Li Qiye latest physiques

Hi im currently at 1175. Im wondering will LQ have more physique? 


  • He stays with four(one from each simbol of true self)
  • Even in the 10th world? 
  • Yes.
    3 more than anyone besides BDK
  • While he has 4 physiques he has a treasure which helps him to acquire 12 physiques when merged with him, so you can say he has all physiques, albeit not as strong as his original 4.
  • Wow. Thank you for the info
  • heavy spoilers

    his latest physiques ch.2369 is called 'only sword' a physique that contain all the sword dao

  • Is there any reason why he stopped after comprehending only 4 because it would really have been awesome seeing him comprehend all 12 Physiques.
    But that could in itself be too much of an Overkill too. :p
  • Comprehend =/= owe
    you can have at maximun a physiques from ther four simbols that form the true self
  • Does he have an enemy having multiple physique also?
  • No.
    Multiple physics is a techine that he need's almost all of his life studyng the scripture to create, and he only pass that to one person.
  • If my info is accurate, In the 3 immortal worlds the physique scripture pages become blank and li qiye created his own physique/cultivation technique.

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