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  • I have one - Hardcore OPness. 

    A RPG style transported to another world story. It's all kinds of fucked up and hilarious. And there's like a shit-ton of chapters. 

  • Hey guys I just wanted to suggest to yo'll a few good novels i read sometime back there or many more i have but heres just a few that i strongly recommend looking into they or both base on city instead of ancient time like chaos sword of god and the others. and both or center around bad ass type of mc who were strong from the begin and don't allow any one to run over them tho they still get stronger trough out the story. 

    the first one is My Beautiful wife president 
    the link for the raw is here but some chapters or mix up and repeats of the same chapters so for some you would have to serch up the chapter online to find the original this is only if you wish to use to raw text http://www.fxnzw.com/fxnchapter/38566.html

    If you just want the already translated version from machine and just want to correct the grammatical mistakes and some wording then i already have all the chapters in the right order  from when i read it on this link 

    this book is really good so i really recomend you guys checking it out. the next one is  
    Drawing a master in the city 
    this is the link to the raw http://www.feizw.com/Html/1103/Index.html ;
    unlike the other one all the chapters or in the right order and if you use chrome you can just let it do automatic translate and copy it and edit it if you wish to just correct grammatical mistakes and wording and if not then just copy the raw
    both of these books are really awesome so i just wanted to put them out there in case no one have found them yet 
  • thanks for your post.your post is very good and helpful for me thanks for sharing with us jhon would love you to read about Voodoo Love Spells

  • Would love to add Legends of Genesis http://www.mediafire.com/file/gq95x4bw9yqugqy/log.docx

    LOG: The Legends of Genesis

    By: Mark McCants


    Asian, African, and World mythology

    Genre: Fantasy, super power, anime, super hero, wuxia, martial arts, philosophy, historical, romance, action & adventure, sci-fi, prehistoric

    Imagine a world where people don't age past their prime. Where a person that would labeled as intellectually gifted on Earth is nothing more than average there. A place where the average person is even more powerful than your typical super hero. A place several times more vast and mysterious than earth, and home to over 50 non hybrid races. Just Imagine how far they would have advanced in the time that we have had. Then imagine how far they would have advanced given 10, 100, or even 1000 times longer than we had. Do you imagine large skyscrapers and flying cars as in your common sci fi flicks and novels. Well, they've advanced far past that even. What would their super heroes be like, and the villains that they have to combine forces to fight against. And how would the planet survive the battles between these people. Not to mention what would everyday life be like? And with their powers would they feel as gods themselves and not have need to reverence them?

    In fact, the heroes held a contest and after beating many Shenxian, kami, Orishas, and Immortals they believed they were indeed powerful enough to at least compete with the gods. They challenged the supreme gods and the realm gods. After losing horribly they incurred the supreme goddess' wrath as punishment. However, she was not satisfied with just punishing them, as she wanted to destroy them completely. However, the supreme god felt that their punishment was enough and that they should be forgiven. Unable to agree they decided to settle it the way gods do. They made bet which would decide whether they would perish or thrive. Six beings would be created, beings much more powerful than any that have ever been created. Two beings would be of light, two would be of darkness, and two neutral ones that would pick a side. The gods would set up challenges for them along the way to train them until the day of the final contest. When that day comes they would fight each other to the death and if light won they would be saved, however if dark won they would all die. Which one would prevail light or darkness? Sounds like your typical fantasy novel right? However, what if when they are born they decide not to be pawns in the god's game? Can and will they defy their destiny even when all their moves are being controlled leading them to that end? And if they do defy the gods what will be the retribution for their actions, and more importantly how will they respond to it?

    This story follows the lives of the 6 beings.

    The children of Darkness

    Titan- (master of dimensions, souls, energy, and matter/anti matter)

    The harbinger of destruction. Created to be the most evil and destructive being that has ever walked any realm. He has unsurpassed will power and will do whatever he feels as though is right. He believes in absolute justice and he will serve the criminals with it regardless of what anyone thinks about it. Whoever crosses his path never makes it to jail to say the least. However, although he was created to destroy all good in the world. He is actually quite complex, he is often laid back, show off, and even somewhat sympathetic at times, truly one of the most misunderstood people. But does he care? Probably not.

    Nina- (Master of psyche, various elements and forces, space, and the dead)

    The prized red gem. She is the genius of geniuses. Able to outwit even the smartest characters, she has her own will, she doesn't mind the idea of fighting the others as she sees it as nice challenge. However, if she does she'll do it on her own terms and hers alone. Many see her as a demoness and quite manipulative. Of course by some standards she is. However as far as wanting to kill the others and all life. She is not fond of that idea at all. Although if someone could get rid of humans, she might just turn a blind eye to it. She figures since the gods have made their own game to see if all creations should perish. She will make her own to see if new worlders will, if nothing else at least humans. She may seem cold and uncaring but she in fact is the very opposite.

    The children of Light

    Emerald- (elemental master, spirit and sentient, energy, matter and fusion)

    The prized green gem. She is the closest to what you would call a hero of the six, however not nearly as stupid as one. She believes in second chances and the good will prevail. She wants to live a simple life full of love and happiness even though it was prophesied that she will be surrounded in pain and sadness. She takes each step counting on her unrivaled intuition. She believes she does not have to fight the others. She thinks that if she tries hard and doesn't budge then she will get her happy ending eventually. She is very sweet and cares about all life no matter how seemingly insignificant or seemingly important. She will do what she feels is the right path for her to take no matter what others think or do.

    Sapphire (Master of copying and reversing, Time, and various elements)

    The prized blue gem. A very eccentric girl and fun loving restless girl, that has no respect for traditional norms, or ethics that are in place. She says whatever is on her mind, and when it comes to it. She has a strong will and desire to do things her way and to protect her sister. She is very sweet and also quite the opposite depending on who it is and what they did. She operates on logic and uses her abilities to fulfill any desires she wants. If she wants to know something she will find out.

    The neutral children

    Rage (master of reality, mystic, and various elements.)

    Heavens fury. Rage is a very witty guy who is almost always finding the humor in something. His powers change based on his emotion however he is able to change that at will. Which makes him the most difficult person to tell what he really feels about something as he is unsurpassed in his acting skill. However, he is actually a very simple man. He uses his emotions as a defense to hide his true feelings. He is one of the most sympathetic of the group and without his ability to manipulate his own emotions he would probably be on the couch eating ice creams half of the time. Since he manipulates his own emotions so much he is not too sure about his real feelings or desires. What is his reality is the question he often asks himself. The only thing he knows for sure is that he would do anything to protect his sister.

    Dragon (master of magic, various elements, and death)

    The death emperor. Dragon is quite the elitist well at least until he met the others. However a bit of that remains. He rarely shows weakness or lets down his poise. As the son of death you can bet he had a rough childhood. He likes to put that behind him. However if not for that he might actually live up to his name. Everyone but the ones close enough, see Dragon as indestructible and unrealistically cool. Its all a show though. Truth be told he gets lonely and is afraid often. Although he doesn't want to admit it. He's a bad decision maker. He always needs someone to decide for him, and as such he's a momma's boy.

    This story has hundreds of characters all with their own goals and interest. Full of unexpected plot twists and turns that will keep you guessing at each turn of the page. Volume 1 deals with the introduction of the main characters but is by no means slow paced. It pulls you right into the ever evolving and expanding world. Filled with action, romance, comedy, and philosophy that will have you rethink everything. This is anything but ordinary, and one thing to keep in mind is that nothing is as it seems.Are you ready for an emotional roller coaster, that is not only entertaining but will give you something to think about long after you put the book down.

    Season 1 Introduction of the Main Characters and world of Genesis

    Volume 1

    Chapter 1

    a) Birth of the child of darkness and his purpose

    b) Heartless is gauging the power of Titan(Kid)

    c)Titan starts training with Kai to develop his powers

    Chapter 2

    a) Birth the children of light and their purposes

    b) Emerald and Sapphire are trained, meet Yume, and infiltrate an organization prostituting children

    c) Begin the element exams

    Chapter 3

    a) Oonoo infiltrates Pandora's castle looking for her daughter

    b) Cloud, Oonoo, and Huang confess their feelings

    c) Kai begins his war on Genesis

    Chapter 4

    a) Introduction of the neutral child and Nina and their birthday party and purpose

    b) Nina and Rage rescue a reincarnated Columbus and attempt to reform him

    c) Nina and Rage rescue Kishi from Sun Wu kong, and return him to the colony

    Chapter 5

    a) Fate and Yun-ming

    b) Dragon is trained in an assassin program

    c) Dragon meets Yumi and helps he search for her sister Mugen

    Volume 2

    Chapter 6

    a) Titan meets Lux and Fights a pack of mega raptors lead by Kaiju's

    b) Titan meets Juri and fights with her

    c) Titan meets Gugu, and fights with her husband, and other evil doers

    Chapter 7

    a) Emerald and Sapphire continue their trails at the elements

    b) Emerald and Sapphire futher train with their masters

    c) Emerald and Sapphire complete the element exams and meet Flashpoint and Vortex

    Chapter 8

    a) Rage and Nina enter the force's exams

    b) Rage and Nina meet Tie-shou and his sisters

    c) Rage and Nina finish the forces exams

    Chapter 9

    a) Nina, Rage, Mei, and Leeroy try to fix the colony

    b) The illuminazi attacks them

    Chapter 10

    a) The story of Rain, and Ember

    b) Dragon, Yumi, and Mugen undertake their first mission inside a game world retro 99

    c) They continue and complete the very long and difficult game, and “complete” their mission

    Season 2 Now as teens they further develop their abilities and become famous/infamous

    Volume 3

    Chapter 11 Titan becomes known as the Demon Kid and looks after Yu

    Chapters 12 Emerald becomes a hero and fights her rouge family and protects Kiseki(Xian-li)

    Chapters 13 Nina becomes known as the Demoness and fights Rhapsody

    Chapters 14 rage Goes on a mission to break a curse in a temple and finds West

    Chapters 15 Dragon enters a race to retrieve some artifacts but it’s not as it seems

    Chapters 16 Sapphire escorts Kurouma to a village however finds the village in chaos(Byakku)

    Volume 4

    Chapters 17 Titan is now the head of Long village and he helps Nina hunt Tremor's killers

    Chapters 18 Dragon and Sapphire find out the mysteries of the dinosaur Island

    Chapters 19 Rage and Nina are tracking down #2, leading them to cartoon world (Braveheart)

    Chapter 20 Emerald and Sapphire free a village from tyranny and revenges their parent’s deaths

    Season 0 Prologue: The creation of the realms and races, the wars between races, the contest

    Volume 5

    Before the split no begining-7 trillion years ago

    The time of infinite universes about 2.5 million years after the split- 5 million years (total 2.5 million years)

    time of the immortals and kamis 5 million years after split-1 billion years

    Time of the golems and symbiotes 1 billion years to 500 million years

    Time of the gargoyles, behemoths, and leviathons 500 million-100 million years

    Time of the Orcs, Trolls, Breeds, and Xenos 100 million-99.9 million years (100,000 years)

    Inter Galactic wars 99.9-7 million years

    Diveneons 700 thousand years – 350 thousand (elves, guardians, reapers, dragons, phoenix)

    Attack of the aliens 100 years after Diveneons creation (three-day attack on Diveneons)

    2nd group Diveneons 350 thousand (lasted less than one year) (sentry, elemental, fairy, tamer, dwarf, werewolf, hollow, inferno, rain)

    Diveneons vs the intergalactic alliance (3 months)

    Diveneons vs Phenom (3 years)

    250 thousand years 3rd group of Diveneons 50 thousand years

    200 thousand years darkworld races rule of the universe (except genesis)

    100 thousand years heroes and hybrids

    Diveneons vs dark worlders 80,000 years (last 10 years) (final battle 1 day)

    Volume 6

    Mortals vs Immortals

    40,000 years 3 kingdoms (darkworlder, Diveneons, new worlders)

    new world wars 10,000 years

    new world empire 10,000 years

    new worlders vs Diveneons 1 month

    7 thousand years Heartless's wrath

    3 thousand to 10,000

    Kai vs Genesis 10,000 years ago

    Peace Era 10,000-0 years

    Season 3 As adults they are well known throughout Genesis and enter the World Tournament

    Season 4 Targeted, Dark water village, Secret Lab, Search for Yu, Heroes for hire, 4 elements

    Season 5 Earth realm tournament, Destiny's fall, Bad future Saga

    Season 6 Heartless's retribution, Rise of the Super legends, The AF warriors, Death of a Hero

    Season 7 (Series Finale) Universal Journey, Interrealm tournament, Two demons Saga, Rebirth, Ultimate/True Ending

  • So I'm not sure if this is the place to mention it but it seemed the best place. (Also hi new here nice to meet you)

    But there is a series of novels written by one Will Wight that can be described as western Xixania that i thought people might be interested in.


    that's a link to it on amazon but in case that breaks it's called Unsouled.

    it starts off in the general scenario we all love here. A youth who has no talent in cultivation stumbles across a high grade cultivation resource. From there things escalate and things get good. It is extremely well written (in fact I recommend all of his novels.) and might be more readable for most of us here than some translations as it is closer to normal western novels than the translated ones.

    As a side note the author, Will Wight is also someone who reads stuff here! Check out his blog post.

  • if you know the difference between yin and yang, definition of dao and immortal, you'll know xiaxian and xuanhuan.
  • you guys should translate Apotheosis ascension to godhood

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