Heavenlt Note Sect : Nie Li are gonna ask for Ziyun & Ning'er release.. ?

Ch453 : Nie Li was wondering that if Ziyun & Ning'er weren't release to him by the H.N Sect, is he gonna break the sect..
1.  Q. What was the purpose of the girls back?
2. Q.Does the Grand Sect Master gonna allow it..?


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    1-It should be because there is something back at the Tiny World which the Flame Chick said was important, so  they are rally together again for the first time in forever to go back. Normally the portal doesn't open until every few years, though they are breaking into it this time.

    2- She should allow it even it if is heartbreaking, She knows that the God Elixir was provided by him and should have predicted the advancement of the sect members into the Martial Saint Realm so she really cant do much anymore because of the Gap in powers of the two Sects. In the most recent release the 2 girls have showcased their subordinates who they seem to have shared they knowledge and loot with to make it less painful to part with them to the sect master cause they have proved to have 'talent' cause they (30 in total) are less than 20 yrs old and have already stepped into the Dao of Dragon realm / which is like, a big deal cause that is "talent rarely found even in a thousand years".
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