Terror infinity Questions and answers?

i have a few questions I would like to ask plz help me out!

1. Is there any yuri or ntr in this novel?

2. Is Zhou YingKong in love with our mc and do they get together if not in this but do you think they would if they already didn't?

3. Is Lori in a romantic relationship with our mc as well?

4. Plz list all the love interests plz?

5. is our mc and friends immoral like having eternal lifespan?


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    1. Well its not exactly but then again its a yes. but no yuri i think
    The MC gets copied into team devil. Although Zheng his girlfriend is actualy completely fine his is not. The copied MC comes into Team Devil. His girlfriend gets raped and dies. He will get a very big change in emotion (even though he is Zheng Zha's copy). He turns cruel afterwards and kills all the rapists and he is now racist against caucasian people. He becomes the new leader of Team Devil. Later he tells this to the original Zheng Zha. In that volume he also kills all his team members. 

    2. Zhou YingKong doesn't have any love interest with the MC. No clue if they would but pretty sure they won't.

    3. Yes. Lori is definetely in a romantic relationship with our mc.

    4. I think only Lan is another one. (only read to volume 15)

    5. No clue but pretty sure they don't have eternail lifespan until they unlock the modes for it.
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