was it ever known....

was it ever known, why did beirut forbid from attacking that area in yulan plane, there were 2 places in yulan plane which were forbidden for any kind of attacks, 1 is his home forest which i understand why they other is some kind of area beside the baruch empire, so why was it? (don't remember the name of the area as too old a memory it was, hope you don't mind :) )
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  • I think he's wife was from that area that's why he forbid people from attacking it (the same place where Frost Goddess Shrine is or something like that), but I'm not entirely sure.
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    beirut forbids attacking magical creatures in his forest because most are rat beasts which are bascially all his decendants. he doesn't really love them but it's not like he'll let humans murder them as they please, only when the rat plague decends down onto neighboring areas does him and the rest of the beirut clan want you to kill them to thin the heard.

    as for the other area, i think beirut has a friendly relationship with the 'goddess' there. or like the other dude said, his wife was from there.
  • it was never announced why beirut said to not attack the frost goddess shrine.  
    but i believe the most likely possibility is that it had a connection with beirut's wife. 
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