Church of Annihliation spoilers plz

Basically the title.


  • Not really much to say. The Church is weaker then Flame Dragon Boundary in terms of power because it has 3 Hegemons(Not counting the Leader of the Church because he’s only a Hegemon with the Universe Core without he’s just a stronger Eternal Emperor) And it has 13 Eternal Emperors that are on par with the Eight Sacred City Lords and the Flame Boundary Domain definitely has more than 13 and it has way more Emperors then that alternative universe so I’m pretty sure if the two got into a fight the Flame Dragon Boundary is sure to win.
  • Wait so the Endless Territories has three Hegemons like the Church of Annihilation but the Endless Territories has way more Eternal Emperors and Daolords?
  • Comparing an Alternate Universe to a Domain Boundary is like comparing an ant to the Empire State Building. I mean the Terror Starsea in the Endless Territories is so many times bigger then the Alternate Universe and the Domain Boundary is way bigger then the Terror Starsea. The Flame Dragon Boundary has 100x more Eternal Emperors and Daolords.
  • Ning comes back I think in volume 39 and revives the paragon of pills dead hegemon partner with the help of an autarch.
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