Any suggestions for Relearning/Reviewing Chinese?

Hi guys, I was born in China, and lived in Shenzhen until I was nine years old. I attended around 3 years of elementary school in China, and loved to read back then. In fourth grade my family moved to Canada. Due to the pressing matter of communication, I put a strict priority on learning English at the time. Nine years later, I can speak English fluently with no accent. My vocabulary is also abundant. Now comes the matter of my decaying Chinese. I can still speak Mandarin fluently for every day conversation, but my vocabulary base has depreciated to that of prekindergarten levels. I can no longer write Simplified Chinese(I can still write my own name though haha). Reading Chinese is also an issue, I can recognize some characters, but the characters that I do remember seem to be really random, and most of the time I am not certain. Pinyin is not a problem, but is restricted by my limited vocabulary and of course recognizing and picking the right character.

I definitely want to get my Chinese back at what it was before or even improve afterwards. I distinctly remember being able to read the Eragon series translated into Chinese with no problems. My problem right now is that I do not know where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions to methods of reviewing, or easy reading books they'd like to suggest that I can access from Canada?

I'll take all tips and tricks here guys! Maybe I'll even pick up a novel of my own to edit/translate once my Chinese is back up to par!

Thanks in advance!

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  • I also is Chinese, you can add my WeChat number: MrChengs1

    We can talk to each other.
  • A dictionary and a set of novels.
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    I am learning Chinese language these days and I think it is one of the most important, versatile and difficult languages to learn & speak. I want to learn Chinese writing skills too and I would highly appreciate if you can recommend me an authentic online service from where I can get proper training. I wish to produce research papers in Chinese language but for that I have to grasp some fine knowledge of Chinese language writing.
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