sumarry till rank 7

Can someone write a summary till leylin reaching rank 7, please


  • That's a long time. nearly 300 chapters roughly.
  • I dont want something specific per chapter, a general resume will be good
  • so basically  LL get reincarnated into magus world with AI chip he finds out he reincarnated into a pervert that was weak even for a normal human 
    he then try to train in some cross slash until he find out about magi he don't  believe in higher power but he do believe in evolving so he then goes for magus exam then he gets in with 3rd grade talent he has affinity with darkness shadow and fire .he reach dark magi academy and become a alchemist and do good.tries to level up through acolyte level. he reach level two using rank 0 spells then he go adventuring then he find secret lab of rank 4 warlock morning star magus he checks out the place then find some inheritance (map with location to inheritance)goes back to academy and finds out about the war he then is told that senior apprentice is dead due some reason there's also a girl that survives through torture (magi experiment on students)and he meets her frequently .he later goes to inheritance location with jayden(grade 5 talent)and some stuck up kid with powerful family.they find the inheritance but jayden already dead then LL receive inheritance for him self then kill stuck up kid to silence him he goes back to find out that stuck up kid from liliytell family with almost rank two magus. MC uses pressure to break through to official magus using warlock blood to become a warlock.he then goes back and shocks every one MC then finds the new improved AI chip  can evolve with him and always gives him his stats including conversion score.i think he later finds weaknesses and strengths of bloodline of giant kemoyin serpent. he later joins the four seasons garden but later finds an under cover associations that wants to rob the FS garden  he joins them and they give him formula to breakaway from eye of law then creates a  crimson palm skill using AI chip then somehow completes the tears of Mary potion (used to strengthen soul) then finds out about some ancient spirit slaying sect ruins and their sacrificial creature still alive called gargamel.he then goes back to FS garden then sort of takes care of any problems he had then demonstrates power and meets old friend George  and girl who got owner of body killed he meets George to show of his strength then he se****
    tortures girl who got owner of body killed.he then works with evil associations to rob FS garden then betrays evil group using nefarious filth bird  formula(which they gave him)which he copied using AI chip and then kills everyone and fights a bunch of people then breaks through to rank two.then later he meets old lady part of some ancient fortune seeker family that barely even have rank two magus to protect them.MC poisoned girl due to girl saying that MC will go against the heavns and she tries to kill him MC thinks shes talking rubbish until he destrys her entire family and notices they have some interesting magus skill that allows you mess around with fate although the side effect is that you go insane.MC takes skill then he later offends some rank 3 magus that chases him all the way to ancient spirit slaying sect where MC finds teleportation array that leads to midnight zone(has around 7 levels deeper you go more powerful experts)MC fixes teleportation device then escapes.

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