Zhanxian (Immortal Executioner)

Anyone interested in having Immortal Executioner translated? http://www.novelupdates.com/series/zhanxian/

It's a really interesting story that's being held back by its low release rate. I'd love to see it getting moved to WW and having regular releases.


  • It's a qidian novel so it will not be reaching wuxiaworld.
  • It's a qidian novel so it will not be reaching wuxiaworld.
    Ah, yeah I didn't know about the qidian problems. I also found out the original translator seems to be having problems with them as well, which is why he hasn't been releasing.

    Well that's depressing. I just want to enjoy a good story.
  • This story is terrible I don't know if the author is addicted to half a year(cause it just pop up in at least after probably every 10 or 20 chapter and we have not reached the 100 benchmark but this author just keep adding half a year )  but pls it is very stupid to just read like so just few chapters and when we get to see the mc increase in power he just increase a realm a year if that is to continue that means he will be at least 30 before he reaches foundation stage( which is not different from any middle age character or elder in his set so that means he is just  mediocre  at best so I don't know why he is being called talented that does not make sense ) the second stage plus this guy gets a whole spirit vein for himself in 2 different place but yet just increases a realm after using it for a year for each of them and yet they still describe him as talented that is just bullshit please.The year added are so annoying that  before we reach the 200th chapter or at most 300th chapter we will be reading about a 30 year old middle age man which only happens around 600-700 chapters at least in fact in most novels I read the main mc does not get to this age until 1000 chapter or 2000 chapter and their cultivation much more faster better purer and better than this novel mcs. Thankgod  this novel is slow in translation infact they can just stopped translation this novel and translate other important and interesting nice novel like  perfect world, chaotic sword god, martial god asura,dragon marked war god,world defying Dan god and against the gods this are nice novel compare to this novel they are like the difference between heaven and earth
  • you stupid mong idk if you are trolling but if real, this is a xianxia not a turbo "meet the realm of 1000 year masters in three years cause muh heavenly treasures and i gotta meet a marriage agreement and get that young pure heavenly maiden poon' xuanhuan. This is how cultivation was supposed to work in these old ass novels.Even the best takes a hundred years of their already 3000 YEAR LIFE SPAN. its like three years compared to our hundred year span. Building the foundation takes time you idiot why you think meng hao took 500 chapters just on his nascent souls. Early stages take a long ass time. 

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