• Hello everyone

    I just wanted to thank you for taking some time to read my Fan-fiction of TDG

    The story is about a young man named Lachlan how leaves his home world to cultivate under the Knowledge Tree. 

    If you enjoy what you read please like and follow the page so you will get an email notification whenever I post a new chapter.

    I’m currently planning to release 10 chapters asap and the 1 chapter a week until it catches up to where I have currently written up to just a heads up the story starts off pretty slow but it picks up with more fighting as they chapters go on.

    I would appreciate any feedback and if you see anything i haven’t spelled correctly please let me know and I’ll correct as so as I can do it.

    Hi this is a Fan-fiction of TDG written about the origin of the supreme existence and his journey to becoming the man known in legends and give some explanations as to how and where some of the ancient treasures are made

    This book or whatever you want to call it is made in my spare time I assume the final product will be over 150,000 word long and maybe 100 chapters

    Currently 01/06/17 over 65,000 words have been written but some editing and rewrites are needed before posting

    if enough people enjoy the introduction then I’ll make rewriting what I already have my top priority if not I’ll release new chapters whenever I fell like it

    Cheers I hope you all enjoy it

    Based loosely of the novel original written by Mad Snail “Tale of demon and gods”

    Just posted Chapter 11 still a long way to go before the story is over 
  • edited July 2017
    Posted Chapter 18 just the other day (Artifact) still a long way to go before the story is over Like our Facebook page to get notifications of when future chapters are released
  • Wow

    Just posted Chapter 50 - New home name of the next few chapters to come are

    Chapter 51 - Failure
    Chapter 52 - Deity Root
    Chapter 53 - Deity Lake
    Chapter 54 - Emperor
    Chapter 55 - Time Difference
    Chapter 56 - Movable Fortress
    Chapter 57 - The Shadow World
    Chapter 58 - Void Zealot
    Chapter 59 - Into the Barrier

    Come check it out and tell me what you think
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