Can you tell me things about Mu Lao the Poseidon Court Master?

Basically the title. Need some spoilers about him and his abilities.


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    He's one of the few Limit Duolo's on the continent, at the level of 99 Titled Duolo, he's a descendant of Grandmaster from Douluo Dalu 1 and the great grandfather of Beibei. Before the story began he had a massive battle against another Limit Duolo of the Innate Body Sect(A sect comprised of people with martial souls that are part of their bodies like Huo Yuhao's eyes) and recieved a grave injury. He was poisoned down to the marrow of his bones and did not have that much time left to live once he was actually introduced.

    You don't get to see any of his most powerful abilities from him personally, because he's too wounded to use them, but he does deter other forces from invading Shrek while he's alive. Later on Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong becomes the closing disciples of Mu Lao and learns a tremendous amount, one thing that Huo Yuhao learns is one of Mu Lao's self created abilities, "Ruler Faces the World" that is a fist attack that combines Mental Power and Soul Power.

    Later on he sadly succumbs to his wounds, dying peacefully in the Sea God Pavillion and in his dying moment released his spirit causing all the Inner Disciples present have a huge boost in levels of Soul Power, with Huo Yuhao himself increasing 3 levels or so. He then becomes part of the Golden Tree to protect Shrek Academy once large threats invades such as Beast God Di Tian.

    Though he dies he's still indirectly involved into many matters occuring in the Douluo Conitnent, particulary any matter about Huo Yuhao, with some of his old friends giving him assistance and influence his growth.
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