Real Taoist culture promotion——message from NY,on behalf of 【Ju Xian guan】Taoist Temple

hello everyone!
This is Yinyang from NY, I grew up in China and got degrees in Manhatta
n, Kansas. I've spent almost 10 years in United States and until recently I found a way to to make more and more people understand my home town and my culture. And here I am. 
I have read less fantasy novels than you guys because I am fascinated by WuXia novel which different from fantasy novels. Fantasy novel in China is always called XianXia, or XiuXian novel, which characters in it always called freshman when he or she gets to 200 years old and starts flying like Harry Potter. You Know about it. In WuXia, or Martial arts novel, heroes are human beings, who can not live longer than one hundred fifty years except one master, called Zhang San Feng, the founder of Wu Dang.
As you may know, Wu Dang mountain is one of the Holy Land to Taoist, its main temple called ZhenWu Temple真武观. Because of the most famous Chinese writer 
Louis Cha Leung-yung,OBE, Wu Dang and Shaolin are known as the source of  Kungfu since 20s centry. 
Ju Xian Temple, even though not as famous as ZhenWu, is now starting expand its reputation and welcome all the people around world to visit. 

Ju Xian Guan 居贤观

zhang zongjian Daozhang,abbot of JuXian temple.

On behalf of 居贤观 Ju xian temple, I am here to introduce real Taoist culture compare with Taoist in fantasy novel. I am gonna using Ju Xian temple as an example to introduce and discuss with you guys. 

Yinyang Valley Master


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