Hong Tian

I'm at around chapter 700 and LQ has mentioned quite a few times how Hong Tian is his 'pride' and starts feeling depressed because they practically became enemies, so what's the story behind this? And is there any further development if she's still alive?


  • I think after attaining HW, Hong Tian wanted to attack the Immortal Demon Grotto to free Lqy s true body. The fact that the IDG master posessed one of the NGHT and obviously the ability to defend it all those eras, speaks volumes about his strength and was enough for Lqy to know that Hong Tian s odds of success were abyssmal. At least in the 9W she probably couldn't become formidable enough to challenge the IDG. Since both their arrogance and stubbornness are in a league of their own, they parted in disagreement and only reunited later in the 10th world during the Emperor Hunting campaign. I don't think they were ever enemies at any times, for example at the recent Deity Academy Arc, Hong Tian helped him by delaying a fleeing Dark Giant, which resulted in Lqy obtaining the Death Coffin. It was just their natures and the inability of neither Lqy nor HT to step down, that prevented them from working things out. Lqy mentioned that he never had a grudge towards her, because her arrogance and stubbornness were the traits that made her the person he held dear and was proud of. Currently, HT is currently in the 10th world, but it is unknown where and what she's doing.
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    I think that Hong Tian lalin have something like sacrifing her HW to release LQY.
    But is like Kryos said, that will be solved when one of the two said sorry, but they are the two most stubborn people in the 13 worlds.
  • Lol Hong tian is alive . If y'all have read raws he confirms her existence through the letter gifted to him.
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