MC has Half human and Half God/Heaven fighting clan bloodline his father is from Qin Family one of 9 strongest gold rank families and his mom is Frm Raging Flame Clan one of 5 great families in Heaven fighting clan.

Well Qin clan is basically newly grown gold rank clan of artifactors clan with his grandpa as one of greatest artifactors but Qin clan were usually a artifactors clan so there weren't any powerhouse expert at 10th rank in command in them his grandpa also is at 9th rank where as top gold ranks have 10th rank assuming command in them therfore Qin clan was only a first class gold rank clan so those top gold clan didn't found threat Frm them but they did made it be richest influence there later in 2nd generation out of 3 sons of MC grandpa his youngest son I.e MC dad was a super martial talent peerless in his generation with being youngest 10th rank powerhouse making qin clan become 9th strongest gold rank clan thereafter slowly bought Qin clan to rise and they became one of the strongest gold rank with around 12 silver ranks under them after few years when MC dad went outside spirit realm and came back with mc and being the strongest 10th rank human powerhouse Qin clan power yet rose again and with mc being his son and have God clan bloodline they started feeling threat Frm them expecting mc to be even stronger than his dad but mc didn't have interest in both military and artifacts and became a playboy and finally got seduced and killed triggering Qin can vs 6 gold ranks with Qin clan being pushed back and went into hiding and miracle happen and mc reborn after dying so his grandpa to have him out of all this send him the continent he is in its kind of a restricted continent where gold clans can't come except Qin clan so mc was send far Frm those gold rank clans to live in peace until late they get back wat they lost.

Ling Clan is Frm nether continent and they have bloodline connection with one of abyss boss Ling Yushi seems to be his successor they abyss clan is almost as strong as God clan 

Tang siqi is decentant of flame emperor one of the 3 strongest human powerhouse Frm ancient era who fought against God clan invasion 

Girl Frm song clan helps him manage his influences later on 

God clan/ Heaven fighting clan is one of ultrastep bloodline clan in the galaxy there r  r 5 great families in them around 30k years ago when God clan invaded spirit realm they only send 2 God clan against spirit realm they were able to almost conquer spirit realm before being pushed back it was said tht 1 god clan 10th rank was able to fight toe to toe against 5 to 6 10th rank of spirit realm races MC family Raging Flame Family was one of those 2 invaders his grandpa is Raging Flame Clan leader.

Raging Flame Clan leader mc grandpa was the strongest in God clan cuz of him it become strongest and leader of God clan but after trying to invade spirit realm his grandpa disappeared with his daughter and Raging Flame Clan fell down Frm top clan to the bottom 5th rank clan in God clan they have 6 10th rank experts whereas other 4 has 10 10th rank experts there bloodline is related to flame spirit or something.

Mc mom is daughter of Raging Flame Clan leader and she with her dad was finding way to create perfect bloodline she met mc dad and they fell in love had him and to her shock mc seems to have perfect bloodline but twist in this was mc grandpa that is his moms dad was trying to get perfect bloodline for his own selfish self and he wouldn't think twice before killing mc and taking his bloodline if he knew he had perfect bloodline so mc mom tried to hide it with some method she gave birth to mc without being found out by her dad mc took mc and returned to spirit realm to hide him Frm his mom dad.

Mc grandpa Frm his mom side is actually one of top 3 if I'm nt wrong experts in the universe at absolute peak 10th rank and it seems tht this Galaxy has a guy at a rank above 10th rank and it seems this Galaxy can only have 1 guy at tht rank he is called soul imperial emperor or something he is absolute ruler of the galaxy and number one strongest there he fought against some extraterrestrial creature and was expected to have died while killing it therefore since the top spot was empty nw mc grandpa wanted to get it therefore he tried various way to acquiRe perfect bloodline which would help him rank up Frm 10th rank when he find out tht mc has the bloodline he watched mc grow up in spirit realm where he saw mc unexpectedly became a playboy and die and be born and again so he waited for mc to reach 10th rank and take his bloodline.

We later find out tht mc is reincarnate of tht soul imperial emperor and he knows knew what mc grandpa was trying to do with perfect bloodline so he planned all this with mc perfect bloodline and perfect body he could actually kill tht extraterrestrial creature.


  • Thanks for the spoilers but did you wrote this when you were drunk? lul
  • Can you please tell me about MC's harem?
    You are either on my side,
    By my side,
    Or in my FUCKING WAY!
          Choose wisely....
  • Im at chapter 400 when does he start a romantic relationship with one of his harem memebers?
  • Im at chapter 400 when does he start a romantic relationship with one of his harem memebers?
  • Great overview, but it feels like reading off mtl hahaha, ain't complaining, I like to read spoilers before choosing and starting a new novel.


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