Mafioso (Original by Aizen-Sama)

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This is my first Original Story,so there may be some grammatical errors here and there,also my native language is not english. I was having a hard time finding the concept on my story and then I thought that why don't I do a Novel on Mafia. Although I know nothing about Mafia,google helped a lot. Hope you like it.

Here are the meaning's of the word's that are written in Italian.

Familia: A household or religious community under one head, regarded as a unit.

Caporegime: A caporegime, usually shortened to just a capo, is a rank used in the Mafia for a made member of the crime family who heads a "crew" of soldiers and has major social status and influence in the organization.

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'My Godfather Antonio...died'

'Everything that day was taken away from me...'

'My Godfather,my Familia.....and my reason to live...'

'If those bastards did'nt have their way with them like that...if only that did'nt happen...!'

'None of this would be happening..'

'But,once again,I am reassured with a thought that the world doesn't always go as you want it to'

'Especially at this place...'

'So now I've decided to annihilate the whole Mafia who are responsible for their death and avenge all my comrades'

'Whoever it is,whoever comes,I'll kill them...I'll kill them all'


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    Fight 01-Mission

    A mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, the arbitration of disputes between criminals, and the organizing and oversight of illegal agreements and transactions. Mafia often engages in secondary activities such as gambling, loan sharking, drug-trafficking, and fraud.

    I was an orphan growing on the streets,when somebody named Antonio adopted me under his name, One day,he handed me a gun when I was just a kid and told me to shoot a man who was strapped to a chair and his entire face was covered,at first I shivered at the instance as my finger layed on the trigger weighed heavily on my soul,but it was the first time someone was expecting something from me,just that reason was enough for me as I lost all my hesitation and shot the man dead,as I pulled the trigger the whole world around me that I knew ceased to exist,my shivering body came to a standstill along with all the moaning and screams of the man in front of me. I could only hear one sound and that was the sound of blood dripping,it was the first time that I experienced a different sensation that day. It was a test to see my will and courage. It seemed that Antonio had tried this with some other kids too but none of them even had the guts to hold a gun,they were cowered just by Anotonio telling them to kill. I was the only one who had killed the man out of all the other kids and that too without a shred of feeling,I passed his test. Soon I came to know that he was a crucial member of the Mafia and that too had a high position in it. It seemed that Antonio was looking for a heir that would uphold he's position. He did'nt adopt me out of courtesy but to mould me into a Mafioso,but I was okay with that,since I needed a reason to live and he gave me that reason. I don't know what he saw in me but I decided that I would live up to he's expectation's.

    I joined the Mafia under the Assault Division,there were two division's to choose from,the Assault Division and the Medical Division. There was also the Assassination Division and the Unamed Division. Each division consisted of a number of squads,the assault division had 3 squads in total and our squad was known to be the most well-built and powerful of all,Squad 0. The Medical Division had 4 squads. 

    The assassination division had no squads as the assassins were not the members of the Mafia but were hired to complete a mission. Nothing about the Unamed Divsion was known to the other divisions,the Unamed division worked with utmost secrecy and only the boss knew about them. There was also a prestigious squad the 'Royal Bodyguards' which were the personal unit of the boss. They lived luxuries lives and had the sole task of protecting the Boss. They had a rank system,the highest ranked bodyguard recieved maximum power,authority and assests. The ranking was based on their individual strength.
    Antonio was the cheif in charge of the Assault Division. The assault division was specialised in raiding during the mission,maintaining the reputation of the Mafia in the locals and recruiting new Mafioso,they were the face which represented the Mafia.

    The assault squad members did'nt welcome me with open hearts,the whole Mafia knew that Antonio had adopted me as a heir for his position in the squad. Of course people doubted my capability for the position,some people who where trying for Antonio's seat hated me. Even if Anotonio suggested me as the future heir I could'nt just start from where he left,I had to start from the beginning as a Mafioso and then climb my way up to being in charge of the whole division. 

    The most fundamental and principal factor of being part of a squad is 'Trust' amoung one another. One member should trust the other with his life. If people don't trust me then there will be no mutual understanding between us,I will only be shunned. A prospective mafioso is carefully tested for obedience, discretion, courage, ruthlessness, and skill at espionage. If someone has all of these traits there would be no reason for the others to not trust. 

    Once I started carring out various missions with some of the members of the squad the trust was established,soon rumors about me being incapable was shattered.

    Each divisions had their own centre. The Mafioso received their mission from the Unamed division,and on completion reported back to it. The unamed division carried out all the paper-work related to the mafia and handed out missions to the Mafioso. It handed out the missions by directing them to only the cheif in charge,Antonio. 

    The Medical Division had the job of giving medical assistance to the Mafia. One could say that the Medical Division had a cruicial part to play in the Mafia. All the injured mafioso after completing their mission rehabilitated in the Medical Division's centre. 
    Usually a mission is never assigned to the whole team and is carried out by a few,but that did not seem to be the case with this mission. 

    That day the mission was assigned to all of the members of the squad 0 as it was related to the destruction of a treacherous criminal organisation that opposed and seeked to overthrow the order of the Mafia.

    'That was the last mission assigned to Squad 0 before they were betrayed...'

  • Fight 1-Traitor

    There were three guards talking to each other as they were feeling a bit bored standing with their gun's for a while. They were guarding the villa of a notorious man. One of the guards started blabbering incountinously about the man who used to work for the Mafia not to long ago but due to some circumstances vanished without a trace.

    "What do you think will he come?" asked one of the guards.

    "How the hell would I know"

    "Then why the hell would a Caporegime assign us to just inspect the house of that man"

    "The caporegime must be very cautious of him"

    He was known to be one of the most ferocious,vigorous and truculent man in the Mafia history. He was also known as the 'King of Hollow Souls' or 'Reaper of Death'.

    Suddenly a man approached the three. He wore a black suit with a cigarette in his mouth,he looked like a man in his 30's who had a very annoyed expression on his face.

    "Aye,you bastards even found my home,you sure are some sneaky shit's barging into my house without permission"

    "Aye,what the hell are you talking about? What do you mean you're house?"

    "'re hous.."

    As soon as that the man reached the gun in on waist.



    At that the three fell with a bullet each in their head. 

    Soon as that he entered his house he felt home after quite sometime,he felt very alive at that moment. But the anxiety did'nt waver,the whole villa came to know that the owner of the the house,Giovanni had come. As soon as the caporegime came to know this,he send four people from his personal guard unit to take him down. The footsteps of the four could be heard to Giovanni as they exited the room,the four people scattered into two groups to search for him. 

    'First floor, four people,two heading towards me...'

    The two spread spread out as they searched for him in the place where sound of bullets were heard. As one the two were searching for him,Giovanni hiding behind a cloumn nabbed one of the guard's mouth shut and put a knife in his throat. As soon as he killed the man the second guard saw him and shot at him.

    He used the dead guard as a cover for him. Giovanni took cover against one of the pillars. At that,the guard swiftly turned to his direction. As soon as he reached the pillar Giovanni moved his hand horizontly to make the man fall on the ground. At that he got on top of the guard and shot he's head without giving him the chance to resist. Hearing all the commotion the two guards came rushing.


    The two were killed insatanly as their guard was wide open as they took the stairs. He climbed the stairs and went to the room where the Caporegime was. He opened the door,the Caporegime still had 4 guards to spare. As Giovanni entered guns were pointed at him ready to fire when the order was given.

    "Hahaha,Giovanni quite brave of you stand alone against me but also quite foolish. I have found out all the document's related to you're assaassination that you are going to perform. I feel so delighted,imagine if I hand this over to the boss and also if I turn you in alive to the boss,I will recieve a ransom fortune. Hahaha" 

    "How much time?"


    The caporegime became confused at giovanni's words. Instead of being worried he wanted to know the time?

    "For how much time was the drawer open?"

    "What the hell does that matter?"

    "It will be a deciding factor whether you live or die,so yeah it does matter"



    Giovanni took cover for the impact by bending his knees and looking away from the collision. He suffered minor injuries as he was standing apart from the drawer. The caporegime and the guards suffered major injuries,giovanni reached to his gun and killed all the remaining guards. Only the caporegime was kept alive.

    "There was a timer to the bomb that I embeded in the drawer. It must have been 5 minutes since the drawer was open,the first thing you must have done when trespassing my house is go to my room and check it. So that must mean that you trespassed and ransacked my house roughly 8-10 minutes before I came"

    "Damn you..."

    "Also if you don't speak about how you knew the location of my house then we may have to sort this out in my torture room. But you don't have to worry I will strap you to a chair and pull you're nails from the finger and even if that won't get you to talk then I also have many equipment's to make you speak"

    'What is this man,how can he keep such a straight face while threatening me? He is a devil...a devil'

    "Wait I will tell you only if you promise me that you will let me go"


    Giovanni reached to his pocket in the back of his pant.

    "We were ordered to gather info on you're movements and somehow immobolize you"

    "Who is the person behind this?"

    "The person behind this is....the Underboss...he gave us the location to you're house"

    "The Underboss,huh?"

    "So as promised you will let me go right?"

    "Of course,you're free to go"

    At that the Caporegime felt that he had ran away from the cluthes of a very dangerous devil.

    "But before you leave at least listen to this"

    *We were ordered to gather info on you're movements and somehow immobolize you. Who is the person behind this? The person behind this is....the Underboss...he gave us the location to you're house*

    "I recorded everything on the tape. You've broke the oath of Omerta. Soon the mafia's are going to come and find this tape only to know that the Caporegime spilled confidential information to a tratior,then what will that make you,a traitor just like me. Hahaha"


    "I would love to see a bounty on you. Wanted Caporegime,Dead or Alive. Hahaha"

    "Also you might want to get out of here Asap,the Mafia's are coming"

    "Damn you devil....."

    At that the the traitor left the house. While keeping the tape on the desk,Giovanni felt peace,he now felt that he was truly at home.

    But this was just the beginning of Giovanni's revenge.

    Author's note:

    "Hey,Author why did'nt I killed the Caporegime? Also give me some more challenge and action in the next chapter's"

    "Till then Stay Tuned"
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