to teach them.

    • Your movement is that slow after just that much training? Slower than a snail.

    • If I knew it would be like this, it would have been a smarter idea to teach the young warriors who have not completed their coming-of-age ceremony.

    • Just give up and leave right now.

    If you showed even a hint of being tired, Yulian threw out his insults.

    There were no warriors whose pride would let them just sit still while being insulted like that.

    They clenched their teeth and channeled all their energy including the energy they spent to breastfeed to finish Yulian’s trainings (TL: It’s a Korean saying that talks about utilizing all the energy you have)

    Yulian did not have an easy time either. He felt it every time their venous gazes were directed to him. However, if he did not push them at least this much, they would not be able to catch up to Vernersis and the Desert Sword in a short amount of time.

    He also believed that there was no limit humans could not overcome, so he continued to throw insults to rally the warriors.

    Red Storm did not disappoint Yulian’s expectations. There was not even one deflector; they all focused on the training.

    Just like that exactly one month and a half passed by.


    As Shubeon suddenly laughed, Thrint turned to look at Shubeon. After fighting last time, the two of them had gotten closer.

    As Thrint looked at him with an expression of why are you laughing, Shubeon answered.

    “Isn’t it funny?”


    “If you think about it, I wonder if all of us were brainwashed. Just over a month ago, we had so much trouble just lifting these swords.”

    As Shubeon opened his mouth while swinging the two greatswords to make “Boong Boong” noises, Thrint answered, giving him a look of shame.

    “You can barely make those noises and you are laughing?”

    “It’s not funny?”

    “Not at all.”

    “What a boring friend.”

    As Shubeon muttered that while turning his head, Triquel, who was next to him took Thrint’s side.

    “If you laugh at the obvious, then you must always live in laughter.”

    “Are you saying freely moving this much weight is obvious? I thought I would lose my bones. I’m almost sorry whenever I see the Oasis Shamans. We bothered them so much.”

    Triquel responded to Shubeon.

    “Who hasn’t done that? Did you know Sir Tuma Takaka scolded Sir Yulian? Sir Yulian was asked to reduce the training, saying we are using up all of the Oasis’ medical herbs.

    All of the warriors’ ears turned to this new story. All of them had been bothering the shamans with screaming muscles and bones.

    “So then what happened?”

    Haisha asked as the representative and Triquel answered.

    “It’s natural for warriors to get injured while training. No matter what happens, make sure that there are enough medicinal herbs. He said that while saying that we will be using couple times the amount we have been using until now.”

    A short duration of shock.

    “ probably for us right?”

    As Shubeon cautiously asked, the other warriors started to feel like they were walking on eggshells.

    They were already using a significant amount of herbs for their muscle aches and to strengthen their  bones. But to use more than two times the current amount...they could not determine what kind of training he was planning to make them do.

    “I’m sure he’ll start to teach us how to use the greatswords. Since all of us have gotten used to the weapon by now.”

    As Haisha opened his mouth after being in shock for a bit, Shubeon looked at his greatsword before speaking.

    “How to use it huh? Then sooner or later, we will start sparring with them too right?”

    “I suppose so.”

    As Triquel responded, Shubeon started to mumble.

    “I’m sure it’ll hurt…”

    “It’ll probably hurt a lot…”

    The warriors started to once again feel like they were walking on eggshells.

    Their arduous path was just beginning.

    Next Up:

    Grace Nellisi

    An amazing woman. She was. (TL: I swear this Yoda talk is just following how the author has it.)

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