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    Not sure if this would help you, but would suggest using a machine translation to help you translate faster maybe, then edit/translate using you knowledge of korean? however that depend on how good the machine translation actually works. Anyway keep up the good work.. look forward to reading translations. 
    I think machine translation is an art in itself; half of the translation it provides is terrible xD
    Was just suggesting if there is a lot to translate but yes machine translation is not that good. Cannot compare to people translating. Anyway cant wait to read you next translation.
  • Narthor said:
    Narthor said:
    Not sure if this would help you, but would suggest using a machine translation to help you translate faster maybe, then edit/translate using you knowledge of korean? however that depend on how good the machine translation actually works. Anyway keep up the good work.. look forward to reading translations. 
    I think machine translation is an art in itself; half of the translation it provides is terrible xD
    Was just suggesting if there is a lot to translate but yes machine translation is not that good. Cannot compare to people translating. Anyway cant wait to read you next translation.
    No worries! It makes me appreciate the others who are using machine translation to base their translation. In that aspect, knowing Korean might be a hindrance because I question why it translates in a certain way.
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    I just want to thank you for what you're doing. It's gratifying to finally be able to read a LN of this wonderful work. I've been reading Red Storm webtoon for years now and I just can't get enough of it. Now your translations provide a different way of experiencing the story we're all here to celebrate. Your work is much appreciated. 
  • Quick Poll! Manhwa refers to Chun Myung Hoon as "Noya" which is a term they use for teacher. So far, I have been using "Master." Should I keep using Master or change to Noya. Or do you care at all? Fill out the poll and let me know :)


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  • Quick Poll! Manhwa refers to Chun Myung Hoon as "Noya" which is a term they use for teacher. So far, I have been using "Master." Should I keep using Master or change to Noya. Or do you care at all? Fill out the poll and let me know :)


    3 "don't care" votes in the poll to the moment lol
  • Quick Poll! Manhwa refers to Chun Myung Hoon as "Noya" which is a term they use for teacher. So far, I have been using "Master." Should I keep using Master or change to Noya. Or do you care at all? Fill out the poll and let me know :)


    Well, I am one of the don't care voters, since although I believe Noya would be better for readers of the manhwa like myself, however the choice should be up to what the translator feels is correct in the context.
  • I know I put the poll up, but reading ahead, it looks like they are using master (see below), so it will stay master! Thanks to everybody who voted though :)
  • Tbh, early Red Storm chapters had 2 translators, Friendship Scans and Silent Sky, then recently Spottoon had also translated first 60 chapters. It all depends which version you read. Go with whatever you think is best, and don't think too much about the webtoon. All in all, webtoon translations are pretty awful.
  • So far, I am having fun enjoying. Thanks all for your continued support!

    Book 1-1.3 How to breathe, how to not breathe.


    (TL: I know it sounds like it should be how to breathe, how not to breathe, i.e. correct way to breathe, which makes sense with the content of the chapter, but the raw says how to breathe and how to not breathe. I’m tempted to change it to how not to breathe but I’m going to stay true to the raw for now. If something comes up later that tells me it should be the other way, I’ll update at that point)


    “The first thing to learn is how to breathe, and how to not breathe.”




    Yulian was confused by Chun Myung Hoon’s words and responded.


    “You’re making me say things twice. The first thing you will learn is how to breathe and how to not breathe.”


    “That’s my question. What kind of ….?”




    As Chun Myung Hoon’s fist struck Yulian’s stomach, Yulian groaned and bent forward in pain as he spoke.


    “Ow! Master, why are you hitting me?”


    “I will explain the rules of learning from me. First, you will never question what I say. No matter what, your answer should be Yes, Master. Got it?”


    “What kind of rule is that?!”




    “Even after I explain it to you, you don’t listen. Back then and even now, if someone doesn’t listen to me, I beat them up. That is the second rule. Got it?”




    Yulian changed his response as soon as he saw Chun Myung Hoon’s fist raise up.


    “Yes, Master.”


    “Great. That’s the way. My word is law and all you need to do is listen and learn. It’s such a simple method to learn.”


    “You’re correct.”


    Chun Myung Hoon nodded, as if he was satisfied with Yulian’s quick adaptation.


    Although Yulian had issues with it, he decided that if this was his Master’s way of teaching, he will not complain again.


    The desert training was also rough. Whether it was a dad teaching his son or an older warrior teaching a younger warrior, it was the same.


    When it came to learning, there was no such thing as your own opinion, and there definitely was no way to not listen to their advice.


    That’s the type of place the desert was.


    The desert is where the thing that you pay attention to today could be what saves your life tomorrow. Because of this, all of the desert tribes pay their respect to the elders in the tribe. There was nothing to throw away amongst the life experiences they had gathered.


    Yulian knew this to be a fact; this is why he was able to make the determination to not complain and follow Chun Myung Hoon’s instructions.


    “When you are breathing, breathe in until you count to five. When you are breathing out, breathe out until you count to ten. You also need to make sure that you go slowly so that you make no noises when you are breathing. Give it a try.”


    Yulian tried breathing in and out, following Chun Myung Hoon’s instructions.


    “Something else to pay attention to is that your stomach must move in the opposite direction. When breathing in, suck in your stomach. When breathing out, stick your stomach out.”


    Yulian followed the instructions and replied:


    “It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.”


    “Think about it as if you are breathing through your back. That should make it a bit easier.”


    “Breathe through your back?”


    Yulian had questions about Chun Myung Hoon’s incomprehensible words, but decided to do as he was told. He focused on breathing through his back as he took a breath in, and it was a bit easier, as Chung Myung Hoon indicated.


    “Do I have to continue breathing like this?”


    Chun Myung Hoon replied to Yulian’s question.


    “To be honest, my martial arts is the hardest in the beginning. You must continue this breathing method whenever you are awake. Truthfully, you should also continue it while you are sleeping, but it is still too soon for that. What I am certain about, is that if you are able to master this breathing method, it will be much easier to learn my martial arts. I guess it will be easier in the beginning if we cut down your sleeping time. We need you to get used to it and master it completely so that you can breathe like this even when you are sleeping.”


    As Yulian tried to determine how this will help, his breathing returned to normal and he did not properly execute the breathing method. In that moment, Yulian felt intense pain on top of his head.




    “Ah! Master, why are you hitting me again?”


    “Didn’t you go back to how you used to breathe even though I just taught it to you? I must be strict with you as you are both my first and my last disciple. If you are useless, won’t it make me also look useless as your master?”


    “But do you have to hit me like this?”




    Yulian felt the pain again.


    “I told you talking back was not allowed. For the next month, you will only be practicing this breathing method until it is engrained in your body. During this month, if you keep forgetting like this, it will only delay your path to learning my skills.”


    “What can I gain through this method? If you could at least let me know that one thing, I will never talk back again.”


    Chun Myung Hoon debated hitting Yulian again for his retort but decided against it. It would not be too late to hit him after showing him.


    “Pay attention.”


    After talking to Yulian, Chun Myung Hoon headed to the large wooden pillar supporting the center of the Paoe and pushed on the pillar with one finger.


    Yulian was in suspense to see what Chun Myung Hoon would do; he could not hide his surprise after staring at Chun Myung Hoon’s finger. As if he was punching a hole through a piece of paper, Chun Myung Hoon’s hand was going through the wooden pillar.


    When Chun Myung Hoon removed his hand, there was a small hole, the size of a finger, on the wooden pillar.


    “I promise that you will be able to do this if you continue that breathing method for just ten years. Of course, it also depends on whether you listen to my instructions completely or not.”


    “Of course I can do it.”


    “Oh yeah? Then first, take a punch since you talked back earlier.”


    “Master! That…”




    Chun Myung Hoon’s finger, which was able to pierce even wood, struck at Yulian’s forehead. However, like magic, even though the noise was loud and the pain was terrible, you could not see any damage on Yulian. On the outside, he looked fine.


    “There is an art to hitting as well. If your skin got cut, how sad would your dad be?”


    Chun Myung Hoon laughed as he responded.


    Yulian suddenly felt as if despair was gathering around him.


    Yulian thought that he had a lot of endurance, but that type of thought disappeared quickly. In a month, you could not find that type of thought even if you washed your face cleanly and searched.


    Chun Myung Hoon’s flicks hurt so much to be human.


    Chun Myung Hoon followed Yulian around; if Yulian’s breathing became disturbed even by a little, he relentlessly flicked his finger to make Yulian pay for his mistake.


    He even stayed by him and hit him while Yulian was sleeping, so it became normal for Yulian to not sleep well and greet the sun with significantly red eyes and large bags under his eyes.


    People also started to worry because Yulian was losing so much weight, but Yulian clenched his teeth and persevered. This was the first thing his master showed him. He started to develop the confidence that there was no way he couldn’t master this when he was trying so hard.


    Days passed by like this, and just before a month ended, the amount of times Yulian was getting hit started to shrink little by little.


    “As expected, there is nothing that cannot be solved by violence.”


    Chun Myung Hoon was satisfied by his teaching methods and made up his mind to move on to the next stage.




    “Yes, Master.”


    “Since you have shown some progress, I will teach you something else.”


    “I understand, Master.”


    “This time it is how to walk, how to run, how to sit, and how to lay down.”


    “I will follow attentively, Master.”


    Yulian had adapted to Chun Myung Hoon over the last month. Yes. Yulian quickly learned that Chun Myung Hoon was a dictator.


    “This time, it looks like you are not asking why you have to learn such things.”


    “I’ve learned that everything you teach me becomes my skin and blood. How could I dare to question you, Master?” (TL: Basically, I know it’s all to help me become stronger is how I take it.)


    “You’ve improved. Listen well. A person must have good posture and stand up straight. For the time being, this is what we will focus on. Of course, there is also the proper way to sleep. You understand what I mean, right?”


    “Ah… of course.”


    Yulian felt like everything was becoming dark again. He finally thought he could sleep well but now it was focusing on his posture.


    “I think you will adapt quickly. You have to.”


    “Hahaha. Of course…”


    “Then let’s start. You know I don’t like to repeat myself, right?”




    Yulian could not sleep properly for the next three months.



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    haha nice to see the chapter starting with a beating for Yulian... followed more beatings, i also loved this like by mcs master "Chun Myung Hoon debated hitting Yulian again for his retort but decided against it. It would not be be too late to hit him after showing him."  this line by him is awesome as well "as expected, there is nothing that cannot be solved by violence" 

    loved this chapter which was full of beatings for the mc... and made me chuckle quite a bit!!
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    Put it on Wuxia korean section with index chapters just like the rest.
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    Put it on Wuxia korean section with index chapters just like the rest.
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  • Start of a new week and another chapter! If anybody has access to all the raws, please send them my way. The OP on novelupdates does not have access to it anymore. This is the first of three chapters for the week.

    Book 1-1.4 The Mindset to be a warrior

    Another month passed by and Chun Myung Hoon called Yulian over to ask:

    “Why are you trying to learn Martial Arts?”

    Looking at Chun Myung Hoon’s gentle expression and caring eyes, Yulian responded without hesitation.

    Yulian had been thinking about this since the day his mother passed away. He didn’t know whether it would be a lifelong goal or if the feeling would fizzle after a period of time, but until now, he had always been thinking about it.

    “To become a warrior.”

    “What does warrior mean?”

    “You must be courageous, strong, and have the loyalty to not betray your people. All the men of the Desert must become warriors. A warrior’s mission is to protect their people, and to earn the right to be respected.”

    “If all men are warriors, it’s not that special is it?”

    Yulian shook his head at Chun Myung Hoon’s question.

    “I am in line to be the next Glow. So I want to be a warrior among warriors, a special warrior. A warrior who does not lose in battle and has earned the respect of everyone. That’s the type of warrior I want to be.”

    Even at such a young age, Yulian had accepted the path he must take and worked towards this path.

    Chun Myung Hoon was amused.

    He had accepted Yulian as his disciple, but he was a bit shocked at Yulian’s passion. There were also many people in China who were passionate and wanted to learn martial arts, but this kid felt different. From his stare and actions, Chun Myung Hoon was able to sense a poisonous aura.

    “I have seen the people here living fiercely, but as the Young Glow, there should not be anything he’s lacking. What led to this kid having such a poisonous aura?”

    Chun Myung Hoon started to wonder why his disciple wanted to learn martial arts so badly.

    “Is it for just that reason you want to become a warrior?”



    Yulian subconsciously clenched his fist. His fingers inside the fist started to dig into his palm, but

    Yulian seemed to not sense the pain.

    “Under the law of the desert, blood revenge is a fair reason to murder.”

    Chun Myung Hoon decided not to ask further regarding Yulian’s answer. He just wanted to know the reason.

    If you go Ah! They go Uh! ᅟHe had a pretty good sense of what was going on. (Must be a Korean saying. Found some information about it but not enough to explain. I can’t even think of a good English counterpart)

    “Alright, then what do you have to do to be the Glow?”

    “You must put others before yourself and put in a lot of effort. There is a proverb that states that a running Pirma will end up being loved. You must put in more effort than others, not playing, and even reducing the amount of time you sleep. It may be difficult now, but by the time I become the Glow, I will feel great pride in everything I would have done.”

    Chun Myung Hoon was very satisfied with his young disciple’s answer. There were only a few men with such a clear purpose at Yulian’s age. Seeing Yulian speak without any hesitation, he could tell that Yulian had such a sense of purpose since a long time ago.

    You can tell from the first leaves that sprout (TL: Another Korean saying?). In general, this type of person tends to push forward without hesitation.

    “Let’s fix a few things.”

    “Which parts are you talking about?”

    “Someone who does not know how to treasure themself  cannot become King. If you don’t even know how precious you are, how can you know how precious others are? It’s natural to think of yourself before you think of others. It is probably better to focus on that first.”

    After thinking deeply about this statement that he thought he could understand but was still confused about, Yulian responded.

    “I will keep this in mind.”

    Chun Myung Hoon started to smile and asked again.

    “To be the king of those warriors, you must also learn how to lead the warriors, right?


    Chun Myung Hoon briefly thought about Yulian’s answer and asked.

    “Is there a large sword?”


    “A large sword.”

    Chun Myung Hoon spread his arms open to describe and Yulian understood what he was talking about.

    “Oh, you’re talking about a Two Hand Sword. In the desert, everybody uses a Shamshir.”

    “You’re talking about the curved blade.”


    “It’s good for running and slashing, but not fit for mass killing. I will teach you how to use the Shamshir and some sword arts.”

    “You know how to use weapons?”

    “Anything in my hand is a weapon. It is easiest to use my bare hands though.”

    The Shamshir may look easy to use, but it was a difficult weapon to use in battle. Because the blade is bent, it is difficult to bring out its full effect with regular swinging. Of course, if someone mastered the Shamshir, there is no other weapon with as much slashing ability as the Shamshir.

    But when his master claimed something as preposterous as anything in my hand becomes a weapon, Yulian definitely had his doubts. Weapon Master was something he had not even heard of before.

    Looking at Yulian’s eyes, Chun Myung Hoon smiled, noticing that his disciple was definitely doubting his abilities.

    “Hand over the Shamshir on your waist.”

    When Yulian handed him the Shamshir on his waist, Chun Myung Hoon quickly glanced at the blade and swung lightly.

    Wiiing~ (TL: Makes it sound like it lightsaber)

    Such a clear sound came out of the Shamshir.

    He did not flick it with his finger, nor did he hit it anywhere, all he did was swing it.

    As Yulian tried to position himself to focus on his master’s actions, Chun Myung Hoon asked:

    “What are you staring at so much?”

    “Master, I’m trying to pay attention to how you are using the Shamshir.”

    “Didn’t I use it already?”


    Chun Myung Hoon motioned with his chin to look behind him. Yulian’s jaws dropped once he quickly turned his head around.


    What Yulian saw was the large cloth covering the entrance to the Paoe. There was a straight cut on the cloth. Making a cut on a flowing cloth with a Shamshir was not something any warrior could do. But his master managed to do this while being at least ten steps away from it!

    Yulian blamed himself for continuing to doubt his master, even after knowing what kind of person his master was. He then ran up to Chun Myung Hoon.

    “Master, please teach me how to do it! Right now!”

    Listening to Yulian as he grabbed onto his sleeve and started to dangle on his arm, Chun Myung Hoon was a bit nervous but also smug. Yulian’s actions reminded him of a past memory where he was envious of a Master and Disciple relationship. That disciple’s physique was also as big as a mountain and that master was a bit short.

    Anyways, staring at the excited Yulian hanging on his sleeve, he lifted him up and replied:

    “Work hard. Then it is possible.”

    “Yes, Master.”

    Yulian answered filled with excitement. He felt like he was actually going to learn something now. Truth be told, he could not determine whether he was learning or not when it came to the breathing method, walking method etc.

    Watching Yulian dangling his legs hanging on his arm as he responded, Chun Myung Hoon started to laugh while he started to think:

    ‘If he has made that kind of determination, I must also meet him with such. Only then can I have any face as his Master.’

    Although Chun Myung Hoon had been beating Yulian up while teaching him the basics, he had secretly been considering Yulian’s situation and slowly teaching martial arts. But if his disciple has this type of mindset, he can bring it up to his eye level and teach it properly.

    ‘If I’m going to teach it anyways, I might as well teach it properly and passionately. Only then can I call myself a man. Yes, I’m sure that’s also the duty of a Master.’

    Chun Myung Hoon confirmed to himself as he said:

    “First, talk to the blacksmith and have him make a large sword. The bigger the better. The height should be big enough you can move while riding a Pirma.”

    “Yes, master. What about the width and weight?”

    “A sword is best heavier and sturdier.”

    “Yes, Master.”

    Yulian responded vigorously, but he could never imagine even in his wildest dreams that the more vigorous he was, the greater than pain would be...

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    Hello all,
    Miraclerifle here. Been reading wuxia for a while and decided to take on the challenge of translating myself. Being Korean, I know no Chinese, so of course I am translating Korean ones! Red Storm is difficult to translate. So far, 829 Korean words and 3,431 characters (including spaces) has resulted in 1,373 English words and 7,475 characters. And that's only 5 pages of the raw! The raw for Book 1 Chapter 1 is 58 pages long. I swear it is freezing my computer just opening it. But I think I can take it on. I plan to slowly translate the whole thing if there is enough interest. I stopped it at the end of where the manhwa ends chapter 1 and tried to use the terms and spelling used in the manhwa for consistency. I used Pirma instead of Piruma though, as the author has specifically written Pirma in the raws. Please comment below to let me know if you would like me to continue!

    YES, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CONTINUE! You have my full support; you're doing the planet a huge favor
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    Doing the planet a huge favor? Wow. That's big! For giving me a hearty laugh, here's the next chapter!

    Book 1-1.5 Wielding the Greatsword

    The blacksmith was tired. There were two blacksmith in the largest oasis belonging to the Pareia tribe, but the Young Glow kept coming to him for help. It did make sense, since he was the blacksmith in charge of making the shamshirs while the other blacksmith was in charge of repairing and sharpening the blade. It was logical for Yulian to come find him.

    What the Young Glow wanted was to forge a large sword. After being continuously harassed for a couple of days, the blacksmith finally decided to push back everything else and start working on the Young Glow’s sword.

    When he first heard the Young Glow explain what he wanted, the Young Glow’s request and the requirements sounded so crazy that he thought he was falling for a child’s prank. Not only did he want a blade that was over two meters long, he also wanted it forged completely of cast iron. If the blacksmith put even a little bit of effort, he would be able to make the weapon lighter, scraping out some of the metal inside the blade, handle and the connection spot. However, the Young Glow did not even want that.

    ‘A two-handed sword made of cast iron that is over two meters long…’

    The blacksmith was curious just what kind of warrior in the world would be able to carry such a heavy sword into the battlefield. If there was such a warrior, it was someone he definitely wanted to meet at least once. But even if there was such a warrior, they could probably get by using this sword in hand-to-hand combat, but it would probably not be useful in the desert’s Pirma battles.

    “Just how are you planning to use this sword?”

    “When a warrior needs a sword, there is only one reason for it. Are there more?”

    When Yulian answered as if he was asking a dumb question, the blacksmith shook his head while replying:

    “The Young Glow has not even had your coming-of-age ceremony. Furthermore, this type of sword is one that even adult warriors would not be able to handle. In addition, on top of a Pirma, you can’t put any power in your feet, so you won’t even be able to swing this sword.”

    Of course Yulian was thinking the same thing, but he had full confidence in his master. If his master says this, it is this, if he says it’s that, it’s that. He knew there must be a reason his master asked him to go get a sword like this.

    “If you don’t have enough iron, let me know. I will go bring a couple weapons from my house.”

    The blacksmith turned pale hearing this and responded back:

    “Aigoo, that’s not what I mean! A Pareian blacksmith does not think about the iron when we make the weapons. The warriors bring back the iron and we just forge them.”

    “Then I would like you to make it as I asked. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need it.”

    The blacksmith had no choice but to worry. In order to make a greatsword like this, he could make at least four durable Shamshirs. Iron was a precious material for a tribe. It was as precious as food. As a result, the blacksmith could not help but worry about whether he should use so much iron for something that sounded like a prank.

    After debating for a long time, the blacksmith agreed. This was after all the Young Glow everybody had high expectations for.

    “Alright. But you must promise to take good care of it.”

    “You don’t need to worry about that.”

    Yulian went back smiling and satisfied, and the blacksmith stretched his arms before preparing to start forging. Such a weapon made of cast iron was difficult to even hammer. Regardless of the difficulty, the greatsword was completed to Yulian’s satisfaction within a couple of days. Yulian could only slowly drag it out when he came to retrieve it.

    Since the whole thing was made of iron, the weight was no joke. Yulian had a lot of concerns as it easily weighed more than fifty kilograms. He was concerned about just how his master was going to teach him.

    “First, I guess I need to improve my arm strength. I guess I’ll be lifting this sword later?”

    Yulian finally arrived at his Paoe while thinking about multiple things. When he showed the sword to Chun Myung Hoon, he said:

    “It looks sturdy. Stop dragging it and lift it up.”

    At his master’s words, Yulian grabbed the greatsword’s handle.


    Yulian was barely able to lift it up with his core flexed and his two elbows stuck on his legs. It was surprising. He had lifted exactly fifty kilograms. (TL: So it went from being easily over fifty kilos to exactly fifty kilos. Whatever you say Mr. author!)

    But Chun Myung Hoon had a confused look on his face.

    “My dear disciple, what are you doing?”

    Yulian stared at his master in confusion.


    “Didn’t I ask you what you were doing?”

    “Master, didn’t you tell me to lift the sword.”

    “Yes I did.”

    When Chun Myung Hoon nodded his head in response, Yulian answered back with a puzzled look:

    “That’s why I’m lifting it up.”

    Chun Myung Hoon came up to Yulian and easily lifted the sword in Yulian’s hands with one hand.

    “A sword is something you should lift with one hand.”

    “But this is a two-handed sword?”

    “If you lift it with one hand, it is a one handed sword. If you lift it with two hands, it becomes a two-handed sword. What kind of distinction is that? In addition, my martial arts requires that you hold the sword with one hand.”

    Yulian looked at Chun Myung Hoon in shock before regaining his composure.

    “You’re telling me to lift this with one hand?”

    “Is there a problem? Didn’t I just say that a sword is supposed to be held with one hand? If you’re going to use both hands, why would you use a sword at all? Use a spear or a pole.”

    Yulian just stared blankly at the sword being toyed with in Chun Myung Hoon’s hand. He looked like he wasn’t putting in any effort, as if he was swinging around a wooden stick.

    “The weight is sufficient. If you really want to use two hands, I can teach you how to use two swords. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound too bad to use two greatswords together.”

    Yulian’s eyes started to darken before smiling and responding to Chun Myung Hoon.

    Yulian seriously debated what to say before opening his mouth.

    “If I used two greatswords, wouldn’t I get tired faster and my arms get longer?”

    “It’s you who is using it not me. Do I even need to worry about that type of stuff?”

    Yulian briefly lost his train of thought at Chun Myung Hoon’s response. He really could not figure out this master of his.

    “You’re not serious, are you?”

    “I’ll tell you this in advance. I’m not someone who jokes around. Time is precious.”

    Yulian truly wanted to cry inside.

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  • I know I put the poll up, but reading ahead, it looks like they are using master (see below), so it will stay master! Thanks to everybody who voted though :)
    If I may make a suggestion? I believe Yulian refers to him as Master, and yes you should keep it that way. But in addition to that, the townsfolk in the manhwa refer to him as teacher/Noya, because he isn't their master, but he is a respected teacher if that makes sense. So he's master to Yulian, but teacher/Noya to everyone else. I really enjoy the Noya term as the reference for CMH's venerable position, but if you don't decide to use it when others refer to him, I will gladly bite my tongue! lol
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